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Head of Radio-Canada spent month of December in his Miami condo despite public health warnings

Jan 14 2021 — Christopher Nardi — The head of Radio-Canada, the French arm of Canada’s public broadcaster, spent nearly the entire month of December working and vacationing in Miami, despite public health advice strongly discouraging travel, the National Post has learned. Michel Bissonnette, CBC/Radio-Canada’s executive vice-president of French Services and the public broadcaster’s second-in-command, went to his condo — located right […]

Critics denounce ‘climate-change denialism’ reports commissioned by Alberta inquiry

Jan 14 2021 — — A $3.5-million Alberta government public inquiry into alleged foreign-funded anti-energy campaigns has posted commissioned studies that experts say are based on junk climate-denial science, bizarre conspiracy theories and oil-industry propaganda. “If you read any of this stuff, it really strays into Marxism and conspiracy theory and George Soros and Bill Gates,” said Andrew Leach, an […]

Alleged RCMP mole accused of selling secrets to kingpin money launderer and terror-financier’s network

Jan 14 2021 — Sam Cooper — In October 2014, Canadian intelligence leaders were invited to the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration’s headquarters in Chantilly, Va. The DEA had a theory: the upper echelons of global money laundering, terrorism, drug-trafficking and organized crime all bleed together. And only a handful of men in this murky world of extremely powerful criminals had organizations capable […]

Military gets new commander in virtual, low-key ceremony due to COVID-19

Jan 14 2021 — — Admiral Art McDonald is taking over as commander of Canada’s military in a low-key ceremony devoid of the normal pomp and circumstance due to COVID-19. As the new chief of the defence staff McDonald succeeds Gen. Jonathan Vance, who kicked off the change-of-command ceremony by using his final speech in uniform to bid an emotional […]

Trudeau not considering COVID-19 vaccine passport in Canada

Jan 14 2021 — — The prime minister appears to be ruling out the idea of a national vaccination passport as provinces move to harsher restrictions to try and stamp out a rise in COVID-19 cases. This comes as officials talk about a significant ramp-up of inoculations in the months ahead. There has been provincial talk of creating some sort […]

A promise to Michael

Jan 13 2021 — Shannon Proudfoot — Vina Nadjibulla and other family members have been waging a seemingly impossible fight to free her husband from a Chinese prison. After two torturous years, what does Canada owe ‘the two Michaels’? Michael Kovrig walks at least 7,000 steps a day in laps of his cell, along with doing push-ups and planks and practising yoga […]

Family access increased for 2 Michaels detained in China following ‘agreements’

Jan 13 2021 — Rachel Gilmore — Canada has “obtained agreements” in recent months that have allowed for “increased family and consular access” for two Canadians detained in China, according to a statement from a spokesperson for the foreign affairs minister. To date, the government has only shared that Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor have been allowed consular access, without ever mentioning […]

Stay-at-home order now in effect across Ontario

Jan 14 2021 — — A stay-at-home order is now in effect across Ontario. The directive requires residents to stay home except for essential outings, such as accessing health care, shopping for groceries, or outdoor exercise. The province has said there’s no set definition for what is “essential” because everyone has their own unique circumstances and regional considerations. There’s no […]

Huawei CFO Meng’s family granted federal travel exemption to visit Canada

Jan 13 2021 — — Immigration Canada has granted the husband and two children of detained Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou COVID-19 travel exemptions to visit her in Vancouver. Meng’s lawyers stated in court Tuesday that her husband Liu Xiaozong and two children applied for the exemption to travel from China at the end of 2020. Syrine Khoury, a spokesperson for […]

Canadian measures against Xinjiang forced labour a ‘farce,’ China says

Jan 14 2021 — Nathan VanderKlippe — Canada and Britain are acting out a “farce” in taking action against forced labour in China, a government spokesman in Beijing said Wednesday, accusing foreign countries of spreading lies. Evidence of forced labour in China’s western Xinjiang region comes from numerous sources, including Muslims who have been compelled to work in factories, state media reports […]

Top Tory adviser under fire for tweeting U.S. election misinformation

Jan 13 2021 — — A top adviser to the Ontario and federal Conservative parties is under fire for tweeting misinformation about the aftermath of the U.S. election. Nick Kouvalis, a veteran conservative operative and principal at Campaign Research Inc. and Campaign Support Ltd., tweeted and subsequently retracted a false claim last week that anti-fascists and Black Lives Matter activists […]