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Oct 10 2015 —

Stephen Harper is interfering with Canada’s justice system in an election advertisement that unfairly puts the label “criminal” on a father who killed his children while extremely mentally ill, say the man’s lawyers. In the minute-long radio ad, the Conservative leader references “the tragic story” of Allan Schoenborn, who in February 2010 was found “not […]

Oct 10 2015 —

The Union of B.C. Indian Chiefs is demanding that Conservative MP Bob Zimmer withdraw his bid for re-election over his suggestion that joblessness is largely the cause of Canada’s missing and murdered indigenous women. The incumbent MP for the northern B.C. Prince George-Peace River-Northern Rockies riding made the comments at an all-candidates meeting in Fort […]


Conservative, NDP hopes dim as Liberals dare to dream

Oct 9 2015 — Greg Lyle

A daring strategy, a strong performance by their leader and some of the best political advertising in recent history have placed the Liberal Party at victory’s doorstep with just 10 days to go. While it is true that a week is a long time in politics, in the normal course of events, today’s numbers would […]


Harper Conservatives target pocketbook perks as federal election looms

Oct 10 2015 —

Sheri Rudoski was beaming as she left a speech Stephen Harper delivered to parents and wailing babies in Saskatoon on Wednesday. She wasn’t enthusiastic about a historic, 1,500-page trade deal reached among Pacific Rim nations, which the prime minister touted all week. Instead, Rudoski was keen on the Conservative pledge to retool the Employment Insurance […]

Oct 10 2015 —

A 66-year-old suspect faces charges of uttering threats and wearing a disguise with intent after a man allegedly threatened a custodian at a Calgary club during a federal election candidate forum earlier this week. Police allege a man entered the Tuscany Club with his face concealed by a Confederate flag. They say the building’s custodians […]

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Conrad Black

This government has scraped the barrel in its symbolic pandering

Oct 10 2015 — Conrad Black

It is astonishing that, with barely a week left before the federal election, pollsters seem to agree the principal issue between the main parties is whether the face-covering niqab can be worn by a handful of women when they take their oath as new citizens of Canada, having privately satisfied authorities of their identity. It […]


Three ways to cure the disenchanted

Oct 10 2015 — Andrew Coyne

Between the Liberals and the Conservatives, the election is, as they say, too close to call. All the same the Decision Desk is ready to declare a winner: none of the above. The Liberals are in the mid-30s in the polls, the Tories a couple of points behind. But if recent elections are any guide, […]


Short-pants PMO people shouldn’t be in the refugee business

Oct 9 2015 — Don Martin

There are more than 500 staff in Stephen Harper’s sprawling Prime Minister’s Office, about 100 more than when he took office in 2006. It’s clearly a big job and getting bigger all the time. The so-called short-pants people have to deliver no-comments to the media, plan Harper tours with just the right true-blue backdrops, select […]


Stephen Harper’s Muslim issue comes to a rural riding

Oct 10 2015 — Tom Walkom

Myrna Gibson is in a quandary. The retired food processing worker is sick of Stephen Harper. “We need a change,” she says as we talk in this small village northwest of Kitchener. “Prime Minister Harper has his good points. But I think there should be a new leader.” Yet at the same time, she supports […]


It’s clear Harper will win

Oct 10 2015 — Candice Malcolm

Canadians evaluate politicians based on what they have done, not based on the polls. So what should we make of the constant barrage of data and poll tracking released daily? Canada’s 13th Prime Minster John Diefenbaker was once asked about political polls. “Dogs know best what to do with polls,” Diefenbaker responded. Many Canadians feel […]


Have Stephen Harper’s Conservatives changed, or have we?

Oct 9 2015 — Susan Delacourt

The Conservative party’s journey from 2004 to the current election can be measured in five simple words: “To heck with the courts.” In the 2004 federal election, those five words helped kill the Conservatives’ hopes of winning power. In the 2015 campaign, they’re virtually a campaign motto, especially on the divisive, hot-button debate over religious […]

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