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The public service’s biggest disruption in decades : hybrid work

Sep 27 2022 — Kathryn May — The return-to-work pushback of Canada’s public servants could lay the groundwork for the most radical change in the federal government’s relationship with its employees in a century. The resistance reveals a grassroots shift taking place in the public service that’s all about power and control. The public service is one of the most hierarchical employers […]

LNG boom or bust?

Sep 22 2022 — Rachel Samson — Demand for liquefied natural gas is high, but governments should be wary about risking taxpayer dollars on an uncertain future. With oil and gas prices skyrocketing because of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, there has been renewed excitement about the potential for liquefied natural gas (LNG) production in Canada. There have also been calls for the […]

Some provincial governments seek conflict with municipalities – and gain from it

Sep 19 2022 — Joshua Medicoff and Daniel Béland — Conflict is a hallmark of the relationship between the provinces and the federal government in Canada. That much we know. But considerably less discussion is taking place about the numerous conflicts between provinces and municipalities, which have been “creatures of the provinces” since the British North America Act/Constitution Act, 1867. In Quebec, and in particular […]

COVID-19 responses were always going to be inequitable

Aug 15 2022 — Nakia Lee-Foon — COVID-19 was always going to be inequitable as many Canadian health-care systems failed to learn from previous pandemics. As a result, they didn’t implement equitable practices, which helped ensure inequities would occur in this pandemic. Take, for example, an Ontario study that found hospitalized individuals during the 2009 H1N1 pandemic were more likely to have […]

Recruiting and training is the number one concern for SMEs

Aug 12 2022 — Malika Asthana — Rising inflation. Increasing fuel costs. Supply chain backlogs. The list of issues facing businesses in 2022 is growing and while these challenges require solutions, the reality is they’re also adding to problems that already exist. Take for instance the growing talent gap – the distance between the skills that employees have and those they want […]

Ontario’s deepening hydro mess

Aug 11 2022 — Mark Winfield — Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives went into the 2018 Ontario election campaign promising, among other things, to fix the province’s “hydro mess.” In practice, fixing the hydro “mess” turned out to be a lot more complicated than it sounded. In the end, the first Ford government did little more than double down on its Liberal predecessor’s […]

The need for Indigenous-led housing

Jul 14 2022 — Katłįà (Catherine) Lafferty — Home is where the heart is. It is where life begins. Home should be a place of safety, love, health, security, happiness and respect in kinship with one another. But housing in so-called Canada is anything but what a home should be. Canada’s government-funded housing system has interfered with customary Indigenous practices. It starts at […]