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The Trans Mountain pipeline will likely become one of the largest Indigenous-owned assets in the world — and that’s just the start

Jan 20 2020 — David Olive — It’s likely that sometime this year, control of the $13-billion Trans Mountain pipeline, one of the biggest megaprojects in Canadian history, will be transferred to First Nations investors. That transaction would be a historic turning point in relations between the First Nations and non-Indigenous peoples of Canada.

Party leader must tick the right boxes

Jan 19 2020 — — It is always surprising there is such a wide gap between what journalist outsiders think goes into becoming a successful leader and what the partisans who must choose look for. You must be able to win over these activists, local leadership and, crucially, caucus members to move from convention fluke victor to long-term success. The […]

Laying blame can be a dangerous game

Jan 19 2020 — Penny Collenette — While most of the country continues to grieve with the families who have lost their loved ones in the hideous attack on Ukraine International Airlines flight 752, others will be focusing on foreign policy concerns when the House of Commons resumes sitting on Jan, 27. Simultaneously, the Conservative leadership race will be swinging into high […]

Political consequences: Here’s what the Trans Mountain pipeline fight has meant for Trudeau, Kenney and Horgan

Jan 17 2020 — — On the surface of things, Canada’s top court declared clear winners Thursday in a battle over one of the country’s most controversial energy projects. Those victors appeared to be the federal government and, consequently, the Alberta government, as the Supreme Court of Canada ruled that B.C. does not have the jurisdiction to restrict the flow […]

Conservative leadership race shows old rivalries die hard

Jan 16 2020 — Susan Delacourt — John Crosbie would have no doubt enjoyed how his funeral this week became a high-profile backdrop to the emerging Conservative leadership contest. Many of the main players were on hand in St. John’s on Thursday to pay tribute to Crosbie: the now-declared candidate Peter MacKay made sure to be there, as well as probable contenders […]

Here’s why men still get paid more than women

Jan 14 2020 — Heather Scoffield — Just when we seemed to be coming a long way, baby, new research shows the gender wage gap has barely shrunk and may soon grow again. Depending on how you measure it, women are still paid between 11 and 31 per cent less than men, even though we have made very slow progress over the […]

The human loss of Flight 752 is immeasurable

Jan 12 2020 — Tiffany Gooch — It felt inevitable that the year 2020 would be overwhelming. With our neighbours to the south in the throes of an election, Canadians are strapped in for a volatile ride not of our own choosing. This is also the year of simultaneous federal and provincial political party leadership races and an unpredictable minority government with […]

The true cost of military conflict with Iran will be political

Jan 12 2020 — Jaime Watt — Over the past week, the world has watched, slack-jawed, as Western relations with Iran have slid precipitously from uneasy détente to open military engagement. Canadians, in particular, were stunned by the horrific deaths of our compatriots, shot down by an Iranian surface-to-air missile. As the world now knows, on Jan. 3, a U.S. airstrike killed […]