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Calgary MP considers Wildrose leadership

Jan 12 2015 — Bill Kaufmann — Outgoing Calgary MP Rob Anders says a “sense of mission and duty” has made him eye a run at the Wildrose Party leadership. The controversial MP, who last April lost the nomination for the new federal riding of Calgary-Signal Hill to former provincial cabinet minister Ron Liepert, said Alberta needs a strong voice from the […]

Harper needs more of his ‘haters’ to like Mulcair

Nov 21 2014 — David Akin — A week that started poorly for Thomas Mulcair’s NDP finished with a bit of promise and no one should be happier about that than Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. That’s because the surest route for Harper to win his fourth consecutive election – a feat matched in our history only by two guys named Laurier and Macdonald […]

Terrorist behind horrific beheading tweet could be from Ontario

Nov 18 2014 — Joe Warmington — Just hours after tweeting a vile picture of a Syrian soldier being beheaded to a Sun News Network producer, someone saying he’s a Canadian ISIS soldier from Mississauga, Ontario has had his account suspended. But in addition to his last disturbing, overt and frightening tweet containing the murderous image came tips on how potential recruits […]

Harper and Baird contradict each other on ISIS mission

Nov 14 2014 — Jessica Hume — A day after Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Canadian fighter jets could expand their mission to include ISIS targets in Syria, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird told reporters that’s not on the table. “The government is prepared to engage in actions against (ISIS) in Syria but only as long as those are not interpreted as […]

Wayne Gretzky’s Wikipedia bio edited by someone in U.S. Congress

Nov 5 2014 — — There may be a lot of things wrong with the U.S. Congress, but Wayne Gretzky’s height isn’t one of them. While most people on Capitol Hill were busy dealing with the fallout of Tuesday’s mid-term elections, one hockey fan just couldn’t stand by and let Gretzky’s Wikipedia bio contain incorrect information. The Great One’s page […]

Budget watchdog warns no more room for tax cuts

Nov 4 2014 — David Akin — The big tax cuts aimed at parents announced last week by Prime Minister Stephen Harper will eat up about half of what should have been a decent budgetary surplus, Parliament’s budget watchdog told MPs Monday. Parliamentary Budget Officer Jean-Denis Frechette warned politicians that, after last week’s family tax cuts, there’s no more fiscal room for […]

Tough questions for CBC

Oct 30 2014 — Warren Kinsella — What did they know, and when did they know it? That’s a question that has its origins in the Watergate scandal, 40 years ago. What did the president know, and when did he know it? In the intervening years, in respect of assorted real and perceived scandals, it’s a question that you hear a lot. […]

Toronto’s safe word: ‘liberal!’

Oct 29 2014 — David Akin — Twice this year, progressive voters in Canada’s biggest city have shown that when politics looks to get a little too rough for their taste, their safe word is “liberal.” That has implications for federal political parties as Conservatives, New Democrats and Liberals gear up for the long campaign leading to next fall’s federal election. In […]