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Jan 20 2017 — Murray Brewster

The RCMP conducted at least two prior investigations into leaks of sensitive information involving naval projects before this week’s suspension of the military’s second-highest ranking officer, sources tell CBC News. The revelation comes at the same time the Trudeau government has quietly moved to reassure allies that no foreign intelligence data was compromised in relation […]

Jan 19 2017 — Graham Slaughter

Canadian investor Arlene Dickinson applauds her reality television co-star Kevin O’Leary for having the nerve to enter politics, but says that’s hardly enough to qualify him to be Canada’s next prime minister. In a sharply worded interview with CTV News Channel, Dickinson accused O’Leary of being too self-absorbed to hold the country’s highest political office. […]

Jan 20 2017 — Robert Benzie

Premier Kathleen Wynne insists she has no regrets that the governing Liberals no longer enjoy a fundraising advantage over Patrick Brown’s Progressive Conservatives. Wynne, who also trails Brown in public-opinion polls, said she is not worried the Tories raised twice as much as the Liberals in 2016, the last year before legislative reforms triggered by […]


Leitch comments prompt Torontonians to ‘send Kellie sugar’

Jan 19 2017 —

Here’s hoping Kellie Leitch has a sweet tooth. In a recent interview with Toronto Life magazine, the Conservative leadership hopeful made the mistake of questioning Toronto’s sense of community, explaining that in her current rural home, “I know it’s fine if I walk next door and ask for a cup of sugar, they are going […]

Jan 20 2017 — Janyce McGregor

As the incoming Trump administration talks about piling on new tariffs to discourage imports and protect American jobs, the Canadian government quietly moved in the opposite direction over the holidays: eliminating tariffs. Why? To support Canadian jobs. A customs tariff order published Dec. 28 in the Canada Gazette describes how roughly 200 different tariffs on […]

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O’Leary’s right: Stop assuming all young Canadians lean left

Jan 20 2017 — Ilona Dougherty

In Kevin O’Leary’s first television interview after announcing his run for the Conservative party leadership, he made it clear that he’s chasing the 18- to 35-year-old demographic. He went so far as to call this generation — the ones who may have grown up watching ‘Mr. Wonderful’ on Dragons’ Den and Shark Tank, his “army […]


‘Mad Max’ Bernier has been upstaged by Kevin O’Leary, a self-styled Darth Vader

Jan 19 2017 — Michael Den Tandt

Here’s how the world has changed in the past half-year: Maxime Bernier, “Mad Max” to his admirers and detractors both, was supposed to be the renegade. Bernier, the gregarious, marathon-running former industry minister and foreign minister (until a brouhaha involving lost briefing papers and a former girlfriend with biker ties sidelined his cabinet career in […]


Can Trudeau keep resisting calls to be the anti-Trump?

Jan 19 2017 — Adam Radwanski

On the eve of Donald Trump’s inauguration as his country’s 45th president, Justin’s Trudeau’s office was flagging a speech about Canada-U.S. relations that the Prime Minister made when he was the third-party leader back in June, 2015. Delivered to the Liberal-affiliated Canada 2020 think-tank shortly before the campaign that would bring Mr. Trudeau to power, […]


French a major advantage for Conservative leadership contenders

Jan 20 2017 — Eric Grenier

Can a candidate for the Conservative leadership win the party’s top job and become prime minister without speaking French well enough to order a plate of poutine in a brasserie? Kevin O’Leary hopes so — and the poor performances in Tuesday’s French-language debate suggest a few of his leadership rivals do, too. Bilingualism isn’t a […]

don martin

Even Conservatives couldn’t bear to watch leadership debate

Jan 19 2017 — Don Martin

More than one Conservative MP told me they turned on the television Tuesday and, after a few minutes, clicked it off. It was the all-French debate for their party’s leadership and even they couldn’t bear to watch a bland and at times bitter hodge-podge of current and former MPs, many struggling in a language they […]


Stephen Harper looks at ‘glass half full’ in Trump’s victory

Jan 19 2017 — Paul Wells

Well, look who’s talking. Mr. Optimist. “I know we are all worried about what this means,” Stephen Harper said on Thursday in New Delhi. “I’m trying to look at the glass half full for a second.” He always was a cheery sort. After his 2015 election defeat, Canada’s sixth-longest-serving prime minister took a long break […]

John Ivison
National Post

In what will be a bumpy ride, Trudeau has to appease Trump to avoid falling off trade wagon

Jan 19 2017 — John Ivison

Storm clouds but not a hurricane. That’s the economic forecast for Canada from senior Canadian officials involved in negotiations with the incoming Trump administration. Canada will not be a target for new protectionist measures by the Trump government but Justin Trudeau may seek to accommodate Donald Trump by increasing defence spending and reviewing its United […]


Canada has survived worse U.S. presidents than Donald Trump

Jan 20 2017 — Tom Walkom

Relax. Take a Valium. Yes, Donald Trump is being officially inaugurated today as U.S. president. But Canada has faced dangerous American presidents before. Probably the most dangerous was James Madison, the commander-in chief of U.S. forces when they invaded Canada in 1812. Along with the British and allied First Nations, we beat off that invasion. […]


Like all opportunists, Kevin shifts positions when it’s convenient

Jan 19 2017 — Arlene Dickinson

Since announcing his candidacy for the Leader of the Conservative Party, I’ve been inundated with requests to comment on Kevin O’Leary. The question on everyone’s mind is the same: “Is the cold, money-driven person we see on television what we will get as a potential political leader?” It’s the exact same question I’ve received from […]

Jan 19 2017 — Paula Simons

Last Saturday, the board of the Progressive Conservative Party of Alberta voted, unanimously, to censure Calgary political operative Alan Hallman and suspend his party membership for a year. Hallman is a longtime Tory backroom boy and strategist, known for his aggressive, elbows-up approach to politics. He’s been intimately involved in Jason Kenney’s leadership campaign. After […]

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Jan 18 2017 — Chantal Hébert

For a measure of how bad Tuesday’s French-language Conservative leadership debate actually was, consider that Kevin O’Leary — the reality-show personality who has just joined the long list of contenders to succeed Stephen Harper — probably scored in absentia. If O’Leary had produced an infomercial designed to make the Conservatives crave a more energetic contest, […]

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Jan 18 2017 — Susan Delacourt

Chrystia Freeland has a great new job as Canada’s top diplomat, but in case anyone has forgotten, it’s not the job she was expected to do when she left journalism for politics a few years ago. On the heels of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s big cabinet shuffle last week, Oxfam has delivered a report that […]

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Jan 18 2017 — Tim Powers

Politicians, vacations, and helicopters do not make a comfortable threesome. Now get your mind out of the gutter if somehow you ventured there. Justin Trudeau’s vacation to the Aga Khan’s private island in the Bahamas is causing the prime minister and his government lots of grief. Most of it seems to be of their own […]

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Jan 18 2017 — Kate Harrison

Kevin O’Leary’s increasingly-less-exploratory Conservative leadership committee released a report last week effectively telling the outsider businessman to run for the top job. The report suggests that potential support from millennials could play a big role in O’Leary’s path to victory. It might be on to something. Data suggest that O’Leary’s candidacy could open a door […]

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Actor Miguel Ferrer dead at 61

Jan 20 2017 —

Miguel Ferrer, who had played Owen Granger on “NCIS: Los Angeles” since 2012 and co-starred with Jill Hennessy on CBS’ “Crossing Jordan,” died Thursday of cancer. He was 61. The son of Oscar-winning “Cyrano de Bergerac” actor Jose Ferrer and Rosemary Clooney, and cousin of George Clooney, he was set to reprise his role as […]


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