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NDP surges past Conservatives, Liberals in latest poll

Aug 3 2015 —

The New Democrats have surged to a double-digit lead in public support, gaining more distance over the other federal parties than they have at any time in the past two years, according to a new Forum Research poll. About four in 10 Canadians surveyed (39 per cent) said they would cast their ballot for the […]

Aug 3 2015 — Rosemary Barton

The word of the week, indeed this entire campaign, is change. Of course, change can mean many different things, and Canadians are about to find out just how many. Even the man who is perhaps the most averse to change right now will talk about it at length, as we learned on day one of […]

Aug 3 2015 —

Stephen Harper says his marathon election campaign won’t derail Canada’s bid to join a massive global trade zone that he’s predicting will be the fundamental trading network of the Asia-Pacific region. The prime minister says Trans-Pacific Partnership negotiations, which failed to reach an agreement late last week, are still ongoing, and Canada remains at the […]

Aug 3 2015 —

Battleground Alberta is rarely a phrase heard during federal campaigns. Election after election, Alberta has been solidly conservative, whether the party is Progressive Conservative, Reform, Canadian Alliance or Conservative. When Parliament was dissolved on Sunday, every Alberta riding, except two, was held by the Conservatives.


Wynne to campaign for Trudeau in Ontario

Aug 3 2015 — John Ibbitson

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne promised Sunday to do everything she can to defeat Stephen Harper and elect Justin Trudeau in the Oct. 19 federal election. “We need a new Prime Minister,” she told The Globe and Mail Sunday. “There’s no secret that I’ll be working for Justin.” Relations between the Ontario Liberals and the federal […]

Aug 3 2015 — Bruce Campion-Smith

Here are some key themes taken from the stump speeches delivered Sunday as the political leaders headed out onto the campaign trail. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper Experience: The Conservatives will stress their record in government, contrasting that with the inexperience of their political rivals. Economy: The Tories are staking their reputation — and election hopes […]

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Election 2015 offers a political dynamic never before seen

Aug 2 2015 — Tim Harper

Historically, the dramatic visit of a prime minister to the Governor General foreshadows a political frenzy and sets off a gruelling sprint. On Sunday, in the middle of a holiday weekend, Stephen Harper sounded the bell on a marathon, and the political dynamic ushered in on this morning is unlike any we’ve ever seen. In […]

bruce anderson

Five things to watch for in the federal election

Aug 3 2015 — Bruce Anderson

All the strategy and planning of a national political campaign is essential. But party veterans know elections are messy and organic, not neatly manufactured. Things happen that disrupt flow and create new momentum. Alberta’s election had a flash point, when Jim Prentice disrespected Rachel Notley during a leaders’ debate, and lit a match to his […]


Does Canada still want Harper?

Aug 3 2015 — David Akin

You could call any general election an historic one but this time it’s really true. The 42nd general election campaign that Prime Minister Stephen Harper launched under sunshine Sunday morning from the steps of Rideau Hall will be the longest in modern history — voting day is 11 weeks away on October 19 — and […]

don martin

The only advantage to the Conservatives is monetary

Aug 2 2015 — Don Martin

The economy is sagging, the loonie sinking, the Senate scandal reviving and Nanos polling shows growing support for regime change after 10 polarizing years of Prime Minister Stephen Harper. Confronted by that hostile messaging mess, the short-panted minions in Conservative party headquarters have devised a uniquely bizarre campaign strategy. The Canadian voter, they’ve decided, needs […]


Let’s hold a vote on voting system

Aug 3 2015 — Dan Leger

It had to happen some day. The law of averages alone would dictate that sooner or later, Pierre Poilievre, minister for Democratic Reform, would say something that made sense. You know how an infinite number of monkeys with an infinite number of typewriters would eventually produce the works of Shakespeare? It’s like that. It was […]

Michael Harris

Harper’s Kingdom: Home of the Whopper

Aug 3 2015 — Michael Harris

Those who live by the whopper should always remember that they can die by the whopper. True to form, Conservative leader Stephen Harper began the 2015 election campaign with a cascade of factual deficiencies. Harper said he was calling the election early because the campaigns should be paid for by political parties and he had […]


Why Mulcair wants to kill the Liberals

Aug 3 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

As the election campaign begins, watch for the NDP’s Tom Mulcair to appeal to Justin Trudeau’s Liberal voters that he’s the only party leader who can defeat Stephen Harper and the Conservatives. It will be a reversal of fortune for the third-place Liberals, who can no longer credibly claim they are the “progressive” party with […]


Bored of the federal election yet?

Aug 3 2015 — Susan Sherring

Hey, cottage country. Don’t look now, but those crazy politicians on Parliament Hill think we’d be best served by a federal election — preceded by an 11-week campaign. That’s 78 days of reputation-bashing, nonsensical political rhetoric and an eventual outcome that likely won’t change a thing in terms of how we go about our day-to-day […]

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Britney Spears — Lifetime Conservatorship

Aug 3 2015 —

Britney Spears has been under a remarkably successful conservatorship for 7 1/2 years, and sources familiar with the situation tell us it could last a lifetime. We’re told there are no plans to end the conservatorship, even in the long term, and no one involved is complaining. As TMZ and every other media outlet reported, […]

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