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Duffy accused of charging for travel to funeral, ceremonies in Ottawa

Jul 21 2014 —

Sen. Mike Duffy is now accused of charging taxpayers for personal travel to funerals and giving money to three people under the guise of a consulting contract. A new court filing alleges “inappropriate expense claims associated with personal attendance at funeral and related ceremonies.” The court documents, released this afternoon, allege that Duffy filed eight […]

Jul 21 2014 —

Karen Duffy says she continues to dream of hugging the man she believes is her father. The Peruvian woman, who claims to be Mike Duffy’s unacknowledged daughter, made the comments to media in her home country. “My father the Senator” aired Sunday night on Punto Final, a weekly current affairs program on the Peruvian Frecuencia […]

Jul 21 2014 —

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is offering to co-operate with the NDP and the Liberals when it comes to running candidates in the next federal election. The Green Party of Canada concluded its national convention in Fredericton over the weekend and one of the party’s policies is electoral reform. May said she’s hearing from Canadians […]

Jul 21 2014 — Chris Plecash

Valerie Scott, one of the plaintiffs named in last year’s landmark Supreme Court decision in Bedford v. Attorney General of Canada and legal coordinator for Sex Professionals of Canada, says that many sex workers feel “burned” by the fact that some of their clientele are affiliated with the Conservative Party and support Bill C-36, which […]

Jul 21 2014 —

The Harper government says it is planning to slap more people and entities with sanctions over Russia’s continuing military actions against Ukraine. The move comes as Canada and the rest of the world reacts with shock to the downing of flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine.


Developments in the Senate expense scandal

Jul 21 2014 —

A new court filing by the RCMP alleges Sen. Mike Duffy charged taxpayers for personal travel to funerals and that he gave money to four people under the guise of a consulting contract. Here is an updated timeline of events in the Senate expenses scandal:


List of charities undergoing tax audits related to political activities

Jul 21 2014 —

Some Canadian charitable organizations under recent audit for their political activities. Revenues and percentages based on the groups’ most-recent filings with Canada Revenue Agency. Rules dating from 2003 limit spending on political activities to no more than 10 per cent of all expenses:


Quebec mayor dies after being stung by wasps

Jul 21 2014 —

The mayor of a Montreal-area community has died after being stung by wasps. Municipal authorities in La Prairie say Mayor Lucie F. Roussel passed away in hospital Sunday night. The 51-year-old Roussel had been mayor since 2005.

Jul 21 2014 — Jane Taber

Federal Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s pro-choice stand is reverberating through New Brunswick, where abortion-rights activists are vowing to make the closing of the Fredericton Morgentaler clinic an election issue – and the provincial Liberal leader is offering little support. As the Sept. 22 provincial election quickly approaches, activists are putting pressure on the 32-year-old leader, […]

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Jul 21 2014 — Robert Fisher

If question period these summer days at Queen’s Park were a soccer match, Speaker Dave Levac would be said to have been issuing “yellow” cards to some MPPs — a warning about their un-parliamentary behaviour. But, no “red” cards so far and, that has meant no escorts out of the House for MPPs with a […]

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Jul 21 2014 — Jason Magder

The mint-green pipes jutting out of the ocean contrast starkly with the picturesque Bug Light lighthouse. Far less pretty, the pipes have perhaps played an equally important role as the lighthouse has in the development of this city into a major seaport. Built in 1941, the Portland-Montreal pipeline was conceived as a way to circumvent […]

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ian macdonald

PM Harper risks losing economy as election trump card

Jul 21 2014 — L. Ian MacDonald

Never mind Mike Duffy and the Senate expense scandal, Stephen Harper has much bigger problems — Canada’s economic numbers are going the wrong way heading into an election year. The loonie closed at 93.14 cents against the U.S. dollar on Friday, a gain of 19 basis points on the day. Earlier in the day, the […]


Europe looms large in Scotland’s referendum campaign

Jul 21 2014 — Celine Cooper

In the slipstream of Quebec’s provincial election last April, Canadians have been granted a reprieve from talk of national referendums. On the other side of the pond, however, things are heating up. There is less than 10 weeks to go until the Scotland referendum on independence. On Sept. 18, Scots will decide whether to end […]


PM’s foreign policy a palatable formula

Jul 21 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

Stephen Harper and John Baird, foreign-policy innovators and grandmasters of soft power? Nonsense, Liberals pining for the Pearson era will say. Balderdash, the Tories themselves will scoff, at least about the “soft power” part. And yet it’s true. Prime Minister Harper, meet Lloyd Axworthy. You two have so much in common. It is axiomatic for […]


Putting Parliament into perspective

Jul 21 2014 —

Sometimes it’s hard to notice Canada when Parliament is in session. It’s like when a bunch of people are over to watch the Grey Cup game. Everyone is talking and the TV is turned up too loud, and for three or four hours it’s a wall of noise and we are completely focused on our […]


Can Andrea Horwath appeal to disillusioned Liberals?

Jul 21 2014 — Adam Radwanski

As they set about trying to eliminate a $12.5-billion deficit in a three-year span, the Ontario Liberals will risk angering the left-of-centre supporters who helped power them back to majority government. What remains very much in question is whether those voters, not to mention the unions and interest groups that gave Kathleen Wynne’s party a […]

manning p

How to make city mayors ‘responsible’

Jul 21 2014 — Preston Manning

If Toronto Mayor Rob Ford were a premier, he would be out of office. Why would he be out of office? Because at the provincial and federal levels of government in Canada, we have what is called “responsible government.” If the elected leader of a “responsible” government loses the confidence of the elected assembly, the […]


Tragedy of Obama’s diplomacy

Jul 21 2014 — John Robson

Are you enjoying your newfound global tranquility? If so you can thank Barack Obama. At least, that’s what he says. Seriously. Asked about an eruption of global instability, especially in the Middle East, and the impression “that the president is a bystander to all these crises,” White House press secretary Josh Earnest said “I think […]

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James Garner: Stars pay tribute

Jul 21 2014 —

Hollywood stars have paid tribute to actor James Garner, who died on Saturday aged 86. The star died of natural causes at his Los Angeles home. Sally Field, who starred alongside the actor in the 1985 romantic comedy Murphy’s Romance, said her “heart just broke”.