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Ukraine ambassador begs Canada, allies for troops to counter Russians

Aug 29 2014 — Jason Fekete

Canada Thursday condemned what it calls an “invasion of eastern Ukraine” by Vladimir Putin and the Russian Federation, saying the attacks will “strengthen the resolve” of NATO leaders who will meet next week to discuss the escalating crisis. The Conservative government did not indicate what further measures it plans, but Ukraine’s ambassador to Canada Thursday […]

Aug 29 2014 — Sean Fine

A tough new parole law initiated by a Conservative backbencher is raising concerns over the level of scrutiny given to crime bills introduced by individual members of Parliament, with government backing. Revelations in a Globe and Mail story that the House of Commons sent the wrong version of the Fairness for Victims Act to the […]

Aug 29 2014 — Evan Solomon

It’s all about The Parent. Sure, the Federation Family has other issues. The premiers talk about internal trade barriers, infrastructure, roundtables and health care, but the underlying issue — if you put all 13 premiers on a giant couch and asked, what’s REALLY getting to you — it would be The Parent thing. The Federal […]

Aug 29 2014 —

The premier of the Northwest Territories says Canada’s premiers are close to agreeing on the basic outline of a national energy strategy. Bob McLeod says the premiers are working on a so-called vision document and he’s hopeful a significant announcement will be made before their annual meeting wraps up today in Charlottetown. The provinces have […]


Wine, spirits to move more easily between B.C., Saskatchewan

Aug 29 2014 —

British Columbia Premier Christy Clark and Saskatchewan’s Brad Wall agreed today to lift barriers to allow consumers in both provinces to order wines and craft spirits directly from producers, and have them delivered to their door. “We still need to hammer out all the fine details but broadly it will mean it is no longer […]


Wildrose disavows former leader’s robocall endorsement of Rob Anders

Aug 29 2014 — James Wood

The Wildrose Party is distancing itself from a robocall featuring its former leader backing controversial MP Rob Anders in the race for the federal Conservative nomination in the Bow River riding. The phone message that recently went out to riding residents features former Wildrose MLA Paul Hinman endorsing Anders and saying “he has openly supported […]


Canadians spend economy to 3.1 per cent annualized pace in second quarter

Aug 29 2014 —

Canadians shook off the harsh weather of last winter, spending the economy to an annual pace of 3.1 per cent in the second quarter of this year. Statistics Canada says the sharp increase in the gross domestic product was the strongest growth rate in nearly three years and compared with a 4.2 per cent rise […]

Aug 29 2014 — Mike De Souza

Federal Conservatives aren’t saying how soon they can fix an unprecedented mistake that altered tough legislation targeting violent criminals. The legislation, introduced by a backbench Conservative MP, was designed to restrict access to parole for criminals and provide more information for victims. But the final version adopted by the House of Commons never made it […]

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Aug 28 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird said Russia has launched an “invasion” into Eastern Ukraine. Baird’s comments came shortly after NATO released satellite images Thursday it said showed Russian combat forces with heavy weapons engaged in military operations inside Ukrainian territory. NATO says 1,000 Russian troops are operating in the country.

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Aug 28 2014 —

EU lawmakers are threatening to block a multi-billion dollar trade pact between Canada and the European Union — a blueprint for a much bigger EU-U.S. deal — because it would allow firms to sue governments if they breach the treaty. The agreement with Canada, a draft of which was seen by Reuters, could increase bilateral […]

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Canada’s war vets a potentially powerful electoral force

Aug 29 2014 — Tim Harper

So far, it sounds like loose, angry talk. But the governing Conservatives are playing with fire with the country’s war veterans. If they can — as they have threatened — organize, mobilize and speak with one voice during next year’s federal election, the government will have a major problem on its hands; a problem of […]


The power of Canada’s unions: A Labour Day report card

Aug 29 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Canadian unions are living a paradox. For the past decade, their membership has remained relatively flat, at between 30 and 31 per cent of non-agricultural workers, after dropping from a high of 34.6% in 1997. The decline in manufacturing jobs, the rise of temporary and part-time work, and the introduction of non-unionized workplaces such as […]


Is too much time in office bad for a politician?

Aug 29 2014 — Aaron Wherry

Do some of our elected representatives spend too much time in office? Do they eventually lose touch with the wider world? Does this loss of touch occur somewhere around the 12-year mark? Jim Prentice doesn’t like “career politicians” and so he would like to limit the amount of time an individual can serve as MLA […]

jeffrey simpson

You can’t just denounce Ottawa

Aug 29 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

Ovide Mercredi has passed from the national political scene. For most of the 1990s, he was a major figure as national chief of the Assembly of First Nations. What must Mr. Mercredi be thinking now, watching one of his successors, Shawn Atleo, leave his post under duress, accused by adversaries as having sold out to […]


Are native leaders ready to be part of the solution?

Aug 29 2014 — Gary Mason

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was right to reject calls for a national inquiry into the matter of missing and murdered aboriginal women. The aboriginal community in Canada has been studied to death. The killing of Winnipeg teenager Tina Fontaine is a tragedy, as it would be for any 15-year-old. We don’t know who killed her, […]


Why we don’t need an aboriginal women inquiry

Aug 29 2014 — John Gormley

As the dean of Canada’s premiers, and sporting impressive approval ratings, Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall has to know that when he wades into national issues, he brings some clout. But Wall’s call for a national inquiry into missing and murdered aboriginal women has completely missed the point. As Thomas Walkom, writing in the ever-liberal Toronto […]


Anthem debate about more than words

Aug 29 2014 — Farzana Hassan

They’re only words! I agree. But words have the power to sway our feelings, connect us to our inner selves and convey what we hold most dear. The fact that words can have such potency makes the debate on Canada’s national anthem not at all trivial. And if we concede it is, then what’s the […]


Shutting down online haters

Aug 29 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Shame ‘em, blame ‘em, flame ‘em, maim ‘em, tame ‘em. The online trolls, that is. And the web-based haters, and the defamers, and the stalkers, and the mean-spirited jerks. Because they have no life, the online world is where they live. They have all sorts of fake names. They come and go, but one thing […]


In case you’re wondering, Alberta PC leadership hopeful Prentice would kill the licence plate debate … that’s prioritizing

Aug 29 2014 — Rick Bell

We’re getting thrown a bone. Listen carefully. That’s the sound of the provincial government’s licence plate plans going down the drain. If Jim Prentice, heavy fave to be the next premier, actually wins the brass ring Wild Rose Country will be on the new standard-issue provincial licence plate. “People who like it exactly the way […]

Aug 29 2014 — Lezlie Lowe

Oh, take off your cranky pants. They might get wet. And then imagine how much deeper your made-up outrage will be over the ice bucket challenge. The event (videotape yourself being dumped with a bucket of ice water and nominate three friends to do the same within 24 hours) is diabolical summertime hilarity. The best […]

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Aug 29 2014 — Robyn Urback

School hasn’t even started yet, and we have our first on-record apology coming from the hollows of one Canadian campus. Last week, Western University’s student paper, the Gazette, published an article about how to snag a date with a teaching assistant. The piece was meant to be satirical — which is generally lighter fluid on […]

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Joan Rivers ‘resting comfortably’ after health scare

Aug 29 2014 —

US comedienne Joan Rivers is “resting comfortably” and with her family after reportedly going into cardiac arrest during surgery on her vocal chords. “We ask that you continue to keep her in your thoughts and prayers,” said the 81-year-old’s daughter Melissa. Rivers was taken ill on Thursday at an outpatient centre in the Yorkville neighbourhood […]

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