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RCMP use of spyware warrants update to Canada’s privacy laws, MPs say

Nov 24 2022 — Maura Forrest — Canada should update its privacy laws in the wake of revelations that the country’s national police force uses spyware to hack mobile devices, a parliamentary committee says. The House of Commons ethics committee is recommending the federal government require privacy assessments for the use of “high-risk technological tools” that collect personal data, according to a […]

Jody Thomas versus Brenda Lucki

Nov 18 2022 — Maura Forrest — It was — dare we say it? — a good day for the government at the Emergencies Act inquiry. And there haven’t been many of those lately. On Thursday, JODY THOMAS, the prime minister’s national security adviser, testified that she believed the Emergencies Act was necessary to end the “Freedom Convoy” protests. She said as […]

A who’s who and you-know-who

Nov 16 2022 — — This morning, we take you inside the Canadian American Business Council’s gala which happened to be a who’s who kind of event. Biden’s envoy admitted to the crowd there that he was surprised by Ottawa’s new, tougher language on China. Plus, documents filed in the House of Commons reveal the Canada Revenue Agency has sent […]

Time for a Poilievre road trip

Oct 31 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — OTTAWA MAN — Is it time for PIERRE POILIEVRE to leave the orbit of the nation’s capital? The Conservative leader is Toronto-bound this Friday for a speech at the Empire Club on the day after Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s fiscal statement. Working title of the event: The Bursting Bubble: How we got here, how we […]

All dialed up to a 9

Oct 24 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — This morning, we’re in conversation with Alberta NDP leader RACHEL NOTLEY. Also, Ontarians vote today and there’s drama from Ottawa to Port Colborne. Plus: If PIERRE POILIEVRE wasn’t at Saturday night’s Press Gallery dinner, where was he? Read on for the answer.

RCMP’s use of facial recognition extends well beyond Clearview AI

Sep 30 2022 — Maura Forrest — Canada’s national police force, which was heavily criticized for using Clearview AI software, has signed contracts to use multiple facial recognition tools. The Royal Canadian Mounted Police (RCMP) revealed these details in documents recently tabled in Parliament, though it says it has stopped using facial recognition technology pending an internal review sparked by public outcry […]

The mayor’s race splits Ottawa Liberals

Sep 29 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — The race for Ottawa’s next mayor is heating up, and it’s stirring up a partisan divide on the Hill. Nothing mean-spirited. So far, it’s not awkward. But there’s no incumbent in the running, and the Liberal flock is pulled in different directions by two rival candidates with serious backing.

Meet the Trudeau protege who might one day have his job

Sep 26 2022 — Andy Blatchford — OTTAWA, Ont. — Mélanie Joly’s political resume is longer than you might think — student activist leader, out-of-the-blue candidate who nearly became a big-city mayor and now Canada’s face on the world stage. The foreign minister’s career — which includes a high-profile Cabinet demotion — has elevated her into a cluster of Liberals who could […]

If not now, when can Canadians expect an election?

Sep 21 2022 — Maura Forrest — As Canada’s Parliament resumes for its fall sitting, with a new opposition leader in place, one question lurks in the background: How long will it last? Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s minority government is being propped up by the left-leaning New Democratic Party in an agreement that could keep the Liberals in power until 2025 in […]

Trudeau’s to-do list — and what’s in the way

Sep 20 2022 — Zi-Ann Lum — The prime minister is under new pressure to bank some wins to gear up against Poilievre’s growing anti-Trudeau base. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau faces major headwinds. Parliament returns Tuesday, though Trudeau will be in New York for the United Nations General Assembly, a pit stop after attending the queen’s funeral in London. When the prime […]

Canada’s Conservatives put Trudeau on notice

Sep 11 2022 — — Pierre Poilievre is the new leader of the Conservative Party. The seven-term MP was born on Canada’s Prairies and represents a riding on the outskirts of the nation’s capital. He attracted unusually large crowds to dozens of campaign rallies and unleashed bombastic rhetoric everywhere he went. Now he has a shot at forming the next […]

Jenni Byrne is just getting started

Sep 10 2022 — — For most Conservatives in Canada, there is only one Jenni. A lifetime in politics and a resume packed with high-profile wins (and one devastating loss) has rendered her surname superfluous. Ask any charter member of the capital’s gossiping class about Jenni Byrne, and they’ll dish until last call. She is legend in the Ottawa bubble, […]

43 short things about Pierre Poilievre — in his own words

Sep 9 2022 — Maura Forrest — Justin Trudeau is about to have a fight on his hands. With the all-but-certain ascension of a new rival who is shifting the country’s political landscape, Canada’s Liberal prime minister will — for the first time since his 2015 election — face off against a formidable foe. A political animal since high school, 43-year-old Pierre […]

Fear and ‘inflation-phobia’ in Ottawa

Sep 7 2022 — Zi-Ann Lum — TIFF MACKLEM is poised to make a hike. CANDICE BERGEN is planning to take one for real. Plus, the Ukrainian Canadian Congress’ IHOR MICHALCHYSHYN offers Playbook a preview of what he’ll say to MPs about Russia and Gazprom at foreign affairs committee today. BEYOND THE BIG ONE — Bank of Canada Governor TIFF MACKLEM will […]