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Major security measures for Ottawa’s Canada 150 bash amid ISIS threat

Jun 27 2017 —

More than 500,000 revelers are expected to flock to Parliament Hill Saturday to celebrate Canada’s 150th anniversary, and heightened security will be in place across the capital to ensure the party goes off without a hitch. Heavily armed police and surveillance cameras will be strategically placed throughout the event, and a barricade will be positioned […]

Jun 28 2017 — John Paul Tasker

Canadians will not be singing a gender-neutral national anthem on Canada Day after a bill before Parliament to officially change the lyrics has stalled. The House of Commons overwhelmingly passed a private member’s bill last summer that would alter the national anthem by replacing “in all thy sons command” with “in all of us command” […]

Taxpayers spent more than $600K for Electoral Reform Committee report Liberals dismissed

Jun 28 2017 — Marco Vigliotti

Parliamentarians spent more than $600,000 and 200-plus hours compiling a 333-page report recommending major changes to the country’s voting system that was largely rejected by the Trudeau government within hours of its release, new House of Commons statistics show. The Special Committee on Electoral Reform, convened by the House to study and consult on prospective […]

China attacks Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer for opposing bilateral free trade

Jun 27 2017 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase

Beijing’s ruling Communist Party has used one of its main newspapers to deliver an angry salvo at Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, calling him “arrogant and biased” for opposing a trade deal between China and Canada. The Official Opposition Leader announced on Sunday that his party would oppose Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s effort to negotiate a […]

Jun 28 2017 —

Peter Mansbridge doesn’t want to make a fuss about leaving the anchor’s chair at CBC’s “The National.” Nearly a year after telling viewers he planned to retire from the public broadcaster’s flagship program, the 68-year-old newsman who defined an era at CBC News plans to sign-off for the final time with little fanfare. “Don’t expect […]

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Jun 28 2017 — Rob Shaw

B.C.’s Liberal government, facing imminent defeat by its opponents in the legislature, is rushing out the province’s year-end financial figures before they can be certified by the independent auditor general. Finance Minister Mike de Jong said he’ll release a “financial update” on the year-end public accounts on Wednesday — one day before his Liberal government […]

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Jun 28 2017 — James Wood

The NDP government has no plans to further regulate self-styled political action committees in Alberta, despite calls from some quarters for a crackdown on their activities. Christina Gray, the NDP’s minister for democratic renewal, said the government is comfortable with the current level of oversight, introduced last year, which sees third-party entities required to disclose […]

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Jun 27 2017 — Rachel Aiello

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Senate reform under his government is “on the right track” and that it’s the Conservatives’ fault for legislative delays happening in the Upper Chamber, bolstering his argument for an even more non-partisan Senate. Conservative Senators called his comments “misleading.” On Tuesday, Mr. Trudeau (Papineau, Que.) held a press conference at […]

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How Trudeau lost his way on electoral reform

Jun 27 2017 — Aaron Wherry

In an alternate universe, Justin Trudeau wasn’t standing before the cameras on Tuesday, trying again to explain why he had walked away from a campaign commitment to pursue electoral reform. Because during June 2015 in that alternate universe, Trudeau had stood before the cameras and vowed that a Liberal government would implement a ranked ballot […]

A time for Canadian pride but also vigilance

Jun 27 2017 — Tim Harper

So we really hate Donald Trump. According to Pew Research, we are a nation of anti-Trumpers. Our virtues are sung on the front page of the New York Times and, worldwide, our diversity, tolerance and openness to new arrivals has given many a case of the Canada warm and fuzzies. But before we revert to […]

Canada’s Ruthlessly Smart Immigration Policy

Jun 28 2017 — Jonathan Tepperman

During a speech in Iowa last week, in the middle of his red-meat calls for a border wall and tougher immigration enforcement, President Trump called for something decidedly less sanguinary: “a total rewrite of our immigration system into a merit-based system.” This is one of the few consistent positions the president has held while in […]

