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Boycott of Beijing Olympics is no substitute for a proper foreign policy

Nov 19 2020 — John Ivison — While the government is pondering over a new approach to dealing with China, the Conservative Party is urging the Liberals to consider a boycott of the 2022 Beijing Winter Olympics. The idea was raised on social media by Canada’s former senior public servant, Michael Wernick. “Perhaps it is time to start preparing the Canadian public […]

Trudeau and Scheer still don’t get that the perception of conflict is the reality

Nov 19 2020 — Chris Selley — The peculiar idea of “a perceived conflict of interest” being fundamentally and usefully distinct from “a conflict of interest” has been getting a workout in Ottawa lately. Most famously, it formed a key part of Justin Trudeau’s defence in the WE-bacle (pending results of the ongoing ethics investigation). He should have recused himself from discussions […]

Rogers axes Breakfast Television in Vancouver/Calgary and cuts radio jobs

Nov 18 2020 — — Rogers Sports & Media cut its Breakfast Television shows in Vancouver and Calgary on Tuesday — favouring a national version — and cut senior jobs in radio. According to Broadcast Dialogue, the Breakfast Television formats in Vancouver and Calgary have been shuttered, making way for a national BT show to start in early 2021. In […]

Conservative legal group challenges new COVID restrictions on group gatherings in Alberta

Oct 29 2020 — Tyler Dawson — A conservative legal group is challenging new restrictions on gatherings in Alberta, saying they are a violation of Charter rights to assembly. The province implemented the group gathering restrictions this week as it faces record-breaking numbers of new COVID-19 cases. The Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms, headed by lawyer John Carpay, has been involved in […]

Freeland needs to reset her compass when it comes to Liberal fiscal strategy

Oct 29 2020 — John Ivison — Around the mid-point of her virtual speech to the Toronto Global Economic Forum, Chrystia Freeland stopped and said the thinking she had outlined was “entirely uncontroversial.” The finance minister was right – protecting Canadians’ health, jobs and living standards by using aggressive federal stimulus is an article of faith for politicians across the spectrum.

Five things we learned from the folly in the Commons on Wednesday

Oct 22 2020 — John Ivison — The folly around the confidence vote the Liberals survived in the House of Commons on Wednesday has never been more disconnected from the stress being endured by citizens, whose movement and ambitions have been constrained by the pandemic. A candidate who proposed to bar from public office anyone who expressed a desire to be a […]

NDP needs more ‘conscientious’ approach to avoid becoming permanent Liberal prop-up: experts

Oct 21 2020 — Jesse Snyder — Political strategists say the NDP under Jagmeet Singh risks falling into the role of permanent Liberal prop-up after the party on Wednesday again voted alongside the government to avoid triggering an election. Singh and 23 other NDP members voted against a Conservative motion on Wednesday that would form a committee to investigate the Liberal government’s […]