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FSIN denies responsibility for leaked video of meeting with Trudeau

Sep 17 2018 — — The Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations is denying responsibility for the leak of a video in which Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears to express frustration about “time management” during a meeting with chiefs in Saskatoon last week. The three-minute-and-38-second video, entitled “PMJT berates FSIN Chiefs,” surfaced online on Sunday, four days after the prime minister […]

‘I am really, really upset with this’: Trudeau, in leaked video from meeting with FSIN, unhappy with ‘time management’

Sep 17 2018 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau appears frustrated with the Federation of Sovereign Indigenous Nations’ “time management” in a leaked video clip that was taken during his meeting with several chiefs in Saskatoon earlier this week. Trudeau, who was in the city for the Liberal Party of Canada’s annual caucus retreat earlier, and Public Safety Minister Ralph […]

Moe, Scheer line up against proposed handgun ban

Sep 15 2018 — — The federal government is forging ahead with its plan to study a complete ban on handguns — but don’t expect Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe to line up behind Ottawa’s latest gun control initiative. “We do not endorse the banning of firearms here in the province,” Moe told reporters Wednesday afternoon, after emerging from a 45-minute […]

Canada outplayed on NAFTA

Aug 31 2018 — John Gormley — At first glance, it is easy to chalk up the train wreck that is the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) re-negotiations to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s bad luck. But in politics, there’s an old saying that you make your own luck. And there should be some tough questions asked and accountability demanded on how […]

Christine Moore could be in for a lesson about karma

May 11 2018 — John Gormley — Social justice activist, self-appointed moral arbiter and Quebec NDP MP Christine Moore is about to learn something of the old idiom about living in glass houses and throwing stones. Moore has been suspended from NDP caucus duties as her party investigates a disabled military veteran’s allegation that she plied him with drinks, ended up in […]

No Moe oil to B.C.: A radical threat from a Sask. Party premier

Mar 21 2018 — — That a Saskatchewan Party premier is now allied in a potentially radical trade action with an Alberta NDP premier is a rather difficult thing to process. After all, it was not long ago that Highways Minister David Marit and former premier Brad Wall were talking about taxing Alberta licence plates in trade retaliation for still-unproven […]

‘I screwed up’: Brad Trost chalks up nomination loss to complacency

Mar 13 2018 — — Longtime Saskatoon University MP Brad Trost says he is kicking himself after losing a hotly-contested Conservative Party of Canada nomination race. “I screwed up based on complacency and, frankly, exhaustion from doing too many other things,” Trost, who has represented the riding since 2004, said Monday afternoon. “I should have taken this a little more […]

Saskatchewan Party investigating after three leadership candidates raise concerns

Dec 8 2017 — — The Saskatchewan Party is investigating allegations in connection with its leadership race after three candidates vying to replace Brad Wall signed a letter requesting an internal review. Saskatchewan Party executive director Patrick Bundrock confirmed Friday that the party received a letter signed by Tina Beaudry-Mellor, Scott Moe and Gord Wyant, and subsequently sent it to […]

Anti-pot petition sponsored by Brad Trost nets almost 13,000 signatures

Oct 12 2017 — — Almost 13,000 people have signed a petition sponsored by Saskatoon–University MP Brad Trost calling on Canadian lawmakers to revoke legislation that is expected to legalize the use and possession of recreational marijuana next summer. Presented to the House of Commons late last month, the petition describes cannabis as “a substance with very little benefit and […]

Saskatchewan ‘the shining example of how all provinces in Canada should be run’: Tory leadership candidate O’Leary

Mar 14 2017 — — Conservative Party leadership candidate and television personality Kevin O’Leary says Saskatchewan is the “best-managed province in the country” and that other provinces should learn from what Premier Brad Wall has done in the last decade. “Saskatchewan’s the new Alberta,” O’Leary said Tuesday during a campaign stop at the University of Saskatchewan. “Basically, since 2007, stewardship […]

Sask budget choices difficult and delicate

Mar 10 2017 — John Gormley — In The Alchemist, Brazilian writer Paulo Coelho notes that making a decision “is only the beginning of things. When someone makes a decision, he is really diving into a strong current that will carry him to places he had never dreamed of when he first made the decision.” Premier Brad Wall’s plan to tame a […]

Saskatchewan’s budget balloons to around $1.2 billion, Wall admits finances ‘are cause for concern for us’

Feb 6 2017 — — The province’s deficit has grown to around $1.2-billion — and “everything is on the table for consideration,” says Premier Brad Wall. Wall told the Saskatchewan Urban Municipalities Association (SUMA) on Monday in Saskatoon that it was his “unhappy duty” to say the deficit in Saskatchewan has grown by approximately $200 million. In its mid-year report […]

Trudeau takes questions at tame town hall

Jan 26 2017 — — Saskatoon proved a relatively easy stop for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on his cross-country listening tour. More than 500 people packed into the University of Saskatchewan’s Dube Theatre on Wednesday night, hoping to ask the prime minister a question. At a similar event on Tuesday in Calgary, Trudeau was forced to defend his government’s actions […]