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Trudeau government move undermines COVID-19 response

Aug 7 2020 — Kristina M.L. Acri — First, the good news. Symvivo Corporation, a Canadian company, currently has a SARS-CoV-2 vaccine candidate in phase one trials. But the bad news is that the Trudeau government is dismantling the incentives to find a vaccine. In the battle against the global pandemic, public- and private-sector actors both have essential roles to play. Governments are […]

Sanctioning Chinese officials under the Magnitsky Act

Jul 28 2020 — — Chairman, members of the Committee, thank you for giving me this opportunity to address you today on the shocking persecution of the Uyghur minority in China. I come to this from a slightly different angle than other people on the panel and other people who’ve testified. Some of you may know me. For many years, […]

A Policymaker’s Recovery Agenda for Higher Education

Jul 7 2020 — — COVID-19 has exacerbated many issues across many sectors including Canada’s higher education sector. With classes moving online and no clear end date, students face the challenge of education from home, some without skill or resource. In this article a number of esteemed authors compile an agenda from a policy perspective on what needs to be […]

The federal deficit will become whose surplus?

Jul 6 2020 — — On July 8th, the federal government will release its first fiscal update since December 16, 2019. The aborted spring budget, which was set to be released on March 30th, 2020, was swept away in the need for emergency action to support Canadians as COVID-19 forced the shut down of our economy. Preliminary estimates from the […]

Who believes in COVID-19 conspiracies and why it matters

Jul 6 2020 — — The global COVID-19 pandemic has been accompanied by a daunting array of baseless speculation about its origins. Uncertain times are fertile ground for disinformation, and conspiracy theories can have serious consequences — not only for individuals who believe them, but for public health in general.

Conserving all-Canadian wildlife

Jun 30 2020 — Dan Kraus — Every nation plays an important role in stopping wildlife extinction. Here in Canada, we have an estimated 80,000 known wild species. They range from pygmy shrew to polar bear, and from stellate sedge to Sitka spruce. Canada plays a critical role in protecting many of these plants and animals. Most of the world’s lakeside daisies, narwhals and […]

Ottawa wants companies to commit to net-zero emissions—without any details

Jun 30 2020 — Ashley Stedman and Elmira Aliakbari — Despite widespread need, particularly in Canada’s energy sector, the federal government’s Large Employer Emergency Financing Facility (or LEEFF) program, meant to provide emergency funding to large companies, has yet to approve any applications. Why? To be eligible for LEEFF support, firms must agree to several environmental goals and conditions, including this government’s goal of reaching […]

Ep.19: The Future of Energy: Re-stabilizing an Industry

Jun 30 2020 — — Three months into a pandemic and the Canadian economy finds itself in an induced coma with a long journey ahead to recovery. The Bank of Canada contests that we have a bumpy road to recuperation but few have been hit as hard as the Canadian energy sector. The Public Policy Forum has been working with […]

The Demographics of Automation in Canada: Who Is at Risk?

Jun 29 2020 — — The COVID-19 pandemic has exposed a new vulnerability among firms that rely on human labour. In order to comply with public health directives on physical distancing, many businesses have had to completely shut down their operations for months. Others remained functional thanks to teleworking, which many intend to prolong and even adopt permanently. As experts […]

Canada Must Reject Calls to Release Meng Wanzhou: An Open Letter to Prime Minister Trudeau

Jun 26 2020 — — Dear Prime Minister, Canadian authorities lawfully detained Huawei CFO Meng Wanzhou in late December 2018, following an extradition request from the United States on charges of alleged fraud. In response China, among other aggressive actions, arbitrarily detained and has now charged Canadians Michael Kovrig and Michael Spavor on completely spurious national security grounds. Since these […]

Stimulus spending will likely harm Canadian economy—not help it

Jun 25 2020 — Jake Fuss, Tegan Hill and Alex Whalen — As the federal and provincial governments shift their focus to economic recovery, there will be heightened calls for fiscal stimulus in an attempt to kick-start the economy. However, a new study by the Fraser Institute demonstrates that, based on past experience, stimulus measures will almost certainly be ineffective. Fiscal stimulus refers to additional government spending […]