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Ottawa shooting: How Parliament will carry on

Oct 23 2014 —

Industry Minister James Moore is vowing the House of Commons will sit at 10 a.m. today as usual, despite the shooting that shook Ottawa the day before. “Our democracy cannot and will not be intimidated by today’s events,” Moore tweeted Wednesday night. Prime Minister Stephen Harper vowed Canada will not be intimidated. “In fact, this […]

Oct 23 2014 — Mark Kennedy

On Wednesday morning, Prime Minister Stephen Harper walked into Room 237-C in the heart of Parliament Hill’s Centre Block for the weekly gathering of the Conservative caucus. In recent days, he had been absorbed – both publicly and behind closed doors – with the apparent threat posed by lone-wolf attackers who might become “radicalized” by […]

Oct 23 2014 — Trevor Howell

Calgary MP Michelle Rempel was sitting inside a Conservative caucus meeting on Parliament Hill on Wednesday morning when gunshots cracked through the air. Startled, Rempel peered outside and spotted a gunman engaged in a firefight with security and RCMP in the normally tranquil hallways. “There was gunfire coming from all directions. It’s such a blur,” […]

Oct 23 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservative MPs pinned themselves against the walls of their barricaded caucus room after piling furniture against the door to prevent a gunman from entering during Wednesday’s chaotic attack on Parliament Hill. Several Conservative sources spoke of a terrifying 15-minute period when they stripped flags off flagpoles to arm themselves […]


Politicians, police start reflection: Is Canada safe enough?

Oct 23 2014 —

Federal politicians, police forces and intelligence officials will begin the work of assessing security around Parliament Hill, and the safety of the country itself, in the wake of the shocking attacks in the nation’s capital. The Parliament buildings remained under close surveillance early Thursday morning as the RCMP continued to sweep the area for evidence. […]

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Ottawa attack: 5 questions about the shootings on Parliament Hill

Oct 23 2014 —

Ottawa was under attack on Wednesday after a man with a rifle killed a soldier standing guard at the National War Memorial near the prime minister’s office, before seizing a car and driving to the front entrance of Parliament Hill. Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, 24, a reservist from Hamilton, died a short time after the attack […]

Oct 22 2014 —

The man who is reported to have shot an assailant on Parliament Hill today is a former police officer with a background in providing security services for dignitaries, including members of the Royal Family. Kevin Vickers became the sergeant-at-arms in the House of Commons eight years ago after a varied career in security. He spent […]

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Oct 22 2014 —

U.S. President Barack Obama has condemned the fatal shooting in Ottawa as “outrageous.” He says ”We’re all shaken by it.” Obama says the motive for the attack remains unknown. But he says as more becomes known, that information will be factored into U.S. security considerations. Obama says he spoke by telephone today with Prime Minister […]

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Oct 22 2014 —

The attack on Parliament HiSeveral hours later, Ottawa Police and RCMP officers were still searching Parliament Hill and officials declined to say whether the unidentified gunman acted alone. The soldier that was killed was identified as Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, according to his aunt. Cpl. Cirillo, who was a member of the Argyll and Sutherland Highlanders, […]

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Oct 22 2014 —

In the shadow of Wednesday’s attack on Parliament Hill, Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke with NDP Leader Tom Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau in a rare show of cross-partisanship. The calls were prompted by the deadly shootings that claimed the life of a Canadian soldier, injured three others and paralyzed Ottawa’s downtown for most […]

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Is terror attack a political game changer?

Oct 23 2014 — Lawrence Martin

It seemed a little crass in the wake of the brutal terror attack to start talking about the political impact of it all. But this is a crass town when it comes to politics. Everything, especially under these Conservatives, is weighed in that domain. And amid the alarm on Ottawa’s downtown streets yesterday you could […]


The day it all changed

Oct 23 2014 — Mia Rabson

“This changes everything.” Liberal MP John McKay said this speaking to reporters a few hours after the unthinkable happened in Canada’s Parliament buildings. It may sound like hyperbole, but yesterday, the game changed in Canada. The overriding sense among MPs, senators, staff and the media, for whom Parliament is part of daily life, is that […]

tim harper

Parliament shootings bring fear to a special neighbourhood

Oct 23 2014 — Tim Harper

When fear invades your neighbourhood it announces itself in a swirl of sirens and emergency vehicles screaming down Rideau St., a report of a fallen soldier and a knot in your stomach. Your world speeds up, even as you weave your way through the downtown denizens laconically shuffling along the sidewalk, oblivious to this invasion. […]


Ottawa Parliament shooting: We’ve known this day was coming

Oct 23 2014 — Brian Stewart

Perhaps the shock of Wednesday’s attack will prove shorter than we expect because, let’s be frank, we’ve all known something like this was coming, right? We’ve been warned for years by our combined counterterrorism apparatus that it will stop many plots, but cannot get all. In short, the hits are coming. Brace yourself Canada. Time […]


Yes, everything has changed, but long before today

Oct 23 2014 — Graham Thomson

It is business as usual at the Alberta legislature. Sort of. The building is open, but not as open today as it was yesterday. As a precaution after Wednesday’s brutal attack on Parliament Hill, legislature officials immediately tightened security. As a member of the public, you can still get into the building as long as […]

marilla 4

A new, brutal reality dawns on our country

Oct 23 2014 — Marilla Stephenson

The naiveté of our nation died Wednesday as homegrown radicalism gripped the very heart of Canada’s democratic capital. The heinous murder of a Canadian Forces soldier, standing guard in ceremonial dress at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, allegedly by a young Canadian-born assailant, will profoundly change this country. While the two events have not […]


Time to reflect on the courage of our ancestors

Oct 23 2014 — Stephen Maher

When I heard about the shooting, and headed to Parliament Hill, the first sign that something bad had happened was across Sussex Drive from the American embassy, where two Ottawa police officers were standing guard. One of them had an automatic rifle. A third man in green fatigues and a Kevlar vest was with them, […]


Is it too early to ask for a sane conversation about terrorism?

Oct 23 2014 — Linda McQuaig

The sight of our Parliament buildings under attack is a horrifying one. Sadly, it’s likely to rally support for the Harper government’s decision to send warplanes to attack Islamic State in Iraq. It shouldn’t. Yes, there’s a strong temptation now to ramp up our anger and vow that we won’t back down until Islamic State […]

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Mama June — Dating Man Who Molested Her Relative

Oct 23 2014 —

Mama June is seeing someone new, but there’s a big problem … the guy just got out of prison after serving time for molesting one of June’s relatives … TMZ has learned. The new guy is 53-year-old Mark McDaniel. He was convicted in 2004 for aggravated child molestation. Prosecutors say he molested an 8-year-old child […]

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