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Chrystia Freeland’s Balancing Act: The fall economic update and what it signals

Nov 5 2022 — — This week on “It’s Political,” we focus on the inflation crisis and Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland’s fall economic update. First, we’ll look back on what policies, decisions and events contributed to the current inflation numbers that are putting the squeeze on many Canadian households with Toronto Star Ottawa bureau chief and economics columnist Heather Scoffield; […]

An attack on free speech or a lifeline for Canadian culture?

Oct 22 2022 — Althia Raj — This week on “It’s Political,” we take a deep dive into the controversial Bill C-11, the Online Streaming Act. Is it really about censorship and government control over what you see and listen to on the internet? Or is it about safeguarding and promoting Canadian culture and the French language in Quebec on new streaming […]

What if we’re having a constitutional crisis and no one is noticing?

Oct 7 2022 — Althia Raj — Are we having a constitutional crisis and no one is noticing? This week on “It’s Political,” we focus on the threads connecting François Legault’s big win in Monday’s election in Quebec and the United Conservative Party leadership race in Alberta. Constitutional lawyer Marion Sandilands will walk us through recent challenges to the federal system and […]

Biden’s man in Ottawa

Sep 14 2022 — Paul Wells — “Until I came here, I’m not sure I understood the depth of the problem,” says David L. Cohen, the new U.S. ambassador to Canada. Cohen is talking about the “breach of trust” between Canada and the United States in recent years, a mutual suspicion that skyrocketed during the Donald Trump presidency and hasn’t recovered. Paul […]

‘Used by the CBC’ — Wendy Mesley after the ‘N-word’ incident: Full Comment with Anthony Furey

Jul 25 2022 — Anthony Furey — After a stellar, decades-long career at Canada’s public broadcaster, Wendy Mesley made a big mistake: she used the “N-word” with colleagues, off the air, while talking about covering the racism issue. She paid dearly for it: her reputation was ruined, she was portrayed as a bigot and her nearly 40-year CBC career was flushed away. […]

Could electoral reform cause a rift in the Liberal-NDP alliance?

Jun 8 2022 — — You might have missed it but the Prime Minister Justin Trudeau gave an emphatic ‘no’ to the question of whether he’d fulfill a promise to replace our first past the post electoral system with proportional representation. So what does he want instead? Pollster Nik Nanos and’s Michael Stittle discuss.