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Prairie alienation is real

Oct 25 2019 — John Gormley — With 157 seats, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals will have a secure minority government, just a baker’s dozen off a majority and 36 seats ahead of the Conservatives of Andrew Scheer. This will assure the PM a strong mandate to govern with support from more than 30 Bloc Québécois MPs and 24 New Democrats. But […]

Saskatchewan allows free flow of personal booze from within Canada

May 28 2019 — — The Saskatchewan government is eliminating the limits on how much alcohol residents can bring home with them from another province or territory. The change, which is effective immediately, only applies to personal use and interprovincial importation limits. No changes have been made regarding the alcohol duty free allowance when Canadians bring back alcohol from another […]

Carbon tax legal battle: Court reserves decision in carbon tax case, where high stakes are only certainty

Feb 15 2019 — — In a church across the street from the Saskatchewan Court of Appeal, a group of environmental activists are sipping coffee and trying to read the tea leaves. They’re watching a live feed of the province’s constitutional challenge of Ottawa’s carbon backstop, and parsing every question posed by Chief Justice Robert Richards. “I found myself wondering, […]

Weir doesn’t appear to understand impact of his actions

Sep 10 2018 — Angella MacEwen — Discussing sexual harassment makes people uncomfortable. In the #MeToo era, men sometimes say that they don’t know how to act around women anymore, and are afraid of being wrongly labelled. The conversation can’t end there. If we want to foster healthy and productive workplaces where men and women both feel comfortable, we have to address […]

Premier Wall’s use of private email server concerning: NDP

May 12 2017 — D.C. Fraser — In a political squabble reminiscent of last year’s U.S. presidential election, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is being questioned for using a private email service to conduct business related to the province. NDP interim leader Trent Wotherspoon is asking why Wall isn’t using a secure government server. “This is dealing with matters that are supposed to […]

Democracy watchdog says Wall investing in oil companies he is trying to lure should be a conflict

Apr 3 2017 — D.C. Fraser — The co-founder of Democracy Watch believes Premier Brad Wall is in violation of Saskatchewan’s conflict of interest laws. Duff Conacher, who co-founded the non-partisan organization that advocates for democratic reform, contends Wall should not be investing in oil companies while also trying to convince those companies to move head offices to Saskatchewan. Wall has personally […]

Wall right to be petulant on carbon price

Dec 9 2016 — Murray Mandryk — The maddening manner in which Premier Brad Wall has gone about his anti-carbon-tax campaign still bears criticism. There has been the hypocrisy of his Saskatchewan Party’s 2007 election promise to stabilize greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions by 2010 and reduce them by 32 per cent by 2020. There’s the hypocrisy of Wall’s 2010 Management and Reduction […]

Federal Conservative candidates have learned few lessons

Oct 28 2016 — Greg Fingas — For the moment, both major federal opposition parties face significant challenges. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are securely entrenched as a majority government and have managed at least temporarily to hold the support of swing voters on both sides of the political spectrum. The lack of a permanent leader has made it more difficult for the Conservatives […]

Wall pushes Hillary Clinton’s climate change plan

Oct 12 2016 — — Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has gone to a surprising source in his campaign against the federal Liberal government’s proposal to impose carbon price on Canada’s provinces. “When I take a look at Hillary Clinton’s climate change plan, I wish Justin Trudeau’s was a little more like Hillary Clinton’s,” Wall told reporters Wednesday morning. A position […]

Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall says he’s here to stay, and that he’s not taking French lessons

Jan 1 2016 — Murray Mandryk — Premier Brad Wall faces challenges heading into an election year in 2016 — not the least of which are a faltering natural resources-based economy and justifying a $1.5-billion expenditure on Boundary Dam’s carbon capture project. But his biggest challenge might be convincing voters he’s staying, amidst rumours he has his sights set on the Conservative […]