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Conservatives’ gun bill, C-42, fails to impress gun owners

Nov 23 2014 — Evan Dyer

To the Coalition for Gun Control, the Conservative government’s bill to overhaul Canada’s gun licensing rules is more evidence that the party panders to gun owners. “The gun lobby has bragged about its access to the prime minister, and this is the latest evidence of their influence,” it says in a recent statement. But, in […]

Nov 23 2014 —

About two-thirds of Canadians support the mission in Iraq and consider the Islamic State a threat to Canada that must be confronted overseas, a new poll says. Days after Canada’s third bombing mission destroyed a warehouse and training ground in northern Iraq Tuesday, a Forum Research poll found 66 per cent of voters agree with […]

Nov 23 2014 —

The federal government will provide $200 million over six years to address mental health issues among members of the Canadian Forces. The Sunday morning announcement comes just two days before the Auditor General is expected to release a report on mental health in the Forces. Statistics from the military show that 128 members of the […]

Nov 23 2014 —

The Quebec wing of the Young Liberals of Canada met with party leader Justin Trudeau Saturday, discussing some controversial positions from the youth wing that do not toe the party line. At the meeting at the Université de Montréal, the young Liberals spoke with Trudeau of their support for a toll of the yet-unnamed bridge […]

Nov 23 2014 — Michael Ignatieff

A letter to a young liberal. Friend, I was touched that you asked for my advice about going into politics. Anyone whose career in politics was nasty, brutish, and short—as mine was—is grateful that anyone thinks their opinion is worth hearing. All I’d claim is that my thoughts come with what Scott Fitzgerald called “the […]


Government, military send mixed messages on Canadians joining Kurds in ISIS fight

Nov 23 2014 —

There are mixed messages coming from the federal government and military regarding Canadian military vets enlisting with Kurdish forces to fight against ISIS in Iraq. On Saturday, Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney told CBC News that the government “would not oppose a citizen who is willing to engage in a battle for liberty and helping […]

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Judge selection process remains a mystery

Nov 23 2014 — Ian MacLeod

Four days after taking office in 2006, Prime Minister Stephen Harper named Marshall Rothstein to the nine-member Supreme Court of Canada. The federal court jurist was one of three candidates on a shortlist drawn up by a new advisory committee of MPs, legal experts and prominent Canadians that had been created by the previous Liberal […]

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Morrissey wins Egmont Liberal nomination

Nov 23 2014 —

Robert Morrissey said he was calm, relaxed while waiting for the preferential ballots in the Egmont Liberal nomination meeting to be counted. But when it was announced Saturday evening at Hernewood Intermediate School that he had emerged the victor on the third count he said he was surprised with the results.

Nov 23 2014 —

ISIL is sending messages to participants and staff at the Halifax International Security Forum, the conference’s top official said Saturday. Peter Van Praagh, the forum’s president, issued a statement regarding the distribution of what he said was propaganda to conference participants over social media. “ISIS is using our forum’s hashtag, #HISF2014, to circulate a propaganda […]

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Nov 23 2014 —

The world’s leading military minds gathered in Halifax to talk about terrorism, freedom and technology this weekend, while a terrorist organization taunted them all online. On Saturday, the head of the United States National Security Agency (NSA) sat next to Canadian Justice Minister and forum founder Peter MacKay, and Jane Harman, head of Woodrow Wilson […]

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Nov 22 2014 — Evan Solomon

Behind closed doors, Canadian officials are working feverishly to prepare for Canadian jets to strike targets inside Syria, CBC News has learned. Sources have told CBC that Canada is close to clearing away “the legal hurdles” that stand in the way of extending the combat mission from Iraq into Syria, should the government decide to […]

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Nov 22 2014 — Stephen Maher

In December 2013, Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne had a meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper on Parliament Hill to discuss plans to build infrastructure to allow miners to exploit the Ring of Fire mineral fields north of Thunder Bay. Both sides said that the meeting went well, but the next day, Wynne complained to reporters […]

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Nov 22 2014 — Donovan Vincent

A new Forum Research poll shows the federal Conservatives in a statistical tie with the Liberals in public support, meaning the Tories have closed a large gap that had Justin Trudeau’s party out in front after he was elected leader last year. The so-called “Trudeau effect’’ saw the Liberals leading the Conservatives in the polls […]

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Quebec-Ontario alliance trumps Stephen Harper snub

Nov 23 2014 — Martin Regg Cohn

Behold the bonhomie and amity between two premiers and their cabinets in Toronto this week: Seven months after Quebec’s spring election, the spectre of separatism has transmogrified into full-fledged federalism. There’s a reason the Quebec-Ontario summit turned into a meeting of minds and ministers: Kathleen Wynne and Philippe Couillard are simpatico both in style and […]


Manning doesn’t speak for conservatives

Nov 23 2014 — Ezra Levant

Preston Manning’s Reform Party was born in part as a reaction to Pierre Trudeau’s National Energy Policy and its devastating carbon taxes. Manning was to make fighting taxes, and the slippery political excuses for them, a hallmark of his political career. When Canada signed Kyoto Protocol, Manning was the leader of the opposition. His 45-minute […]


Prentice’s fancy footwork frustrates opposition

Nov 23 2014 — Graham Thomson

One week down, four more to go. If all goes according to plan, the new session of the Alberta legislature will run until Thursday, Dec. 18 — exactly one week before Christmas. I can’t remember a session ever running that late. Normally, government MLAs are so keen to get away for the holidays they’re bouncing […]


New taxes will drive Ontarians to western provinces

Nov 23 2014 — Adrienne Batra

The problem with a surprise election win is that the victorious party is often stuck with a pretty lacklustre government. Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne was not expected to win a majority mandate earlier this year. Many members of the Liberal caucus seemed to agree with that consensus and jumped ship. So, what is left now […]

Michael Enright

Making the banks pay

Nov 23 2014 — Michael Enright

In the aftermath of the 2008 financial crisis we all had one question in our minds: How many leading bankers are going to jail and for how long? The answer of course was a) none and b) not applicable. The matter of why nobody went to jail has never been successfully addressed or answered. Things […]


What’s all the fuss about Uber?

Nov 23 2014 — Lorne Gunter

For all the fuss municipal officials across the country are making about Uber, you’d think the company was the domestic affiliate of ISIS. Late last month, Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre called the peer-to-peer ride service illegal. “Of course it’s illegal,” the former federal Liberal cabinet minister huffed on the day the smartphone app started offering […]

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