National Newswatch

When politicians get that faraway look in their eyes

Nov 17 2017 — Susan Delacourt — Every November starting in 2015, it’s been easier to find Canada’s prime minister on the road, far away from Ottawa. Trudeau has now made 29 international trips since he came to power two years ago, according to his office’s own tally this week. That’s more than once a month, basically — and about half of […]

Is Trudeau ready for a Middle East war?

Nov 17 2017 — Murray Dobbin — The world is now at the mercy of a coalition of three of the most dangerous autocrats on the planet: Donald Trump, Benjamin Netanyahu and Saudi Arabia’s new absolute ruler Mohammad bin Salman, a name that will become increasingly familiar as the months go by. These three “leaders” are now collaborating in an incredibly reckless […]

U.S. Lumber Duties Will Hurt Communities Across North America

Nov 17 2017 — Duane Woods — This past week the United States Department of Commerce released its long-awaited determination on new duties to be imposed on Canadian softwood lumber imports.  This bad news represents the latest and most tangible iteration of the Trump administration’s protectionist America-first trade policies. The practical effect: additional duties up to 23.76% would be imposed on Canadian […]

It’s simply not practical to expect employers to properly handle workplace harassment disputes

Nov 17 2017 — Muneeza Sheikh — This month, the federal government issued a double whammy in the ongoing effort to curb harassment in the workplace. The first came in early November, with the release of a federal report titled “Harassment and Sexual Violence: What We Heard.” Based on consultations with Canadians, the report confirmed the staggering prevalence of sexual harassment and […]

Why tax reform is nearly always dangerous

Nov 17 2017 — Geoff Norquay — Tax reform is risky for any Canadian government.  When it targets personal or business income tax deductions, it can become downright dangerous. The reason tax reform is so hard is pretty simple. Successive governments tinker with the tax system. Bit by bit, they add specific deductions, write-offs, credits and deferrals, mostly for justifiable public policy […]

Peacekeeping myths and nostalgia die a quiet death under the Liberals

Nov 16 2017 — Tim Harper — When the federal Liberals released their own report card this week, they left out an important category. Had they included spinning broken promises, they would have earned an A+. That grade would have to be given for their peacekeeping announcement in Vancouver this week. It was a pledge built on the realization that technology and […]

Why Canada should declare a national opioid emergency too

Nov 16 2017 — — In the United States, President Donald Trump has formally declared the opioid overdose crisis to be a national public health emergency. The numbers he cited speak for themselves: More than 64,000 Americans died from opioid overdose last year, which translates to more than 175 per day, or almost seven every hour. The situation in Canada […]

Andrew Scheer of the suburbs vs Justin Trudeau and his throngs

Nov 15 2017 — John Geddes — The new Conservative ad that shows Andrew Scheer wandering through a suburban idyll—folks perched on freshly painted park benches hailing him, desirable three-bedroom backsplits in the background—gets across a lot in a succinct 30 seconds. “Conservatives want to see every Canadian prosper,” the Tory leader says, neatly summing up the message “I’m Andrew Scheer” is […]

The Intolerable Immodesty of Justin Trudeau

Nov 15 2017 — Justin Ling — There are few things more shameless than grading yourself on a curve. And yet the Trudeau government has done exactly that. The Mandate Letter Tracker is the government’s answer to a question nobody asked. An attempt from Ottawa to judge itself by its own rubric, fake news be damned. Under this scoring system, set up […]

Trudeau shows Trump how to insult the right people

Nov 15 2017 — — “It is a personal and official insult,” said Philippines President Rodrigo Duterte of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s criticism of his war on drugs … a campaign which has seen more than 12,000 people killed, according to Human Rights Watch — 2,555 of them by the Philippine National Police.

More delays or rapid deployment for peacekeepers?

Nov 15 2017 — Peter Langille — Within the United Nations, and around this week’s international ministerial in Vancouver, hopes are high around Canada’s contribution to peace operations. Canada, once a leader in UN peacekeeping, is urgently needed, whether it’s to avert a wider war in South Sudan, to fill gaps in the Central African Republic, to support the stabilization of Mali […]