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LeBlanc says he’s not expecting resistance from premiers on trade

Aug 29 2018 — — Dominic LeBlanc, the new minister responsible for intergovernmental affairs, says the federal government is not anticipating any resistance from provinces in identifying and reducing trade barriers between provinces. LeBlanc says he has met with a number of premiers, but not all, and his sense is that there will not be much pushback to reducing barriers, […]

Canada ready to give way on dairy for NAFTA deal

Aug 29 2018 — — Ottawa is ready to make concessions to the Trump administration on Canada’s protected dairy market in a bid to save a key NAFTA dispute-settlement system, preserve safeguards for cultural industries and avert tougher pharmaceutical patent protections. It may not be enough, and if Foreign Minister Chrystia Freeland fails to reach a deal this week, U.S. […]

A deadline could be good for trade talks, but Trump’s isn’t firm

Aug 29 2018 — Don Pittis — There are few things better than a hard deadline to concentrate the minds of a group of people trying to make a deal. Debra Steger, part of the Canadian team that hammered out the world’s most most massive and complicated trade deal of all time, the Uruguay Round that resulted in the World Trade Organization, […]

NAFTA 2.0: Why the rush?

Aug 29 2018 — Peter Clark — Global Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is in Washington hoping to manage the fallout of Donald Trump’s U.S.-Mexico trade deal. Her negotiating team — along with provincial representatives, farm and manufacturing industry stakeholders — are on the ground and settling in for what are expected to be some intense talks. Also lurking nearby is Trudeau’s righthand […]

Freeland has ‘constructive meeting’ with U.S. as Canada faces pressure to sign or face auto tariffs

Aug 28 2018 — — Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland says conversations with the U.S. remain “constructive,” even as White House officials threaten to impose punitive tariffs on Canadian-made cars if Canada doesn’t sign on to a new North American Free Trade Agreement​ by Friday. “It was a very constructive meeting with Ambassador [Robert] Lighthizer and his team and we’ll […]

Trump advisers press for dairy concessions ahead of Freeland’s arrival

Aug 28 2018 — — Two of Donald Trump’s top lieutenants are turning up the heat on the Trudeau government to open up its protected supply-managed dairy industry as Canada returns to the NAFTA bargaining table. The pressure comes one day after the U.S. president again blasted the Canadian dairy industry during his announcement of a trade agreement with Mexico […]

PQ leader wants other Quebec party leaders to sign joint NAFTA declaration

Aug 28 2018 — The Canadian Press — QUEBEC — Parti Quebecois Leader Jean-Francois Lisee has invited leaders of Quebec's other political parties to sign a common declaration to protect — "at all costs" — supply management and Quebec culture. Lisee warned Tuesday that both are in danger during the latest round of NAFTA renegotiations. He wants the three other main party leaders to sign a resolution to the effect the Quebec national […]

NAFTA negotiations: Two’s company, three’s a crowd?

Aug 28 2018 — Drew Fagan — Two’s company, three’s a crowd. The third wheel. There’s no good term for someone who jams a couple, seemingly invited in out of pity. Is that the position Canada finds itself in with the United States and Mexico, brought back in to the negotiations to conclude a new continental trade pact at the 11th hour […]

Five things to consider before writing off NAFTA

Aug 27 2018 — Mike Blanchfield, The Canadian Press — OTTAWA — President Donald Trump said Monday the U.S. and Mexico had reached a bilateral trade "understanding" that could lead to an overhaul — or maybe the demise — of the three-country North American Free Trade Agreement. Trump lauded the new deal as landmark in U.S. co-operation with Mexico, and he made it clear the two […]