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Ep.47: The Cutting Edge of Carbon

Apr 30 2021 — — Canada is presented with a smorgasbord of solutions to reduce, reuse, or better use the carbon that’s heating up the Earth. Policy Speaking is joined by Bruce Lourie, President of the Ivey Foundation and Janet Annesley, Senior Director, Energy and ESG at Invest Alberta Corporation for a wide ranging discussion on what Canada’s provincial and […]

Ep.46: Caring for Canada’s Seniors

Apr 23 2021 — — Canadians have seen the inadequacies of Canada’s senior home system in this pandemic. What’s less clear – how do we solve these? Policy Speaking is joined by Deloitte Canada’s Georgina Black to talk about what good senior support looks like around the world, and where Canada can start to innovate. Should we be looking for […]

Ep.45: Canadian Railroad Trilogy – Pandemic Edition

Apr 8 2021 — — The pandemic presents an opportunity to breathe new life into the story of rail in Canada. Former Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Yves Desjardins Siciliano, CEO at Siemens Mobility Canada and former VIA Rail CEO join Policy Speaking to talk the ghost of divestment past, Canada’s present inter-city train network, why Quebec’s system seems different, […]

Ep.44: More Than an Economic Recovery

Apr 1 2021 — — Vaccines are rolling out and many Canadians are hoping for an economic upswing in the summer and fall. Is that what we should expect? David Dodge, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, joins us to talk about the economic factors he’s following and the impact of the economic stimulus so far in Canada versus […]

Ep.43: Keep Calm and Supply Vaccines

Mar 25 2021 — — Canada has four COVID-19 vaccines ready for distribution in half (if not 1/3) the time many predicted. Yet none are homegrown. Dr. Alan Bernstein, CEO of the global research organization CIFAR, and Dr. Vivek Goel, soon-to-be President of the University of Waterloo and a public health physician on the federal government’s COVID-19 Immunity Task Force, […]

Ep.42: Our Forced Telework Experiment

Mar 18 2021 — — When the pandemic ends, do we return to the office of 2019? Over half of surveyed workers would like to continue working from home, even just a bit. Managers, employees, commuters and families have lived new options and Tania Saba, professor and expert on workforce and digital transformation, explores how back-to-office may – or may […]

Ep.41: She-cession – Unprecedented and Uneven

Mar 11 2021 — — Women are the heroes of the COVID-19 pandemic. From nurses to doctors, school teachers to orderlies, women represent 50% (or much more) of many front-line professions. Yet employment outcomes for women, particularly young women and racialized women, are the most troubling. Lynn Barr-Telford, Assistant Chief Statistician at Statistics Canada, joins Policy Speaking to share these […]

Ep.40: Realities for Black Canadians in COVID-times

Feb 25 2021 — — Nadine Spencer, President of the Black Business and Professional Association and Mohamed Elmi, Director of Research at the Diversity Institute discuss walking the talk when it comes to addressing systemic racism. Nadine and Mohamed share the challenges black business people have long faced, and society has only recently begun to acknowledge. From financing in the […]

Ep.39: Are Rural Areas Being Left Behind?

Feb 18 2021 — — U.S. President Joe Biden’s recent inauguration speech spoke of the “uncivil war” that polarizes American society across different fault lines including the urban-rural divide. But Canadians shouldn’t assume that these are merely American problems. Sean Speer and Peter Loewen share their recent research, and sketch a blueprint for how we can go about building empathy […]

Ep.38: A Growth Plan for Canadian Industry

Feb 11 2021 — — From clean energy, to digital tech Canada is a world leader in entrepreneurship. Yet as Monique Leroux, Chair of the Industry Strategy Council of Canada, and Karimah Es Sabar and Karen Hamberg, members of the Council point out – many of those companies start out but find no home here. These industry leaders share what […]

Ep.37: Putting Indigenous in ESG

Feb 4 2021 — — Billions of dollars will flow into Indigenous nations to make major impacts on Canadian infrastructure and industry, but will those impacts benefit those Indigenous communities? Globally, 40 trillion investor dollars go through an environment, social and governance (ESG) risk assessment process. Yet Mark Podlasly, economic director at The First Nation’s Major Project Coalition says no […]

Ep.36: Measures to Help the Internet Fulfill its Democratizing Potential

Jan 28 2021 — — In the season three opener, Policy Speaking sits down with two Commissioners from the Canadian Commission on Democratic Expression Amira Elghawaby & The Rt. Hon. Beverley McLachlin. Public opinion and these experts agree: the time to regulate social media has arrived. They discuss findings of a new report “Harms Reduction: A Six-Step Program to Protect […]

Ep.33: 5G on the Horizon

Nov 26 2020 — — With a Canadian workforce of 50,000, Bell Canada is a major player in Canada’s telecom industry and the cornerstone of so many of our work-from-home setups during the pandemic. President & CEO Mirko Bibic is at the helm of this historic company, and he joins Policy Speaking to discuss what’s on the horizon with key […]

Ep.31: Will the U.S. See a Normal Transition from One Government to Another?

Nov 13 2020 — — Nixon conceded to John Kennedy. Al Gore conceded to George W. Bush. Will Trump concede to Biden? Anxieties are increasing as a transition becomes increasingly contentious and politicized. Host Edward Greenspon is joined by Maryscott “Scotty” Greenwood and PPF Fellow Sean Speer to discuss how the Democrats and Republicans did, the polarization of this U.S. […]

Ep.30: U.S. Election Special – Narrow Defeat and a Divided Country

Nov 4 2020 — — With final results potentially still days away, the U.S. election has turned out to be a cliffhanger and not a landslide. Frank McKenna is a former Ambassador to the U.S. and 27th Premier of New Brunswick, and he joins Policy Speaking to share his initial reactions as Trump’s results in key states have blown polling […]