National Newswatch

Ontario Liberals’ existential crisis

Feb 10 2019 — John Milloy — Leadership fever has hit the Ontario Liberal Party. Liberal circles are full of gossip and speculation about who will replace Kathleen Wynne. There are even signs of the type of drama and intrigue that often accompanies these contests. The Liberal’s June annual meeting will be entertaining. Party members will face questions about the timing of […]

Trudeau sailing into choppy waters

Sep 26 2016 — Geoffrey Stevens — The Justin Trudeau government has enjoyed remarkably clear sailing for its first 11 months. The prime minister’s personal popularity is the envy of rock stars and hockey heroes. The polls continue to show that in an election today the Liberals would command a larger share of the popular vote and win more seats than they […]

Mr. PM, please think twice about five debates

Mar 2 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens — My very dear Prime Minister: I am writing to you again as a steadfast admirer of your inspired leadership, your splendid cabinet and your exceptional caucus. Sir, be assured Canada has never been so well served. Permit me to begin by apologizing for intruding on your solitude this week. With Parliament in recess, you are […]