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Erin O’Toole warns that the Liberals may bankrupt the country to win the next election

Sep 24 2020 — Brian Platt — Conservative leader Erin O’Toole isn’t calling for dramatic reductions in government spending as Canada comes out of the pandemic, but he says the Liberals have become complacent about the country’s debt and appear ready to “bankrupt” Canada with their new spending plans. “There is not an unlimited pot of ever-increasing deficit spending,” O’Toole told the […]

Conservatives say Trudeau’s ‘grand gestures’ fail to recognize plight of oil and gas sector

Sep 23 2020 — Jesse Snyder — Deputy Conservative leader Candice Bergen criticized the Liberal government’s speech from the throne on Wednesday for failing to acknowledge the role of the oil and gas sector. The throne speech laid out a variety of broad climate-related plans, including money for home retrofitting, ocean and land protections, and new funding for electric vehicles. The announcements […]

Erin O’Toole won the Tory leadership promising to ‘defund CBC,’ but will it work in a general election?

Sep 22 2020 — Brian Platt — In the early days of the Conservative leadership race, Erin O’Toole released a policy that would eliminate vast swaths of Canada’s public broadcaster, shrinking it down to radio and French-language services. “The CBC is out of control and in need of reform,” O’Toole tweeted on February 14. “I’ll slash funding for English TV and CBC […]

CBC versus CPC lawsuit takes an odd turn

Sep 19 2020 — Colby Cosh — Remember how the CBC brought a copyright infringement suit against the Conservative party with about 10 days left to go in the 2019 federal election campaign? We were so young then! The proceeding has not received much attention lately, but it is still underway, and I noticed this week that it has taken some turns […]

Can the NDP get what it wants? Singh says he will work with Liberals, but isn’t sure he can trust Trudeau

Sep 19 2020 — Ryan Tumilty — Ahead of next week’s throne speech, Jagmeet Singh on Friday gave his demands to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in public hours before he was set to deliver them privately in a one-on-one meeting. Among the demands, Singh wants to ensure people transitioning from the Canada Emergency Response Benefit to a revamped employment insurance aren’t worse […]

Freeland offers few answers as Trump administration levels strict new quotas on Canadian aluminum

Sep 15 2020 — Jesse Snyder — In a surprise move on Tuesday, the U.S. removed tariffs on Canadian aluminum only hours before Canada was to retaliate with its own levies against its southern neighbour. While Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland quickly signalled the move was a win for Canada, other observers noted that new U.S-imposed quotas on aluminum exports could trigger another […]

Get ready for the Liberals’ secret new carbon tax

Sep 11 2020 — John Ivison — It’s the green policy paradox. Governments want to achieve greenhouse gas reductions at the lowest possible cost, yet, in order to incentivize more environmentally-friendly behaviour, the price of pollution must be driven ever higher. The Trudeau Liberals have touted their ability to balance the demands of the economy and the environment but as we close […]

The rise of Erin O’Toole: Inside the strategy that took him from underdog to victor in Conservative leadership race

Sep 4 2020 — Brian Platt — On March 10, 2018, Erin O’Toole was locked up in a room at the Hilton Markham Convention Centre as part of Christine Elliott’s campaign to win the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives. O’Toole was acting as a lawyer for Elliott’s campaign while ballots were being counted. It was an extremely tense process due to […]