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The shadow of misogyny looms over new Parliament

Dec 1 2019 — Penny Collenette — When Jonathan Wilkinson, the recently appointed environment minister, was asked on CBC Radio’s As It Happens if he thought he would have an easier job in the portfolio as a man than former Minister Catherine McKenna, he answered that he “would love to say no — but I probably, in my heart-of-hearts say, yeah.”

Faith itself is not Andrew Scheer’s problem

Dec 1 2019 — Robin V. Sears — Jagmeet Singh arguably had the best personal performance as a political leader in the federal election. Facing pundits who were betting that the party would lose its official status, a campaign war-chest half of what it had been a decade earlier and a very low recognition level among most Canadians, he campaigned boldly and with […]

Scheer and Trudeau both have good reasons to fear Rona Ambrose

Nov 29 2019 — Chantal Hébert — It is difficult to spend time on Parliament Hill or in Alberta’s capital these days without picking up a lot of hopeful speculation about Rona Ambrose’s return to public life. Whether she wants it or not, the Conservatives’ former interim leader — who left politics after the party picked a permanent successor to Stephen Harper […]

Why carbon pricing remains the smartest policy tool

Nov 27 2019 — Christopher Ragan — In the wake of the federal election, it is clear that Canadians want more action on reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Stronger policies will be essential to achieve our 2030 Paris Accord target for GHG reductions. With a new government in place, it’s time for a serious conversation about how best to bridge the gap between […]

Here’s why you should like the federal carbon tax

Nov 27 2019 — Heather Scoffield — If Chris Ragan’s math is right, Alberta and Ontario should be thanking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for imposing a carbon tax on their residents. Ragan is a McGill University economist and leader of the Ecofiscal Commission, which costed out the pros and cons of carbon pricing against other emissions-reduction strategies like Jason Kenney’s in Alberta […]

How Canada should prepare for the incoming global slowdown

Nov 26 2019 — Heather Scoffield — Some of the world’s top economic policy thinkers say it’s time to batten down the hatches for the incoming global slowdown, and they have some pointed advice for countries to best prepare. It’s advice Canada could benefit from, slump or no slump. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development says the world economy will only […]

Secession means different things in Quebec and Alberta

Nov 25 2019 — Chantal Hébert — In the ongoing Alberta-versus-Quebec debate, it is increasingly hard to differentiate facts from fiction. For example, to believe some of the commentary, both provinces — for different reasons — are deeply unhappy with Justin Trudeau’s re-election victory. The return in strength of the Bloc Québécois tends to be exhibit one in those analyses. But in […]