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NDP’s Sims Again Accused of Dodging of FOI Rules

May 14 2019 — — Allegations that B.C. Citizens’ Services Minister Jinny Sims has been trying to thwart the province’s freedom of information laws could make it difficult for her to stay in her position, BC Liberal house leader Mary Polak said Monday. “She is responsible for oversight of these very laws,” Polak said. “I can’t see how she could […]

Cullen and Rankin: A Tyee Conversation

Apr 24 2019 — — For political junkies, the seemingly never-ending story surrounding the SNC-Lavalin scandal has been a gift that keeps on giving. Cabinet ministers quitting and then being tossed from the Liberal caucus. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s closest advisors resigning. Chaos on budget day when the Conservatives loudly protested the Liberals’ decision to end the justice committee investigation […]

Why Has Trudeau Risked So Much for SNC-Lavalin?

Apr 9 2019 — Michael Harris — Justin Trudeau has hit the panic button. Unicorn sightings during Question Period are down to zero. After weeks of being drubbed by the opposition over LavScam, the prime minister is now threatening a lawsuit against Andrew Scheer, his chief detractor in this misbegotten affair. What’s next? Suing Andrew Coyne?

Trudeau’s Dumb Expulsions and Strange Compulsions

Apr 2 2019 — Michael Harris — They got Jody Wilson-Raybould, and Jane Philpott too, but this is just the beginning. You know you are in trouble in politics when your damage control is more damaging than what made it necessary. That is where Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals find themselves today, as LavScam passed through its last, masochistic agony […]

Trudeau a Threat to Liberal Chances, Must Go: Martyn Brown

Mar 24 2019 — David Beers — Odds for RCMP probe rising, says former top aide to BC Liberal premier. On Friday, Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen offered some advice to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau that he is likely to ignore. Let Jody Wilson-Raybould have her (additional) say. Stop muzzling her with cabinet confidence and solicitor-client privilege. Waive it.

Indigenous Scholars Decry ‘Character Assassination’ of Jody Wilson-Raybould

Feb 13 2019 — — From ‘star Liberal MP’ to ‘difficult and incompetent’… Really? On Feb. 12, the day after her last meeting with Prime Minister Trudeau, the Honourable Jody Wilson-Raybould resigned from Cabinet, signing “Puglaas” — her Kwak’wala name — and retained no less than the Honourable Thomas Cromwell, a former Supreme Court justice, to advise her on what […]

Site that Lied about NDP Leader During Election Lives in Web’s Shadows

Feb 11 2019 — — What Is Attorney Cocktail and who are the people behind it (assuming they aren’t just robots)? That’s the question The Tyee has chased down a hall of mirrors with lots of dead ends. So far we’ve demonstrated one concerning fact. Clickbait stories advertised on some of the world’s largest news sites are so shadowy that […]

Fake Story about Jagmeet Singh Pops up on Vancouver Courier Site, Others

Feb 6 2019 — — No, NDP leader Jagmeet Singh does not live in a $5.5-million dollar mansion resplendent with ornate staircases and murals painted on ceilings. But online visitors to the Vancouver Courier and other sites were fed that fake news today. The facts about how that happened remain murky, but what’s clear is that a major online ad […]

Nanaimo Byelection Could Change Balance of Power in British Columbia

Dec 27 2018 — — If Tony Harris is successful in his bid to become the next MLA for Nanaimo, he’s unlikely to be in the position for long. Harris is running for the BC Liberals against the NDP’s Sheila Malcolmson and the Green Party’s Michele Ney in a race where a win for the Liberals would give the party […]

NAFTA’s Death Would Be Cheered by Working Canadians, Says Union Leader

Jan 15 2018 — Jeremy Nuttall — Walking away from North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations would likely give the Liberal government a popularity boost among Canadian workers, says the national president of the largest private sector union in the country. ANNOUNCEMENTS, EVENTS & MORE FROM TYEE AND SELECT PARTNERS Hardwire Your Brain to Cultivate HappinessHardwire Your Brain To Cultivate Happiness Take […]

Democracy Damaged When Reporters Get It Wrong

Dec 18 2017 — Tom Parkin — Last Wednesday at 4 a.m., the false news was ready to be launched into media networks, to be picked up by newsroom editors and producers and spread across the country dressed up as a fact. No, it wasn’t an early morning fake news tweet from Donald Trump. Or the latest bogus claim from some alt-right […]

Give Competition Bureau Teeth to Protect the Public Interest, Says Hedy Fry

Nov 29 2017 — Jeremy Nuttall — As more newspapers shut down, Canada must strengthen the Competition Bureau’s mandate to include matters of public interest as recommended in a committee report earlier this year, says Vancouver Centre Liberal MP Hedy Fry. Fry’s comments come after newspaper giants Postmedia and Torstar swapped dozens of publications across Canada this week, with the result that […]