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Conservatives fail to dethrone Liberals

Sep 21 2021 — Sarah Turnbull — The Conservative Party has come up short, failing to dethrone the now three-term Liberal Party. Leader Erin O’Toole conceded defeat in the early hours of Tuesday morning, after the Liberals secured a minority government win. “Ours is a conservativism that dwells not in the past but learns from it to secure the future,” he said, […]

NDP may hold the balance of power in Parliament

Sep 21 2021 — — Jagmeet Singh and the New Democrats may hold the balance of power in the next Liberal minority government by playing a key role in helping pass confidence matters and key legislation. Singh, who won in his B.C. riding of Burnaby South, was steadfast throughout the campaign that he was running to form government, but the […]

Liberals return to Alberta, and 5 other surprises in the election results

Sep 21 2021 — — It might not be surprising that an election that seemed to attract little public enthusiasm resulted in a Parliament that looks a lot like the previous one. As results rolled in Monday night, it became clear that the Liberals would continue to have the most seats in the House of Commons, that they would not […]

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul loses her race, party sending at least 2 MPs to Ottawa

Sep 21 2021 — — Green Party Leader Annamie Paul has lost her bid to win Toronto Centre, and while her party’s national support has been greatly reduced compared to its 2019 results, it is still sending at least two MPs to Ottawa. Trailing in fourth place, Paul congratulated Liberal incumbent Marci Ien on her re-election, which was called by […]

O’Toole campaign insiders say holding Trudeau to a minority would be a win for the Conservatives

Sep 20 2021 — Alex Boutilier — The Erin O’Toole campaign would consider it a win if they can hold the Liberals to a minority government in today’s federal election. Whether the Conservative caucus, party activists — and potential leadership hopefuls — will agree with that is an open question. In the final hours of Canada’s 44th federal election, O’Toole’s campaign chair […]

Canadians have re-elected a Liberal government, CBC News projects

Sep 20 2021 — John Paul Tasker — Polls have closed nationwide and results from hundreds of federal ridings are starting to pour in from Elections Canada as the unprecedented 44th general election comes to an end. With about 800,000 ballots counted so far, the Liberals have 42 per cent of the ballots cast, the Conservatives have about 33 per cent and the […]

‘Technical problems’ with Elections Canada website, long lineups frustrate voters

Sep 20 2021 — Ryan Maloney — Elections Canada has apologized for “technical problems” with an application on its website that tells Canadians where to vote in Monday’s federal election. The site’s voter information service page usually lets Canadians find their polling station by entering their postal code and address. Voters can also search based on electoral district names. But many took […]

Bloc now main opponent to Liberals in tight races across Quebec

Sep 20 2021 — — Trudeau called on voters to choose candidates who will end up in government, Blanchet fights back. As the race between Bloc and Liberal candidates tightens before Monday in Quebec, the party’s leaders headed to battlegrounds as well as strongholds on the last day of the campaign. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau began his day in Montreal, […]