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Trudeau promises he’d be accessible PM, unmuzzle bureaucrats, ministers

Dec 22 2014 —

Justin Trudeau is promising to scrap Stephen Harper’s brand of message discipline if he becomes prime minister, giving more freedom to bureaucrats, ditching the scripts for cabinet ministers and making them and himself more accessible to journalists. The Liberal leader says Harper’s penchant for strictly controlling the flow of information — and the select few […]

Dec 22 2014 —

Stephen Harper held a private meeting Sunday with Alberta Premier Jim Prentice in Calgary. Only a few broad details about the session were disclosed in a short news release from the Prime Minister’s Office. It stated the two leaders focused on “the provincial, federal and global economies and on working together to keep Canada’s energy […]

Dec 22 2014 — At Issue

At Issue: Year-End Review. The past year will be remembered for the death of long-serving finance minister Jim Flaherty, a heated political tussle over Toronto’s mayoral seat and a string of ups and downs for provincial politicians. CBC News looks back at some notable political stories — and ahead at the one big story set […]

Dec 22 2014 —

It’s going to be a horse race in the provincial byelection for Sudbury, according to a new poll, although one of the jockeys hasn’t even been determined yet. A phone survey conducted Sunday by Mainstreet Technologies found the Liberals, under newly appointed candidate Glenn Thibeault, out in front by three percentage points over the NDP, […]

Dec 22 2014 —

The “C word” many tire of or avoid altogether during election campaigns doesn’t scare the federal NDP leader. “Don’t forget, we’re the ones who made it a priority in 2008 to put the coalition idea on the table,” Tom Mulcair said in an interview on The West Block with Tom Clark. “We wrote it and […]


Sudbury Liberals hold edge federally, poll finds

Dec 22 2014 —

It seems Sudburians are not immune to the charms of Justin Trudeau, who may not generate quite the same mania as his pirouetting pa, but certainly seems to have gained a bit of momentum for his party. A poll conducted Sunday by Mainstreet Technologies has the Grits ahead by a comfortable lead in the Sudbury […]

trudeau mulcair22

Coalition? Maybe. But don’t ask until after the election

Dec 22 2014 — Kristie Smith

Prime Minister Stephen Harper once said that “losers don’t get to form coalitions” and that winners are the ones who form government. Canadian public opinion may prove him wrong. Numbers in the new iPolitics-EKOS poll suggest 60 per cent of Canadians could be amenable to a coalition on the left and experts agree — just […]

Dec 22 2014 — Dylan Robertson

At least two National Capital Commission staff witnessed the Oct. 22 shooting death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, and one provided key information to police about the assailant. That and other details, contained in internal communications among NCC officials obtained by the Citizen, prompted a swift lockdown. The NCC, a Crown corporation that administers federally owned […]

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Dec 22 2014 —

Jurors deciding the fate of Luka Rocco Magnotta worked through the weekend, but still failed to reach a verdict. Today will mark Day 7 of their deliberations in Montreal. Since getting the case last Tuesday the panel of eight women and four men have contacted the court only twice — once to ask a legal […]

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Dec 21 2014 —

A spate of public opinion surveys this autumn has prompted the usual end-of-year parsing of political fortunes and chin-stroking prognostications about a federal election that may still be 10 months in the future. Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are up. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are down. Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats are out of it. Reader beware. In fact, […]

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Harper has reason to hope in 2015

Dec 22 2014 — Dan Leger

For those waiting around for Stephen Harper to move on to greener pastures, 2015 is going to be a frustrating year. Short of an election defeat, the prime minister isn’t going anywhere. Harper insisted in year-end interviews that he will lead the Conservatives into the next election, which he’s in no rush to call. “It’s […]


The year’s top foot-in-mouth moments from Canadian politics

Dec 21 2014 — Tim Harper

Say what? We’ve all done it: blurted out something we immediately wanted to take back. In Canadian politics, it was a banner year for blurting and regretting, but this being Ottawa, the blurting was always clearer than the regretting. Regardless, here are 10 instances in which our federal representatives might have wanted a do-over: Film […]


Political shorthand for 2015: It’s all up to Trudeau

Dec 21 2014 —

Here’s the shorthand for the next ten months in Canadian politics, and more broadly for the next few years: It’s all up to Justin Trudeau now. The rest, including the personal performances of Prime Minister Stephen Harper and NDP leader Tom Mulcair, are supporting plots to this main narrative. We know this because of the […]

campbell clark

Harper must aim for a majority or bust in 2015

Dec 22 2014 — Campbell Clark

A poll this week showed 48 per cent of Canadians think the country is on the wrong track, and only 37 per cent think it is moving in the right direction. Stephen Harper would probably think: “Not bad.” His party has always thrived without fretting that it doesn’t have a majority on its side. In […]


Oswald not looking like formidable force

Dec 22 2014 — Dan Lett

It had all of the trappings of a big-time campaign launch. There was some cheesy Fleetwood Mac rock music, assorted journalists and cameras, a throng of chanting supporters and an oppressive heat produced when you put too many people into too small a room. And yet, when Theresa Oswald finally strolled into the second-floor meeting […]

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Blue Rodeo sings the melancholy side of Christmas

Dec 22 2014 —

Holiday shoppers have an abundance of Christmas themed album releases to choose from this year. Everyone from British pop singer Sam Smith, to the cast of the popular TV show Downton Abbey seem to have new holiday albums in the market. Canadian soprano Measha Brueggergosman and Toronto-based country-pop band Blue Rodeo are among those entering […]

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