National Newswatch

The risks and (maybe) rewards of political comebacks

Feb 16 2020 — Penny Collenette — Are political comebacks worth the gamble? Peter MacKay wants to be prime minister of Canada. Joe Biden wants to be president of the United States. They are both grasping for a political brass ring that they believe should rightfully be theirs. Biden, 77, has previously vied to be the Democratic candidate. After years in the […]

Populism is alive and well in Canada

Feb 16 2020 — Jaime Watt — As a surge of populism sweeps the world, many Canadian commentators climb onto their high horses, pat themselves on the back and declare Canada immune to this short-sighted selfishness. Problem is, if you look below the surface, that notion simply doesn’t hold water. Canada is not unaffected by the factors that are driving this shift: […]

Youth are most affected by policies, so let them vote

Feb 16 2020 — Robin V. Sears — Establishments are always terrified of the young. If you are in power in Hong Kong, Lebanon, Iran, Iraq, Chile or France today you might be tempted to exclaim, “With bloody good reason!” Armies of Molotov cocktail hurling adolescents on the streets understandably spook the powers that be. But denying the young any effective voice about […]

Jason Kenney treated with kid-gloves, Indigenous protestors with assault rifles

Feb 12 2020 — Linda McQuaig — I want to start by turning myself in to Jason Kenney’s investigators. I admit to being against further oilsands development, making me a person of interest to the sleuths in Kenney’s $30-million “war-room” who are tasked with vilifying oilsands critics. Of course, they’re really hoping to unmask “foreign-funded special interests,” and I don’t have a […]

Indigenous protests put Justin Trudeau’s good intentions on a collision course with reality

Feb 12 2020 — Susan Delacourt — It’s still in the mandate letters that Justin Trudeau has been giving to cabinet ministers since he was elected in 2015: “There remains no more important relationship to me and to Canada than the one with Indigenous peoples.” Substitute the word “impossible” for “important” and that sentence adequately sums up where that relationship appears to […]

Team assembles as John Baird mulls Conservative leadership bid

Feb 12 2020 — Alex Boutilier — A group of allies and former staff members is preparing to help John Baird win the Conservative leadership if the former cabinet minister decides to enter the race. Baird, who is expected to announce his intentions within days, is weighing his desire to join the race against giving up the private-sector opportunities he’s taken on […]

The perils and power of digital media

Feb 9 2020 — Jaime Watt — If there is one lesson we learned this week, it is that digital media continues to shape politics in ways we still do not understand. Since its inception, strategists and pundits have treated digital media as a tool: a way of better understanding constituents and expanding reach to them. The reality is very different. Over […]

Democracy requires a paper trail

Feb 9 2020 — Robin V. Sears — As a very young scrutineer in local election campaigns, I would sit for long hours witnessing the fairness of the voting procedures in my poll. A short dinner break and then I would then sit with the two other party reps and several election officials, for many more hours that night, scrutinizing the count. It […]

Lessons to be learned from Trudeau’s African visit

Feb 9 2020 — Tiffany Gooch — This month, in Toronto’s Union Station, there will hang a quilt by Canadian artist and poet Nadine Williams in commemoration of the United Nations International Decade for People of African Descent (International Decade). The piece is an intricately stitched work of art depicting the indestructible threads that tie Canadians across the continent of Africa. Separate, […]