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Canada must be involved in Iraq, but not necessarily in a combat role: Trudeau

Oct 2 2014 —

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau agrees that Canada must play a role in the struggle against militants in Iraq, but says that doesn’t necessarily mean combat. Trudeau says Prime Minister Stephen Harper seems intent on sending Canadians to war, but has yet to explain why. He’s telling the Canada2020 conference that ISIL does pose a threat […]

Oct 2 2014 — Laura Payton

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has already decided to plunge Canada into a combat mission, rendering any parliamentary consultation “phoney,” NDP Leader Tom Mulcair said today. Harper briefed the Conservative caucus Wednesday on the options for Canada to increase its contribution in the fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS […]

Oct 2 2014 — Chris Hall

Tom Mulcair rose to his feet in Question Period on Wednesday, his question so curt he barely had time to button his jacket before the words were gone. “How many Canadian soldiers are now in Iraq,” the NDP leader demanded of Stephen Harper. The answer wasn’t so brief. “Twenty-six today,” the prime minister said. But […]

Oct 1 2014 — Stephen Maher

Former dominatrix Terri-Jean Bedford has sent a letter to sex workers across Canada asking for feedback on whether she should reveal the names of politicians she claims have employed sex workers. In the letter, Bedford poses a series of questions about the possible consequences of naming names. “Would you and your members and colleagues prefer […]

Oct 2 2014 — Staff

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Péladeau ramps up personal remake ahead of leadership race

Oct 2 2014 — Philip Authier

Suddenly Pierre Karl Péladeau is everywhere. Following up on his Facebook campaign to soften his image as a cold-hearted media baron, Péladeau now is cranking his personal remake up a notch further just as the Parti Québécois leadership race is about to be kicked off. And his opponents have taken notice and started to gang […]


Stephen Harper to announce Canada’s combat role in ISIS fight Friday

Oct 1 2014 —

The federal government will announce on Friday the combat role Canada will play in the fight against ISIS, a day before the current 30-day mission ends, CBC News has learned. Multiple sources tell CBC News that the nature of that action was discussed today during the Conservative Party’s caucus meeting, with at least two cabinet […]

Oct 1 2014 — Laura Payton

Prime Minister Stephen Harper told the House of Commons on Wednesday that, contrary to earlier reports, 26 Canadian soldiers are now in Iraq serving as military advisers. The numbers will fluctuate, he explained, as operational decisions are made by commanders on the ground‎. The government authorized up to 69 soldiers for the mission, Harper said, […]

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Oct 1 2014 — Mark Kennedy

Canadians are increasingly embracing “progressive” values that stand in sharp contrast to Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s brand of conservatism, a new poll has found. The EKOS Research poll, to be released Thursday at a conference organized in Ottawa by the Canada 2020 think-tank, reveals a shift in public opinion that could have ramifications for next […]

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Battle against Islamic State is a shifting, open-ended conflict

Oct 2 2014 — Andrew Coyne

The one surefire, rock-solid, money-back guaranteed way to trigger applause at any gathering of Liberals is to recall the time “Prime Minister Chretien kept us out of the Iraq war.” It is unclear why this should produce such a reflexive outpouring of Liberal self-congratulation (except insofar as most things do). Instead of being sent to […]


Canada’s booming. So why is Harper unpopular?

Oct 2 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Canada 2014 is a player, not a bystander. This summer, Prime Minister Stephen Harper took a strong stance against Russian aggression in Ukraine, and continued his practice of standing up forcefully on behalf of Israel. Pending a House of Commons debate, Ottawa is poised to order our CF-18s to join our allies in the fight […]


Few benefits for ordinary Canadians in over-hyped trade deal

Oct 2 2014 — Linda McQuaig

When is a $16 glass of orange juice just an expensive glass of orange juice, and when is it a toxic, career-ending beverage? No doubt advisors inside the PMO are contemplating this very question as they ponder whether Stephen Harper’s decision to squander more than $300,000 of taxpayers’ money to fly two European Union officials […]


The game’s over. Hands off my Netflix

Oct 2 2014 — Margaret Wente

The other night, my husband and I settled down to watch a terrific new drama series, The Honourable Woman, on the CBC. After an excruciatingly painful hour, we gave up. I haven’t watched a broadcast network in a while, and I was astonished by the gigantic number of commercials. Whenever the suspense began to mount, […]

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Dallas Cowboys’ CJ Spillman in sexual assault probe

Oct 2 2014 —

American football player CJ Spillman is being investigated over an alleged sexual assault, police say. The 28-year-old, who plays for NFL side Dallas Cowboys, has not been arrested or charged. The attack allegedly took place at a Texas hotel in the early hours of 20 September, according to Grapevine police spokesman, Sgt Robert Eberling. The […]

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