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New Democratic Party leader Thomas Mulcair speaks during Question Period in the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa March 31, 2015. (Chris Wattie/Reuters)

Mulcair’s secret meetings with the Tories

Jun 29 2015 — Martin Patriquin

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair was in discussions in 2007 to join the Conservative party as a senior adviser to Prime Minister Stephen Harper, discussions that several sources, including former senior Harper staffers, say was the first step in securing Mulcair to run as a Conservative candidate in 2008.

Jun 29 2015 —

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has unveiled his environmental platform, saying he will work with the provinces to put a price on carbon pollution if he becomes Canada’s next prime minister. He told media in Vancouver that within 90 days of taking office, his government would map out a plan to reduce the country’s collective carbon […]

Jun 29 2015 — Kristie Smith

While Conservatives may have inadvertently violated the propaganda provisions in their own controversial anti-terror legislation, Bill C-51, by posting ISIS photos and playing the group’s anthem to the backdrop of an election-style ad blasting Justin Trudeau, they’re probably safe from defending it in court. Legally, the Conservatives might have an airtight defence: themselves. A few […]

Jun 29 2015 — BJ Siekierski

Former Liberal leader Bob Rae has taken sides in the high-profile Liberal nomination contest in Eglinton-Lawrence, throwing his support behind Marco Mendicino over vaunted Liberal recruit and former Tory cabinet minister Eve Adams. Rae tweeted a picture of himself holding a rainbow umbrella with Mendicino at 1:00 am Monday after taking part in the Toronto […]

Jun 29 2015 —

The Canadian Security Intelligence Service’s website is down after being targeted in a cyberattack for the second time in less than two weeks. Sources tell CTV’s Mercedes Stephenson that a rouge hacker is trying to draw attention to a criminal case in Ottawa. Sources say the same person was previously responsible for cyberattacks on the […]


Tom Mulcair calls on PM to defend supply management ‘in its entirety’

Jun 29 2015 —

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is urging Stephen Harper to defend Canada’s supply management system “in its entirety” in the course of negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership. In a letter to the prime minister, Mulcair says Harper’s latest remarks have created uncertainty for Canadian egg, poultry and dairy producers who depend on supply management for their livelihood. […]


Ontario NDP deputy leader used constituency resources to promote Mulcair rally: Integrity Commissioner

Jun 29 2015 — Ashley Csanady

Ontario New Democrat Jagmeet Singh’s staff mistakenly used constituency office resources to promote a rally with federal party leader Thomas Mulcair, the provincial integrity commissioner has ruled. Singh faces no penalties for the oversight, as Commissioner Lynn Morrison wrote in a report released Friday. “I did not recommend that a penalty be imposed as I […]


This can be said succinctly: Clips of people being killed shouldn’t be used as campaign fodder

Jun 29 2015 — Robyn Urback

Generally speaking, political attack ads fall into one of three categories. There are the overly dramatic, unintentionally hilarious kind, which brazenly distort fact to the point of parody (see “Engage Canada”) or hire catalogue actors to recite talking points in one of many bizarre or unrealistic scenarios. Then there are the easily forgotten ones, which […]

Jun 29 2015 —

The federal government says Canada’s free-trade deal with Europe is not at risk of falling apart. A French cabinet minister told Montreal Le Devoir that his country wants to renegotiate one particular clause that allows businesses to sue governments. Matthias Fekl said France will not ratify the agreement if its proposals are not accepted. Prime […]

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Jun 29 2015 — Michael Geist

Last week, the Conservative party posted an offensive advertisement on YouTube and Facebook titled Justin Trudeau on ISIS. The ad starts with ISIS music and images of prisoners about be drowned or beheaded before running short edited clips from a 13 minute interview with Trudeau and the CBC’s Terry Milewski. The advertisement has rightly generated […]

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Jun 29 2015 — Abbas Rana

Liberal-turned-Independent MP Scott Andrews, who was accused of sexual harassment by an unnamed NDP MP last year, sent out a letter to his constituents slamming Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau for investigating his case “unprofessionally” and denying him the presumption of innocence. “Mr. Trudeau’s actions from the beginning were unprofessional and any number of alternative solutions […]

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Despite promises, Tory government pulls punches on tamper-proof drugs

Jun 29 2015 — John Ivison

Achieving anything in Canadian politics is the art of the possible — and experience suggests not much is possible. Rona Ambrose, the health minister, was undoubtedly sincere when she identified prescription drug abuse as a growing problem where government action was required. The research suggested 410,000 Canadians were abusing prescription drugs in 2012, with the […]


