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Trudeau blackface a black eye for the PM

Sep 19 2019 — Rick Bell — Justin Trudeau doesn’t have a magic lamp to help him this time. And if he had three wishes, the first one would be for the Aladdin photo never to have seen the light of day and gone around the world. But it did. The photo was from 18 years ago. Trudeau is in blackface and […]

Trudeau’s nervous about running on his record

Sep 17 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was confident of winning the Oct. 21 election based on his political record over the past four years, the Liberals wouldn’t feel the need to portray their political opponents as not only wrong, but evil. But this is what Liberals always do when they feel their self-declared status as Canada’s […]

Trudeau’s immigration policies alarm many Canadians

Sep 15 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — Thus far in the federal election campaign, the issue of immigration has been debated mainly by not talking about it. Two of the biggest “media” stories have been: – Controversy over a billboard campaign featuring a picture of People’s Party of Canada Leader Maxime Bernier, accompanied by the words: “Say NO to Mass Immigration”. – […]

Trudeau’s proven to be his own worst enemy

Sep 11 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — Win or lose this election, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enters the campaign as damaged goods compared to the politician Canadians thought they were electing in 2015. Back then, Trudeau was all shiny and new as the Liberal underdog and third-party leader, his campaign invoking memories of his late father, Pierre Trudeau, and the “Trudeaumania” that […]

Two leaders’ debates is more than enough

Sep 7 2019 — Mark Towhey — Justin Trudeau’s political opponents have seized on the Liberal leader’s decision to skip out on any debates beyond the two organized by the “official” debate commission. Anti-democratic! What’s he hiding? Give it a rest, I say. I’m with Trudeau on this one. Election debates are at the core of Canada’s great democratic traditions.

Being underestimated is familiar terrain for Andrew Scheer

Sep 4 2019 — — Andrew Scheer has made a very successful career of being underestimated. When this Ottawa boy ran in Saskatchewan, the word ‘underdog’ didn’t do justice to his position. Lorne Nystrom, a journeyman politician first elected in the 1960s, never saw it coming. In a personal conversation a few years back, Nystrom told me that it was […]

Andrew Scheer on the rights of LGBTQ2 Canadians

Sep 1 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — On Aug. 22, Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Minister Ralph Goodale posted to Twitter a 14-year-old speech in Parliament by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer — then a 25-year-old rookie MP — opposing same-sex marriage. At that time, Scheer’s position was the same as many Conservative and Liberal MPs. Goodale opposed same sex-marriage in parliamentary votes […]

Voters want change – but who will win their vote?

Sep 1 2019 — Lorne Gunter — There is a yearning among voters for a change of prime minister. The problem? There is no obvious alternative to incumbent Justin Trudeau. In an Angus Reid poll this week, just 13% of respondents expressed any real enthusiasm for a Trudeau second term. That means Trudeau is only one-third as popular as his party, which […]

Beware of endless deficits, especially now

Aug 30 2019 — Joe Oliver — Back in April 2015, I was proud to present Canada’s last balanced budget. Our Conservative government even legislated that if we regressed to a deficit, salaries of cabinet ministers and deputy ministers would be reduced by five percent until we returned to balance. That may seem like so yesterday. However, fiscal prudence is actually more […]

O’LEARY BOAT TRAGEDY: Loved ones mourn, want answers after American killed

Aug 29 2019 — — Gary Poltash, 64, who died instantly in last week’s boating accident on Lake Joseph, was a successful chartered accountant with two children. Poltash died August 24 when the boat he was on was struck by a boat belonging to Kevin O’Leary and his wife Linda. The smaller boat, which O’Leary claims was driven by Linda, […]

KEVIN O’LEARY BOAT TRAGEDY: Conflicting stories on collision that killed two

Aug 29 2019 — — Death came calling as fireworks glittered over a glassy Muskoka lake. And now, pointed questions are being directed at celebrity entrepreneur Kevin O’Leary whose boat was involved in the fatal Saturday night crash that claimed two lives on Lake Joseph. Cops say Uxbridge mother of three Suzana Brito, 48, died Monday from catastrophic head injuries. […]

Man dead after Kevin O’Leary’s boat involved in Lake Joseph crash

Aug 28 2019 — — Shark Tank star Kevin O’Leary’s boat was involved in a crash that resulted in the death of a 64-year-old U.S. man. A 48-year-old Markham woman suffered critical injuries in Saturday’s accident on Lake Joseph, near Emerald Island, in the Muskokas. The two victims were on a 13-person craft returning to a cottage during a pleasure […]

Any speech bans during elections are dangerous for our democracy

Aug 25 2019 — Lorne Gunter — In some ways, it doesn’t matter whether Elections Canada are the originators of the ban on environmental groups trumpeting their climate alarmism during the upcoming federal election or merely the enforcers of a supremely flawed law. The point is that by telling any groups – environmentalists, farmers, unions, energy companies, taxpayers’ organizations – that they […]