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Bill Blair wants to run for Liberals in fall election

Apr 26 2015 — Bruce Campion-Smith

Bill Blair is jumping into federal politics after a decade-long tenure as Toronto police chief and intends to run as a Liberal candidate in the upcoming election, the Star has learned. “I want to remain in public service. I’ve spent my life there. I think it is the highest calling, so I look for opportunities […]

Apr 26 2015 — Dean Beeby

An internal Finance Canada document raises questions about the Harper government’s billion-dollar project to open up land-border crossings with the U.S. The report says truck traffic has fallen sharply as Canada’s manufacturing sector slumps, and wait times at key border points are negligible. Altogether, the document drawn up by federal bureaucrats suggests a thinning border, […]

Apr 26 2015 — Keith Gerein

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean renewed his attack on PC fiscal management Saturday by releasing new data showing the Tory government spent close to $1 billion on sole-source contracts in 2013-14. The data was obtained through a series of freedom of information requests to every government ministry, the party said. The Wildrose added up the numbers […]

Apr 25 2015 — James Wood

Jonathan Denis has been forced to resign as Alberta’s justice minister and solicitor general over legal proceedings between himself and his estranged wife but will continue as a Tory candidate in the May 5 provincial election. Premier Jim Prentice said he asked Denis to step down when he became aware of the court case Saturday […]


Prentice and Notley take their shots at each other in Calgary

Apr 26 2015 — James Wood

The Tories and NDP kept their cannons aimed squarely at each other Saturday in Calgary with a week-and-a-half to go in the Alberta election campaign. But the other two main parties also took their shots, with the Wildrose insisting they’re the only ones that can stop the recent NDP surge, while Liberal Leader David Swann […]

Pierre Poilievre

Byelection to replace Del Mastro unlikely: Poilievre

Apr 25 2015 —

The federal employment minister, in Peterborough for a pre-election visit on Saturday, said he doesn’t think there will be a byelection here to fill the vacant MP’s seat in this riding. Pierre Poilievre is the MP for Ottawa-Nepean and the Minister of Employment and Social Development. He said he thinks we won’t have a byelection […]

Apr 25 2015 —

The Canadian government is sending a disaster assessment team to earthquake stricken Nepal and contributing $5 million to relief efforts, Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson’s office said late Saturday. The assessment team was part of the Disaster Assistance Response Team, known as DART, Johanna Quinney, Nicholson’s press secretary, said in an email. The military team […]

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Apr 26 2015 — Susan Lunn

Canada has signed an agreement with the United States and Mexico to protect migratory bats. In the letter of intent, the three countries agreed to improve co-operation and planning to support bat conservation across North America. Several species of the mammal are considered threatened or endangered in one or more of the countries.

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Apr 25 2015 — Mariam Ibrahim

NDP Leader Rachel Notley’s polished performance in Thursday’s leaders’ debate boosted her party’s popularity, but pollsters say a close race makes it impossible to predict who will head Alberta’s next government. Three polls released Friday show Notley came out on top after the party leaders faced off in Edmonton, but revealed a tight three-way battle […]

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Apr 25 2015 — Jason Fekete

The NDP has asked the lobbying commissioner to investigate whether Mike Duffy’s apparent repeated discussions with pipeline company Enbridge broke federal rules. Duffy’s detailed electronic diary, entered as evidence at his criminal trial, includes several entries – many of them redacted, but still legible – about conversations and emails with or about senior Enbridge officials […]

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Bob Hepburn

Kathleen Wynne wastes chance to create a legacy

Apr 26 2015 — Bob Hepburn

When Dalton McGuinty first took office back in 2003, he declared he wanted to be known as the “education premier.” During his term, McGuinty made education a top priority, introducing forward-looking policies that turned the troubled, cash-starved Ontario system into a world leader, with high-school graduation rates up, more students in colleges and universities and […]


Alberta Premier Jim Prentice still confident

Apr 26 2015 — Rick Bell

The premier looked like he was having a good time. Pressing the flesh, slamming the NDP, telling old jokes. But he got the news early Saturday morning. Legal proceedings are underway between Jonathan Denis and his estranged wife. Denis was, until early Saturday morning, the province’s top cop and Prentice’s justice minister. Prentice asked for […]


Do PCs have a death wish?

Apr 26 2015 — Sue-Ann Levy

This was supposed to be the Progressive Conservatives’ “Aha” moment. After four devastating election losses, Ontario PCs agreed they had to focus on reinventing their party and renewing themselves in their ongoing leadership race. They have to be perceived as a kinder, gentler, urban-centric party that has evolved in 2015, if they ever hope to […]


More Liberal hot air

Apr 26 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

You know what? I don’t think Premier Kathleen Wynne and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray understand what cap-and-trade is, even though they’re about to impose it on Ontario. So far, whenever they’re challenged on its specifics, they go off on strange rants about how they’re doing it for their grandchildren and to heck with the […]


Liberals beating Ontario up

Apr 26 2015 — Adrienne Batra

Last year it was “Building Opportunity, Securing our Future”. Governments in general and the Ontario Liberals in particular, like to use words such as “build”, because it conjures up images in our minds that something responsible and worthwhile is being done with taxpayers’ money. But Ontarians are right to be skeptical about anything this government […]

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Longtime Expos general manager Jim Fanning dies

Apr 26 2015 —

Former Montreal Expos general manager and lifelong supporter of Canadian baseball Jim Fanning has died of a heart attack. He was 87. Often called Gentleman Jim, Fanning first served the Expos as general manager in 1968, and stayed involved with the franchise in different roles until the early 1990s. “He wore just about every hat […]

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