National Newswatch

Ep.46: Caring for Canada’s Seniors

Apr 23 2021 — — Canadians have seen the inadequacies of Canada’s senior home system in this pandemic. What’s less clear – how do we solve these? Policy Speaking is joined by Deloitte Canada’s Georgina Black to talk about what good senior support looks like around the world, and where Canada can start to innovate. Should we be looking for […]

Assessing Cash-for-Care Benefits to Support Aging at Home in Canada

Apr 13 2021 — — Canada’s long-term care (LTC) system needs an overhaul. Most older Canadians have only limited access to care that is often of poor quality and fragmented. There are long wait times for admission to LTC institutions, and many who receive care at home report having unmet needs. As a result, family and friends often have to […]

Ep.45: Canadian Railroad Trilogy – Pandemic Edition

Apr 8 2021 — — The pandemic presents an opportunity to breathe new life into the story of rail in Canada. Former Transport Minister Lisa Raitt and Yves Desjardins Siciliano, CEO at Siemens Mobility Canada and former VIA Rail CEO join Policy Speaking to talk the ghost of divestment past, Canada’s present inter-city train network, why Quebec’s system seems different, […]

Revisiting Canada-Russia Relations: A New Paradigm for a Multipolar World

Apr 6 2021 — Zach Paikin — Canada’s reaction to the 2013-14 Ukraine crisis during Stephen Harper’s premiership stood out as among the sternest in the Western community. Although diplomatic ties were not formally severed, the level of engagement between Ottawa and Moscow has been severely curtailed. Apart from a limited and brief overture following the 2015 federal election under Stéphane Dion’s […]

Ep.44: More Than an Economic Recovery

Apr 1 2021 — — Vaccines are rolling out and many Canadians are hoping for an economic upswing in the summer and fall. Is that what we should expect? David Dodge, former Governor of the Bank of Canada, joins us to talk about the economic factors he’s following and the impact of the economic stimulus so far in Canada versus […]

The Royal Canadian Navy and Naval Diplomacy

Mar 31 2021 — — The Royal Canadian Navy (RCN) plays an important role in Canadian foreign policy by offering a unique national instrument of both soft and hard power. For a middle power such as Canada, it is especially critical that policy-makers fully understand that having a capable navy presents them with a range of potential policy options. Navies […]

Ep.43: Keep Calm and Supply Vaccines

Mar 25 2021 — — Canada has four COVID-19 vaccines ready for distribution in half (if not 1/3) the time many predicted. Yet none are homegrown. Dr. Alan Bernstein, CEO of the global research organization CIFAR, and Dr. Vivek Goel, soon-to-be President of the University of Waterloo and a public health physician on the federal government’s COVID-19 Immunity Task Force, […]

Federalism as a Strength: A Path Toward Ending the Crisis in Long-Term Care

Mar 24 2021 — — In the first eight months of the COVID-19 pandemic, more than 80 percent of Canadian deaths occurred in long-term care facilities. There have been calls for the federal government to play a stronger role, but this is complicated by the fact that provinces have adopted a wide range of long-term care policies. Nevertheless, governments could […]

Indigenous Self-Government in Yukon: Looking for Ways to Pass the Torch

Mar 24 2021 — — Yukon has been at the forefront of Indigenous treaty-making for over forty years. Today, 11 of its 14 First Nations have land claims and self-government agreements, accounting for almost half of the total in Canada. By redefining the relationship between First ­Nations and non-First Nations people, these agreements have ­fundamentally altered ­Yukon society. But the […]

Ep.42: Our Forced Telework Experiment

Mar 18 2021 — — When the pandemic ends, do we return to the office of 2019? Over half of surveyed workers would like to continue working from home, even just a bit. Managers, employees, commuters and families have lived new options and Tania Saba, professor and expert on workforce and digital transformation, explores how back-to-office may – or may […]