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NDP leads Conservatives in four key B.C. ridings: poll

May 22 2015 — Peter O'Neil

Liberals fare poorly, despite Justin Trudeau’s personal popularity. The federal New Democratic Party is leading the Conservatives in four key B.C. battleground ridings, according to a poll financed by the Dogwood Initiative, a B.C.-based environmental non-profit organization. The poll found solid NDP leads in all four, with the Greens the only other party besides the […]

May 22 2015 —

The NDP victory in the provincial election in Alberta two weeks ago has given the federal NDP a lift here in Quebec. A CROP survey for La Presse shows Thomas Mulcair’s team enjoys 42% of voter support in this province. That’s up 11 points compared with a month ago. Were a federal election to be […]

May 22 2015 —

The Wynne Liberals are losing ground in Ontario and are only two-points in the lead over the Progressive Conservatives and new leader Patrick Brown, according to an exclusive Ipsos poll conducted for Global News. Premier Kathleen Wynne has recently been under fire by provincial teachers’ unions and parents unhappy with the new sex-ed curriculum, while […]


Conservatives won’t participate in major broadcasters’ debates

May 21 2015 — Laura Stone

It’s official: Prime Minister Stephen Harper will not participate in two leaders’ debates hosted by Canada’s major broadcasters. The broadcast consortium of Global News, CTV, CBC and Radio-Canada announced Thursday it has reached an agreement in principle to host two debates with the NDP, the Liberals, the Green Party and the Bloc Quebecois during the […]

Suzanne Legault

Public Works held back documents on asbestos in tax centre building

May 22 2015 — Jordan Press

The federal Public Works department kept documents secret about an Ottawa building where concerns have been raised about employees being exposed to asbestos, newly released documents show. The documents about health and safety concerns at the Canada Revenue Agency building on Heron Road were finally released after a year-long battle with the federal information watchdog […]

May 22 2015 — Robert Benzie

TVOntario has scrapped plans to air a hard-hitting documentary on Premier Kathleen Wynne after the film’s director quit over journalistic concerns, the Star has learned. The broadcaster, which is owned by the provincial government, had planned to show Premier: The Unscripted Kathleen Wynne on June 6, but pulled the plug after director Roxana Spicer’s resignation. […]

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May 22 2015 — Graham Thomson

Imagine you received this invitation to attend Premier-designate Rachel Notley’s swearing in ceremony this Sunday: “Join Alberta’s new Premier Rachel Notley at this family-friendly event as her cabinet is sworn in. There will be music, and free frozen treats.” You’d probably be flattered. And who couldn’t use a free frozen treat during Edmonton’s current heat […]

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May 22 2015 — Kathryn May

One of the 18 federal unions has been proposing for years a new short-term disability plan to replace sick leave, but Treasury Board negotiators have repeatedly rejected the scheme out of hand. Milt Isaacs, president of the Association of Canadian Financial Officers, came out swinging against Treasury Board President Tony Clement’s allegations that “obstructionist” unions […]

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May 22 2015 — Trevor Robb

City councillor Scott McKeen voiced his displeasure with language often used when discussing terrorism, which in turn, raises fear among members of a specific faith community in Edmonton. “When we talk about terrorism and anti-terrorism in Edmonton, my concern is that we raise those fears,” said McKeen, following an Edmonton Police Commission meeting at city […]

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jeffrey simpson

Can a third orange wave splash across Canada?

May 22 2015 — Jeffrey Simpson

The first orange wave washed over Quebec in the last federal election. The second orange wave swept across Alberta in the recent provincial election. Can a third orange wave splash across Canada on election day, Oct. 19? The short answer is no, if by wave we mean the kind of New Democratic Party sweep of […]

Michael Harris

Harper’s imperial vanity could be his Achilles heel

May 22 2015 — Michael Harris

What do NFL quarterback Tom Brady and Stephen Harper have in common? Both men play by their own rules … which is to say, they cheat. Where do they differ? Brady was caught deflating footballs before a championship game to give himself a throwing advantage. He has been punished with a four-game suspension to start […]

campbell clark

Stephen Harper’s game of Senate appointment make-believe will end

May 22 2015 — Campbell Clark

Stephen Harper is playing at pre-election make-believe with Senate appointments. We have a Vancouver lawyer to thank for calling us back to reality. The Prime Minister’s game of pretend is in declaring he won’t appoint senators. The unloved, disrespected Red Chamber has caused him a spot of bother, notably because of ill-advised appointees such as […]


Debates in the age of pick-and-pay politics

May 22 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

If a consortium collapsed in the forest, would anybody care? Unless you’re running a major TV network, or grew up watching one, your answer is probably a big fat ‘no’. That reality is at the root of the Conservatives’ decision to dump the traditional debate consortium in favour of newer digital forums. Critics can bleat […]


Alberta NDP gives Harper government a lesson in cabinet making

May 21 2015 — Don Martin

You couldn’t swing an angry cat around the CTV mini-studio in Ottawa without hitting a wall or a television camera. It’s compact, but functional enough to handle a camera operator and one guest. Earlier this week, federal Agriculture Minister Gerry Ritz squeezed inside the booth with THREE aides anxiously monitoring his victory declaration over Americans […]


Top court clears Ontario, but aboriginal jury problem remains

May 22 2015 — Tim Harper

Over-represented in our prisons. Under-represented on our juries. No Supreme Court decision was going to change that reality for aboriginal Canadians. But even if the court, by a 5-2 decision, ruled that the constitutional rights of Clifford Kokopenace were not violated when he was convicted of manslaughter by a jury that included no aboriginal members, […]


You say yes, I say no — LNG project remains ‘iffy’

May 22 2015 — Vaughn Palmer

Joining Premier Christy Clark this week in celebrating the latest step toward development of a liquefied natural gas industry was federal government representative James Moore, the country’s industry minister and senior cabinet member from B.C. Clark thanked Moore “for all of the work that he’s done to make sure that LNG is on the federal […]

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Mike Babcock’s salary about more than winning the Leafs a Stanley Cup

May 22 2015 —

Toronto Maple Leafs coach Mike Babcock’s unprecedented salary is a sign the Leafs are playing a bigger game than just trying to win a Stanley Cup, one sports business expert says. Babcock signed an eight-year deal this week estimated at $50 million US, making him the highest-paid coach in hockey and putting him in elite […]

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