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Justin Trudeau’s Liberals drop in polls, but is Harper catching up?

Nov 26 2014 — Eric Grenier

Have the Conservatives really caught up to the Liberals in national voting intentions, as one recent poll asserts? While the margin between the two parties has certainly narrowed in recent weeks, it does not seem to be the case that the Conservatives are the ones on the move. Stephen Harper’s party is currently polling at […]

Nov 26 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was briefed earlier this year on how across-the-board budget cuts hurt public service morale, productivity and citizen satisfaction. The memorandum — headlined “Death by a Thousand Cuts: How governments undermine their own productivity” — laid out arguments from an Australian, union-funded study that suggests poorly executed austerity undermines trust and confidence […]

Nov 25 2014 —

An NDP MP who levelled misconduct allegations against a Liberal colleague says she would be interested in participating in an independent House of Commons harassment probe, but doesn’t feel it’s been made clear how she should proceed. The woman, who spoke at length to The Canadian Press on Tuesday, also explained that she doesn’t want […]

Nov 26 2014 — Robert Benzie

Doug Ford says “the stars are aligning” for him to seek the Progressive Conservative leadership and he will make up his mind within the next few days. The runner-up to mayor-elect John Tory in last month’s Toronto election said he should know by Thursday if he will run to succeed Tim Hudak as Conservative leader. […]

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November is for Nominations

Nov 26 2014 — Alice Funke

Between them, the opposition NDP and Liberal parties will have nominated eighty candidates in the month of November alone, a sure sign that election readiness is top of mind in the year or so leading up to the next federal general election. Add those to the at least 11 Conservative nomination meetings (and likely more), […]


Budget watchdog open to legal action against revenue agency

Nov 26 2014 — Kathryn May

Canada’s budget watchdog suggests that going to court may be his next step if the federal tax agency doesn’t turn over by the end of the week the information he wants to help determine federal revenue lost through tax evasion. Jean-Denis Frechette took up the battle for information from the Canada Revenue Agency when he […]

Nov 26 2014 —

Expect more pronouncements from outside Canada today on where the country’s economy is headed. The International Monetary Fund has scheduled a news conference to discuss the organization’s concluding statement on the state of Canada’s economy. The IMF viewpoint comes a day after the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development trimmed its forecast for the economy. […]

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Nov 25 2014 —

Sun Media has retracted a story about a Liberal candidate that was based on a secretly recorded conversation by a young Conservative. The story became fodder in the House of Commons last week for several Conservative MPs, including Employment Minister Jason Kenney, to bash Banff-Airdrie Liberal candidate Marlo Raynolds — and, by extension, all Liberals […]

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Nov 25 2014 — Kevin Donovan

Former Q host Jian Ghomeshi has withdrawn his $55 million lawsuit against the CBC, says Chuck Thompson, spokesman for the national broadcaster. “The parties have reached a settlement; the lawsuit has been withdrawn but it still needs to be formalized through a court order,” Thompson told the Star Tuesday. The deal was reached last Friday.

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The NDP’s poisoned chalice

Nov 26 2014 — Lysiane Gagnon

For most of the New Democratic Party’s existence, Quebec was the impossible dream, impossible to penetrate even as Tommy Douglas, David Lewis and Ed Broadbent did their successive best to overcome the steady resistance of French-speaking Quebeckers. The conventional wisdom was always that the NDP could never form government without making at least some inroads […]

Meredith McDonald

The star system and the CBC

Nov 26 2014 — Meredith McDonald

Pity the poor Mother Corp. Allegations its marquee radio personality’s erotic tastes involve punching and choking unsuspecting women have rightfully sent Canada’s public broadcaster into spasms of damage control. As if his purported treatment of a string of women wasn’t disturbing enough, claims have come to light the CBC was at least partially aware all […]


Get over yourself, Mr. Harper — talk to the premiers

Nov 26 2014 — L. Ian MacDonald

A quarter century ago, when David Peterson was premier of Ontario, he used to say that “you can’t run the country without Ontario and Quebec. It’s that simple.” He invested heavily in his relationship with Quebec Premier Robert Bourassa. There would have been no Meech Lake Accord without their close personal rapport, and even when […]


Canadian veterans deserve better

Nov 26 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

The Conservative party has made patriotism and support for the military central to its brand. That makes its ramshackle, shoddy and unacceptable treatment of Canadian veterans, revealed in auditor general Michael Ferguson’s fall report, all the more egregious. It is simply not good enough. And the customary official excuses and genuflections and blathering, in ample […]


Veterans minister Julian Fantino an ocean away amid withering criticism

Nov 26 2014 — Tim Harper

The day before auditor general Michael Ferguson exposed for Canadians the government’s slow and shoddy treatment of veterans seeking mental health help, the minister responsible, Julian Fantino, was in the neighbourhood. His department appears to be fuelled by molasses, but Fantino can act in a timely fashion. By the time Ferguson laid out the problems […]


Ontario, Quebec should embrace Energy East pipeline

Nov 26 2014 — Brad Wall

Plans for TransCanada’s Energy East pipeline that will move Alberta and Saskatchewan conventional oil to Atlantic Canada for refining while replacing the need for eastern Canada to import foreign oil are prompting considerable national debate. The National Energy Board is conducting a full review of the proposal as they are mandated to do. We in […]


The strange tale of Canada’s ebola vaccine

Nov 26 2014 — Tom Walkom

The strange case of Canada’s Ebola vaccine became even stranger Monday. That’s when the pharmaceutical multinational Merck announced it will pay $50 million for commercial rights to manufacture and develop the vaccine, invented at the federal government’s National Microbiological Laboratory in Winnipeg. That a drug giant would shell out $50 million is not in itself […]


Premier Jim Prentice set to cut Alberta’s trade offices

Nov 26 2014 — Rick Bell

We’re at Calgary’s legendary Blackfoot Diner. We’re sitting one booth over from the lady playing Johnny Cash on the jukebox while the premier eats his steak and eggs and talks about cutting the dough this province’s taxpayers spend on trade offices around the world. Premier Jim Prentice says it’s all part of the bigger picture, […]


Queen’s Park newcomer aims to move the yardsticks on housing

Nov 26 2014 — Carol Goar

It was a modest breakthrough. But in the fight for affordable housing, every victory counts. Last week, Peter Milczyn, the newly elected MPP for Etobicoke-Lakeshore, introduced his first private member’s bill: the Planning Statute Amendment Act. If it passes — and that’s a big if — it would give municipalities across Ontario the authority to […]

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Woman in 2005 civil rape suit against Cosby comes forward

Nov 26 2014 —

A woman who claims she was one of the 12 “Jane Does” to testify against Bill Cosby in a 2005 civil rape case came forward Tuesday for the first time in an interview with The Post. Donna Motsinger, 73, known as Jane Doe No. 8 in the suit filed by former Temple University athletics director […]

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