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China’s Economic Rise and Its Implications for Canada

May 23 2022 — — China has transformed from a poor planned economy to a gigantic market-oriented economy in a matter of a few decades with its continuous fast economic growth, resulting from a combination of domestic economic reforms and open trade policies. China’s GDP per capita passed the US$10,000 benchmark in 2019; and at US$12,551 in 2021, it surpassed […]

Everyone’s Talking About Gas Prices

May 22 2022 — Kevin Page — Canadian gas prices have moved with global oil prices. The price of oil is set in the global market-place (established in spot and future markets), Three factors largely drive price movements – supply, demand and market sentiment. Prices paid for oil can differ around the world due to factors like transportation and the quality of […]

Bill 96: An attack on justice and fundamental rights

May 20 2022 — Robert Leckey — The summer recess and Quebec’s general election are coming up fast and the Legault government is in a hurry to adopt its Bill 96, An Act respecting French, the official and common language of Québec. This reform, aiming to protect and promote French, has many pieces and it’s plain that public debate has overlooked some […]

What’s Next? Managing Traditional and New Threats through International Cooperation

May 19 2022 — — Following its second annual colloquium, the Network for Strategic Analysis has produced the compendium “What’s Next? Managing Traditional and New Threats through International Cooperation.” The theme of the second annual Network for Strategic Analysis (NSA) conference, held December 9-10, 2021, focused on transitions in international policy. At the outset, several countries have begun a post-pandemic […]

The economic case against low-wage temporary foreign workers

Apr 27 2022 — — Canada is unique in its broad public support for high immigration levels, and for good reason. A world with fewer migration barriers can boost living standards in all countries by moving workers where they are most productive. But easing employer access to low-wage temporary foreign workers, a key piece of the federal government’s recently announced […]

Nature Conservancy of Canada announces largest private land conservation project in Canadian history

Apr 22 2022 — Catherine Grenier — The Nature Conservancy of Canada has just announced plans for the largest private land conservation project in Canada’s history. When complete, Boreal Wildlands will protect 1,450 square kilometres of boreal forest near Hearst in northern Ontario. The project will encompass an area twice the size of the city of Toronto. This week, as we celebrate […]

Important oversights from Trudeau Budget 2022

Apr 13 2022 — Jason Clemens and Jake Fuss — At 300-plus pages, it’s impossible for anyone to reasonably analyze the recent federal budget comprehensively in a day or two. However, as the foundational document setting down the government’s intentions for spending, taxing and borrowing for the following year and roughly into the future, it’s important to assess the budget methodologically.  To that end, we […]

Trudeau can promote world peace by embracing fossil fuels

Mar 15 2022 — Kenneth Green — The sudden reappearance of a blatant “hot” large-scale war of conquest in Europe has shocked a Western world grown complacent about the prospect of such things. What Vladimir Putin has once again unleashed on Ukraine and the world is an abomination, and we must all hope for a quick cessation of violence and return to […]

Sunny ways for Canadian solar?

Feb 23 2022 — — Even on good weeks, Canada’s trade relationship with the United States can be fraught. Having four of your busiest international border crossings blockaded by protesters, including a bridge carrying 25% of all Canada-U.S. trade, is definitely not one of those good weeks. But two good things happened for Canada’s most important trading relationship. On February […]

Decolonizing energy and the nuclear narrative of small modular reactors

Feb 7 2022 — — In early 2021, the Canadian Nuclear Safety Commission began reviewing the application from a company called Global First Power to build a nuclear reactor at the Chalk River Laboratories site about 200 kilometres northwest of Ottawa. This project, known as a micro modular reactor project, is an example of the nuclear industry’s latest offering – […]

World Wetlands Day: Nature needs us to do more

Feb 2 2022 — Samantha Knight — Canada’s largest land conservation organization says there has never been a more important time for nature conservation If you used water today to brush your teeth, cook or quench your thirst, you should probably thank a wetland. World Wetlands Day, celebrated annually on February 2, is an opportunity to learn about the value and importance […]

Governing Connectivity: How is Spectrum Policy Impacting the Lives of Canadians?

Jan 27 2022 — — This summer, Canada will be auctioning spectrum critical for 5G mobile deployment. Opportunities abound with the fifth-generation technology with improved interoperability, capacity, and speed. Various jurisdictions have rolled out 5G, from Korea to Norway to, in a limited way, Canada. To understand its importance, one need only consider the political contentions and aviation safety delays […]

Seeing hope and opportunity in 2022, naturally – My resolution to protect nature in Canada

Jan 5 2022 — Samantha Knight — Across Canada, people have been ramping up their efforts to protect our planet. In 2021, Indigenous communities, donors, land owners and all levels of government came together with the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC) to protect more than 200 square kilometres of wetlands, beaches, forests and prairie. These big, bold projects are vital to tackling […]