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Don’t tell the world ‘Canada is back’ without backing it up: Brian Mulroney hits out in foreign affairs speech

Nov 22 2019 — Brian Platt — In a speech that takes veiled shots at Justin Trudeau, Andrew Scheer and Stephen Harper, former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney is calling for Canada to increase its foreign aid spending, re-engage with the United Nations, and stop telling the world “Canada is back” without taking action to back it up. “The world stage is the […]

Jason Kenney needs to play it cool to deal with Wexit heat

Nov 18 2019 — John Ivison — What we’ve got here is a failure to communicate. Eastern Liberals like Kathleen Wynne on CTV’s Question Period spent the weekend accusing Alberta Premier Jason Kenney of “fanning the flames” of Western separatism. Those closer to the action could only shake their heads and point out that Kenney is Canada’s best hope for taking the […]

‘Reject this arrogance’: Jason Kenney has message for Quebecers amid dispute with Bloc leader

Nov 16 2019 — — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is urging Quebecers to reject the “arrogance” of Bloc Québécois Leader Yves-François Blanchet. Kenney and Blanchet have been sparring with each other after the Bloc leader this week made dismissive remarks about Alberta’s oil industry. Kenney returned to the fray on Friday when he addressed the Rural Municipalities of Alberta Fall […]

Judge boxes debates commission’s ears for excluding Rebel, True North

Nov 15 2019 — Chris Selley — It has been more than a month since Federal Court Justice Russell Zinn forced the Leaders’ Debates Commission to accredit Rebel Media and the True North Centre for Public Policy to cover the Oct. 7 English-language debate. The commission had already been under fire for inviting People’s Party leader Maxime Bernier to participate, based on […]

Is Justin Trudeau’s newly found humility real or pretend? Time will tell

Nov 15 2019 — John Ivison — Winston Churchill once remarked that the greatest lesson in life is to learn that even fools are right sometimes. A freshly-chastened Justin Trudeau seems to have absorbed this advice in his meetings with opposition leaders this week, acknowledging he may be able to find “common ground” with politicians he only recently assured Canadians were depriving […]

Ex-ministers Baird, Rock part of delegation that warned Beijing Canadians are souring on China

Nov 14 2019 — Tom Blackwell — A Canadian delegation that included former cabinet ministers John Baird and Allan Rock seemed to make headway with top Chinese officials last week by warning that public opinion about China here has “plummeted,” said the mission’s leader. The fact that Canadians have soured on their second-largest trading partner in the last year may have been […]

Critics see flaws with Jason Kenney’s proposal for ‘fair deal’ panel

Nov 13 2019 — — Alberta’s “fair deal” panel is drawing criticism from a business organization and from a politician who studied similar ideas the last time the province’s anger was running high. The province’s Premier Jason Kenney announced the panel at an event this past weekend. The panel, which includes members of the legislature, former Reform party leader Preston […]