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Jagmeet Singh and the importance of being authentic

Jul 23 2021 — Lisa Van Dusen — One factor that must be keeping Justin Trudeau up — on the nights when Erin O’Toole isn’t helping him sleep — is the appeal of the NDP leader. When last we left our federal election-speculation Google alert menu, the original round of soothsaying and odds-making that provided such a dreamy, early-summer beach-blanket bingo diversion from […]

DM’s son works at defence firm behind winning warship bid; DND silent on what guidelines are in place to avoid conflict of interest

Jun 14 2021 — David Pugliese — A deputy minister who warned defence industry executives about raising concerns over a controversial $77-billion warship project has a son who works for the company that submitted the winning bid. Andrew Coates, the son of Jody Thomas, deputy minister at national defence, has been working since March 2019 in industrial development for Lockheed Martin, the […]

Crisis in Canada’s military could make recruitment even harder

May 29 2021 — Shachi Kurl — If it’s a crisis within Canada’s military you’re looking for, take your pick from an abundant smorgasbord. Removal of top general placed in charge of this country’s vaccine rollout? Check. First-in-decades laying of a mutiny charge against a service member for allegedly encouraging other soldiers not to distribute doses of vaccine? That too. There is […]

A budget to pay for the Trudeau government’s bungling on COVID

Apr 21 2021 — Terry Glavin — There is a word that appears in Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s budget speech this week, and it seems oddly out of place, especially so in light of the fact that Budget 2021 is largely a function of her government’s mishandling of the COVID-19 crisis. It’s the word “sorry.” It’s not just that Prime Minister Justin […]

Confusion? Some – but COVID expertise is evolving

Mar 7 2021 — Shachi Kurl — Oh dear, what can the matter be? This latest episode of COVID-19 upset is brought to you by a couple of chief medical officers on opposite ends of the country, and an organization you’ve probably never heard of unless it was your business to hear about it. To the west, British Columbia’s Dr. Bonnie Henry […]

Gen. Vance to be investigated — concerns about allegations were known for years in military circles

Feb 3 2021 — David Pugliese — Concerns about Gen. Jon Vance’s alleged relationships with female subordinates were talked about among military leaders and in the defence community over the past several years, but no action was taken because no official complaints were ever filed. The Canadian Forces announced Wednesday it will investigate allegations about the former chief of the defence staff. […]