National Newswatch

Good Talk – Who Did The Summer Benefit Most Politically – Poilievre or Trudeau?

Aug 25 2023 — Peter Mansbridge, Chantal Hebert and Bruce Anderson — Chantal and Bruce drop by for a final summer. Good Talk and the topic is all politics. After two months, did one leader get the political edge over the other? What are the consequences of the debate over housing, inflation, and the mid-summer cabinet shuffle? A classic who’s up, who’s down conversation.

From By-Elections to The Titanic

Jun 21 2023 — Peter Mansbridge — Four byelections this week have some Conservatives worried about the future. Should they be or is it all just smoke and mirrors? Brian Mulroney gives Justin Trudeau a rousing introduction — what’s up with that? And are news organizations making the right call on their breathless reporting of the latest Titanic story? Veteran journalist Rob […]

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