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Bashing Canada on climate change is absurd and misleading

Dec 4 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — With the new year approaching, expect a deluge of reminders by the Trudeau government and the environmental movement that Canada is now the highest per capita emitter of greenhouse gases in the world. The federal government refers to this all the time as it attempts to pound Canadians into submission when it comes to quietly […]

Canadians kept in dark about foreign interference in elections

Nov 20 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — If there was significant interference by China in Canada’s last two federal elections, which seems increasingly likely, the federal agency specifically created by the Trudeau government to inform the public about it said nothing. That suggests one of two things, both alarming. Either it didn’t know about it, or did know and didn’t tell us. […]

Freeland’s clean energy plan blows a lot of hot air

Nov 6 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — A good deal of Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s economic statement last week was devoted to the Trudeau government’s plan to make Canada a global leader in clean energy. What she didn’t say demonstrates why the Liberals’ approach to clean energy is smoke and mirrors. Freeland, astoundingly, didn’t mention natural gas. This despite the fact Canada, […]

Will China inspire Trudeau to expand fossil-fuel resources?

Oct 30 2022 — Lorne Gunter — Much of the international news coverage of the Chinese Communist Party’s quinquennial congress, which wrapped up last weekend, focused on the ruling autocrats’ increasingly belligerent foreign policy. Also, the way President Xi Jinping’s ruthless enforcement of his “zero-COVID” policy still has more than 200 million citizens under complete lockdown (no leaving their apartments, no ordering […]

Trudeau’s handgun ‘freeze’ won’t freeze illegal handguns

Oct 23 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — The problem with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handgun freeze is that it won’t freeze guns smuggled illegally into Canada from the U.S. which account for 85% of all handguns used for criminal purposes. The Trudeau government knows this — it said as much in a 2018 discussion paper on gun violence, by the public safety […]

Bank of Canada governor needs to go

Oct 9 2022 — Lorne Gunter — There’s an adage that “inflation is too many dollars chasing too few goods.” If there are too many consumers and not enough goods or services to go around, prices go up. And up. Now consider another fact: According to Bank of Canada numbers, the money supply (the number of dollars in circulation in Canada) grew […]

Trudeau talks out of both sides of his mouth on Iran

Oct 8 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — The Trudeau government is sucking and blowing at the same time by publicly calling Iran’s Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps — the thugs now terrorizing the brave women of Iran — a terrorist organization, while refusing to declare this under Canada’s Anti-Terrorism Act. On Friday, Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland, accompanied by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau […]

Stop blaming climate change for government incompetence

Sep 25 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — Today let’s examine how political and media-driven hysteria about climate change diverts us from real issues that we need to address. Three recent reports by the Financial Accountability Office of Ontario headed by Peter Weltman illustrate the problem. Last week, the FAO drew a key distinction between natural and human-induced climate change — rare for […]

Kenney unpopular to the end, a lesson for Pierre Poilievre

Sep 23 2022 — Rick Bell — The last number he gets shows us what we already know. Stark truth. Premier Jason Kenney ends his time in office far, far away from where he started. The man thought to be the messiah for Alberta conservatives maintains the approval of only 30% of Albertans, down a couple points from three months ago. Ah […]

What now for King Charles III and the Royals?

Sep 11 2022 — Christina Blizzard — Uneasy lies the head that wears the crown — Shakespeare, Henry IV. One of the great misunderstandings about the monarchy, especially among Americans, is that it’s about celebrity, tiaras and fancy palaces and is Britain’s answer to the glitz of Hollywood. It’s not. The monarch in an intrinsic part of the constitution of the U.K. […]

Poilievre says he can win despite a hostile media

Sep 11 2022 — Lorrie Goldstein — In politics it’s important to have the right political enemies. New Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre has clearly decided one of the right political enemies for him to have in terms of running against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the Parliamentary Press Gallery in Ottawa. “The political media in the Parliamentary Press Gallery are part of […]