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Dean Del Mastro fundraiser cleared by elections commissioner

Jan 29 2015 — Laura Payton

CBC News has learned the commissioner of Canada Elections has cleared the organizers of an event that raised nearly $40,000 — and provided tax receipts — to pay some of former MP Dean Del Mastro’s legal fees. Investigator Al Mathews, who investigated the 2011 illegal robocalls in Guelph, Ont., probed the fundraiser but found nothing […]

Jan 29 2015 — Jordan Press

The federal government has spent approximately $57 million on outside consultants over the past nine years to help decide which government records Canadians are allowed to obtain. Most of that spending, on what are called access to information consultants, occurred during the last four years. The $57-million price tag is for spending starting in fiscal […]

Jan 29 2015 — Laura Payton

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office invites MPs to session when they’re supposed to be in House. A briefing tomorrow for MPs regarding the government’s new anti-terror legislation is set for a rather inconvenient time: the middle of question period. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office sent an invitation to MPs on Wednesday to tell […]

Jan 29 2015 —

A Toronto MP has apologized for comments he made over the weekend during a meet-and-greet with some members of the Iranian-Canadian community. Willdowdale MP Chungsen Leung attended an event hosted by the Association of North American Ethnic Journalists and Writers on Saturday. Approximately two dozen people were at the meeting, where Leung was asked about […]

Jan 29 2015 — Dina Cappiello

The Republican-controlled United States Senate has passed a bill approving construction of the Keystone XL oil pipeline. The 62-36 vote on the privately funded Canadian project advanced a top priority of the newly empowered Republicans, who championed the legislation despite a presidential veto threat. Keystone is the first of many battles with the White House […]

No Fly List 20140903

Canada’s no-fly list to get major overhaul as part of new anti-terror law

Jan 29 2015 —

Canada’s no-fly list is expected to get a major overhaul on Friday, after Global News revealed last spring some people on the list are being allowed to board a plane. Sources tell Global News changes are coming as part of the government’s new anti-terrorism law, to be unveiled by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in Richmond […]


Iraq: When does the “constructive dialogue” start?

Jan 29 2015 — Aaron Wherry

Stephen Harper would not let the New Democrats and Liberals confuse him or the public as to what was really going on here. “Mr. Speaker, the only problem here is that the NDP does not support the military mission against the Islamic State,” he explained, “something that all of our principal allies and many more […]


Alberta Premier Jim Prentice, cabinet to take pay reduction

Jan 29 2015 —

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says he and his cabinet will take a voluntary five per cent pay reduction. He says the move will take effect Sunday. Prentice is also making a recommendation that members of the legislature accept a similar cut. He says it’s important that politicians show leadership in a time of difficult financial […]

Jan 29 2015 —

The Canadian dollar continued its downward trajectory Thursday, falling to 78 cents a day after closing below 80 cents for the first time since 2009. The loonie was at 78.94 cents US at midday, down from its close of 79.87 cents US on Wednesday.

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Jan 29 2015 — Jordan Press

When the lead RCMP officer on the Mike Duffy investigation spoke publicly about the case, he caught his superiors by surprise. Normally, RCMP investigators in an active criminal investigation would refer reporters’ questions to the force’s media relations department. But on a morning in late April 2014, Sgt. Greg Horton stopped to talk with a […]

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Stephen Harper spinning gold from his little Iraq war

Jan 29 2015 — Tim Harper

Here’s an exclusive for you: Canada Stands Strong and Free. It’s right there on Stephen Harper’s propaganda video network, complete with that “exclusive” tag before its flag-waving title, more than three minutes worth of fighter jets and military ships, the National War Memorial and the Centennial Flame, poppies and police tape, Kevin Vickers and uniformed […]


As election looms, Tom Mulcair’s NDP walks a fine line

Jan 29 2015 — Tom Walkom

Tom Mulcair is walking a careful line. The New Democratic Party leader wants to continue the work that his predecessor, Jack Layton, did in attracting new voters. But he’s also trying to hang on to the NDP’s traditional left-of-centre base. As the tribulations faced by Andrea Horwath’s Ontario NDP demonstrated last year, this is not […]

Bob Hepburn

Is Stephen Harper friend or foe of democracy?

Jan 29 2015 — Bob Hepburn

Back in 2006, Stephen Harper rode to electoral victory by promising the most sweeping package of democratic and parliamentary reforms the country had ever seen. Harper made the campaign pledge in the wake of a controversial series of political scandals and democratic abuses under successive Liberal governments. While his critics may have doubted his commitment, […]


More infrastructure, stronger economy

Jan 29 2015 — Scott Brison

Middle class Canadians are paying a hefty price for poor infrastructure. Canadian homeowners face expensive repairs when sewer systems back up under the pressure of “extreme” weather events that are becoming increasingly more common. Manufacturing workers lose wages when their assembly line shuts down because the parts they need are stuck in transit. Commuters regularly […]


Quebec corruption inquiry struggling for relevance

Jan 29 2015 — Chantal Hébert

There were high hopes at the time of its creation that a public inquiry into collusion and corruption in the province’s construction industry would provide Quebecers with a comprehensive picture of the situation. Three-and-a-half years later, those hopes have mostly given way to curiosity as to how the commission presided by Justice France Charbonneau will […]

Matthew Fisher

Allow Canadian special forces privacy to do necessary task in Iraq

Jan 29 2015 — Matthew Fisher

Unlike our allies who have kept a tight lid on the operational activities of their special forces in Iraq, the Harper government and the Canadian military made an uncharacteristic decision to permit details to be released about what Canada’s special forces are doing there. Hence the storm of criticism led by the opposition and the […]


Vancouver’s high housing costs mean less cash on hand to pay more taxes

Jan 29 2015 — Barbara Yaffe

Vancouver-area politicians still do not get it. Due to crushing housing costs, Lower Mainlanders have far less discretionary income than other Canadians. In such circumstances, it is not reasonable to ask them to finance additional fees and taxes — including more PST for transportation initiatives — no matter how urgent. Vancouver’s affordability crisis was underscored […]

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