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Ottawa must exercise more control over borrowing and spending

Jul 27 2021 — Jake Fuss — During the pandemic, government budget deficits have grown substantially across Canada—at a time when interest costs are at historical lows. If interest costs return to the slightly higher levels of 2019, deficits would increase by billions for governments across the country. And yet, several governments (including the Trudeau government) show little concern over their high […]

The Big Deal of the Global Minimum Tax

Jul 9 2021 — Kevin Page — People reading financial news in recent days were likely surprised to learn that the international community has coalesced around an approach to establish a global minimum tax for large multinational digital companies. Is it a big deal? It needs to be. On July 5, following years of work led by the Organisation for Economic Cooperation […]

Episode 54: Critical casualties? The Dichotomy & Discrepancy of Essential Work and Emerging Industries

Jun 30 2021 — — In this week’s episode of Policy Speaking, Edward Greenspon connects with Jerry Dias, President of Unifor Canada. They reflect on the state of the ‘union’, the impact of the pandemic on Canada’s auto, manufacturing & service industries and the constant transition to new & different work. Jerry shares thoughts on industrial policy based on U.S. […]

Ep.53: Brave New Data

Jun 20 2021 — — Vass Bednar takes over as host of Policy Speaking, for a special Brave New Work discussion on new data policymakers can use in this digital era. Joining the podcast is Paul Cowan, Chief Marketing Officer at FreshBooks who talks about the birds-eye-view insights his accounting company gleaned during the COVID economic crisis, and how sharing […]

Freeland doubles down despite dismal pre-COVID economic numbers

Jun 19 2021 — Jason Clemens, Milagros Palacios and Niels Veldhuis — In a recent interview, federal Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland explained the need to focus on economic growth to deal with many of Canada’s fiscal issues including our high debt levels. Minister Freeland is correct that higher rates of economic growth would solve many of the country’s issues. Unfortunately, her policy prescription for higher growth is […]

What are Budget Consultations Good for, Anyway?

Jun 19 2021 — — This past April, the Liberal government announced the first federal budget since 2019. In hopes of a strong pandemic recovery, the budget promises massive policy measures. With transformative spending and net debt now reaching an unbelievable $1 trillion, it’s shocking what little say we actually have in the budget process. In fact, when it comes […]

Budgeting for Wellbeing—Beyond GDP

Jun 19 2021 — — Thomas Jefferson once said, “The purpose of government is to enable the people of a nation to live in safety and happiness”. As we try to fully digest the 700-page April 19 budget one might ask: Is the government succeeding in its mandate of making us happier? It is often said that if you cannot […]

Home Prices Booming Because the System Encourages It

Jun 17 2021 — Mikayla Zolis — Canada is facing an unprecedented moment in housing market history. The Canadian Real Estate Association’s latest data cites a 23.1 percent increase in April’s home price index from the previous year. Set against the highest real house price growth rates among rich countries globally, and Vancouver, Toronto, and Hamilton topping the list of North America’s […]

Race to the Top — Fixing Childcare Once and for All

Jun 17 2021 — Anil Wasif — We have a problem. Some 50 years, a couple of task forces, and a pandemic later, we are still figuring out what kind of childcare we want. We use words like “equalizer” and say things like “she-covery” — yet, how easily we forget that when push comes to shove, we just like to shuffle like […]

Police Use of Body Cameras: No Quick Fix

Jun 16 2021 — — In the wake of the high-profile incidents of police violence against African Americans, the world has been confronted by a reality long known by Black people and reluctantly accepted by others–the presence of racism within policing. As protests against police brutality have broken out in many major cities worldwide, a global outcry has arisen for […]

Re-envisioning the Global Framework for the Next COVID-19

Jun 15 2021 — Asif Imran Khan — More than a year after the emergence of COVID-19, the much-anticipated World Health Organization (WHO) investigative report on the zoonotic source of the virus was finally published last March. The findings of the report have been underwhelming, to say the least. A US led multi-country joint statement stated that report “lacked access to complete, original […]