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Trudeau responds quite differently when he’s the one accused

Jul 10 2018 — Lorne Gunter — Up to this point, I have not thought Prime Minister Justin Trudeau should be “fried” for his groping of a young reporter at a music festival in the B.C. interior nearly two decades ago. But that changed with his outrageous and infuriating remarks about the “Kokanee Grope” while attending the Calgary Stampede last week.

Trudeau had his chance and he blew it

Jul 7 2018 — Rick Bell — The prime minister is handed a wide-open opportunity to do better, to do much better. And he blew it. He really, truly blew it. We are on the rooftop of a Calgary airport parkade for a government announcement when the news breaks on Friday afternoon. The woman Trudeau allegedly groped 18 years ago sends out […]

Trudeau and Scheer talking nonsense on climate change

Jul 4 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — In next year’s federal election, here’s the choice Canadians face between the Liberals and Conservatives on climate change. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a plan that won’t work and Conservative leader Andrew Scheer doesn’t have a plan. Trudeau’s plan resembles the papal indulgences of old. He wants Canadians to pay a financial penalty for the […]

Political gesturing on carbon pricing could cost Canadians billions

Jun 18 2018 — Tom Parkin — If you’re a fan of politicians who play cynical political games at public expense, good times are coming. The federal government’s carbon pricing legislation passed in the Senate last week. Across Canada, carbon pricing will become mandatory on Jan. 1, 2019. Nine of 10 provinces already have carbon plans in place. But now a trio […]

Ontario NDP neck-and-neck with PCs: Poll

May 25 2018 — — A poll leaked Thursday suggested Andrea Horwath’s NDP had a whopping 10-point lead over Doug Ford’s PCs in the Ontario election campaign. However, turns out the two parties are actually in a statistical tie. The two-day EKOS poll, officially released Friday, puts NDP support at 35.6%, with the Conservatives following closely behind at 34.9%. The […]

Premier Horwath will side with the unions

May 24 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — Since NDP leader Andrea Horwath could be Ontario’s next premier, let’s understand what that would mean. Horwath makes no bones about it. In her own words, it means no striking workers in Ontario will be legislated back to work by an NDP government. That’s what she told the Toronto Star this week.

Federal Conservatives would form government if election held today: Poll

May 21 2018 — — If a federal election was held today, the Conservatives would roll over the Liberals to form a government, according to a Forum Research poll. Forum found 46% of voters would cast ballots for Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives, while Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberals could only count on the support of 30% of the electorate. […]

Trudeau in Calgary takes on critics, Kenney rips him

May 16 2018 — Rick Bell — O ye, of little faith. The prime minister is in town Tuesday. It’s your scribbler’s turn to ask a question. Trudeau is friendly. He’s always friendly to yours truly. I tell him I don’t want to have to write he didn’t tell us anything new about the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to the west coast.

Poll predicts NDP opposition to a PC majority government

May 10 2018 — — NDP leader Andrea Horwath would lead Ontario’s Official Opposition if the provincial election was held now, according to a new poll. And numbers released Wednesday by Forum Research says more voters approve of the NDP leader than any of her competitors — more than double the number who support Liberal leader Kathleen Wynne. Wednesday’s poll […]

Don’t blame Trudeau for the state of 24 Sussex Dr.

May 5 2018 — Jim Warren — It’s time to properly fund and repair renovations to the official residences of both the prime minister and the leader of the Official Opposition. Successive prime ministers and other politicians have put off funding the necessary renovations and upkeep of the buildings out of a perceived political fear of taking personal gain from the spending […]

Scheer’s carbon fantasies as bad as Trudeau’s

Apr 29 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — It’s bad enough when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau misleads Canadians by claiming we can reach our international commitments to reduce industrial greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change through his national carbon pricing plan. But it’s no better when Conservative leader Andrew Scheer claims he can do so without the measure if he wins the […]

Liberal climate crusaders exposed

Apr 2 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — The Trudeau government’s approach to addressing climate change — a combination of arrogance, ignorance and wishful thinking — has been on full display in Ottawa in recent days. On Sunday, on CTV’s Question Period, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna repeatedly dodged basic questions from host Evan Solomon on how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will reach his […]

Looks like Canada is gearing up for a carbon tax showdown

Apr 2 2018 — Anthony Furey — Catherine McKenna is getting a little testy. And you can certainly see why. The incoming national carbon tax that she’s been promoting alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is really taking a beating. So much so that the majority of Canadians might be asking for its repeal come the next election.