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As the blockaders get bolder, pressure rises on Horgan and Trudeau

Feb 16 2020 — Michael Smyth — Political nerves are getting frayed as the anti-pipeline blockades continue. With budget day — and more protests — looming, what can Horgan and Trudeau do? As anti-pipeline blockaders ramp up their activities, pressure is growing on Premier John Horgan and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to do something about the mayhem. So far, both levels of […]

Baird Demurs: The Conservative Race that Isn’t

Feb 15 2020 — L. Ian MacDonald — With John Baird standing down, that makes four first-tier candidates who’ve taken their names out of consideration before even entering the Conservative leadership race. “I’m incredibly grateful for all the support that Conservatives from across this great country have offered in the last few weeks,” Baird began in a three-part Twitter post Thursday evening, going […]

In protest of politicians who dabble in policing

Feb 15 2020 — Tom Brodbeck — Federal Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says if he were prime minister, he would tell police how to do their jobs when it comes to cracking down on pipeline protesters. It’s a good thing Scheer — who announced in December he will step down following the election of a new party leader — will never hold […]

What wouldn’t Erin O’Toole do to win?

Feb 14 2020 — Stephen Maher — Erin O’Toole is a well-respected, serious and thoughtful politician. But that’s not what will win over the Conservative base. Erin O’Toole put out a Facebook meme this week with a picture of himself gazing firmly into the distance, with this text superimposed: “I’m not the media’s candidate. I’m not going to go Liberal-light to earn […]

Why Canada needs a national policy for Black arts, culture and heritage

Feb 14 2020 — Anthony Morgan — Like the ones before it, this Black History Month is blessed with a cascade of creative programming that will uncover and convey Black Canada’s complex and compelling stories through an array of artistic mediums. This includes varied and powerful artistic performances of theatre, music and dance; photography and other visual arts exhibitions; book talks; community […]

The Democratic Party’s Greatest Dilemma

Feb 14 2020 — Glen Pearson — He’s one of the godfathers of the Democratic Party and he’s just a little incensed. James Carville’s voice is being raised at a crucial time for a party desperately in search of a leader that can prevail in the November elections.  H appears to be losing it when he actually makes a lot of sense.  […]

Run, John Baird. For the love of God, run.

Feb 13 2020 — Andrew MacDougall — The thing about politics is that, once infected, it never really leaves the blood. The residual fever is why I write about what I used to practice. Opining about politics gives me an excuse to follow politics without ever onboarding the huge opportunity cost of actually getting back into politics. Which brings us to John […]