National Newswatch

Notes for next time from a Covid hot spot

May 12 2021 — Fatima Syed — WE ARE ALL VACCINE HUNTERS NOW — Around the time the Canadian government was celebrating that it had procured the most vaccine doses per person in the world, I was speaking to an essential worker who didn’t know how she’d get one.

Old pipelines become new flashpoints for U.S., Canada environmental clashes

May 5 2021 — — Four years after a Democrat last occupied the White House, Canada’s energy industry is once again being forced to defend pipelines as necessary infrastructure to move a vital resource — oil — to market. But this time, it’s not just new projects being scrutinized for their potential to tie the continent to carbon-intensive fossil fuels […]

First shots and second opinions in the third wave

May 5 2021 — Shachi Kurl — NACI SAID WHAT, NOW? Earlier this week, the National Advisory Committee on Immunization (NACI) declared Canada’s supply of Johnson & Johnson vaccine was okay for those over 30, “if the individual prefers an earlier vaccine rather than waiting for an mRNA vaccine and if the benefits outweigh the risks.” NACI vice-chair Shelley Deeks went on […]

Mayor Naheed Nenshi to Canadians: ‘We need to talk’

Apr 28 2021 — Naheed Nenshi — When I announced this month that I won’t be running for re-election, I expected conversations about legacy, our historic investments in transportation, Calgary’s state-of-the-art library, or how we transformed government to deliver services more efficiently while maintaining the lowest tax rates in the country. Instead, I’ve been mostly asked about racism and the increasing divisions […]

Why Erin O’Toole is talking about carbon

Apr 21 2021 — Lisa Raitt — In my first election campaign in 2008, I was clear on my pitch at the door: NO CARBON TAX. The Liberal Party under Stéphane Dion was running on a platform called The Green Shift with a carbon tax designed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Financial markets in the U.S. were unravelling and gas prices were […]

How the Trudeau government plans to meet its climate goals

Apr 19 2021 — — The federal Liberals have set an ambitious new target for Canada to reduce its greenhouse gas emissions as part of a sweeping set of big-ticket budget measures aimed at fighting climate change while giving Canada’s pandemic-hit economy a green lift. In her budget speech, Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said Canada’s new goal is to reduce […]

China scolds Canada over Parliament’s support of Halifax Security Forum award to Taiwan

Apr 15 2021 — Andy Blatchford — The Chinese government fired a warning shot at Canada on Thursday after its Parliament declared Taiwan’s president an ideal candidate for a prestigious international human justice award. A Chinese foreign ministry spokesperson said if Canada fails to “prudently and properly handle” the highly sensitive issues around Taiwan it could inflict further damage to bilateral relations.

Chrystia Freeland and the deficits that matter

Apr 14 2021 — Shawn McCarthy — A nice perk for me covering Paul Martin in the mid-1990s was following him on his annual post-budget pilgrimage to New York City where he sought to reassure the bondholding financiers about Canada’s creditworthiness. The high-profile finance minister would deliver an austerity message in some fancy Manhattan hotel ballroom and after filing our articles, my […]

Trudeau government threatens Halifax Security Forum over proposed Taiwan award

Apr 11 2021 — — The organizers of one of the world’s most prestigious defense gatherings are in the midst of an uncomfortable international standoff between the Canadian government and China over a major award they had planned to give to the president of Taiwan. The standstill, which is ongoing and has not been previously reported, has created tension between […]

An insider’s guide to election timing

Apr 7 2021 — David Herle — STATE OF PLAY — The historic prerogative of prime ministers to determine election timing has been one of the biggest incumbency advantages. Fixed date legislation has largely removed this card from prime ministers of a majority government, but it remains in their hand in a minority situation. Making the correct call on timing may be […]

Canada’s Covid briefings: A re-enactment

Mar 31 2021 — Maura Forrest — FOR THE SAKE OF CLARITY — There have been lots of different messages floating around lately about the third wave, variants, vaccines and lockdowns. To help you keep everything straight, Corridors would like to offer this amalgamated transcript of several recent press conferences from federal and provincial leaders and health officials. You’re welcome. Prime Minister […]

Is the carbon tax fight about to end?

Mar 24 2021 — Maura Forrest — CARBON TAX ON TRIAL — The Liberals seem confident they’ll emerge victorious when the Supreme Court of Canada rules Thursday on the constitutionality of the carbon tax. And they have some reason to be. Anyone watching the September hearing would have noticed several of the justices seemed sympathetic to the federal government’s argument that climate […]

Where does Erin O’Toole go from here?

Mar 17 2021 — Maura Forrest — TALE AS OLD AS TIME — Seven months after winning the leadership of the federal NDP, Jagmeet Singh kicked one of his MPs out of caucus. There were claims he’d acted unfairly, but Singh stuck to his guns. That was just one episode in an extended rough patch for the NDP leader. At the time, […]