National Newswatch

Nobodies take over the Conservative leadership race

Jan 23 2020 — Don Martin — The nobodies are pounding on the door while the somebodies bolt for the exit in a Conservative leadership race hemorrhaging political status and credibility. The lineup is getting messier, murkier and less moderate by the day — and the only smiles are on Liberal faces. Former interim leader Rona Ambrose was the best hope for […]

Jean Charest and the Party that Snubbed Him

Jan 22 2020 — — Jean Charest acknowledged one problem with the prospect of running for leader of the Conservative Party more than two decades after leaving Ottawa to become Liberal leader and three-term premier of Quebec. “It takes time to reintroduce yourself,” Charest said Tuesday after announcing his decision not to run for the Tory leadership, 22 years after […]

Attention, new MPs: Don’t be robots

Jan 22 2020 — Susan Delacourt — Canada’s top public servant has some words of advice to the rookie politicians first elected last fall, which they could print out and frame in their sparkling new Parliament Hill offices. “You are more than a mechanism to make Ottawa work,” Privy Council Clerk Ian Shugart warned at an orientation session for new MPs on […]

Doug Ford and Stephen Lecce’s sad state of affairs

Jan 22 2020 — Michael Coren — It was largely inevitable that there would be a conflict between Doug Ford’s Ontario government and the province’s teachers. It happened under former Tory Premier Mike Harris, and it’s happened with various right-wing administrations in other provinces. Put simply, teachers are not popular with conservatives, and their unions have been used as scapegoats by conservative […]

Technology isn’t shaping work the way we think

Jan 22 2020 — Jim Stanford — It’s usually taken for granted that the world of work is being fundamentally transformed by the irresistible, tectonic force of technology. Automation and artificial intelligence will destroy some jobs and create others. Digitized business models and on-demand platforms will convert jobs into gigs. Huge gains in productivity could usher in abundant leisure time — or […]

50 years later, metric still hasn’t won the day in Canada

Jan 22 2020 — Andrew Coyne — As you will no doubt be aware, this month marks the 50th anniversary of the federal White Paper on Metric Conversion in Canada, kicking off what the Pierre Trudeau government called the “inevitable” transition to metric measurement. “All units of measurement used in Canada,” declared the Weights and Measures Act, passed later the same year, […]

Defeating Jason Kenney will require a progressive merger

Jan 22 2020 — Max Fawcett — Jason Kenney, it turns out, is not invincible. After two years of bending the political universe to his will, that universe started to fight back in 2019. His much ballyhooed “war room” keeps finding new and exciting ways to shoot itself in the foot, small business confidence is faltering, and the cuts to health and […]

Jean Charest decides that the Conservative Party doesn’t deserve him

Jan 22 2020 — Chris Selley — Certain pundits — well, one at least — had speculated in recent weeks that Jean Charest might be a plausible defender and leader of a Canadian conservative coalition that sometimes seems scared of its own shadow. If nothing else, it seemed reasonable to assume Charest appreciated the nature of that coalition. He lived its glory […]

Are Trudeau Liberals gearing up to make historic slap down of Canada’s Indigenous people?

Jan 22 2020 — David Staples — The Trudeau Liberals will engage in a historic slap down of Canada’s Indigenous people if they rule against the Teck Frontier oilsands project. Teck negotiated for years with the 14 Indigenous groups that will live next door to the gargantuan $20.6-billion Frontier project. The company came to economic opportunity and environmental stewardship agreements with 14 […]

In the Trump era, no trade deal can really protect Canada

Jan 22 2020 — Heather Scoffield — As Donald Trump brags to the world’s billionaires at Davos about his two newest trade deals — the revamped NAFTA and a new agreement with China — how should Canadians feel about these developments? Relief, no doubt. But a bit of trepidation, too. First, the relief. Since Trump came to power three years ago, vowing […]

Calm down Trudeau haters, Tim Hortons is not a national treasure

Jan 21 2020 — Emma Teitel — Social media can be a drag but there’s no denying that it’s made a lot of remarkable things possible: it’s launched political revolutions, given a voice to the voiceless, and as we saw this week, enabled yet another incident of misplaced outrage, this one involving a Prime Minister and several boxes of doughnuts. Call it […]

Chrétien’s China and Trudeau’s

Jan 21 2020 — Paul Wells — It was helpful last week of Jean Chrétien’s former right hand Eddie Goldenberg to make, in detail, a case several of his contemporaries have been making piecemeal for more than a year: that taking Canada’s extradition treaty with the United States won’t get Canadian prisoners in Beijing released, so we should just do what Beijing […]

How did VW avoid criminal charges in Canada over its emissions cheating?

Jan 21 2020 — Stephen Maher — When Volkswagen Canada pleads guilty on Wednesday to illegally importing cars that were rigged to beat emissions tests, investigators and prosecutors may be tempted to celebrate. This is expected to be the biggest environmental fine in Canadian history. Volkswagen is facing 60 charges and each charge carries a maximum penalty of $6 million, so the […]