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PM calls Liberal plan for mandatory CPP expansion ‘a $1,000 pay cut’

May 28 2015 — Josh Dehaas

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and several of his Conservative MPs pounced on Liberal leader Justin Trudeau’s position on the Canada Pension Plan during question period on Thursday. After the Conservatives announced Wednesday their willingness to consider voluntary expansion of the CPP — an idea the party had long dismissed – Trudeau said he supports a […]

May 28 2015 — Bill Curry

Ontario is warning it won’t be able to participate or match funds for the Canada 150 Community Infrastructure Program because the federal plan is rushed and will only fund projects that are politically motivated “frills” like gazebos instead of more urgent needs. Brad Duguid, Ontario’s Minister of Economic Development, Employment and Infrastructure, said the province […]

May 28 2015 —

Former Prime Minister Brian Mulroney says Stephen Harper’s economic stewardship, combined with his anti-terrorism efforts, may give Stephen Harper the advantage he needs on the campaign trail this fall. Mulroney made the comments in an interview with BBC News. “It’s going to be a tough election,” he noted. “There are three major parties, almost neck […]


‘Tampon tax’ will be removed on July 1

May 28 2015 —

The federal portion of the tax on feminine hygiene products will be removed as of July 1. The Conservative government gave notices of the move Thursday. It follows the House of Commons unanimously adopting a motion calling for the change earlier this month. The NDP-led proposal was prompted by an online petition campaign begun earlier […]

May 28 2015 —

A former staffer at the B.C. Ministry of Transportation alleges that more than a dozen emails were deleted in November 2014 following a freedom of information request relating to the Highway of Tears, a stretch of road notorious for cases of missing and murdered women. The NDP has made public a letter written by former […]

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May 28 2015 — Janyce McGregor

Only a fraction of self-employed Canadians are taking advantage of the Harper government’s 2010 offer of employment insurance benefits, according to figures published this spring by Employment and Social Development Canada. EI’s special benefits, including maternity leave, were previously only available to salaried employees. In 2009, then Human Resources Minister Diane Finley predicted between 300,000-500,000 […]

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May 28 2015 — Christina Spencer

The NDP wants the House of Commons Board of Internal Economy to investigate former Conservative MP Patrick Brown, who recently became Ontario Progressive Conservative leader, to see if he was improperly using parliamentary resources during the leadership race. Brown remained a Conservative member of Parliament during his nearly eight-month PC leadership bid, which allowed him […]

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All three major parties talk change in Ottawa

May 28 2015 — Tim Harper

In a pre-election capital, one word dominates any conversation with any politician or strategist of any party. Change. It may not yet be in the air, but it is certainly on the tip of the tongue. New Democrats and Liberals are seeking it, and, it is fair to say, Conservatives are eyeing it warily. If […]


Scrutiny of expense accounts should be extended to MPs

May 28 2015 — Stephen Maher

Next week, auditor general Michael Ferguson will deliver an audit to the Senate in which he will recommend that nine senators be referred to the RCMP for criminal investigations and 21 others be made to pay back money they ought not have received. This will hit the chamber of sober second thought like a mortar […]


Whether voluntary or mandatory, there is no need to expand the CPP

May 28 2015 — Andrew Coyne

If you’re just joining us, the Conservatives are now, as of this Tuesday, formally in favour of a voluntary expansion of the Canada Pension Plan, having earlier been opposed. The Liberals are now in favour of a mandatory expansion of the CPP and against a voluntary expansion, having earlier been in favour of the latter […]


How to create a 21st-century leaders’ debate

May 28 2015 — Robin V. Sears

The visiting Canadian political hacks sat demurely in the Washington campaign director’s office waiting for him to get off the phone. They stared carefully at their shoes as they listened to his expletive-laden attack on someone on the other end. It went something like, “Well, lady, you can tell your girlfriends there that there is […]


Harper on defence spending: ‘Canada a major contributor’

May 28 2015 — David Akin

There’s a trade show for military and defence contractors this week in Ottawa that is the largest of its kind in the country. More than 350 companies will display their wares for 11,000 military personnel, government bureaucrats and industry types as they all hope to get a piece of Canada’s $20-billion defence spending pie. That’s […]


Hating Stephen Harper like reverse Beatlemania

May 28 2015 — Les MacPherson

Hating Stephen Harper is a little like reverse Beatlemania. It is more about social status than politics. With Beatlemania, otherwise sensible teenage girls were reduced to screaming, weeping and swooning just by beholding the Beatles, even on television. They did this not to impress the Beatles, because there was no chance of anything going on […]


Oilsands not the dirtiest

May 28 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

Today I am going to explain why you, as a Canadian citizen, are not an energy-consuming glutton who is helping to burn up the planet by greedily consuming fossil fuels. In fact, as greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions linked to climate change go, Canada is small potatoes. According to the World Research Institute, 2011, China is […]

May 27 2015 — Chantal Hébert

In the dying days of a third mandate, federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver is about to spend the last summer before the October election consulting the provinces on a public pension reform that all governments including his own dismissed as unworkable five years ago. When the idea of allowing Canadians to make supplementary voluntary contributions […]

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