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Here’s the Trudeau government’s secret guide to Trump’s cabinet

Oct 11 2017 — Justin Ling — As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau makes the rounds in Washington, D.C. Wednesday, he’ll be thrown straight into the confusing mire of President Donald Trump’s White House. While the president has proven himself exactly as unpredictable as many expected — whether it’s slapping extraordinary trade penalties on Quebec manufacturer Bombardier or musing about cancelling the North […]

Suspected Edmonton attacker was ordered deported from U.S.

Oct 3 2017 — Rachel Browne — The man accused of perpetrating a pair of attacks in Edmonton on Saturday had originally been ordered deported back to Somalia from the United States in 2011, VICE News has learned from a U.S. government agency. A man named Abdullahi Hassan Sharif had been detained in an immigration jail in California in 2011 and eventually […]

Parliament’s anti-racism hearings kick-off with witness warning of ‘Islamists in the corridors of power’

Sep 20 2017 — — Parliamentary hearings on Islamophobia and systemic racism in Canada kicked off this week, with two days of meetings presenting wildly different interpretations on the issue of anti-Muslim discrimination in Canada. But the committee wasted little time before hearing from one witness who is convinced that Islamophobia is not a problem, contrary to statements from security […]

We obtained the Conservatives’ internal strategy on Trudeau’s tax changes. Here’s what’s wrong with it.

Sep 15 2017 — Justin Ling — The Conservative Party is doubling down on its bombastic rhetoric around the Trudeau Liberals’ proposed tax changes, but a fact-check on their actual claims show that few of the opposition’s talking points are based in reality. VICE News has obtained strategy documents, prepared for the Conservative caucus, detailing how Members of Parliament are to go […]

The rich are set to go to war over Trudeau’s tax changes

Sep 12 2017 — — Canada has the lowest small-business tax rates in the G7, without much competition. You wouldn’t know it, from the fire and fury that has been aimed at Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Finance Minister Bill Morneau. Their government has opened a consultation period on closing loopholes in the tax system that allow high earners […]

Inside Ottawa’s failure to fix the First Nations drinking water crisis

Sep 7 2017 — Justin Ling — Bringing clean drinking water to First Nations across Canada isn’t rocket science. More often than not, it simply requires commitment: Not just in cash, but in resources to help communities manage the facilities. A VICE News analysis of government disclosure documents illustrates exactly how a lack of funding has kept First Nations on a list […]

Justin Trudeau’s Neo-Nazi Run-in Highlights Security Risk

Sep 7 2017 — — During the Calgary Stampede this year, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau signed a neo-Nazi flag. Now, Trudeau didn’t know that this particular bit of cloth was part of a flag as it was tucked into the shirt of a portly Calgary man and made to look like a bandanna. The man—well-known neo-Nazi and Blood and Honour […]

The Conservative Party wrings its hands on condemning The Rebel

Aug 16 2017 — Justin Ling — A statement from the Conservative Party distancing itself from the controversial alt-right Rebel Media has been shown to Andrew Scheer, the party’s leader, but has yet to be released. It’s not clear whether Scheer, who has been interviewed by the controversial opinion site on four different occasions, is uncomfortable with the move, or whether the […]