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Trudeau shops for votes in Atlantic Canada

Jul 28 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Rideau Hall watch — Our intel suggests an election call sooner rather than later. We’re told the PM will be taking a couple of weeks of vacation, which rules out the first weekend in August. But keep an eye on the second and third Sundays of the month. What do you know? Share it here: […]

Canada’s vaccine passport won’t come until December, at the earliest

Jul 23 2021 — Justin Ling — Leaked presentations reveal that Canada won’t have a national Covid-19 vaccine passport system until December 2021, at the earliest. A total lack of national infrastructure, however, means that could be delayed even further. The internal PowerPoint presentation, prepared by the Treasury Board of Canada, reveals that even more than a year after the global pandemic […]

All the reasons Trudeau should think twice about an election

Jul 21 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — RISKY BUSINESS — Ask a seasoned pol about the chances of an election this fall, and the word inevitable is on the tip of their tongue (as Corridors explored earlier this summer). But campaign vets slap a majority-sized asterisk on any talk of a vote. Every election call, says anyone who’s run the gauntlet, risks […]

Everyone’s promising a million jobs

Jul 14 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — VROOM VROOM — A federal party insider tells POLITICO campaign buses are getting ready to go. Liberal spokesperson Braeden Caley poured cold water over the hot goss (but didn’t deny the details): “We don’t comment on the specifics of election readiness preparations, but whenever the next campaign arrives, we’ll always be ready to take our […]

Trudeau denies it but signs point to early election in Canada

Jul 9 2021 — Zi-Ann Lum — Covid-19 cases are down in Canada and some are interpreting Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s cross-country travel this week as a surefire sign of an imminent election. Trudeau’s whistle stop in Calgary on Wednesday started with a blunt question from RED FM host Rishi Nagar, who noted the prime minister’s back-to-back pit stops in Cowessess First […]

Why an election is definitely probably in the offing

Jul 7 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — ABOUT THAT ELECTION — There are subtler ways to make history than to stage an event at the Canadian Museum of History across the river from Parliament Hill, but that’s where Justin Trudeau introduced Mary Simon as Canada’s next governor general. Trudeau likes to make a splash. In case the symbolism wasn’t obvious, the PM’s […]

How should Canadians mark Canada Day?

Jun 30 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Welcome to Corridors. I’m your host, Nick Taylor-Vaisey. In today’s edition, serious reflection on how Canadians should mark their national holiday on Thursday. The Senate makes quick work of two Liberal priorities and deliberately slows progress on two others. Catherine McKenna leaves politics on her own terms, and the PM and POTUS make a friendly […]

What Justin Trudeau wants from the G-7

Jun 9 2021 — — Welcome to Corridors. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau steps back into the real world this week after months of sticking close to home. Andy Blatchford talked to insiders about what Canada wants at the G-7 summit. Zi-Ann Lum reports on Canada’s latest reckoning. Nick Taylor-Vaisey previews the wind down of Parliament, plus we have the latest […]

Trudeau minister: Canada in talks with NHL, MLB about border exemptions

Jun 3 2021 — Andy Blatchford — Canadian officials are in talks with both the National Hockey League and Major League Baseball about exemptions that could open a path for professional athletes to cross the heavily restricted U.S.-Canada border. Immigration Minister Marco Mendicino told POLITICO in an interview Thursday that separate discussions with the leagues could result in “national interest exemptions,” which […]

What, essentially, is going on with the border?

May 26 2021 — Laurie Trautman — I’ve worked on U.S.-Canada border issues for a while, and it’s not always the most exciting work — measuring wait-times and discussing preclearance. That changed drastically in March 2020 with the Covid-19 border restrictions, which were not only unprecedented, but also confusing. Different restrictions were applied to different modes of travel. The definition of “essential” […]

The politics of gerontocracy in Canada

May 19 2021 — Sean Speer — I’m not quite a young person anymore. Although I’m technically a millennial and only became eligible for my first vaccination this week, the truth is I’m now much closer to age 50 than I am to age 20. My tastes, preferences and experiences are more closely aligned with the Gen Xers ahead of me than […]

Notes for next time from a Covid hot spot

May 12 2021 — Fatima Syed — WE ARE ALL VACCINE HUNTERS NOW — Around the time the Canadian government was celebrating that it had procured the most vaccine doses per person in the world, I was speaking to an essential worker who didn’t know how she’d get one.