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A theory on Justin Trudeau’s lack of contrition

Mar 10 2019 — Jaime Watt — How different this week could have been if Gerald Butts’ testimony was a springboard and not a trial balloon. On Wednesday morning, the prime minister’s former principal secretary, who is among his closest friends and confidants, did exactly what was required to change the arc of the story. He established himself as a credible and […]

Trudeau to keep Wernick on election interference file, despite opposition misgivings

Mar 10 2019 — Alex Boutilier — The Liberal government will keep the country’s top bureaucrat as the person ultimately responsible for alerting Canadians to foreign interference in the 2019 election, despite the opposition parties’ lost confidence in Michael Wernick’s neutrality. Cameron Ahmad, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s deputy director of communications, told the Star Saturday they’ll keep Privy Council Clerk Wernick on […]

Pizzagate ‘ridiculous and dangerous,’ Scheer’s office says

Mar 8 2019 — — Andrew Scheer’s office says the Conservative leader “did not hear” a questioner at a town hall in Kitchener Thursday night refer to a debunked American conspiracy theory about a child prostitution ring. Scheer was asked about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s support for the Clinton Foundation, and through it a disproven conspiracy theory that alleged there […]

When did Trudeau and his Liberals lose their way?

Mar 8 2019 — Susan Delacourt — International Women’s Day came and went in Canada on Friday without much fanfare by Justin Trudeau, who normally uses the occasion to burnish his feminist brand. That brand, like everything else around Trudeau this past month, has been tarnished by the ongoing SNC-Lavalin saga, which has cost the prime minister two strong women ministers and […]

Wernick’s part in the SNC-Lavalin affair means he shouldn’t be trusted to sound alarm on election meddling, opposition MPs say

Mar 8 2019 — Alex Boutilier — Canada’s two main opposition parties say their lost confidence in the country’s top bureaucrat means he can’t be trusted to warn voters about foreign interference in the 2019 election, the Star has learned. Wernick is the most senior member of a five-person panel tasked with alerting Canadians to the kind of foreign meddling seen in […]

Liberal MP challenges Justin Trudeau over leadership style

Mar 7 2019 — Alex Ballingall — Liberal MP Celina Caesar-Chavannes fell silent Thursday after publicly challenging Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s leadership style without providing context or explanation. Caesar-Chavannes made the statement on Twitter shortly after Trudeau’s much-anticipated news conference about the ongoing SNC-Lavalin controversy, which has rocked his government over the past month.

‘You very much crossed the line,’ opposition MPs tell top bureaucrat

Mar 6 2019 — Alex Boutilier — Ottawa’s top public servant faced a withering barrage of questions from opposition MPs Wednesday over his role in the SNC-Lavalin affair and allegations of “partisanship” in his defence of the Liberal government’s actions. Michael Wernick, the clerk of the Privy Council, stated “categorically” that he had “never given advice or done anything for partisan purposes,” […]

The SNC-Lavalin affair has gone from legal thriller to family drama

Mar 6 2019 — Susan Delacourt — Last week, the SNC-Lavalin affair was a legal thriller. This week, it’s also looking like a family drama, complete with tales of broken trust and frayed relationships at the highest level of the Canadian government. This new layer was added to the SNC-Lavalin controversy on Wednesday when Gerald Butts, former principal secretary to Prime Minister […]

Why Jody Wilson-Raybould is no hero

Mar 6 2019 — Bob Hepburn — Make no mistake about it, Justin Trudeau, Gerald Butts and the gang in the Prime Minister’s Office screwed up big time in the SNC-Lavalin affair. They mishandled the cabinet demotion of Jody Wilson-Raybould from attorney general to veterans affairs, which looked petty and vindictive; they mishandled the fallout from a news report that PMO officials […]

Trudeau was warned Wilson-Raybould would connect the cabinet shuffle to SNC-Lavalin issue

Mar 6 2019 — Alex Boutilier — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was warned that Jody Wilson-Raybould could connect her removal from the justice portfolio to her refusal to offer a deferred prosecution agreement to SNC-Lavalin, one of his former top aides says. Gerald Butts said former Treasury Board President Jane Philpott told Trudeau on January 6 that Wilson-Raybould might view her shuffle […]