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Harper’s pot wedge: Up in smoke

Jul 29 2014 — Paul Wells

Paul Wells on how Harper’s winning issue is losing its kick. Nathan Silver has great fun with the news that the New York Times editorial board has come out for marijuana legalization. Silver asks the obvious question: is there a group of adult Americans likelier to support marijuana legalization than the editorial board of the […]

Jul 29 2014 — Charles Rusnell and Jennie Russell

A review by Alberta’s auditor general found “false passengers” were booked on at least a dozen government flights, making it possible for then premier Alison Redford to fly alone with her entourage. Merwan Saher also concluded Redford derived a “personal benefit” by taking her daughter on dozens of government flights. Saher raises the question of […]

Jul 29 2014 — Mark Kennedy

The political debate over marijuana legalization in Canada could soon intensify, following a New York Times editorial that calls for the U.S. federal government to repeal its 44-year ban on pot. The influential newspaper, which says the question of legalization should be left up to individual U.S. states, is running a six-day series on the […]

Jul 29 2014 — Peter O'Neil

NDP deputy leader Libby Davies is urging Canadians to “speak out” against the growing bloodshed in Gaza, but has declined to discuss with the news media her strong views on the Israel-Palestine conflict. While that is in keeping with party leader Tom Mulcair’s strict approach to caucus discipline – only the leader and the official […]

Emails show secrecy on federal oilsands probe

Jul 29 2014 — Mike De Souza

Environment Canada’s enforcement branch asked a spokesman to “limit information” given to reporters about how long it took to launch a federal investigation into a serious Alberta oilsands leak last summer. The comments were included in more than 100 pages of emails obtained by the Star that were generated in response to questions from journalists […]

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Chinese cyberattack forces computer shutdown at National Research Council

Jul 28 2014 —

The federal government’s National Research Council was forced to shut down its computers to stop cyberattacks from China, CTV News has learned. Sources told CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife that Chinese hackers had been trying to get into NRC computers for the past month. On Monday, it was decided that a complete shutdown was […]

Jul 29 2014 — Theophilos Argitis

Michael Coates has some words of advice for Canadian executives: be careful what you wish for. Coates, who built Hill+Knowlton Strategies into Canada’s top foreign-takeover consultancy, said myopic business leaders are more responsible than Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the country’s stricter foreign takeover rules and the resulting loss of capital investment from countries such […]

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Jul 28 2014 — Robert Fife

A failed Conservative candidate is contesting the nomination for the new Toronto-area riding of King-Vaughan, accusing the winner of “engaging in one of the greatest travesties of justice.” Lawyer Michael Tibollo lost the nomination to real estate agent Konstantin Toubis in a vote that was held last Thursday at an Ahmadiyya Muslim community centre, adjacent […]

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Jul 28 2014 —

A Senate committee is debating what — if any — sanction to level against a Quebec Conservative who was found to have breached parts of the upper chamber’s conflict-of-interest code. Sen. Pierre-Hugues Boisvenu got a chance Monday to testify behind closed doors about why he continued to employ his girlfriend as an assistant, even though […]

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Jul 28 2014 — James Fitz-Morris

Canadian officials are quietly preparing a ceremony to formally mark the successful conclusion of EU trade deal negotiations, but Germany could scuttle those plans. Officials acknowledge the negotiations aren’t quite completed, but International Trade Minister Ed Fast’s office said Monday “excellent progress is being made.”

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Jul 28 2014 —

It’s an open question whether Canada needs a free trade deal with Europe, but it is more certain that the Harper government does. With a cloud suddenly appearing over the Stephen Harper’s “historic achievement” because of German concerns over a clause that allow firms to sue governments, free trade advocates are advising the prime minister […]

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Jul 28 2014 —

A spokesman for Prime Minister Stephen Harper dismisses accusations from the opposition parties and others that the government is erasing the late feminist icon Therese Casgrain from Canada’s public history. Carl Vallee called the accusations “ridiculous,” pointing to a revised citizenship study guide — Discover Canada — that for the first time included mention of […]

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Will Trudeau’s principled stand woo Jewish voters?

Jul 29 2014 — Warren Kinsella

For political parties, winning elections is – naturally – the big prize. Almost as good: stealing away an entire demographic group from an opponent. Case in point, Canadian Jewish voters. The Liberal Party of Canada used to have ‘em. Now they don’t. The Conservative Party of Canada, Stephen Harper, prop., stole ‘em. It is an […]


Legalizing pot is a social issue, not a medical one

Jul 29 2014 — Karin Klassen

Physicians don’t want to prescribe pot; surveys indicate this overwhelmingly. The Canadian Medical Association unequivocally doesn’t want them to do it either, and for years, they’ve issued policy statements, briefs and resolutions to their members, to the public, to the courts, and to government saying so. The insurer of physicians, the Canadian Medical Protective Association, […]


Licence plate furor a bad sign for Alberta Tories

Jul 29 2014 — Gillian Steward

It’s summer so silly season is upon us. In Alberta that means that most people have given up talking about serious stuff and are instead debating the pros and cons of the little red, white and blue plates that adorn the back of their cars. Do we need a new slogan? Or is the old […]


Israel must defend itself

Jul 29 2014 — Ezra Levant

Serious question: If Hamas terrorists in Gaza were to build Auschwitz-style ovens to burn Jews like the Nazis did, would the world still demand that Israel stop attacking them? Of course. The official goals of Hamas are the same as the Nazis: to kill every Jew. The Hamas Charter says so 12 times. And yet […]


The crushing waves of grief

Jul 29 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Weddings are supposed to be happy occasions. The recent nuptials of my best friend Marla were no exception, featuring a beautiful bride, smiling relatives and plenty of children racing around, high on cake and up way past their bedtimes. Marla and I have known each other since college; she asked me and her other “BFF,” […]


Seniors concerned about post-retirement health expenses

Jul 29 2014 — Barbara Yaffe

A retired friend of mine returned last week from a visit to a dental specialist laden with a cost estimate for two medically necessary tooth implants totalling more than $9,000, $13,000 when necessary prep work by her regular dentist was added. Her experience certainly gives poignancy to a report released Monday by the BMO Wealth […]


Success for one Chinese family doesn’t always mean happiness

Jul 29 2014 — Jan Wong

A tiny microcosm of China arrived at my home last week — mom, dad and the requisite only child. They’re staying with me for a month, inadvertently providing a glimpse into the world’s most extraordinary economic miracle. I met the parents 10 years ago for a series I wrote on three Toronto immigrant families from […]

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Beyoncé is secretly shopping for a new apartment without Jay-Z

Jul 29 2014 —

Beyoncé may already have one foot out the door — she’s been secretly shopping for new digs without Jay Z, sources told The Post. The booty-ful belter looked at a $21.5 million Chelsea penthouse early last month — weeks after a videotaped elevator-smackdown involving Bey’s sister, Solange Knowles, and Jay, and amid growing rumors of […]