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Tories Thomas Lukaszuk, Stephen Mandel in trouble, pollster says

Apr 27 2015 —

A new poll by Abingdon Research shows two high profile Tory MLAs seeking re-election — Stephen Mandel and Thomas Lukaszuk — are in trouble, placing second well behind the NDP candidates in their ridings. “Two of the PC’s biggest names in Edmonton are facing defeat at the hands of the NDP,” said Hamish Marshall, Chief […]

Apr 27 2015 — Mark Kennedy

After a decade as Toronto’s police chief, Bill Blair declared Monday that he wants to run for the Liberals in this year’s federal election to campaign against the politics of “fear” and division that ultimately harm communities. Blair, who must still win the Liberal nomination in Scarborough Southwest, appeared alongside Liberal leader Justin Trudeau at […]


Christine Elliott pitches herself as Ontario premier in waiting

Apr 27 2015 — Robert Benzie

With the Progressive Conservative leadership contest coming down to the wire, Christine Elliott is touting herself as an electable alternative to Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne. Speaking to a Canadian Club luncheon at the InterContinental Hotel on Monday, Elliott strived to sound more like a premier in waiting than a candidate trailing insurgent challenger Patrick Brown. […]

Apr 27 2015 —

The National Energy Board is inviting Canadians to speak out about the transparency of emergency management information supplied by pipeline companies. The announcement comes from Peter Watson, the chairman for the federal pipeline regulator, just weeks after Vancouver’s harbour was fouled by a fuel leak from a grain carrier that highlighted gaps in cleanup response. […]

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Apr 27 2015 —

Bosnian Muslims say they’re surprised that the House of Commons did not include the 1995 Srebrenica massacre last week during its acknowledgment of 20th-century genocides. Parliament unanimously passed the motion designating April as Genocide Remembrance, Condemnation and Prevention Month. It cited four atrocities: the Holocaust, the 1915 Armenian massacre by Ottoman Turks, the 1932-33 Holodomor […]

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Tragi-comic Duffy plot thickens

Apr 27 2015 — Dan Leger

In the list of history’s great courtroom dramas, The Queen vs. Mike Duffy might not rank in the top 10. There’s been no shock DNA evidence, no glamorous witness with a mysterious past. No one has yelled, “You can’t handle the truth!” Duffy’s defence lawyer, Donald Bayne, is sharp but he’s no Horace Rumpole, the […]


A mid-campaign scare or end of an era in Alberta?

Apr 27 2015 — Tim Harper

The barbarians are at the gate again — and this time the dynasty is having trouble with the drawbridge. As the Alberta election campaign enters its final full week, the Progressive Conservative dynasty — the country’s longest ever — is being entrusted to the increasingly shaky grip of leader Jim Prentice. Of course, we’ve been […]

John Anderson22

The 2015 Federal Budget: Not a real seniors’ budget

Apr 27 2015 — John Anderson

The recent April 21 federal budget has been touted by many as “the seniors’ Budget” and many have praised the “wins” in the budget for seniors. However, is this really the case? I would submit that most seniors benefitted very little from this budget. First of all, let’s look at what was not in the […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Stephen Harper gives the Order of Canada a strange makeover

Apr 27 2015 — Heather Mallick

The wrong people are getting the Order of Canada, apparently, and Prime Minister Stephen Harper has snuck $13.4 million into the federal budget to prod for nominations of the “under-represented.” As the Ottawa Citizen’s wry Glen McGregor has suggested, it appears Harper is upset that the Ordered of Canada are thin on the ground in […]


Canada’s tax system requires swift simplification

Apr 27 2015 — Charles Lammam

Filed your taxes yet? You’ve got until Thursday at midnight. After that, according to the federal government, you’re officially in arrears. Unfortunately, due to Canada’s increasingly complex tax system, Canadians today face greater challenges filing their taxes than they did just 20 years ago. Things have gotten a lot more complicated. For instance, consider the […]

Michael Harris

Harper feigns ignorance as Crown’s case against Duffy in shambles

Apr 26 2015 —

Just who is on trial in Ottawa’s famous current criminal case; suspended Senator Mike Duffy, or the Senate of Canada? Is the “Old Duff” getting his crack at justice? Or is this some gaudy form of Senate abuse using the courts the way politicians have been known to dump political problems into the laps of […]


Polls show why Harper needs to cozy up to blue-haired set

Apr 26 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

If you’re wondering why last week’s budget had so much stuff for seniors -— from compassionate leave to home accessibility tax credits — you only have to look at the voting intention by age demographic in the latest weekly EKOS poll for iPolitics. The Conservatives own the 65-and-up demographic, with 40-per-cent support, compared to 30-per-cent […]

Apr 27 2015 — Scott Taylor

Shortly after being elected in 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper flew into Kandahar Airfield to deliver a rousing pep talk. At that juncture, the Canadian contingent was experiencing a dramatic increase in casualties, and for the first time Canadians were beginning to question our military involvement in Afghanistan. To rally the troops, Harper uttered the […]

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Apr 27 2015 — Rosie DiManno

There is nothing alleged about Omar Khadr or “so-called” about the terror he inflicted. The crimes were confessed, in his own words, under oath at trial in Guantanamo. Convicted and sentenced means dropping the qualifiers, whatever retractions Khadr floats now. He did throw the grenade that killed U.S. Sgt. Christopher Speer and wounded another serviceman. […]

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Jian Ghomeshi book by journalist Kevin Donovan to be published in June

Apr 27 2015 —

A book on disgraced former radio star Jian Ghomeshi, written by Toronto Star investigative reporter Kevin Donovan, is slated for release in late June. Kobo and ECW Press say they’ve come to an “unprecedented agreement” to co-publish “Jian Ghomeshi — Secret Life.” Kobo says the book will reveal details and background about Ghomeshi and explore […]

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