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Royal deal costly for Harry and Meghan but good for Canada

Jan 19 2020 — Christina Blizzard — Just call them Harry, Meghan and Archie. While they’ll retain their Royal Highness status, they’ll no longer call themselves HRH. In a deal hammered out with the Queen and her aides over the last few days and announced Saturday, Harry — arguably Britain’s second most popular royal after the Queen — will be known as […]

Iranians now furious with Iran’s government

Jan 12 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — It isn’t only Canadians, and Canadians of Iranian origin, who are grief-stricken and angry now that Iran has admitted it blew Ukraine International Airlines Flight PS752 out of the sky with a surface-to-air missile. Iranians — in Iran — are heartbroken, given that most of the passengers were Iranians, or dual citizens of Iran. And […]

It dishonours lives lost to blame this crash on Trump

Jan 12 2020 — Lorne Gunter — Let’s say for a minute that a well-known mob boss responsible for dozens of murders – hundreds – gets careless and is killed by police officers who have been trailing him for years. The mobster’s followers are understandably furious. In retaliation, they launch a handful of attacks against police. But in their haste, they also […]

Uncertain contenders kicking the tires to replace Scheer

Jan 9 2020 — Mark Bonokoski — Out of all the potential contenders who might enter the race to replace Andrew Scheer as Conservative leader, the one the Trudeau Liberals truly can’t stand is the pesky Pierre Poilievre, who looks more like a kid still in college than a veteran MP. Somewhere in his attic, he must have his own a Dorian […]

Trudeau’s carbon footprint, and Canada’s, keep growing

Jan 6 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — Despite the constant virtue-signaling from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on human-induced climate change, his personal carbon footprint, along with Canada’s, is rising. The reason with regard to Trudeau, as documented by reporter Bryan Passifiume in Monday’s Toronto Sun, is the PM’s love of jet setting to exotic locations for his family vacations, air travel being […]

Banning Huawei could be a national unity moment for Canada

Jan 4 2020 — Anthony Furey — There’s an eerie scene in the new documentary American Factory that needs to be watched by any Canadian who is still on the fence about the Huawei question. The 2019 film now available on Netflix — and executive produced by the Obamas — tells the story of what happens when a Chinese billionaire buys a […]

A new Conservative climate policy — Try honesty

Jan 4 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein — If the next federal Conservative leader is looking for a coherent policy on human-induced climate change, a good start would be honesty. It would begin by explaining that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s climate plan has followed the classic political strategy of so-called “progressivism,” as exposed by the great conservative thinker Thomas Sowell in his seminal […]

Canada steamrolls Finland to earn revenge date with Russia at world juniors

Jan 4 2020 — — They came, as the 2010 Canadian Olympic men’s team once did in a crucial game against Russia, like gorillas out of a cage. Canada scored three times before the game was four minutes old and soared to a four-goal first period to flatten the Finns 5-0 before 8,693 Saturday at Ostravar Arena. That was proper […]

Rise of Fords to power was political story of decade

Dec 30 2019 — Jim Warren — As we count down the remaining days in this decade, it is remarkable to look back at the massive change and some notable events during the past 10 years. POLITICS The most important Canadian political story of the past 10 years is the rise of the Ford family to political prominence in Toronto, Ontario, and […]

Trudeau’s going backwards on climate change

Dec 29 2019 — — According to polling done by the Trudeau government prior to the Oct. 21 election, most Canadians are skeptical about Canada meeting its greenhouse gas reduction targets for 2030 but want us to try. That’s good news in the sense Canadians are increasingly seeing through Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s nonsensical claim that Canada is on track […]

What I learned from a decade of popular democracy

Dec 28 2019 — Mark Towhey — Populism was the political buzzword of the decade. Although different people mean different things when they say it — pretty much everyone talking about “populism” considers it a bad thing. So, let’s call the following examples “popular democracy.” Good or bad, it’s winning formula.

Trudeau’s answer to climate change is more hot air

Dec 20 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — While Canada is a bit player in emitting industrial greenhouse gases — responsible for 1.6% of global output — it’s a world leader in sending bloated delegations to the annual United Nations’ gabfests on climate change in the world’s tourist hotspots. This year’s conference, which just concluded in Madrid, was widely condemned as an abject […]

Trudeau takes no blame for Alberta outrage

Dec 20 2019 — Rick Bell — You can relax now. You can kick off your Christmas festivities with a clear mind and an open heart. Let contentment flow throughout Alberta. You see, what we thought was true is just an illusion, an ugly mirage, make-believe. Things are not so bad. Canada is in good shape. There is no crisis of national […]