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Apr 22 2014 — Jason Fekete

The Prime Minister’s Office has toned down — but not halted altogether — its use of Stephen Harper’s PMO-operated Twitter account to direct people to Conservative party websites, despite questions about whether the practice violates the government’s ethics guidelines. The PMO maintains, however, that no government resources are being used for political activities.

Apr 22 2014 — Stephen Maher

A watchdog group is considering laying a private prosecution against Nigel Wright for his secret $90,000 payment to Sen. Mike Duffy. Democracy Watch, a non-partisan advocacy group that pushes for greater accountability, says it will lay charges against Wright unless the RCMP and prosecutors do a better job of explaining why they have decided not […]

Apr 22 2014 — Chris Hannay

Toronto City Councillor Adam Vaughan is well positioned to win the Liberal nomination and is the frontrunner heading into a federal by-election, a new poll suggests, even as his NDP opponent gains the endorsement of two former Liberal staffers. The riding of Trinity-Spadina in downtown Toronto was vacated in March when Olivia Chow resigned to […]

Apr 22 2014 — Richard Madan

At least sixteen Canadian soldiers who are being deployed to Kabul for a special mission next month have been told not to expect danger pay, despite frequent attacks in the Afghan capital, CTV News has learned. The troops assigned to Operation Addenda will provide security to the Canadian embassy in Kabul, and protect the Ambassador […]


No state funeral for ‘great Canadian’ Herb Gray

Apr 22 2014 — Karina Roman

Herb Gray, one of Canada’s longest-serving parliamentarians and the deputy prime minister for five years, will not be given a state funeral, the government said Tuesday. Gray died in hospital Monday at the age of 82. Following his death, admirers of Gray took to social media to ask the same honour be given to him as was […]

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Tit-for-tat: Russia expels Canadian diplomat

Apr 22 2014 —

Russia has expelled a first secretary at the Canadian embassy in Moscow in retaliation for the earlier expulsion of a Russian military attache from Ottawa. A Canadian government source, not authorized to speak on the record, says the first secretary of the immigration section of the Canadian embassy in Moscow has been ordered out of […]


Kenney slams millionaire anti-pipeline advocate

Apr 22 2014 — Giuseppe Valiante

Employment Minister and Calgary MP Jason Kenney says a billionaire Democratic Party donor who opposes Keystone XL and oilsands development can’t simply fly a private jet into Canada to influence politicians. This is not the “Wild West,” Kenney said about Tom Steyer’s recent trip to Alberta, adding that Steyer would need to register as a […]

Apr 22 2014 — Angus Reid Global

Support for federal Liberals in Ontario, BC declines among likely voters. The Conservative Party of Canada (CPC) continues to garner higher levels of backing among likely voters than the federal New Democrats and Liberals, according to the latest monthly poll from Angus Reid Global (ARG) measuring support for Canadian political parties. A drop in support for the […]

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Apr 22 2014 —

How to solve a problem like the federal government’s scandal-plagued temporary foreign workers program? Economists and immigration experts say there are solutions at hand for the Conservative government as it grapples with yet another controversy. The latest scandal involves two long-serving Saskatchewan waitresses who say they were recently fired while their temporary foreign worker colleagues […]

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Apr 22 2014 — Alice Funke

Thirty new ridings, plus now fifteen retiring MPs and counting, adds up to a lot of open seats in the next election. And without the incumbency advantage, open seats always come with a higher risk of turnover. That means a lot of competitive races to watch in 2015. [UPDATE: Mike Allen also announced his retirement this past […]

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Apr 22 2014 — James Wood

More Conservative MPs in the Calgary area have been acclaimed, but not without some controversy. Devinder Shory will be the Tory candidate in Calgary Skyview while Blake Richards will run once again in the Wild Rose riding, in the city’s northwest. Two potential challengers had lined up to face Shory but both were disqualified by […]

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Why the next election could be fought on trade

Apr 22 2014 — John Ibbitson

If Barack Obama and Shinzo Abe can hammer out a deal on agriculture subsidies this week, then next year’s Canadian election could be the first in a generation in which trade is a key issue, with Stephen Harper favouring the Trans Pacific Partnership (TPP) and Thomas Mulcair and (possibly) Justin Trudeau opposing it.


