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‘Used by the CBC’ — Wendy Mesley after the ‘N-word’ incident: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

Jul 25 2022 — Anthony Furey — After a stellar, decades-long career at Canada’s public broadcaster, Wendy Mesley made a big mistake: she used the “N-word” with colleagues, off the air, while talking about covering the racism issue. She paid dearly for it: her reputation was ruined, she was portrayed as a bigot and her nearly 40-year CBC career was flushed away. […]

Could electoral reform cause a rift in the Liberal-NDP alliance?

Jun 8 2022 — — You might have missed it but the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave an emphatic ‘no’ to the question of whether he’d fulfill a promise to replace our first past the post electoral system with proportional representation. So what does he want instead? Pollster Nik Nanos and’s Michael Stittle discuss.

Episode 54: Critical casualties? The Dichotomy & Discrepancy of Essential Work and Emerging Industries

Jun 30 2021 — — In this week’s episode of Policy Speaking, Edward Greenspon connects with Jerry Dias, President of Unifor Canada. They reflect on the state of the ‘union’, the impact of the pandemic on Canada’s auto, manufacturing & service industries and the constant transition to new & different work. Jerry shares thoughts on industrial policy based on U.S. […]

Ep.53: Brave New Data

Jun 20 2021 — — Vass Bednar takes over as host of Policy Speaking, for a special Brave New Work discussion on new data policymakers can use in this digital era. Joining the podcast is Paul Cowan, Chief Marketing Officer at FreshBooks who talks about the birds-eye-view insights his accounting company gleaned during the COVID economic crisis, and how sharing […]

Ep.52: When Your Boss is an Algorithm

Jun 11 2021 — — Vass Bednar takes over as host of Policy Speaking, for a special Brave New Work discussion on algorithms that pit workers – especially precarious workers – against the clock. Joining the podcast is Emily Guendelsberger, author of ‘On the Clock’, who wonders: how do you measure misery at work and what do political solutions for […]

Ep.51: Skills and Surveillance

Jun 3 2021 — — Vass Bednar takes over as host of Policy Speaking, for a special Brave New Work discussion on how to think more fully about technological change. This week’s focus is on skills and surveillance, with special guests: Unifor economist and policy analyst Kaylie Tiessen who talks trends in workplace training and how truck driving has been […]

Ep.50: Can Canada Build Better Infrastructure?

May 20 2021 — — Canada’s track record with infrastructure is world renowned, yet as Ehren Cory, CEO of Canada’s Infrastructure Bank says, nationwide the country is in a persistent infrastructure gap – especially in Northern or remote communities. Cory joins Policy Speaking host Edward Greenspon to talk about the infrastructure bank system, how to leverage investment in Canada’s infrastructure […]

Ep.49: Does Canada Have a Plan for Economic Growth?

May 14 2021 — — Manulife Financial’s Chief Economist Frances Donald and former governor of the Bank of Canada David Dodge face off for a productive conversation about supporting our economy at home. From housing prices pushing a generation out of the market, to a debate on a national childcare program, these two eminent Canadian financial minds discuss the historic […]

Ep.47: The Cutting Edge of Carbon

Apr 30 2021 — — Canada is presented with a smorgasbord of solutions to reduce, reuse, or better use the carbon that’s heating up the Earth. Policy Speaking is joined by Bruce Lourie, President of the Ivey Foundation and Janet Annesley, Senior Director, Energy and ESG at Invest Alberta Corporation for a wide ranging discussion on what Canada’s provincial and […]

Ep.46: Caring for Canada’s Seniors

Apr 23 2021 — — Canadians have seen the inadequacies of Canada’s senior home system in this pandemic. What’s less clear – how do we solve these? Policy Speaking is joined by Deloitte Canada’s Georgina Black to talk about what good senior support looks like around the world, and where Canada can start to innovate. Should we be looking for […]