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Oct 1 2014 — Anca Gurzu

A clause that could lead to an eventual suspension of the Canada-European Union free trade deal over human rights issues has found its way into a recently announced political agreement between the two sides—despite Canada’s initial objection, Embassy has learned. Several European Union officials in Brussels, the EU nerve centre, have confirmed the clause is […]

Oct 1 2014 — Janyce McGregor

Tom Mulcair said he’d wait to see the fine print of the Canada-EU trade deal before passing judgment. Now that the full text of the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement is out, the NDP leader is walking a fine line between his party’s competing interests. The NDP will discuss the deal in caucus Wednesday morning. […]


Ezra Levant stays silent after network’s apology to Justin Trudeau

Oct 1 2014 — Jacques Gallant

As calls continued for the Sun News pundit to apologize for his on-air slurs against the Trudeau family, Levant said Monday he has “no comment” on the matter. Sun News may have apologized for Ezra Levant’s “offensive” rant against Justin Trudeau’s parents, but Levant himself is remaining silent. Even as critics call for Levant to […]

DFAIT DFATD Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade, and Development Lester B. Pearson Building - July 2013 - Kristen photo5

Merger creating human resources headaches at Foreign Affairs

Oct 1 2014 — Kristen Shane

Several local union groups at the Department of Foreign Affairs, Trade and Development are proposing a new human resources system for the merged department that could combine five job classifications into one, possibly affecting the job descriptions, salaries and assignments of thousands of DFATD employees. The new “international officer” job classification, which one employee involved […]


Employers call on Ottawa to retract temporary foreign worker reliance list

Oct 1 2014 —

Two companies on the federal government’s list of employers that rely heavily on temporary foreign workers are asking Ottawa to retract and correct information they say is false and potentially damaging. Industrial giant Siemens AG and Studon Electric & Controls Inc., an Alberta construction company, are the latest employers upset by a document that was […]

Oct 1 2014 — Teresa Wright

Prince Edward Island’s innovation minister is crying foul over recent figures released by the federal government showing P.E.I. seafood plants have been using temporary foreign workers while Islanders collect EI. Speaking to a legislative standing committee Tuesday, Innovation Minister Allen Roach said he believes there are some discrepancies in data provided by federal employment Minister […]

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Sep 30 2014 — Steven Chase and Daniel Leblanc

Stephen Harper is calling Canadian military intervention in Iraq a “noble” cause as his government prepares for an expected air combat mission in the region, saying this country must respond to a direct threat from the Islamic State extremists. “These are necessary actions, they are noble actions,” Mr. Harper said during Question Period on Tuesday. […]

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Sep 30 2014 —

Doug Ford is calling out John Tory’s political record and his proposed transit plan in a pair of new radio ads. Both ads begin with the words “What’s the story, Mr. Tory?” as a bouncy melody plays in the background. One ad highlights Tory’s prior electoral losses as a mayoral candidate back in 2003, and […]

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Sep 30 2014 —

The Conservative government says it is overturning an RCMP decision to doff their muskrat hats in favour of more animal-friendly tuques. Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq tells the House of Commons that the public safety minister is directing the Mounties to reverse the move. The RCMP recently wrote to an animal-rights group to say it had […]

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Sep 30 2014 — Jordan Press

A senator on a committee research trip was “almost lost” during an incident in Norwegian waters last week. Senate Liberal Elizabeth Hubley suffered a broken arm when she fell into the water between a salmon pen and a Zodiac boat, a rigid inflatable craft. She had to be pulled from the waves by two of […]

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Don Lenihan's Public Voice(s)

Can we make Parliament work? Yes.

Oct 1 2014 — Don Lenihan

There’s been a lot of angst over the state of Parliament this past week, leading some to wonder what it might take to fix it—or if it can be fixed at all. Maybe it’s time to pause and ask what, exactly, we really expect from parliamentary reform. For several decades the PMO has been clawing […]

martin and morgan

Prescription drug costs hurting Canadians

Oct 1 2014 — Danielle Martin and Steve Morgan

Why the public health system needs to evolve. This week, Health Ministers from across Canada will gather in Banff to discuss issues of common interest and explore opportunities to work together. Pharmacare – a program that would see all prescription drug costs covered through a publicly funded system instead of out-of-pocket — will almost certainly […]

jeffrey simpson

For better or worse, EU-Canada deal is a precedent

Oct 1 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

When the European Union and Canada began negotiating their comprehensive trade and investment agreement, a coterie of EU ambassadors headed across the Atlantic. Their mission was to discover how Canadian provinces felt about a deal, and whether they would scuttle the negotiations or fail to implement provisions.


Taseko wants to sue Ottawa for regulatory unfairness

Oct 1 2014 — Dan Cayo

Can a government be held accountable if its industry regulators don’t treat applicants fairly? And should a court-ordered remedy for any proven case of unfairness include shelling out millions, maybe even billions, of dollars in compensation? These are anything-but-hypothetical questions that Taseko Mines wants to put before the Federal Court of Canada. The Vancouver company, […]


Earth to Tories: Just answer the question

Sep 30 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

Two things were remarkable about Sun News’s apology to Liberal leader Justin Trudeau, over its airing of a particularly vile video comment by one of its marquis personalities, Ezra Levant. The first was the apology’s patent insincerity. The second was how little notice this drew — as though a meaningless apology, that is to say […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Feminism is mainstream, not a cult

Oct 1 2014 — Heather Mallick

Being the target of mass Twitter attacks from the extreme right and hard left simultaneously is not pleasant but it’s instructive. Canadians aren’t extremists, generally, and besides I believe in putting the best possible construction on what is said to me in reproof. Pander alert! Toronto Star readers — over 1 million on Saturdays, over […]


Past still haunts PCs as byelection campaigns kick off

Oct 1 2014 — Don Braid

On the first full day of byelection campaigning, a pair of uneasy memories dogged the government, early snapshots of what we can expect for the next month. First came a leaked report to CBC that the auditor general is scathingly critical of sole-source contracts awarded by the province during flood relief to Navigator Ltd. This […]


Wynne should cancel mission to China

Oct 1 2014 — Christina Blizzard

Premier Kathleen Wynne should immediately cancel plans to take part in a trade mission to China later this month with other premiers from across the country. It is unseemly and wildly inappropriate for Canadian politicians to visit Beijing at a time when thousands of people have taken to the streets of Hong Kong asking for […]

Oct 1 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy

The Toronto Police Services Board voted not to renew Chief Bill Blair’s contract for a third term when it expires next April 25. In late July, board members claimed they wanted to pursue change on the force. In fact, board chairman Alok Mukherjee said at the time that change is “inevitable” and a blueprint will […]

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AC/DC: Malcolm Young suffering from dementia

Oct 1 2014 —

AC/DC founding member and guitarist Malcolm Young is suffering from dementia, his family has confirmed. It was announced last week the 61-year-old would not be returning to the rock band after taking a break earlier this year due to an unspecified illness. “Malcolm is suffering from dementia and the family thanks you for respecting their […]

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