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As the blockaders get bolder, pressure rises on Horgan and Trudeau

Feb 16 2020 — Michael Smyth — Political nerves are getting frayed as the anti-pipeline blockades continue. With budget day — and more protests — looming, what can Horgan and Trudeau do? As anti-pipeline blockaders ramp up their activities, pressure is growing on Premier John Horgan and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do something about the mayhem. So far, both levels of […]

Trudeau and Horgan all buddy-buddy as federal election looms

Sep 2 2019 — Michael Smyth — Justin Trudeau and John Horgan are heaping praise on each other as the election nears. Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart is a Trudeau fan, too. Poor old Jagmeet Singh! Relations between B.C. premiers and Canadian prime ministers have run hot and cold over the years. NDP premier Glen Clark clashed with then-prime minister Jean Chretien over […]

Scheer wants lower gas prices, slams Trudeau’s refinery talk

Jul 30 2019 — Michael Smyth — Tory Leader Andrew Scheer says British Columbians deserve cheaper gas prices, but how would he achieve that? Metro Vancouver gas prices have eased back since setting sky-high records last spring, but local prices at the pump continue to gallop ahead of most jurisdictions in North America. One reason for the pain in drivers’ wallets is […]

B.C. byelection bedlam! Two crucial contests get crazy

Jan 17 2019 — Michael Smyth — Two crucial byelections. Two days of turmoil on the campaign trails. Where is it all heading? It was B.C. byelection bedlam Wednesday as two crucial contests — one federal, one provincial — both took wild-and-crazy turns. In the federal faceoff, Liberal candidate Karen Wang dropped out of the race in Burnaby South, where she was […]

It’s all on the line in Nanaimo byelection

Jan 3 2019 — Michael Smyth — John Horgan’s government could come tumbling down if the NDP loses crucial Nanaimo byelection. It’s a byelection where the stakes could hardly be higher and the campaigning begun well before the official start date. Jan. 30 is the day Nanaimo voters will go to the polls to elect a new MLA to replace Leonard Krog, […]

B.C. NDP and Greens expected to continue to tango through 2019

Dec 28 2018 — Rob Shaw — The NDP persistence on Site C and LNG illustrates its evolving dynamic with the Greens, said University of the Fraser Valley political science professor Hamish Telford. VICTORIA — Premier John Horgan and Green leader Andrew Weaver are ending 2018 with a political relationship they insist is stronger than ever — a marked contrast from 12 […]

In biggest B.C. byelection ever, Horgan charges out

Oct 25 2018 — Michael Smyth — Premiers are notorious for dragging their feet on byelections, especially since the governing party has a historically lousy record of winning them. Not this time. On Wednesday, Premier John Horgan introduced the NDP’s presumptive candidate for the crucial and looming byelection in Nanaimo. I say “presumptive” because Sheila Malcolmson still has to win the party’s […]

B.C. NDP’s draft gag order could limit public dissent on party positions

Oct 15 2018 — Rob Shaw — B.C.’s governing New Democratic Party has crafted new rules that could prevent some members and officials from publicly criticizing the decisions of Premier John Horgan’s government. A draft of an internal NDP code of conduct, obtained by Postmedia News, shows it would require members of the party’s provincial executive and committees to sign non-disclosure agreements […]

The NDP’s conversion to LNG on the road to China

Oct 7 2018 — Michael Smyth — Can B.C.’s LNG help save the world from global warming? The NDP once called the idea “ridiculous.” Now they embrace it. The NDP’s new love affair with liquefied natural gas is quite the change of heart from their earlier contempt for the Liberals’ hot pursuit of the industry. Back then, John Horgan ridiculed then-premier Christy […]

It’s a make-or-break byelection for NDP’s Jagmeet Singh

Aug 9 2018 — Michael Smyth — Jagmeet Singh should win the Burnaby South byelection. Emphasis on “should”. If he doesn’t, he’s in deep trouble. When it comes to parachute candidates in politics, Tom Cruise has got nothing on Jagmeet Singh. This guy is about to execute a Mission: Impossible-style high-altitude HALO jump. Singh, the federal NDP leader, lives in suburban Toronto, […]