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Julie Payette was never a good choice for governor general, and Justin Trudeau should have known it

Jan 21 2021 — Susan Delacourt — For the third time in her life, Julie Payette has been brought spectacularly down to earth. Payette’s descent from the post of governor-general, she will no doubt agree, was bumpier and longer-lasting than any experienced in the former astronaut’s two space missions. Her lengthy resignation statement did not exactly confirm the reports that led to […]

Canada says a heartfelt farewell to ‘the idiot next door’

Jan 20 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Dan Levy, the Canadian creator of the hit sitcom “Schitt’s Creek,” put his finger on it when he watched the presidential inauguration ceremony in the U.S. on Wednesday. “The decency of it all,” Levy marvelled on Twitter, which itself is a much more decent place now that Donald Trump has been banished from the platform. […]

This is a bad time for attack politics

Jan 17 2021 — Robin V. Sears — Sun., Jan. 17, 2021timer3 min. read Erin O’Toole is no fool — though you would be forgiven for wondering, given his performance in recent days. Having carefully plotted and executed a shift to the centre, and the beginnings of an appeal to working-class urban voters, he appears to be at risk of backsliding into the […]

Under pressure to disavow Trump-supporting members, Conservatives slam Liberals for ‘American-style’ attacks

Jan 17 2021 — — When Canadians hear about Trump-style politics coming to the country, many collectively shudder. But within a day of them recoiling in shock while watching thousands of pro-Donald Trump rioters storm the Capitol in Washington D.C., news outlets were reporting on a photo of the deputy leader of the Conservative party, Candice Bergen, wearing a camouflage […]

Inspiration must triumph over infamy

Jan 10 2021 — Penny Collenette — The assault on American democracy was oh so carefully planned. Just hours after two game-changing political victories for the Democrats, the classic Trump pattern of distraction and discord replaced truth and facts. It didn’t matter to him that thousands of Americans have died from COVID. It didn’t matter that health care workers were overwhelmed. All […]

What were Doug Ford and Jason Kenney thinking?

Jan 10 2021 — Robin V. Sears — When hundreds of Luftwaffe bombers cast a daily shadow over London during the Blitz, the Royal Family remained at Windsor Castle, just west of the epicentre, for the duration. Day after day members of the family would visit bomb sites and victims in hospitals. Princess Elizabeth joined the volunteer service that provided care for the […]

What will become of Trump’s Canadian fan base?

Jan 9 2021 — Peter Donolo — The sickening spectacle of MAGA rioters storming the U.S. Capitol seems to have broken Donald Trump’s hold over at least some of the Republicans who have enabled him over the last four years. But a lingering question for Canadian political aficionados is: what will become of his small but influential Canadian fan base? To be […]