National Newswatch

If the mood is down, are incumbents bound to lose?

Jun 29 2023 — Bruce Anderson — The number of people who think the country is on the right track is down, dramatically. It’s plunged a stunning 18 points in two years. (Courtesy Abacus Data) People are uneasy, unhappy, stressed, worried. My friend and podcast mate Chantal Hebert used the term “rattled” which struck me as apt, and perhaps a bit understated.

Trump 2.0

May 31 2023 — Bruce Anderson — It might be time to stop hoping and praying that America won’t elect Donald Trump again. Hopes and prayers might not matter much. While most Canadians don’t like him (he might get about 15% of the vote here in Canada) but he’d get at least three times that support if he wins the Republican nomination, […]

Is Canada “broken”? Are Canadians “woke”?

May 15 2023 — Bruce Anderson — Everybody doesn’t love wokism, but not many hate it. And telling Canadians their country is broken, is telling them something most don’t believe. There are cautionary tales for Conservatives, and some for Liberals too. Given three choices to describe the state of the nation: (“Canada is broken, Canada is going through some challenges, but isn’t […]

CBC Support is softer than you might think

Apr 21 2023 — Bruce Anderson — It’s not quite 100 years old, and it’s not a sure thing it will make it to 100. Shut it down? As Conservative leader Pierre Poilievre ratchets up his campaign to “defund the CBC”, many observers are tempted to believe that he is alienating a huge swath of Canadians. Not necessarily. Our spark*insights research reveals […]

Poilievre the strongest challenger Trudeau has faced

Apr 11 2023 — Bruce Anderson — New Spark polling data shows more people think Poilievre understands their lives, and has a plan to help them, than think Justin Trudeau does. The legendary baseball pitcher Satchel Paige famously said something more or less like this: “don’t look backwards, someone might be gaining on you.” Politics loves adages and variously embraces simple concepts […]

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