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How election fraud looks in the 21st century

Oct 21 2018 — Robin V. Sears — When I was very young, allowed to stay up at my grandfather’s campaign headquarters because it was election night, the most astonishing sight was two grizzled old loggers swaggering in some time after polls closed. They would brag to everyone’s nervous amusement about how many times they had voted that day. With British Columbia’s archaic […]

Are cabinet leaks really a new norm?

Oct 21 2018 — Penny Collenette — Cabinet leaks of confidential information have always led to explosive headlines. This week was no exception. The question is whether leaks have become an accepted practice and if so, what are the consequences? At issue is a criminal charge against the Vice-Chief of the Defence Staff, Mark Norman. His lawyer, Marie Henein, has reportedly made […]

Pot legalization a lesson in savvy political timing

Oct 21 2018 — Jaime Watt — In politics, there are two factors — over which you have no control — that determine your fate: timing and luck. In running for office, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau seems to have taken his father’s advice that “the essential ingredient of politics is timing” to heart.

Patrick Brown holds narrow lead in Brampton mayoral race, poll finds

Oct 20 2018 — — A new poll suggests former Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown holds a narrow lead over incumbent Linda Jeffrey in the Brampton mayoral race. According to a survey by Mainstreet Research, 43.9 per cent of decided voters that were polled were in favour on Brown, while 39.3 per cent supported Jeffrey.

Is it a politician’s right to block people on Twitter?

Oct 18 2018 — Susan Delacourt — There is something undeniably satisfying about blocking a troublesome person on Twitter. One click, and the noise is over. But that simple act, if carried out by a government official, could end up being unconstitutional in Canada if a newly launched court challenge is successful against Ottawa Mayor Jim Watson.

Speaker clears Andrea Horwath in encounter with Tory MPP

Oct 18 2018 — Robert Benzie — “After carefully reviewing the matter, I cannot find that a prima facie case of breach of privilege has been established,” said Arnott of the dispute between the two Hamilton-area representatives, who have known each other for decades. Skelly, who ducked reporters Thursday and did not return messages seeking comment, had formally complained to the Speaker […]

Khashoggi murder case a test for despots everywhere

Oct 17 2018 — Roland Paris — The disappearance and possible murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi is an important test case for despots everywhere. Can they get away with interrogating, kidnapping and even assassinating their critics in other countries? Khashoggi, a resident of the United States and contributor to the Washington Post, walked into Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, […]

Why is Quebec cool to the legalization of marijuana?

Oct 17 2018 — Chantal Hébert — The sound of one hand clapping greeted the fulfilment of Justin Trudeau’s signature cannabis promise in Quebec on Wednesday. To mark the occasion, the Journal de Montréal, the province’s most-read tabloid, gave pride of place to not one but three scathing columns on the ills of the legalization of marijuana.

Wynne government ignored warnings about borrowing billions to fund hydro rate cuts, committee told

Oct 17 2018 — Rob Ferguson — The defeated Liberal government ignored numerous warnings from top civil servants that its scheme to borrow billions to lower electricity prices a full 25 per cent was a “bad idea,” says the former deputy minister of energy. Serge Imbrogno told a legislative committee Tuesday bureaucrats were asked for options to further reduce hydro rates by […]

Tories gird for watchdog report on the cost of scrapping Ontario’s cap-and-trade program

Oct 15 2018 — Robert Benzie — As Ontario’s fiscal watchdog is set to reveal the financial impact of Premier Doug Ford’s decision to scrap cap-and-trade, the Progressive Conservatives insist they will have a replacement climate-change plan soon. Environment Minister Rod Phillips said Monday the Tories would soon unveil their strategy for reducing greenhouse gas emissions that contribute to extreme weather.