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Keep O’Toole – if he returns to the right

Sep 26 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Should Erin O’Toole stay on as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada? After all, it was O’Toole and his closest advisers who decided all on their own (without authorization from caucus or members), to oversteer the party to the left without producing anything resembling an electoral breakthrough.

Kenney faces heat, not off the hook on COVID

Sep 17 2021 — — He was once cast as our knight in shining armour coming to our political rescue. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. He’s not out of the woods. Not yet. He gambles with COVID-19, we lose and many of his backers wonder how much longer they can hang in hoping for the bossman to get his […]

Kenney’s new COVID-19 plan a shambles

Sep 16 2021 — Lorne Gunter — This is going to be a mess. There are slightly fewer restrictions than during Alberta’s previous lockdowns. And more exemptions. But the balance is not intuitive. The approach is inconsistent. Most people will find it impossible to figure out what is and isn’t allowed under the re-imposed restrictions. And that complexity and arbitrariness will make […]

‘Hidden agenda’ smear backfires on Trudeau Liberals

Sep 4 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — Accusing the Conservative leader of having a “hidden agenda” on issues such as abortion and health care has been a successful mainstay of the federal Liberals’ election strategy for decades. But this time, for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, it’s not working because more Canadians believe Trudeau has a hidden agenda than Conservative leader Erin O’Toole.