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Bill Morneau will have to walk a very fine line in fiscal update

Jul 7 2020 — Heather Scoffield — Finance Minister Bill Morneau will be walking a fine line as he presents his first full reckoning of pandemic spending and deficits on Wednesday, trying to convey multiple messages to multiple audiences with limited information. He will need to indicate that the government still cares for those hardest hit by the pandemic while showing that […]

Why Justin Trudeau refused a White House invitation to meet with Donald Trump

Jul 6 2020 — Susan Delacourt — Justin Trudeau won’t be getting together with Donald Trump this week to celebrate North American free trade — or anything, really. The Prime Minister’s Office formally notified the White House on Sunday that Trudeau would be sitting out a get-together on Wednesday between Trump and Mexican president Manuel Lopez Obrador. Scheduling conflicts were offered as […]

Canada was unprepared when it came to protective equipment and data — will we be ready for a COVID-19 vaccine?

Jul 4 2020 — David Olive — We are at least a year away from getting vaccines that protect us from COVID-19. While not a blessing, we will need that time to plan history’s biggest mass inoculation. There will be no “silver bullet” vaccine. Instead, it is expected that several viable vaccines will emerge from laboratories worldwide, but each with limited, specific […]

Canadian Forces Ranger from Manitoba arrested roaming grounds of Trudeau’s residence with a weapon

Jul 2 2020 — Alex Boutlier and Justin Ling — The armed Canadian Forces reservist arrested near Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s residence Thursday appears to have posted a conspiracy theory about COVID-19 just minutes before allegedly crashing a truck through the gates at Rideau Hall. A source with direct knowledge of the investigation confirmed Corey Hurren, a Canadian Forces Ranger from Manitoba, was arrested early […]

Canada’s allies take aim at China’s Hong Kong law. What will Ottawa do?

Jul 2 2020 — Tonda MacCharles — China’s sweeping new national security law extending the Communist government’s control over Hong Kong takes aim not only at pro-democracy protesters but also non-residents, foreign governments, non-governmental organizations, and international media. It subjects all persons in Hong Kong, including non-residents acting “from outside the region,” to strict bans on political activities that Beijing deems to […]

A vitriolic campaign has torn the Conservatives apart. Insiders worry next leader will have a hard time putting the party back together

Jun 30 2020 — Alex Boutilier — Whoever becomes Conservative leader in August will face a tough job holding the party together after what has been an extraordinarily vitriolic and fractious campaign, Conservative MPs and party insiders tell the Star. The party’s 2020 leadership race has included disqualifications and legal challenges, a failed attempt to kick one candidate out of caucus, public […]

Ontario Liberals gearing up for 2022 election

Jun 29 2020 — Robert Benzie — The Ontario Liberals are gearing up for an election two years away as the Progressive Conservatives celebrate two years in power. Premier Doug Ford marks his second anniversary of taking office Monday — ending almost 15 years of Liberal rule under Kathleen Wynne and Dalton McGuinty — at the same as the Grits are getting […]