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Three things the Ontario Liberals must do to rebuild

Jul 4 2022 — Andrew Perez — When I headed out early in the morning on election day, June 2, I had a spring in my step. I was confident that Toronto Centre would return to the Liberal fold after the votes were counted that evening. But as I criss-crossed working-class neighbourhoods in Toronto Centre, knocking on doors and encouraging identified Liberals […]

Two stories I wish every abortion opponent could hear

Jun 27 2022 — Michael Coren — If the United States Supreme Court’s overturning of Roe v. Wade has taught us anything, it’s that political complacency is never a good idea. Many people assumed that reproductive rights were largely settled and guaranteed in the U.S. Until, of course, they weren’t.

A letter to John Duffy, a dear departed friend

Mar 10 2022 — Steve Paikin — Dear John, I so wish you’d have been there. You’d have loved it. You’d have absofrigginlutely loved it. Former premier Bill Davis used to joke about how his mother always advised him: “Billy, moderation in all things.” As columnist Andrew Coyne reminded me when he sat beside me at your memorial service last night, your […]

All these truckers, and no one at the wheel

Feb 10 2022 — Matt Gurney — At time of writing — and, gosh, things have been moving fast today — Ottawa remains the site of a major protest, in several locations. The Ambassador Bridge, linking Windsor and Detroit, has been blockaded. Two other U.S-Canada border crossings have also been shut. The federal public-safety minister has said that the RCMP is sending […]

When it comes to Omicron, hope is not a plan

Nov 30 2021 — John Michael McGrath — If we start the count according to when the index patient in Wuhan, China, first developed symptoms of what we now call COVID-19 — December 1, 2019 — then Tuesday marks the last day of the second year of this pandemic, and Wednesday will mark the first day of Year Three. Ten thousand deaths in […]

Supply management is milking Canadians dry

Nov 30 2021 — Matt Gurney — We have to be careful to avoid the temptation to blame all our problems on COVID-19. God knows COVID-19 hasn’t helped, but a lot of the challenges we face today and will face tomorrow pre-date the pandemic. One example is food insecurity. Even before the pandemic, millions of Canadians, including a depressing number of children, […]

Why the Conservatives would be wise to keep Erin O’Toole at the helm

Sep 22 2021 — David Moscrop — Some ballots are still being counted as Canada’s 44th general election comes to an end, but the outcome is decided. The Liberals have retained power and will continue governing in a minority Parliament. The final seat count, which may shift as mail-in ballots are processed, looks a lot like the 2019 distribution. The results are […]

Seriously: Won’t somebody please think of the children?

Sep 2 2021 — Matt Gurney — A year and a half into this pandemic, I find myself thinking, often, about the toll taken on children. They have sacrificed enormously to help keep others safe, and in the main, weren’t asked or consulted. It’s not that we were wrong to expect this of them — life isn’t fair, and this is a […]

How much does Ontario really matter to the federal election?

Aug 30 2021 — David Moscrop — The House of Commons is made up of 338 seats, 121 of which are allocated to Ontario. But when you’re tracking federal campaigns, you might at times be forgiven for thinking there are few, if any, races going on outside the vote-rich province. Media coverage and the energy that parties, particularly the Conservatives and Liberals, […]

Looks like we’re heading for another classic Doug Ford reversal

Aug 30 2021 — Matt Gurney — Late last week, David Akin, of Global News, took a brief break from covering the campaign to reveal that his sources were telling him Ontario would soon be getting a vaccine passport of some kind. “Hearing word from Queen’s Park that @FordNation will announce some form of vaccine passport for Ontario next week,” Akin tweeted. […]

Trudeau wants to bribe cities to build housing. He should bribe provinces instead

Aug 24 2021 — John Michael McGrath — The federal Liberal party’s housing platform, released Tuesday morning, is a grab-bag of ideas: some have merit (introduce a federal agency tasked with investigating money laundering in the housing market); others not so much (the criminalization of blind bidding would face a rocky journey through the courts). A few align with proposed Conservative policies: supporting […]

Are the federal leaders ever going to answer our questions?

Aug 17 2021 — Steve Paikin — Call me quaint and old-fashioned, but I thought election campaigns were about getting answers to questions that voters, understandably, have about the leaders, their parties, and their platforms, no? I mean, that’s why they expend so much effort and marshal so many resources to create these party platforms in the first place, right? And why […]