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Ron MacLean was Don Cherry’s enabler

Nov 12 2019 — Shree Paradkar — As one of the “you people” in this country, a hockey commentator like Don Cherry was confusing to me. His presence on the periphery of my new life would sometimes barge into my consciousness when people around me would laugh at his latest transgression, in thrall to his audacity. While his presence showed that otherwise […]

Economic downturn? David Dodge has a plan for that

Nov 11 2019 — Heather Scoffield — David Dodge, the man who successfully pushed for the drastic government spending cuts in the 1990s, says it’s quite OK for Ottawa to be running a bit of a deficit these days. Dodge, who went on to become the governor of the Bank of Canada in the 2000s and is now a consultant, has developed […]

Scheer and Trudeau set for first post-election meeting

Nov 11 2019 — Alex Boutilier — The issue of Western alienation will loom large over the Prime Minister’s Office Tuesday as Justin Trudeau holds meetings with Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer and Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe. Trudeau and Scheer are scheduled to meet for the first time since October’s federal election, which returned Trudeau’s Liberals to power with a minority government. Moe, […]

Canada has been a foreign aid laggard for too long

Nov 10 2019 — Tiffany Gooch — There comes a moment for each prime minister who has secured a second mandate to face the difficult decision of establishing their legacy addressing domestic challenges, while also considering Canada’s contribution to global efforts aimed at overcoming international challenges. Under Justin Trudeau’s leadership it may appear there have been considerable shifts to how Canada has […]

Conservatives will pay for Andrew Scheer’s anti-tax stance

Nov 8 2019 — Heather Scoffield — There’s nothing that unites Conservatives like a clarion call for lower taxes — and since the Conservatives need some uniting right now, that’s where Andrew Scheer went this week after his first post-election caucus meeting. “I have never known a problem that is solved by a new tax,” Scheer told reporters Wednesday evening after a […]

Failure to woo Red Tories will sink Scheer

Nov 7 2019 — Tom Walkom — Ontario is Andrew Scheer’s Achilles heel. The Conservative leader cannot win the next election without gaining significantly more support from voters in Canada’s largest province. Unless he dramatically changes his approach, he is unlikely to get it. This is the sobering reality that faces members of the Conservative Party as they mull over their leader’s […]

Canada could use a credible champion on climate change

Nov 7 2019 — Heather Scoffield — Someone with a big name who is respected in the West. Someone who understands the business community, investment flows and corporate decision-making. Someone who can talk to both the Liberals and Conservatives eye-to-eye. Someone who can thread the needle on climate change and economic growth, while winning over the confidence of the oilpatch. That’s who […]