National Newswatch

The stubborn state of federalism in Canada

Dec 10 2019 — Paul Wells — For a glimpse into how regional conflict might dominate our politics in 2020, watch the body language—and the response from Justin Trudeau’s office—when a provincial premier comes to Ottawa these days. Three weeks after the October federal election, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe was in Ottawa for his first face-to-face post-election meeting with Prime Minister Justin […]

Softer Power in a Harder World

Dec 10 2019 — Glen Pearson — The captured scene of Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson quietly conferring on the actions of Donald Trump created its own sensation, but in many ways served as a microcosm of current global tensions.  It was an unfortunately timed incident that nevertheless exposed inevitable realities. The nature of power in a world of nation […]

Here’s why Canada and Alberta need each other

Dec 9 2019 — Heather Scoffield — Mon., Dec. 9, 2019timer4 min. read As Jason Kenney and a third of his cabinet attempt to smother Ottawa this week with charm and argument, it’s not just because environmentalists and Justin Trudeau have been breathing down his neck about emissions in the oilsands. That’s just nagging. The real driving force behind Kenney’s push is […]

Canada can pursue diplomacy and the rule of law at the same time

Dec 9 2019 — Bob Rae — When Richard Nixon and Pierre Elliott Trudeau – two very different politicians – made the decision to open diplomatic relations with the Communist government in China in the 1970s, they did not do so because they were under any illusions about the nature of the Chinese government. It was not a love affair based on […]

Will federal cash fix national discord? Premiers think so

Dec 9 2019 — Dan Leger — Lately, I’ve found myself asking whether 2019 will some day be seen as the year disunity returned in force to Canada. Harmony is distinctly at a premium. Alberta’s government says national unity is threatened by the province’s economic swoon, which Canada didn’t do enough to prevent. Saskatchewan’s government says that province, too, is being crippled […]

Canada’s success in the next decade depends on working together

Dec 8 2019 — Tiffany Gooch — Thursday’s speech from the throne spoke pointedly of a renewed national agenda aimed at rectifying the issues of yesterday, prioritizing the issues facing Canadians today and addressing the challenges that lay ahead of us in the decades to come. The speech opened by highlighting the differences in regional needs required across the country and established […]

When Scheer-bashing becomes boring, it’s time to aim elsewhere

Dec 8 2019 — Mark Bonokoski — Perhaps it’s best to await former Harper cabinet minister John Baird’s internal review of what went wrong in the Conservatives’ election campaign to fully leak out before the stoning of Andrew Scheer continues. Baird is a feisty character, tough, straight-talking and now making mega-dollars in the corporate world, sitting on various management boards and giving […]

The throne speech was obsolete by the next day

Dec 8 2019 — Lorne Gunter — I can never understand commentators who seem surprised (even irritated) by the vagueness of a throne speech. Vagueness is the point. A typical throne speech is to legislative agendas what daydreaming about winning the lottery is to retirement planning. Vice-regal addresses are accurate indications of a government’s priorities — until all those best-laid plans get […]

Moving Forward with Yves-François, Jagmeet and Donald

Dec 7 2019 — L. Ian MacDonald — Just as last week’s cabinet unveiling was more like a shuffle than the swearing-in of a new government, so Thursday’s Speech from the Throne was more like an updated campaign platform piece than a vision- -of-Canada document. It began with the title. The widely panned Liberal platform slogan, “Choose Forward” has been upgraded to a […]

Pursuing the career the women of Polytechnique could not

Dec 6 2019 — Julia Bugiel — “Iwonder what those women would be doing now,” says Ruth Eden, assistant deputy minister of infrastructure in the Government of Manitoba. Thirty years ago, Eden was a fresh engineering graduate when the news broke that 14 women had been slain in a horrific act of misogyny at École Polytechnique in Montreal. Her question hangs in […]