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Is Jason Kenney now the federal Conservatives’ alpha male?

Aug 12 2019 — Gillian Steward — Since Doug Ford has stepped back from politicking for federal Conservative leader Andrew Scheer lest he embarrass him it’s clear Jason Kenney is now the party’s alpha male. I don’t mean that the Alberta premier will replace Scheer any time soon but it’s becoming more than a little obvious that the former Conservative MP and […]

Why reactionary populism will fizzle in Canada

Aug 12 2019 — Kelly McParland — Populism is getting a bad rap in Canada, unjustifiably so. According to my unaffiliated and wholly non-partisan online dictionary, populism is defined as “a political approach that strives to appeal to ordinary people who feel that their concerns are disregarded by established elite groups.” That’s pretty much the whole world, outside a few billionaires, right? […]

Trudeau’s star roster has shrunk, while Scheer runs without one

Aug 11 2019 — Campbell Clark — The Foreign Affairs Minister is doing a lot of travel within Canada. When Chrystia Freeland goes to a steel-pipe manufacturer to talk about the new North American free-trade deal, as she did Friday, it is a way to send a message that the Liberals are concerned with lunch-box issues, industry and jobs. It also says […]

Who else must die before handguns are banned in Canada?

Aug 11 2019 — Heather Mallick — It was strange to discover that the federal government will do nothing about the sale or possession of handguns and assault weapons at least until after the fall election. If there’s one thing I expect from the Liberals, it’s reasonableness, so this burns. A mass killer’s bullets killed two young girls — remember them, Julianna […]

Trudeau’s own government knows a handgun ban won’t work

Aug 11 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — Since Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is talking about making the banning of handguns an election issue, let’s examine the evidence that shows why it won’t be effective — which comes from Trudeau’s government. Here’s what Trudeau’s point man on the issue of banning handguns — former Toronto Police chief Bill Blair, now Trudeau’s Border […]

David MacNaughton served Canada well

Aug 11 2019 — Jim Warren — There are many things you can criticize Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his Liberal government for. Managing Canada’s relationship with the United States is not one of them. Especially given who the President is and the current political climate south of the border. Trade and NAFTA/USMCA re-negotiations, China, immigration and border issues have all been […]

Drug treatment a better answer than injection sites

Aug 10 2019 — Danielle Smith — A listener recently recommended a documentary that everyone should see. It’s called Seattle is Dying and it shows in graphic, heart-wrenching detail what happens to a city when its drug and homeless problem gets out of control. Calgary can avoid this fate but it will require a dramatic investment in addiction treatment. I have always […]

For 18 Liberal MPs, the love affair with politics is over

Aug 9 2019 — John Ivison — Living in the political limelight is the dream job for those who wish to be seen — it’s clean, it’s indoors and there’s no heavy lifting involved. But for those who want to get stuff done, life in the House of Commons can be pretty frustrating. Eighteen Liberals, 15 Conservatives and 14 New Democrats have […]

Liberals to dragoon telecos in bid for re-election

Aug 9 2019 — John Ivison — Canadians pay some of the highest cellphone prices in the world, while powerful telco companies make billions in profit, according to a central pillar in the NDP’s 2019 election platform. “And yet PM Trudeau refuses to do anything about it.” Jagmeet Singh should be careful what he wishes for. Industry sources suggest Canada’s premium carriers […]

Canadian health care – expensive and mediocre

Aug 9 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein — In the Oct. 21 federal election campaign, health care will be the top concern, or near the top, for most Canadians. It’s like that in every election. But what will again undercut any serious debate about Canada’s financial and performance crises in health care are the two most enduring and damaging myths about Canadian health […]

Beware foreign influence in Canada’s resource sector and elections

Aug 9 2019 — Joe Oliver — Canadians should welcome Alberta Premier Jason Kenney’s inquiry into foreign financing opposition to the oilsands because it will investigate a significant problem for the entire country. Nevertheless, it generated overwrought criticism from those who seek to belittle the issue. That reaction is not new. Back in January 2012, as minister of natural resources, I denounced […]

The frustration of being Andrew Scheer

Aug 9 2019 — Rick Salutin — It must be frustrating for Andrew Scheer. I think about this. Doug Ford too. Less for Jason Kenney, since he’s in Alberta, though even there, Edmonton has always irritated the right and Calgary isn’t what it was either. Elsewhere in the world, rightwing populism is having a moment. Leaders stigmatize outsiders and tell them to […]

Rising tide isn’t lifting all boats in Canada’s oilpatch in 2019

Aug 8 2019 — Chris Varcoe — Many of Canada’s largest petroleum producers are pumping out higher second-quarter profits and improved cash flow levels, yet more money isn’t coursing through the veins of the entire oilpatch. Canada’s oilfield service firms witnessed a significant drop in activity during the first six months of 2019, and are tempering expectations for the back half of […]