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One of the world’s leading populism experts says Pierre Poilievre isn’t quite a populist

Jul 28 2022 — Stuart Thomson — The Conservative Party’s leadership race has been conventionally seen as a battle between the moderate establishment candidate Jean Charest and the rowdy populist Pierre Poilievre. But one academic who studies populism and its cultural causes says Poilievre’s campaign has been fairly traditional, especially when compared to the global populist movement that has swept the Western […]

The Alberta Sovereignty Act is nothing but a sideshow scam

Jul 13 2022 — Howard Anglin — The Alberta Sovereignty Act is a scam. It’s baloney, bunk, balderdash, and bunkum. Hooey, hogwash, and hokum. Flim-flam, tommyrot, poppycock, and fiddle. It’s the political equivalent of a sideshow tent painted with lurid images of wonders never before beheld by human eyes. And, like any successful carnival curio, it depends on the willingness of the […]

The message that will win Pierre Poilievre the next election

Jul 11 2022 — Rahim Mohamed — In two months’ time, Pierre Poilievre will take the reins of the Conservative Party of Canada. With the party releasing its preliminary list of approximately 675,000 eligible leadership electors late last month,1 we have now entered “foregone conclusion” territory. The Poilievre campaign has signed up over 55 percent of all members who have joined the […]

A lament for conservatism

May 19 2022 — Sean Speer — Jason Kenney’s swift resignation as United Conservative Party leader is a lamentable outcome for Canadian conservatism. It reflects the rise of an oppositional mindset on the Right that is bad for Conservative politics and the country as a whole to the extent that it marginalizes centre-right ideas and policies and enables progressives to govern essentially […]

Poilievre says vaccine mandates are based on ‘political science’ not medical science in conversation with Jordan Peterson

May 18 2022 — — Conservative Party of Canada leadership frontrunner1 Pierre Poilievre joined Dr. Jordan Peterson2 on the Jordan B. Peterson Podcast, released Monday, to discuss his candidacy and a number of issues animating the campaign, including housing and inflation, defunding the CBC, and the Freedom Convoy protests that paralyzed Ottawa for several weeks this past winter. Poilievre reiterated […]

Don’t become complacent about fiscal policy

Nov 26 2021 — Robert Asselin — If this week’s speech from the throne was a chance for the Trudeau government to reaffirm its priorities, the upcoming fall economic statement will serve as a test for some of the core economic and fiscal assumptions from April’s budget that underlay those priorities. First, expect some changes to the bottom line for the current […]

Who will speak for Canada?

Sep 28 2021 — Robert Asselin — Every now and then, in moments when as a country we try to engage in some form of national conversation such as a federal election, we are reminded it is easy to replay the last refrain of our collective misunderstandings and fault lines. In a sobering article published last week in the Hub, Howard Anglin […]

Afghanistan and the death of the liberal world order

Aug 24 2021 — Zach Paikin — The U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan marks the definitive end of a three-decade-long historical parenthesis, bringing major implications for how Canadians should conceive of their country’s role in the world. As our political parties campaign across the country, it’s a perfect time to ask some hard questions about Canada’s foreign policy ambitions. The post-Cold War era […]

Our short-term politics has left us unable to solve big problems

Jul 14 2021 — Robert Asselin — We may soon have a federal election campaign before us. It comes at a time when Canada is facing a number of significant challenges — including an aging population, slow economic growth, climate change and an increasingly complex geopolitical context. It’s crucial that the different political parties grapple with these big, fundamental questions. It’s my […]

Big questions remain as the central banks look for balance on inflation

Jun 9 2021 — Robert Asselin — We are exiting one of the most extreme economic crises of our lifetime, leaving central banks to strike a difficult balance between price control and a strong, sustained recovery. This debate will be front and centre in the policy world for the foreseeable future. It will no doubt have major implications for public policy, including […]

Build back better? Why not build better banking

May 13 2021 — Elliot Hughes — Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland has been busy advocating for building back better toward a more inclusive society. Many observers lauded her recent budget for taking progressive action on child care, climate change, and Indigenous reconciliation. Yet when it comes to the banking sector, Freeland refrained from action despite the need for reform in a critical […]

Canadians are disturbed by the prospect of China as the next superpower: Poll

Apr 27 2021 — — It has been 868 days since the Chinese government arbitrarily detained Canadian citizens Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor, having kept them in custody since December 2018. It has been 39 days since they were submitted to a closed trial on dubious charges of espionage. It has been 482 days since China first reported to the […]

The federal budget has no answers on the question of growth

Apr 21 2021 — Robert Asselin — To evaluate a budget, I’ve always asked a simple question: which problem(s) is it trying to solve? A budget that needs 700 pages of (red) ink says a lot about government motivations. I can only try to answer what to me is the most important question from a public policy angle at this particular moment: […]