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Keystone XL headed for the grave. Where’s Trudeau?

Jan 19 2021 — Rick Bell — We knew it was coming when Joe Biden won the election south of the border. When Alberta’s bet for Donald Trump to win did not pay out, a bet of about a billion Alberta taxpayer bucks sunk into a pipeline. Biden is the U.S. president-elect and will be president Wednesday and everyone knew he wanted […]

Alberta’s Kenney stuck between Trudeau and a hard place

Jan 19 2021 — Lorne Gunter — It can’t be much fun being premier of Alberta these days. Our province has two big problems right now — vaccine and the Keystone XL pipeline. And we have to rely on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to get us out of both of them. Heaven help us. Because large pharmaceutical companies made exclusive deals with […]

Barring a miracle by Trudeau, Biden will kill Keystone

Jan 19 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — The chances of U.S. president-elect Joe Biden reversing his decision to kill the Keystone XL pipeline are between slim and none and slim just left town. It would only be news if he didn’t. Biden announced he would scrap Keystone eight months ago on May 18, 2021 as part of his successful campaign for the […]

Twitter’s self-righteous permanent banning of Trump hypocritical

Jan 10 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — Permanently banning Donald Trump from Twitter is an absurd and counterproductive decision that will play right into the outgoing U.S. president’s hands. It will provide rocket fuel to the belief among tens of millions of Trump’s 88 million followers that he was defeated by a Deep State conspiracy that never accepted his presidency as legitimate, […]

Jet-setting politicians undermine the case for lockdowns

Jan 5 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — The real issue with so many politicians of all political stripes flying out of the country over the Christmas/New Year holiday isn’t that they ignored the advice of their own governments not to do so. It’s that they’ve undermined the credibility of government-imposed public health measures and lockdowns to fight the pandemic, and handed their […]

Premier Kenney, it’s time to face the music

Jan 5 2021 — Rick Bell — People ask. Is it enough? Do you think Premier Jason Kenney did enough? Jamie Huckabay, Kenney’s high-powered political point man, his ever-trusty chief of staff, his Oxford-educated blue-chip sidekick is out the door after jetting off to the COVID-infested United Kingdom while we were locked down and then scurrying back home through the States. Tracy […]

Premier Kenney, Albertans white-hot angry. Where are you?

Jan 4 2021 — Rick Bell — Where is Premier Jason Kenney? This Sunday shouldn’t have been a day of rest for him. It should have been a day of action. It was for me. Reading all the emails, the steady stream of outrage. From folks of every political stripe, from every part of the province. People who did what they were […]

UCP vacations show lack of concern for Albertans

Jan 4 2021 — — It sends two messages when UCP MLAs and ministers fly off to warm-weather vacations while the rest of us are being discouraged by the same government from visiting relatives or friends who live across the alley. Message No. 1: We don’t believe the rules we have crafted for you peons apply to us, your benighted […]

Kenney’s COVID-19 slap in the face to Albertans

Jan 2 2021 — — Hypocrites! I am gobsmacked. Disgusted. Sickened. There is no hiding the anger I feel towards the United Conservative government of Premier Jason Kenney this New Year’s Day. The COVID-19 talk. We are all in this together. How many times have we heard that worn-out chestnut? Well, we aren’t all in this together. That message slapped […]

Rod Phillips and the lost art of political leadership

Dec 31 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — During the Second World War, the late Queen Mother won the hearts of the British people by refusing Winston Churchill’s offer for her to take refuge with her children in Canada. “The children will not leave unless I do,” she said. “I shall not leave unless their father does, and the king will not leave […]

UN abandoned the fight for human rights in 2020

Dec 29 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — Human rights took another beating at the United Nations in 2020 — the global body formed after the Second World War, supposedly to protect them. Despite China’s brutal suppression of democracy in Hong Kong and persecution of its Uighur Muslim minority, the 193-member nations of the UN General Assembly voted in October to elect China […]

Trudeau’s undermining of democratic traditions advances a socialist agenda

Dec 29 2020 — Joe Oliver — I would not lump Prime Minister Justin Trudeau with strongmen like Rodrigo Duterte of the Philippines, Viktor Orban of Hungary or Recep Tayyip Erdogan of Turkey. They exploited the urgent need for government assistance caused by the pandemic to entrench executive power at the expense of personal freedom. Trudeau’s objectives aren’t that malign and Canadian […]

Time for Trudeau to ditch blame game

Dec 27 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — I have a New Year’s resolution for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. After more than five years in power, he should take responsibility for his decisions, as opposed to blaming others. Trudeau isn’t the first politician to blame opponents and predecessors for problems he or she faces, nor for the opposition parties and premiers to blame […]