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Canada helping to support journalism rights around the world

Jul 11 2019 — Susan Delacourt — Canada is helping to set up a rapid-response team of international diplomats to step in when media freedom is urgently trampled, such as in last year’s murder of Saudi journalist Jamal Khashoggi. The measure is one of several steps coming out of this week’s big Canada-U.K. conference on press freedom, co-chaired in London by Global […]

Here’s a bit of blunt feedback for Lisa MacLeod

Jul 8 2019 — Judith Timson — I keep hoping the tolerance for grossly inappropriate behaviour on the part of our politicians will evaporate to the point that any one of them who goes out in public and behaves in an unacceptable manner will lose their job. Sigh. In the age of Donald Trump and Doug Ford, how likely is that to […]

Ontario government tight-lipped on severance for fired senior bureaucrat

Jul 5 2019 — Rob Ferguson — The Ontario government is keeping mum on how much severance Peter Fenwick will get after being fired as the province’s first “strategic transformation adviser” the same day the Star uncovered his two-decade business relationship with Premier Doug Ford’s former chief of staff. Fenwick, who started the job last November, was paid more than the premier, […]

Some pieces still missing in Canada’s green puzzle

Jul 5 2019 — Heather Scoffield — National consensus on the urgent need for Canadians to do something about climate change? Check. Political consensus that the Paris Agreement to reduce emissions is a goal worth shooting for? Check. Court decisions confirming the federal government has ample scope to act decisively? Check. Growing realization that electrification on a grand scale is our best […]

Canadian spies given new ‘disruption’ powers to combat foreign influence in elections

Jul 5 2019 — — Canada’s domestic intelligence agency sees its new “threat reduction” powers as a tool to disrupt foreign influence, including during the upcoming federal election campaign. The Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) told a Toronto Star/BuzzFeed News investigation that it views its “threat reduction mandate” as “another tool” for the federal government to respond to threats including […]

Good luck finding justice for foreign election interference, experts say

Jul 3 2019 — — Foreign actors are unlikely to face serious consequences over interference campaigns in the lead up to Canada’s 2019 federal election, national security and legal experts say. Canada’s intelligence agencies have already identified foreign influence campaigns being played out in advance of the election. But there are serious barriers for Canadian authorities to bring those behind […]

Trudeau’s climate package looks reasonable but invites disaster

Jul 3 2019 — Linda McQuaig — It’s possible that the world’s top climate scientists are lying. If so, we can relax and feel confident that Justin Trudeau has dealt with the climate crisis in the appropriate way. Although the prime minister approved the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline last month, he’s vowed to channel pipeline profits into clean energy projects. […]

Canadian voters are being targeted by foreign influence campaigns, CSIS says

Jul 2 2019 — — Canada’s intelligence community has identified foreign actors attempting to directly influence the upcoming federal election campaign, a Toronto Star and BuzzFeed News investigation has learned. Canada’s domestic spy agency, the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS), said Tuesday that “threat actors” have already launched attempts to sway voters ahead of the Oct. 21 federal election. And […]

Stephen Harper a good choice to negotiate a Brexit deal

Jul 2 2019 — Susan Delacourt — Stephen Harper, true to form, ducked out of the spotlight quickly last weekend, less than two hours after his name hit the international headlines. The former prime minister was named as a possible Brexit negotiator should Jeremy Hunt win the U.K. Conservative leadership race this month. Hunt’s team told The Sunday Times that Harper, along […]

Ontario ministries, agencies banned from purchasing tickets for political events

Jul 2 2019 — — Ontario ministries and agencies are no longer allowed to buy tickets to or sponsor events where politicians are the main speakers. In changes to the Financial Administration Act that came into force July 1, the Ford government has ended the practice of allowing tickets or tickets to be expensed as “part of the government’s commitment […]