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Is Justin Trudeau a racist? No. He is a sanctimonious fraud

Sep 20 2019 — Andrew Coyne — By now it should be clear there is something wrong with Justin Trudeau. We are not unfamiliar with the public figure who, at some point in his past, did something remarkably stupid or offensive like black up his face for a party. We have no experience with a leader, a prime minister no less, who […]

Tarnished world image may finally doom Trudeau

Sep 19 2019 — Joe Oliver — The shocking photo of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau as Aladdin in blackface is a severe blow to his crumbling authenticity, especially since he incessantly virtue-signalled support for diversity, while keeping his own racially mocking behaviour secret. Up until now, the many other egregious blunders and blatant untruths haven’t fatally damaged his re-election prospects, although he […]

B.C. Liberal candidate’s campaign sign vandalized with blackface

Sep 19 2019 — — A Liberal candidate in British Columbia says some of his campaign signs have been vandalized with black colouring on his face. Stephen Fuhr, who is running for re-election in the riding of Kelowna-Lake Country, says at least five signs were coloured with what appears to be black marker. Fuhr says it’s sad, but he doesn’t […]

How do you tell a Conservative from a Liberal? Ask an economist

Sep 19 2019 — Andrew Coyne — I believe I was the first to propose the creation of an Economists Party, a political movement that would advocate for the sorts of policies favoured by people who study economics for a living, based on the principles at its core. It could not happen, of course, any more than the existing parties are likely […]

In cutting himself slack, it’s Trudeau’s hypocrisy that is so galling

Sep 19 2019 — — He purported to be taking responsibility, but he called the brownface he wore in that shocking Time Magazine photo “makeup.” No sir. Makeup is what people wear to enhance or improve the look of their skin. Makeup is what even I might wear to a wedding this weekend. Brownface ain’t makeup. Brownface is having a […]

How Faith Goldy became the most dangerous woman not on the campaign trail

Sep 17 2019 — Joseph Brean — The Liberal Party of Canada on Monday issued a statement denying that leader Justin Trudeau ever had drinks with Faith Goldy, a former journalist and far-right activist whose politically toxic image has dominated the tit-for-tat historical scandal mongering of the election’s early days. Just a few days before, Conservative candidate Justina McCaffrey hurried from a […]

Andrew Scheer lacks sizzle, but that may be just what voters want

Sep 16 2019 — John Ivison — Feet were tapping and snowy heads nodding, as Cracklin’ Rosie blasted over the PA system in a packed auditorium. This was verdant pasture for any Conservative leader — the jewel of Vancouver Island, where eagles nest and Canadians come to retire. The room was full of what one of my millennial colleagues rather ungraciously referred […]

Will McCaffrey have to throw friend Goldy all the way under the bus?

Sep 15 2019 — Christie Blatchford — The recent brouhaha about Conservative candidate Justina McCaffrey — Should Andrew Scheer fully disown her? Must McCaffrey herself fully denounce her pal Faith Goldy and distance herself from Goldy’s hard right-wing views and past affiliation with white supremacists? — made me think about the nature of friendship. Liberal Maryam Monsef, Canada’s first Muslim Cabinet minister, […]