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Erin O’Toole’s green plan: More shopping, less government

Apr 18 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole loves the colour blue. He is so fond of it that even his new green plan is true blue. That’s not just an observation on the colourful layout of the 15-page document that Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are dismissing as a mere pamphlet, not a plan. O’Toole’s new climate change policy really […]

Chrystia Freeland’s historic budget balancing act: plugging pandemic holes while kick-starting the recovery

Apr 18 2021 — Heather Scoffield — Child care will be the big, shiny headline, but the environment will be the subplot. Chrystia Freeland’s first budget will be historic, by definition, if only just because of the sheer size of it. After a full year of unbridled federal spending to underpin the pandemic economy, Freeland will show deficits that are far larger […]

Joe Biden is on track for the most impressive first 100 days of a U.S. presidency. The contrast should make Liberals blush

Apr 18 2021 — Robin V. Sears — This will be the most impressive first 100 days of an American presidency since FDR invented the benchmark. Consider: $2 trillion pandemic package — done; Paris Accord reconnect and climate summit — done; first gun control package in three decades — done; fastest Cabinet approval in four presidencies — done. And on and on. Coming: […]

Erin O’Toole is well aware he’s pushing for a carbon tax

Apr 18 2021 — Alex Boutilier — Despite his public denials, Erin O’Toole knows he’s proposing a carbon tax. The senior staff around him know he’s proposing a carbon tax. The MPs in his caucus know he’s proposing a carbon tax. And the Conservative base knows he’s proposing a carbon tax. They say this openly, albeit in conversations where they insist they […]

Come back, Donald Trump — Canada’s self-esteem needs you

Apr 15 2021 — Susan Delacourt — Well, it was fun while it lasted. For four years, with Donald Trump in office, Canada basked in the comparison — peace, order and not-so-chaotic government here, relatively speaking. But now, with Trump not even 100 days out of office, American superiority to Canada is rearing its head again and Canada, alas, has lost its […]

Conventions today trivialize their own parties

Apr 11 2021 — Robin V. Sears — We peered down from our broadcasting booth high above the convention floor at Maple Leaf Gardens. Beneath us were the floor management and candidate boxes of the leadership candidates. To our surprise, at a pivotal moment in the leadership balloting, we saw one of Ontario Liberals most esteemed grandees quietly emerge from the stands and […]