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Winds of political change begin to stir across Canada

Apr 19 2014 — David Akin

The results of the two most recent provincial elections – in Nova Scotia and in Quebec – may be the start of a trend that incumbents like Stephen Harper, Kathleen Wynne, and Rob Ford ought to be worried about. Voters in Canada, long happy with the political status quo, appear prepared to vote for change. […]

Apr 20 2014 — Susan Delacourt

We used to talk about Canada having an identity problem. Now, it seems, we have a proof-of-identity problem. This may be the larger point that we’re missing in all the debate over the Fair Elections Act and how it will affect some Canadians’ right to vote. How do you prove you’re a Canadian citizen?

Apr 20 2014 —

The head of the Canadian Space Agency, a former top general, insists his appointment as president last August does not signal the militarization of the federal department. “I have to support the mandate that the Government of Canada has given the space agency and that is the peaceful use of space and it doesn’t change […]


Rubin ‘Hurricane’ Carter dead at 76

Apr 20 2014 —

Rubin (Hurricane) Carter, a professional boxer who served nearly 20 years in prison in New Jersey after being wrongfully convicted of a 1966 triple murder, became an international figure after his release as an advocate for others jailed for crimes they did not commit. Mr. Carter, a cause célèbre in the 1970s whose plight was […]


Air Canada to consider firing workers in baggage toss video

Apr 19 2014 —

Air Canada is apologizing after a video purporting to show a baggage handler dropping luggage from roughly six metres off the ground hit social media. The video, taken by a passenger on board a plane, shows a baggage handler dropping bags from a boarding gate to a luggage bin.

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The House: What’s next in the Duffy-Wright affair?

Apr 19 2014 —

The RCMP confirmed this week it will not pursue charges against Nigel Wright, the prime minister’s former chief of staff, over a $90,000 payment he made to cover Senator Mike Duffy’s ineligible expenses. But the federal Ethics Commissioner is still looking into the matter and the RCMP continues its investigation of Duffy. What does the […]

Apr 20 2014 — Amy Dempsey

The shocking acts of violence committed by Vince Li, Allan Schoenborn and Richard Kachkar have made them poster boys for a Conservative government bill that targets mentally ill offenders found not criminally responsible. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and government officials have touted the reforms as a necessary measure to protect public safety, but experts in the field argue it could […]

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Apr 20 2014

British Columbia Environment Ministry staff have warned their minister that the province’s dreamed-of liquefied natural gas industry poses some big challenges with greenhouse gas emissions. Internal briefing notes prepared for Environment Minister Mary Polak since she took office last year and obtained by The Canadian Press, single out methane emissions for concern.

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Apr 19 2014 — Theresa Tedesco and Jen Gerson

In the dry tone reserved for routine business, Senator Larry Campbell made a note for the parliamentary record: “I believe that I have a private interest that might be affected by Bill C-290.” The bill, still awaiting the Senate’s approval, would allow Canadians to bet on individual sporting events; currently, legitimate establishments allow wagers on […]

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What happened to Trudeau’s open nomination pledge?

Apr 20 2014 — Warren Kinsella

A year ago this month, Justin Trudeau was a candidate for the Liberal Party leadership. He gave a big speech to delegates at what was called the “Liberal leadership showcase.” Among other things, Trudeau said this: “The only person Mr. Harper wants his caucus to serve is their leader. Well, that’s not good enough. We […]

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Populist or elitist: Can the Harper Government be both?

Apr 19 2014 — Don Lenihan

Is the Harper Government populist or elitist? Colin Horgan thinks they have run out of ideas so they are turning to populism. Linda McQuaig finds the talk of populism odd. They are, she insists, deeply elitist. So which is it: populist or elitist? Horgan borrows his definition of populism from Andrew Coyne, who says that it is “about […]


Justin Trudeau’s selfie life

Apr 20 2014 — Ezra Levant

Wednesday was the state funeral for Jim Flaherty, the former finance minister. Like all MPs, he was a partisan, but unlike many MPs, he had genuine friends across party lines. When he passed away, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair spoke with genuine tears about his friend.   The funeral was a massive affair, packing the church […]


CBC should pay its own way

Apr 20 2014 — Lorne Gunter

When he announced last week that the CBC would be laying off 650 employees (about 8% of its 8,000-person workforce) and giving up on professional sports, Mother Corp president Hubert Lacroix said the state broadcaster would henceforth be “doing fewer things better.” Lacroix added that the $1-billion, tax-funded, propaganda arm of the lib-left establishment would […]


How to cool the planet

Apr 20 2014 — Lorrie Goldstein

Nuclear power, natural gas and carbon capture technology hold far more promise than near-useless wind and solar energy. The key finding in the latest report from the United Nations’ Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) is this: It acknowledges the reality any viable move to a low-carbon dioxide global economy must include nuclear power, replacing […]

Put Heartbleed in perspective

Apr 20 2014 — Shannon Moneo

When it comes to the Heartbleed bug, I don’t know what will be more difficult to staunch, the illicit lifting of online data or the Chicken Littles who are warning us that we could be battling digital doppelgängers or facing financial ruin. In early April, we began hearing about Heartbleed, a flaw in a software […]


Beware Wynne selling our stuff

Apr 20 2014 — Sun Media

Governments are often as bad at selling things as they are at keeping them. That’s why skepticism is called for regarding Premier Kathleen Wynne’s announcement the Liberals are appointing an expert panel to consider privatizing or reducing the government’s stake in Crown assets such as the Liquor Control Board of Ontario (LCBO), Ontario Power Generation […]

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New book has ‘poop’ on Michael Jackson as former bodyguards pen tell-all detailing King of Pop’s home life

Apr 20 2014 —

Michael Jackson’s former bodyguards have penned a tell-all on the oddball pop star, detailing how he sent them to pick up mystery women, disciplined his kids and suffered major money issues. Confidenti@l got an advance galley of “Remember the Time: Protecting Michael Jackson in His Final Days,” written by the King of Pop’s former staffers Javon Beard and Bill […]

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