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Despite decades of government subsidies, Canadian innovation has waned

Jan 15 2019 — Steven Globerman — The implementation and adoption of new methods of producing goods and services, along with the introduction and use of new products and new ways of organizing businesses, remain critical to improving living standards. Indeed, studies show that innovation is the driving force behind long-run increases in incomes in developed countries. Here in Canada, federal and […]

Enabling digital health care solutions in Canada

Jan 8 2019 — — Compared with other OECD countries that have universal health care systems, Canada ranks among the lowest for health system performance, although it spends more on health care delivery than many OECD countries. One can envision, if it were set up anew today, that a publicly funded Canadian health system would be enabled by human-centred digital […]

Three lessons about nature from your old Christmas tree

Dec 24 2018 — Dan Kraus — People living in the northern hemisphere have brought trees and boughs into their homes during the winter for thousands of years. The evergreens that we decorate with during Christmas can represent a celebration of holidays and a reminder that spring will come again. I’m a Christmas tree traditionalist, and will never give up the ancient […]

Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema

Indigenous clean energy shift must be built on trust and respect

Dec 17 2018 — Dave Lovekin and Dylan Heerema — Many opportunities and challenges are facing remote Indigenous communities in Canada as they shift towards a clean energy future. More than 70 per cent of these communities are powered by diesel generators. The burning of fossil fuels has negative impacts on health, well-being, the environment, and climate change. In some cases, communities’ reliance on diesel-based […]

Alberta government should increase access to for-profit schools

Dec 11 2018 — Jason Clemens and Angela MacLeod — As parents across Alberta express increasing concern about the state of K-12 education, the possibility for real education reform—including greater access to independent schools for more Alberta families—has increased regardless of the provincial election outcome in the spring. There’s a large and growing body of research showing the benefits of school choice for students and […]

Want a robot-proof job of the future? Start getting creative

Dec 7 2018 — The question of how we can best deal with the swiftly changing face of the workforce is a challenge for policy-makers, chief executives, educators — and, of course, workers. You only have to go into a supermarket and see that the cashier has been replaced by a self-service checkout machine to be reminded of the […]

Vincent Geloso

Quebec, Bombardier and the sunk cost fallacy

Dec 5 2018 — Vincent Geloso — Bombardier CEO Alain Bellemare is in New York this week trying to convince shareholders that the company’s woes are temporary. In the last few weeks, the Canadian aerospace giant suffered a series of body blows regarding sales of its new airplanes, which threw the company’s future in doubt—again. In response, the Government of Quebec announced […]

Will automation worsen job prospects for vulnerable workers?

Dec 4 2018 — How much will jobs change due to technological advancements in machine learning and artificial intelligence? Recent national and international reports suggest that specific job tasks will be automated, changing the nature of many occupations. That means workers may increasingly need skills that are complementary to the new technology.

Future of USMCA could turn on labour rights

Dec 3 2018 — Scott Sinclair — When Donald Trump, Justin Trudeau and Enrique Peña Nieto sign the USMCA, as they (or their designates) are expected to do this weekend at the G20 summit in Buenos Aires, they will take another step on the road to replacing NAFTA. But there is still some distance to go, with uncertainty along the way. Whether […]

Re-igniting Canada’s Creative Industries

Nov 21 2018 — — By the end of November, the federal government’s consultations on Canada’s broadcasting and telecommunications policy will come to a close. What should the government consider improving? What are the gaps in Canada’s approach to broadcasting, telecommunications, and culture generally? And how can the system better support Canada’s content creators?

Dealing with Canadian ‘Jihadis’ Detained Abroad

Nov 21 2018 — — The Islamic State is crumbling, and in its wake, Canadian policy makers are now faced with a new challenge: what should be done with Canadian jihadis returning home or being detained abroad? To address this problem, MLI has released a new commentary by Scott Newark, titled It’s Time for an Effective Strategy to Deal with […]

Canada should look to Belarus for strategic partnership

Nov 19 2018 — — The recent renegotiation of NAFTA has highlighted Canada’s overwhelming dependence on trade with the United States. US President Donald Trump’s comfort with imposing tariffs on its northern neighbour raises questions about access to the American market over the long term. Laudably, in the wake of the new USMCA deal, the Trudeau government has strengthened its […]

Ensuring technological growth works for all

Nov 19 2018 — — As the digital revolution continues to transform our world, we are more interconnected, have greater access to information and work, and are constantly surrounded by new innovations and tools. The pace of this change is astounding: it took over 45 years for electricity to be used by 25 percent of the US population, but only […]