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‘Too much noise’ on Canadian warship program – DND Deputy Minister admonishes industry executives

Dec 14 2020 — David Pugliese — Defence industry executives have been told by a top bureaucrat to stop raising concerns about the controversial program to build a new fleet of warships that is now estimated to cost $70 billion and could go even higher. Company officials have been complaining to politicians and media outlets that the Canadian Surface Combatant project has […]

Investigation launched after Canadian Forces member called on fellow soldiers to ignore orders to help distribute COVID vaccine

Dec 8 2020 — David Pugliese — The Canadian Forces is investigating after one of its members spoke at an anti-lockdown rally in Toronto on the weekend and called on military personnel to disobey orders to help in the distribution of the COVID-19 vaccine. The individual, dressed in a Canadian Forces uniform, was introduced by organizers of the rally as Leslie Kenderesi. […]

Retired Gen. Hillier receives $20,000 a month to head vaccine distribution task force — Ford government prepared to extend his contract

Nov 27 2020 — David Pugliese — Retired general Rick Hillier is receiving $20,000 a month to head an Ontario task force that will oversee distribution of new coronavirus vaccines in the province, even though a date for that remains unknown. Premier Doug Ford announced Hillier’s appointment Monday but by Thursday new questions were being raised about when delivery of a vaccine […]

Trudeau can no longer use Trump as a political bogeyman

Nov 5 2020 — Andrew MacDougall — The (likely) loss of Donald Trump from the Oval Office is, if polls are to be believed, a popular outcome in Canada. One place his loss won’t be welcomed, however, is in the Prime Minister’s Office, where Justin Trudeau is mourning the loss of an ally. Of course, Trump wasn’t an ally in the conventional […]

The end of America – and democracy – as we know it

Sep 30 2020 — Terry Glavin — Now that the obscene and disturbing spectacle of Tuesday night’s U.S. presidential election debate is behind us, and Donald Trump’s claims about the inevitability of vast electoral fraud and vote-rigging on Nov. 3 are numerous, explicit, on the record and unequivocal, we might as well proceed straight to the doomsday scenario.

PBO to examine $60 billion price tag of new warships and compare to other less expensive foreign programs

Aug 8 2020 — David Pugliese — The $60 billion price tag of Canada’s proposed new fleet of warships will come under the scrutiny of the Parliamentary Budget Officer, who will also examine other less costly similar projects underway in other countries. The House of Commons government operations committee requested that Parliamentary Budget Officer Yves Giroux examine the cost of the Canadian […]

Government officials claimed Ontario police were investigating military efforts to allegedly hide documents in Mark Norman case — that turned out to be false

Aug 5 2020 — David Pugliese — An Ontario police investigation into allegations the Canadian military tried to hide documents in the Mark Norman affair never happened despite official federal government claims to the contrary, this newspaper has confirmed. The investigation was supposed to have been turned over by the RCMP to the Ontario Provincial Police more than a year ago but […]