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How Andrew Scheer made an unlikely rise to the Conservative leadership — and then lost it two years later

Dec 13 2019 — Brian Platt — When Andrew Scheer entered the already-crowded Conservative leadership race in September 2016, few predicted he’d emerge triumphant. Scheer had made his career in Ottawa largely through the House of Commons Speaker’s office — a bastion for parliamentary procedure wonks, not partisan politics. He’d been a Conservative MP since the age of 25, but never a […]

It was not a question of if Andrew Scheer would leave, but when

Dec 12 2019 — John Ivison — The Conservative party’s fundraising website features the headline: Support Andrew Scheer. Party donors were probably not aware how literal that statement was. The revelation that those donations were, at least in part, paying the Conservative leader’s private school fees appears to have been the catalyst for his resignation on Thursday. But senior Conservatives close to […]

Lost vote over special committee on China an embarrassment for Liberals

Dec 11 2019 — John Ivison — “Bardish never lost a vote,” whooped one uncharitable Conservative, as the opposition parties defeated the government in the first vote held in the 43rd Canadian parliament on Tuesday evening. It’s true that former Government House leader, Bardish Chagger, did not lose any votes in the House but she had the benefit of managing the Liberals’ […]

When Kenney speaks, Trudeau would be well-advised to listen

Dec 11 2019 — John Ivison — Jason Kenney is a deft exponent of funambulism – the fine art of political tightrope walking. The Alberta premier’s high wire act requires him to be suitably outraged at Ottawa’s anti-energy policies but not so aggrieved that he incites what he calls “the fear and anger roiling the Prairies”. Kenney met with Justin Trudeau on […]

Liberal throne speech stays the course, but Justin Trudeau can’t

Dec 5 2019 — Chris Selley — In advance of Thursday’s throne speech, strategists both professional and amateur had advised Canadians to listen for a certain humility — a new tone that we weren’t accustomed to during the four years Justin Trudeau led a majority government. There would be calls for collaboration, and cooperation, and partnership, all that crap. This is what […]

Disgraced Prince Andrew retains Canadian military roles

Dec 2 2019 — — Prince Andrew, the much-disgraced Duke of York, stepped away from public life late last month in the aftermath of a disastrous interview on the BBC. In the weeks since, organizations around the world, including the prince’s old Canadian private school, have raced to cut ties with the bungling royal. His own mother reportedly cancelled his […]

Can anything stop Jason Kenney? Alberta premier rides high approval rating as his party gathers for convention

Nov 29 2019 — Tyler Dawson — On Monday, Premier Jason Kenney stood beside the Toronto MP and Intergovernmental Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland in his office at the Alberta legislature and warmly welcomed her, an “Alberta girl” from Peace River, Alta., back home. That was after earlier this month, in a speech before conservative faithful, condemning the “record of assaults” of Freeland’s […]