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Election post-mortem, Part 3: Why Doug Ford had Toronto seeing red

Oct 25 2019 — — speaks with a Liberal organizer about the blackface scandal, the carbon tax, and how Trudeau brought the fight to Ford. On Monday, Canadians voted in a federal election. Much attention had been paid to the Greater Toronto Area as a key battleground. In the end, the Liberals essentially held their “Fortress Toronto” — despite […]

One pollster’s advice for Doug Ford and Andrew Scheer

Jul 5 2019 — Matt Gurney — Over the past several months, one overarching theme has run through virtually every story involving Ontario politics: the plummeting popularity of Premier Doug Ford and the Progressive Conservative party he leads. The decline was evident months ago; in recent weeks, it’s become catastrophic. Ford’s big cabinet shuffle was an obvious attempt to regroup and do […]

The day the Queen’s Park press corps fought back

Aug 3 2018 — Steve Paikin — Normally, I like to write about what goes on in front of the cameras — the cabinet ministers who make the announcements, the policy changes that get introduced, or the historic moments that make covering politics so interesting. This piece is going to be different. I’m going to shine a light on something you may […]

Where has the centre gone in Ontario politics?

May 7 2018 — Steve Paikin — I’ve written in this space before that the 2018 Ontario election campaign presents voters with one of the starkest choices they’ve ever had to make. It’s hard to remember a provincial campaign that’s featured two leaders so diametrically opposed to each other — in policy and in personality — as Kathleen Wynne and Doug Ford. […]

How Andrea Horwath is approaching her last chance to win an election

May 4 2018 — — ​If the provincial election were held today, Andrea Horwath would almost certainly not still be NDP leader for her 10th anniversary on the job in 2019. Instead, her party would perhaps marginally increase its seat count at Queen’s Park but remain in third place. Horwath, unlikely to retain the party’s support after a third defeat, […]

How Patrick Brown’s exit jeopardizes national consensus on climate change

Apr 4 2018 — Steve Paikin — Thirty-five years ago, the Liberal prime minister’s last name was Trudeau, same as today. But the premier of Ontario was a Progressive Conservative named Davis. You couldn’t find two more different first ministers than Pierre and Bill. One was a dashing, dynamic, fluently bilingual intellectual from Québec, who thumbed his nose at western farmers and […]

One day, a highly qualified woman will defeat a loud-talking man in politics

Mar 14 2018 — Lauren McKeon — ​The results of the recent PC leadership contest evoke a depressing sense of déjà vu: immensely qualified female career politician (Christine Elliott) loses campaign to significantly underqualified, cynical male populist (Doug Ford). For anyone who cares to listen, the echoes of Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are like geese honking in a canyon —obnoxious and […]