National Newswatch

RCAF Cyclone helicopter missing, believed to have crashed into the sea off Greek coast

Apr 29 2020 — David Pugliese — A Royal Canadian Air Force Cyclone helicopter is reported missing and the Canadian military says search and rescue operations have been launched. Greek news outlets reported the helicopter crashed into the sea off the coast of Greece on Wednesday. The Canadian Forces confirmed on a social media account Wednesday that there was a “developing situation […]

As they work on coronavirus strategy, the Liberals struggle with their own poor political health

Mar 6 2020 — Shachi Kurl — Across the country, Canadians are wondering aloud about their risk and exposure to COVID-19. But perhaps there is no entity more susceptible, at least politically, to the novel coronavirus than the Trudeau government. The prime minister’s own approval numbers have plummeted 10 points over the last month, the same timeframe in which it has both […]

Liberals hold Ottawa-Vanier and Ottawa-Orléans seats in provincial byelections

Feb 28 2020 — — The Ontario Liberals received two electoral shots in the arm on Thursday as Stephen Blais and Lucille Collard easily won byelections to retain long-held seats for the party in the neighbouring Ottawa-Orléans and Ottawa-Vanier ridings. Those victories increased the Liberals’ allotment of seats in the Legislature to eight among 124 overall. The Progressive Conservative government […]

Canada should learn global lessons on wireless regulation

Feb 18 2020 — Richard Feasey — To get better, telecom regulators need to learn from their own mistakes and from their counterparts elsewhere in the world. Yet in its current inquiry into wireless markets in Canada, the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission (CRTC) risks not only being out of step with the rest of the world but moving off in the […]

Conservatives should learn from Trudeau response on Iran

Jan 16 2020 — Andrew MacDougall — If the candidates for the Conservative leadership are up for a little homework assignment, they could study Justin Trudeau and his response to the atrocity that claimed 57 Canadian lives in Iran. It would be well worth the time, and boy, do they need the lesson. If the prospective leaders study well, they will observe […]

Canada’s China policy in 2020 – continue to kowtow

Dec 27 2019 — Terry Glavin — It was a surrender of bedrock rule-of-law principles so craven, and such a sabotage of the government he was sworn to represent, that for publicly advocating it as “great for Canada” last January, the notoriously Beijing-compliant John McCallum had to be stripped of his diplomatic credentials as ambassador to China. But that was then. Now, […]

Scheer’s critics ease him out on a technicality

Dec 13 2019 — Andrew MacDougall — Andrew Scheer, meet Al Capone. No, the mild-mannered (and soon-to-be-former) leader of the Official Opposition isn’t a gangster. Not even close. But like Capone, Scheer is ultimately going down for reasons that have nothing to do with the crimes for which he is commonly associated in the public’s imagination. Or if not the public’s imagination, […]