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Decision delayed on whether to unseal evidence in case that could reveal Harper family secrets

Apr 17 2015 — Stephen Maher

An Ontario Superior Court judge has reserved decision on whether to unseal evidence in a case believed to contain information about the prime minister’s family. Media lawyer Brian MacLeod Rogers asked Justice Mary Vallee on Friday to lift the unusually strict sealing order, while Justice Department lawyer Barney Brucker invoked Section 37 of the Canada […]

Apr 17 2015 — Frank Graves

Stephen Harper continues to defy the odds, maintaining a small but significant lead in this week’s poll. While our tracking shows that Canadians are in a pessimistic place these days — about the economy and the nation’s direction overall — the prime minister has re-established a modest edge over Justin Trudeau’s Liberals.

Apr 17 2015 —

Canadian conservatives who have launched a cheeky new billboard campaign in Ottawa are urging Tories to embrace their libertarian roots and legalize marijuana. A group called Canadian Conservatives for Legal Marijuana put up the billboards, which parody the familiar federal Conservative party branding but feature a few more hints of green. One is at the […]


Four British sailors face sexual assault charges in Canada

Apr 17 2015 —

Four members of the Royal Navy have been charged with sexual assault causing bodily harm at a Canadian Forces Base in the Halifax area. Speaking outside court today, Crown attorney Scott Morrison says the men are alleged to have participated in a “group sexual assault” at CFB Shearwater on April 10. He says the men […]


Canada-India uranium deal will spur proliferation, experts warn

Apr 17 2015 — Evan Dyer

India test-fired a nuclear-capable ballistic missile Thursday, just hours after signing a deal to buy 3,000 tons of Canadian uranium. The Agni-III missile, which has a range of over 3,000 kilometres, was fired from the Indian army’s test range on Wheeler Island in the Bay of Bengal. India declared the test a success.

Apr 17 2015 — Laura Payton

Canadian author Margaret Atwood and singer-songwriter Sarah Harmer are voicing complaints about the Conservatives’ proposed anti-terrorism bill, asking Liberal MPs from their communities to vote against it. In particular, Harmer and Atwood have got their backs up over the Liberals’ pledge to support the bill, despite saying they would change it if they win power […]

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Apr 17 2015 —

With a second round of protests against the federal government’s proposed anti-terrorism legislation set for this weekend, an online petition calling for the bill to be scrapped is nearing 200,000 signatures. “We haven’t really seen anything like this in years. It’s remarkable,” said David Christopher, a spokesman with, one of the organizations behind the […]

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Apr 17 2015 —

The Conservative government plans to use the coming federal budget to underscore its pre-election messaging on the importance of national security. Sources tell The Canadian Press the budget is expected to earmark resources to help security agencies carry out enhanced responsibilities under new anti-terrorism legislation. The anti-terrorism bill, currently before the Senate, would give the […]

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bruce anderson

In this election, will voters choose emotion or reason?

Apr 17 2015 — Bruce Anderson

In this fall’s election, will voters choose based on rationality or emotion? Will we be guided by political ideology, or pragmatism? Of course, the answer is all of the above, but not in equal measure. One in three Canadian voters say they have a guiding political ideology. Twice as many say they are pragmatists, people […]


Hillary Clinton’s YouTube launch may hold lesson for Canada

Apr 17 2015 — Susan Delacourt

Politicians and the media need each other, especially during an election campaign — or so the conventional wisdom goes. But the launch of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the U.S. presidency this week shows the ways in which that symbiotic relationship is unravelling — in what could be also be a sneak preview for media-political dealings […]


Trudeau’s coalition confusion

Apr 17 2015 — Jamey Heath

On one level, Justin Trudeau gets credit for doing politics differently. More often than not, centre-left voters only learn after an election that Liberals didn’t really mean it. This time around Trudeau has let them know well in advance. So points for that, despite what the yes-then-no coalition backflip reveals about him, issues and the […]


Modi likely to leave some votes behind for Harper

Apr 16 2015 — Tim Harper

Sometimes, it’s enough to be the opening act or to simply content yourself banging the cowbell behind the lead guitarist. That’s been Stephen Harper’s role during the three-day Canadian visit by Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi and it has provided a nice boost to the Canadian prime minister. It has also been a boost to […]


Death of the Canadian Wheat Board

Apr 17 2015 — Mia Rabson

Symbol of Prairie farming now officially a thing of the past. For many decades the Canadian Wheat Board was as symbolic of Prairie farming as the grain elevator itself. But when news broke Wednesday confirming the sale of 50.1 per cent of the CWB to a new joint venture of an American agribusiness firm and […]


Canada’s top energy regulator unfazed by controversy

Apr 17 2015 — Carol Goar

You might think Peter Watson, the new chair of the National Energy Board, has more pressing priorities than a five-month road trip to listen to Canadians, meet local mayors, municipal engineers and emergency responders, sit down with First Nations leaders and answer questions on everything from pipeline safety to climate change. You’d be wrong, he […]

Apr 17 2015 — Lorne Gunter

Boys deep within the Alberta Tory war room claim that despite awful poll numbers, the party that has governed the province for the past 44 years is not panicking – yet. Many of its key strategists are getting pit stains in their designer shirts, though. Recall that at this point in the 2012 provincial campaign […]

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ESPN reporter rips apart parking attendant in video

Apr 17 2015 —

Foul-mouthed ESPN reporter Britt McHenry was given a timeout after a shocking video of the sportscaster berating and belittling a towing company employee went viral Thursday. McHenry was suspended for one week following the release of footage showing the blond beauty unleashing a barrage of insults and mocking the attendant’s job, education and physical appearance […]

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