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Apr 17 2014 —

The latest Angus Reid Global poll on changes to the Elections Act proposed by the Harper government shows weeks of media headlines and disapproval from high-profile experts have done little to sway general public opinion since ARG first canvassed the issue in February. Support for the proposed legislation remains highest among those who aren’t aware […]

Apr 17 2014 — Elizabeth Thompson

Two watchdog groups are calling for changes in the way the government doles out departure pay to political staffers, saying the process is too secretive and too much discretion is left to cabinet ministers. Gregory Thomas, federal director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation, says the only thing taxpayers know is that since 2006 the government […]


Keystone Foes Winning Celebrity Battle Supporters Dismiss

Apr 17 2014 —

Foes of the Keystone XL oil pipeline appear to be winning the battle for endorsements from Hollywood celebrities and prominent personalities. Will it make a difference? Actors Mark Ruffalo, Robert Redford, Kyra Sedgwick, Jared Leto, and Julia Louis-Dreyfus have come out against the $5.4 billion project. “Splash” star Daryl Hannah has been arrested at least […]

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New Democrats pitch plan to make government info available by default

Apr 17 2014 — Kady O'Malley

On the eve of the looming Easter long weekend New Democrat MPs Mathieu Ravignat and Charmaine Borg hit the Centre Block press theatre to share the details of a new plan to improve government transparency by making information “available by default.” Also doing the media rounds on the Hill this morning: Congress of Aboriginal Peoples […]

Apr 17 2014 — Tim Naumetz

A puzzling aspect has emerged over nine amendments Senate Conservatives recommended to the controversial government bill that would radically alter federal election law: why would the Senators ignore a widely-denounced clause that could prevent tens of thousands of electors from casting ballots in the next election, while urging the government to remove a party fundraising […]

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Apr 17 2014 —

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and Coun. Doug Ford are promising to make a big splash tonight at the mayor’s official campaign kickoff.   “It is going to be history in the making I believe,” said Coun. Doug Ford, who said he expects “thousands” of supporters to show up.   The campaign launch will take place […]

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Apr 16 2014 — Laura Stone

The police investigation into suspended Senator Mike Duffy is complete and charges are likely to be laid very soon – possibly within a month, Global News has learned. The RCMP and provincial Crown prosecutors are now in talks to lay charges against Duffy, as the RCMP announced Nigel Wright won’t be criminally charged for “gifting” a $90,000 […]

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Criminal Code not the sole boundary for politicians

Apr 16 2014 — Chantal Hébert

Now that the RCMP has decided not to file criminal charges against Nigel Wright for reimbursing Mike Duffy’s housing allowance out of his own pocket, there remains only a faint possibility that Canadians will ever know for sure whether the prime minister was in the loop of the controversial arrangement between his former chief of staff and the suspended […]


Does the RCMP work for us, or the PMO?

Apr 17 2014 —

The other night on television, Stephen Harper’s former communications manager, Geoff Norquay, said that since the RCMP has assured Nigel Wright he will not be charged, nobody cares about the whole stinking mess any longer. Well, I do. As the saying goes, justice must not only be done, it must be seen to be done.


The snob factor in the Harper universe

Apr 17 2014 — Linda McQuaig

After years of relative obscurity in the splendour of the Upper Chamber, Senator Linda Frum’s plunge onto the national stage last week was odd, to say the least. Frum’s adamant insistence — at a Senate hearing and later in a series of well-publicized Twitter exchanges — that Elections Canada should not encourage people to vote sounded so […]


NDP wades into Quebec politics

Apr 17 2014 — Eric Duhaime

Even though the provincial election just ended in Quebec, some are still in full campaign mode. The New Democrats are considering having their own provincial entity next time around. They have registered the name “Nouveau Parti Démocratique du Québec” with Quebec’s director of elections, according to Joël-Denis Bellavance of La Presse.

david akin

Flaherty’s legacy: Making Canada the envy of its peers

Apr 17 2014 — David Akin

On Halloween night 2006, eight months after he’d been sworn in as Canada’s 37th minister of finance, Jim Flaherty went on TV and told Canadians that, though he and newly elected Prime MInister Stephen Harper had just campaigned on a promise not to tax income trusts, he was, in fact, going to do just that. […]


A fitting tribute to Jim Flaherty

Apr 17 2014 — Terence Corcoran

At Tuesday’s state funeral for James Michael Flaherty — politician, minister of finance in two governments, master of self-deprecation, hockey player, husband and father — more than a few at St. James Cathedral in downtown Toronto mentioned that Mr. Flaherty was of Irish descent. What nobody could say, however, is that he should be inducted into the Irish […]


The real problem with the Fair Elections Act: Populism

Apr 16 2014 — Colin Horgan

There is a search ongoing for the real problem with the Fair Elections Act. Over at the Globe and Mail Tuesday, Lawrence Martin pointed to the possibility that the problem may lie in the Act’s connection to Republican strategies. What it shows, he said, is a “parallel” with the way the GOP has been working to “limit […]

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2014 Vanity Fair Oscar Party Hosted By Graydon Carter - Arrivals

‘X-Men’ director accused of sexually abusing teen boy

Apr 17 2014 —

A new lawsuit alleges that “X-Men” director Bryan Singer sexually abused an underage boy at a lurid California sex party. The bombshell suit claims the director of blockbuster hits like “Superman Returns” used his position in Hollywood to exploit young men by taking part in a sex ring.

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