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Liberals and Conservatives neck-and-neck nationally, poll says

Jul 30 2019 — Alex Boutilier — The federal Liberals and Conservatives are running at a statistical tie nationally with less than three months to go before the national election, according to the latest numbers from Forum Research. Forum’s July horse race numbers put the Conservatives at 34 per cent of decided and leaning voters, while the Liberals enjoy the support of […]

Warren Kinsella’s Green Party work is done, Elizabeth May says

Jul 30 2019 — Susan Delacourt — Green Party Leader Elizabeth May has wound down a controversial working relationship with former Liberal strategist Warren Kinsella, saying, “He’s finished whatever work he was doing with us.” The limited-run arrangement, which seems to have involved Kinsella setting up a quick-response unit for the Greens, had drawn huge criticism inside and outside Green Party ranks. […]

Ugly Chateau Laurier addition still intolerable

Jul 29 2019 — Heather Mallick — Ottawa has blown a gasket over the planned addition to the Chateau Laurier, which looks like an accordion made by gluing bits of other broken accordions together. Who is to blame, the architect or the developer? The ubiquitous glass boxes shooting to the sky in Toronto — some designed by Peter Clewes, the Chateau’s chosen […]

Facebook pages send fans to conservative news website

Jul 27 2019 — — Since January, a set of Facebook pages has been promoting conservative politicians, attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and sharing content culled primarily from conservative website The Post Millennial. The pages — one for Ontario, one for Alberta and one national — use the name Liberty Now and have more than 10,000 followers. They are part […]

Ottawa moves slowly when it comes to tackling racism

Jul 26 2019 — Heather Scoffield — If there were ever a time to deploy fiscal and political power against racism in Canada, it’s right now. U.S. President Donald Trump and the new British Prime Minister Boris Johnson have set a new standard for the scope of political conversation that echoes around the world, including here. With their openly racist comments sending […]

Another Trudeau faces another conservative surge

Jul 26 2019 — Susan Delacourt — With Boris Johnson’s elevation to the U.K. prime minister’s job this week, Canada’s two closest allies, Britain and the United States, are now led by politicians who are looking to change the face of conservatism worldwide. So how long can Canada stand apart from the forces that have put renegade conservatives Donald Trump and Johnson […]

Bernier’s campaign promise to slash immigration is ‘stoking the politics of division and fear’, Liberal MP says

Jul 25 2019 — — Maxime Bernier’s vow to slash immigration and impose a values test on newcomers amounts to “dangerous rhetoric,” says the Liberal MP for the Mississauga riding where the People’s Party of Canada leader unveiled his immigration policy this week. “It’s designed to sow the seeds of division amongst Canadians,” Navdeep Bains (Mississauga-Malton), who’s also the Minister […]

Why Canada should lead the fight against climate change

Jul 24 2019 — Jennifer Wells — Tom McMillan wasn’t long in the job as federal minister of the environment, plowing through binder after binder, briefing note after briefing note, when he hit the section on the depletion of the ozone layer. “It was like an electric shock,” he says of the moment of realization that the atmospheric destruction by chlorofluorocarbons was […]

In politics, old friendships can cost you dearly

Jul 24 2019 — Susan Delacourt — If Andrew Scheer is serious about becoming prime minister this fall, he might want to spend the summer ditching his friends. It’s been a theme of this year in politics, for Liberal and Conservative leaders. Justin Trudeau has been attacked this week for failing to permanently jettison his longtime friend and adviser Gerald Butts. Ontario […]

Doug Ford revamps campaign team after ‘French connection’ cronyism scandal

Jul 22 2019 — Robert Benzie — Premier Doug Ford has revamped his re-election campaign team, enlisting respected Progressive Conservative veterans and injecting new blood in the wake of the “French connection” cronyism scandal. “I am writing today to inform you about the newly formed leader’s advisory council on election readiness,” Ford wrote in an email to scores of Tory supporters Friday. […]

Andrew Scheer is chicken about meat and milk

Jul 22 2019 — Heather Mallick — Here in Toronto, we are breathing hot soup rather than air, passengers are dragging recalcitrant subway cars with long ropes, and tempers are ragged. So it is pleasant to hear that Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is making a game effort to turn the Canada Food Guide into a fun election issue.

Political manoeuvers make it tough to follow the money

Jul 19 2019 — Heather Scoffield — There’s no doubt the list of Liberal pre-election spending announcements that the Conservatives are tallying up involves somewhat spurious math. Even they will admit that. They’ve lumped together this week’s $22 million for an urban climate centre in Edmonton with $2.2 million for high-speed internet access in Eastern Ontario and many, many more announcements that […]