National Newswatch

No stick and a small carrot: Can the federal government fix health care?

Feb 17 2023 — Althia Raj — This week on “It’s Political,” we take a look at what’s plaguing the country’s health-care system, from long wait lines in emergency rooms to the lack of family doctors. What will it take to fix health care in Canada? First, we hear directly from health professionals about the problems they’ve witnessed firsthand and the solutions […]

Chrystia Freeland’s Balancing Act: The fall economic update and what it signals

Nov 5 2022 — — This week on “It’s Political,” we focus on the inflation crisis and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s fall economic update. First, we’ll look back on what policies, decisions and events contributed to the current inflation numbers that are putting the squeeze on many Canadian households with Toronto Star Ottawa bureau chief and economics columnist Heather Scoffield; […]

An attack on free speech or a lifeline for Canadian culture?

Oct 22 2022 — Althia Raj — This week on “It’s Political,” we take a deep dive into the controversial Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act. Is it really about censorship and government control over what you see and listen to on the internet? Or is it about safeguarding and promoting Canadian culture and the French language in Quebec on new streaming […]