National Newswatch

Net-zero power for Sask. an economic imperative

May 22 2023 — Jonathan Wilkinson — There has been discussion recently in Saskatchewan about work underway to decarbonize and grow the electricity system in Canada. In fact, just Tuesday, Premier Moe indicated he believes achievement of a decarbonized, non-emitting electricity grid by 2035 to be “impossible and unaffordable.”

We can support energy workers and fight climate change

Nov 30 2021 — Steven Guilbeault — Canada is one of the four largest oil and gas producers in the world. Canada is also home to boreal forest and muskeg that is one of the four largest natural storehouses of carbon on the planet, which is critical to the planet’s climate stability. Canada is a responsible middle power on the international stage […]

Jason Kenney’s forces start the counterattack on UCP rebels

Nov 11 2021 — Don Braid — The attacks on Premier Jason Kenney’s leadership within his own party are so intense that some might think he’ll just give it up. The constituency association from Edmonton-Northwest presents a motion that would sharply raise the bar for a quick leadership review. It proposes to amend the party constitution so that one-third of these local […]

With two weeks to go, the real campaign is beginning

Sep 6 2021 — L. Ian MacDonald — With three weeks down and only 13 days until the election, it may be that the real campaign is only now beginning. The Liberals must hope so, while the Conservatives may be concerned about having peaked too soon. The Conservatives led the Liberals over the long weekend by 35 to 33 per cent in the […]

O’Toole’s reversal on gun policy may save his campaign

Sep 5 2021 — John Ivison — Erin O’Toole delivered his morning press conference with his back to the Burrard Inlet but in political terms, his back was to the wall. The Liberals have found their wedge — gun control — and have been hammering it home with gusto. Justin Trudeau said on Sunday that O’Toole wants to take the country backwards […]

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