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Is Canada’s venerable Conservative party going nuts?

Jul 29 2022 — Tom Walkom — Whatever happened to the old “sensible shoes” party known as the Conservatives? As Pierre Poilievre, a radical populist, prepares to become the party’s new leader, it’s a question that has taken on new urgency. Poilievre was already the odds-on favourite for winning his party’s leadership in a race that concludes next month. But his candidacy […]

Elizabeth May set to join Green Party leadership race, sources say

Jul 29 2022 — Alex Ballingall — Elizabeth May is preparing to run for the federal Green Party leadership, sources say, confirming speculation that has swirled within the party that the former long-time leader would one day try to reclaim the position. One source with direct knowledge of party affairs told the Star on Thursday that May is collecting required signatures from […]

Behind closed doors, Canada was ‘relentless’ with the U.S. on electric vehicles

Jul 29 2022 — Susan Delacourt — It’s just one word in a massive, American bill. But when a “buy American” provision on electric vehicle tax credits turned into “buy North American” in a surprise Washington compromise on Wednesday night, a collective cheer sounded throughout Justin Trudeau’s government. This is no small thing in the Canada-U.S. relationship. It is no small thing […]

Ask my questions or I won’t attend leadership debate, Leslyn Lewis tells Conservative party

Jul 27 2022 — Alex Ballingall — Conservative party members would rather hear leadership candidates talk about the World Economic Forum and COVID-19 vaccines than federal budgets and carbon taxes, says Leslyn Lewis. Lewis made the statement while criticizing the party’s plans for a third leadership debate on Aug. 3. In an open letter to the party’s leadership election organizing committee on […]

Why all the fuss over François Legault’s ‘vox pop’ ad?

Jul 22 2022 — Eric Blais — The Coalition Avenir Québec reportedly paid $500 to an 80-year-old woman appearing in a testimonial ad. The woman tells viewers what she likes most about Premier François Legault: his frankness. “He can’t do it all. That’s impossible. But he moves forward,” she says, before giving a thumbs-up. The ad broke through and was quickly parodied […]

Is Pierre Poilievre’s pledge to make Canada ‘the freest nation on earth’ the silliest campaign promise on earth?

Jul 21 2022 — — Tory leadership candidate Pierre Poilievre’s pledge to make Canada “the freest nation on earth” may be the silliest campaign promise on earth. Why? Well, to start, we’re already almost there. There are indeed insipid freedom rankings by right-wing think-tanks like Cato and Fraser, beloved of right-wingers like Poilievre, that batten on “personal” and “economic” freedoms […]

Pierre Poilievre blasts Conservative party’s call for third leadership debate

Jul 21 2022 — — Hell no, he won’t go. That was Pierre Poilievre’s response Thursday to an announcement from the Conservative party that it intends to hold a third and final debate in its leadership race. In a blistering statement, Poilievre’s campaign called the party’s first official debate an “embarrassment,” and said both events got in the way of […]

Wads of cash. ‘Relentless’ pressure. Infighting at Unifor. Leaked investigation findings reveal new details of Jerry Dias scandal

Jul 20 2022 — — Former Unifor president Jerry Dias tried to impede a probe into his conduct and pressured a whistleblower to drop their complaint about an alleged kickback scandal — flouting the union’s code of ethics in the process, according to the findings of a third-party workplace investigation obtained by the Star. After Dias unexpectedly announced his retirement […]

Doug Ford to give greater, U.S.-style powers to mayors of Toronto and Ottawa

Jul 20 2022 — Robert Benzie — Premier Doug Ford is poised to give U.S.-style “strong-mayor” powers to the cities of Toronto and Ottawa, the Star has learned. The dramatic change would dilute the influence of municipal councillors in Ontario’s two largest cities, ensuring far more authority for the mayors over financial matters and appointments. Ford, long a proponent of mayors having […]