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UCP Candidate Steps Down After Receiving Illegal Corporate Donation from Alberta Car Dealership

Oct 25 2018 — — One of Jason Kenney’s United Conservative Party nomination candidates has withdrawn after taking an illegal corporate donation from a car dealership. A document dated October 23 newly obtained by PressProgress reveals the Office of the Election Commissioner of Alberta sent a letter of reprimand to UCP nomination hopeful Haley Wile for accepting an “illegal contribution” […]

Conservative MP Deletes Tweet Accusing Senior MP of Celebrating ‘Islamic’ Takeover of Canada

Aug 10 2018 — — One of Conservative leader Andrew Scheer’s backbench MPs has deleted a tweet spreading false information accusing the parliamentary secretary to Canada’s Minister of Foreign Affairs of celebrating an “Islamic” takeover of Canadian politics. Thursday morning, Conservative MP Blaine Calkins tweeted a screenshot from a discredited 2005 blog post accusing foreign affairs parliamentary secretary Omar Alghabra […]

Kellie Leitch’s Leadership Campaign Paid Rebel Media Tens of Thousands of Dollars, Records Show

Feb 1 2018 — — Kellie Leitch paid Ezra Levant’s alt-right Rebel Media tens of thousands of dollars during the Conservative MP’s controversial leadership campaign. Elections Canada records reviewed by PressProgress show the failed leadership candidate cut Rebel Media five separate cheques worth $11,300 between September 2016 and February 2017 for services labelled “social media.”

Senator Murray Sinclair on former Truth and Reconciliation Commission Chair: ‘Jordan Peterson is Racist. Are We Really Surprised?’

Jan 28 2018 — — Senator Murray Sinclair reacts to Peterson’s tweet likening Indigenous people to alcoholics and thieves The former Chair of Canada’s Truth and Reconciliation Commission says he’s not “surprised” University of Toronto professor Jordan Peterson posted a tweet that riffs on old racist stereotypes about Indigenous people.

Harper Government Identified ‘Mental Health Issues’ as a Root Cause of Terrorism, Secret Documents Show

Dec 14 2017 — — Harper’s Conservatives claimed ‘the root cause of terrorism is terrorists’. Confidential documents suggest otherwise. Despite rhetoric refusing to understand the “so-called root causes of radicalization,” internal documents show Stephen Harper’s senior bureaucrats actually believed mental health issues are “often” one of its underlying causes. Documents marked “secret” obtained by PressProgress under access-to-information show top national […]

Conservative MP Michael Chong Disavows ‘Anti-Semitic’, ‘White Supremacist’ Rebel Media

Aug 14 2017 — — Conservative MP Michael Chong says he will never appear on Ezra Levant’s Rebel Media again. In a statement Monday to Press Progress, the former Conservative leadership candidate ruled out any future appearances on the alt-right website, stating “I will not do interviews with Rebel Media.” Chong also condemned Rebel Media for actively promoting “anti-Semitism” and […]

Conservative MP films bizarre CNN-inspired newscast denouncing Canadian journalists as ‘fake news’

Jul 17 2017 — — Conservative MP Cheryl Gallant says the “elite-stream media” is broadcasting “fake news” on behalf of the Trudeau government, all in an effort to secure “hundreds of millions of dollars in subsidies” for Canadian media companies. Without providing evidence supporting her allegations, the MP for the Ottawa Valley riding of Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke also claims the media and […]

Conservative MP suggests ‘diversity and human rights’ are ‘un-Canadian’ and ‘endangers children’

Sep 2 2016 — — In a blog post quietly published on the Renfrew-Nipissing-Pembroke MP’s website over the summer, Gallant takes aim at “political correctness,” which she claims is responsible for “hideous crimes”: “Are liberal supporters using the language of diversity and human rights to push an un-Canadian agenda that may include endangering the lives of our most vulnerable citizens, […]