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Election 2015: Blue vs. Red; Orange flagging.

Oct 7 2015 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto

Liberals continue to edge upward, NDP downward. In our latest horserace numbers, the Conservatives have 33% across the country, the Liberals 32%, and the NDP 24%. For both the Conservatives and Liberals these are the best levels of support we’ve seen since the election started; for the NDP, it is the lowest number we’ve seen.

Oct 6 2015 — Eric Grenier

The hopes of three parties lie in large part with the city of Toronto, where the Liberals, New Democrats and Conservatives all have a big number of seats to gain — or to lose. Despite Toronto’s reputation as a Liberal bastion, both the Conservatives and the New Democrats elected more MPs there in the 2011 […]

Oct 7 2015 —

Montreal’s La Presse is endorsing Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in the 2015 election. In an editorial published this morning, the newspaper says Trudeau is ready to lead the country. The editorial says it’s time for a change after nine years of Conservative rule. It says both the NDP and the Liberals are viable options — but […]


Conservative odds of winning up; NDP’s drop to lowest so far

Oct 7 2015 —

Our election forecast, based on recent polls and historical data, projects the likelihood that a given party would win the most seats, if an election were held today. Our algorithm was designed in consultation with political scientist Paul Fairie (read more about how it works). This page will be updated frequently with new polls. Scroll […]

Jagdish Grewal ans Harper

Conservatives dump candidate touting therapies to turn gay youth straight

Oct 6 2015 —

The Conservative party says a candidate in suburban Toronto who defended therapies that attempt to turn gays straight is no longer an official candidate for the party. Jagdish Grewal, who is running in Mississauga-Malton, wrote an editorial entitled “Is it wrong for a homosexual to become a normal person?” that referred to homosexuality as “unnatural […]


Justin Trudeau’s rise shows the benefits of being underestimated

Oct 7 2015 — Michelle Gagnon

Faced with a crowd, Justin Trudeau’s entrances tend to be as quick as his exits are slow. He charges in all man on a mission, taking confident, determined long strides. But on his way out, he lingers, lets himself be surrounded, touched, talked to. Then the ritualistic selfie. At the 7,000-strong rally in Brampton on […]

Oct 7 2015 — David Pugliese

The largest arms export contract in Canadian history is apparently no longer an arms deal. Conservative leader Stephen Harper is referring to a $14-billion dollar deal to provide Saudi Arabia with light armoured vehicles as a contract for “transport vehicles.” And he says such equipment can’t be considered arms. The characterization of the deal comes […]

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Oct 7 2015 —

A month ago today, polls indicated the NDP was nosing in front of the Tories and Liberals in a tight three-way race, but since then that party’s support has plummeted. One of the big reasons is declining support in Quebec, where Tom Mulcair’s defense of women wearing a niqab during the citizenship oath has proven […]

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Oct 7 2015 — Lee Berthiaume

As all three political parties promise to improve the country’s immigration system, government documents show foreign-born spouses and children, as well as live-in caregivers and skilled workers, are waiting longer and longer to come to Canada. Canada’s immigration and refugee system was thrust into the spotlight early in the election campaign, after photos of three-year-old […]

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The NDP are losing, and why

Oct 7 2015 — Warren Kinsella

The NDP seems to be losing. How come? By the time you read this, their barrage of anti-Trudeau attack ads may have put them back in contention. And perhaps Thomas Mulcair had a good showing in that final French-language debate, and he clobbered Stephen Harper. And maybe the party has figured out a way to […]


Mulcair’s TPP strategy born of necessity in waning campaign

Oct 7 2015 — Tim Harper

That screeching sound is the great, careening, orange juggernaut hitting the brakes on the race to the centre. Instead, in the waning days of the 2015 election campaign, Tom Mulcair has returned to the NDP of yore, opposing a major trade deal, citing union statistics to back his case, conjuring memories of Liberal John Turner’s […]


Stephen Harper’s trade-deal bet unlikely to pay off

Oct 7 2015 — Robin V. Sears

Successful campaigns are framed by simple, even simplistic messaging. The message is usually more resonant if it crystallizes a popular policy commitment. But nuance doesn’t usually work, as Ed Broadbent discovered in Canada’s first free trade election. “Strong, proud and dumb,” is how many Harper haters would translate the government’s uninspiring slogan, more of a […]


Appeasing dairy and chicken farmers blights an otherwise good trade deal

Oct 7 2015 — Don Cayo

This week’s Trans-Pacific Partnership deal is a good one — indeed, it’s essential — if Canada is to continue to prosper through trade. But one narrow aspect of this broad deal the Conservatives are clamouring to take credit for is, in fact, a massive sellout of consumers’ interests. It’s the supply management provision that “saves” […]


Trade deal gives Notley’s NDP a case of laryngitis

Oct 7 2015 — Graham Thomson

It might not be the shortest news release ever from an Alberta government, but it’s got to be close. Just 40 words in two sentences — pretty much a tweet — from Alberta’s minister of agriculture and forestry, Oneil Carlier. The topic: the Alberta government’s response to Canada signing on to the monumental trade deal […]

Oct 7 2015 — Heather Mallick

Multiculturalism Minister Jason Kenney really makes a person think, but not in a good way. He was caught tweeting praise of an Iraqi refugee boy’s “perfect unaccented English.” “I simply found it remarkable that a youngster who did not speak a word of English a year ago has learned so quickly that he sounds like […]

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Oct 7 2015 — Lorne Gunter

In the 1980s, Nova Scotia’s premier was John Buchanan an intelligent, beguiling politician of whom it was once said “he is a tough man to disbelieve even when you know he’s lying.” In Alberta in the ‘90s, it was Ralph Klein. Despite his personal foibles, Klein was so good at populist, retail politics he almost […]

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‘Save’ Stephen Harper, Marg Delahunty says in protest video

Oct 7 2015 —

First it was Blue Rodeo, then Hey Rosetta! and Yukon Blonde. Now Marg Delahunty, a.k.a. Newfoundland and Labrador comedian Mary Walsh, has released a tongue-in-cheek anti-Conservative YouTube video begging people to “save” Conservative Leader Stephen Harper.

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