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Karen Wang wants PM, Liberals to give her another chance

Jan 17 2019 — Joe Warmington — Karen Wang says her apology to NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh stands. But her resignation as the Liberal candidate for Burnaby South does not. In fact, the 43-year-old mother of two and daycare operator has written Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and other senior Liberal party brass withdrawing the resignation she sent out Wednesday. Wang is holding […]

Memo to Trudeau — we support pipelines

Jan 16 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — Few countries have been as willing to cut their own economic throats as Canada. We lose an estimated $15 billion annually in revenue to our economy — $40 million a day — because of our inability to get our oil to global markets, due to our lack of pipeline capacity. That means we have to […]

Rahaf Mohammed became a useful prop for Liberals

Jan 16 2019 — Lorne Gunter — Give us your tired, your poor, your fashionistas yearning to shop freely. To be honest, I’m glad Canada stepped up and offered asylum to Rahaf Mohammed, the 18-year-old Saudi woman who claimed to be escaping abuse in home country. But why the haste? Why the bypassing of ALL our refugee regulations? Why the hero’s welcome […]

Trudeau ducks gender question

Jan 13 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — It was a simple and direct question to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau at a town hall meeting in Regina Thursday, politely asked by a young woman, that spoke volumes about today’s politics. About how you don’t have to yell at politicians to be effective in challenging their views. And about how the prime minister – […]

What the upcoming byelections will mean for the general election

Jan 13 2019 — Jim Warren — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced three byelections in Quebec, Ontario and British Columbia this past week. Normally, I would argue that byelections are not a good indicator of general election success. But the results in each of these three ridings will dramatically impact the 2019 federal election. The three byelections being held are in the […]

Rumours of Andrew Scheer’s demise a

Jan 10 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — Predicting that Andrew Scheer and the Conservatives are done like dinner heading into the Oct. 21 federal election is dumb. Predictions such as: “Why Andrew Scheer will never be Prime Minister” (, May 3, 2018) and “Face it Conservatives. Picking Scheer was a mistake” (, Jan. 5, 2018) are dumb. How do we know?

Relax, it’s OK to make light of Trudeau’s India trip

Jan 6 2019 — Lorne Gunter — At the end of every year, Radio-Canada does a satirical send-up of major newsmakers called “Bye-bye.” Every New Year’s Eve millions tune in to see who will be skewered this time. The politician who came in for the greatest mocking this year was Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over his Mr. Dressup tour of India last […]

Elizabeth May tells the truth on climate change

Jan 3 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — The Green Party’s Elizabeth May is the only mainstream federal leader who’s a straight talker on climate change. Unlike the Liberals and Conservatives, she has a consistent position that makes sense if you believe, as she does, that man-made climate change is the most important issue facing voters in the Oct. 21 election, because it’s […]

Alberta economy growing despite NDP mismangement

Jan 3 2019 — — Lately, the provincial NDP government has been pushing the line that a major economic recovery is underway in Alberta. Their refrain has been, “Alberta’s economic growth has led the nation for the past two years!” In a breathless email to NDP supporters between Christmas and New Year’s, Premier Rachel Notley asked, “Who can deny how […]

Democracy belongs to all of us

Dec 31 2018 — Christina Blizzard — The stunning hypocrisy of left-wing pundits decrying Ontario Proud, a highly-effective conservative group that spent some $460,000 on third-party advertising in the last provincial election, is quite staggering. For the past 15 years — since the 2003 election in which Dalton McGuinty’s Liberals thrashed Tory Ernie Eves — a left wing, union-backed, third-party advertiser, Working […]

Political predictions from 2019

Dec 30 2018 — Jim Warren — Making predictions these days in politics is like trying to predict the weather in Newfoundland. We know we will experience fog, cold, wind, snow and rain, but when the sun and warmth will come is anyone’s guess. So I don’t know how predictable my predictions will be, having clocked in at three 3 for 5 […]

The year Canadians woke up to the farce of Trudeau

Dec 30 2018 — Lorne Gunter — Maybe 2019 will be a better year than 2018, politically and economically. When our editors asked me to write a column about the biggest stories of the year just past and predict the ones that will be big in the year ahead, I came up with two. In Alberta, of course, pipelines dominated most people’s […]

Conservatives mounting charge ahead of federal election: poll

Dec 28 2018 — — With the next federal election about 10 months away, a growing number of Manitoba voters appear set to vote Conservative. As the federal vote slated for Oct. 21, 2019 draws closer, a new Probe Research poll found the official Opposition party has gained ground in Manitoba, with 42% of decided and leaning voters now planning […]

Will Trudeau be our carbon crusader?

Dec 27 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — As we head into the New Year, I have a homework assignment for anyone who’s interested. It’s to watch Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and all federal Liberal cabinet ministers and MPs in 2019 to determine the following: Do they look like people who seriously believe Canada and the world face an […]