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Scheer slams Trudeau government for ‘mistreatment’ of dairy farmers

Jul 17 2019 — Marco Vigliotti — Andrew Scheer is accusing the Trudeau government of mistreating Canadian dairy farmers by repeatedly missing its own deadlines to announce compensation to the sector for recent trade concessions. The Conservative leader told the Dairy Farmers of Canada’s (DFC) annual general meeting in Saskatoon today that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau didn’t understand the need to provide […]

Agriculture ministers gather in Quebec City while watching the Canada-EU summit in Montreal

Jul 18 2019 — Alex Binkley — Farm groups remind the agriculture ministers of the actions they’ve called for in recent months.   Ottawa—As agriculture ministers gathered in Quebec City for their annual mid-summer policy meeting, they were keeping an eye on the two-day Canada-EU summit up the St. Lawrence River in Montreal. Representatives of the AgGrowth Coalition travelled to Quebec City […]

Tories re-editing fundraising video after family of Canadian detained in China complained

Jul 17 2019 — — The Conservative Party is re-editing its fundraising pitch video attacking Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handling of the case of the two Canadian men detained in China after one of their families complained about the clip. The video, which goes after the Liberals’ overall foreign policy record, showed photos of Michael Spavor and Michael Kovrig with […]

Natural gas producers demand government action in open letter to Kenney

Jul 17 2019 — — The CEOs of nine Alberta natural gas producers have released an open letter to Premier Jason Kenney asking him to show “bold leadership” in supporting a plan to restrict production to boost low gas prices. The letter warns the province faces a high likelihood of corporate failures, job losses and falling investment levels if the […]

Local dietitian questions Conservative leader’s expertise on food guide

Jul 17 2019 — — Federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is promising a review of the Canada Food Guide if he becomes prime minister in the next election. Scheer’s concern stems from a lack of consultation, which he argues, leaves the guide in the hands of ideologues and open to bias. But registered dietitian Ali Chernoff says that the opposite […]

Scheer says he’d ‘absolutely’ review Canada’s new Food Guide

Jul 17 2019 — — Conservative leader also vows to abolish Liberals’ planned front-of-package nutrition labelling. Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is promising another review of Canada’s recently updated Food Guide should the Tories come to power this fall, saying the latest guide is the result of a flawed and biased process. Scheer made the comment at the Dairy Farmers of […]

Younger voters mobilizing to make federal election about climate change

Jul 17 2019 — — Several hundred Canadian millennials plan to rally in at least 30 cities across the country today, demanding a federal leaders’ debate on climate change. Emma Jackson, a field organizer with the group Our Time, says the science is clear that humanity only has 11 years to get a grip on greenhouse-gas emissions before global warming […]

Cambodia says 11 containers of Canadian trash among illegal garbage shipments

Jul 17 2019 — The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — The Canadian government has asked officials in Cambodia for more information about 11 containers of Canadian garbage the southeast Asian country's environment ministry says ended up there illegally. Cambodia does not allow imports of any kind of waste, including plastics for recycling. Yet 83 shipping containers of plastic garbage were discovered in the […]

Ethics czar erred in approving LeBlanc’s use of Irving plane: Democracy Watch

Jul 17 2019 — — An organization that advocates for greater government accountability says Canada’s ethics watchdog should never have approved a flight taken by Liberal cabinet minister Dominic LeBlanc on a private aircraft owned by J.D. Irving. LeBlanc’s office says the minister, who has been on medical leave since April, needed to attend a hospital in Montreal and was […]

Imperial Oil sponsored a gala for $50,000. Then it lobbied Scheer

Jul 17 2019 — Carl Meyer — Imperial Oil says it “took the opportunity” to lobby Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer at a literary gala in May where the oil company paid for everyone’s dinner. In fact, that night both Liberal and Conservative MPs were lobbied by several corporate representatives from various sectors, whose employers paid tens of thousands of dollars to […]