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Justin Trudeau appears to be weathering the SNC-Lavalin storm

Aug 21 2019 — Chantal Hébert — Even before the Liberals used their majority on a parliamentary committee on Wednesday to shut down future inquiries into the federal ethics commissioner’s scathing report about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of the SNC-Lavalin file, there were signs that Mario Dion’s findings were not destined to become a turning point of the pre-election season. By […]

Peterborough NDP candidate scrubs expletive-laden tweets

Aug 21 2019 — — Peterborough-Kawartha NDP candidate Candace Shaw has wiped her Twitter history, which included tweets using explicit language and insults. Shaw says the social media purge was requested by her party and, although she does have some regrets about some prior postings, “It’s not an attempt to hide who I am at all. “I’m still myself.”

SNC-Lavalin affair exposes Trudeau’s lazy math on jobs

Aug 20 2019 — Heather Scoffield — There’s a short but jarring paragraph in Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion’s report last week on what went wrong in the SNC-Lavalin controversy. When the commissioner asked Finance Minister Bill Morneau what kind of analyses his department had done on the economic damage that could flow from SNC-Lavalin having to go to trial, Morneau replied that […]

Alberta and Quebec have little chance of pipeline compromise

Aug 19 2019 — Chantal Hébert — Keeping track of Quebec and Alberta’s premiers these days is like watching two runaway trains on a pipeline-driven collision course. Neither Jason Kenney nor François Legault seems inclined to put his foot on the brake. It is not clear that either of them can alter course without derailing his agenda. By all indications, Canada’s s […]

Premier Doug Ford’s ties to lobbyists has Tory riding association ‘alarmed’

Aug 19 2019 — Robert Benzie — Premier Doug Ford’s ties to lobbyists have “alarmed” a Progressive Conservative riding association president, according to an internal party email obtained by the Star. In a letter to Ford, Tory executive director Mike Crase, and other PC officials, Lillo Ognibene complained about the premier’s appointment of a dozen lobbyists to his 17-member re-election committee. “These […]

Bernier tries to walk line between libertarianism and identity politics at People’s Party’s first national convention

Aug 18 2019 — Alex Boutilier — Kelly Day was warming up the crowd with a theme song she wrote for the People’s Party of Canada. The song was heavy on the patriotism and libertarianism that Maxime Bernier’s upstart party says it stands for. PPC candidates and volunteers, purple lanyards around their necks and buttons on their chests, clapped and shouted encouragement. […]

Justin Trudeau may not be sorry, but he’s in a sorry state

Aug 18 2019 — Rosie DiManno — Justin Trudeau wears apologia like a rose in his lapel. Sometimes accessorized with tears. The prime minister has either apologized or promised to apologize for: the harm caused to Aboriginal people by Canada’s residential schools policy and the decades-long abuse of Indigenous children; the Chinese head tax; refusal to let the Komagata Maru, a steamship […]

They helped Andrew Scheer shock Maxime Bernier to become Tory leader. Can the same team win the election?

Aug 16 2019 — Alex Boutilier — A senior member of Andrew Scheer’s team put his chances at 50 per cent. It was the night before the Conservative leadership vote, and Mike MacDonell was pacing the halls at the Etobicoke convention centre where the federal party’s grassroots were selecting Stephen Harper’s successor. MacDonell shared his assessment of Scheer’s chances with an incredulous […]

Ethics report’s damning findings are a first for a sitting prime minister but is it enough to take Trudeau down?

Aug 14 2019 — Chantal Hébert — Where to start? The ethics commissioner report on the SNC-Lavalin affair contains the most damning findings ever rendered by an officer of Parliament against a sitting prime minister. Yes, Jean Chrétien and Paul Martin were splattered by the sponsorship scandal. And Stephen Harper spent his last year in office embroiled in a senate scandal that […]

Ontario’s gas-pump stickers attacking Ottawa’s carbon pricing are on the way

Aug 13 2019 — Robert Benzie — The stickers are in the mail. Ontario’s controversial new gas-pump decals that warn against Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon-pricing measures will be in place well before the official launch of the Oct. 21 federal election campaign. They are being sent to thousands of gas stations in time for the Progressive Conservative government’s self-imposed Aug. 30 […]