National Newswatch

Easy ride may be over for Trudeau’s Liberals

Sep 11 2017 — Geoffrey Stevens — Justin Trudeau and his band of “sunny ways” Liberals have reached the political equivalent of the continental divide — two years in and two years to go before the next election on Oct. 21, 2019. They have had two years to enjoy the fruits of victory and to keep — or not — their campaign […]

Jagmeet Singh offers the NDP a chance to grow

Aug 29 2017 — Luisa D'Amato — The man who could easily become Justin Trudeau’s worst nightmare strolled into Café Pyrus in downtown Kitchener to an enthusiastic, packed crowd. Jagmeet Singh is just as cool as the prime minister, with his candy-coloured turbans (the hues deliberately chosen to show a sense of pride in his heritage), martial arts training and fluent grasp […]

Who will be next Tory leader? Look at Andrew Scheer

Feb 27 2017 — Geoffrey Stevens — Today’s Conservative Party of Canada is not your grandmother’s Conservative Party. That much we know. But what kind of party will it become going forward? The answer will be determined in large measure by the outcome of the current leadership race. Candidates have one month left to sell party memberships in this one-member, one-vote competition, […]

Byelection loss sinks Wynne’s plan to gain some momentum

Feb 16 2016 — Geoffrey Stevens — The outcome of last week’s byelection in the provincial riding of Whitby-Oshawa delivers at least three warnings for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Ontario’s Liberal premier, Kathleen Wynne. The byelection was called to fill a vacancy caused by the resignation of the popular Progressive Conservative MPP Christine Elliott, widow of former federal finance minister Jim […]

Trump has not gone unnoticed among Canada’s Conservatives

Jan 18 2016 — Geoffrey Stevens — They say nature abhors a vacuum. So do political parties. We are seeing that this season in both the Republican party in the United States and the Conservative party in Canada. Let’s start south of the border. Since losing their second consecutive presidential election in 2012, the Republicans have been reduced to a hollow shell […]

Trudeau trumps Trump on Forbes power list

Nov 6 2015 — — Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is the 69th most powerful person in the world, according to Forbes magazine. The newly elected Liberal leader is three places above United States Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump in the annual list. Stephen Harper did not feature in 2014. Russian President Vladimir Putin has the top spot this year, ahead […]

A campaign of confusion thus far

Jul 13 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens — There is only one word to describe our infant federal election campaign. The word is confusion. There is confusion over the leaders’ debates — how many there will ultimately be, what the rules will be, who will be invited to participate, and who will show up and who will not. There is confusion over the […]

Election becoming NDP’s to lose

Jul 6 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens — From this vantage point, which is still too far out from Oct. 19, it appears the federal election will turn on the “soft” Liberal vote. In the May 2011 election, it will be recalled, the Liberals under Michael Ignatieff took a woeful 18.9 per cent of the popular vote and ended up in third place. […]

Defence minister chows down on polls

Jun 30 2015 — — Jason Kenney agrees with late prime minister John Diefenbaker. “Polls are for dogs,” Kenney said Monday as Canada’s defence minister visited with the Waterloo Region Record editorial board. Doghouse lining or not, the Conservative cabinet veteran seemed happy to bite hard into the early election polls — most notably last week’s release from the Waterloo-based […]

Polls show Alberta ready for change

May 4 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens — The desire for change is the most powerful force in politics. We are seeing that in Alberta where voters will go to the polls on Tuesday in a provincial election that appears destined to end the Progressive Conservatives’ 44-year stranglehold on power. All the pollsters agree: the New Democrats will take over in Alberta, their […]

Harper is finally getting his wish: a war

Mar 30 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens — Back in the spring of 2003, in the waning days of his prime ministry, Jean Chrétien announced the decision for which he will be long remembered. Canada, he told a tumultuous House of Commons, would be not joining the U.S.-led “coalition of the willing” in its war against Iraq. There are times in politics when […]

Canada needs a leader with a bold vision

Mar 23 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens — As Canada lurches unsteadily toward a general election, something important is missing. That “something” is a sense of national purpose — or vision — from any of the three major parties. How do the Conservatives, the New Democrats or the Liberals envisage the future of the country they aspire to lead for (let us say) […]

Harper has trust issues with MPs, SCOC

Feb 9 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens — Stephen Harper doesn’t like Parliament very much, to put it politely. He is certainly not the first prime minister to harbour dark thoughts about the institution and its inmates (Pierre Trudeau comes to mind), and he won’t be the last. But Harper carries his disdain to a higher level. Even though he has a majority […]