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Speculation grows in B.C. over snap provincial election

Dec 7 2022 — — As David Eby prepares to announce his new cabinet Wednesday, and against a backdrop of B.C.’s strong financial picture, many are speculating the new premier will call a snap election despite repeated vows he’ll wait until the fixed October 2024 date. B.C. Green Leader Sonia Furstenau announced Tuesday that her party has opened nominations for […]

Anjali Appadurai disqualified from B.C. NDP leadership race

Oct 20 2022 — — The decision means David Eby will become the 37th premier. Anjali Appadurai has officially been disqualified from the NDP leadership race, handing the win to David Eby who will be B.C.’s next premier. The B.C. NDP executive voted late Wednesday night to support the recommendation by chief electoral officer Elizabeth Cull that Appadurai’s candidacy be […]

B.C. Liberals could become B.C. United party in rebranding push

Sep 27 2022 — — B.C. United wants your vote. Never heard of them? You’re not alone. That’s the name being floated by the B.C. Liberals as part of leader Kevin Falcon’s quest to rebrand and revitalize the party. “B.C. United is a fresh alternative that expresses the party’s long-standing commitment to unity across a broad coalition of party members, […]

Money, politics, and the price of influence in Vancouver

Sep 20 2022 — Daphne Bramham — Money is the lifeblood of politics, making The List of the biggest donors — not policy books — a campaign’s most treasured document. In political life, nothing is more important than The List — not the red, blue, orange or green policy books, and, maybe, not even the candidates. Money is the lifeblood of politics […]

NDP has a comfortable lead over B.C. Liberals: poll

Aug 2 2022 — — Despite the health care crisis and rising cost of living, the B.C. NDP enjoys a significant lead over the B.C. Liberals, a new poll shows, and there’s an indication the premier’s popularity is good news for his likely successor. The New Democrats have had a slight decline in popularity since the 2020 election, but still […]

Horgan learns Trudeau’s friendship is all about political self-interest

Jul 14 2022 — Vaughn Palmer — This was the week when Premier John Horgan discovered the true nature of his relationship with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. The eye-opening process began with a Sunday morning telephone call to Horgan from federal Intergovernmental Relations Minister Dominic LeBlanc. LeBlanc wanted an update on the pending gathering in Victoria of the Canadian premiers. Horgan, the […]

Premier John Horgan says growth in throat is cancer

Nov 4 2021 — — Premier John Horgan said Thursday that the growth in his throat is cancer and he will have to undergo radiation treatment. “The surgery and biopsy that were done last week were successful and I am grateful to the amazing health-care team for all the support I’ve received,” he said, in a statement.

Federal election tightening into three-way race in B.C.

Aug 27 2021 — — Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is looking to make gains in B.C. with the early election call, but the ballot is becoming a tighter three-way race, new polling data suggests. The Liberals show a small lead, with 27 per cent of B.C. respondents considering a vote for the party, on the question of who they would […]

Election 2021: Punjabi superstar singer calls Fraser Canyon Liberal candidate his ‘better half’

Aug 22 2021 — — The campaign of Guneet Grewal, Liberal candidate for the riding of Mission-Matsqui-Fraser Canyon in southwest B.C., received some star-power backing this week from her famous actor, singer and director husband Parmish Verma. The Punjabi entertainer, who boasts six million followers on Instagram and whose music videos have been watched hundreds of millions of times on […]

All signs point to a fall federal election where B.C. could hold serious sway

Aug 2 2021 — — In 2015, B.C. handed the federal Liberals a majority government. In 2019, it gave the party a minority. If there’s a federal election in 2021, the province could again play kingmaker. That may be an oversimplification of B.C.’s role in determining the outcome of recent federal elections, said Hamish Telford, a political-science professor at the […]

Uyghurs deserve real answers from both China and Canada

May 8 2021 — Daphne Bramham — Every Thursday afternoon, Turnisa Matsedik-Qira stands outside the Chinese consulate protesting the treatment of her family and other Uyghur families whose relatives have simply disappeared. Last week, she’d only had a few hours sleep after her overnight nursing shift on a COVID ward before heading out to join others across Canada for this weekly protest.