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Oct 23 2016 — Beatrice Britneff

No one would have believed it a year ago, but the Liberals’ honeymoon cruise with voters still sails on. And — for better or for worse — the party’s relatively broad popularity shows no sign of tanking anytime soon. One year after last October’s federal election, nearly half of Canada’s decided voters say they would […]

Oct 23 2016 —

Conservative MP Steven Blaney is joining the party’s leadership race. Blaney, who had already filed his nomination papers on Wednesday, made an official announcement Sunday at the annual brunch of the Conservative association in his riding of Bellechasse-Etchemins-Levis in Quebec City. Blaney, 51, was first elected in 2006. He was promoted to cabinet in 2011, […]

Oct 23 2016 —

The Liberal government says it’s taking a more “pragmatic” approach to selling off multi-million diplomatic mansions abroad, quietly changing a Conservative-era push to get rid of the posh properties. The previous Conservative government announced in 2012 it would sell off some 50 diplomatic properties, including a historic Roman villa, multiple mansions across the United States […]


Protectionist Clouds Resurface With Failing Canada-EU Trade Pact

Oct 23 2016 — Josh Wingrove

The possible collapse of a free-trade agreement between the European Union and Canada is the latest sign of how rising protectionism is imperiling free trade. As policy makers and analysts try to make sense of Brexit, the rise of Donald Trump and a growing tide of populism, some say faltering talks between the EU and […]

Local Input~ A paramilitary guard stands before the bars of a main gate to the No.1 Detention Center during a government guided tour in Beijing on October 25, 2012. The rare visit to the facility, which has capacity for 1,000 inmates, was opened to the foreign media as Beijing prepares for the 18th Congress of the Communist Party of China.      AFP PHOTO / Ed Jones        (Photo credit should read Ed Jones/AFP/Getty Images)  0623 ed glavin

Canada extradites dozens of people to China every year, despite fears over torture and the death penalty

Oct 23 2016 — Marie-Danielle Smith

As fears over the treatment of prisoners continue to dominate debate about a possible extradition treaty with China, data show Canada has already been extraditing dozens of Chinese nationals annually. The previous Conservative government sent back more than 330, according to Canada Border Services Agency data provided by Global Affairs Canada. So far this year, […]

Oct 23 2016 —

Bob Benzen had just 47 Twitter followers on Saturday night, a number that is sure to go up after the small business owner captured the Conservative Party nomination in the riding of Calgary-Heritage, replacing former prime minister Stephen Harper. Benzen won the nomination Saturday on the second ballot over Rick Billington and Paul Frank. “I […]

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kady omalley

Finance minister’s presence at pricey party fundraiser suggests Ottawa may want to follow Ontario’s lead

Oct 23 2016 — Kady O'Malley

Well, that’ll teach me to get overly smug about the squeaky-clean superiority of the federal political fundraising regime. Courtesy of The Globe and Mail, we learned this week that Finance Minister Bill Morneau was able to find time in his busy cross-country pre-budget consultation travel schedule to drop by the Halifax home of “former gold […]

Tom Parkin

If progressives still support Trudeau, he’ll continue to betray them

Oct 23 2016 — Tom Parkin

Any progressive Canadian still supporting the Trudeau government needs an intervention – or maybe to just turn in their progressive card. A year ago, Justin Trudeau promised he was as progressive – or even more – than the NDP. And a lot of progressives switched. What they elected was a prime minister who expects progressives […]


Canadians want online voting: poll

Oct 23 2016 — Frank Graves

The internet (as you’re probably tired of being told) has changed everything — how we shop, how we bank, how we entertain and inform ourselves. Why hasn’t it changed how we vote? In an era of WikiLeaks and pervasive hacking, people are right to worry about the security of online voting. But there are also […]


Trudeau Gets a C for His First Year

Oct 23 2016 — Keith Beardsley

Last week when on CTV’s True North Political Panel I was asked to give Trudeau a rating for his first year in office. I gave him a “C” not because I am so partisan, that I can’t say anything positive about him, but because the jury is still out on promises kept or not kept […]

