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Does Canada really need more MPs?

Oct 18 2021 — Susan Delacourt — “Are there really Canadians out there who want to see more MPs added to the House of Commons?” This is not an original question, nor even a recent one. Almost exactly 10 years ago, a Liberal backbencher named Justin Trudeau posed it during a Commons debate about adding 30 new seats to the chamber. A […]

Quebec Premier François Legault, a onetime marketing executive, has built a political power brand

Oct 17 2021 — Eric Blais — The Coalition Avenir Québec (CAQ), the party founded by Quebec Premier François Legault, will celebrate its tenth anniversary next month. The Caquistes have much to celebrate. They’ll also be running for re-election in a year. While that’s an eternity in politics, the odds are clearly in the CAQ’s favour as the main opposition parties, the […]

Does Justin Trudeau need a Ministry of Public Anger?

Oct 16 2021 — Susan Delacourt — They came to the campaign trail, they saw Justin Trudeau — and they were conquered. It’s a fascinating footnote to all those ugly protests that dogged Trudeau throughout the election. In all but a couple of the ridings where the angriest demonstrations took place, voters sent Trudeau’s Liberals to Parliament. Liberals won in London North […]

‘They’re gagging people’: New Brunswick orders halt to Indigenous land acknowledgments — and faces a national backlash

Oct 16 2021 — — Julianna Peter-Paul says it’s “just one more thing” the government of New Brunswick has done to her people “that will have to be reconciled later.” The 27-year-old from the Metepenagiag Miꞌkmaq Nation, who works part-time for the provincial archives, was stunned this week when the province ordered all government employees to stop giving land acknowledgments […]

Canada’s vaccine passport for travellers expected ‘within weeks’

Oct 14 2021 — — A standardized vaccine passport that would pave Canadians’ way for easier domestic and international travel could be coming in a matter of weeks, with recent delays less about buy-in from provinces and more about the technology behind the system. Ottawa first began working on a national vaccine passport this spring. Days before the federal election […]

Should unvaccinated MPs be allowed in the House of Commons? One prominent Conservative says yes

Oct 13 2021 — Alex Ballingall — A Conservative MP and former Tory whip says parliamentarians should be allowed to work in the House of Commons even if they choose not to get vaccinated against COVID-19, a position he believes is consistent with his party leader’s opposition to vaccination mandates during the recent election campaign. Mark Strahl, the Conservative MP for the […]

“The military is not going to solve this on its own’: Eyes turn to Ottawa as sexual misconduct crisis continues to rock the Canadian Armed Forces

Oct 10 2021 — Jacques Gallant — When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said military leaders “still don’t get it” when it comes to fighting sexual misconduct in the Canadian Armed Forces, his comment prompted a pointed response: So what are you going to do about it? After all, critics noted, the long-running crisis is as much the government’s problem as it is […]

History shows a divided Conservative party will always lose

Oct 10 2021 — — Erin O’Toole dodged a bullet last week in getting safely through his first post-election caucus. If history is any guide, the Conservative leader will soon need to duck many more. Since the dawn of Confederation, Canadian conservatives can point to only three periods of undisputed political success, in government.: Sir John A. Macdonald, 18 years; […]

The Star talked to 57 insiders. Here’s what we learned about how Justin Trudeau turned around his faltering campaign and defeated Erin O’Toole

Oct 9 2021 — Althia Raj — To attack or not to attack? Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau sat staring at his friend Tom Pitfield’s laptop computer. “It’s time,” Pitfield, the party’s chief digital strategist and chief executive of the digital marketing and data analytics firm Data Sciences, told him. They were huddled on one side of a horseshoe-shaped table in a large […]