National Newswatch

It’s a charade, but question period is the only answer

May 16 2019 — Don Martin — Today was the 13th question period in the House of Commons this month. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has attended just three of them, only one being on a Wednesday when he dances around every opposition query. Mind you, Official Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer hasn’t exactly earned a gold star for House attendance. He’s only made […]

Trudeau has a choice to make about Quebec’s secularism debate

May 16 2019 — Chantal Hébert — It is not only on the pipeline front that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has a politically critical call to make in the lead-up to the upcoming federal campaign. At some point in the not-so-distant future, he will have to decide whether to become more actively involved in Quebec’s ongoing securalism debate. That time is almost […]

Why can’t the Canada Revenue Agency catch tax cheats?

May 16 2019 — Percy Downe — The federal government talks tough on overseas tax evasion, saying it is a high priority and it will catch you if you cheat. But the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) has a terrible track record of collecting from Canadians hiding their money overseas. It’s not catching, charging or convicting tax cheats the way other countries are […]

Canadians are primed for some Trump-style populism

May 16 2019 — Shannon Proudfoot — Half of Canadian voters hold opinions that might make populism appealing to them, a new poll from Earnscliffe Strategy Group shows, and while Canadian populists lean distinctly to the right, they are not alienated outsiders but rather highly motivated politics watchers. In the report, the lobbying firm cautions that “in order to avoid unnecessary hysteria,” […]

Ontario’s attack ads slide past federal rules

May 15 2019 — Susan Delacourt — Doug Ford’s new wave of TV and radio ads attacking the federal carbon pricing scheme are exposing a hole in the laws covering political advertising in this country — a hole the size of a large, gas-guzzling vehicle. Provincial governments are not factored in as players in any rules governing spending on political ads at […]

What ever happened to deliverology?

May 15 2019 — Kathryn May — Mention “deliverology” to a public servant working on the policy frontlines, and you’ll get either a shrug or a grumble. The trendy management theory that took the federal bureaucracy by storm three years ago has struggled to live up to the initial hype. Still, the person responsible for the public management approach believes it is […]

Think this is bad? Imagine a Liberal minority backed by Greens

May 15 2019 — Don Braid — Take a wary look at British Columbia; a shaky NDP government, supported by three Greens, fiercely hostile to the Trans Mountain pipeline. Now, imagine the same dynamic in Ottawa after the fall federal election. Try not to pass out. It’s by no means unthinkable that the Liberals will be reduced to a minority. To stay […]

Trade wars, hot or cold, do not generally lead to trade peace

May 13 2019 — Andrew Coyne — “There is a great deal of ruin in a nation,” Adam Smith famously remarked. Donald Trump is currently putting that theory to the test. Pile on enough debt, create enough uncertainty around monetary policy, and throw up enough barriers to trade and at some point you will drive even the strongest economy into the ditch. […]