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Ford government’s budget update overly optimistic and likely ineffective

Apr 2 2020 — Jason Clemens and Niels Veldhuis — With all the announcements last week by the federal government, and the drama surrounding the passage of the federal spending bill on Wednesday, last week’s Ontario financial and budget update went largely unnoticed. But Ontario’s the largest province, both in population and the size of its economy, so it’s important to assess the update. In […]

Employers must be allowed to temporarily lay off workers during COVID crisis

Mar 27 2020 — Alex Whalen and Niels Veldhuis — Aside from the enormous health-related challenges due to the COVID-19 virus, employers and workers are feeling major economic pain with job loss, reduced income and revenue. The ability of businesses to adjust quickly will be key to stabilizing the economy and laying the foundation for recovery. So far, as the Trudeau government’s massive emergency aid […]

World Wildlife Day: The impossible eagle

Mar 3 2020 — Dan Kraus — Scientists estimate that up to one million species may be at risk of extinction in the next few decades. Extinction and the loss of nature now rank up there with climate change as the biggest issues facing not just our environment, but our economy and society. However, there is reason to be optimistic. Yes, officially […]

Continuing to do nothing will not deter China

Feb 25 2020 — — Good morning. It is such an honour for me to be invited to give evidence to the House of Commons Special Committee on Canada-China Relations. I have read all the evidence from the Committee’s meetings numbers 3, 4 and 5 that were sent to me by your Clerk of the Committee. All of this evidence […]

Don’t be fooled by ShutDownCanada or misleading claims from dishonest activists

Feb 18 2020 — Tom Flanagan — On Tuesday, while activists reportedly tried to “arrest” Premier John Horgan at his house in British Columbia, Prime Minister Trudeau spoke to the House of Commons, stressing the need for “patience” as rail blockades continue to prevent freight and passenger across Canada. Indeed, the #ShutDownCanada movement is in full swing in B.C. and across the […]

G7 growth talk obscures poor income growth among Canadians

Feb 12 2020 — Ben Eisen and Finn Poschmann — Recent forecasts, including from the International Monetary Fund, suggest Canada may compete with the United States for the top spot in the G7 in 2020 for economic growth. Political partisans have since flooded social media with the impressive-sounding factoid—Canada may lead the G7 in growth next year. There’s nothing new about this talking point; partisans […]

Liberal Income Tax Cut Costs a Lot, Accomplishes Little

Jan 30 2020 — Andrew Jackson — A new report from the Parliamentary Budget Officer shows that the personal income tax cut proposed by the Trudeau Liberals will cost more in terms of lost revenue than first thought, and will strongly favour high income earners and families. The Liberal tax cut promised in the election took a major leaf out of the […]

Trudeau tax relief plan—funded by borrowed money—will do little for economic growth

Jan 30 2020 — Jake Fuss and Finn Poschmann — According to a Parliamentary Budget Officer (PBO) report released this week, the Trudeau government’s plan to increase the “basic personal amount” will cost nearly $7 billion annually when fully implemented. This price tag is not only higher than what the Liberals anticipated during the election campaign (and in the December fiscal update), it also means […]

Canada must rethink restrictions on private health insurance—for the sake of patients

Jan 30 2020 — Steven Globerman — In its sole reliance on government providing “first-dollar” coverage of medically necessary services, Canada’s health-care system is unique among high-income countries with universal health care. In particular, virtually all high-income countries including Australia, Germany, Switzerland and the Netherlands allow residents to use private insurance to pay for some or all medically necessary services. Here in […]