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Nov 24 2015 — Margo McDiarmid

​Prime Minister Justin Trudeau embarks today on his second round of international travel, taking with him a busy schedule focused on the environment and climate change, as well as Canada’s connection to the Commonwealth. Trudeau will visit Queen Elizabeth on Wednesday before attending the Commonwealth heads of government meeting in Valetta, Malta, that starts Friday […]

Nov 24 2015 —

Manmeet Bhullar’s colleagues, friends and family in Calgary are remembering him fondly for the sincerity he brought to public service throughout his relatively short yet accomplished life. Bhullar, 35, the Progressive Conservative MLA for Calgary-Greenway, was killed Monday by an out-of-control semi-trailer on the highway between Edmonton and Calgary — after he pulled over to […]

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Liberals ‘Assessing’ Whether They Can Remove Tory Appointments

Nov 23 2015 — Althia Raj

The Liberal government is looking into whether it can rescind dozens of appointments that were quietly made last June in the dying days of the Conservative government, The Huffington Post Canada has learned. The Prime Minister’s Office is “assessing the situation” and trying to determine if it can get out of several Conservative decisions, such […]

Nov 24 2015 — Leah McLaren

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau travels to London later today to meet with Queen Elizabeth II, at Buckingham Palace tomorrow. While the meeting will be an historic event overseen by the Canadian High Commission and widely covered by the international press, it will not be a first for Trudeau. As he recounted of his childhood in […]

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Nov 24 2015 —

Four years after Jean Charest’s Liberal government launched an inquiry into corruption in Quebec’s construction industry, Justice France Charbonneau’s 1,741-page report concludes corruption and collusion are “far more widespread than originally believed.” Charbonneau handed over the report to the Couillard government today, simultaneously releasing it to the public. In a prepared address from the commission’s […]

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Nov 24 2015 — Nik Nanos

Preferred Prime Minister – Asked who their preferred choice for Prime Minister was, 53.3% of Canadians said Trudeau – who continues to track upward following his election victory, followed by Harper/Ambrose at 17.2% (tracking includes two weeks for Harper and two for Ambrose), Mulcair at 11.6% (a new one year low), May at 4.6% and […]

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Canada heads to Paris as part of massive ‘climate rebrand’

Nov 24 2015 — Tim Harper

It was a gracious gesture, but also politically shrewd. As Canada’s first ministers gathered here for a meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, they made it clear they wanted some long overdue credit for their down-in-the-weeds environmental labour while a federal government was amassing a collection of fossil awards for its mantle and a truck […]

Lawrence Martin

Trudeau’s Liberals a government without excuses

Nov 24 2015 — Lawrence Martin

You can believe whichever side you wish on the state of the nation’s financial books. You can believe new Finance Minister Bill Morneau, who says they are in a lot worse shape than the Tories let on. Or you can believe former finance minister Joe Oliver, who says the Liberals are just playing the cupboard-is-bare […]

Christopher Smillie

Did Canada sell out its labour market in the TPP talks?

Nov 24 2015 — Christopher Smillie

Canada is not an economic giant. Former Australian PM Kevin Rudd told a policy crowd in Ottawa last week that Canada (like Australia) best occupies the “creative middle power space” in world affairs. Canada’s GDP is less than half the size of Germany’s. By any stretch of the imagination, our economy is small when compared […]

Richard Gwyn

Ending ISIS combat mission Trudeau’s first big blunder

Nov 24 2015 — Richard Gwyn

Let me start by using this column to thank a Maclean’s magazine columnist, Paul Wells, who has just unravelled one of our important political mysteries that otherwise would be utterly incomprehensible. The mystery: Why does Justin Trudeau persist in his misguided quest to end Canada’s combat role in the Middle East? When Trudeau first staked […]


We won’t beat back climate change with more corporate welfare

Nov 24 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

The climate, it is a changin’ — and this time I’m not talking about greenhouse gases. The federal policy climate is heating up, stumbling out of the Harper administration’s Ice Age cavern like a revived woolly mammoth. The premiers have poured into Ottawa to meet with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for a long-overdue discussion of […]


After years of kicking and screaming, Alberta comes to the climate table

Nov 24 2015 — Brent Rathgeber

History was made in two places in Edmonton Sunday afternoon. At Commonwealth Stadium, the Eskimos pummelled the Calgary Stampeders 45-21; they’re now off to their first Grey Cup in a decade. Meanwhile, Premier Rachel Notley — flanked by representatives of industry, academia and the environmental movement — was rolling out Alberta’s bold and aggressive new […]


This isn’t about tackling climate change, this is about gaining access to new markets

Nov 24 2015 — Gary Lamphier

“Responding to climate change is about doing what’s right for future generations of Albertans — protecting our jobs, health and the environment. It will help us access new markets for our energy products, and diversify our economy with renewable energy and energy efficiency technology.” – Alberta Premier Rachel Notley C’mon, let’s be honest. This isn’t […]


Climate praise is great, but it won’t pay the taxes

Nov 24 2015 — Don Braid

The strange, warm feeling seemed distantly familiar. It was the sound of praise for Alberta. We haven’t heard much since April 2008, when 500 doomed ducks mistook the Syncrude tailings pond for a landing strip. Ever since, the vilification of Alberta and the oilsands has been a routine mantra for environmentalists, politicians and competitors, from […]


B.C. stands to benefit from Alberta climate strategy

Nov 24 2015 — Vaughn Palmer

While Premier Christy Clark echoed the praises for the Alberta government’s new climate plan Monday, she also noted how the neighbouring province was to some degree following a trail blazed by the B.C. Liberals years ago. “I think it will help,” Clark told reporters when asked for a reaction to the plan announced by her […]

Nov 24 2015 — Lorne Gunter

Before we get into the New Dems’ horrendous, damaging, expensive, impossible Climate Leadership Plan, let’s talk about the absolutely cowardly way Premier Rachel Notley and her party chose to announce it. On a Sunday afternoon. During the CFL’s Western Final between the Edmonton Eskimos and the Calgary Stampeders. Notley insisted the timing was dictated by […]

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Nov 24 2015 — Rick Smith

The renowned Canadian-born economist John Kenneth Galbraith once said that “all of the great leaders have had one characteristic in common: it was the willingness to confront unequivocally the major anxiety of their people in their time. This, and not much else, is the essence of leadership.”

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Nov 24 2015 —

The more Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada’s premiers talk about climate change — as they did Monday in Ottawa — the further away they drift from reality. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley, for example, describes the $3 billion-a-year carbon tax she just announced for her province, which she says will cost the average Alberta family […]

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