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Canada’s Growing Problem with Trust in Government

Nov 30 2022 — Geoff Norquay — The strength of liberal democracies like Canada’s is often measured in terms of social cohesion. It’s the glue that holds society together — the common values and goals shared by citizens that inspire trust in each other and in our country’s institutions. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development (OECD) defines a society as cohesive […]

As China’s Citizens Take to the Streets, Canada Takes a Side

Nov 27 2022 — Lisa Van Dusen — At this writing, in the streets, on university campuses, in public squares, at the world’s largest iPhone factory — people across China are courageously protesting Beijing’s latest human rights violations. “In multiple videos seen by CNN, people could be heard shouting demands for China’s leader Xi Jinping and the Communist Party to ‘step down,’” the […]

The Halifax Security Forum’s Window on the World

Nov 24 2022 — — If last year’s Halifax Security Forum was preoccupied by the US withdrawal and Taliban re-taking of Afghanistan and the threat of a rising China, this year’s was largely focused on Vladimir Putin’s illegal invasion of Ukraine. Forum Founding President Peter van Praagh set the tone, underlining that the “tenacious bravery, defiance, and courage displayed by […]

COP27: A Deeply Flawed Process, but it’s All We’ve Got

Nov 21 2022 — — When I first began following the UN climate talks in 2007, I felt powerless to influence their outcome. So I started a not-for-profit in my community instead and set out to reduce local climate impacts. Fifteen years later and now as the MP for Kitchener Centre, I recently returned for my second one: COP27 in […]

The Midterms are Over: Welcome to 2024!

Nov 17 2022 — Lisa Van Dusen — Two events have happened in the past 10 days that mark the unofficial launch of the 2024 presidential election cycle as might have, in previous eras, the early formation of Super PACs or a dewy new facelift on an undeclared contender. The first was the November 8th midterm election result of a slim Democratic majority […]

Will the Highway to Climate Hell Run Through Sharm el-Sheikh?

Nov 7 2022 — Elizabeth May — Sharm el-Sheikh — the Egyptian beach resort shorthanded as “Sharm” hosting this year’s United Nations climate change conference — is known as a Red Sea tourist magnet for its stunning scenery, conference facilities and nightlife. It remains to be seen whether it will take its place on the catastrophe or success side in the catalogue […]

Iran’s Social Revolution: A Policy Q&A with Homa Hoodfar

Nov 4 2022 — Lisa Van Dusen — Lisa Van Dusen: Prof. Hoodfar, as you know, Friday the 4th of November is the anniversary of the 1979 siege of the US Embassy in Tehran by Iranian students during the Islamic Revolution. It is also the anniversary of the 2009 protests in Iran, marking the anniversary with protests asserting that America was not the […]

Fall Economic Statement 2022: Bracing for a Global Slowdown

Nov 4 2022 — Kevin Page — The purpose of the midyear update is to inform Parliament and Canadians on the changes to the economic outlook and what this means for the government’s policy agenda and fiscal plan. In the leadup to the release of the FES, the government faced two principal challenges. One, the economic challenge to align federal fiscal policy […]

Beleaguered Britain: Can Rishi Sunak Restore Sanity?

Oct 24 2022 — Jeremy Kinsman — Two political clichés leap to mind as Rishi Sunak becomes Britain’s Prime Minister: “A week is a long time in politics,” the caution issued to a reporter by Labour Prime Minister Harold Wilson during one of many economic crises he faced in the 1960s — and, “It’s the economy stupid,” from Bill Clinton strategist James […]

The Spectacular Fall of Liz Truss

Oct 20 2022 — Jeremy Kinsman — The traditional Irish folk song, Johnny, I Hardly Knew Ye, was appropriated by former JFK aides Ken O’Donnell and Dave Powers to title a memoir of their hero, brought down by an assassin’s bullet in Dallas on November 22, 1963. When Liz Truss was chosen as leader of the Conservative Party of the UK and […]