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How to avoid a paper trail: The reliable — sometimes illegal — tricks used by bureaucrats and political staff

Feb 2 2019 — — Five years ago, as the Ontario Provincial Police were investigating the gas plants scandal, the former top public servant in the province gave a quote that would become legendary. “The only organizations that did not maintain records were criminal organizations,” Peter Wallace, secretary to the cabinet during Premier Dalton McGuinty’s tenure, told his police interviewer. […]

Payout cost for bungled gov’t truck contact is secret…the reason for that is also secret

Jan 22 2019 — David Pugliese — Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough and her bureaucrats at Public Services and Procurement Canada will often claim that the various purchases the department makes using your tax dollars are “fair, open and transparent.” It’s the mantra at Public Services. There are ongoing questions whether the procurements are actually fair. And the “open and transparent” part is […]

Tens of millions paid out due to bungled Canadian Forces procurement, but government says details are secret

Jan 20 2019 — David Pugliese — Taxpayers are on the hook for potentially tens of millions of dollars after federal bureaucrats bungled the purchase of trucks for the Canadian Forces and now must make good on the lost profits for a U.S. firm. But Public Services and Procurement Canada, which oversaw the flawed defence procurement, has declined to provide details on […]

Harper’s dissatisfied public servant more myth than reality, new research shows

Jan 2 2019 — — The portrait of the disgruntled public servant, beaten down by a poisonous workplace culture and years of disregard under Stephen Harper’s Conservative government is oft-painted — and, generally speaking, pretty inaccurate, according to a research article published Dec. 17 in Public Personnel Management, an academic journal for human resource and public sector executives. While job […]

Ontarians’ reaction to competing climate change plans may decide the next federal election

Dec 28 2018 — Randall Denley — Ontarians have a big environmental and political decision to make in 2019. It is one that will go a long way toward determining the outcome of the fall federal election. They have been offered two competing approaches to combat climate change. The provincial government’s plan will regulate emissions and offer incentives to reduce them. Expect […]

Trudeau’s crown slips, and he may need a pipeline to save it

Dec 22 2018 — Shachi Kurl — Remember the days when political watchers wondered when Justin Trudeau’s honeymoon with the Canadian electorate would end? These days, a better question is whether the prime minister and voters are on the brink of a trial separation. Angus Reid Institute polling released this week doesn’t suggest any imminent thawing of affections. Trudeau’s approval has sunk […]

Military has no documents about fighter jet ‘capability gap,’ a claim used to justify aircraft purchase

Nov 19 2018 — David Pugliese — Neither Canada’s top soldier nor the commander of the air force had or produced any records about a fighter jet “capability gap” in the year leading up to the Liberal government’s announcement that such a critical issue had to be dealt with by spending billions to buy aircraft. Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan used the capability […]

Construction of sixth Arctic patrol ship at Irving Shipbuilding to cost $800M — double the cost of the other five

Nov 9 2018 — David Pugliese — Building a sixth Arctic patrol ship to add to the five originally commissioned from Irving Shipbuilding for the Royal Canadian Navy will cost taxpayers $800 million — double the price-tag of each of the other vessels. The Liberal government announced the construction of the sixth Arctic and Offshore Patrol Ship, or AOPS, last week after […]

Justin Trudeau’s biggest threat is Liberal hubris

Oct 12 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — With a short year to go until Canadians pick their next crop of MPs, Justin Trudeau no doubt sat at his table this past weekend feeling thankful. Donald Trump is in the rear-view mirror. Jagmeet Singh is hemorrhaging MPs. Maxime Bernier’s vanity project is targeting the most rabid bits of Andrew Scheer’s base. Even Stephen […]

‘Line by line audit’ shows Liberals spent most on, er, health care and education

Sep 25 2018 — David Reevely — Reining in the Ontario government’s budget will mean spending less on the services people use most, the Progressive Conservatives’ “line by line audit” of provincial operations says, and this can best be achieved by running the government better. So that’s settled. Treasury Board President Peter Bethlenfalvy hired Ernst & Young to produce the study of […]