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Winds of political change begin to stir across Canada

Apr 19 2014 — David Akin

The results of the two most recent provincial elections – in Nova Scotia and in Quebec – may be the start of a trend that incumbents like Stephen Harper, Kathleen Wynne, and Rob Ford ought to be worried about. Voters in Canada, long happy with the political status quo, appear prepared to vote for change. […]

Apr 19 2014 —

The RCMP confirmed this week it will not pursue charges against Nigel Wright, the prime minister’s former chief of staff, over a $90,000 payment he made to cover Senator Mike Duffy’s ineligible expenses. But the federal Ethics Commissioner is still looking into the matter and the RCMP continues its investigation of Duffy. What does the […]

Apr 19 2014 —

Air Canada is apologizing after a video purporting to show a baggage handler dropping luggage from roughly six metres off the ground hit social media. The video, taken by a passenger on board a plane, shows a baggage handler dropping bags from a boarding gate to a luggage bin.

Apr 19 2014 — Theresa Tedesco and Jen Gerson

In the dry tone reserved for routine business, Senator Larry Campbell made a note for the parliamentary record: “I believe that I have a private interest that might be affected by Bill C-290.” The bill, still awaiting the Senate’s approval, would allow Canadians to bet on individual sporting events; currently, legitimate establishments allow wagers on […]


Medical marijuana recalled by Health Canada

Apr 19 2014 —

Don’t smoke the Purple Kush. That’s the message Health Canada is sending out to medical marijuana users across the country after issuing its first recall for a batch of prescription pot. The recall went out Friday after Health Canada inspectors identified issues with the production practices of B.C.-based producer Greenleaf Medicinals. “We’ve uncovered some product […]

Former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush listens during an education panel discussion in Las Vegas, on Thursday, March 27, 2014. David Wilkins, the former ambassador to Canada who co-chaired and then chaired George W. Bush's two campaigns in the key Republican primary state of South Carolina, says the younger sibling has the skills to go the distance. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP, Las Vegas Review-Journal, Jeff Scheid

Another Bush in the White House? Ex-ambassador says Jeb could be a contender

Apr 19 2014 —

As Jeb Bush weighs a run for the White House, his prospective candidacy is being praised by a well-known Republican who helped organize his brother’s successful campaigns in 2000 and 2004. David Wilkins, the former ambassador to Canada who co-chaired and then chaired George W. Bush’s two campaigns in the key Republican primary state of […]


Frustration and elation greets new delay to Keystone XL

Apr 19 2014 — Bill Mah

The premier of Alberta and the head of TransCanada Corporation both expressed frustration at the U.S. government Friday for once again delaying a decision on the company’s controversial Keystone XL pipeline. “I am disappointed in today’s announcement of yet another delay in the regulatory approval process for the Keystone XL pipeline,” Premier Dave Hancock said […]

Apr 19 2014 —

One of two teens charged in the Rehtaeh Parsons child pornography case is now accused of threatening to kill the girl’s father, Glen Canning. Police said Saturday that a 19-year-old Eastern Passage, N.S., man is facing charges of uttering death threats and criminal harassment after allegedly making threats online. The general investigation unit of the […]

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Apr 19 2014 —

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford says his city is “booming” since he took office and the number of construction cranes in the sky are the proof. But is counting cranes really a solid method of evaluating a city’s economy? Toronto currently has 147 high-rise buildings under construction, according the city’s chief planner name, Jennifer Keesmaat. In […]

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Apr 19 2014 —

YouTube video shows baggage dropped from atop staircase, airline investigating. Air Canada says it is investigating after a video that appears to show its baggage handlers dropping items from a tall staircase circulated on the internet. The short video was shot on Thursday by Dwayne Stewart of Vancouver while he was waiting to fly home […]

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Apr 19 2014 —

More than a year after his predecessor abruptly quit, the new head of Library and Archives Canada will arrive in June at an institution facing huge challenges over digitizing Canada’s history in an era of federal budget cuts. The federal government announced that Guy Berthiaume, president of the Bibliotheque et Archives nationales du Quebec since […]

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Don Lenihan's Public Voice(s)

Populist or elitist: Can the Harper Government be both?

Apr 19 2014 — Don Lenihan

Is the Harper Government populist or elitist? Colin Horgan thinks they have run out of ideas so they are turning to populism. Linda McQuaig finds the talk of populism odd. They are, she insists, deeply elitist. So which is it: populist or elitist? Horgan borrows his definition of populism from Andrew Coyne, who says that it is “about […]


Conservatives’ election bill wrong but not fatal

Apr 19 2014 — Tom Walkom

Yes, the Conservative government’s proposed election reform bill is wrong-headed. But take a deep breath. Its adoption will not materially hasten the end of civilization as we know it. There are deeper forces at play. New Democratic Party Leader Tom Mulcair says the Conservative government’s decision to ram Bill C-23 through the Commons is unprecedented. […]

jeffrey simpson

Assisted suicide – the issue we can’t ignore

Apr 19 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

Steven Fletcher, the Conservative MP from Winnipeg, has done Canada a service. In March, he introduced two private member’s bills to allow physician-assisted suicide. His bills rekindled the embers of a national debate. If they ever reach the Commons for a vote, attention will again be focused on an issue that refuses to go away.


Hudak, Wynne have enough to fight over

Apr 19 2014 — Mohammed Adam

What a silly and egotistical game Kathleen Wynne and Tim Hudak are playing over the gas plant cancellations, but for Ontarians watching, it is neither funny nor edifying. The two top Ontario politicians — one who is premier, and the other the Opposition leader who could be premier — are playing a game of chicken […]


Marriage Act changes fail to set trap for Wildrose

Apr 19 2014 — Graham Thomson

Well, they’ve finally caught up with the rest of the province. They must be exhausted. On Thursday, Alberta government MLAs voted to support legislation to change the preamble to the province’s Marriage Act to fall in line with a 2005 federal law that recognizes same-sex unions. For the past nine years, the provincial government has […]


Sending jets a measured response

Apr 19 2014 — Sun Media

Prime Minister Stephen Harper must do everything possible to avoid Canadian military action in eastern Europe. At the same time, we’ve got no problem with sending over six CF-18 fighter jets. We are only following our obligations as a NATO member by sending the jets to be stationed in Lask, Poland. There they will help […]


The settled science of ‘rape culture’

Apr 19 2014 — Anthony Furey

What a strange approach to a public debate. There is a subset of today’s activist movement that seems straight out of Orwell. These are the adherents of the New Activism who believe that the most pressing issue of our time is the vaguely defined phenomenon “rape culture.” You can’t object to their talking points. There […]


So long, Jim. Easter is why I know I’ll see you again

Apr 19 2014 — Preston Manning

Dear Jim: I simply can’t believe that you’re “gone”; in fact, I don’t believe it. Not sure you’ve seen all the media coverage last week, but it has been spectacular and 99 per cent positive. The best media week you’ve ever had. Remember when you were Mike Harris’s labour minister and you were castigated as […]

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Kevin Martin retires

Apr 19 2014 —

Kevin Martin was the kind of guy who marched to his own drummer. So, when he announced his retirement as a competitive curler late Friday afternoon, it was done in typical enigmatic fashion. There it was in a Sportsnet news release announcing Martin would be a broadcast analyst and official spokesman for the Grand Slam […]

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