National Newswatch

Ep.23: New Ventures into Democracy

Sep 17 2020 — — New digital frontiers have renewed old problems: conspiracy theories, hate speech and disinformation. This conversation with Peter MacLeod, founder of public engagement firm MASS LBP, and Amira Elghawaby, journalist and human rights advocate, gives us insights on the health of our democracy and explores innovative approaches to civil dialogue in a social media age – […]

Bill Morneau a ‘walking conflict of interest;’ Fife

Sep 13 2020 — — Robert Fife, Ottawa bureau chief for The Globe and Mail, weighs in on the WE Charity controversy, the upcoming throne speech and the charges laid against former Liberal MP Raj Grewal. Fife tells Mercedes Stephenson former finance minister Bill Morneau’s violation of the Canada Elections Act plays into the Conservative narrative that the Prime Minister […]

Ep.22: From Old School, to (Mostly) Online School

Sep 11 2020 — — Denise Amyot, CEO of Colleges and Institutes Canada, and Paul Davidson, President of Universities Canada, saw the move online of 1.4 million learners in the 10 days after the pandemic struck. Now those students are going back to school in new ways – ways we didn’t expect to be the norm for 10 years. Join […]

Ep.19: The Future of Energy: Re-stabilizing an Industry

Jun 30 2020 — — Three months into a pandemic and the Canadian economy finds itself in an induced coma with a long journey ahead to recovery. The Bank of Canada contests that we have a bumpy road to recuperation but few have been hit as hard as the Canadian energy sector. The Public Policy Forum has been working with […]

Ep.18: Getting the Future of Work Right in Unprecedented Times; Part 2 of 2

Jun 22 2020 — — Unprecedented times have called for the future of work to become the present. The rapid acceleration of automation and technology integration into the workplace is thought to either cause displacement or upgrades. Bridging the skills gap and upskilling employees and businesses will become imperative in not leaving anyone behind. We know that diversity and inclusion […]

Ep. 17: Getting the Future of work right in unprecedented times.

Jun 16 2020 — — Episode 17 I The COVID-19 pandemic has rapidly accelerated the future of work, the issue of lack of diversity and a skills gap in the workplace. We know that diversity and inclusion can improve organizational performance, can provide access to well-qualified talent and can help meet the changing needs of the global environment. But there’s […]

Ep. 16: The Adaption Advantage – Sustaining adaptability in the workforce post COVID-19

Jun 11 2020 — — Episode 16 I The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated changes in the way Canadians work and has initiated remarkable adaptability in the workforce. Heather E. McGowan has referred to the pandemic as a great social experiment, with online education and remote work understanding what level of comprehension and productivity is best achieved together versus remotely. This […]

Ep.15: Leveraging Immigration & Mobility For Economic Growth Post-COVID-19

Jun 8 2020 — — What is Canada doing to attract and retain immigration in the Canadian workforce? Host Edward Greenspon sits down with Catrina Tapley, Deputy Minister of Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada, and Francis McGuire, President of the Atlantic Canada Opportunities Agency to discuss the after-effects of a global pandemic on immigration in Canada and what job availability […]

The Generational Squeeze of COVID-19

May 26 2020 — — As younger Canadians endeavour to make a life for themselves, they are increasingly “squeezed” by stationary incomes, strain in procuring quality employment, high costs for services, and rising debts. In this episode, Dr. Kershaw, founder of Generation Squeeze joins host Edward Greenspon to make sense of the shocking labour force numbers affecting young people in […]

Unpacking Labour Force Trends from COVID-19

May 15 2020 — — Numbers reflect what is happening in the world around us. But how has COVID-19 impacted the shift? Lynn Barr-Telford, Canada’s Assistant Chief Statistician, responsible for social, health and labor statistics at Statistics Canada and Craig Alexander, Partner and Chief Economist at Deloitte join host Edward Greenspon to discuss labour force trends. Listen in as we […]

Premier Ford releases ‘Cooking with Doug’ video of cherry cheesecake recipe

May 15 2020 — The Canadian Press — TORONTO — Ontario’s premier has released a “Cooking with Doug” video showing how he makes cherry cheesecake. On a tangent during a news conference this week, Doug Ford boasted about making the best cherry cheesecake ever. The video posted on the premier’s Twitter account today shows Ford at home making what he calls his famous recipe. He […]