Stephen Harper has altered the face of Canada

Jun 29 2015 — Carol Goar

It is a mark of how much Canada has changed under Stephen Harper that the Liberals are offering to improve Ottawa’s frosty relationship with Washington. “Our relationship with the U.S. is worse than it was a decade ago,” Justin Trudeau told a luncheon audience in Ottawa last week “This has to change if we want […]


Despite HarperPAC’s demise, private political ads here to stay

Jun 29 2015 — Dan Leger

Well, that didn’t last long. HarperPAC, a nascent “political action committee” organized to attack the enemies of our prime minister and his party, folded like a cheap tent, less than a week after it was formed. Part activist group and part political campaign, HarperPAC was about one thing: getting Conservatives re-elected by driving progressives, Liberals […]

Michael Harris

Harper, his jailbirds and the march toward demockery.

Jun 29 2015 — Michael Harris

Stephen Harper’s dead-end campaign for re-election hit a few potholes in the road this week: an unwanted photo-op of Dean Del Mastro being led off to jail in shackles; a really dumb TV performance from Kory Teneycke; and a weird internecine battle among Tories over the use of the PM’s name for fundraising. First to […]


Mulcair, Notley and the Goldilocks point

Jun 29 2015 — Michael Den Tandt

So, it’s for real. A succession of polls, most recently one Friday from Ipsos, confirm that if a federal election were held today, Thomas Mulcair would become Canada’s 23rd prime minister. Mulcair now has the support of 35 per cent of the electorate, give or take, with both Liberals and Tories trailing in the high […]


The political landscape is a-changing

Jun 29 2015 — Dan Lett

The closer we get to a federal election, the more likely it seems Canada’s conventional political wisdom will be turned on its head. Last year, the federal political narrative was focused on the resurgence of the federal Liberal party under leader Justin Trudeau. The Liberals led in most opinion polls, and although reaction to his […]


Free election speech under attack

Jun 29 2015 — Gerry Nicholls

It always amazes me when intelligent people argue that the best way to safeguard democracy is to restrict free speech. After all, it should be self-evident that the right to free expression is the lifeblood of any free and democratic society. The more voices heard, the more debate that’s raised, the more points of view […]


Cities key to middle-class jobs

Jun 29 2015 — Tom Mulcair

When Rachel Notley and the Alberta NDP swept to victory this spring, they did with a broad coalition of urban, suburban and rural citizens. But nowhere did Albertans respond more enthusiastically to the NDP’s message of change than in the province’s largest cities. Premier Notley and her amazing team won every single seat in Edmonton, […]


Vaughan vs Chow? Headlina in Spadina

Jun 29 2015 — Mike Strobel

This is red meat, politically speaking, for us Neanderthals. I drool at the prospect: Adam Vaughan versus Olivia Chow in the new federal riding of Spadina-Fort York. What a dream match. You might say nightmare, but not me. But, I’m an MMA fan. Good thing there’s a fort in the riding, because it would be […]

Jun 29 2015 — Celine Cooper

With Canada Day just around the corner, Statistics Canada has released a new infographic. Titled Proud To Be Canadian, the image is a visual representation of data from the Pride in Canadian Achievements module that was part of the 2013 General Social Survey on Social Identity. Approximately 32,000 Canadians over the age of 15 took […]

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Jun 28 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

Just when the Conservatives thought they might get through the Canadian election campaign without talking about Canada’s supply management system, along came the U.S. Congress to give President Barack Obama trade promotion authority (TPA) to proceed with the 12-nation Trans-Pacific Partnership free trade agreement. TPA, also known as “fast track”, compels both the U.S. House […]

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FILE - In this Jan. 16, 2015 file photo, Donald Trump, host of the television series "The Celebrity Apprentice," mugs for photographers at the NBC 2015 Winter TCA Press Tour in Pasadena, Calif. NBC on Monday, June 29, 2015 said that it is ending its business relationship with Trump, now a Republican presidential candidate, because of comments he made about immigrants during the announcement of his campaign. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)

NBC says it will sever ties with Donald Trump after comments on Mexicans

Jun 29 2015 —

NBC said Monday that it is ending its business relationship with mogul and GOP presidential candidate Donald Trump because of comments he made about immigrants during the announcement of his campaign. NBC said it would no longer air the annual “Miss USA” and “Miss Universe” pageants, which had been a joint venture between the company […]

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