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Apr 23 2014 — Lauren Strapagiel

Report says underage woman treated for potential alcohol poisoning. The RCMP have confirmed that Ottawa EMS were called to the Prime Minister’s residence at 24 Sussex Drive last Saturday night. They would not confirm who the call was for, only that it was not Stephen Harper or one of his family members.

Apr 23 2014 —

Gas prices could hit a three-year high Thursday, as prices continue to rise across the country. Drivers can expect to feel the pain at the pumps, as prices hover as much as 22 cents higher than they were in April of last year. According to gas-industry watcher Dan McTeague, a former MP who runs the […]

Apr 23 2014 —

Mike Duffy infamously referred to staff in the Prime Minister’s Office as “kids in short pants,” but Elizabeth May appears to have done the embattled senator one better. Speaking at a town hall in Nanaimo, B.C. on April 13, the federal Green Party leader and MP for Saanich-Gulf Islands called the PMO “a $10-million-a-year partisan operation filled […]

Apr 23 2014 —

The federal government is pulling 5,000 older tank cars off the rails immediately as it adopts the major rail safety recommendations of the Transportation Safety Board. Transport Minister Lisa Raitt says the least crash-resistant of the older tank cars must be removed from the rails immediately.


Academics call on Tories to drop Fair Elections Act

Apr 23 2014 — Kathryn Blaze Carlson

Hundreds of academics are collectively taking aim at the Conservative government’s electoral reform bill, directing criticism at a Senate committee they say has failed to adequately address concerns over the “irremediably flawed bill.” In an April 23 open letter to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, MPs and senators, some 465 signatories call on the government to […]


Liberals strongest, Grits and NDP have greatest percentage of accessible voters, Harper, Trudeau tight on preferred PM

Apr 23 2014 — Nik Nanos

The latest weekly tracking in the Nanos Party Power Index has the Liberals with  the highest score (55 points out of 100), followed by the Conservatives (51 points),  the NDP (50 points) and the Green Party (34 points). The Liberals still have the highest vote potential with higher proportions of  Canadians considering a vote for […]


Canada’s oil, gas catch Europe’s eye amid Ukraine troubles: Polish ambassador

Apr 23 2014 —

The Russian invasion of Crimea is making Alberta’s oil and gas more attractive in European capitals, says Poland’s ambassador to Canada. Poland supports the idea of importing Canadian oil and gas, envoy Marcin Bosacki said Wednesday prior to the start of a two-day visit to his country by Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird. “This point […]

Apr 23 2014 — BJ Siekierski

On a break from canvassing in Macleod — a largely rural Alberta riding that stretches from the south of Calgary to the U.S. border and includes several First Nations’ reserves — John Barlow, a local newspaperman-turned aspiring Conservative politician, said something unexpected. In the nascent stages of his byelection campaign, he told iPolitics, one of the main […]

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Apr 23 2014 — Peter Edwards

Recently released British intelligence files note that the family of former federal Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff spied on suspected Nazi sympathizers in Canada on behalf of the British security service MI5. The Ignatieffs were “White Russians,” opposed to the Communists, and the family’s patriarch, Count Pavel Ignatieff, was once an influential member of the court […]

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Apr 23 2014 —

Australia has approved the purchase of 58 new F-35 fighter jets worth 12.4bn Australian dollars ($11.5bn; £6.8bn). The new order will take Australia’s total F-35 tally to 72. The government said it would also spend more than A$1.6bn on new facilities at two air bases in the states of New South Wales and the Northern […]

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Don Lenihan's Public Voice(s)

Why being elected doesn’t = accountability

Apr 23 2014 — Don Lenihan

In a recent column, Lawrence Martin argues that the right way to check the growing power of the PMO is to fill its top positions with members of parliament. I disagree. The real issue with the PMO is not over elected vs. unelected officials, but the abysmal lack of transparency in the system. These are very […]


Temporary foreign worker program may be beyond fixing

Apr 23 2014 — Tim Harper

The Conservatives didn’t invent the temporary foreign worker program but they are now wearing it. Under their watch the program has mushroomed and so have the abuses. They have proved woefully unable to police the program. The program has also exposed the darkest instincts of too many small Canadian businesses, the same businesses this government […]

Frances Russell

Inequality is bad for citizens, nations and the economy

Apr 23 2014 — Frances Russell

“The rich man in his castle, The poor man at his gate, He made them, high or lowly, And ordered their estate.” – All Things Bright and Beautiful, Childrens’ Sunday School Hymn by Mrs. Cecil Frances Humphreys Alexander, 1848. The overt and unashamed British class system embedded in that Sunday School verse sung by generations […]


Trudeau’s middle-class mantra needs rethinking

Apr 23 2014 — Lawrence Martin

“If Justin Trudeau is interested in evidence-based policy on the middle class, he should read this @NYTimes study.” This was from Employment Minister Jason Kenney yesterday. He was tweeting away merrily. And why not? He had a study in his hands showing middle-class incomes in Canada have surpassed those in the U.S. for the first […]


Fair elections are about basic rights

Apr 23 2014 — Paul Adams

Most Canadians would be surprised to learn that there were men in space before Canada’s so-called treaty Indians cast their first ballots in a federal election. We tend to think of women’s suffrage as the last significant extension of the franchise, occurring around the time of the First World War. We also tend to think […]


The growing pandemic of political speak

Apr 23 2014 — Neil Macdonald

John Kerry, America’s ever-more-pontifical secretary of state, recently began an answer about Middle East peace negotiations by declaring, as he often does: “I want to make this crystal clear.”   He then went on to do the opposite, blathering on about “facilitation,” building eventually to this howler: “The president is desirous of trying to see […]


Good Friday news reveals bad politics

Apr 23 2014 — Lorne Gunter

It’s an old public relations strategy in politics that the best time to announce bad news is late on a Friday. That way, the news hits when most of the public (and much of the media) isn’t paying attention. It takes a couple of days for the bad news to trickle down. Really bad news […]


There was no one else like Herb Gray

Apr 23 2014 — Andrew Cohen

Nothing so became Herb Gray than the manner in which he left the House of Commons, where he was the third-longest serving parliamentarian in our history. One day in early 2002, he was deputy prime minister of Canada, serving Jean Chrétien, returning from an exhausting mission to the Middle East. He was the redoubtable, unsinkable, […]

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CBC’s Ron MacLean sparks firestorm with comments

Apr 23 2014 —

After the Montreal Canadiens swept the fourth game in the first round of playoffs, Ron MacLean of Hockey Night in Canada said a French-speaking referee should not have worked the game. The Habs beat the Tampa Bay Lightning 4-3 Tuesday night. The comment stems from a complaint by Lightning coach Jon Cooper because he believed […]

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