National Newswatch

Maple-flavoured paranoia

Jul 1 2022 — Colin Horgan — American-style discourse has infected Canada through social media. Now what? “Canadian politicians, MPs, you guys are wearing panic buttons. That says a lot. When a government is afraid of its own citizens, they are not long for this world,” prolific Tik Tok-er tomtheproudcanadian21.2 ranted a couple of days ago, before quoting the 5th of November […]

To be Young, Gifted and Indigenous

Nov 8 2021 — Jenn Jefferys — It felt like the whole world stopped on October 7 when news broke that our stoic puck thwarter would be hanging up his skates to enter the NHL’s player assistance program. Carey Price had just led the Montreal Canadiens on an improbable Stanley Cup run, playing with incredible resolve in the face of long odds, […]

Well, I guess Kenney’s f#cked, eh?

Sep 16 2021 — Jen Gerson — We all hoped it would work. I did, certainly. Only a sadist would want Alberta’s Open for Summer plan to fail. In this I will offer some defence of premier Jason Kenney and, by extension, myself — it wasn’t crazy to announce the lifting COVID-19 restrictions back in May, back when all of the comparative […]

Are we too late to save all our guides and brothers trapped in Afghanistan?

Aug 6 2021 — Kevin Newman — As humanitarian efforts go, this one was middling. That first huge Canadian Armed Forces C-17 Globemaster landing in front of Toronto’s CN Tower airlifted about three dozen of the thousands of Afghans who worked for Canada during the conflict in Afghanistan — people now desperate to be rescued from the Taliban, who are murderously reclaiming […]

O’Toole’s new conservatism

Jun 29 2021 — Justin Burrows — Canada’s Conservative leader looks to Boris Johnson, but will it work? After midnight on August 23, 2020, Erin O’Toole took the stage for the first time as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada (CPC). As O’Toole delivered his remarks, a change of tone became evident. Almost immediately, O’Toole began pivoting away from his leadership […]