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‘You’re on mute.’ Is it time to end the work from home House?

Jun 17 2022 — Zi-Ann Lum — The debate over the fate of Canada’s hybrid Parliament — and the ability of MPs to work from home — is unfolding as a battle between traditionalists and progressives. Conservative House Leader John Brassard says remote work gives the Liberal government new avenues to duck accountability. Mute button blunders, headset problems and connectivity issues have […]

Have Quebecers moved on? Sort of.

Jun 17 2022 — Philippe J. Fournier — Is Quebec Premier François Legault secretly planning a referendum on independence, as some media commentators have been hinting? Fresh numbers suggest he should not. Why? First, he would lose. Second, his coalition party — which has governed Quebec since 2018 — would probably implode. The arrival of Bernard Drainville (former PQ cabinet minister) and Caroline […]

Canada has a massive surplus of unused ventilators

Jun 16 2022 — Maura Forrest — More than half of the 40,000 ventilators the Canadian government ordered early in the pandemic are now sitting unused in the federal emergency stockpile. Just more than 2,000 of the ventilators have been deployed, either in Canada or abroad. Ottawa is now working to cancel orders for ventilators that have yet to be delivered, but […]

Why Freeland needs to bring home the bacon

Jun 16 2022 — — Today, Finance Minister CHRYSTIA FREELAND makes a “major” speech on the economy. We ask everybody in our Rolodex to tell us what she should say. Also, more hints at a mystery candidate for Ottawa mayor. Send in your guesses now!

Planes, trains and mandate repeals

Jun 14 2022 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, a new era in vaccine mandates approacheth. Plus, the deputy PM will defend the invocation of the Emergencies Act at committee. Plus, the overhaul of broadcasting laws will rush through another committee. Plus, have you never heard of the World War 2 ship landing craft that sank off the coast of Vancouver Island?

How far right is the path to Conservative victory?

Jun 13 2022 — Philippe J. Fournier — A lesson from Ontario Premier Doug Ford’s landslide for the federal party. Where you stand on child raising offers clues to where you sit in the swirl of Canadian politics. Consider these questions: When raising children, which do you think is more important to emphasize: Strength or wisdom? Morality or reason and evidence? Creativity or […]

O’Toole blames China for Conservative election results

Jun 9 2022 — Andy Blatchford — Erin O’Toole says Chinese interference is to blame for the defeat of as many as nine Conservative candidates in the 2021 federal election. The former Conservative leader’s remark, made during a podcast this week, advances an unusually specific allegation at a time of widespread warnings about state actors trying to undermine Canada’s democratic process.

Silly season in the Senate

Jun 6 2022 — Maura Forrest — There are a maximum of three weeks left before the House of Commons rises for summer. Cue the end-of-session legislative rush. But silly season may look a little different this year. That’s because the Liberals have taken the unusual step of introducing several meaty government bills in the Senate this session. Depending on whom you […]

Bill Morneau unplugged

Jun 2 2022 — — Today, Ontario votes. Plus, is MICHELLE REMPEL GARNER gunning for a job in a different Canadian capital? And we have the World Milk Day exchange you can’t miss.

338Canada: Ford on track for majority win in Ontario

Jun 1 2022 — Philippe J. Fournier — With a day to go, the 2022 Ontario campaign appears poised to end where it started. Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservative Party entered its reelection campaign with a sizable lead against vulnerable opponents, and although some individual polls did suggest some tightening in mid-May, polling during the past month never really steered away from preelection trends.

Behind Joly’s plan to modernize Canadian diplomacy

May 31 2022 — Andy Blatchford — Foreign Minister Mélanie Joly says Canada wants to better prepare its diplomats for an increasingly uncertain world. “Crises used to be something that happened every once in a decade — but now they’re happening every year,” Joly told POLITICO in an interview Monday evening. “We need to keep up with these challenging times.”

A big week for Conservatives

May 30 2022 — — Today marks the start of the homestretch in an anticlimactic Ontario provincial campaign. Plus, Friday’s an enormously important waypoint for federal Tories jockeying for the party’s leadership. Also, birds.

338Canada: Doug Ford and Ontario’s race for second

May 25 2022 — Philippe J. Fournier — Doug Ford is heading toward a second majority at Queen’s Park — not that anyone is paying attention. In the unlikely scenario all the polls released in Ontario ahead of its June 2 election turn out to be wrong, or if tens of thousands of voters do indeed vote strategically to deny the premier his […]