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US right-wing radio toasts Harper government over Mideast, while blasting Obama

Jul 25 2014 —

A highly popular conservative radio talk show in the United States has heaped praise on Canada’s Harper government, while simultaneously blasting U.S. President Barack Obama and his administration. Its host delivered a gushing review of Canada’s foreign policy to millions of listeners this week during a segment with Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird, where they […]

Jul 25 2014 — Tonda MacCharles

The International Commission of Jurists slammed the Prime Minister for remarks that were critical of Supreme Court Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin. An international legal body has cleared Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin in her efforts to communicate with Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government over a judicial appointment to her court last year, and slammed the prime […]

Jul 25 2014 — Peter O'Neil

The two major federal opposition leaders are heading west this summer hoping to take advantage of the hostility of many British Columbians for the proposed Northern Gateway pipeline. But Opposition leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal leader Justin Trudeau might want to reconsider making the $7.9 billion megaproject a central campaign plank in the 2015 election […]

Jul 25 2014 —

Ottawa is sitting on a stockpile of more than $730 million in uncashed tax refunds and other government cheques, according to Public Works Canada. Many Canadians eagerly await their pension, employment insurance and child-tax benefits, but the department says that 3.2 million cheques issued over the past five years have never been cashed for a […]

Jul 25 2014 — Rosemary Barton

Association head rejects Tory claims the courts are undermining democracy. Canadians should not be worried about the judicial system undermining democracy, says the president of the Canadian Bar Association, in response to recent comments by Conservative parliamentarians criticizing and questioning the judiciary. “The courts are essential and integral to a democracy. They play a very […]


Arctic oil spills likely to spread across borders: study

Jul 25 2014 —

New research suggests that any type of significant oil spill in Canada’s western Arctic would likely spread quickly and foul oceans around Alaska and possibly as far west as Russia. “Spills originating from the Canadian Beaufort and resulting coastal oiling could be an international issue,” says the report from RPS Applied Science Associates, a global […]

The Canada Revenue Agency headquarters in Ottawa is shown on Friday, November 4, 2011. Thousands of Canadians received mailed warnings from the taxman this spring about overcontributions to their tax-free savings accounts, suggesting the rules remain unclear four years after the savings vehicles were first introduced. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Canada Revenue Agency says ‘preventing poverty’ not allowed as goal for charity

Jul 25 2014 —

The Canada Revenue Agency has told a well-known charity that it can no longer try to prevent poverty around the world, it can only alleviate poverty — because preventing poverty might benefit people who are not already poor. The bizarre bureaucratic brawl over a mission statement is yet more evidence of deteriorating relations between the […]


Nunavut politician fined for failing breathalyzer, going wrong way on street

Jul 25 2014 —

A politician from Nunavut has been fined after pleading guilty to fleeing Charlottetown police after going the wrong way down a one-way street while driving drunk. David Joanasie, who is the member for South Baffin, appeared in provincial court in Charlottetown on Thursday where he pleaded guilty to failing the breathalyzer and failing to stop […]

Jul 25 2014 —

A U.S. military commission court is threatening to strip the security clearance from Omar Khadr’s Pentagon-appointed lawyers as part of what they call an unconstitutional attempt to keep the public in the dark about the Canadian’s fight for exoneration. At issue, according to submissions made Friday, is a demand by a senior court official that […]

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Jul 25 2014 —

The federal government continues to make progress in its drive to eliminate the deficit by next year, the latest accounting from the Finance Department shows. In the first report on its financial position for the new 2014-15 fiscal period, the department said it posted a combined $1.15 billion deficit for April and May, the first […]

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Jul 25 2014 — Gloria Galloway

Police appear to be losing their zeal for investigating marijuana-related offences – particularly those related to cases of trafficking and production. While they are still searching people for pot and laying charges of possession, statistics suggest they are increasingly less likely to go to the trouble of finding actual drug dealers. The federal Conservative government […]

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Jul 25 2014 — Jordan Press

Barring some sudden change of plan, Sen. Pierre Claude Nolin is expected to be named the Senate’s next Speaker by the end of the year. Nolin, a Quebecer appointed by Brian Mulroney, is in line to succeed Sen. Noël Kinsella when he hits the mandatory retirement age of 75 on Nov. 28. Kinsella has been […]

