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Three things to watch for in the 2018 Ontario election season

Jan 2 2018 — — It’s 2018, and that means the only thing you really need to know about Ontario politics this year is: voting day is June 7. The general election will be the lens through which everything at Queen’s Park is viewed, and it’s going to shape how MPPs and aspiring MPPs act between now and then. But […]

Playing politics with the national anthem

Oct 26 2017 — Kady O'Malley — It’s fitting that “O Canada” — and specifically, the late MP Mauril Belanger’s bid to update the lyrics to smooth out the gender specificity of “in all thy sons command” — has become the latest front in the Senate’s ongoing political culture war between the proudly partisan old guard and the growing contingent of big-I […]

The backbench ballad of Wayne Long, MP

Oct 13 2017 — Kady O'Malley — Team Trudeau claims Liberal MPs can vote freely, Kady O’Malley writes. So why was the rookie from Saint John–Rothesay punished for doing just that? It’s probably safe to assume by now that the real-time legend of rookie Liberal MP Wayne Long has spread his once little-known name far beyond the borders of his New Brunswick […]

Three legislative loose ends Trudeau needs to tie off ASAP

Aug 17 2017 — Kady O'Malley — With Parliament back in session next month, Kady O’Malley outlines three key pieces of legislation the Liberals will want to push through before Christmas. By now, even the most stubborn of seasonal holdouts has been forced to concede that a once seemingly endless stretch of lazy, hazy summer days will soon be behind us.

Just what have the federal party leaders been up to on summer ‘break’?

Aug 3 2017 — Kady O'Malley — No sooner had the calendar flipped from July to August than it began: the traditional back-to-school ad blitz that seems to start earlier every year, and that for most of us denotes the beginning of the end of another too-brief Canadian summer. But for federal MPs the parliamentary intermission hasn’t even hit the halfway point: […]

Where are the truly bilingual federal Conservative leadership candidates?

Jan 25 2017 — Steve Paikin — One of the most exciting leadership conventions I ever covered took place more than 30 years ago, in Ottawa. The Progressive Conservative chief, Joe Clark, had put his leadership on the line, having failed to secure what he considered a satisfactory level of support from party delegates at the preceding leadership review. So there we […]

Where is the ‘Never Kellie’ movement?

Dec 20 2016 — Dale Smith — Despite concerns about xenophobia in the American election, few conservative Canadians are publicly denouncing Leitch’s Trump-style campaign. Kellie Leitch, Conservative leadership candidate and demagogue, has been grabbing headlines left and right (mostly right) these days. From her desire to implement a “Canadian values test” for anyone visiting the country to her war against so-called media […]

Can civility return to politics?

Nov 5 2016 — Steve Paikin — Michael Ignatieff once told me a story that, sadly, was a sign of the times in Ottawa, during his tenure as the federal Liberal Party leader. It was very early in the morning and Ignatieff found himself checking in at the ticket counter at Ottawa’s international airport. He saw a Conservative backbench MP at the […]

Is this the beginning of the end for the federal NDP?

Oct 17 2016 — Steve Paikin — On the face of it, the federal New Democratic Party is in rather familiar territory: a solid third place standing in the House of Commons, with an experienced politician leading the charge. But, this time, it really does feel different, and the NDP may be at an existential moment in its history. It wasn’t that […]

Everyone wants to run for Patrick Brown’s PCs, but not everyone should

Oct 4 2016 — Steve Paikin — Ontario’s opposition leader finds himself, in some ways, in an enviable situation these days. Despite the fact Ontarians barely know him, he’s got a huge lead over the governing Liberals in the most recent public opinion polls. And despite fumbling the sex education issue badly, his Progressive Conservatives won a recent byelection in Scarborough-Rouge River […]

Catholic hospitals can’t avoid talking about physician-assisted suicide anymore

Oct 4 2016 — Michael Coren — It’s a story we’ve heard before: Christian-run and -staffed entities receive government funding but refuse to implement public policy. It happened when Catholic hospitals said they would not perform abortions, and when evangelical charities insisted they would not employ people in same-sex partnerships. Even when funding isn’t an issue, what of Catholic pharmacists who will […]

You don’t have to wait till 2018 to see provincial election campaigns

Sep 20 2016 — Steve Paikin — Media are often accused of filtering every announcement by the Ontario Liberals through the prism of: how does this help them win the next election? Liberals are constantly telling us in the media that the next election is still a year and a half away, and can’t you people just consider how our policies will […]

Should Patrick Brown be forgiven for his sex-ed snafu?

Aug 31 2016 — Steve Paikin — Let’s get this clear right off the top: no Canadian kid grows up dreaming of being Leader of Her Majesty’s Loyal Opposition. You grow up dreaming of being prime minister or premier. But the fact is, as often as not, the road to the top job often goes through the worst job in politics. Look […]

What I wish I could have asked Stephen Harper

Aug 30 2016 — Steve Paikin — In January, 2013, I found myself at an event at which then-prime minister Stephen Harper was the guest speaker. At one moment in the evening, he was holding court with a small number of people I knew. So I sashayed over and joined the crowd. I began by asking the PM when he was going […]