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Mar 23 2017 — Bruce Campion-Smith

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is highlighting his government’s “meaningful” investments in skills training, child care and affordable housing as he fends off criticism that the Liberals’ second budget was a tepid, hold-the-line plan. Trudeau travelled to Toronto Thursday and used a visit to George Brown College to highlight promised investments in skills and training, which […]


McGill under fire after Andrew Potter resigns over Quebec column flap

Mar 23 2017 —

Pressure is intensifying on McGill University to explain why a high-profile academic administrator stepped down after writing a controversial opinion piece, with the school releasing a statement on Thursday aiming to assure its community it upholds academic freedom. Professors at McGill and elsewhere have said the university’s handling of Andrew Potter’s resignation as director of […]

Mar 23 2017 — Laura Payton

Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose says she’s worried young Canadians will move south of the border to escape what she says are rising taxes for professionals. “A lot of young people aspire to go into these careers because they are good-earning careers. And your taxes are going up if you run your own professional corporation, […]

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Mar 23 2017 —

Uber Canada says it wants the federal government to hit the brakes on plans to charge GST/HST on ride-hailing fares. Finance Minister Bill Morneau unveiled the proposed tax in Wednesday’s budget. An executive with Uber’s Canadian operations on Thursday called it a “tax on innovation” that would hurt Uber drivers and users.

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Mar 23 2017 —

The Trump administration will approve the Keystone XL oil pipeline by Monday, reversing one of former President Barack Obama’s most politically charged environmental decisions, according to two sources with knowledge of the plan. The move by the State Department comes 16 months after Obama blocked construction of the 1,200-mile pipeline, which would ship crude from […]

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Anatomy of a Fox fake news story

Mar 23 2017 — Oleh Iwanyshyn

How does a patently false claim from the lips (or tweet) of Donald Trump get legitimized to the point where many Americans think it’s true? In one word–Television. Television is how most Americans get their news. Six out of every 10 Americans say it’s their main source of news. Perhaps more relevant, for those over […]

don martin

Liberals try to rush rule changes to benefit themselves

Mar 23 2017 — Don Martin

Conservative bellyaching which insists the Trudeau government gets a coddled ride from an adoring media is invariably baseless and increasingly tiresome. But there are exceptions. Had the Harper government pushed to radically change the way the House of Commons operates in the same full-throttle way Liberals are rushing it forward now, thundering newspaper editorials would’ve […]

Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

Budget 2017 is already forgotten: Budget 2018 won’t be that easy

Mar 23 2017 — Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

Last Wednesday, Finance Minister Bill Morneau delivered the government’s second budget. For weeks before the budget, the government had been preparing the public for a budget that would not include any new spending or ambitious policy initiatives. In addition, recognizing worsening global growth prospects and the complete “mystery” as to what the Trump government might […]


Morneau sees 2017 budget as Chapter 2 of ongoing plan

Mar 23 2017 — Paul Wells

Bill Morneau works in a building named after Jim Flaherty. No pressure there. The very walls seem to ask why Morneau, a political rookie whose adult life before politics was spent in some fairly cushy corporate precincts, can’t seem to display the offhand charm and crusty wit of his late Conservative predecessor. If the walls […]


Budget 2017: Right road, low fuel

Mar 23 2017 — Jennifer Ditchburn

I’m going to borrow from some of the buzzwordy language in vogue with the government right now as a metaphor for Budget 2017 – it’s like an automated car that is probably going down the right road, but its electric battery is only partly charged. Finance Minister Bill Morneau concedes as much in his speech […]


The unmasking of Bill Morneau, caped budget crusader

Mar 23 2017 — Evan Solomon

In the months after Bill Morneau became the finance minister, I asked a senior Liberal source to describe him. “He’s Bruce Wayne,” the source said, referring to the fictional alter ego of Batman, the business tycoon who dons the black cape and mask to save Gotham from villains. At the time the Liberals were still […]

at issue

At Issue: 2017 federal budget

Mar 23 2017 — At Issue

Bill Morneau tabled the Trudeau government’s second budget today, and now the At Issue panel examines what’s in it and what’s missing.


Budget is a list of decisions to be made later

Mar 23 2017 — Paul Wells

This is the 22nd or 23rd federal budget I’ve covered. And I’ve never seen the like of the one Bill Morneau introduced on Wednesday. Not even in the last days of the Harper Conservatives did a budget provide for so little new spending — $1.3 billion in the current budget year, total, in all fields […]

Mar 22 2017 — Stephen Maher

There are a lot of words — but not a lot of numbers — in the 2017 budget. In the lockup in downtown Ottawa on Wednesday, where hundreds of reporters, experts, spinners and hangers-on hunched over their budget books and laptops, everyone shrugged. “Not much in it,” they said. After years of Stephen Harper budgets […]

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Mar 23 2017 — Aaron Wherry

At a dozen points in the budget document, the Liberals interrupt their announcements to explain “What Success Will Look Like.” Canada, we are told at one point, “will have one of the most skilled, talented, creative and diverse workforces in the world.” The country “will be on the leading edge of discovery and innovation.” Commute […]

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Mar 22 2017 — Susan Delacourt

Nearly five weeks ago, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that citizens around the world were looking for leaders to “step up” and address their economic anxiety before it turned into populist anger. Budget 2017 is not the sequel to that speech. Though the forces that elected Donald Trump in the United States are acknowledged in […]

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Mar 22 2017 — Stephen Gordon

The Liberals have worked hard to make the link between the welfare of middle-income Canadians and economic growth, and rightly so. Economic growth is a necessary – if not always sufficient – condition for sustained, broad-based improvements in living standards. The Minister of Finance’s Advisory Council of Economic Growth set itself an ambitious target in […]

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Mar 22 2017 — Tom Walkom

Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s budget is big on talk and dodgy about timing. It’s not a useless document. Released Wednesday, the budget, signals (again) the federal Liberal government’s economic priorities of trade, training and innovation. It lays down markers in the area of health care and child care that, while not always new, are nonetheless […]

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Mar 22 2017 — L. Ian MacDonald

Sometimes you really can tell a book by its cover. Bill Morneau’s first budget in 2016 featured a cover image of a mother and daughter holding hands as they walked down a yellow brick road on their way to prosperity. The title of the book was “Growing the Middle Class”. The message was clean and […]

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Mar 22 2017 — Lev Marder

The adverse effects of fake news and “alternative” facts south of the border have raised alarm here in Canada. There were parliamentary committee hearings and now Facebook is set to introduce to Canada tools that crack down on fake news.  A technological filter is necessary, but it cannot be the only or even primary solution for fake news. […]

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Mar 22 2017 — Paul Wells

Wednesday’s budget will be about the middle class and innovation. Maybe it’ll even be helpful! That would be nice. Unfortunately, the Trudeau government’s handling of both files so far has left them in something close to a shambles. I wrote here, somewhat quizzical, after Social Development Minister Jean-Yves Duclos gave a presentation to reporters about […]

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