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Mastermind behind Kellie Leitch’s Tory leadership campaign, defends contentious tactics

Sep 29 2016 — Jason Fekete

Nick Kouvalis, the political mastermind behind Conservative MP Kellie Leitch’s leadership bid, is defending her campaign’s tactics, proposed values test for newcomers and all-out assault on rival candidates. But Kouvalis, the Ontario MP’s campaign manager and a master of wedge politics, says she’s the boss and he isn’t pulling the strings behind the scenes. “My […]

Sep 29 2016 — Laura Payton

Legal action by the widow of a former senator who died owing money to the Senate could make it harder to recover the funds. Former Liberal senator Rod Zimmer died last June, at age 73. He had separated from 27-year-old wife Maygan Sensenberger before he died, but left a hand-written will – on Senate letterhead […]

Sep 29 2016 — Kathleen Harris

The Conservatives are accusing Fisheries and Oceans Minister Dominic LeBlanc of conflict of interest for agreeing to take part in an event hosted by a law firm and a communications company that does work with Irving companies. Conservative House Leader Candice Bergen said LeBlanc’s attendance at the “exclusive” event is problematic on two fronts: his […]

Sep 29 2016 —

Durham MP Erin O’Toole has resigned as Conservative public safety critic to explore a bid for the leadership of the party. “I believe the future of our party is bright,” he wrote in his resignation letter to interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose. “We do not need a new leader to fix us, because we are […]

Sep 29 2016 — BJ Siekierski

With their debate on Power & Politics having fallen through, Guy Giorno — Stephen Harper’s former chief of staff — took to Facebook again Thursday to address Conservative MP and leadership candidate Brad Trost’s continued attacks on his relocation expenses. Speaking in the House of Commons foyer Wednesday, where Giorno suspects Trost has immunity, Trost […]


Jane Philpott says 3% a ‘reasonable escalator’ for health-care spending

Sep 29 2016 — John Paul Tasker

Health Minister Jane Philpott is hitting back at premiers who are concerned about the Liberal pledge to stick with the former Harper government’s health-care spending formula, saying Thursday that more money for cash-strapped provinces isn’t the only solution. “Three per cent is a reasonable escalator for next year,” Philpott said of the planned hike to […]


What you need to know about Maryam Monsef

Sep 29 2016 — Terry Glavin

After all the headlines, the chat show uproars, the demands for Maryam Monsef’s suspension from cabinet and a formal investigation, the lurid insinuation that she, the brightest young star in Justin Trudeau’s gender-balanced, ethnically diverse government, is and has been, all along, a fraud—what, exactly, is the result?


Andrew Scheer among the ‘out-of-touch elites’: Leitch campaign

Sep 29 2016 — BJ Siekierski

You can now count Andrew Scheer among the “out-of-touch elites”, according to Kellie Leitch’s campaign manager, Nick Kouvalis. On Wednesday night, a fundraising email from Kouvalis dismissed the latest contender in the Conservative leadership race — without using Scheer’s name — as yet another member of the “elite” attacking Leitch for wanting to screen immigrants […]

Sep 29 2016 —

Alberta Progressive Conservative house leader Richard Starke officially kicked off his campaign for the party leadership Thursday, saying the way forward is fixing the party, not melding it with the Wildrose. “They’re two different parties. They’re two different cultures,” said Starke, who made the announcement in front of friends and supporters at a community hall […]

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Sep 29 2016 — Janice Dickson

Conservative leadership candidate Deepak Obhrai is railing against his opponent Kellie Leitch’s proposal to screen new immigrants for “anti-Canadian values” and says the barbaric practices tipline, which she championed during the 2015 election campaign, is an example of her misplaced priorities. In a video posted to his campaign website,, Obhrai said Leitch’s proposal to […]

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Sep 29 2016 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government has given itself a two-month window to decide on Enbridge Inc.’s Northern Gateway oil pipeline after declining to appeal a legal ruling that revoked its construction permits. A cabinet order, dated Sept. 23, enacted Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr’s recommendation to set the Nov. 25 deadline for a decision on […]

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Sep 29 2016 —

A group of First Nations plans to launch a slew of legal challenges against the federal government over its approval of the Petronas liquefied natural gas (LNG) project near Prince Rupert, BC. Calling Justin Trudeau “an outright liar,” Donnie Wesley, the highest ranking hereditary chief of Gitwilgyoots tribe, which has jurisdiction over Lelu Island where […]

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Tasha Kheiriddin

Ah, nostalgia — the premiers are flaying another prime minister

Sep 29 2016 — Tasha Kheiriddin

It’s a swell time to be a premier. After years of getting the deep-freeze from Stephen Harper — ranging from the silent treatment to out-and-out hostility — provincial and territorial leaders once again have a seat at the federal table, courtesy of Justin Trudeau. And it appears they’re going to leverage their position for all […]


With attacks from the right and left the Liberals are just where they want to be on energy

Sep 29 2016 — Michael Den Tandt

Make no mistake: the federal cabinet’s approval of Malaysian state-owned Petronas’s $36-billion Pacific Northwest liquefied natural gas project is a template for things to come. The Liberals’ longevity in power depends on it — and they know it. Whether the plan unfolds as designed remains to be seen. But the political reality changes immediately. With […]