Jaime Watt

It’s time to talk about private health care

Oct 23 2016 — Jaime Watt

During the second presidential debate, Canada got name-checked for the first time. Donald Trump decried our health-care system, as only he could so elegantly put it, as “so flawed” and downright “catastrophic.” Not surprisingly, the comments gave rise to the usual hue and cry that appears any time our health-care system is criticized as anything […]


Indigenous abuses a secret no longer

Oct 23 2016 — Penny Collenette

It is heartbreaking. There is no other word to describe both the reality and the vision of Gord Downie’s Secret Path, the haunting poetry, artistry, music and true story of a 12-year-old Ojibwe boy, Chanie “Charlie” Wenjack, who fled the lonely and cruel life in a residential school 50 years ago this month. Battered and […]


Trump Makes Clinton Look Presidential

Oct 23 2016 — L. Ian MacDonald

One of the deeply un-presidential things about Donald Trump is that he has no sense of occasion. This was apparent again Thursday at the Al Smith Dinner, an annual event hosted by the cardinal-archbishop of New York which raises millions every year for Catholic charities in the city. It’s a glittering white-tie dinner held in […]

Bálint Ódor

A Hungarian Tribute to Canada

Oct 23 2016 — Bálint Ódor

This month, Canada pays homage to the 60th anniversary of the 1956 Hungarian Revolution. As the Ambassador of Hungary to Canada, I invite all Canadians to commemorate and celebrate with us. Canada is a nation that understood the message of 1956 clearly, and also extended helping hands to a large number of Hungarians who were […]

Oct 22 2016 — Stephen Maher

A year ago today, just a few days after Canadians decided Justin Trudeau would take over as prime minister, Trudeau and Stephen Harper stood in front of the National War Memorial in Ottawa on the first anniversary of the death of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo, who was gunned down on the site. It was a somber […]

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Oct 22 2016 — Candice Malcolm

Maryam Monsef says she visited Iran in 2014. Travelling to Iran, however, is no easy feat. Especially for a person carrying a Canadian passport. I know from personal experience. In 2014, after my wedding, I wanted to travel to Iran to visit my new in-laws. My husband was born there, but hasn’t returned since his […]

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Oct 22 2016 — Don Braid

Your typical Canadian appears to have considerable regard for Premier Rachel Notley. The species of Canadian called Albertan, however, generally does not. A new Mainstreet/Postmedia polls shows Notley is Canada’s second most popular premier with a 44 per cent rating, after Quebec’s Philippe Couillard, who has 46 per cent. When Albertans are polled, however, she […]

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Oct 22 2016 — Mark Milke

Imagine you are a young female physician in 1999 who just finished a specialized residency. You are working full time and can begin to pay down your student debt. Imagine also that the province begins to cut income taxes. That is helpful to your take-home pay, and further allows you to save for the future, […]

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Oct 21 2016 — Chris Selley

To realists — not cynics, realists — the likeliest outcome of the Liberals’ electoral reform consultations was always obvious: a lack of electoral reform. The precedent for holding a referendum was too strong; the arguments against holding one were too laughably weak (it’ll be like Brexit! Somehow!); the potential for blowback from a population that […]

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Oct 21 2016 — Ottawa Citizen

In a fictional-sounding – but very real – place named Wallonia, the future of free trade is reeling badly, with potentially graver consequences for Canada than those we fear from the presidential race south of the border. Wallonia is a sub-region of Belgium that continues to hold out against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement […]

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Oct 21 2016 — Susan Delacourt

Advertisers, at least the ones who buy spots on TV, clearly don’t believe that young people are interested in politics. Tune into any one of the daily political broadcasts on Canadian all-news networks and you’ll see an array of pitches for stair lifts, walk-in baths or retirement-planning tools — not exactly items on any young […]

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Former Olympic Figure Skater Scott Hamilton Diagnosed With Third Brain Tumo

Oct 23 2016 —

Scott Hamilton is facing a third bout with a brain tumor. A rep for the former Olympic figure skater confirmed to ABC News that Hamilton, 58, has “a recurrence of his benign brain tumor.” Hamilton, who first opened up about his diagnosis to People magazine, was previously diagnosed with brain tumors in 2004 and 2010. […]


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