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Liberal climate crusaders exposed

Apr 2 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — The Trudeau government’s approach to addressing climate change — a combination of arrogance, ignorance and wishful thinking — has been on full display in Ottawa in recent days. On Sunday, on CTV’s Question Period, Environment Minister Catherine McKenna repeatedly dodged basic questions from host Evan Solomon on how Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will reach his […]

Looks like Canada is gearing up for a carbon tax showdown

Apr 2 2018 — Anthony Furey — Catherine McKenna is getting a little testy. And you can certainly see why. The incoming national carbon tax that she’s been promoting alongside Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is really taking a beating. So much so that the majority of Canadians might be asking for its repeal come the next election.

Bill Morneau mansplains women’s issues to Lisa Raitt, labels his opponents “Neanderthals”

Mar 27 2018 — Anthony Furey — Taking a page from Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s playbook, Finance Minister Bill Morneau has taken it upon himself to mansplain women’s issues to one female parliamentarian and even call out those who disagree with him on the subject as “Neanderthals.” Conservative MP and former cabinet minister Lisa Raitt was grilling Morneau at the House of […]

With Ford the winner, now is the NDP’s big chance

Mar 12 2018 — Tom Parkin — Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have run out of hats and rabbits. They’ve run out of time. They’re toast. But new PC Leader Doug Ford is no improvement. Ontarians deserve something better than a horrific choice between Wynne and Ford. And that gives Ontario NDP Leader Andrea Horwath the best winning chance for her party […]

Welcome to Ford Nation

Mar 11 2018 — Adrienne Batra — In the end, there was no balloon drop, there was no party, there was no picture of unity. But it didn’t matter, the PC Party of Ontario has chosen Doug Ford to lead them into the next election — a rather fitting end to a tumultuous few weeks. After a long day of drama, what […]

On Jerusalem Scheer’s right, Trudeau’s wrong

Mar 9 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein — Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has admirably committed his party to recognizing Jerusalem as the capital of Israel if it wins the 2019 federal election. As the Tories logically state on their website: “Canada’s Conservatives recognize the obvious fact that Israel, like every other sovereign nation, has a right to determine where its capital is located.”