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Oct 3 2015 — Ben Spurr

Public health experts are slamming Stephen Harper’s assertion that marijuana is “infinitely worse” than tobacco, saying the remark has no basis in scientific fact. The Conservative leader made the comment the morning after the final debate of the election campaign Friday night, during which he criticized Justin Trudeau’s proposal to legalize the drug. Asked by […]

Oct 4 2015 —

Stephen Harper says voters have a choice on Oct. 19 between lower or higher taxes. The Leader of the Conservative Party of Canada made his first visit to the province since 2012, a brief campaign stop in Bay Roberts yesterday. PC candidates Deanne Stapleton, Mike Windsor, Marek Krol, and Lorraine Barnett made the trip to […]

Oct 4 2015 — Dean Beeby

An unpublished study by the Justice Department is critical of a recent Harper government measure that allows further restrictions on the freedom of people who’ve been found not criminally responsible of serious crimes, usually because of mental illness. The $6,000 study was commissioned in March from Justice Richard D. Schneider, Canada’s foremost expert on the […]

trudeau harper mulcair

Mulcair zooms through southwest Ontario while Trudeau is back in 905

Oct 4 2015 —

The NDP campaign is going to race through southwest Ontario today with Tom Mulcair starting the day in Brantford and ending in Essex and he’s expected to focus on trade talks involving a dozen countries. Mulcair has no less than a half dozen brief campaign appearances with the orange bus also stopping in Waterloo, Stratford, […]

Oct 3 2015 —

Marijuana is “infinitely worse” than tobacco and its use should be widely discouraged in Canada, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says. The remarks come the morning after the federal leaders’ French-language debate, in which Harper’s clash with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau over the issue of legalization was among the evening’s more memorable exchanges. The Liberals support […]

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Oct 3 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie could be headed toward unseating Conservative incumbent Royal Galipeau in Orléans on Oct. 19, a new poll for Postmedia suggests. The survey by Mainstreet Research found that Leslie, a retired Canadian Forces general, has a healthy lead in public support over Galipeau and political rivals running for the other parties in […]

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Trudeau easily survives debate traps

Oct 4 2015 — David Akin

There’s as good a chance as there’s been all month that Justin Trudeau and the Liberals will come out on top in this election. And if that happens, we may look back and say the debates were the catalyst that propelled his return to his boyhood home at 24 Sussex Dr. For Conservatives and New […]

Bob Hepburn

Why Stephen Harper has no fear of strategic voting

Oct 4 2015 — Bob Hepburn

Stephen Harper must smile to himself every time he reads articles about how Liberal and NDP supporters plan to vote strategically to defeat him and his Conservative candidates. He is smiling because the reality is Harper has no real fear that a successful, unified assault on Tory candidates will materialize. That’s because, as past close […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Are Liberals, NDP too nice to beat Harper?

Oct 4 2015 — Heather Mallick

Most governments run countries according to what they favour, what they like to see in citizens, events and projects. Canada used to be that way, like an affable dad. Ottawa giddily approved bridges and highways, urged criminals to mend their ways, listened to wild-eyed scientists warning about bugs eating our forests and summers getting mysteriously […]


Where they stand

Oct 4 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

This election matters: Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair have different visions of Canada. The conventional wisdom that all politicians are the same and it doesn’t matter who we elect is flat out wrong in this closely contested federal election race. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and NDP Leader Tom Mulcair are proposing very […]


Republican tactics working for Harper

Oct 4 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui

Donald Trump says he does not want Syrian refugees in the United States. “They could be, listen, they could be ISIS (Islamic State).” If 200,000 came, that’d constitute a “200,000-man army.” Stephen Harper is not so crude but his message is similar. “We cannot open the floodgates and airlift tens of thousands of refugees out […]


Harper hatred not as widespread as they say

Oct 4 2015 — Lorne Gunter

With just two weeks to go in the federal election (and after almost exactly two months of official campaigning already completed), just one thing is clear: If Canadians were given the choice of None of the Above, the Plague On of Them party just might win. If the hatred of Prime Minister Stephen Harper were […]


Niqab ban not a big deal

Oct 4 2015 — Anthony Furey

It’s time to put the niqab issue into perspective. The misplaced rhetoric is getting out of hand. Late last week Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi said on a radio program: “This is unbelievably dangerous stuff.” Only he wasn’t referring to the wearing of the niqab itself – a full face veil certain Muslim women choose to […]

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