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Feb 26 2015 —

Former Sun TV personality Ezra Levant is taking to crowdfunding to help back his new media venture — The Rebel. According to the outspoken host’s website, he has already raised roughly $100,000 for new equipment and more than $15,000 a month in ongoing contributions to pay for the site’s operations. The campaign allows contributors to […]

Feb 26 2015 —

The federal government insists it’s on track to eliminate the massive backlog plaguing its social security tribunal. Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre says officials in his department are plowing through cases and will wipe out the 11,000-case backlog by this summer, as previously promised. During daily question period in the House of Commons, NDP MP Jinny […]


Missing and murdered aboriginal women inquiry a must, report says

Feb 26 2015 — Max Paris

Contrary to government assertions, violence against indigenous women and girls is a sociological phenomenon and, while it has been studied, many recommendations haven’t been implemented, claims a new report on the issue of murdered and missing aboriginal women. The report, released today by the Legal Strategy Coalition on Violence Against Indigenous Women, comes a day […]


War veteran, home invasion victim, Ernest Cote passes away at 101

Feb 26 2015 —

One of Canada’s better known D-Day veterans has passed away. Ernest Cote was 101. As a lieutenant-colonel, he was the logistics officer with the 3rd Canadian Division, which landed on Juno Beach on June 6, 1944 and was mentioned in dispatches for his role in the historic invasion that led to the downfall of Nazi […]


Ontario Liberals mock Tory who says he doesn’t believe in evolution

Feb 26 2015 —

Ontario’s opposition parties say the Liberals are stooping to new lows to deflect attention from their scandals, including a police probe of allegations of corruption in a recent Sudbury byelection. The Progressive Conservatives are fuming after the Liberals handed out copies of National Geographic with a cover article “The War on Science” to make fun […]

Feb 26 2015 — Kady O'Malley

After fending off accusations of ducking parliamentary scrutiny of its controversial anti-terror bill in the House, the government has offered to give the public safety committee significantly more time to hear from witnesses. The move came in response to a New Democrat-driven filibuster that could have put the committee review on hold indefinitely while MPs […]

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Feb 26 2015 — Robert Benzie

Conservatives are quietly considering a proposal to hold up to five regional televised debates in the upcoming federal election to contrast Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s experience with rookie Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau. With Canadians going to the polls on or before Oct. 19, sources say some Tory strategists are actively discussing the pros and cons […]

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Feb 26 2015 —

The race for the federal Liberal nomination in Cumberland-Colchester has turned tense as one party member says she was tricked out of running. Susan MacQuarrie is accusing the local riding association of sidelining her in favour of their preferred candidate, Bill Casey. Riding association president Bob Hagell said her story is inaccurate and insisted there […]

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Feb 26 2015 — Chris Hall

Fresh from limiting the parliamentary debate, at second reading, on its proposed anti-terror law, the government is now resisting opposition calls for an extensive review of Bill C-51 by the Commons committee on public safety and national security. “This bill is strongly supported by Canadians,” Stephen Harper argued this week during Question Period, “and I […]

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don martin

Government has tunnel vision when it comes to terror radicalization

Feb 26 2015 — Don Martin

That bizarre Toronto tunnel was the howler of the week. It went nowhere and, given the discovery of Roman Catholic rosary beads and a military-honoring poppy inside, clearly wasn’t linked to jihad terrorism. But conspiracy theorists sounding the alarm about the tunnel as a Pan-Am Games terrorism launch pad underline public fear factors stoked by […]


A Liberal nomination conundrum in Nepean

Feb 26 2015 — Terry Glavin

When Liberal leader Justin Trudeau promised “open nominations” for local riding candidacies two years ago, he couldn’t possibly have foreseen what was coming, so let’s be fair. But let’s be honest. Trudeau’s idealistic open-door policy has bogged down in an embarrassing quagmire of lawsuits, accusations of back-alley shenanigans to benefit Trudeau’s favourites and miraculous last-minute […]


