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Trudeau is spending your money like you don’t care. He may be right

Mar 16 2018 — — If you think spending is easy and saving is hard, you should try doing it with other people’s money. Justin Trudeau is firing the federal spending cannon with scant regard for the nation’s finances. The Liberals are betting heavily that taxpayers won’t care how much federal dosh is being spent, or when their government plans […]

Ontario PCs somehow ruin the party to announce a new leader

Mar 10 2018 — David Reevely — The Ontario Progressive Conservatives had a stage-managed play all set to reveal their new leader to take on Kathleen Wynne on Saturday, and they botched it. Doug Ford probably won. Maybe it was Christine Elliott. But probably Doug Ford. The party didn’t know when it would know. They couldn’t be sure they’d counted the votes […]

Why Mr. Scheer’s trip to London is so impolite

Mar 9 2018 — Shannon Gormley — I wonder: What’s the polite way to respond when an opposition leader meets with United Kingdom officials about a post-Brexit free-trade deal several months after the prime minister met with United Kingdom officials about a post-Brexit free-trade deal? Are we to thank Mr. Andrew Scheer for belatedly doing that which he was not elected to […]

How much should the Canadian public know about a $19B jet purchase? The government knows best

Mar 5 2018 — David Pugliese — The federal government says it needs to tightly control the type of information being circulated about its $19-billion fighter jet replacement program because it knows best what the public should be told. In early February, Postmedia revealed that companies interested in the government’s planned purchase of new fighter jets were warned not to talk to […]

Trudeau continues his India errors even after returning home

Feb 28 2018 — Terry Glavin — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau departed from India on Saturday, it was hardly possible to imagine that Canada’s standing in New Delhi could plummet any deeper into the abyss of humiliation than eight days of non-stop travelling gaucherie, diplomatic outrage and burlesque fiasco had already sunk it. But as things have turned out, the lurid […]

Photos suggest partying on past military VIP junkets not a one-time incident as top general claims

Feb 27 2018 — David Pugliese — Canada’s top soldier has portrayed the partying on a recent taxpayer-funded military junket, which included free-flowing booze, a band set up at the back of the plane, and people dancing in the aisles, as a one-time incident. But photos have surfaced from a 2010 military morale tour to Afghanistan showing similar behaviour, including one image […]

Justin Trudeau’s trip to India could hardly be going worse

Feb 22 2018 — Terry Glavin — In defence of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, nothing that has occurred during his state visit to India, at least so far, quite matches the scene U.S. president George H.W. Bush made at a formal dinner in Tokyo in 1992. Out of the blue, the president turned to Japanese Prime Minister Kiichi Miyazawa, vomited all over […]

The harder Patrick Brown fights, the more pain for his party

Feb 16 2018 — David Reevely — Temporary Progressive Conservative leader Vic Fedeli kicked Patrick Brown out of the provincial Tory caucus Friday morning. He’d probably rather gag him. “Shortly after becoming interim leader, I asked Patrick Brown to step aside from the PC caucus,” Fedeli said in a brisk statement. “The legislature is set to resume sitting on Tuesday, Feb. 20, […]