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Pierre Poilievre is Canada’s most dangerous, appalling politician

Jun 29 2022 — Bob Hepburn — Pierre Poilievre has always appalled me. But as Canada Day approached and Ottawa braces for more “freedom” protests on Parliament Hill that Poilievre unreservedly supports, I grow even more appalled. That’s because the Conservative leadership race front-runner either somehow truly believes in the crazy ideas and causes that he spouts, or he’s a dishonest non-believer […]

Canadian gun myths lead to bad government policy

Jun 26 2022 — Robin V. Sears — Guns are among the top-three favourite Liberal wedge issues, along with abortion and race. These concerns rally a progressive base against Conservatives; it usually works every time. But due to several gun myths, this strategy may fail here. First, Canada’s firearm-related death rate is higher than that of many peer nations, at just over two […]

‘Pivot to a prime minister-in-waiting’: Interim Conservative leader Candice Bergen lays out her thoughts on the party’s present, and its future

Jun 26 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Candice Bergen will begin her final months at the helm of the federal Conservative party by taking a trip intended to send a message: the game of identity politics being played in her party right now needs to stop. Bergen — whose political roots are in the Canadian Alliance — will travel to Atlantic Canada […]

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner doubles down after Star reveals push to eject her for criticizing colleagues

Jun 24 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — A law that allows MPs to eject fellow members from their caucus encourages abusive behaviour inside political parties and that’s unacceptable, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner said Friday. Her comments came in the wake of revelations by the Star that some fellow Conservatives have been threatening Rempel Garner with expulsion from the party’s caucus under […]

‘Meltdowns.’ ‘Smear jobs.’ ‘Harassment’: Michelle Rempel Garner is calling out her fellow Conservatives — and some are trying to kick her out of the party

Jun 24 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Conservative MP Michelle Rempel Garner walked away from running for leadership of Alberta’s United Conservative Party on Thursday, citing the inhospitable internal political environment she’d inherit and a lack of time to fix it. But the high-profile MP is not returning to an overly hospitable federal political environment either. The Star has learned some of […]

Think Donald Trump’s election was ‘stolen’? Lots of Canadians believe it’s possible

Jun 22 2022 — Susan Delacourt — Almost half of Canadians polled last month are not entirely sure Donald Trump lost the last presidential election in the U.S., according to the newest release from Abacus Data. “Almost 5 million Canadian adults (16 per cent) think it’s definitely or probably true that ‘the U.S. election was stolen from Donald Trump,’” Abacus reported. “Another […]

Rempel Garner may need waiver from party rules to seek Alberta UCP leadership

Jun 20 2022 — — A potential bid for the leadership of Alberta’s governing United Conservative Party by MP Michelle Rempel Garner may hinge on whether she can get a waiver from party rules, the Star has learned. Multiple sources tell the Star the UCP’s caucus meets later Monday to debate whether the fact Rempel Garner hasn’t been a member […]

Is Justin Trudeau headed for defeat?

Jun 19 2022 — Chantal Hébert — To look back on the first stretch of Justin Trudeau’s third term is to be reminded there is a reason why no prime minister has succeeded in securing a fourth consecutive election victory in more than a century. Based on the recent past, governments do not age well. On that score, think back to Stephen […]