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Mourners honour Jim Flaherty at state funeral

Apr 16 2014 —

The funeral cortege carrying the body of Jim Flaherty has arrived at the downtown Toronto cathedral where a state funeral is being held to honour the former finance minister, who died suddenly last week at age 64. Flaherty’s widow, Ontario Progressive Conservative MPP Christine Elliott, and their triplet sons, John, Galen and Quinn, were greeted […]

Apr 16 2014 —

Here is a text of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s tribute at the funeral of former finance minister Jim Flaherty, as provided by the Prime Minister’s Office: Gov. Gen. Johnston, Lt. Gov. Onley, colleagues from the Parliament of Canada, distinguished representatives of the diplomatic corps and of provincial and municipal government, acquaintances and admirers of The […]

Apr 16 2014 — Chris Hall

Nigel Wright is in the clear. His decision last year to repay $90,000 in improper expenses claimed by Senator Mike Duffy may well be regrettable, ill-advised and even damned foolish. But it was not criminal. That’s the good news for Nigel Wright. It bodes well for Prime Minister Stephen Harper, who could have been called […]

Apr 16 2014 —

Documents unsealed today suggest former deputy premier helped secure contract for Roche engineering.   Newly released search warrant documents suggest that the province’s anti-corruption unit (UPAC) is looking into the actions of former Liberal MNA and deputy premier Nathalie Normandeau.

Ontario MPP Christine Elliott and her sons stand by the casket of her husband, the late former federal finance minister Jim Flaherty, during visitation in Whitby, Ont., on Tuesday, April 15, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Frank Gunn

Political players of all party stripes gather for fond farewell to Jim Flaherty

Apr 16 2014 —

A gallery of political luminaries from all sides of the partisan divide gathered at a cavernous Toronto cathedral Wednesday to set aside their differences and pay final respects to former finance minister Jim Flaherty. Mourners donned green scarves, a tribute to Flaherty’s Irish heritage, as they entered the downtown St. James Cathedral to remember Flaherty, […]


Government-commissioned studies suggest public unsure of energy industry benefit

Apr 16 2014 —

Public opinion research contracted by Ottawa suggests the pro-resource-development Conservative government has not yet convinced Canadians of the national benefits of the energy industry. Two different polling companies conducted cross-country focus groups last fall — in addition to one large national poll — and reported a common theme: Most Canadians just don’t see what’s in […]


Man, 19, charged in Heartbleed privacy breach

Apr 16 2014 —

Police have charged a 19-year-old man from London, Ont., in connection with the loss of taxpayer data from the Canada Revenue Agency website. Stephen Arthuro Solis-Reyes was arrested at his residence Tuesday and is charged with unauthorized use of a computer and mischief in relation to data, the RCMP said Wednesday. A search of the […]

Apr 16 2014 —

The Bank of Canada says it sees solid signs that the global economy is picking up steam and will take Canada along for the ride, but still expects that it will take some time for this country to fully recover from the crippling effects of the recession. Despite the rosier outlook, the bank has shaved […]

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The real problem with the Fair Elections Act: Populism

Apr 16 2014 — Colin Horgan

There is a search ongoing for the real problem with the Fair Elections Act. Over at the Globe and Mail Tuesday, Lawrence Martin pointed to the possibility that the problem may lie in the Act’s connection to Republican strategies. What it shows, he said, is a “parallel” with the way the GOP has been working to “limit […]


At Issue: The Nigel Wright Decision

Apr 16 2014 — At Issue

The At Issue panel weighs in on today’s announcement that the RCMP has ended its probe into Nigel Wright and his $90,000 payment to suspended Conservative Senator Mike Duffy.


For Harper, not a bad day at the office

Apr 16 2014 — Lawrence Martin

For a prime minister in need of good news, he got a pretty good dose of it yesterday. Two of the major problems his government confronts are not gone, but they’re certainly downgraded. No charges will be laid against Nigel Wright, Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff, over the Senate expenses scandal. Secondly, the Conservatives, […]


Senate gives government cover to pass anti-democratic bill

Apr 16 2014 — Tim Harper

The push by Conservatives senators to amend Stephen Harper’s elections act had all the elements of a marvelous yarn. The unelected senators had taken their revenge, biting back and riding in on their white steed to save democracy, showing their relevancy and putting the government on its heels. Unfortunately, it is nonsense.

jeffrey simpson

The Fair Elections Act is ever so telling

Apr 16 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

The so-called Fair Elections Act, however it eventually turns out, will have shown again the hard face of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government. Everything about the bill was wrong, from the way it was conceived to the method of presentation to the scorn for expert evidence. From conception to eventual adoption, even if amended by […]


Protect democracy from non-citizen motorists

Apr 16 2014 — Chris Selley

The latest partisan talking point in favour of the Fair Elections Act — specifically, for eliminating the ability of one voter to “vouch” for another’s identity and place of residence — is that Ontario got rid of vouching and nobody noticed. It has the virtue of truth: The provincial elections law says voters in rural […]


Right reforms, wrong salesman

Apr 16 2014 — Lorne Gunter

If you’re going to rearrange the family china, you might not want to put the neighbourhood demolition expert in charge. Yet that’s basically what the federal Tories have done with their Fair Elections Act (FEA). They have put passage of the delicate bill in the hands of their in-house partisan pit bull, Minister of State […]


Tories better off without Anders

Apr 16 2014 — Anthony Furey

Perhaps the worst part about belonging to a big tent party is having to keep your mouth shut when one of your colleagues off in his corner behaves like a tool. So it was likely with a sigh of relief that the non-bonkers contingent of the Conservative caucus responded to the news that Rob Anders […]


Flaherty’s call to public service meets with a shrug

Apr 16 2014 — Andrew Cohen

One of the dividends of dying in the Age of the Internet is that it offers you a second life, even momentarily. Rummaging around electronic memory, we come upon what we missed the first time. Since his death, we have heard much about Jim Flaherty — his decency, his gentility, his Irishness. We have also […]


Time for the CBC to take a big gamble

Apr 16 2014 — Paul Adams

On Wednesday night, the last-ever CBC production of the Stanley Cup playoffs will start. That will mark the beginning of the end of a public broadcasting tradition that goes back to 1932, when hockey first crackled over the CNR Radio network, jumping to television on CBC in 1952.

Apr 16 2014 — Dan Cayo

Despite the federal government’s recent attempts to rein in the cost of several pension plans it maintains for its 450,000 employees, its unacknowledged and unfunded liabilities continue to mount, a new study concludes. Canada’s investment climate is recovering from the 2008 recession, yet the shortfall in money set aside to cover Ottawa’s future pension obligations […]

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Apr 16 2014 — Carol Goar

Tired of being demonized by the media, denounced in Parliament and disciplined by Employment Minister Jason Kenney, Canada’s small business owners are starting to push back. The reason they hire foreign temporary workers when 1.3 million Canadians are unemployed, they insist, is that they have a better work ethic than domestic job applicants. “If we’re […]

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Apr 16 2014 — Neil Macdonald

Three days after Frazier Glenn Miller tried to kill some of the Jews he has spent his life despising (the self-styled paramilitary warrior actually wound up gunning down three Christians instead), the National Rifle Association’s website remains silent about the attacks. Instead, the site features, among other things, a Fox News appearance by the NRA’s […]

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John Furlong, CBC host and producer, dead at 63

Apr 16 2014 —

John Furlong, a CBC journalist who covered every facet of Newfoundland and Labrador, has died just weeks after being diagnosed with cancer. He was 63.   Furlong hosted his last edition of Radio Noon on March 3, ending a journalism career that ran over four decades.

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