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Election campaign marked by ‘unhealthy’ polarization, and it may be about to get worse

Oct 16 2019 — Bruce Campion-Smith — No matter who emerges the winner from Monday’s election, the prime minister will take charge of a country divided by an acrimonious election. And those divisions won’t evaporate once the ballots are counted. Indeed, the election results threaten to further exacerbate political fault lines, along geography, gender and the key issues at play. Experts point […]

Estate of Barry and Honey Sherman part of Toronto police murder probe, detective tells court

Oct 16 2019 — Kevin Donovan — The multibillion dollar estate of murdered philanthropists Barry and Honey Sherman is part of the police investigation into their deaths, a homicide detective has told a Toronto court. “The information from the (Sherman) estate files is embedded…it is embedded within the ITO,” Det.-Const. Dennis Yim told the Ontario Court of Justice during an application from […]

Andrew Scheer is in a prime ministerial frame of mind

Oct 15 2019 — — Prime Minister Andrew Scheer. It may take some Canadians a little time to wrap their heads around that prospect — and of course, there is that small matter of an actual election to get out of the way first — but the Conservative leader is clearly getting in that frame of mind. Over the past […]

Barry and Honey Sherman murder probe receives ‘significant contribution’ from Toronto Police intelligence squad, court records reveal

Oct 15 2019 — Kevin Donovan — The Toronto Police intelligence unit has been called in to the Barry and Honey Sherman murder probe and has recently made a “significant contribution,” according to documents filed in court in the high-profile case. The details of that contribution were not revealed by the police detective who filed the court document, but in it he […]

The spectacular rise of the Bloc has been months in the making

Oct 14 2019 — Chantal Hébert — With a week to go to the federal election, the only question still to be answered about the Bloc Québécois is whether it will finish first or second to the Liberals in Quebec next Monday. Neither Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, nor Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives had factored in the possibility of a Bloc resurrection in their game […]

Conservatives want Canadians to justify travelling to extremist ‘hot spots’

Oct 13 2019 — Alex Boutilier — A Conservative proposal to make Canadians proactively justify travelling to “terrorism hot spots” is raising eyebrows among experts researching national security and foreign fighters. The Conservatives said Friday they’d create a “reverse onus” for Canadians travelling to regions with known terrorist activity to justify that travel. The party said the idea is aimed at making

Strong leadership will influence social inclusion in Quebec

Oct 13 2019 — Robin V. Sears — There is a wide chasm between the views of progressive Quebecers and the rest of Canada about social inclusion. The divide is most sharply revealed over Bill 21. Many Quebecers cannot see the racial and cultural offence that the bill’s purported defence of “laicity” — a secular state free of religion — inflicts on citizens […]

Costed platforms are your Thanksgiving gift from Canada’s political parties

Oct 12 2019 — Heather Scoffield — The Conservatives have finally shown on paper how they would achieve what they’ve promised for months now: a balanced budget within five years, by squeezing the civil service, tightening their fist around operating budgets and delaying billions in infrastructure spending. Released on the Friday afternoon before Thanksgiving weekend, just as advance polls opened across the […]

Conservative plan would cut $35.4B to balance books

Oct 11 2019 — Alex Boutilier — The Conservatives are promising $35.4 billion in spending cuts over five years to make good on their pledge to balance the federal books if they are elected to form Canada’s next government. Most of the big-ticket items in the election platform released Friday by Leader Andrew Scheer — a cut in the income tax, a […]