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Rae finds Trudeau’s praise for Stephen Harper hard to swallow

May 28 2016 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau offered rare praise Saturday for Conservative predecessor Stephen Harper but at least one Liberal elder statesman found it a bit hard to swallow. Bob Rae was caught on video sticking two fingers in his mouth, pretending to gag. The former interim Liberal leader later refused to comment on his gesture, which […]

May 28 2016 —

An Australian strategist has condemned the Conservative Party’s 2015 federal election campaign, in a scathing report that will be passed on to the party’s new leadership after its convention in Vancouver this weekend. Jason Kenney to decide on Conservative leadership bid by summer’s end The in-depth post-mortem was prepared by Brian Loughnane, the former federal […]

May 28 2016 —

Justin Trudeau put his leadership on the line Saturday with a direct appeal to grassroots Liberals to accept his controversial proposal aimed at transforming the ruling party from an exclusive club into a wide-open political movement. The prime minister’s intervention, combined with some eleventh-hour amendments, produced the desired result: 1,988 delegates at the party’s first […]

May 28 2016 — Alex Boutilier

The Liberals will abandon their plans to overhaul Canada’s electoral system if they don’t have widespread public support, Minister Maryam Monsef says. But Monsef said it’s up for debate how exactly the Liberals will gauge public support on whatever new system they propose. “Frankly, that’s the debate. And we will not proceed with any changes […]


Accept same-sex marriage, Kenney says

May 28 2016 — Tonda MacCharles

As Conservative grassroots members hotly debated same-sex marriage in the halls and on the floor here, two leading social conservatives of the party said it was time for the party to strike the traditional definition of marriage from its policy book. MPs Jason Kenney and Andrew Scheer, two undeclared but potentially interested leadership candidates, say […]


PM won’t say if ambassador who tackled protester will be disciplined

May 28 2016 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau won’t say whether his government is considering taking any action against the ambassador who tackled a protester last week. Kevin Vickers, the former House of Commons sergeant-at-arms, stopped a protester at a Dublin ceremony, raising eyebrows in security and diplomatic circles. Vickers was hailed as a hero for thwarting a gunman […]

May 28 2016 —

The steady, cross-border traffic between the Trudeau Liberals and the U.S. Democrats is making itself felt at the Liberal convention in Winnipeg this weekend. Two digital strategists from the Democratic Party — one working for Hillary Clinton and one for Bernie Sanders — have been spending time in Winnipeg this weekend, soaking up some lessons […]

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May 28 2016 — Tristin Hopper

They’ve been referred to as the “warring tribes”; the disparate forces of Canadian conservatism who seem to be most comfortable when they are eating each other alive. And now, without the stern gaze of Stephen Harper to keep them in line, they’re once again free to feast on fellow Tories like it’s 1999. By recruiting […]

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May 28 2016 —

Hello my friends! Are you having a great time here in Winnipeg? Comment ne pas vous amuser : entourés de millers d’amis de tous les coins du pays, des libéraux comme vous, qui ont travaillés avec acharnement pour démontrer que la politique n’a pas besoin d’être négative ou divisive. And to prove to Canadians that, […]

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After messing up, Wildrose kicks out the enforcer

May 28 2016 — Don Braid

(Former) Wildrose MLA Derek Fildebrandt may be the ideal candidate for an Alberta revival of Mad Men. He’s also the handy scapegoat for an opposition that insulted a visiting premier, Ontario’s Kathleen Wynne, and then found itself in danger of endorsing homophobic slurs. Wynne said in Winnipeg Saturday that she was treated that way, in […]


Tories lacking leadership in wake of Stephen Harper

May 28 2016 — Chantal Hébert

With Stephen Harper’s farewell behind them, the Conservatives gathered in Vancouver for a post-defeat convention to begin to take stock of his would-be successors and find — at least for now — sparse offerings on the leadership shelf. Harper never groomed an heir. It was not his style. Given that he was seeking a fourth […]


Harper made bigger mark as party leader than as Prime Minister

May 27 2016 — Andrew Coyne

If his followers couldn’t make the case for his significance as prime minister, Stephen Harper wasn’t about to try. Since his party’s defeat in the past election — the first majority government to be driven from power with unemployment at or below seven per cent since 1957 — Harper has kept a low profile. His […]


Harper, Trudeau, a study in contrasts

May 28 2016 — Candice Malcolm

Oh, how the leadership in this country has changed over the past six months. Conservative Party faithful were reminded of this as former prime minister Stephen Harper addressed the crowd of 2,500 party delegates at their convention Thursday evening in Vancouver. It was Harper’s first big public speech since the election and may have been […]


Canada needs Air Conservative

May 28 2016 — John Snobelen

Many of my friends flew into Vancouver this weekend for the federal Conservative Party convention. They didn’t need to take the flight to find a strong rationale to be a Conservative. Just being at the airport provides plenty of reasons to support Conservative ideology. Conservatives are the folks who believe bigger isn’t always, or even […]

