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Brrr! Frosty relations between Liberals, NDP

Nov 20 2014 —

For anyone who wonders why the New Democrats and the Liberals never seem to want to talk about a merger, try spending a little time with them on Parliament Hill these past two weeks. The recent allegations of personal conduct levelled by two unnamed female NDP MPs against two of their Liberal counterparts has added […]

Nov 20 2014 —

The federal ethics commissioner says Heritage Minister Shelly Glover didn’t breach the conflict of interest law in connection with a fundraiser early this year. But Mary Dawson says that while Glover didn’t personally ask for funds or ask anyone to do so on her behalf, it was inappropriate that Heritage Department stakeholders were invited to […]

Nov 20 2014 —

Veterans groups are responding angrily to news that the federal department responsible for their care and benefits was unable to spend upwards of $1.1 billion of its budget over seven years. The figures are contained in answers to written questions posed in Parliament by the opposition and come as the Conservative government tries to figure […]

Nov 20 2014 —

A hike in passport fees has become a cash cow for the federal government. Recently released figures show the government took in $200 million more than it cost them to produce passports last year. The cost for a five-year passport increased to $120 from $87 last year, while a new 10-year passport was introduced at […]

Nov 20 2014 — Robert Benzie

Rookie NDP MPP Joe Cimino, who made headlines for his physical resemblance to departing Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, has resigned suddenly. Cimino, 44, who won the riding of Sudbury on June 12, cited personal reasons for a departure he admitted will come as “a huge surprise to the community.” “Unfortunately the pendulum has swung too […]


Canadian fighters limited in targets they will hit in Iraq: military spokesman

Nov 20 2014 —

The Canadian military insists that its bombing campaign in Iraq is being conducted according to international law, which means there are some targets that Canada’s aircraft will not hit. However, Navy Capt. Paul Forget says there’s no way to know for certain if Canada’s most recent two missions caused civilian casualties. Previous military briefings on […]


Cyberbullying bill raises alarm for privacy commissioner

Nov 20 2014 — Laura Payton

Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien warned senators today that the increased police powers proposed in the government’s cyberbullying and internet surveillance bill need to be matched with ways of tracking their use. Therrien also warned against the lower standard of proof provided for in the bill, C-13, and said he disagrees with the government’s assertion that […]


CBC not barring Linden MacIntyre interviews despite internal memo

Nov 20 2014 —

Linden MacIntyre has not been barred from appearing on CBC News Network this week despite an internal memo to the contrary. Jennifer Harwood, managing editor of CBC News Network, sent a memo to some staff late Wednesday stating that interviews with MacIntyre on the network this week have been cancelled. The memo said the move […]

Nov 20 2014 — Greg Quinn

Canada’s housing agency said national home prices that are persistently higher than in the U.S. may signal an overvalued market and it’s analyzing the reasons for the differential. Average Canadian home prices were about C$400,000 ($354,000) at the end of 2013, compared with about $250,000 in the U.S., Canada Mortgage & Housing Corp. said in […]

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Nov 20 2014 — Kathryn May

The Conservative government has tabled a new contract offer that would give Canada’s public servants six paid sick days a year and let them claim some of the unused days they previously accumulated, before it eliminates the $5.2 billion sick-leave bank altogether in 2017. The Public Service Alliance of Canada and Treasury Board are meeting […]

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No détente in sight for Stephen Harper and Kathleen Wynne

Nov 20 2014 — Tim Harper

The Long War between Stephen Harper and Kathleen Wynne is only going to get longer — and likely more intense. There’s simply too much at stake for both sides for détente, certainly not heading into a federal election campaign and the electoral riches available in this province. The Harper Conservatives remember how Wynne campaigned against […]


NDP’s Quebec fortunes not immune to chill in rest of Canada

Nov 20 2014 — Chantal Hébert

On the day after their vote collapsed in the GTA riding of Whitby-Oshawa, the New Democrats received some welcome Quebec news. According to the latest CROP poll on voting intentions, the NDP remains the federal party of choice of francophone Quebecers. Buoyed by the sharp decline of the Bloc Québécois — in fourth place behind […]


A win, and warning, for Thomas Mulcair

Nov 20 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

When Bloc-turned-independent MP Maria Mourani signed a giant orange NDP membership card for the cameras this week, she made it clear that she was not crossing the floor to sit as a New Democrat in the House of Commons. NDP policy requires its MPs to be elected under its banner; Mourani would thus have to […]


Why the Keystone XL pipeline doesn’t matter

Nov 20 2014 — Tom Walkom

Symbolically, the battle around the Keystone XL pipeline has become a defining moment in politics. In the U.S., the proposed pipeline, which would bring bitumen from Alberta to the Gulf of Mexico, now represents the entire war over climate change. In Canada, it has come to signify Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s strangely passive-aggressive approach to […]

campbell clark

Conservative elections-law breaches starting to pile up

Nov 20 2014 — Campbell Clark

Nine months in jail. Michael Sona, a former Conservative campaign worker, will get that for trying to deceive and dissuade Guelph voters from casting ballots by placing misleading robocalls. The sentence is supposed to be a deterrent. It is a relatively stiff sentence for an elections offence, which typically net fines, or probation. The judge […]


Global graft, corruption a bigger scourge than terrorism

Nov 20 2014 — Brian Stewart

While the G20 summit in Australia made headlines over global warming, economic growth and terrorism, much less attention was paid to the giant spectre of global corruption. That is too bad as this is a problem that is arguably more dangerous to humanity than even terrorism because it siphons off an estimated $1 trillion from […]

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Mike Nichols, director known for The Graduate, dead at 83

Nov 20 2014 —

Mike Nichols, famed as a Hollywood writer, producer and director, has died at 83, ABC News has announced. Nichols’s work includes The Graduate, Carnal Knowledge and Working Girl. He was married to ABC News anchor Diane Sawyer. “He was a true visionary, winning the highest honours in the arts for his work as a director, […]

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