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Sep 4 2015 — Staff

There have been some movements in an electorate that is becoming reluctantly engaged in a now month-old campaign that they are loosely acknowledging. If there was a sense that the Duffy scandal was beginning to awaken voters and weigh down on the Conservative fortunes, that sense has pretty well evaporated over the past couple of […]

Sep 4 2015 —

Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair are setting up sharply contrasting visions of the role Canada’s military can play in relieving an unfolding international humanitarian crisis that has consumed the federal election campaign. Mulcair dismissed military action, specifically Canada’s current bombing campaign in Syria and Iraq, as a solution to the […]

Sep 4 2015 —

A former leader of the Nova Scotia Liberal Party can’t cast his ballot in the upcoming federal election yet because he doesn’t have the required identification. Vince MacLean lives in Northside East Bay, about a 20-minute drive from Sydney, and went to the local returning office last week to vote. People can vote at Elections […]

Sep 4 2015 — Greg Quinn

Canadian Finance Minister Joe Oliver shrugged off the debate on whether the economy fell into a recession in the first half of the year, citing job gains and output growth outside of producers of crude oil and other commodities. “The other 80 percent-plus of the economy, while there were some spillover effects, was growing through […]

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Sep 4 2015 — Elizabeth Thompson

An NDP government would review a series of secret orders in council adopted by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government and, if necessary, overturn some of them, says New Democratic Party justice critic Françoise Boivin. Boivin said an NDP government will take the secret orders in council, first reported by iPolitics Wednesday, out of the safe, […]

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Voters not just spectators in refugee crisis

Sep 4 2015 — Susan Delacourt

A refugee crisis, unfolding thousands of kilometres away from Canada, could turn out to be the most significant domestic development in this year’s election campaign. Its potential significance lies in its ability to turn Canadians from observers of events to participants — in a way that other political stories in this campaign have not. The […]


Canada has lost its way as a compassionate country

Sep 4 2015 — Daphne Bramham

It was distressingly and tragically brought home by the image of a toddler, drowned off the coast of Turkey fleeing the Syrian civil war, that Canadians are no longer who we think we are. If this were our imagined country, three-year-old Alan Kurdi might have been safely playing at home in Coquitlam. But an urgent […]


Migrant crisis suddenly the biggest issue in the election campaign — and Harper’s on the high wire

Sep 3 2015 — John Ivison

Talking to a Liberal friend Wednesday evening, we mused on whether the progressive vote would eventually coalesce around one or other of the opposition parties. “There is another scenario,” he said. “The complete collapse of the Conservative vote.” I said I thought this was unlikely, given the party’s apparently rock-solid voting base. But each passing […]

Tom Brodbeck

Mulcair’s nanny-state agenda

Sep 4 2015 — Tom Brodbeck

NDP leader Tom Mulcair’s vow to expand mandatory contributions to the Canada Pension Plan is just the beginning of what Canadians can expect from the NDP’s nanny-state agenda if they form government. The question is, are Canadians ready for it? Mulcair announced Thursday that if the NDP wins the Oct. 19 election, his party will […]

Sep 4 2015 — Michael Taube

Why the NDP are winning, and why we should be concerned. The federal election is still six weeks away. Many things can, and will, happen before we vote on October 19. Yet, with each passing day, the possibility of a new government led by NDP leader Tom Mulcair simply refuses to fade away. There’s no […]

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Sep 4 2015 — Rick Salutin

2400 B.C.: The king of Lagash, part of ancient Sumerian civilization in what is now Iraq, declares a general cancellation of debts. Peasants have come under great economic pressure with the rise of agriculturally based empires. It is the peasants who panic and the monarch who gives them relief, showing that debt hasn’t yet become […]

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Sep 3 2015 — Don Martin

Stephen Harper was borderline euphoric when Statistics Canada declared Canada was only in a mini-recession, which was likely over even before the campaign began. The Conservative leader, whose personal warmth usually ranges between sea ice and permafrost, was energetically warm and animated as he declared the red-inked charts were actually good news. His ability to […]

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Greg Stremlaw, former CEO of Curling Canada, appointed CBC’s head of sports

Sep 4 2015 —

Greg Stremlaw, the former CEO of Curling Canada, has been named the new head of CBC Sports. Stremlaw’s priority will be to lead CBC Sports’ strategy, placing emphasis on multi-platform sports journalism, amateur sports and a collaborative partnership approach to marquee events. “It is a privilege and an honour to be joining such a world-class […]

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