National Newswatch

A Prince of Parliament

Aug 9 2022 — Glen Pearson — There will be an abundance of responses and memories shared this week prompted by the passing of former Liberal interim leader Bill Graham.  They will be honest, heartfelt, and uniquely welcome in a season where politics has become something Graham himself would have never been suited for. As a humble contribution to all the tributes […]

Pierre Poilievre’s horseshoe strategy

Aug 8 2022 — Max Fawcett — In the three Conservative leadership races and nearly seven years that have transpired since Stephen Harper took his drubbing in the 2015 election, the prevailing formula for those trying to replace him has been the same: campaign on the right to win the leadership, then pivot to the centre in time for the general election. […]

Why the Pope’s words continue to reverberate

Aug 8 2022 — Rose LeMay — There was a certain trajectory in the Pope’s speeches across Canada. His first included an apology and was sincere and meaningful but didn’t quite go far enough in taking institutional responsibility for residential schools. The Lac Ste. Anne speech reflected on family as a source of healing both for Indigenous peoples and for Catholics, and […]

Harper Attempts To Pacify CPC Over Poilievre

Aug 7 2022 — Bruce Dowbiggin — As demons go, Stephen Harper always left something to be desired. While the media and his political opponents painted a picture of a diabolical schemer bent of hoarding power, Harper mostly bored ordinary Canadians. For all the strenuous efforts of newsrooms and chat rooms tapping him as Trump, The Harp lacked a certain je ne […]

This is really just a vanity project for Jean Charest

Aug 7 2022 — Lorne Gunter — Jean Charest will not commit to supporting the Conservative Party of Canada in the next federal election unless he wins the party’s leadership next month. That makes his campaign nothing more than a vanity project. It’s all about Jean. All along, Charest’s campaign has been distinguished by its smug elitism and contempt for the Conservative […]

Today in Canada’s Political History: PC Leader Brian Mulroney promises to bring Quebec into the Constitution with “honour and enthusiasm”

Aug 6 2022 — Arthur Milnes — Only a month before his election with the largest majority victory in Canadian history, Brian Mulroney promised his fellow Quebecers that he would end their symbolic exclusion from Canada’s reformed constitution. “We are on the threshold of true national renewal,” he famously said in an election speech at Sept-Iles, Quebec. “Let us end the bias […]

Danielle Smith, what her latest poll numbers tell her and us

Aug 6 2022 — Rick Bell — The math tells one heck of a yarn. Danielle Smith winning the UCP leadership on the fourth ballot, with 46.4% support on the very first ballot, 20 points ahead of her nearest rival, Travis Toews. Smith’s get-tough-with-Ottawa Sovereignty Act popular with UCP members. Ditto legal protection under human rights law for the unvaccinated. Danielle Smith, […]