National Newswatch

How the Trudeau government can get control of the pandemic

Jan 22 2021 — Jörg Broschek — No, it’s not the virus’s fault as Ontario’s deputy Chief Medical Officer of Health Dr. Barbara Yaffe suggested earlier this month. Observing the disastrous response to the second wave of the pandemic in Ontario has been unnerving – as a resident, parent and federalism scholar. To be fair, the public health crisis caused by COVID-19 […]

Could climate policy become climate trade?

Jan 21 2021 — Aaron Henry — One of the most compelling and least reported elements of the federal government’s recently announced plan to meet its ambitious 2030 climate targets is the commitment to pursue greater collaboration with Canada’s trading partners and allies on climate policy. In its Healthy Environment and a Healthy Economy plan, the government signalled it will seek partners […]

Justin Trudeau, the mature brand

Jan 20 2021 — Eric Blais — When the Liberal Party of Canada went looking for an advertising agency in 2013, the briefing was clear: the Liberals had a young, energetic leader with significant brand recognition. There was talk of surrounding him with a strong team, but it was obvious he’d be the face of the revitalized brand, and the embodiment of […]

When a nation’s legislature comes under violent attack

Jan 15 2021 — Nathan Cullen — On Oct. 22, 2014, a lone gunman attacked Canada’s democratic heart. Murder and terror were the intent. Canadians were shocked, but for those who had watched the hidden online world of conspiracy and hate, there was a grim sense of inevitability. Corporal Nathan Cirillo, 24, paid with his life that day as the attacker made […]

How 2021 could be a pivotal year in the climate change fight

Jan 12 2021 — Shawn McCarthy — The world marked the fifth anniversary of the groundbreaking Paris climate agreement in December with a sobering reminder. Despite a drop in greenhouse gas emissions in 2020 due to the COVID-19 pandemic, there remains a substantial gap between the commitment to limit global warming to well below 2 degrees Celsius compared to pre-industrial levels and […]

Biden win is an opportunity to advance tax fairness in Canada

Jan 11 2021 — Erika Beauchesne — Under Donald Trump’s presidency, Canada’s Liberal government has benefited from the public relations advantage of appearing more progressive compared to its Republican neighbour next door. When US President-elect Joe Biden takes office this month, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau can no longer count on looking good by contrast. His government will need to step up efforts […]

Ten trends that will shape events in 2021

Jan 4 2021 — Andrew Parkin — Only a fool would set out to forecast events for 2021 considering the unexpected year we’ve had. But we can still reflect on how the events of the past 12 months have set the stage for what comes next. Whatever happens in the next year will unfold within a specific context. Part of the context […]

The national stress test that was 2020

Dec 30 2020 — Jennifer Ditchburn — Here’s a brain challenge – can you remember when the last federal election took place? Do you remember the weighty issues that were discussed? Setting aside the fact that most of us can’t quite figure out what day it is during the pandemic, you can be forgiven for having a fuzzy memory of that last […]

What did we learn from SARS and H1N1?

Dec 29 2020 — Danielle Martin and Steve Morgan — As the COVID-19 pandemic enters its 10th month in Canada, public attention is focused on the rollout of a massive vaccination program. Reviewing the volume of information from the last countrywide pandemics – H1N1 in 2009 and SARS in 2003 – it doesn’t look like Canada has learned its lessons. These learning failures raise serious […]

Campaigning in Canada during a pandemic

Dec 28 2020 — David McGrane — In June 2019, I officially became a candidate for the New Democratic Party in the October Saskatchewan provincial election. Since the Saskatchewan Party had won power in 2007, I had seen lots of cuts to education funding and a lack of concrete action on climate change. I believed that running to become an MLA would […]

How Germany’s federation co-ordinated a pandemic response

Dec 21 2020 — — The sound of laughter erupts from a group buried under scarves and toques, gathered by the Landwehr Canal. Across the street another crew of revelers is gathered close, clutching mulled wine under twinkling lights outside a bar. This common scene on a mid-December night wouldn’t be a catalyst for national policy change in any other […]