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Cash in a filing cabinet and 20 TVs in storage: audit finds serious mismanagement at Canada’s embassy in Egypt

Apr 12 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — An audit of Canada’s embassy in Egypt has found serious examples of mismanagement, including the loss of $81,000 in unrecoverable taxes and a decision to buy 20 high-quality televisions, then abandon them for months in a warehouse. The details are revealed in a newly-released report, part of a multi-year review of which Canadian embassies are […]

Trudeau tweet caused influx of refugee inquiries, confusion within government, emails reveal

Apr 3 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau used Twitter to welcome refugees to Canada last winter, it prompted a spike in inquiries from would-be refugees to Canadian embassies abroad, and resulted in confusion within the federal government, newly released emails reveal. “To those fleeing persecution, terror & war, Canadians will welcome you, regardless of your faith. Diversity […]

Scheer leading Conservatives gaining voter momentum: poll

Feb 4 2018 — — The federal Conservatives are gaining voter momentum being led by Andrew Scheer, according to a new poll by Forum Research. In a random sampling among 1,408 Canadian voters, Conservative support has risen significantly and now four in 10 – or 43% — say they would support Scheer’s party if an election were held today, up […]

Liberals won’t appeal court decision that struck $1,000 deposit requirement for federal election candidates

Nov 27 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith — Candidates will no longer have to pay a $1,000 deposit to stand in federal elections. Citing “openness and fairness,” democratic institutions minister Karina Gould said Monday the government will not appeal an Alberta court decision last month that found the requirement unconstitutional. “My mandate letter commits me to improving our democratic institutions and restoring Canadians’ […]

What’s the latest on delivery of new navy ships? That’s hush hush, federal government says

Nov 24 2017 — David Pugliese — The Canadian government can’t provide parliament with a schedule for the delivery of the navy’s new supply ships or the coast guard’s Polar-class icebreaker because it deems such information secret. But the refusal to provide such basic details to MPs on shipbuilding programs that are costing billions of dollars could be a sign construction of […]

Morneau pays $200 fine under Conflict of Interest Act

Nov 1 2017 — Anthony Furey — Federal Finance Minister Bill Morneau has paid his fine under the Conflict of Interest Act. A notice quietly posted to the ethics commissioner’s website recently details the two sections of the act the embattled senior Liberal minister has been penalized for violating. Both penalties are related to Morneau’s failure to disclose his directorship in the […]

Kenney says Quebec law on face-coverings is overkill

Oct 24 2017 — James Wood — United Conservative Party leadership candidate Jason Kenney says Quebec’s Bill 62 is “overkill” but people should remove face coverings when interviewed by government officials. The law passed by the Quebec legislature last week bans people from providing or receiving public services — including riding on public transit — with their faces covered. It is widely […]

The sad part is Morneau was supposed to be the adult at the table

Oct 18 2017 — Anthony Furey — If Monday was bad for Bill Morneau, Tuesday was worse. And no one, least of all fiscal conservatives, should take any pleasure in this. The Conservatives are hammering Morneau over not putting his considerable wealth into a blind trust 120 days after being appointed to cabinet, as per section 27 of the Conflict of Interest […]

Trudeau’s damage control is both bizarre and insulting

Oct 18 2017 — Lorne Gunter — The news conference Monday at a pizzeria in Stouffville, Ont, at which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Finance Minister Bill Morneau announced a reduction in the federal small business tax rate, was both bizarre and insulting. First the insulting part. The announcement – that over the next 14 months the Liberal government will lower the […]