National Newswatch

Tuition hikes exacerbating existing challenges for international students

Jul 3 2020 — Carlo Handy Charles and Veronica Øverlid — The federal government has rolled out a $9-billion aid package for Canadian students affected by the pandemic. But not only have many international students been left out of the program because of its eligibility criteria; some are being asked to pay even higher tuition fees. Several Canadian universities are hiking tuition fees for international students […]

Do Canada’s most powerful federal posts reflect the country’s diversity?

Jun 29 2020 — Jerome H. Black and Andrew Griffith — The inclusion of Canadians from visible minority groups in the country’s major political and socio-economic institutions is an important indicator of the success that Canada can claim as a multicultural nation, and ultimately a measure of the nature and distribution of power and influence within the country. But how to properly assess the level of […]

Mass incarceration of Indigenous people betrays Ottawa’s reconciliation efforts

Jun 25 2020 — Kim Beaudin and Justin Piché — When Justin Trudeau became prime minister of Canada in 2015, there was considerable hope that there was a partner in Ottawa whom Indigenous peoples could work with to deliver meaningful change. Within months of taking office, he endorsed the calls to action of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission (TRC). He also launched the National Inquiry […]

Why Canada may become a great global power this century

Jun 23 2020 — Irvin Studin — The Canada that exits the Great Quarantine may, by mid-century, become a great power. Or it may, as a mirror opposite, become a deep vassal state. The possible futures for our country, if it survives in any meaningful or recognizable form, are that stark. In an earlier article in Policy Options, I explained that Canada […]

A chance to rethink our approach to innovation and inclusive growth

Jun 22 2020 — — The COVID-19 pandemic has revealed fragilities and inequities in Canada’s innovation economy. When the pandemic began, Canada was already a global laggard in the development and adoption of new innovations and technologies, and exhibited a mediocre track record on economic inclusion and equity. As the COVID-19 crisis took hold, these long-standing weaknesses were further exposed. […]

Ottawa’s ill-fated quest for a UN Security Council seat

Jun 19 2020 — Adam Chapnick — Canada’s quest for a temporary seat on the United Nations Security Council has ended with a thud. The Security Council sits at the centre of the global governance system that has been tasked with coordinating and managing state behaviour since the Second World War. It is the only UN body whose rulings can empower the […]

Confinement and toxic boredom plagued long-term care before COVID-19

Jun 17 2020 — S.B. Julian — It’s bad news for civil rights when a government decides to sentence an entire population to house arrest, but for long-term care residents this pandemic policy is not new. For them, long-term has always meant lockdown. Life is a desert of boredom and loneliness for many institutionalized Canadian seniors. Those who express frustration and restlessness […]

Will Parliament take steps to clarify medical assistance in dying law?

Jun 9 2020 — Jocelyn Downie — When the federal government introduced Canada’s medical assistance in dying legislation back in 2017, there was swift and fierce backlash against one of the eligibility criteria – a person’s natural death had to have become “reasonably foreseeable.” The government was told in no uncertain terms that the criterion was unconstitutional and unclear, but Parliament passed […]

Ottawa’s new climate reporting requirement is good for business

Jun 5 2020 — Stewart Elgie and Andrea Moffat — In mid-May, the federal government announced a major program to help large companies address the economic impacts of the COVID-19 crisis. The Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (LEEFF) will provide bridge loans to help companies address cash shortfalls due to the downturn. To access the program, companies must meet several requirements. One of them is […]