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Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau speaks with the media following party caucus in Ottawa on October 8, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Trudeau suggests Harper’s planned tax cuts could be reversed by Liberal gov’t

Oct 19 2014 —

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is signalling the tax cuts promised by the Conservative government could lead to a political showdown ahead of the 2015 federal election. Trudeau suggested in an interview today with CBC’s French-language service Radio-Canada that a Liberal government would prioritize investment in infrastructure, education, and research over any tax relief. He says […]

Oct 19 2014 — Elizabeth Thompson

Canada could have a minority Liberal government with an NDP official Opposition a year from now if current trends continue, according to a new EKOS poll conducted jointly for iPolitics and Radio-Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, who have ruled Canada since 2006, risk being relegated to the back corner of the House of Commons […]

Oct 19 2014 —

When Stephen Harper was first elected prime minister in 2006, he laid out five key priorities for his first term. Fast forward seven years: in the speech from the throne given in October 2013, the Conservative government listed over 100 things they wanted to achieve. Some are clearly measurable, like the pledge to balance the […]

Oct 19 2014 —

A man who recently travelled to Sierra Leone walked into a southern Ontario hospital last week, feeling unwell. Four minutes later, he was in quarantine and being tested for the Ebola virus. Those tests proved negative. Suppose they’d been positive. What would happen next? It would start with a technician at the National Microbiology Laboratory […]

Stephen Harper

Aging CF-18 fleet up to task against ISIS: Lawson

Oct 19 2014 — Andrea Janus

Canada’s aging CF-18s are up to the task of combating ISIS, says Canada’s chief of defence staff, as the planes and their crews prepare to join coalition forces launching airstrikes against militants in Iraq. Gen. Tom Lawson says people tend to age an aircraft based on the creation date on its registration card. However, recent […]


Flirting with disaster: an exclusive excerpt from Paul Wells

Oct 19 2014 — Paul Wells

A year before the 2015 election, Prime Minister Stephen Harper found himself in the fight of his life, trailing in the polls and hoping to win a fourth consecutive election victory. Maclean’s political editor Paul Wells told Harper’s story in his award-winning book The Longer I’m Prime Minister: Stephen Harper and Canada, 2006—. This week […]

Oct 19 2014 — Susana Mas

The number of individuals waiting for permanent resident status under a program that brings foreign caregivers and nannies to Canada has ballooned to more than 60,000, according to documents released under an access to information request. More than half of those individuals waiting for permanent residency are the spouses and children of foreign caregivers already […]

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Oct 19 2014 —

Rachel Notley picked up the torch from her famous father Saturday, winning a commanding 70 per cent of the party vote to become the new leader of Alberta’s NDP. She told 300 cheering supporters that it’s time to sweep away a tired Progressive Conservative government shot through with rot and scandal. “Politics should be about […]

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Oct 18 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper warned about the potential for the spread of Ebola at an award ceremony in Toronto today, saying that much like polio the disease must not be underestimated. Harper said the current situation with Ebola reminds us that in an age of globalization, global trade and travel, a problem that was once […]

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Oct 19 2014 — James Wood

The gloves are coming off in Alberta’s byelection battle as charges and counter-charges fly among political parties. Alberta Party strategist Stephen Carter said Friday the party had filed a complaint with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission regarding the use of an automated dialing system by the Progressive Conservative campaign in Calgary-Elbow.

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Oct 19 2014 — Rob Ferguson

Premier Kathleen Wynne says she won’t shrink from a battle with The Beer Store as her government thirsts for a bigger cut of sales despite brewers’ warnings it would mean higher prices for suds lovers. The comments came Saturday as Wynne commented in detail for the first time on recommendations from a blue-ribbon panel on […]

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Oct 19 2014 —

It was an encouraging night for the New Democrat Party supporters on P.E.I. More than 150 people gathered at Centre Expo Festival in Abram-Village to get a glance at federal NDP leader Tom Mulcair to welcome Dr. Herb Dickieson as the party’s leader for the Egmont race. “He (Dickieson) is so respected and so well […]

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5 federal storylines that could upend 2015 wisdom

