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Freeland unveils Trudeau’s $100-billion election bribe

Apr 19 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is out to bribe voters with $100 billion of our own money in the next election by throwing cash at every voting bloc the Liberals believe they will need to recapture a majority government. It’s no surprise. Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland said the Liberals would spend up to that amount over […]

The Ford government backed down — but where was the apology?

Apr 18 2021 — Anthony Furey — The outrage came fast and fierce on Friday when Ontario Premier Doug Ford announced the latest round of restrictions that included closing playgrounds and recreational park space, banning people from socializing outdoors with non-family members, and giving the police the power to stop anyone to ask where they’re going. Criticism poured in from doctors, legal […]

Data shows Ontario isn’t hoarding COVID-19 vaccines

Apr 18 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — For the last week, the Ford government has been accused of hoarding more than a million COVID-19 vaccines in freezers while complaining about a shortage. But the data from — I’m using the statistics from Friday afternoon across the country — show the allegation is false.

O’Toole turns back on supporters with carbon tax proposal

Apr 16 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Not only is O’Toole embracing a carbon tax (although he doesn’t have the courage or honesty to call it that), he thinks those of us who oppose carbon taxes are dumb enough to be deceived by his sleight-of-language. Every time I hear federal Conservative Party Leader Erin O’Toole speak, I like him less and less. […]

O’Toole’s climate plan is Trudeau-lite

Apr 15 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — The Conservative Party under Erin O’Toole now has a climate change plan — more modest than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s and the Liberals, while borrowing heavily from it. His carbon tax — he calls it a “pricing mechanism for consumers” but for all practical purposes it’s a tax — will start at $20 per tonne […]

Kenney sinks in poll, UCP COVID wrangling, election threatened

Apr 11 2021 — Rick Bell — Premier Jason Kenney’s world looks to be falling apart. He needs to put his Humpty Dumpty back together again. Then we hear the bombshell. I’m told the premier threw down the gauntlet behind closed doors Thursday and informed United Conservative members of the legislature if they don’t have confidence in the government, then they should […]

Memo to Patty Hajdu — Canada’s problem is too few vaccines

Apr 11 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein — Federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu says she’s keeping a close eye on the number of COVID-19 vaccine doses the Trudeau government is delivering to the provinces compared to how quickly the provinces are administering them to patients. Her implication is the provinces have been slow in putting them into people’s arms, leaving millions of doses […]

Let’s face it — Erin O’Toole is a dud

Apr 4 2021 — Lorne Gunter — Let’s face it, federal Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole is a dud and a dud is never going to defeat Justin Trudeau. A year ago, when the dawning of the pandemic forced the Tories to take their leadership campaign online and push back their leadership vote, I was struggling to choose a candidate to endorse: O’Toole […]

The carbon tax ruling is judicial activism at its worst

Mar 28 2021 — — Take a look at a couple of sentences about climate change that appeared Thursday concerning the Supreme Court of Canada’s ruling on the carbon tax. Here’s one: “It is a threat of the highest order to the country, and indeed to the world.” And here’s another: “The undisputed existence of a threat to the future […]

Trudeau’s carbon tax is legal — it’s just a bad and ineffective law

Mar 25 2021 — — The Supreme Court of Canada’s 6-3 ruling Thursday tells us Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Greenhouse Gas Pollution Pricing Act is constitutional, not that it’s a good law. That wasn’t the job of the court. It ruled that under the “peace, order and good government” clause of the constitution, climate change poses, in the words of […]

Team Kenney to Alberta on COVID Step 3, it’s Trudeau’s fault!

Mar 24 2021 — Rick Bell — Look, look over there! There’s the bad guy! This is one where the court of public opinion is judge and jury. You see, it’s no secret more than a few folks are peeved off with the stalling on Alberta’s Step 3 COVID-19 reopening. Most of these individuals are people who voted for Premier Jason Kenney’s […]