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CETA at five: working as intended but not as promised

Sep 22 2022 — — Every September since 2017, Canada and the European Union toast their now five-year-old Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA). Statements from both sides combine data showing increased two-way trade with heartfelt expressions of the shared principles that are said to be enhanced and put to work by the deal. For example, the European Commission boasted […]

Canada and Europe: Untangling Interests and Values?

Sep 21 2022 — Zach Paikin — On September 15, 2022, the Institute for Peace & Diplomacy (IPD) convened the second roundtable of its “Canada’s Interests in a Shifting Order” project. The topic of this session focused on Canada’s long-term foreign policy imperatives in Europe. Participants included former and current Canadian ambassadors, in addition to roughly a dozen scholars and experts on […]

Poor Cousin No More: Lessons for Adult Education in Canada from the Past and New Zealand

Sep 8 2022 — — Adult education provides skills development opportunities to help Canadians find better jobs and improve well-being. Yet it remains a “poor cousin” of compulsory and higher education, disconnected from social policy and the education system at large, with its learners and teachers stigmatized. This paper looks at Canada’s past efforts to address these issues by creating […]

The Role of Energy Transition in Addressing Climate Change

Aug 4 2022 — — The global policy debate on addressing climate change has many dimensions, likely none more important than energy transition – improving energy efficiency and reducing the carbon intensity of our energy production systems. To better understand the factors that govern global CO2 emissions it is helpful to use a relatively well-known mathematical relationship known as the […]

Trudeau policies—an economically dangerous déjà vu

Jul 23 2022 — Tegan Hill and Jason Clemens — Increasing taxes, skyrocketing government debt, expanding regulations, soaring inflation and rising interest rates. You may think we’re describing Canada today, but in fact these were the policy decisions and circumstances that defined Pierre Trudeau’s tenure as prime minister in the 1970s and early 1980s, which eventually culminated in a near crisis. Unfortunately, Prime Minister Justin […]

A Plea for Greening Canada’s Housing Policy

Jun 28 2022 — — The housing and climate change crises are wreaking havoc on the Canadian economy. On the one hand, the country is losing affordable housing units faster than new ones are being built. On the other hand, it is warming twice as fast as the rest of the world. Among all the G7 countries, Canada has the […]

Canada’s CANnabis, or CAN’Tabis ?

Jun 24 2022 — — Canada’s cannabis legalization review was due in October 2021. It has yet to commence. In 2018, Canada became the second country in the world after Uruguay to legalize possession and use of recreational cannabis. There was a general consensus that this was the best way to protect public health (especially of the young), to control […]

A Successful Commercial Indo-Pacific Strategy Begins at Home

Jun 11 2022 — — A successful commercial Indo-Pacific Strategy for Canada should be measured not by the number of trade agreements we sign but by the steps we take to improve Canada’s internal capacity to trade with the region. This is not to say ratification of trade agreements is unimportant. Canada’s commercial presence in the region, notably anchored through […]

Canada’s Window of Opportunity to Tackle ‘Buy American’

Jun 11 2022 — — On March 1, 2022, Canadians heard some eerily familiar talking points in President Joe Biden’s State of the Union address. Interspersed among his administration’s goals and accomplishments were references to strengthening the Buy American Act, returning supply chains to American soil, and making more products in the United States. The rhetoric harkened back to the […]

How the War in Ukraine Could Redefine Canada’s Place in the World

Jun 11 2022 — — Kevin Lynch, a former clerk of the Privy Council and secretary to the cabinet, once said about Canada’s position as 14th on the World Economic Forum’s Global Competitiveness Index: “Fourteen is a very Canadian number.” After a series of noteworthy achievements by Canada from 1945 to the early-2000s – wherein Canadian John Humphrey drafted the […]

How Canada can make up ground on its global nature goals

Jun 7 2022 — Dawn Carr — Ambitious action is needed to protect biodiversity around the world. In April, the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) announced our largest-ever project to protect private land. Covering nearly 1,500 square kilometres of boreal forest and wetlands in northern Ontario, the Boreal Wildlands marks a monumental shift in how we need to think of conservation in […]

Four Cheers for the Office of the Auditor General

Jun 1 2022 — Kevin Page — It is said that empathy is the building block for morality. It can build strong relationships because it helps us understand the perspectives and needs of others. It is said that strong institutions and the ability to hold a government to account are the cornerstones of liberal democracy. Countries fail under weak institutions. Let us […]

China’s Economic Rise and Its Implications for Canada

May 23 2022 — — China has transformed from a poor planned economy to a gigantic market-oriented economy in a matter of a few decades with its continuous fast economic growth, resulting from a combination of domestic economic reforms and open trade policies. China’s GDP per capita passed the US$10,000 benchmark in 2019; and at US$12,551 in 2021, it surpassed […]

Everyone’s Talking About Gas Prices

May 22 2022 — Kevin Page — Canadian gas prices have moved with global oil prices. The price of oil is set in the global market-place (established in spot and future markets), Three factors largely drive price movements – supply, demand and market sentiment. Prices paid for oil can differ around the world due to factors like transportation and the quality of […]