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Canada-China relations will change with Biden

Jan 21 2021 — Kevin G. Cai — It has been two years since the two “Michaels” were detained by Chinese authorities in response to Canada’s detention of Meng Wanzhou. Her arrest came at the request of the Trump administration under the Canada-U.S. extradition treaty. The consequence of these mutual detentions has been the derailment of Canada-China relations over the past two years. […]

‘Democracy has Prevailed’: Joe Biden Takes Power

Jan 20 2021 — Lisa Van Dusen — That massive whooshing sound you heard Wednesday just before noon was the collective sigh of relief heard around the world as Joe Biden became the 46th president of the United States. It was a moment that turned the page on one of the darkest chapters in the epic of American history and marked the climax […]

With two Joe Bidens, Canada needs to be bold and think big

Jan 19 2021 — Fen Osler Hampson — Canada faces a major dilemma with Joe Biden’s ascension to the U.S. presidency. It will be dealing with two Joe Bidens: Biden the internationalist, committed to multilateral institutions, alliances and global security, and Biden the old-fashioned Democrat intent on protecting the American worker and America’s economic interests.

What the Clean Climate Fund can teach us about multilateral organizations

Jan 14 2021 — — The United Nations marked its 75th anniversary in September, and with the milestone has come scrutiny – yet again – of the relevance of multilateral institutions (including the UN and other institutions). Experts have long criticized multilateral systems for their high budgets, excessive fragmentation across agencies and hegemony of a few members. Supporters of such […]

From Impeachment to a Time for Healing

Jan 13 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — With his impeachment by the US House of Representatives on Wednesday, Donald Trump became what’s known in the news business as a “standing head.” And a bold faced, all-caps banner headline at that, on the front of the New York Times, America’s daily journal of record. Such a standing head has never been published before […]

Shuffle Shifts Minority Government Into Campaign Mode

Jan 12 2021 — John Delacourt — You could say it began with the mystery of the mandate letters. For those of us following the Trudeau government’s moves closely since prorogation, the signal that there might be some cabinet-level changes was starting to flash by late November, set off by one pressing question: what was delaying the release of the government’s mandate […]

Ottawa’s COVID Rogues: The End of ‘No, Minister’?

Jan 6 2021 — — Years from now, the Adventures of Rod Phillips will be a COMMs 101 case study in optics mismanagement. For one thing, there was the sheer stupidity of the finance minister of Canada’s largest province, responsible for every nickel spent by Ontario, going on holiday outside the country in the middle of the biggest health, employment […]

The Promise of 2021: A Pendulum Swing

Dec 29 2020 — Lisa Van Dusen — As a new year dawns and we magically attribute yet another dumpster fire in the rear-view mirror to a retreating anno domini rather than a confluence of largely manmade dystopian trends, hope is making a comeback. There is hope that an incoming American president who doesn’t serve as a walking, howling, tweeting indictment of democracy […]

Playing the Prediction Game: An Election in 2021

Dec 22 2020 — Don Newman — When Don Newman couches his predictions with qualifiers about how predictions are for suckers, we advise readers to recall that he predicted that Donald J. Trump would win the 2016 election. With all due respect to the theme of this issue of Policy, predicting the year ahead can be a mug’s game. One year ago, […]

An End to the Annus Horribilis? Team Trudeau’s Year Ahead

Dec 21 2020 — John Delacourt — The year 2020 has been defined for Canada’s Liberal minority government by variations on tragedy and crisis response. As a high-ranking Conservative put it to me, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has earned the grey in his beard. How many ways can events converge to break the spirit of a country? Air tragedy, mass murder in […]

Maintaining Confidence in the Convention of Confidence

Dec 19 2020 — Lori Turnbull — On November 30, 2020, Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Finance Chrystia Freeland delivered a long-awaited fiscal update to a skeptical House of Commons. In her statement, she proposed a range of measures aimed at economic stabilization and recovery in the short, medium, and long terms, including $100 billion in stimulus spending, extensions of the […]