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Oct 21 2014 —

New Democrat MP Jean-Francois Larose has joined forces with an independent MP to create a new, Quebec-only party. Larose is the fourth Quebec MP to abandon the NDP since its fabled orange wave swept 59 of the province’s 75 seats in the 2011 election. The party’s Quebec caucus chair, Robert Aubin, says Larose is betraying […]

Oct 21 2014 —

Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau’s passport was seized by Canadian authorities concerned he had become radicalized, CBC News has confirmed. Rouleau, 25, was fatally shot after hitting the two soldiers in a parking lot of a commercial plaza in St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, a city about 40 kilometres southeast of Montreal. Rouleau was one of 90 people being monitored by […]

Oct 21 2014 —

Canada’s budget watchdog says the country is on track to run a $3.6-billion surplus in 2014-15 — which would balance the books a year ahead of government predictions. But the Parliamentary Budget Officer is urging Ottawa to proceed with caution when deciding whether to use surplus cash to introduce spending initiatives or to bring permanent […]


Liberals block witness at gas plants hearing

Oct 21 2014 —

Ontario’s opposition parties say the government is blocking attempts to call more witnesses before a committee looking into the Liberals’ decision to cancel two gas plants, which will cost taxpayers up to $1.1 billion. The Progressive Conservatives and New Democrats want the committee to hear from former Dalton McGuinty staffer Laura Miller and her computer […]


Canadian fighter jets leave Alberta military base for Kuwait

Oct 21 2014 —

Canadian fighter jets have left the Cold Lake military base in Alberta to join an international combat mission against Islamic State extremists in Iraq. The CF-18 Hornets are heading to Kuwait, which will serve as Canada’s base of operations. About 600 personnel — along with the jets, two surveillance planes and an aerial tanker — […]

A member of the ground crew installs the protection pin onto a Canadian Air Force F-18 Hornet's missile at Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania Monday Oct. 20, 2014 . Two Canadian F-18 Hornet jets were scrambled from the Siauliai Air Base in Lithuania on Monday to intercept a Russian Ilyushin-20 surveillance aircraft, which they shadowed for some 15 minutes, NATO said. (AP Photo/Canadian Air Force, Cpl Gabrielle DesRochers)

NATO jets intercept Russian fighters twice in 2 days over Baltic Sea

Oct 21 2014 —

NATO scrambled fighter jets _ including two Canadian F-18’s _ twice in two days to intercept Russian military aircraft over the Baltic Sea, it said Tuesday amid reports that Russian military activity in the region is increasing. Lt. Col. Robert Gericke said the Russian aircraft were flying in international airspace and had not violated the […]

Oct 21 2014 —

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney says Canada is taking terrorist threats seriously after a car struck two soldiers in Quebec, resulting in one of them dying. “What took place yesterday is clearly linked to terrorist ideology,” Blaney told a news conference in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu on Tuesday. He said he was “horrified and saddened” by Monday’s attack […]

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Oct 21 2014 —

NDP Leader Dominic Cardy will run in the Nov. 17 Saint John East byelection, making it his third attempt at a seat in the legislature in two years. The sudden resignation of Liberal Gary Keating has prompted Cardy to put on hold his plan to quit as his party’s leader, a decision he announced on […]

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Oct 21 2014 — Emily Chung

Hundreds of scientists around the world are asking Prime Minister Stephen Harper to end “burdensome restrictions on scientific communication and collaboration faced by Canadian government scientists.” The call was made in an open letter drafted by the Cambridge, Mass.-based Union of Concerned Scientists, a group that represents U.S. scientists and uses science to advocate for […]

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For Harper, a bad day at the bookstore

Oct 21 2014 — Lawrence Martin

It’s enough to have Stephen Harper’s boys out padlocking bookstores. Two of the Prime Minister’s biggest tormentors have released books on the very same day. There is Justin Trudeau’s autobiography, Common Ground. On top of it comes a mammoth 534-page critique of his abuse of power called Party of One, from Michael Harris, one of […]


Is this a prime minister?

Oct 21 2014 — William Watson

Is this a prime minister? That’s the question a notorious Conservative TV ad asked about Jean Chrétien as the 1993 election campaign dragged to a close. Unfortunately, the photo it captioned focused on Mr. Chrétien’s crooked smile and that allowed him, reacting as the victim, to talk about how he’d had to live with people […]


Trudeau’s turning point in the ring

Oct 21 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Politicians write books for different reasons. They write them to show that they are men and women of substance. They write them to demonstrate that they are brimming with ideas and character. They write them because they want to go above the heads of the news media. They write them because they have experienced some […]

pierre martin2

NDP poised to hold ground in Quebec

Oct 21 2014 — Pierre Martin

Last year, I bumped into a Liberal MP who grilled me on how I thought the upcoming federal election would play out in unpredictable, seat-rich Québec. My best answer was that the Quebec federal scene was a crapshoot. He agreed. The results of an Ekos poll released last week suggest that, a year out from […]


Portrait of the politician as a young(er) man

Oct 21 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Everyone should live a life like Justin Trudeau’s. His memoir, Common Ground, reads like a movie script. Roughhousing with his brothers in the basement of 24 Sussex. Canoeing with his father, Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau, in the Canadian backwoods. Listening to U.S. President Ronald Reagan recite him a poem on a state visit. Driving across […]


The book on Jonathan Kay

Oct 21 2014 — Ezra Levant

Jonathan Kay, the comment editor of the National Post, took half a page in his newspaper last month to criticize me for criticizing Justin Trudeau. I had insulted Trudeau, said Kay. So Kay insulted me as “cruel,” “hysterical,” “low,” “vile,” “half-demented” and “mendacious.” And he accompanied his column with a huge, unflattering picture of me. […]

Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

Fiddling while the economy burns

Oct 21 2014 — Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

Let’s begin with a gross understatement: The outlook for the global economy is not good. In its October 2014 World Economic Outlook (WEO), the International Monetary Fund reduced its forecast for global economic growth to 3.3 per cent for 2014, 0.4 points lower than the April 2014 WEO forecast. The global growth projection for 2015 […]

Oct 21 2014 — Mike Strobel

A weekend in the wild woods of Kagawong sure skews your view of the Toronto mayoral race. Manitoulin Island is populated mostly by bunnies and Bambis and other ecologically sensitive species — who overwhelmingly favour sweet Olivia Chow. So you lose touch up there. Then you migrate back to the Big Smoke, and find Olivia […]

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Oct 21 2014 — Barbara Yaffe

Debate about homelessness. Debate about housing affordability. Debate about increasing neighbourhood density. In Vancouver, discussion about the simple act of trying to put a roof over one’s head has become incendiary. Now, a respected policy consultant is offering a few ideas he believes could help address the city’s housing anxiety. Tex Enemark, a former Consumer […]

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Famed Designer Oscar de la Renta Dead — Dies at 82

Oct 20 2014 —

Oscar de la Renta — who recently designed Amal Clooney’s wedding dress and famously dressed Jackie Kennedy — is dead. De la Renta had been diagnosed with cancer in 2006 … though it’s unclear at this point what caused his death. De la Renta was born in the Dominican Republic, and became internationally known in […]

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