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Doug Ford is brash, but he’s no Donald Trump

Apr 21 2018 — — Earlier this week, Ontario PC leader Doug Ford made an announcement that sent a shock wave through the canyons of Bay Street. His first act, should he be elected premier, said Ford, would be to fire Mayo Schmidt, the president and CEO of Hydro One, and the company’s entire board of directors.

In beer ruling, Supreme Court delivers reminder Constitution does not cast provinces as junior partners in federation

Apr 20 2018 — Chantal Hébert — At a time when federal-provincial tensions are on the rise, two court rulings this week offer a timely reminder that the Constitution does not cast the provinces as junior partners of a unitary federation. In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court found that New Brunswick is within its rights to forbid its citizens to bring […]

Justin Trudeau will have an election in mind as he heads to Halifax convention. But it’s not his own

Apr 20 2018 — Susan Delacourt — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hauled out not one, but three of his 2015 election slogans last weekend when he held his pipeline-crisis meeting with the premiers of Alberta and British Columbia. He talked of “hope and hard work” and declared that “better is always possible.” Trudeau even urged the warring provinces to see their rivals […]

California governor snubbed by Progressive Conservatives

Apr 17 2018 — Kristin Rushowy — Jerry Brown, the California governor who was in town to talk climate change with Premier Kathleen Wynne, was snubbed Monday by the Progressive Conservatives, who refused to allow him to address the Ontario legislature. Wynne noted her government’s rebuffed request after holding a “fireside chat” with Brown, a leader whose state’s economy is the sixth […]

Facebook Canada offers closed-door briefings to MPs ahead of meeting

Apr 16 2018 — Alex Boutilier — Facebook Canada is offering closed-door briefings to MPs tasked with publicly grilling the company later this week over the Cambridge Analytica scandal, the Star has learned. An email obtained by the Star from Facebook Canada’s public policy team invited members of the House of Commons’ Ethics committee to meet privately with the company before their […]

Trudeau bets he and Notley can push the pipeline through B.C.

Apr 16 2018 — Gillian Steward — In the end Justin Trudeau didn’t have much choice. He couldn’t be seen to look weak when it comes to asserting federal authority in the dispute between Alberta and B.C. over the future of a trans-provincial pipeline that would ship diluted bitumen from the oilsands to the West Coast for export to Asia. That would […]

Trudeau’s top security advisor denies blaming Indian government for “conspiracy” in Atwal affair

Apr 16 2018 — Tonda MacCharles and Bruce Campion-Smith — The prime minister’s national security advisor Daniel Jean says it was his idea to brief reporters on the Jaspal Atwal affair to “de-bunk misinformation” in the media that the government had failed to heed prior warnings about the convicted would-be assassin’s attendance at Justin Trudeau’s events in India. Daniel Jean, testifying before the Commons standing […]

How Tanya Granic Allen creates a problem for Doug Ford

Apr 16 2018 — Michael Coren — Doug Ford has some thinking to do. Or to be more realistic, Doug Ford’s new team of political handlers have some thinking to do, because the man who would be premier is not big on the old thinking business. His people are, however. They thrive on political machinations, adore back room antics, and having worked […]