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Bill Morneau a ‘walking conflict of interest;’ Fife

Sep 13 2020 — — Robert Fife, Ottawa bureau chief for The Globe and Mail, weighs in on the WE Charity controversy, the upcoming throne speech and the charges laid against former Liberal MP Raj Grewal. Fife tells Mercedes Stephenson former finance minister Bill Morneau’s violation of the Canada Elections Act plays into the Conservative narrative that the Prime Minister […]

Liberals ‘will not give a veto’ to Conservatives on House reform: Chagger

Apr 9 2017 — — After weeks of heated debate surrounding proposed changes to how the House of Commons operates, Government House Leader Bardish Chagger says she wants to see the discussion continue — but ultimately she won’t allow the Opposition to derail the government’s plans. “What would be nice is for all members of Parliament to be able to […]

Half of adult Syrian refugees unemployed 1 year later: Liberals

Dec 11 2016 — Amy Minsky — One year after the first of 35,000 Syrian refugees landed in Canada, only half of all adults — approximately 9,000 individuals — have found work. For the past year, the federal government has been providing funds to new arrivals as they attempt to build new lives in a new country with new circumstances and different […]

Fake news online: How did we get here?

Dec 11 2016 — Amy Minsky — The spotlight on fake news became especially bright in the days and weeks after the American presidential election in November, after many real news outlets began questioning the effect falsified articles had on the vote’s outcome. Just last week, failed Democratic presidential nominee Hillary Clinton slammed what she described as an “epidemic” of fake news […]

Maryam Monsef apology not accepted by everyone on electoral reform committee

Dec 4 2016 — Amy Minsky — NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice isn’t ready to either forgive or forget. Not even after Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef apologized to him and the other members of the electoral reform committee for “insulting” comments she made last week in the House of Commons. The minister flabbergasted opposition parties on Thursday with a dismissive, hostile response […]

We want Keystone built, federal natural resources minister says

Dec 4 2016 — Amy Minsky — The Justin Trudeau government wants more pipelines – specifically Keystone XL – even after approving two major projects last week to haul oil from Alberta. “Yes. We do,” said Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, when asked whether the Liberals want the TransCanada Keystone pipeline built. “We supported the application in the first place. It’s up […]

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