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Khadr responses show right’s ugly side

Jul 14 2017 — Michael Coren — There’s been a great deal written about Omar Khadr in the past few days and I’m not going to pen yet another column on the subject. What is so revealing, however, is the response to the government’s apology and payment from the Conservative party and its followers. Frankly, Khadr has become a poster boy for […]

MP Ashton mulls another bid for federal NDP leadership

Apr 27 2016 — Mia Rabson — Manitoba NDP MP Niki Ashton is giving some thought to making a second bid for the leadership of her federal party. The federal NDP is seeking a new leader after Tom Mulcair failed to achieve enough support during a leadership review vote in Edmonton earlier this month. There is no date set yet to pick […]

Future of Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari could be in the balance

Apr 21 2016 — — The future of Manitoba Liberal Leader Rana Bokhari is expected to be discussed tonight in Winnipeg when the party’s executive meets to review the provincial election results. The party is sending three MLAs to the legislature following Tuesday’s vote, but Bokhari finished a distant third in Winnipeg’s Fort Rouge constituency. Neither Bokhari nor party president […]

Tories’ extreme stand a bid for Jewish vote

Oct 3 2015 — Dan Lett — As most of the crowd turned against her, Joyce Bateman’s awkward smile melted away. Bateman, the Conservative MP from Winnipeg South Centre who is running for re-election, was sitting onstage at the Asper Jewish Community Campus in Tuxedo for an all-candidates forum hosted by B’nai Brith. Up until that point in the evening, the crowd […]

NDP slide causes Tories concern, too

Sep 21 2015 — Dan Lett — After a couple of shaky weeks that had the Conservative campaign reeling, Big Blue, our veteran Tory campaign insider, believes leader Stephen Harper has righted the ship. One week ago, the Tories were slipping in national polls, actually running third in some surveys. The Conservative campaign director was sent home to Ottawa amid a flurry […]

Local NDP candidate sounds off against oilsands

Aug 22 2015 — Mia Rabson — Winnipeg South Centre NDP candidate Matt Henderson believes Canada has a responsibility to the planet to seriously question whether any more of the oilsands should be developed. Henderson is the second NDP candidate since the election began to sound off against the oilsands and it is sure to cause another furor. On Aug. 7, noted […]

Trudeau tax plan a weak strategy

May 9 2015 — Dan Lett — These are risky times for federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. Having led national opinion polls since becoming Grit leader in 2013, Trudeau and his party are now either tied or trailing the ruling Conservative party. And with the Tories out across the country trumpeting their most recent budget — which featured reduced taxes and a […]

Orange crush helps boost federal NDP

May 8 2015 — Mia Rabson — The sudden May snowfall in Edmonton is melting. The jaws have been picked back up off the ground. Now Alberta premier-elect Rachel Notley gets to choose a cabinet from among her 54 MLAs, 50 of whom are rookies, and set up shop in the premier’s office where orange drapes have never been hung before. As […]

Feds balancing books on provinces’ backs: report

May 2 2015 — — Buried among the documents in this year’s provincial budget is a nine-page assessment of how various federal spending decisions are affecting Manitoba’s bottom line. The report, prepared by Finance Department officials, argues Ottawa has broken a five-year-old promise not to balance its books on the backs of the provinces or citizens.

Surplus of sick day benefits

May 2 2015 — Mia Rabson — If there were any doubt Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not afraid of a fight with Canada’s labour leaders, it was eliminated in the federal budget. While picking a fight with civil servants in an election year might not immediately sound like a good idea, for Harper and company, it is exactly the kind of […]

For Harpers, protecting kids bigger than politics

Apr 25 2015 — Mia Rabson — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has spent more time in Manitoba in the last three days than he probably has in the last three years. This is not a knock on him. He’s a busy guy and he generally does make it to Manitoba two, sometimes even three times a year. (While his predecessors generally timed […]

Harper scores with Jets

Apr 24 2015 — Mia Rabson — If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many votes does that translate into? Prime Minister Stephen Harper surely hopes at least a few will come his way after his Wednesday night appearance at the Winnipeg Jets’ playoff game. From a political perspective, Harper being at the game is brilliant. He has carefully defined himself […]