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Jul 25 2014 —

The government of Newfoundland and Labrador said Friday it will appeal a Quebec Superior Court ruling that strikes down its bid to renegotiate a 1969 deal it says drastically under-prices power from the Churchill Falls hydro plant. The case was launched in February 2010 after Hydro-Quebec rebuffed a call from the Newfoundland and Labrador government […]

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When it comes to Mike Duffy, there’s always more

Jul 25 2014 — Scott Reid

From Peru to Prince Edward Island, Mike Duffy has spent the past two weeks lacquering his name with fresh new coats of disgrace. Fifteen counts of breach of trust. Fifteen counts of fraud. One charge of bribery. And, most spectacularly, one allegation of paternity. To the mental portrait of Duffy clutching Nigel Wright’s $92,000 cheque […]


Maher Off-Base

Jul 25 2014 — David Tkachuk

In the column, Final act of the Duffy mess looks unpleasant for PM (SP, July 19), Stephen Maher writes that I told his colleague, Glen McGregor, in 2012 that there was no reason for “(Mike) Duffy not to claim expenses for his Ottawa home.” I may well have said that, because in 2012 I had […]

Jason Kirby

Canada’s slow-motion jobs crisis

Jul 25 2014 — Jason Kirby

The Canadain jobs market is stuck in neutral. How long until the public turns on the Prime Minister? When it comes to Stephen Harper’s track record on job creation, and what it might mean for his re-election bid next year, it helps to know which employment legacy we’re referring to: his boast that the economy […]


How to deal with hateful messages on Mideast

Jul 25 2014 — Susan Delacourt

The biggest danger of treating politics as a business is that old rule about the customer always being right. Consumers of politics — and media — are not always right, and extreme events, as we’ve seen in the news this past week in Gaza and Ukraine, are eliciting extreme views. The perpetual question is: how […]


Tax audits aimed at Harper government critics should worry all Canadians

Jul 25 2014 — Don Cayo

The Canadian Press’s list of charities being audited for political activities by the Canada Revenue Agency reads suspiciously like a Who’s Who of the Canadian left. Vancouver-based Tides Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation, the United Church of Canada’s affiliated human rights/justice organization called Kairos, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives, Amnesty International and, most […]


Tom Mulcair brings NDP a new maturity over Israel

Jul 25 2014 — John Ivison

Israel has always been the litmus test by which to measure the degree of lunacy emanating from Canada’s left-wing. Back in 2002, when former MP Svend Robinson was the NDP’s critic on the Middle East, he issued a pro-Palestinian manifesto that justified taking sides – “life over death, peace over war, justice over tyranny and […]


Pipeline opponents go against the grain

Jul 25 2014 — Warren Kinsella

As you head into town here, there’s bright yellow canola sprouting on one side of the highway, and bluish flax to be seen on the other side. There’s winter wheat, too, but it’s a bit harder to spot at this time of year. The Saskatchewan sky goes on forever and ever, and it’s frankly more […]

David Staples

Prentice willing to borrow to build Alberta

Jul 25 2014 — David Staples

When it comes to building Alberta, Jim Prentice isn’t afraid to use the “B-word”: Borrow. Prentice, who is in a three-man race to replace Alison Redford as Progressive Conservative leader and provincial premier, says when it comes to building schools, senior care facilities, roads, bridges and mass transit, if it’s necessary to borrow, his government […]

Jul 25 2014 — Christina Blizzard

There are some astonishing hidden talents among Premier Kathleen Wynne’s backbench MPPs. Take, Etobicoke North MPP Dr. Shafiq Qaadri. He’s a budding author with two books so far to his credit. One, The Testosterone Factor is subtitled “A practical guide to improving vitality and virility, naturally.” His second book, published 18 months ago, is quite […]

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Jul 25 2014 — Farzana Hassan

Hamas claims it rejects the ceasefire proposal brokered by Egypt because it wants a better life for its citizens. It will therefore accept no less than the lifting of Israel’s seven-year Gaza blockade. The resultant fighting continues to hammer Gaza’s citizens. They are dying by the hundreds. Yet Hamas, for all its rhetoric, doesn’t really […]

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"The F Word" - Toronto Premiere

Daniel Radcliffe trapped in Toronto because of visa glitch

Jul 25 2014 —

Daniel Radcliffe was expected to arrive at his first-ever Comic-Con on Thursday, but the English “Harry Potter” star got stuck in Toronto because of a visa glitch that kept him from entering the US. While Potter would’ve simply hopped on his broom to the influential San Diego fest, Radcliffe was unceremoniously grounded. “He’s stuck in […]