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Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis resigns

Apr 25 2015 — James Wood

Jonathan Denis has been forced to resign as Alberta’s justice minister and solicitor general over legal proceedings between himself and his estranged wife but will continue as a Tory candidate in the May 5 provincial election. Premier Jim Prentice said he asked Denis to step down when he became aware of the court case Saturday […]

Apr 25 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has expressed his condolences about the tragic earthquake in Nepal that has claimed more than 1,300 lives and he says Canada is prepared to help out in the wake of the disaster. Meanwhile, the federal government is keeping a close eye on the situation and has agreements in place to work […]

Apr 25 2015 —

The federal employment minister, in Peterborough for a pre-election visit on Saturday, said he doesn’t think there will be a byelection here to fill the vacant MP’s seat in this riding. Pierre Poilievre is the MP for Ottawa-Nepean and the Minister of Employment and Social Development. He said he thinks we won’t have a byelection […]

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Trio of polls show NDP gains after leaders’ debate

Apr 25 2015 — Mariam Ibrahim

NDP Leader Rachel Notley’s polished performance in Thursday’s leaders’ debate boosted her party’s popularity, but pollsters say a close race makes it impossible to predict who will head Alberta’s next government. Three polls released Friday show Notley came out on top after the party leaders faced off in Edmonton, but revealed a tight three-way battle […]


Mike Duffy’s ‘unsolicited contacts’ drew Enbridge warning to PMO

Apr 25 2015 — Laura Payton

Suspended Senator Mike Duffy’s diary may show conversations between him and officials at Enbridge, but any talks were unsolicited, the company says — to the point it notified the Prime Minister’s Office of the discussions. Duffy’s detailed diary, which was made public as evidence in his trial on 31 charges of fraud, breach of trust […]

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NDP seeks probe of Duffy’s dealings with Enbridge

Apr 25 2015 — Jason Fekete

The NDP has asked the lobbying commissioner to investigate whether Mike Duffy’s apparent repeated discussions with pipeline company Enbridge broke federal rules. Duffy’s detailed electronic diary, entered as evidence at his criminal trial, includes several entries – many of them redacted, but still legible – about conversations and emails with or about senior Enbridge officials […]

Apr 25 2015 — Dean Beeby

A federally sponsored program to create 250 war memorials in communities across Canada honouring the sacrifices of Canadian soldiers in Afghanistan needs the permission of the United States government to proceed. CBC News has learned that the light armoured vehicle to be used for each proposed memorial is clad in special armour that the United […]

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Apr 25 2015 — Jane Taber

Patrick Brown’s unlikely rise to front-runner in the contest to lead the Ontario Progressive Conservative Party is being funded by an eclectic group of donors, including well-heeled real estate developers, a local hockey-team owner, onion farmers, a medical marijuana businessman, influential Indo-Canadians and even his tennis partner, a long-time Liberal who worked in Jean Chrétien’s […]

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Apr 25 2015 — Glen McGregor

The Conservative government’s proposed changes to the Order of Canada appear to be aimed at correcting a long-standing shortage of Western Canadians invested into the highest civilian award and reversing the trend toward honouring performing artists. This week’s budget contained a surprise announcement of funding to “enhance” the Canadian honours system to increase the number […]

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Apr 25 2015 — Glen McGregor

The Conservative government’s constant promotion of hockey as a unifying Canadian value could be on a crash course with its enthusiasm for curbing the powers of organized labour. Bill C-377, which would require labour unions to publicly report all contracts in excess of $5,000, has drawn concerns from the National Hockey League Players Association. The […]

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Stop panicking, Stephen Harper can’t control the future

Apr 25 2015 — Andrew Coyne

I suppose we will have to revisit this issue of the strange powers Stephen Harper has acquired to rule the future. Not only does he control his own government, but in the fevered imaginings of the national press, he controls all future governments as well. (Legal scholars are divided. While it is true that governing […]


For Harpers, protecting kids bigger than politics

Apr 25 2015 — Mia Rabson

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has spent more time in Manitoba in the last three days than he probably has in the last three years. This is not a knock on him. He’s a busy guy and he generally does make it to Manitoba two, sometimes even three times a year. (While his predecessors generally timed […]


Now a serious contender, Notley will face tough scrutiny

Apr 25 2015 — Don Braid

With her party leading in some polls, NDP Leader Rachel Notley is suddenly in the hot spotlight, her every word scrutinized with rigour entirely new to Alberta New Democrats. A minor miracle could make her premier after May 5. Even without divine help, she could easily be official Opposition leader in a minority government. Everything […]


Prentice PCs pit themselves against NDP wave to woo Wildrose voters

Apr 25 2015 — Rick Bell

Be afraid. Be very afraid. This time around the PCs don’t claim right-wing barbarians are storming the gates hoping the self-styled progressives fearfully fall into the waiting arms of Toryland on election day. That was 2012 and it worked. Now apparently there’s the left-wing loose cannons to scare us and those thinking of voting Wildrose […]


It’s fear and loathing time in Alberta

Apr 24 2015 — Tom Flanagan

The Alberta election campaign is entering its final week, when many voters make up their mind whom to support, or whether to vote at all. Things become brutally simple in the endgame as primal emotions come to the fore. Two passions rule Canadian politics, fear and loathing. The opposition parties try to make voters loathe […]


Ontario budget gives Justin Trudeau cover

Apr 24 2015 — Chantal Hébert

If Justin Trudeau’s main mission in Ontario next fall is to beat Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, he has Premier Kathleen Wynne to thank for the small blessing of a provincial budget that should do little direct harm to his party in that battle. The fiscal plan brought forward at Queen’s Park on Thursday may not give […]

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Bruce Jenner: ‘I am a woman’

Apr 25 2015 —

Olympic great Bruce Jenner – once the symbol of American masculinity –came out as transgender and told the world that he now identifies as a woman. “For all intents and purposes, I am a woman,” Jenner, 65, bravely told Diane Sawyer during an interview broadcast Friday night on ABC. “My brain is much more female […]

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