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Cpl. Nathan Cirillo makes his final journey home

Oct 24 2014 — Kendra Mangione

The body of the soldier fatally shot at the National War Memorial is travelling toward the Highway of Heroes Friday, before he is laid to rest in Hamilton, Ont. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was shot while he was standing guard at the National War Memorial on Wednesday morning. Despite efforts to resuscitate Cirillo, the 24-year-old died […]

Oct 24 2014 —

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the gunman behind Wednesday’s shooting in Ottawa, had applied to renew his Libyan passport but was denied, CBC News has learned. Zehaf-Bibeau shot and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial in Ottawa Wednesday before attacking Parliament Hill. Zehaf-Bibeau, whose father is Libyan, applied for the passport renewal on Oct. 2 […]

Oct 24 2014 —

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the 32-year-old suspected killer of a Canadian Forces soldier in Ottawa, spent $160 a day on heroin and hated Canadian and American soldiers, according to a man who got to know him in Ottawa. The man, known only as “Darryl,” told Ottawa’s 580 CFRA News Talk Radio that he met Zehaf-Bibeau just over […]


Ottawa gunman launched attack with slow-loading, John Wayne-style rifle: experts

Oct 24 2014 —

Firearms experts say the Ottawa gunman’s choice of a slow-loading, old-time hunting rifle suggests his rampage was either a poorly concocted plan or designed as a one-way trip from the start. Or, perhaps, he just pulled the 1800s-style weapon off somebody’s wall? The Mounties say the origin of Michael Zehaf Bibeau’s .30-30 Winchester lever-action rifle […]


Conservative MP criticizes military’s decision on uniforms, war memorial

Oct 24 2014 —

A Conservative MP whose riding includes a major military base is criticizing a directive which tells soldiers to avoid wearing uniforms in public. John Williamson, who is also a member of the Commons defence committee, tweets that the sight of uniforms is as symbolically important as re-opening Parliament after Wednesday’s shooting.

Oct 24 2014 —

The president of Pacific Northwest LNG, which is looking to build a multibillion-dollar project near Prince Rupert, B.C., has resigned, the consortium led by Malaysian energy giant Petronas said Friday. Pacific Northwest LNG said Greg Kist plans to return to his home and family in Alberta. “Under Greg’s leadership, the company was formed and continues […]

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Oct 24 2014 —

The Conservative government has introduced another mammoth omnibus budget bill that includes a grab-bag of measures, ranging from tax breaks for beekeepers to provisions banning cable companies from charging for paper bills. Much of the 458-page bill involves the complicated implementation of tax changes and other budget measures, including revisions to the Investment Canada Act. […]

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Oct 24 2014 —

Unifor says Ford Motor Co. has decided to build its new engine in Mexico after it was unable to reach a deal with the federal and Ontario governments. Unifor national president Jerry Dias says the union is disappointed the company and the two levels of government could not reach an agreement after months of talks. […]

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Oct 24 2014 —

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney is giving more indications of how the government intends to strengthen Canada’s security laws in the wake of Wednesday’s attack in Ottawa on Parliament Hill. The minister told Radio-Canada on Friday that the government is eyeing the thresholds established in Canadian law for the preventive arrests of people thought to […]

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Oct 24 2014 —

Postmedia Network Canada Corp. (TSX:PNC.B) (TSX:PNC.A) says its losses deepened in the fourth quarter as revenues dropped 13 per cent, weighed down by weaker print and digital advertising sales. The Toronto-based media company, owner of several newspapers and websites including the National Post, says it had a $49.8 million net loss, or $1.24 per share […]

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Oct 24 2014 — John Ivison

The Conservatives are understood to be considering new legislation that would make it an offence to condone terrorist acts online. There is frustration in government, and among law enforcement agencies, that the authorities can’t detain or arrest people who express sympathy for atrocities committed overseas and who may pose a threat to public safety, one […]

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We’ve seen MPs unite, now we need them to be divided

