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We won’t support a minority government led by Doug Ford, Ontario’s opposition leaders say

Jan 25 2022 — Robert Benzie — No Progressive Conservative majority, no more Premier Doug Ford. With an election 18 weeks away, that was the message from Ontario’s three opposition party leaders at a Ryerson University Democracy Forum event Tuesday moderated by the Star’s Martin Regg Cohn. NDP Leader Andrea Horwath, Liberal Leader Steven Del Duca, and Green Leader Mike Schreiner emphasized […]

If Erin O’Toole wants to be a leader, why does he refuse to act like one?

Jan 24 2022 — Althia Raj — Watching Erin O’Toole obfuscate with reporters Monday — on whether he supports a truck convoy protesting vaccination rules — laid bare the Conservative leader’s principal challenge. He desperately wants to avoid his predecessor’s mistakes but in doing so keeps making his own errors. O’Toole was asked eight times, whether he stands with the so-called “freedom […]

Canada is still admitting Afghan refugees at a glacial pace. Justin Trudeau must set a fire underneath our immigration officials

Jan 23 2022 — Robin V. Sears — I suspect being a senior immigration official is only marginally less boring than being a night watchman, and that might sour their view of the world. Nonetheless, on three continents over several decades it has been my experience that those who control the visa stamps are all conditioned to find a way to say “No,” […]

Hijab ban divides younger voters from boomers

Jan 22 2022 — Chantal Hébert — Let’s talk first about the old dog that has so far failed to bark. When the reassignment late last year of a Quebec elementary school teacher for wearing a hijab prompted various non-Quebec mayors to support the fight against the province’s Bill 21 with taxpayers’ dollars, many believed the initiative would backfire. In the face […]

Why is Justin Trudeau in a rut? Maybe it’s all the slogans

Jan 22 2022 — Susan Delacourt — The more that politicians reach into their bags of communications tricks to “reinforce the message,” as they say, the less they seem like real people. Justin Trudeau made it through an entire news conference on Friday without saying his government had Canadians’ backs. This is progress. In an analysis of his latest numbers this week, […]

Ukraine wants weapons and more soldiers from Canada

Jan 21 2022 — Tonda MacCharles — As international talks to quell Russia-Ukraine tensions ended Friday with no clear shift away from looming conflict, Ukraine made clear it wants the Canadian government to do more, including send weapons and more military personnel, even as it accepted a $120-million loan offered by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Trudeau told reporters he is looking at […]