Bob Hepburn

Beware: Kellie Leitch is on a winning roll

Sep 29 2016 — Bob Hepburn

It’s popular among many Canadians to dismiss Kellie Leitch’s plan to screen potential immigrants for “anti-Canadian values” as a bad move on her part. But that’s a big mistake because, in fact, she’s latched on to a strategy that could propel her to victory in the federal Conservative leadership race. As objectionable as it may […]

Brad Trost, Conservative party candidate for Saskatoon-Humboldt, smiles at a candidate's forum at the University of Saskatchewan in Saskatoon, on Thursday, April 21, 2011. Trost told an anti-abortion group on the weekend that International Planned Parenthood Federation has been denied Canadian funding because it supports abortion, stirring up some controversy on the federal election campaign. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Liam Richards

What you see is what you get, Brad Trost says

Sep 29 2016 — Brad Trost

Throughout my political career, I have always had strong beliefs. I don’t, however, expect that everyone shares my beliefs. Canadians live in a free society in which you and I are free to safely believe what we wish. Leader-Post columnist Murray Mandryk’s Sept. 24 article on me ridicules anyone who does not share his, or […]

Glen Pearson

When Accepting Refugees Is No Longer Enough

Sep 29 2016 — Glen Pearson

Somewhere along the line, citizens and their leaders around the world are going to have to admit that the present plan for dealing with the burgeoning refugee problem isn’t going to work. It’s not all about the math, although that’s not a bad place to start. When Filippo Grandi, head of the United Nations High […]

Sep 29 2016 — Terry Milewski

“Nations have no permanent friends or allies; they only have permanent interests.” So declared Lord Palmerston, a durable British prime minister of the 19th century. A French president, Gen. Charles de Gaulle, sang the same song in his time. As le grand Charles told Clementine Churchill, “France has no friends, only interests.” Could all this […]

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Sep 28 2016 — John Ivison

The New Democratic Party is back. Well, not yet obviously. But the Liberal government’s decision to give conditional approval to the Pacific Northwest liquefied natural gas project planned for British Columbia’s northwest coast could have a seismic impact on the national political landscape, breathing new life into the New Democrats and reducing the double-digit advantage […]

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Sep 29 2016 — Michael Smyth

Premier Christy Clark was understandably upbeat Wednesday after the federal government approved the $36-billion Pacific NorthWest LNG project. “We finally cleared the last hurdle,” Clark said. “On this project we’ve gotten to ‘yes’ because we really do care about creating jobs.” The federal approval is great news for Clark, who won the 2013 election in […]

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Sep 29 2016 — Don Braid

Premier Rachel Notley doesn’t just dismiss demands that she delay implementation of the NDP carbon tax. She sounds downright annoyed. “I reject suggestions that this is somehow going to be a drag on the economy,” Notley says. “Ultimately, it will be a tool that helps us make our case to other Canadians, with respect to […]

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Sep 29 2016 — Graham Thomson

Politics, like life, is rarely fair. Just look at Premier Rachel Notley’s ribbon-cutting ceremony on Wednesday at an economic diversification project in Edmonton. She was celebrating the grand opening of a newly expanded facility run by a firm called Ceapro Inc. that takes Alberta-grown oats and extracts ingredients that are used to make cosmetics. “This […]

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Sep 28 2016 — Evan Solomon

“Let’s just get this over with,” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said in a loud, Shakespearian aside to the duke and duchess of Cambridge as they arrived in B.C. for a photo shoot. Immediately many wondered if the PM had just insulted the royals—his own pirouette moment—or if he was just accommodating two people tired from […]

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Sep 28 2016 — Keith Baldrey

I was a bit taken aback when Prime Minister Justin Trudeau drew the loudest roar from the crowd of any guest when he was introduced at the B.C. legislature on the weekend along with the visiting royal couple, the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge. By contrast, Premier Christy Clark’s reception was more muted and a […]

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Sep 27 2016 — Susan Delacourt

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been careful to avoid publicly choosing sides in the U.S. presidential contest, promising to work with the winner, regardless of political stripe. In the meantime, his Liberal party has been proudly decking itself out in Democratic team colours. A Liberal fundraising letter was sent out in the hours before the […]

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Sep 27 2016 — Paul Wells

It’s a strange feeling walking away from something that has taken up a substantial fraction of your waking life for seven years. On Monday, I deactivated my Twitter account. It’s like slamming on some brake inside your head. When I took a quick lunch on Tuesday I read from a book instead of casting about […]

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Sep 28 2016 — Justin Trudeau

A few weeks ago, Canada successfully hosted the Fifth Replenishment Conference of the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis, and Malaria. To close the conference, I joined youth on stage and announced the final amount pledged by donors. Almost $13 billion USD will go a long way in fighting AIDS, tuberculosis, and malaria. But the […]

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Sep 28 2016 — Lawrence Martin

In this, the age of vitriol, how bad is it for the Republican/Conservative brand? There’s Donald Trump and his multitudes of visigoths, there’s Brexit’s white nationalists across the pond, there’s the fast-rising Kellie Leitch in a Canadian Conservative Party that was stung by tolerance questions in the last election. Outside of party base types, are […]

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