Oct 24 2014 — Scott Reid

Amid the tragedy, bravery, bloodshed, terror, tears and resolve of this week’s startling events in Ottawa, there is disagreement. Fierce and fundamental disagreement. The kind of disagreement that cannot be casually reconciled or easily bridged. The kind of disagreement that cuts to the core of ideas like country, community and citizenship. For the moment – […]


Politics rises to what it should be in wake of Ottawa attacks

Oct 24 2014 — Andrew Coyne

There is a script people in politics are called upon to perform, in times of crisis or tragedy. In the script, our leaders put politics aside in a moment of unity. At such times, they declare, we are all Canadians first, partisans second. They praise each other, and vow to work together. They may even […]


An awkward hug — and a difficult debate

Oct 24 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Hugs are not the norm in the House of Commons. Prime Minister Stephen Harper, in particular, is not known as a ‘huggy’ type. Reporters still recall the day, many years ago, when Harper solemnly shook his son Ben’s hand when seeing him off to school, instead of being more, uh, parentally demonstrative. But the day […]


History of Hill security hiccups repeats

Oct 24 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Yep. That’s what he said: it caught them by surprise. That’s what RCMP Assistant Commissioner Gilles Michaud actually said at a shambles of a press conference on Wednesday, looking feckless and useless: the attack on Parliament Hill – the murder of Corporal Nathan Cirillo – “caught us by surprise.” It caught them by surprise, despite […]


Defiance will come, but emotion in Ottawa still too raw

Oct 24 2014 — Tim Harper

The strains of O Canada started faintly, but gradually built. It was sung by cabinet ministers, MPs from all parties, public servants on their way to work, a bicycle courier and university students. We all sang, but this was a plaintive rendering of the anthem. Spontaneous, yes, but delivered more in grief than defiance, behind […]


Now, there’s even more to remember this Nov. 11

Oct 24 2014 — Lezlie Lowe

The first message at Wednesday’s official press conference in the hours after the Ottawa Parliament shootings was simple: the situation, Police Chief Charles Bordeleau said, “is fluid.” It will remain so for a long time, I’d wager, as police and RCMP piece together what happened on Wellington Street and how. As our hearts stop skipping […]

rick salutin

We didn’t lose our innocence. We never had it

Oct 24 2014 — Rick Salutin

After Wednesday’s events in Ottawa, I want to comment on one version or account (yes, the dread “narrative”) which was dominant in the reporting. It’s the “unprecedented chaos, lost our virginity/innocence, never gonna be the same, demise of Canada as a Peaceable Kingdom” rendering. The Peaceable Kingdom isn’t even a Canadian phrase. It was used […]

jeffrey simpson

Tribute, solidarity and back to politics

Oct 24 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

Blessed normalcy and quiet dignity settled over the city of Ottawa and the country’s government Thursday in the aftermath of violence and tragedy. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his wife, Laureen, laid a wreath at the National War Memorial, where Corporal Nathan Cirillo, a reservist from Hamilton, was slain. It was a moving and appropriate […]

Oct 24 2014 — Matt Gurney

On Wednesday, when Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed Parliament Hill after gunning down Canadian Army Corporal Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial, things went well. As I wrote in Thursday’s National Post, the sudden attack was quickly and efficiently stopped, the Prime Minister was secured, the downtown area quickly locked down and wounded evacuated for treatment. […]

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Oct 24 2014 — Aaron Wherry

There were, at the start, the pleasing formalities—the morning prayer, the tabling of petitions—but let the record show that the first great glimpse of real returning normalcy arrived at 10:20am this morning. It was at that moment, with the Prime Minister having reviewed the relevant legislative initiatives of his government and then promised new bills […]

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Sacramento Kings v Los Angeles Lakers

Steve Nash out for the season, two-time MVP’s career uncertain

Oct 24 2014 —

Steve Nash hoped for one more chance to show off his playmaking skills after fighting injuries and time for two miserable years with the Los Angeles Lakers. Instead, Nash couldn’t even make it to opening night in the 19th season of his remarkable career. Nash will miss the entire season because of a back injury, […]

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