National Newswatch

Confusion reigns over possible extradition treaty with China

Sep 25 2016 — Monique Muise — Is Canada in formal talks with the Chinese on a possible extradition treaty? There seem to be conflicting answers coming out of Ottawa this week after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. On Thursday, Trudeau confirmed there were discussions underway, but argued they’d been going on on an “ad-hoc” basis for […]

Why the former CSIS director says the Liberals shouldn’t touch Bill C-51

Sep 11 2016 — Monique Muise — The former director of Canada’s Security Intelligence Service says Bill C-51 should remain untouched. He does, however, support the government’s plan to re-examine the controversial piece of anti-terror legislation. “I would leave it as it is, but as a Canadian, I’m glad the government’s carrying through on its promise to review things,” Richard Fadden told […]

Kellie Leitch: Stricter immigration vetting ‘isn’t about identity politics’

Sep 11 2016 — Monique Muise — Conservative leadership candidate Kellie Leitch is continuing to defend the choice to poll her supporters about vetting immigrants for ‘anti-Canadian values,’ saying it’s not her intention to get into a debate about identity politics. Leitch campaign pushes rivals to respond Kellie Leitch campaign trying to push Conservative rivals into values debate Peter MacKay arrives with […]