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Alberta watchdog reveals consequences of Premier Jason Kenney’s coronavirus relief for the oilpatch

Jun 30 2022 — Carl Meyer — When the Alberta government announced a sweeping suspension of environmental rules to almost all companies in the province’s oil and gas industry in the spring of 2020, it claimed it would continue “all” critical monitoring activities needed to protect public health, the environment and to prepare for emergencies. But a recent report from a provincial […]

Journalism’s Wicked Problem: Save What’s Lost or Invest in What’s New?

Dec 15 2021 — — For 100 years, the Cut Knife Courier was the newspaper of record in Cut Knife, Saskatchewan. Every week, it reported on community news: 4-H club agricultural competitions, the RCMP police blotter, or notable events (the prime minister’s 2019 visit made the front page). When I visited Cut Knife in 2018, after my father retired there, […]

The Manly Makeover of a Conservative Leader

Sep 14 2021 — Scott Reid — Is Erin O’Toole trying to beat Justin Trudeau at his own image game? ON THE FIRST full day of the 2021 federal election race, the Conservative Party released its platform, and I found myself wondering, Why is Erin O’Toole trying so hard to convince me that he’s hot?

Bill Morneau May Be Rich—That Doesn’t Make Him Corrupt

Dec 5 2017 — Justin Ling — Bill morneau is an easy guy to distrust. Hell, I suspect it’s easy to just plain hate him, no matter your political leanings. He’s rich. Too rich, even. He’s worth north of $50 million from his days as corporate bigwig—most notably, as president of Morneau Shepell, his family firm, now worth a cool $1 billion. […]

The Intolerable Immodesty of Justin Trudeau

Nov 15 2017 — Justin Ling — There are few things more shameless than grading yourself on a curve. And yet the Trudeau government has done exactly that. The Mandate Letter Tracker is the government’s answer to a question nobody asked. An attempt from Ottawa to judge itself by its own rubric, fake news be damned. Under this scoring system, set up […]

Andrew Scheer’s Ties to Rebel Media Are Now Impossible to Deny

Oct 21 2017 — Justin Ling — There are few pairs of words that have become as toxic as quickly as “the Rebel” has in Canada in recent months. Maybe “Weinstein Company” or “tiki torch.” But Ezra Levant’s online opinion site has attracted particular acrimony thanks to a litany of colossally unwise moves, even by Levant’s own admission: one of his most […]

The Rising Political Influence of the Catholic Right

Sep 6 2017 — Michael Coren — How religious zealots are gaining traction among Canada’s new era of conservatives. nybody who keeps an eye on Roman Catholic politics would not have been at all surprised by a recent article in La Civilta Cattolica, a Jesuit journal published in Rome which carries the Holy See’s stamp of approval. What appears in its pages, […]

The Rebel Hits a New Low

Mar 14 2017 — Michael Coren — The April edition of The Walrus features a cover story by Peter Norman detailing his close encounters with Ezra Levant, self-appointed “commander” of the surging online right-wing media outlet known as The Rebel—a site that specializes in Islamophobia, climate-change “skepticism,” and polemics against feminism and lgbtq rights. So influential has The Rebel become among hardcore […]

How Trump Conquered the Christian Right

Jan 27 2017 — Michael Coren — t’s difficult to recall now, but not so long ago Donald Trump was regarded by the Christian right as an enemy of the Almighty. And nobody knows who belongs on the Almighty’s naughty list as thoroughly as the Christian right. Trump supported abortion rights and same-sex marriage. He had been married three times, used profane […]

Wanting Justin Trudeau Dead

Aug 27 2016 — Brian Busby — Why is the Conservative Party allowing calls for the prime minister’s assassination on its Facebook page? As far as i’m aware, the first call to kill Justin Trudeau came on October 23, four days after the 2015 election. It took the form of a comment posted on broadcaster Brian Lilley’s Facebook page:

Sunny Ways v. the Dark Side

Dec 30 2015 — Michael Den Tandt — The year is 1983. Justin Trudeau exits an advanced screening of Return of the Jedi at the Somerset Theatre in Ottawa, father in tow. The prime minister looks bemused—perhaps he finds Ewoks and lightsabers a tad silly. Not so, Justin. The eleven-year-old offers his verdict to a CBC reporter with wide-eyed amazement: “It was better […]

The Justin Trudeau I Can’t Forget

Sep 29 2015 — Jonathan Kay — IN LATE 2013, I spent several months working as a freelance editorial assistant on Justin Trudeau’s memoir Common Ground. Aside from interviewing Trudeau himself over many days, I spoke with the Liberal leader’s relatives, colleagues, and close friends. During these discussions, I leafed through albums of old photos, laughed at funny stories, and watched a […]