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Insiders Say Harper’s Fingerprints Are All over Leadership Race

May 16 2020 — Michael Harris — He’s backing O’Toole, sandbagging MacKay, say sources. The hapless remnants of the Harper Party never learn. Trailing the Liberals by 10 points in this week’s political tracking report from pollster Nik Nanos, the Conservative Party of Canada is once again bungling its way through its latest search for a winner at the box office.

Why Trudeau’s Circus Act May Not Survive Blockade Crisis

Mar 5 2020 — Michael Harris — Is the curtain coming down on the Justin Trudeau era in Canadian politics? When the next election rolls around, both the Conservative and Green parties will have new leaders. Even NDP Leader Jagmeet Singh is newish. No one should be surprised if the Liberal party follows suit. The case for dumping Justin Trudeau before the […]

Anne Kingston: A Feminist Journalist Who Made a Difference

Feb 24 2020 — Jenn Jefferys — In a world where ‘feminism’ has become a cheap marketing tool for some, Anne Kingston was authentically and unabashedly feminist. Kingston, who died this month at 62, was insatiably curious. She was driven to demand better of everything and everyone. Hers was the calibre of journalism that left editors’ minds spinning, and competing writers — […]

Peter MacKay? ‘Good Luck Mister’ Indeed

Feb 10 2020 — Michael Harris — So far, it’s déjà vu for the French bluffing, macho posturing, Harper-whipped throwback. He can’t speak French, he views the media as either a vanity mirror or the enemy, and a rubber boot has more ideas. So why is Peter MacKay the favourite to become the next leader of the Conservative Party of Canada? Chaos. […]

Conservatives Need to Break Free of Harper Era. But They Won’t

Jan 13 2020 — Michael Harris — For the second time in just over two years, the Conservative Party of Canada is getting a chance to hit the reset button. The first time they opted for the hapless Andrew Scheer. The choice reflected the mistaken notion that you can have change without change. Here’s why they’ll blow it again and jam the […]

How the ‘New NAFTA’ Will Affect Canadians

Dec 10 2019 — Scott Sinclair — After months of talks, House Democrats and the Trump administration have agreed on revisions to the Canada–U.S.–Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) that will likely clear the way for U.S. congressional approval. Although Canada was sidelined in these discussions, the Democrats won some significant improvements to the “New NAFTA” that will benefit Canadians. The biggest change is the […]

Scheer, Who Is Toast, Should Have Listened to Preston Manning

Oct 29 2019 — Michael Harris — It is said that April is the cruelest month. If T. S. Eliot has it right, that’s when Andrew Scheer will realize that only the winner gets the real cigar. April 2020 is the date set for the automatic review of Scheer’s leadership. About that time Scheer will learn that if you want loyalty, buy […]

The Calgary Oil and Gas Execs Backing Scheer Might Surprise You

Aug 14 2019 — — The oil and gas executives quietly working to get Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer elected prime minister this fall aren’t who you might expect. They’re not associated with big multinational companies like Shell, BP and Exxon, many of which are leaving the Alberta oilsands because they see expensive, high-carbon oil as a financial risk. Nor do […]

Stephen Harper Heads a Global Org That Helps Get Right-Wing Parties Elected. What Will It Do for Andrew Scheer?

Aug 6 2019 — Michael Harris — “If an election is worth winning, then there is someone willing to steal it.” — Mike Roman, Republican National Committee, and treasurer of the International Democratic Union. “Hi, it’s Sarah from the Conservative Party. Can the Conservative Party count on your support in the next federal election? Reply: Yes No” This text, sent on July […]