On Trudeau anniversary, Tories feeling the heat

Apr 22 2014 — Lawrence Martin

Conservatives will be poll-watching even more closely than usual in the next fortnight. They have just had their best stretch of publicity on their economic performance in a long time – a week’s run of unchallenged rave reviews following the death of Jim Flaherty. There’s a good chance they will make sizable gains. If they […]

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The Gray Fog rolls out

Apr 21 2014 — Paul Wells

Paul Wells remembers Herb Gray, the veteran MP who has passed away.  In 1999 I was in Toronto at the National Post’s old newsroom. I usually attended Question Period in person in those days, but on this day I was watching on television and needed to produce a column quickly. Herb Gray was pinch-hitting for Jean […]


The grandfather clock that kept the Liberals ticking

Apr 22 2014 — Lawrence Martin

The conscience of the Liberal Party passed away yesterday. In the space of couple of weeks, the Conservatives lost one of their giants, Jim Flaherty. Now a Liberal pillar — Herb Gray, the longest-serving Liberal parliamentarian with the exception of Sir Wilfrid Laurier — has left us. No one would have predicted such longevity for […]


Reform fades into history

Apr 22 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Remember the Reform Party? The Reformers rather wish you didn’t. Twenty years ago, the Reform Party’s fresh-faced MPs – all 52 of them – arrived in Ottawa to cause all manner of dramatic change. Twenty years later, it is perhaps only the Reformers themselves that changed. They arrived opposing gay rights. They arrived opposing bilingualism. […]


Free speech founders without judgment, tolerance

Apr 22 2014 — Andrew Coyne

It seems not a day passes without some middle-aged white male moaning from his privileged perch — in a nationally distributed newspaper! — about how his precious freedom of speech is under threat. Cry me a river, white boy. Freedom of speech means freedom from state restraint, not freedom from any responsibility for what comes […]


Finally taming bloated bureaucracy

Apr 22 2014 — Sun Media

Quick question: are there more or less public servants in the federal government today than there were before the Conservatives came to power? Seems easy. After all, they are the Conservatives. Always cutting away. Right? Based on what you hear on the streets, you’d think the public service was a mere shadow of what it […]


Obama gives Canada cold shoulder

Apr 22 2014 — Ezra Levant

Barack Obama waited nine months before replacing the last U.S. ambassador to Canada. The post was empty, and Obama just didn’t care. He doesn’t much like Stephen Harper – compare Obama’s icy body language towards Harper, to Obama’s deep bow when he met the Saudi king, or his high fives with the Hugo Chavez, the […]


Wynne can’t have it both ways with McGuinty’s record

Apr 22 2014 — Adam Radwanski

Kathleen Wynne won’t speak Dalton McGuinty’s name. But she will take credit for his policies. From the time that she took office last year, the Ontario Premier has sought to position her replacement of Dalton McGuinty not just as a change in leadership, but as a full-scale change of government. And as the full breadth […]

Apr 22 2014 — Jerry Agar

If there is a bad public policy idea, politicians will implement it and tenaciously stick to it. The Liberal government of Ontario is particularly addicted to such a course. Bad public policy: Announcing big projects and plans with no revenue source. Premier Kathleen Wynne says she will redirect 7.5¢ of HST collected on gas taxes […]

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Apr 22 2014 — William Watson

I marked the opening of the Stanley Cup playoffs (sorry, Sens fans) by reading a book my son gave me for Christmas. A Great Game: The Forgotten Leafs and the Rise of Professional Hockey was written by one Stephen J. Harper. The book’s most arresting sentence actually comes at its very end, in the acknowledgments: […]

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Netflix plans price hike for new customers

Apr 22 2014 —

Video streaming service Netflix Inc said it intends to raise the monthly subscription price for new customers by $1 or $2 a month to help the company buy more movies and TV shows and improve service for its 48 million global subscribers. Investors welcomed the announcement by Netflix, which had suffered from a consumer exodus […]

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