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Nova Scotians pay dearly for health-care wait times

Jun 4 2020 — Alex Whalen and Mackenzie Moir — The COVID pandemic has placed health care at the forefront of the national conversation, as Canadians work collectively to reduce transmission rates while debating next steps. Health-care professionals have worked tirelessly during these trying times, but our health-care system still faces major challenges. For example, due to COVID, some provincial governments have cancelled many elective […]

How COVID-19 will re-shape global supply chains and the world economy

Jun 3 2020 — Eric Miller — Amid the horror of the COVID-19 pandemic, one is watching history turn in real time. The era of China’s unchallenged rise is now over. Forward progress on China’s growth as a superpower and quest for hegemony in East Asia and elsewhere will henceforth face significant resistance. China’s conduct domestically and internationally has created strong misgivings […]

The Generational Squeeze of COVID-19

May 26 2020 — — As younger Canadians endeavour to make a life for themselves, they are increasingly “squeezed” by stationary incomes, strain in procuring quality employment, high costs for services, and rising debts. In this episode, Dr. Kershaw, founder of Generation Squeeze joins host Edward Greenspon to make sense of the shocking labour force numbers affecting young people in […]

Unpacking Labour Force Trends from COVID-19

May 15 2020 — — Numbers reflect what is happening in the world around us. But how has COVID-19 impacted the shift? Lynn Barr-Telford, Canada’s Assistant Chief Statistician, responsible for social, health and labor statistics at Statistics Canada and Craig Alexander, Partner and Chief Economist at Deloitte join host Edward Greenspon to discuss labour force trends. Listen in as we […]

Our species to save.

May 15 2020 — Dan Kraus — Endangered species day was established 15 years ago.  It is a day for us to learn about the wildlife, plants, animals and insects that are at risk of disappearing and perhaps most importantly, what we can do about it. Every nation has a unique role in saving our planet’s endangered species. As Canadians it’s important […]

Corporate Bailouts or a Long Term Post COVID Strategy?

May 12 2020 — Andrew Jackson — The federal government has just announced a new program to expand loans to struggling non financial corporations – the Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility. It’s role  deserves serious debate. The entirely legitimate intent is to save threatened jobs with Canada’s largest employers due to the COVID-19 crisis. Clearly, some corporations face huge financial losses which […]

Here’s how municipalities should respond to COVID-19

Apr 23 2020 — — As COVID-19 continues to sweep across the globe, governments are responding with various financial support programs to bridge both individuals and businesses while public health restrictions are in place. While much of the focus in Canada has been on policy responses from the federal and provincial governments, municipal governments also have an important role to […]

Trudeau government reveals what it truly thinks about Canada’s energy industry

Apr 20 2020 — Niels Veldhuis and Elmira Aliakbari — After weeks of delay, on Friday the federal government finally announced its aid package for the energy sector. To say it’s underwhelming would be an understatement. More than anything, the package confirms that the Trudeau government sees one of Canada’s most important sectors as a “sunset” industry. The Trudeau government’s view of the industry has […]

Options for Taxing CERB Payments

Apr 17 2020 — Ken Boessenkool — Canada’s social safety net has evolved slowly and carefully in an overlapping federal system of transfers and benefits. Ottawa has responsibility for the tax system and Employment Insurance (EI). The provinces have primary responsibility for most social assistance and disability programs. As these programs have developed and changed over the years, overlaps and conflicts have […]

Completing the promise of Medicare

Apr 16 2020 — Bill Blaikie — In the early 1960’s, a CCF government (the CCF was the precursor to the NDP) in Saskatchewan successfully lit the path towards what we now know nationally as Medicare, a transformative event in Canadian history. This was done in the face of fierce and often bitter resistance from political opponents, from the medical community and […]