Sean Speer

Taking from the rich doesn’t work

May 28 2016 — Sean Speer

“Fair share” is a phrase that seems to have political resonance these days. It’s been at the heart of the recent presidential contest in the United States and formed the backbone of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s budget here in Canada. The politics of income redistribution seem to be on the ascendancy. It’s a disappointing trend […]


Wildrose insults an ally Alberta dearly needs for Energy East

May 28 2016 — Gary Mason

Shortly after the Fort McMurray wildfires forced the evacuation of the entire town, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was one of the first provincial leaders to express concern. “Frightening to see the forest fires in Fort McMurray,” she said on Twitter. “Our thoughts and prayers are with the community – hoping everyone remains safe.” Soon after, […]

Karl Nerenberg

Conservatives say goodbye to Harper and hello to an unsteady future

May 27 2016 — Karl Nerenberg

The Liberals and the Conservatives are holding overlapping conventions, which, for some, might entail a surfeit of political rhetoric. The Conservatives started first. In Vancouver, on Thursday night, they heard, for the first time since election night, from their outgoing leader, Stephen Harper. Those who remember former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney’s remarks in 1993, when […]


Same-sex marriage debate opens old wounds in the CPC

May 27 2016 — Brent Rathgeber

A very interesting, divisive but respectful debate took place in rooms 220 and 222 of the Vancouver Convention Centre today — one which saw the Conservative Party of Canada take a small step towards joining the second decade of the 21st century. After delegates to the CPC convention rejected in a different breakout session a […]

mayy gurney

Harper won’t miss the job. In time, Canadians may miss him.

May 27 2016 — Matt Gurney

On Thursday, Stephen Harper took the stage for what will probably be the last major address of his public life. The last time Canadians saw him speak, it was Oct. 19, and the Conservative majority government he led had just been defeated by Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. Harper’s remarks that night were emotional, by his standard, […]

May 27 2016 — Susan Delacourt

Canada doesn’t have its own Donald Trump; nor does it want one. A new poll by Abacus Data shows that the likely Republican candidate for the U.S. presidency would do “really badly” if he were seeking election in Canada. At least four out of five Canadians would vote for Democrats Hillary Clinton or Bernie Sanders […]

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May 26 2016 — Tim Harper

Wendy Robbins called it the elephant in the room and she was not going to give up the podium before she aired her harsh criticism of her government’s assisted dying legislation. But her effort to get a full debate on the contentious Liberal legislation at the party’s first post-election convention led to only acrimony and […]

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May 26 2016 — Brent Rathgeber

By the time this article appears, I’ll be in Vancouver at the opening reception for the Conservative Party of Canada convention, catching up with some old friends from my backbench days. (Now that there’s a new guy in the PMO, I’m assuming the former PMO’s diktat against any CPC member being seen with me in […]

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May 26 2016 — Tasha Kheiriddin

For political junkies, it’s either a dream or a nightmare: two conventions, almost two thousand kilometres apart, for both the government and Official Opposition parties. How do you keep track of all the tweets, decide which speeches to watch and when? Will CPAC simulcast in split-screen? In Winnipeg, thousands of Liberals are gathering to debate […]

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May 27 2016 — Zach Paikin

With Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion having made headlines recently for resisting pressure to have Canada adopt a law targeting Russian human rights violators—a piece of legislation whose American equivalent has been a notable thorn in the side of U.S.-Russia relations since 2012—now is an opportune time to revisit why a Canadian rapprochement with Russia […]

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May 27 2016 — Don Braid

One rule of Alberta politics is pretty well absolute: visiting leaders get a friendly welcome in the legislature, whether the welcomers mean it or not. That genteel convention collapsed Thursday, when Wildrose gave Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne a greeting that wasn’t just frigid, but openly hostile. Most of the Wildrose caucus didn’t stand to […]

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May 27 2016 — Lorne Gunter

Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne was in Edmonton Thursday to meet with our own NDP Premier Rachel Notley. The pair announced even closer cooperation between their governments on the environment file. Yippee! There is nothing Alberta needs less right now in the middle of a recession than closer eco-ties with the Ontario Liberals. For nearly […]

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May 26 2016 — Martin Regg Cohn

At the midpoint of her mandate, Kathleen Wynne has reached a low ebb. Memories of her political honeymoon, when she grasped the Liberal mantle amid Dalton McGuinty’s decline, are long forgotten. Today, barely one in five voters supports her as premier. So is she done like Dalton? Not so fast, Wynne counters, taken aback by […]

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Johnny Depp’s wife Amber Heard accuses him of assault

May 28 2016 —

A US judge has ordered actor Johnny Depp to stay away from his estranged wife, actress Amber Heard, after she alleged he assaulted her. Ms Heard said in court on Friday that Mr Depp threw her mobile phone at her during a fight on Saturday. The judge also said Mr Depp should not try to […]


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