There are times when good politics make for better policy

Feb 26 2015 — Chantal Hébert

Cast in the lead Conservative role for the first House of Commons debate on the Supreme Court’s ruling on assisted suicide on Tuesday, MP Bob Dechert made a pretty definitive case for the government to seek an extension to deal with the issue. Earlier this month the top court gave Parliament one year to draft […]


Western weakness won’t help Ontario’s budget woes

Feb 26 2015 — Mark Milke

With the plunge in oil prices over the last six months (and already soft natural gas prices), it’s not headline news to note that provinces heavily dependent on energy-related revenues are suffering.  The decline in the resource sector has also contributed to a decline in the value of the Canadian dollar against the greenback. That […]

Brian Rotenberg22

Getting a grip on the risks of vaccination

Feb 26 2015 — Brian Rotenberg

Every day when I see patients in my surgical clinic, some are offered a procedure to help them feel better. Whether it is a minor surgery like a tonsillectomy, or something larger scale such as tumor resection, I have a full discussion with the patient regarding the benefits and risks of doing “something.” Each time […]


No point pretending the Reform Act can revive Canada’s Pretend Parliament

Feb 26 2015 — Andrew Coyne

It is a touching irony that Michael Chong’s Reform Act, intended to revive Parliament as a meaningful legislative body, should have passed the House in the very week that Parliament’s irrelevance was conclusively demonstrated. Indeed, the very history of the Reform Act, a longtime passion of the Conservative MP, demonstrates much the same. Carefully drafted […]


CBC has entered the digital age, but not the ethical age

Feb 26 2015 — John Doyle

If you wrote to the CBC ombudsman to complain about Amanda Lang’s apparent conflict-of- interest antics after she accepted money from the insurer Manulife for moderating a pair of seminars, and from Sun Life for giving a speech, and many of you did, you’ve probably had a reply by now. You probably got this: “Thank […]


The Bloc is back from the dead. What gives?

Feb 26 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

“Right now,” says EKOS president Frank Graves, “Quebec is the most interesting race in the country.” An understatement. Not only are the Conservatives competitive again in Quebec, so is the Bloc Québécois, according to the latest EKOS poll for iPolitics — which describes an unprecedented deadlocked race there among four federal parties. In the field […]

Paul Adams

Canada’s tantrum in the Middle East

Feb 26 2015 — Paul Adams

Many Canadians would be surprised to learn the extent to which Canada has become an enemy of moderation in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, so let’s not allow the latest petty incident to go unremarked: apparent payback to a Palestinian NGO because its founder criticized John Baird. For more than twenty years, Hanan Ashrawi, an ethnic Christian […]


Bill C-51 threatens to sacrifice liberty for security

Feb 26 2015 — Errol P. Mendes

Four former Canadian prime ministers (including a Conservative) and five former Supreme Court justices have warned Conservative Prime Minister Stephen Harper that protecting the security of Canadians and their most important freedoms is not a zero sum game. In their own words criticizing his anti-terrorism legislation, Bill C-51, they warn: “Protecting human rights and protecting […]

Feb 26 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui

The West is at war with Muslim terrorists, not Muslims, let alone Islam. That has been the mantra of the states waging war on terrorism. But much of the Muslim world doesn’t buy that, believing instead that the war on terrorism is part of a broader war to control oil and geo-political interests. A related […]

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Feb 26 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

Indulge me today while I dispense with a smear campaign some climate hysterics have spread about me in the wake of the leak of an RCMP report on environmental radicalism in Canada. Their smear is the false suggestion I provided ‘“intel” to the RCMP in the preparation of this report, which began on one environmental […]

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Brit Awards 2015: Madonna falls off stage

Feb 26 2015 —

Pop star Madonna fell off the stage during her performance at the 2015 Brit Awards, on a night that saw Sam Smith and Ed Sheeran each win two prizes. Madonna tumbled down a set of stairs and landed awkwardly, apparently after a dancer tried to remove a cape she was wearing at the start of […]