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Trudeau era to start with sweeping parliamentary reforms, empowerment of MPs

Nov 29 2015 —

The Justin Trudeau era begins in earnest Friday with all the pomp of a traditional speech from the throne. But thereafter, the new Liberal government is aiming to break from tradition, promising to transform the way Parliament operates to empower backbenchers, diminish partisanship, restore civility, make government more accountable, be more family friendly and create […]

Nov 28 2015 —

A rookie member of Parliament says he could better influence Prime Minister Justin Trudeau if he is elected Speaker of the House of Commons instead of remaining one of many Liberal backbenchers. Robert-Falcon Ouellette made the statement in a town hall meeting in his Winnipeg Centre riding Saturday while explaining to constituents his reasons for […]

Nov 29 2015 — Dean Beeby

The military’s research arm is looking for better ways to protect satellites from catastrophic failure after a 2011 space incident exposed Canada’s vulnerability to communications collapse. Defence Research and Development Canada is launching an initiative with the private sector to improve the reliability of satellites threatened by space debris, harmful radiation and even software glitches […]

Nov 28 2015 — Jim Coyle

Dalton McGuinty, Ontario premier once removed, was so circumspect a gentleman that even under provocation scarcely a harsh word passed his lips. In his new memoir Making a Difference, McGuinty does, at last, unburden himself of some appraisals of those with whom he crossed paths. Here, starting with recently ousted prime minister Stephen Harper, apparently […]

Nov 28 2015 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says he’s not only optimistic a deal will be reached during the United Nations climate change conference in Paris, but he’s comfortable parts of that deal could be legally binding. Leaders and climate negotiators from almost 200 countries are meeting from Nov. 30 to Dec. 11 to try to work out […]

Nov 28 2015 —

It’s hard to take shots at someone like Peter Stoffer. So friends gave the former NDP MP a flack jacket at his roast Friday night in Lower Sackville. “It’s kind of like roasting Jesus, how can you roast somebody when nobody is going to say anything bad about him?” Gerry White, a retired naval and […]

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Whither the ‘new kids’ in the Bubble

Nov 29 2015 — Mark Bonokoski

With the 42nd session of the House of Commons set to begin on Thursday, and with the speech from the throne the following day, the enormity of what has happened is starting to sink in among Liberal political staffers. They have entered the glorious world where former beggars can now be choosers. It was surely […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Sophie Grégoire-Trudeau can even rock that brooch

Nov 28 2015 — Heather Mallick

After less than a month of Liberal guidance, Canada has become a different country, big ideas (that’s new), glorious (renewal), popular with the other countries (totally new). Canada is now being asked to dance even by boys she does not wish to dance with, which is nice, and so very different from the Harper years. […]


So far, Justin Trudeau’s still not into the Parliament scene

Nov 27 2015 — Susan Delacourt

With one notable exception, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been lavishing attention on many who felt neglected during the Conservative years in power. Premiers, public servants, scientists, the United Nations, reporters, the United States, diplomats, cabinet ministers, Green party Leader Elizabeth May — all have received abundant assurances that the new guy at the top […]


Ujjal Dosanjh — a truly admirable Canadian

Nov 28 2015 — Rex Murphy

People often lament that we have very few public figures we can truly admire. But Canada does have a few, and the name I’d place on the top of any shortlist of people who have earned real respect and admiration is Ujjal Dosanjh: immigrant, lawyer, former premier of B.C., former federal cabinet minister and the […]


Fear, Syrians and single males

Nov 28 2015 — Claire McIlveen

When it comes to Syrian refugees bound for Canada, there is definitely a pecking order. Families with children and other vulnerable people top the list. The problem with any pecking order is that some poor guy is always at the bottom. In this case, it literally is guys: single, unattached males. Because, you know, one […]


How we could help many more Syrians

Nov 28 2015 — Douglas Todd

Canada’s new government is pulling out the stops to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees by February. Everyone with a beating heart feels sympathy for the Syrians, particularly after witnessing this summer the devastating photo of a three-year-old boy who washed up on a Turkish beach. Those supporting Ottawa’s effort feel rooted in compassion. Religious and […]


Bogus passports create refugee challenge

Nov 28 2015 — Candice Malcolm

One of the suicide bombers who blew himself up outside a soccer stadium in Paris was in possession of a Syrian passport. Reports indicate that the passport was not his own, and yet, officials don’t know why the terrorist was carrying it. This is part of the challenge immigration officers face when screening and selecting […]

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Adele’s 25 makes UK chart history with 800,000 album sales

Nov 28 2015 —

Adele’s new album 25 has sold more than 800,000 copies in its first week of release – the highest ever figure for a single UK chart week. The album shifted more copies than the next 86 albums in the chart combined, and has become the first album to sell more than 100,000 downloads in a […]

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