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Lone candidate Marit Stiles set to be Ontario NDP leader

Dec 6 2022 — — Marit Stiles is the one and only. Stiles will be the next leader of the provincial New Democrats after she was the lone candidate to enter the party contest. The NDP’s 1 a.m. Tuesday deadline passed with no other entrants signing up — more than two months after the Davenport MPP joined the race to […]

Danielle Smith’s sovereignty act eats at our trust in democracy. Why aren’t Conservatives calling her out?

Dec 3 2022 — Althia Raj — Nobel Peace Prize-winning laureate Maria Ressa made the rounds of popular U.S. talk shows this week. The Filipino-American journalist, who helped expose ex-Philippines president Rodrigo Duterte’s authoritarianism and murderous anti-drug campaign, is a ferocious critic of Facebook for its role spreading anger and lies, and for radicalizing and dividing societies. “If you don’t have facts, […]

Feuding politicians. Candid texts. A stunning inquiry. The behind-the-scenes story of how the ‘Freedom Convoy’ shook the foundations of Canadian politics

Dec 3 2022 — Tonda MacCharles — “I don’t take edicts from you, you’re not my f—ing boss.” That’s what an Ontario cabinet minister snapped at her federal counterpart in February as he pressed for answers about how the province and Ontario Provincial Police would handle so-called “Freedom Convoy” protesters who had by then paralyzed downtown Ottawa for nearly two weeks.

Gun owners caught up in controversial new Liberal firearms bill could get compensation, Marco Mendicino says

Dec 3 2022 — Stephanie Levitz — Gun owners whose weapons end up banned under a proposed sweeping new firearms bill could be eligible for compensation, Public Safety Minister Marco Mendicino said Friday, as the Liberals work to contain political pushback over their latest efforts to regulate guns. Whether newly banned guns would qualify for a buyback program already in the works […]

Danielle Smith and Justin Trudeau both turned to extraordinary measures. Here’s the difference

Dec 1 2022 — Duane Bratt — The past week has seen quite the juxtaposition in Canadian politics. Last Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau testified under oath to the Public Order Emergency Commission over his decision to invoke the Emergencies Act. On Tuesday, Alberta Premier Danielle Smith introduced her signature piece of legislation: The Alberta Sovereignty Within a United Canada Act. Both […]

Doug Ford says auditor general should ‘stay in her lane’ instead of engaging in police-style ‘sting operations’

Dec 1 2022 — Robert Benzie — Premier Doug Ford says auditor general Bonnie Lysyk should “stay in her lane” and audit government spending, not run undercover sting operations at casinos that rankle police. In his first public comments the morning after Lysyk’s annual report to the legislature, Ford expressed concern that she had moved far beyond her mandate to track government […]

At Emergencies Act inquiry, Justin Trudeau’s testimony revealed a previously unknown side of the prime minister

Nov 28 2022 — Robin V. Sears — Trudeau is often content to speak in bland, fluffy pronouncements — but on Friday, the veil slipped. Why have we never seen this person before? Through hours of often intense grilling at the Emergencies Act inquiry on Friday, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau revealed a side of himself few Canadians have ever seen. A politician who […]

Pierre Poilievre is in touch with his feelings, and they’re angry

Nov 27 2022 — Eric Blais — “Everything feels broken in the lives of ordinary Canadians.” It has become Conservative Leader Pierre Poilievre’s mantra. He won the leadership of his party by promising to make Canada the freest nation on earth. Now he’s running to form the next government by promising to fix what he and his followers feel is broken. Strong […]

Freedom Convoy lawyer called ‘idiot’ after mistaken identity

Nov 24 2022 — — A lawyer for organizers of the so-called “Freedom Convoy” ran to confront a man outside of the Emergencies Act inquiry on Thursday whom he mistook for the person he has repeatedly accused — despite ardent denials and without providing evidence — of carrying a Nazi flag to last winter’s protests. The lawyer was also served […]

Trudeau staffers’ evidence contradicts former Conservative interim leader’s recollection of call with prime minister

Nov 24 2022 — — Prime Minister’s Office officials say the former Conservative interim leader Candice Bergen told the prime minister there would be “significant concerns” to consider in meeting with convoy participants, a public inquiry heard Thursday. That statement contradicts Bergen’s recollection of a call with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, she said in a statement sent to the Star. […]