National Newswatch

Bill to slash the size of Toronto city council passes

Aug 14 2018 — Rob Ferguson — Premier Doug Ford used his new government’s majority muscle Tuesday to push through a controversial bill cutting the size of Toronto city council in half with municipal elections just 10 weeks away, a move NDP Leader Andrea Horwath called “a blatant abuse of power.” The legislation, named the Better Local Government Act, also scraps planned […]

Ford’s fast-paced summer agenda proving critics wrong

Aug 12 2018 — Jaime Watt — When political parties, who have spent years wandering aimlessly in the wilderness of opposition, eventually come to power, they are often counselled by their new advisers to pause and take a moment to catch their breath. This advice is offered not just with the best of intentions, but for good reason as well: campaigns are […]

Could the NDP dump Jagmeet if he loses?

Aug 10 2018 — Susan Delacourt — It’s official. Jagmeet Singh now has the worst political leader’s job in Canada. Granted, there may be other leaders struggling to keep their parties relevant, solvent and in contention for the next election. But none of them have to wrestle with those challenges while also on a high-wire bid to get a seat in Parliament.

For Jagmeet Singh, a byelection bid without a net

Aug 8 2018 — Tim Harper — There is often a penchant among Canadian politicians and pundits to over-analyze byelection results and search too hard for tipping points or tectonic shifts that may be merely mirage. But this time, it cannot be overstated. The political future of Jagmeet Singh and the foreseeable fortunes of his federal NDP now sit with voters in […]

Tory asks Trudeau to end bail for repeat gun offenders

Aug 6 2018 — David Rider — Mayor John Tory is renewing his call on Ottawa to toughen bail rules for people accused of gun crime, including no bail at all for repeat offenders. “We want to ensure that repeat gun offenders not be granted bail in the event of a subsequent gun charge and remain in custody until the charges have […]

The Liberal Party needs more than Trudeau

Aug 5 2018 — Andrew MacDougall — Justin Trudeau is an overhyped commodity, one that doesn’t sell. That’s one possible reading of the Liberal Party’s relatively anemic second quarter fundraising totals, a haul that leaves the party of government — and their celebrity leader — looking (a long way) up at the more quotidian Andrew Scheer and his Conservative opposition.

Trudeau’s Liberals cede ground to opponents on climate change

Aug 2 2018 — Tim Harper — The federal Liberals may be taking a pragmatic approach to its carbon tax plan by softening the blow to heavy emitters. We are, after all, living beside a U.S. president who once believed global warming was a plot hatched by the Chinese to hurt American business and is already wreaking economic havoc in some key […]