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Sep 24 2017 —

Canada’s ambassador to China, John McCallum, says that Beijing is angry with North Korea, but Canada is willing to “help to broker a peace” on the Korean Peninsula. “I think China, to use an undiplomatic word, is getting more and more pissed off with North Korea,” McCallum, who took over Canada’s diplomatic post in the […]

Canada wins kudos from unions for pushing better labour standards in NAFTA

Sep 24 2017 —

The Canadian government is getting kudos from unions for proposing that both Mexico and the United States commit to improved labour standards in a rewritten North American free trade agreement. Christopher Monette, public affairs director for Teamsters Canada, says it’s not helpful to focus strictly on Mexico, where low wages have resulted in an exodus […]

Conservatives would beat Libs: Poll

Sep 24 2017 —

If a federal election was held today, the Conservatives would be narrowly voted in over the Liberals. So says a new Forum Research poll, which found of 1,350 decided and leaning voters, 39% would support the Tories and 35% would back the Liberals. The same poll found the NDP got 15% of the vote, while […]

Sep 24 2017 — Eric Grenier

British Columbia is introducing political contribution limits, banning union and corporate donations and asking taxpayers to make up the difference, bringing the province in line with fundraising rules in most other jurisdictions in Canada. Political fundraising in B.C. was virtually unlimited. Parties could accept contributions from individuals, corporations and unions in any amount and from […]

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Sep 24 2017 — Michael Smyth

Columnist Mike Smyth interviews former Surrey mayor Dianne Watts ahead of her expected B.C. Liberal Party leadership bid announcement on Sunday. Dianne Watts is ready to come home and she wants to be premier. Watts has scheduled a news conference for Sunday afternoon at Surrey’s Guildford Hotel, where she will announce her candidacy for leadership […]

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Sep 24 2017 —

The head of Canada’s autoworkers union predicted NAFTA renegotiation talks would end in failure after U.S. negotiators arrived Saturday for Round 3 without setting out precise demands for how exactly the Trump administration wants to boost the made-in-America manufacturing sector. “I’m convinced that the U.S. doesn’t want a deal, not before Christmas,” said Unifor president […]

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Sep 24 2017 —

Wab Kinew made Manitoba history when he was elected as leader of the provincial NDP on Sept. 16. In a decisive victory over his rival, Steve Ashton, Kinew secured 728 votes over Ashton’s 253, winning the leadership race and making Kinew the first Indigenous person to be elected to lead a major party in the […]

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Sep 23 2017 —

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is not weighing in directly on the federal government’s controversial tax change proposals. But she says she hopes the feds strike a balance by ensuring tax fairness without stifling economic growth. Notley says that’s critical as Alberta is just rebounding from a prolonged economic slump. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is […]

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Tory’s fall into Trudeau’s tax trap

Sep 24 2017 — Jaime Watt

As Parliamentarians made their return to the House of Commons this past week, there was a marked difference in the moods of Liberal and Conservative members. Andrew Scheer’s Conservatives were cheerfully optimistic about their future, while Liberal government members were considerably less upbeat. The reason: the federal government had just endured weeks of critical commentary […]

Departed MPs’ legacies must be kept alive

Sep 24 2017 — Penny Collenette

Death stalks us all but when it pounces on an elected Member of Parliament, it causes a national gasp. No one will ever forget the traumatic death of Jack Layton, the former NDP leader, who had just achieved a historic electoral breakthrough. His time as Leader of the Official Opposition was cruelly over in the […]

Angus vs. Singh: comfort or ambition for the NDP

Sep 24 2017 — Robin V. Sears

As the endless NDP leadership campaign meanders toward its closing days, one man has already given Trudeau Liberals serious political heartburn, the other may have seized the mantle of “natural successor.” Unless Andrew Scheer soon begins to demonstrate that he understands why his party was so decisively thumped by young urban Canadians, his ability to […]

Stephen Harper’s political children poised for provincial takeovers

Sep 22 2017 — Don Martin

Here’s some interesting political trivia: No provincial premier has ever become prime minister of Canada. That’s what makes the phenomenon of Stephen Harper’s political children so bizarre. While even the best premiers have declined or failed in a bid move up the political pyramid to 24 Sussex Drive, federal Conservative backbenchers are lining up to […]

The odd merger of Bombardier and the Canadian government

Sep 22 2017 — Andrew Coyne

Perhaps I have been wrong about Bombardier. Until this week I had been patiently explaining to readers that the company was not, as its annual reports might suggest, in the aerospace and mass transit business. It is, I suggested, in the subsidy business. Governments, federal and provincial, periodically offer it subsidies worth hundreds of millions […]

Sep 22 2017 — Heather Mallick

Catherine McKenna, minister for environment and climate change and MP for Ottawa Centre, is a bilingual, internationalist human rights lawyer with degrees from the University of Toronto, McGill and the London School of Economics. Gerry Ritz, Conservative MP for Battlefords-Lloydminster, isn’t.

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Sep 22 2017 —

Donald Trump is definitely more powerful than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But does that power stretch all the way to Canadian airwaves too? Last Tuesday morning, Trudeau held a news conference in the National Press Theatre in Ottawa, which was broadcast live on the two all-news TV channels for CBC and CTV. Well, it was […]

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Sep 21 2017 — John Ivison

The great national tax revolt will fizzle by Christmas. That may sound a bold prediction, given the way the Liberal small-business tax reforms are dominating the political conversation — but hear me out. The Liberals are intent on changing the rules that allow small-business owners to defer taxation by using private corporations to make passive […]

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Sep 21 2017 — Paul Wells

There comes a time in every new opposition leader’s career when he discovers it’s a horrible job. This usually happens early. The reasons why it seems like it shouldn’t be a horrible job are: (a) All you have to do is make fun of the government; (b) Being an opposition leader, and therefore hating the […]

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Sep 21 2017 — Michael Harris

Picture Doug Ford as secretary general of the United Nations. Imagine Donald Trump as the head of the World Wildlife Federation. Too much? OK, now imagine Andrew Scheer becoming prime minister of Canada. Slightly better odds — slim, compared to none, the proverbial snowball in hell. There are a lot of reasons for that. This […]

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Sep 21 2017 — Tim Harper

On the eve of Parliament’s return, a quick drink with a prominent opponent of Justin Trudeau’s tax reforms brought consensus. It would be one of those political meteors, we decided. Canadians are not paying attention and the tax reforms controversy would burn out in a couple of days. A week later, we both have to […]

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