National Newswatch

The Children’s Tylenol shortage is getting ridiculous

Nov 1 2022 — Melanie Paradis — Recently I had to go to another country to buy children’s medicine because Canada has normalized dysfunction, and no one notices until there’s a crisis. There has been a nation-wide infant and children’s pain medication shortage for months. During that time, I’ve been trying to secure the supply my family needs with very limited success. […]

A little crazy is fine, for a pundit. Not a premier

Oct 20 2022 — Jen Gerson — I had the great joy of catching up with an old friend the other day and the subject of our conversation came around to politics, as it sometimes does. “It seems like the media is giving Danielle Smith a hard time,” she noted, implying that we had not given this woman so much as a […]

In Canadian gun laws, dysfunction and confusion is deliberate

Oct 19 2022 — Tim Thurley — Canadians often assume our government is doing its best. Not the politicians, sure, but there is a broad assumption that at least the bureaucrats tirelessly working behind the scenes to implement political decisions must have a grasp on the facts and exhibit some consistency in decision-making. In few places is there a larger discrepancy between […]


Oct 5 2022 — Andrew MacDougall — Remember Liz Truss? You know, the new British prime minister granted control of Her Majesty’s Government only two days before the royal Liz popped her clogs to make it His Majesty’s Government? Yeah, well, Liz Truss is toast. Her days as prime minister are numbered. Welcome, friends, to the Trussterfuck. What happened? How did we […]

CTV needs a better explanation than a Clairol clash

Aug 22 2022 — Andrew MacDougall — You would think operating in a world of spin would make news organizations the masters of it. Or at least familiar with its uses and utility. But you would be wrong. Horribly wrong. Exhibit A: the week-long (and counting) clusterfuck surrounding the (not-so) sudden departure of CTV National News anchor Lisa LaFlamme. Given they’ve had […]

A messy goodbye to a respected figure in journalism

Aug 16 2022 — Kevin Newman — I recognized all too well that stoic moment Lisa LaFlamme created on Twitter. Robbed of her usual platform for addressing an audience, she was on her own. Bell Media practice requires the instant elimination of your website profile, social media accounts and usual means of communication when you’re let go or lose your show. That’s […]

Either Lucki has to go, or Trudeau and Blair do

Jun 22 2022 — Stephen Maher — It is bitterly ironic that the first female commissioner of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police may have to resign for pushing the force to be more open, but it is hard to imagine that Brenda Lucki will be able to maintain public confidence after evidence presented Tuesday in the inquiry into the Nova Scotia mass […]

Trudeau’s Goldilocks moment, but for pistols instead of porridge

May 31 2022 — Matt Gurney — In my 15 years or so of writing about firearms policy, here’s been a constant problem: gun policy is complicated, the broader public doesn’t know much about it, and it’s hard (impossible?) to make any coherent arguments without laying out the context, both of the specific proposals and the broader background. Working through what was […]

YouTube is where autodidacts like Poilievre find rabbit holes

May 27 2022 — Andrew MacDougall — As far as warning signals go, a politician announcing they watch YouTube channels “late into the night” is a big one. Hard to ignore, really. Because the pandemic has shown us that “YouTube” plus “late night” is more often a recipe for falling down a rabbit hole than enlightenment. (See: Taylor-Greene, Marjorie) What to make, […]

Alberta isn’t conservative

May 26 2022 — Ken Boessenkool — Jason Kenney made the most common mistake. He mistook Alberta’s conservative disposition — our propensity to delight in what is present — for conservative ideology. Alberta has a disposition to appreciate the present while preserving traditions. We have a healthy skepticism of radical change. It’s a key reason we take so bloody long to change […]

The Glorious Ungovernable Province of Alberta

May 20 2022 — Jen Gerson — The first time I had a proper conversation with Jason Kenney was about six years ago. The NDP were in power in Alberta; the federal Conservatives had cast about for a successor to Stephen Harper and, it was decided by silent consensus, said successor would not be Jason Kenney. So the former federal cabinet minister […]

No one is going to fix housing

Apr 13 2022 — Jen Gerson — Hello fellow home-owning millennials, and the Gen-Z plebians desperate to join us. I understand house lust. I do. You want an okay spot in the city free of the oppression of the landlord. Or, if you’re at that certain time of life, maybe you want a detached house in a decent neighbourhood. Nothing too fancy, […]