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Harper could be Duffy trial witness

Sep 16 2014 —

Mike Duffy’s lawyer says he isn’t going to rule out calling anyone — including Prime Minister Stephen Harper — as a witness in the suspended senator’s upcoming trial. “We’re considering any potential witness,” Donald Bayne said Tuesday after a brief court appearance. “At this point, it’s too early to rule anything out. But please understand, […]

Sep 16 2014 — Mia Rabson

Winnipeg-born performer Randy Bachman backtracked Monday after lashing out at Prime Minister Stephen Harper for using one of BTO’s songs at a political rally. Harper used Takin’ Care of Business by Bachman Turner Overdrive as his exit music Monday after delivering a rallying speech to the Conservative caucus at the Ottawa Convention Centre ahead of […]

Sep 16 2014 —

Canada is expanding its list of Russian individuals and companies to face sanctions in the midst of ongoing Russian aggression in eastern Ukraine, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird. Four more “senior Russian individuals” will be banned from travelling to Canada, Baird said. Another five Russian companies and one financial institution will be added to the […]

Sep 16 2014 — Steven Chase

Ukrainian-Canadians are ramping up the pressure on Stephen Harper to provide military aid to their beleaguered homeland as Canada prepares to receive Kiev’s new President Wednesday. They’re also asking Canada to take a leading role in winning membership for Ukraine in the NATO military alliance. The North Atlantic Treaty Organization includes a collective defence pact […]


B.C. teachers, employers reach tentative deal

Sep 16 2014 —

A marathon bargaining session with the help of a master mediator has resulted in a tentative contract that could end British Columbia’s bitter teachers’ strike and allow half a million students to start their school year. The breakthrough in negotiations came in the early morning hours of the sixth day of talks at a Richmond, […]


Gone with the wind: Alberta to sell government air fleet

Sep 16 2014 —

Alberta Premier Jim Prentice says the province’s controversial fleet of airplanes is up for sale. Prentice says the first decision of his cabinet is to sell the four aircraft and use charter planes instead. The fleet became a millstone around the neck of the Progressive Conservative government when it was revealed that former premier Alison […]

Dmitri Soudas

Soudas shakes a shingle in consulting business

Sep 15 2014 — Glen McGregor

After his abrupt exit from an executive gig atop the Conservative Party masthead earlier this year, Dimitri Soudas appears to have turned pro in the consulting business. Soudas, who rose to prominence in his role as press secretary, then director of communications, for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, is now listed as a managing partner with […]

Sep 16 2014 —

The taxman wants to know if any of his own are up to no good. That’s why the Canada Revenue Agency is in the process of setting up a self-snitch line. The so-called internal fraud and misuse reporting lines would give agency staff a way to confidentially report any concerns about their colleagues. “Internal fraud […]

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Sep 16 2014 — Jordan Press

The Senate is spending $150,000 for an outside consulting firm to review how it communicates with the news media and public. “My colleagues and I recognize the need for the Senate to have an efficient communications directorate, equipped with cutting edge platforms, in order to effectively communicate to Canadians and all stakeholders,” Conservative Sen. Leo […]

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Sep 16 2014 — Kady O'Malley

Next week, Conservative MP Michael Chong finally gets the chance to bring his bill to rebalance the power dynamic between MPs and party leaders to a full vote in the House of Commons. It won’t be precisely the bill he first envisioned — it has already undergone one revision, with more substantive changes expected at […]

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Sep 16 2014 — Paul Withers

Anger over new parking fees and other federal restraint measures at CFB Halifax has led to a union boycott of the federal government’s workplace charity program. Last week, the Dockyards Trades and Labour Council called on its members to use this year’s Government of Canada Workplace Charitable Campaign (GCWCC) to vent their disapproval.

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The Tories will do anything to avoid the Duffy drip

Sep 16 2014 — Lawrence Martin

In a memo early last year, Nigel Wright, then chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, wrote that the controversy surrounding Senator Mike Duffy needed to be tackled “in a way that does not lead to the Chinese water torture of new facts in the public domain.” It was necessary, he wrote, to “stop […]


Why war abroad helps the Tories at home

Sep 16 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

The Conservatives may be down in the polls — but they’re not acting like it. Prime Minister Stephen Harper was in fighting form for Parliament’s return, stepping off the Hill to deliver a campaign-style speech to caucus and staff at the Ottawa Convention Centre. Harper bashed Vladimir Putin and Islamic State overseas while extolling Tory […]


Stephen Harper passes on last good chance for early exit

Sep 15 2014 — Chantal Hébert

On a day when the House of Commons reopened after a three-month break, the prime minister picked a venue a stone’s throw from Parliament Hill to preach to the converted. Part state-of-the-government address and part electoral call-to-arms, the lecture Stephen Harper delivered to a Conservative crowd essentially made up of his own party’s staffers and […]


Think about this before voting Trudeau

Sep 16 2014 — Ezra Levant

Stephen Harper unofficially kicked off his 2015 re-election campaign with a stump speech in Ottawa Monday. And for the first time in a decade in Canada, foreign policy is a major policy issue. Harper made it clear that when it comes to the world’s most difficult problems – Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine, the Islamic […]


Scots have stars in their eyes

Sep 16 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Scotland, heed the wise words of the guy who bites the heads off chickens. You know, Alice Cooper. According to urban legend, the rock star once bit the head off of a chicken. Reportedly, Alice then went on to play golf with former Republican presidents. It’s true! (The golf part, not the chicken part.) Quoth […]


Economy the key issue in Scottish referendum

Sep 16 2014 — Richard Gwyn

“The right of self-determination is the only way to free ourselves from the worst bureaucratic monster in the western world.” The author of that expression of anger was not that of some Scot trying to make up his or her mind whether to hope that this week’s referendum should lead on to risky independence or […]

Sep 16 2014 — Licia Corbella

The most shocking thing about Alberta Premier Jim Prentice’s new cabinet isn’t that he has chosen two unelected cabinet ministers, though that’s generating a lot of buzz to be sure. What’s really alarming, however, is the open, anti-Christian bigotry attacking one of those unelected ministers — Gordon Dirks — who is Alberta’s new minister of […]

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Sep 16 2014 — Barbara Yaffe

Mayor Gregor Robertson on Monday expressed interest in a competitor’s campaign promise to levy a tax on people who buy Vancouver homes and leave them vacant. “We have real concerns around empty homes, and affordability,” the Vision Vancouver leader told me. The push for a tax on vacant housing units was introduced recently by Meena […]

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Cat Stevens new Peace Train tour to stop in Canada

Sep 16 2014 —

New Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Cat Stevens is taking the Peace Train back on the road. He announced Monday that he will make a six-city concert tour in North America this December, his first series of shows in the U.S. since 1976. His conversion to Islam followed, putting his music career on […]

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