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Vaccine passport, meet federalism

Oct 8 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, a mini-scoop from reporter Justin Ling on federal-provincial progress on a single, internationally recognized vaccine passport. Also, a final dose of cabinet speculation to send you into the weekend. And kudos to a record number of trivia respondents.

Canada-wide vaccine passport: TBD

Oct 8 2021 — Justin Ling — Canada will soon require that travelers show proof of a Covid-19 vaccine before departure, but sources who spoke with POLITICO say Ottawa is still far behind on figuring out the technology for this new mandate. This week’s announcement makes good on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to require vaccines for federal public servants as well […]

Scouting reporting: B.C.

Oct 7 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, unvaccinated MPs might be pondering new rules from Ottawa that will require plane and train travelers to be fully vaccinated. Plus, our final round of cabinet speculation shines a spotlight on B.C. And a senior New Democrat reflects on the campaign.

6 questions for Erin O’Toole

Oct 6 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, a no-nonsense Tory caucus is moving on to a vital assessment of what went wrong on the campaign trail. Playbook polls insiders on the most burning questions facing the Conservatives. Also, today’s round of cabinet speculation focuses on the Prairies — where just getting elected is a fast-track to the front bench,

O’Toole faces caucus. Buckle up.

Oct 5 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — For Conservatives, this morning is one to be feared or anticipated or repressed, depending on how they feel about ERIN O’TOOLE’s Tory caucus. They’re assembling this morning at the John A. Macdonald Building for a 9:30 meeting of minds. Every Conservative insider canvassed by Playbook agrees on one thing: it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.

Which Quebecers are bound for cabinet?

Oct 4 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey —  It’s Monday, and that means one day closer to a refreshed federal cabinet. We take a closer look at who might make the cut in Quebec. Also, the Green Party is in the thick of a full-on internal meltdown laid bare over the weekend. And about that sojourn to Tofino…

Timing is everything

Oct 1 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, we reflect on Canada’s first National Day of Truth and Reconciliation and hear from some of yesterday’s most urgent voices. Later on, we fully commit to serious cabinet speculation with a focus on the country’s eastern flank.

A Hill insider’s guide to party life

Sep 28 2021 — — Today, a lesson in caucus management in the immediate aftermath of an election. KAREN REDMAN, a former Liberal whip, is our guide. Also, the story of the election told through StatsCan data — and a word from a candidate on his final two weeks on the campaign trail.

Heavyweight advice for the PMO

Sep 27 2021 — — It’s Monday and we’re smack in that period when cabinet speculation becomes an Olympic sport. Today, we have advice from HUGH SEGAL and DEREK BURNEY on how JUSTIN TRUDEAU should set his top priorities after (another) minority win.

All that’s left is voting

Sep 20 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today is election day, the crescendo of a 36-day campaign that Justin Trudeau called in the dog days of summer. We look back at the issues that dominated — and disappeared. We tracked where the leaders went — and ignored. And we look ahead to the results that’ll pour in tonight.