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Liberals launch online ad campaign to promote refugee plan

Nov 27 2015 — Bill Curry

A new federal marketing campaign promoting the Liberal pledge to accept 25,000 refugees describes the Canadian way as one of “open hearts and welcoming communities.” The Department of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship’s online campaign will cost $535,000 and will run until March 31, 2016. The campaign marks the first new advertising effort under the federal […]

Nov 27 2015 —

The photo of his tiny, soaked sneakers and red T-shirt embedded in the sand sparked international outrage and promises of change for refugees desperate to escape Syria’s vicious conflict. Now, CBC’s the fifth estate has learned that some of Alan Kurdi’s surviving family members are being fast-tracked to Canada as part of Ottawa’s new refugee […]

Nov 27 2015 — Jane Taber

It has taken no time for the opposition in Ontario to try to exploit Premier Kathleen Wynne’s cozy relationship with Justin Trudeau – and it involves the expansion of Billy Bishop, Toronto’s island airport. This week, Progressive Conservative MPP Monte McNaughton, the Official Opposition’s economic development critic, pushed Ms. Wynne in the legislature to use […]

Nov 27 2015 — Kathryn May

Canada’s public servants take up to twice the number of sick days a year as private sector workers do, because of different motivations, work cultures and rules that encourage “gaming the system,” says a new report by the Macdonald-Laurier Institute. Phillip Cross, Statistics Canada’s former chief economic analyst, concludes in the report that the existing […]


Postmedia paid $1 million in bonuses as it slashed jobs

Nov 27 2015 —

Postmedia Network paid nearly a million dollars in bonuses to executives for their hand in the deal to buy the Sun newspapers, even as the debt-saddled company was slashing costs and jobs across the country. Canada’s largest newspaper chain paid out a total of $925,000 in discretionary bonuses to its top six executives in the […]


Trudeau’s “patronising handshake” in London part of interesting international media coverage

Nov 27 2015 — Jason Fekete

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is garnering some, uh, interesting international media coverage so far on his six-day foreign trip to London, Paris and Malta – including analysis on his “patronising handshake” and one newspaper calling him “Jacques Trudeau.” Trudeau hasn’t quite been the international media sensation like at the G20 and APEC summits last week. […]

Nov 27 2015 — Chris Varcoe and Darcy Henton

The Alberta government is spending $700,000 to promote its new climate change strategy to Albertans on radio, television and in newspapers. The premier’s spokeswoman, Cheryl Oates, said the advertisements, which will also appear online, will run in various media across the province until early January. “Albertans want us to show strong leadership on climate change,” […]

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Nov 26 2015 — Elizabeth Thompson

A new online petition is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel 49 “future appointments” made by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, saying they were a blatant attempt to maintain Conservative influence over several government bodies after the Conservative government was defeated. “As the Conservative ship of state was sinking, Harper secured cozy […]

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Nov 26 2015 — Kathleen Harris

One of the first orders of government business will be to strike a special parliamentary committee to craft “quick and expedited” legislation on doctor-assisted death. Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc, in an interview with CBC Radio’s The House, said an “immediate objective” is to create a joint committee with members from the House of Commons […]

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Trudeau twirls the baton in a parade of promises

Nov 26 2015 — Don Martin

The trick to living long and prospering in politics, former Alberta premier Ralph Klein used to say, is to figure out which way the parade is going – and jump in front of it. Watching Justin Trudeau’s government on the march this week, it’s clear the new prime minister is twirling the big baton in […]


Curing the public sector’s sick leave malaise

Nov 27 2015 — Philip Cross

The federal government’s ailing sick leave system is in need of a cure. A new Macdonald-Laurier Institute report finds federal employees are calling in sick more often than their private-sector counterparts – and the gap is growing larger with each passing year. Author Philip Cross, Statistics Canada’s former chief economic analyst, delves into the numbers […]


‘Progressive’ Liberals may muscle out NDP

Nov 27 2015 — Anthony Furey

It’s going to be a tough few years for the NDP as it sits on the sidelines and watches the Liberals claim to be the most progressive party. Holding down the fort as third party isn’t fun, especially after you’ve been used to having the limelight as the official Opposition. But it’s even less so […]

Michael Harris

The RCMP wants more online surveillance power. We should say no.

Nov 27 2015 — Michael Harris

The Mounties may always get their man, but they shouldn’t always get what they ask for. That includes warrantless Internet snooping. RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson wants warrantless access to online subscriber information. That, in itself, is not remarkable. Police always want fewer obstacles between their work and the people they pursue — more John Wayne, […]


Muslims grapple with their place in Canada

Nov 27 2015 — Carol Goar

The book was conceived in happier times. Novelist M.G. Vassanji and his wife, editor Nurehan Aziz — who had always resisted being pigeonholed by race, religion, culture or origin — were pondering their Muslim identity in the wake of 9/11. Living as they had for 30 years as members of the Indo-Canadian diaspora, distinguished by […]


TPP and Canada’s misunderstood dairy industry

Nov 27 2015 — Don Pittis

As hugely profitable companies from Bell to the banks continue to lay off employees in a quest to squeeze out higher profits, it is a reminder that market driven efficiency, including in Canada’s dairy industry, can have a dark side. So far it appears supply managed agriculture has escaped its worst fears. Nonetheless, commentary on […]


Religious groups go into overdrive for Syria’s refugees

Nov 27 2015 — Douglas Todd

“We feel called to respond to our neighbours when they are in trouble, no matter who they are,” says West Vancouver United Rev. Philip Newman. His West Vancouver congregation is just one of scores of churches in Metro Vancouver that, having already sponsored hundreds of refugees, are gearing up to welcome hundreds more from Syria, […]

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Daniel Radcliffe had 2 personal assistants on set of new movie ‘Victor Frankenstein,’ insider says

Nov 27 2015 —

Daniel Radcliffe required two personal assistants during the filming of his new flick “Victor Frankenstein,” a well-placed insider tells Confidenti@l. “But James McAvoy, who plays the title character and is the star of the movie, only required one assistant,” adds the source, who says that it’s “ironic” that Radcliffe portrays Igor, Victor Frankenstein’s loyal assistant, […]

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