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NORAD: Remaining Relevant

Nov 22 2019 — — A joint Policy Paper from The School of Public Policy and the Canadian Global Affairs Institute. Most Canadians probably understand that NORAD — the North American Aerospace Defense Command — is an operational military alliance between the U.S. and Canada that has been protecting the two countries from aerial attack and invasion since the Cold […]

‘Eat local’ food movement doomed to fail in Ontario and beyond

Nov 19 2019 — Pierre Desrochers — Across Ontario, “local food” activists continue to promote the economic, social and environmental virtues of small local alternative farms, community gardens, backyard henhouses and older, less-efficient and more expensive ways to produce food. In response, the Ontario government—directly or through organizations such as Foodland Ontario, the Greenbelt Fund and the Trillium Foundation—supports several local food […]

Building a stronger employment and training system

Nov 17 2019 — Karen Myers and Kelly Pasolli — Last week’s Fall Economic Statement from the Ontario government highlighted the province’s efforts to transform its skills-training regime. The policy and programming changes are sweeping including consolidating 100s of employment service contracts into a small number of regional arrangements. It’s still too early to say whether the redesign will produce better outcomes for Ontarians. But […]

Another Way to Buy Frigates

Nov 13 2019 — — It is rare that a senior government executive can participate in the details of two nations’ processes executed in the same time frame to select a warship design for subsequent modification and construction. One is able to compare the different approaches and develop perspectives that are rarely achieved through periodic briefings and the high-level exchange […]

Climate activists discard the ‘science’ for the extreme ‘unknown’

Nov 7 2019 — Robert P. Murphy — Now that the election’s over, the Trudeau government (perhaps now in closer concert with parties across the aisle) will continue its climate policy program. It’s therefore worth noting the recent tragic death of Harvard economist Martin Weitzman has underscored his work on climate risk assessment, which many climate activists use to argue for more aggressive […]

Relieving the Burden of Navigating Health and Social Services for Older Adults and Caregivers

Nov 6 2019 — — Canada’s aging population faces a harsh reality: growing numbers of older Canadians with chronic illnesses, disabilities and cognitive impairment are regularly discouraged by the efforts required to access and coordinate fragmented health and social care services. These challenges are often most profound for those who cannot rely on help from family members or friends, but […]

The solution to Conservative vandalism

Nov 6 2019 — Rick Smith — At a certain point, progressives really need to come to terms with the core truth of modern conservatism:  they just aren’t that conservative anymore. Far from being “cautious of change”, as my on-line dictionary defines them, today’s conservatives revel in their role as disruptors. Wherever you look around the world — from Brexit to border […]

Is it time for Canada and the world to create carbon parks?

Nov 2 2019 — Dan Kraus — Parks and protected areas have been established across Canada to conserve many things we value. Banff National Park was originally established in 1885 to protect hot springs and breathtaking scenery for tourists. In 1893, Algonquin Provincial Park was set up to protect forested headwaters from settlement and land clearing. Over the last 134 years, more […]

Great Power Rivalry and Canada’s Global Strategy

Nov 1 2019 — Zach Paikin — In a recent op-ed, the University of Ottawa’s Roland Paris noted that the conditions that have facilitated Canadian security and prosperity for decades are decaying. These include “few direct threats to our security, privileged access to the world’s largest and richest market, and international rules and institutions that sustained a relatively open and stable world […]

How to Manage LNG Project Risk?

Oct 18 2019 — — Energy use continues to grow, fuelled by global economic growth, population growth, the improvement in living standards, and growth of the middle class in the developing world. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA): “Rising incomes and an extra 1.7 billion people, mostly added to urban areas in developing economies, (will) push up global energy […]