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Airbus has no plans to buy out CSeries partners, expects tough Boeing fight

Oct 20 2017 — — Airbus has no plans to buy out minority CSeries partners Bombardier and the Quebec government, Airbus chief executive Tom Enders said Friday. According to terms of the deal announced Monday, Airbus had the option to buy out Bombardier (TSX:BBD.B) in about seven years, and the Quebec government in 2023. Following a joint appearance with Bombardier […]

PM briefs premiers on NAFTA developments, as more ministers bound for U.S.

Oct 20 2017 — — As negotiations to rewrite the North American Free Trade Agreement falter, the Trudeau government is expecting premiers and federal cabinet ministers to fan out across the United States to push the merits of the trilateral trade pact. Federal cabinet ministers will be heading south in the coming days to continue their full-court press for the […]

Preparing for the worst: On NAFTA, America, Canada and Mexico are miles apart

Oct 19 2017 — — THESE are troubling times for Roberto Santana Flores, a Mexican maker of charro shirts, a modern take on the Mexican cowboy aesthetic. He recalls life before the North American Free-Trade Agreement (NAFTA), a trade deal linking Mexico with America and Canada. He remembers his shirts incurred a whopping 37.5% tariff if exported to America. Now […]

Nafta Collapse Would Hurt Regional Economy With Mexico Hit Most

Oct 19 2017 — Andrew Mayeda — The collapse of the North American Free Trade Agreement would likely damage yet not derail the continent’s economy and business models of global corporations. That’s the conclusion of economists trying to envisage life after the 23-year-old accord as increasingly tense negotiations over how to revamp it fuel speculation that President Donald Trump will follow through […]

Canada’s original NAFTA negotiator: Not ‘end of world’ if NAFTA ends

Oct 18 2017 — Alexander Panetta — WASHINGTON — Canada's chief negotiator for the original NAFTA says it would not be the end of the world if the agreement disappeared, suggesting it might be a better outcome than letting the Trump administration rewrite the rules of international trade. John Weekes told a panel discussion this week that he hopes Canada remains at the negotiating table […]

Indigenous chapter critical to NAFTA despite current challenges: Bellegarde

Oct 17 2017 — Kristy Kirkup, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — An Indigenous chapter in NAFTA mustn't be allowed to fall by the wayside, regardless of the challenges currently confronting negotiators, says Assembly of First Nations National Chief Perry Bellegarde. Canada, the U.S. and Mexico concluded the fourth round of NAFTA negotiations on Tuesday in Arlington, Va. — discussions that spanned seven days and involved […]

Canada heartened by new congressional research report on NAFTA: source

Oct 18 2017 — — The Trudeau government is taking a measure of comfort in a new report by the U.S. Congress that casts doubt on one of Donald Trump’s priorities for renegotiating the North American Free Trade Agreement, The Canadian Press has learned. The Congressional Research Service says in a report issued last week that there is no clear […]

Trudeau, Trump governments slam each other publicly for first time as NAFTA talks go off rails

Oct 17 2017 — Daniel Dale — The good vibes are gone. In the clearest public indication that talks over the North American Free Trade Agreement are going poorly, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland blasted the U.S. for the first time on Tuesday while U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer blasted Canada and Mexico. They were standing beside each other at an awkward […]

Latest NAFTA round ends in a stalemate with plans to extend talks into 2018

Oct 17 2017 — — U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer says NAFTA talks are being extended into 2018 — a tacit admission that negotiators aren’t going to meet their original deadline for a deal by year-end. The proposals tabled at the latest round have revealed huge chasms in negotiating positions, on everything from dairy and autos to even the basic […]