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Political interference may have helped scuttle investigation of Canadian corporation

Mar 21 2019 — — For years, a Swiss NGO has alleged wrongdoing by a collection of Ottawa-headquartered real estate and investment companies and reached out to authorities in numerous jurisdictions. It filed a complaint in Canada in January 2016, alleging the companies were not meeting the financial disclosure guidelines set out by the Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development […]

Niki Ashton on why the NDP needs to reconnect with social movements

Apr 13 2017 — — As one of Canada’s only bilingual media outlets, we feel bilingualism is a key requirement for leadership of any federal party. To assess that skill we will pose one policy question in French to each candidate. The editors of our French edition will then assign a letter grade to reflect the candidate’s command of the […]

Interview: Peter Julian on pipelines, inequality and free education

Mar 30 2017 — — Today marks the first installment in a series of feature interviews with the candidates to lead Canada’s New Democratic Party. As one of Canada’s only bilingual media outlets we feel bilingualism is a key requirement for leadership of any federal party. To assess that skill we will be posing one policy question in French to […]

Kellie Leitch and the new merchants of hate

Mar 2 2017 — Ethan Cox — Yesterday Montreal woke up to an act of domestic terrorism. A threat letter sent to media promised to detonate one “small artisanal amateur explosive device” per day in spaces where Muslims congregate on campus, unless the university agreed to ban Muslim prayers and close Muslim prayer spaces.

MP’s office calls police over electoral reform action

Dec 14 2016 — Ethan Cox — In response, online advocacy group LeadNow called on their supporters to hand-deliver copies of the Liberal election promise to the offices of Liberal MPs across Canada on Dec. 13. From Fredericton to Vancouver, citizens turned out at over 50 offices to call on their representatives to keep their election promise. In 49 cases the visits […]

Exclusive interview: Edward Snowden on the refugees who hid him

Dec 1 2016 — Ethan Cox — NSA whistleblower fears for the safety of three families who sheltered him in 2013. In 2013, Edward Snowden was a man on the run. The National Security Agency contractor had fled his home in Hawaii with a trove of classified documents that revealed the existence of a massive domestic spying operation in the United States.

Arrested students to Trudeau: approve pipelines, lose the youth vote

Oct 24 2016 — Gabriel D’Astous, Sophie Birks and Amanda Harvey-Sanchez — We talked about standing in solidarity with Indigenous peoples, like the Tsleil-Waututh Nation who have been fighting on the frontlines against Kinder Morgan since day one. We talked about how being in our early twenties, we’ve never lived through a month of below average temperatures. We thought about the die-off of the Great Barrier Reef, […]

Elizabeth May ordered deputies not to associate with leader of Quebec Greens

Sep 15 2016 — Ethan Cox — Leaked emails expose major rift in Canadian green movement.The fallout from federal Green Party leader Elizabeth May’s sudden decision to fire three members of her shadow cabinet earlier this week has now expanded to Quebec. Today Ricochet can report on further disclosures in emails provided by party sources. In one thread between May, Weaver, deputy […]

Elizabeth May fired critics after pressure from B.C. Greens

Sep 14 2016 — — Is the leader of the BC Green Party calling the shots for the federal Greens under Elizabeth May’s leadership? Ricochet has learned that May cited the forthcoming B.C. provincial election in an email threatening to fire three of her shadow cabinet members if they did not apologize to BC Green leader Andrew Weaver.