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Here’s why Canada and Alberta need each other

Dec 9 2019 — Heather Scoffield — Mon., Dec. 9, 2019timer4 min. read As Jason Kenney and a third of his cabinet attempt to smother Ottawa this week with charm and argument, it’s not just because environmentalists and Justin Trudeau have been breathing down his neck about emissions in the oilsands. That’s just nagging. The real driving force behind Kenney’s push is […]

Kenney urges Trudeau government to take ‘meaningful action’ to address separatist sentiments in Alberta

Dec 9 2019 — Tonda MacCharles — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney launched a full-court press on the Trudeau government Monday, arriving with a team of eight cabinet ministers, numbers and charts in hand, to warn that separatist sentiment in the Prairies is real and tied to federal policies that are crushing the energy sector. Kenney brought his pitch for a “fair deal […]

‘Unannounced’ tax cuts and spending could threaten plans for Ford government to balance budget before 2022 election: fiscal watchdog

Dec 9 2019 — Robert Benzie — Premier Doug Ford could balance the budget a year earlier than planned if the Progressive Conservatives can limit the growth of program spending and avoid cutting taxes, says Ontario’s fiscal watchdog. Financial Accountability Officer Peter Weltman said if the Tories can stick to their promised 1.4 per cent average annual increase, they could almost be […]

Canada’s success in the next decade depends on working together

Dec 8 2019 — Tiffany Gooch — Thursday’s speech from the throne spoke pointedly of a renewed national agenda aimed at rectifying the issues of yesterday, prioritizing the issues facing Canadians today and addressing the challenges that lay ahead of us in the decades to come. The speech opened by highlighting the differences in regional needs required across the country and established […]

Speedy signing of new NAFTA looking less and less likely

Dec 7 2019 — Edward Keenan — Just over a week ago, when Canada’s Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland jetted to Washington to meet with U.S. and Mexican officials on the eve of the American Thanksgiving weekend, it appeared a resolution to long-running trade talks was imminent. Canadian officials were saying it was close. American politicians measuring rhetorical distance in football metaphors […]

Throne speech shows a government looking closer to home

Dec 5 2019 — Susan Delacourt — The education of Justin Trudeau as prime minister is a tale that can now be told in two speeches from the throne — one in 2015, one in 2019. Other prime ministers have used the pomp and ceremony of throne speeches more frequently in their mandates for resets of their governments, halfway through their terms […]

Liberals got the message: more work, less talk

Dec 3 2019 — Susan Delacourt — Every morning in Ottawa, thousands of public servants crowd into a new light-rail system that may or may not work, headed to jobs for which they may or may not be correctly paid. Between a shaky start for light rail this fall and the still-not-fixed Phoenix payroll debacle, the nation’s capital isn’t exactly a model […]

Ford dodges questions on controversial climate-change comments from his energy board appointee

Dec 3 2019 — Rob Ferguson — Premier Doug Ford brushed aside controversial climate-change comments from his appointee heading the board of Ontario’s electricity agency as opposition parties said the evasion shows the government doesn’t take the problem of global warming seriously. The New Democrats zeroed in Tuesday on Joe Oliver, a Conservative and former federal finance minister who is now chair […]

‘Canada will benefit from climate change’: comments from Ford appointee draw fire

Dec 3 2019 — Rob Ferguson — The agency that operates Ontario’s electricity system is distancing itself from controversial climate-change comments made by its chair, Joe Oliver, a former federal finance minister appointed to the board last spring by Premier Doug Ford’s government. Concerns about how seriously the environmental challenge is viewed by the province grew Monday as opposition parties — who […]