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Tories can’t trump Justin Trudeau’s heart, but they can attack his competence

Jun 23 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — For a government spending big bucks on something called “deliverology,” the Liberals are doing an awfully poor job deliverologing. This week, another campaign pledge — reform of the access-to-information regime — was added to the broken-promise bonfire, where it joins modest deficits and electoral reform, among others. Not that these setbacks slow the Liberal cheer; […]

Appearing to retreat on previous claims, Liberals steer toward boost in defence spending

May 14 2017 — David Pugliese — As it prepares to release its new defence policy, the Liberal government is backing away from claims that buying new equipment for the Canadian Forces has largely been successful and using NATO’s two-per-cent standard to measure spending doesn’t make sense. The Liberals and the Defence Department painted the majority of military procurements as a success […]

Who in his cabinet can Justin Trudeau actually trust?

May 12 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — “Government by cabinet is back.” Those words of wisdom from Justin Trudeau, dispensed two Novembers ago, are as forgotten as his “because it’s 2015” gender quip is famous, which is a shame because it is every bit the broken promise as the others on the Liberals’ ever-growing pile. The soundbite — as deliberate as its […]

Sophie Grégoire Trudeau to be the sponsor of HMCS Harry DeWolf, lead Arctic Offshore Patrol Ship

Apr 18 2017 — David Pugliese — Sophie Grégoire Trudeau has agreed to be the sponsor of Her Majesty’s Canadian Ship Harry DeWolf, the lead vessel in the Royal Canadian Navy’s new fleet of Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ships. The vessels are being built by Irving Shipbuilding, with the first vessel expected sometime next year. The Royal Canadian Navy asked Grégoire Trudeau […]

Yes, Trudeau’s Canada is ‘back’ — not for the better on the world stage

Apr 14 2017 — Andrew MacDougall — Justin Trudeau’s proposition to the world was the same as his pitch to Canadians: I’m not Stephen Harper. If Canadians choose me, Trudeau promised, the prickly, stubborn Canada you’ve come to loathe will be replaced with the kinder, more co-operative country you’ve traditionally known. Under a Trudeau government, there would be no more foot-dragging on […]

RCMP probe that led to Vice-Admiral Mark Norman’s removal is focused on $700 million supply ship

Apr 3 2017 — David Pugliese — The RCMP probe that led to the removal of Vice-Admiral Mark Norman as the Canadian military’s second-in-command also involves a high-powered defence industry lobbyist in Ottawa and an executive with a firm affiliated with a Quebec shipyard. Multiple sources have confirmed the RCMP’s investigation is focused mainly on Project Resolve, a $700-million plan to provide […]