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Friend, Adviser, Witness: Trudeau’s Fate Could Hinge on Confidant’s Testimony

Mar 5 2019 — — They were college friends, canoeing pals and debating team buddies who were in one another’s wedding parties. Together, they fashioned a campaign that catapulted them into Canada’s top office — Justin Trudeau as the country’s optimistic prime minister and his best friend Gerald Butts as his adviser, strategist and political slugger.

Oh, Trudeau

Mar 5 2019 — — Charm will not extricate Canada’s Justin Trudeau from a spreading political mess. Only honest answers will. Justin Trudeau came to office in 2015 by the high road, exuding charm, confidence, integrity and an openness to change. He filled his cabinet with women and minorities, opened Canada’s doors to immigrants and posed for endless selfies with […]

Second Trudeau Minister Resigns as Canada’s Political Crisis Swells

Mar 4 2019 — — Another minister in the cabinet of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada quit in protest on Wednesday over accusations that he and his aides tried to influence a criminal case against a multinational Canadian company accused of bribing the Libyan government. The unexpected resignation compounds a growing political crisis that had already cost Mr. Trudeau […]

Who’s Investigating Justin Trudeau — and What Do They Hope to Find?

Mar 2 2019 — — In Canada, the House of Commons’ justice committee generally goes about its work in earnest obscurity. Jody Wilson-Raybould, a former cabinet minister, dramatically changed that with her appearance on Wednesday, which stretched on for almost four hours. Ms. Wilson-Raybould accused Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, his aides and others of applying improper pressure and making “veiled […]

16 States Sue to Stop Trump’s Use of Emergency Powers to Build Border Wall

Feb 18 2019 — — A coalition of 16 states, including California and New York, on Monday challenged President Trump in court over his plan to use emergency powers to spend billions of dollars on his border wall. The lawsuit is part of a constitutional confrontation that Mr. Trump set off on Friday when he declared that he would spend […]

Amazon Pulls Out of Planned New York City Headquarters

Feb 14 2019 — — Amazon said on Thursday that it was canceling plans to build a corporate campus in New York City. The company had planned to build a sprawling complex in Long Island City, Queens, in exchange for nearly $3 billion in state and city incentives.

Thank God for Canada! Our boring neighbor is a moral leader of the free world.

Feb 7 2019 — Nicholas Kristof — After the Canadian foreign minister, Chrystia Freeland, tweeted concern about Saudi Arabia’s imprisoning of a women’s rights activist, the crown prince there seemed to go nuts. Saudi Arabia announced that it was expelling Canada’s ambassador, halting flights to Canada, ending purchases of Canadian wheat, recalling students from Canada and selling off Canadian assets. Did the […]

Trump Discussed Pulling U.S. From NATO, Aides Say Amid New Concerns Over Russia

Jan 15 2019 — — There are few things that President Vladimir V. Putin of Russia desires more than the weakening of NATO, the military alliance among the United States, Europe and Canada that has deterred Soviet and Russian aggression for 70 years. Last year, President Trump suggested a move tantamount to destroying NATO: the withdrawal of the United States.

F.B.I. Opened Inquiry Into Whether Trump Was Secretly Working on Behalf of Russia

Jan 11 2019 — — In the days after President Trump fired James B. Comey as F.B.I. director, law enforcement officials became so concerned by the president’s behavior that they began investigating whether he had been working on behalf of Russia against American interests, according to former law enforcement officials and others familiar with the investigation. The inquiry carried explosive […]

Hacked European Cables Reveal a World of Anxiety About Trump, Russia and Iran

Dec 19 2018 — — Hackers infiltrated the European Union’s diplomatic communications network for years, downloading thousands of cables that reveal concerns about an unpredictable Trump administration and struggles to deal with Russia and China and the risk that Iran would revive its nuclear program. In one cable, European diplomats described a meeting between President Trump and President Vladimir V. […]

Justin Trudeau’s Carbon Tax Push Finds Critics on All Sides

Dec 7 2018 — — Crews are hard at work these days on the oil rigs that rise above the horizon in southeastern Saskatchewan. At least for now. Dylan Gilliss, the owner of a company that provides workers and equipment for drilling, sees plans by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada to impose carbon taxes on the province as a […]

Trump Wanted to Order Justice Dept. to Prosecute Comey and Clinton

Nov 20 2018 — — President Trump told the White House counsel in the spring that he wanted to order the Justice Department to prosecute two of his political adversaries: his 2016 challenger, Hillary Clinton, and the former F.B.I. director James B. Comey, according to two people familiar with the conversation. The lawyer, Donald F. McGahn II, rebuffed the president, […]

Justin Trudeau’s Official Fixer-Upper

Nov 16 2018 — — Many years ago a friend defined the perfect Canadian political scandal as someone having lunch at the government’s expense — and enjoying it. His joke came back to me again and again while I was reporting on the protracted saga that is 24 Sussex Drive, the rundown official residence of Canada’s prime minister.