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Trudeau should brace for the coming Conservative wave

Apr 12 2019 — Andrew Cohen — Long before the eruptions of Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott, long before Justin Trudeau misplaced his halo, the re-election of the federal Liberals was no sure thing. For the last three years or so, the provinces – and the rest of the world – have been going conservative. This electoral trend may – or may […]

Trudeau’s not a fake feminist, despite how his foes paint him

Apr 5 2019 — Janice Kennedy — Well, that’s it, then. Apparently, Justin Trudeau is a fake feminist. It’s all over the online commentariat. Conservative MPs Lisa Raitt, Candice Bergen and Michelle Rempel have declared that he is. Daughters of the Vote in Ottawa recently turned their backs on him (or at least 15 per cent did). And conservative columnists Licia Corbella […]

Irving says it threatened to sue journalist to protect Feds’ shipbuilding reputation; DND disputes company’s story

Apr 3 2019 — David Pugliese — The Department of National Defence is pushing back against claims Irving Shipbuilding’s president made in testimony to a parliamentary committee that the company was forced to threaten a journalist with legal action to protect the reputation of the government’s shipbuilding strategy. In testimony before the Senate Finance Committee two weeks ago, Kevin McCoy said federal […]

Andrew Scheer’s party has a shaky record with Canada’s judiciary

Mar 12 2019 — Randy Boswell — Conservative leader Andrew Scheer, on high horse, has proclaimed that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has “lost the moral authority to govern” and allowed “his partisan political motivations to overrule his duty to uphold the rule of law.” Scheer has further condemned the “frankly illegal pressure” faced by former attorney general Jody Wilson-Raybould in the SNC-Lavalin […]

Philpott and Wilson-Raybould have put the achievements of the Trudeau government at real risk

Mar 6 2019 — Andrew Cohen — What was Jody Wilson-Raybould thinking when she left cabinet? If the answer is clear, the cost is not. Wilson-Raybould had to leave a government that had put “inappropriate” pressure on her as minister of justice. In her j’accuse, she airily invoked Watergate and the Saturday Night Massacre. “I am a truth-teller,” she declares, claiming a […]

How to avoid a paper trail: The reliable — sometimes illegal — tricks used by bureaucrats and political staff

Feb 2 2019 — — Five years ago, as the Ontario Provincial Police were investigating the gas plants scandal, the former top public servant in the province gave a quote that would become legendary. “The only organizations that did not maintain records were criminal organizations,” Peter Wallace, secretary to the cabinet during Premier Dalton McGuinty’s tenure, told his police interviewer. […]

Payout cost for bungled gov’t truck contact is secret…the reason for that is also secret

Jan 22 2019 — David Pugliese — Procurement Minister Carla Qualtrough and her bureaucrats at Public Services and Procurement Canada will often claim that the various purchases the department makes using your tax dollars are “fair, open and transparent.” It’s the mantra at Public Services. There are ongoing questions whether the procurements are actually fair. And the “open and transparent” part is […]

Tens of millions paid out due to bungled Canadian Forces procurement, but government says details are secret

Jan 20 2019 — David Pugliese — Taxpayers are on the hook for potentially tens of millions of dollars after federal bureaucrats bungled the purchase of trucks for the Canadian Forces and now must make good on the lost profits for a U.S. firm. But Public Services and Procurement Canada, which oversaw the flawed defence procurement, has declined to provide details on […]