A few clouds invade Justin Trudeau’s sunny skies

Jun 27 2017 — Tom Walkom

After 20 months as prime minister, Justin Trudeau isn’t quite as sunny as he used to be. He remains unfailingly polite. At an Ottawa press conference Tuesday to mark the end of Parliament’s spring sitting, he thanked reporters — as he often does — for what he called their contribution to democracy. At the end, […]

How an infrastructure right-of-way could be Trudeau’s legacy

Jun 28 2017 — Licia Corbella

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants to leave a lasting positive legacy that will be remembered by Canadians for all time he’ll need to do more than legalize marijuana, hike taxes and run record deficits. That’s why Trudeau would be wise to heed the recommendations of a Senate committee report born from research originating at […]

More hot air from Trudeau

Jun 27 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s appointment Tuesday of a new climate change ambassador — actually Canada’s fifth although her duties will be slightly different from the previous four — is what the Liberals do best when it comes to climate change. That is, they have a never-ending supply of political announcements about climate change. This as […]

It’s Called “Civil” Society For a Reason

Jun 27 2017 — Glen Pearson

Numerous insights have been written in recent years regarding the eroding effect of partisanship on the political estate, most recently in America.  That’s too bad because it’s a red herring and frequently masks what is the real underlying cause of political dysfunction.  The fact that individuals hold opinions often at odds with others and support […]

Parliament’s in summer mode but political machinations go on

Jun 26 2017 — Chantal Hébert

Parliament stands adjourned until mid-September but that does not mean the business of politics is on pause. Here are three must-watch political stories of the summer season. 1. This is the week when a 16-year Liberal reign is expected to end in British Columbia. The provincial legislature will vote on an NDP non-confidence motion in […]

Liberals shockingly timid on access-to-information reform

Jun 26 2017 — Stephen Maher

In November, after the prime minister issued a statement noting his “deep sorrow” on the passing of “legendary revolutionary” Fidel Castro, opening himself to worldwide mockery, iPolitics sent some access to information requests to Global Affairs and the Privy Council Office, trying to learn who wrote and approved the statement.

Jun 26 2017 — Shree Paradkar

They came. They saw. They disrupted. Black Lives Matter, whose inspired protest against police in uniform last year brought Toronto Pride to a crashing halt and anti-Black racism among police to the forefront, found their message amplified across North America this year. Other chapters of the Black Lives Matter group protested Pride in various cities: […]

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Jun 26 2017 — Campbell Clark

Last week, Maryam Monsef, the Minister of Status of Women, announced a strategy to address gender-based violence. Two weeks earlier, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland delivered a speech declaring that women’s rights are at the heart of Canada’s foreign policy, and a few days later, International Development Minister Marie-Claude Bibeau announced a “feminist” foreign-aid policy.

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Jun 26 2017 — Andrew MacDougall

Save for the odd journalist, it’s unlikely anyone cast their ballot for the Liberals over their plan to apply the Access to Information (ATI) regime to the Prime Minister and ministers’ offices. This was undoubtedly the political calculation behind the government’s recent announcement to bin the proposed reform. Justin Trudeau’s government, like all governments, has […]

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Jun 26 2017 — Emma Teitel

Every year, when Lucah Rosenberg-Lee goes to Toronto’s Church-Wellesley Village to celebrate LGBT pride, he wears a rainbow sticker on his chest that says “Trans.” And every year, like clockwork, a stranger asks him why he is impersonating a transgender man. The thing is, Rosenberg-Lee isn’t impersonating anybody. The 28-year-old Toronto man is transgender, a […]

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Jun 26 2017 — Heather Mallick

So. Farewell then, Sears Canada. It would seem that you are reaching your end. But you had been an invalid for years, lying in your brown Palladium IV Leather-Look Manual Recliner with Storage @ $999.99 in your polyester fleece Ottawa Senators Adult Slanket @ $29.99 and doing nothing helpful as your business model withered.

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Jun 25 2017 — Robin V. Sears

Since we abolished real gladiatorial contests, there is no tougher first day on the job than a nervous new leader of an opposition party. You face your first Question Period, with the prime minister of the day grinning widely at the prospect of slicing you from stem to gudgeon. The galleries are full, the media […]

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