National Newswatch

Getting women into Canada’s Parliament

May 14 2019 — — Jeanette Ashe: You’re one of few women ever elected to Canada’s House of Commons, and you were also the first openly lesbian MP — where today LGBTQ MPs make up approximately 6 percent of the House. When you were first elected in 1997, there were only 62 women MPs, and when you left in 2015, […]

The future of the electric utility in Canada’s remote communities

May 11 2019 — Dylan Heerema — In Canada, both utilities and proponents of renewable electricity projects face many challenges when working together to transition remote communities to clean energy. To overcome specific barriers related to the governance and regulation of utilities, it’s important to first understand the current model under which electricity is provided to remote communities, which has remained basically […]

Assessing the Damage from Canada’s Fighter Replacement Fiasco

May 10 2019 — — In a hard-hitting new Macdonald-Laurier Institute report, MLI Senior Fellow Richard Shimooka takes a critical look at the government’s approach to replacing Canada’s aging fleet of CF-18 fighters. In the report, titled The Catastrophe: Assessing the Damage from Canada’s Fighter Replacement Fiasco, he argues that Ottawa’s performance on this file mirrors the SNC-Lavalin Scandal and […]

Think globally, conserve locally

May 9 2019 — Dan Kraus — This week, representatives of 132 governments around the world released a United Nations report that issues a stark warning:  the accelerating deterioration of nature is jeopardizing humanity’s collective future. The report is the most comprehensive-ever study of life on Earth. 455 scientists, researchers and experts have determined that the loss of global biodiversity — the […]

Strong, Secure, Engaged: A Two-Year Review

May 8 2019 — — The Trudeau government released its defence policy, Strong, Secure, Engaged, in June 2017 with considerable fanfare around the publication’s fiscal underpinnings. It was stated that the policy review that led to the document was the most rigorously costed Canadian defence policy exercise ever. The policy was supported by external auditors and accompanied by several fiscal […]

Canadian mining companies are behaving badly in the Global South—and Wall Street is profiting from it

Apr 30 2019 — — Of the limited changes made to the renegotiated NAFTA agreement—also known as the USMCA—perhaps the most significant relates to the system of investor protections that permits foreign firms to challenge government policies, laws and court decisions through private arbitration. Under the USMCA, this investor-state dispute settlement (ISDS) system will no longer apply to Canada, and […]

Prime Minister Trudeau cements his ‘debt’ legacy

Apr 25 2019 — Jake Fuss, Finn Poschmann and Milagros Palacios — With this year’s federal budget, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau firmly established his fiscal legacy. No Canadian prime minister has spent more money (per person, inflation-adjusted) or accumulated more debt (per person), outside a world war or recession, than Prime Minister Trudeau. Canada’s gross debt will increase this year by almost $120 billion (again, adjusted for […]

An Africentric principle could right some wrongs

Apr 23 2019 — — There is a conventional notion that justice should be blind. But Canada’s Constitution says the opposite: it should not be blind, and it should not be colour blind. Canadians are exceptionally proud of the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms; it is considered a national symbol. But too few of us realize that section 27 […]

Updating an ODA Policy in Canada: The Role of Global Remittances in Development

Apr 13 2019 — — The federal government has pledged to update Canada’s official development assistance (ODA) policy and this paper examines the potential important role of remittances in the development program. Remittances can serve as a significant form of cross-border capital flows and can have sizable effects on both the sending and receiving countries. This policy piece provides an […]

Are Low-Income Savers Still in the Lurch? TFSAs at 10 Years

Apr 9 2019 — — The introduction of Tax-Tree Savings Accounts (TFSAs) in 2009 transformed how Canadians save. One of the main reasons for creating TFSAs was to provide a tax-assisted savings instrument for low-income Canadians to enable them to improve their retirement income. Now, 10 years later, many low-income savers are still not using TFSAs in ways that would […]