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‘We can’t fight amongst ourselves’: PC leadership hopeful Patrick Brown

Feb 18 2018 — — MPP Patrick Brown revved up his effort to win the PC leadership Sunday, making his first public campaign stop at a Mississauga hotel conference room which was packed with about 200 grassroots supporters. Sharing the stage with about a dozen Conservative candidates and MPPs, the 39-year-old politician renewed his vow to “finish the job” he […]

A lack of leadership

Feb 18 2018 — Adrienne Batra — “If the PC Party of Ontario can’t govern themselves, how do they expect to govern the province?“ The narrative writes itself for the Liberals. And they wouldn’t necessarily be wrong. For the last few weeks, the PC Party has been thrown into chaos following former leader Patrick Brown’s stunning, dead of the night resignation amid […]

Patrick Brown entering Ontario PC leadership race

Feb 16 2018 — Anthony Furey — Patrick Brown is entering the Ontario PC party leadership race on Friday afternoon, the Toronto Sun has confirmed. In recent days, the Barrie region MPP and former party leader has been vigorously fighting back against allegations of sexual misconduct contained in a CTV News report.

Patrick Brown passed lie-detector test

Feb 16 2018 — — Patrick Brown passed a lie-detector test that asked him detailed questions about sexual misconduct allegations against him, the Toronto Sun has learned. The test, administered by one of Canada’s top polygraph experts, was conducted in two stages on Feb. 14 and Feb 15 in Markham. Brown was asked about the specific accusations that have been […]

Patrick Brown back as leader of Ontario PCs?

Feb 15 2018 — Antonella Artuso — The results of the Ontario PC leadership campaign could be thrown out because Patrick Brown never officially resigned, lawyer Nicholas Charitsis says. Charitsis, who describes himself as a long-time friend and supporter of Brown, said he has been assured by the former leader that he never resigned – not in writing, on social media, in […]

Why didn’t the media think ‘Peoplekind’ was funny?

Feb 13 2018 — Gerry Nicholls — What I find so funny about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s recent “peoplekind” comment is how the Canadian media steadfastly refused to find it funny. In case you don’t know what I’m talking about here, let me provide a brief background. A little while ago, during one of his “Town Hall” meetings, Trudeau interrupted a young […]

Philippines helicopter deal raises more questions about Trudeau’s human rights commitment

Feb 11 2018 — Tom Parkin — A $233 million deal to supply 16 Canadian-made helicopters to Philippines strongman Rodrigo Duterte may be dead after a human rights group intervened over concerns the Trudeau government may have tried to willfully ignore. Duterte, elected in 2016, is under investigation by the International Criminal Court for thousands of extra-judicial murders. He has bragged about […]

“I figure I’m the only politician in Ontario that has to deal with five women in their house every single day. I can quite easily handle Christine and Caroline,” Doug Ford

Feb 7 2018 — — Ontario PC Leader candidate Doug Ford sits down with Sun Editor-In-Chief Adrienne Batra in our newsroom for an honest chat about cutting the carbon tax, putting money back in Ontarians’ pockets; his plans to unify the polarized party; how he’s capable of competing against his all-female rivals (“I live with 5 women at home; I […]

More than 1,500 attend Doug Ford rally on a snowy night

Feb 4 2018 — Sue-Ann Levy — Ontario PC Party leadership candidate Doug Ford made it clear Saturday night he intends to stake out the same populist ground that won the Toronto mayor’s chair for his brother Rob in 2010. “The stakes have never been higher…people in Ontario are suffering under the weight of high taxes and big government,” he told a […]

Ontario PCs to endorse open leadership campaign Wednesday: Insiders

Jan 30 2018 — — Ontario’s Progressive Conservative Party, staggered by sexual impropriety allegations and the resignation of its leader and president, expects Wednesday to address its problematic leadership vacuum, senior insiders told the Toronto Sun. The party executive intends, sources said, to support an open leadership campaign that could come as early as March 10 or 11, and no […]

NDP outsider aims to pry open Ottawa’s secret ways

Jan 28 2018 — Tom Parkin — Before she was elected, Ruth Ellen Brosseau sometimes worked three part-time jobs trying to keep afloat, provide for her son and pay back her student loans. But as she says, hard work for low pay is common in her Quebec riding of Berthier-Maskinonge. Now that experience of hard work and long hours has put Brosseau […]

Opportunity in chaos

Jan 28 2018 — Adrienne Batra — Conservative politics in Ontario just got interesting again. With all the drama that unfolded late last week, the shocking allegations levelled against Patrick Brown, his middle-of-the-night resignation, a new interim leader and now internal squabbling about next steps, the Tories are in desperate need of some adult supervision.

Ontario Liberals gain popularity with poorest Ontarians: Poll

Jan 17 2018 — Antonella Artuso — Ontario Liberals under Premier Kathleen Wynne — and their commitment to no-charge prescription drugs for the young, minimum wage hikes and free tuition — have gained popularity with the province’s poorest residents, a new Forum Research poll shows. That support comes at the expense of more well-off Ontarians, as the party has lost 10 points […]