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The man on VIP Ottawa’s speed dial

Sep 7 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, a palate cleanser in the form of the nation’s capital’s favorite travel agent. Also, Abacus Data’s David Coletto has new numbers — and you know you want to see them. Plus, the Curse of Politics crew on which week is the most pivotal of the campaign.

Campaign 2021: ‘Infected by the virus of polarization’

Sep 6 2021 — — Today, a former clerk of the Privy Council worries the federal campaign has been “infected by the virus of polarization.” Also, Erin O’Toole calls an audible on his platform’s plans for gun control. And the Curse of Politics gang talks about the toughest decisions campaigns have to make in the last two weeks before election […]

It’s debate night in Montreal

Sep 2 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — FACE-À-FACE — Most Canadian broadcasters cobbled together a consortium of moderators who will put questions to five party leaders next week. Then there’s TVA. The Quebec-based broadcaster will host its own standalone French-language debate for the third election in a row, moderated by PIERRE BRUNEAU.

2021 is starting to look a lot like 2019

Aug 31 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, new numbers from Abacus Data confirm we’ve got a real election on our hands. All the parties raced to fill their slates of candidates before a Monday deadline. And the Curse of Politics podcast panel dishes on how to effectively take down a rival.

Toxic protesters turn the campaign ugly

Aug 30 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, protesters have taken over the narrative as they force the cancellation of a Trudeau event and force every leader to confront a campaign gone toxic. Also, when do you know a turning point is a turning point? And will DOUG FORD have an impact in the next few weeks?

Andrew Scheer wants to finish the job

Aug 23 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, the federal campaign enters its second week. Federal officials are still working around the clock to extract Canadians and Afghans from Kabul. The Liberals are teeing up gotcha videos they hope will knock the Tories off their game. And Andrew Scheer isn’t done yet.

How Trudeau’s foes could score an upset

Aug 20 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Justin Trudeau’s two biggest rivals barely saw a path to victory in the months before he called a summer election two years early: Covid-19 cases were down, Afghanistan was relatively stable and Trudeau’s Liberals were riding high in the polls. The prime minister might now regret his decision. Covid numbers are rising, Afghanistan has collapsed […]

Too early for a sleeper issue?

Aug 19 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, a fight over how to control inflation in which nobody talks about how to control inflation. Also, there’s a pattern to the NDP leader’s movements. And how are millennials planning to vote?

Nova Scotia, you have our attention

Aug 18 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — A WARNING SIGN — Everybody knew the polls were tightening in Nova Scotia, but few political observers expected Premier IAIN RANKIN to lose power. TIM HOUSTON will be the province’s next premier. That leaves just two Liberal premiers in Canada — Yukon and Newfoundland and Labrador — and eight right-leaning governments. — Federal aftershocks: Rankin’s […]

Why O’Toole was quick to share his issues

Aug 17 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey — Today, a look at Erin O’Toole’s full platform — released on Day 2! — and why affordability issues will play a major role in who wins and who loses. Plus, an announcement: We’re hosting a Twitter Spaces chit-chat on Friday with some of our smartest and most talkative pals. Stay tuned for deets.

Trudeau injects vaccine hesitancy into spotlight of Canadian election

Aug 15 2021 — Andy Blatchford — Justin Trudeau launched Canadians into an election campaign Sunday that on the surface gives voters a choice between competing visions for a post-pandemic Canada. But Trudeau also used his Day 1 words to shape the campaign’s subtext. Canada’s election, the Liberal leader suggested, could hinge on the philosophical clash between the vaccinated and the vaccine […]