Oct 19 2014 — Tim Harper

One year from the morning after. If our fixed election date holds, we’re a year from a trip to the federal polls. It’s a good time to remember what changes a single year can bring. Here are five storylines that can upend any federal prognostications over the next 12 months. The economy: If he was […]


As Trudeau stumbles, Mulcair finds his moment

Oct 19 2014 — Rex Murphy

Thomas Mulcair, who is formally the federal Leader of the Opposition, has for some while now been effectively sidelined in the public mind, mainly due to the unfailing star quality of Justin Trudeau. Up until a few weeks ago, that is — a point to which I shall return later in this column. Until Mr. […]


As oil price threatens Conservatives, opposition has few new options

Oct 19 2014 — James Munson

The fall in the global price of oil will only be a drop in the bucket compared to the other shifting economic factors likely to influence next year’s federal election, said several economists discussing the events of the past month. The Ebola epidemic, the new Western military effort in Iraq and Syria, recessionary fears in […]


Tories tweeting and travelling back in time

Oct 19 2014 — Martin Regg Cohn

As their leadership campaign powers up this weekend, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives are going off course again. They’ve lost the last four elections since 2003 — and on current trends they’re destined to lose the next one in 2018. On Sunday, the last of the undeclared leadership candidates is formally launching her campaign. Like her rivals, […]


Greedy financiers undermine free markets

Oct 19 2014 — Carol Goar

For more than a decade, Roger Martin, one of Canada’s leading business thinkers, has tracked the rise of a new breed of executives with the talent and chutzpah to command multi-million-dollar pay packages. In the early days, as dean of the Rotman School of Management at the University of Toronto, he regarded these high flyers […]


Notley’s NDP could be wild card in Alberta politics

Oct 19 2014 — Graham Thomson

They’re still the fourth-place party in the legislature and it’s been 20 years since they were the official Opposition, but this weekend Alberta’s New Democrats have something to celebrate. They elected MLA Rachel Notley as their new leader. She’s smart, experienced and charismatic — and wildly popular within the party. When the announcement was made […]


John Tory’s secret? Bland works

Oct 19 2014 — Lorrie Goldstein

John Tory’s political mentor, former Ontario Progressive Conservative premier Bill Davis, always explained his successful political career, including 14 years as premier, with two simple words: “Bland works.” Tory, Davis’ former principal secretary, who will win the race for Toronto mayor on Oct. 27 if the polls are correct, apparently took that lesson to heart. […]


Tory’s poised to win

Oct 19 2014 — Adrienne Batra

In the 2010 municipal election, we had a saying around the Rob Ford campaign office. It was that Torontonians wanted to throw a grenade at City Hall and level it. That grenade was Rob Ford. But now the residents of this great city are looking for someone to rebuild. Taxpayers no longer feel like Rodney […]


Sue-Ann Levy’s lunch with Doug Ford

Oct 19 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy

We’re halfway through our bowls of famous United Bakers pea soup when two ladies turn up at our table — each clutching a baby and asking to pose for pictures with my lunch companion on their iPhones. “Sorry to interrupt, sorry to interrupt,” one says, thanking mayoral candidate Doug Ford three times before walking away, […]

Joe Schlesinger

Why the ISIS mission is Obama’s real ‘red line’

Oct 19 2014 — Joe Schlesinger

The United States, the world’s most powerful country, is being challenged by a motley collection of sadistic torturers and killers called ISIS with pretences of being a religious state. As odd as it may seem, the U.S. and its allies, Canada included, have gone into this fight with one hand tied behind their backs. They […]

Oct 19 2014 — Lorne Gunter

In effect, Britain has a travel ban on people coming from the three West African countries with Ebola outbreaks – Liberia, Guinea and Sierra Leone. British commercial and charter flights in and out have been suspended since August and will remain suspended until the end of March, at least. Air France, Emirates Airlines and Korea […]

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Joan Rivers — Cause of Death May Remain Mystery … Because NO AUTOPSY

Oct 19 2014 —

We may never know exactly what killed Joan Rivers … because a decision was made NOT to do an autopsy … TMZ has learned. Sources connected to the NYC Medical Examiner tell us … Melissa Rivers was despondent when Joan died and told doctors she did not want an autopsy performed. According to New York […]

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