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NDP MP who alleged misconduct says she’s open to participating in formal process

Nov 25 2014 —

An NDP MP who levelled misconduct allegations against a Liberal colleague says she would be interested in participating in an independent House of Commons harassment probe, but doesn’t feel it’s been made clear how she should proceed. The woman, who spoke at length to The Canadian Press on Tuesday, also explained that she doesn’t want […]

Nov 25 2014 — Dean Beeby

Detailed tax information about the private lives of hundreds of Canadians — many of them rich and famous — has been obtained by CBC News through a major privacy breach by Canada’s tax agency. The highly confidential details, including home addresses of taxpayers and the value of tax credits they were granted, are contained in […]

Nov 25 2014 — Althia Raj

“It was sex without explicit consent,” she said…. The NDP MP who approached Justin Trudeau says she never wanted to “destroy” the reputation of a Liberal MP, she just wanted the Liberal leader to know what kind of people he had in his caucus. In an hour-long conversation with The Huffington Post Canada, the MP […]

Nov 25 2014 —

Sun Media has retracted a story about a Liberal candidate that was based on a secretly recorded conversation by a young Conservative. The story became fodder in the House of Commons last week for several Conservative MPs, including Employment Minister Jason Kenney, to bash Banff-Airdrie Liberal candidate Marlo Raynolds — and, by extension, all Liberals […]

Nov 25 2014 — Kevin Donovan

Former Q host Jian Ghomeshi has withdrawn his $55 million lawsuit against the CBC, says Chuck Thompson, spokesman for the national broadcaster. “The parties have reached a settlement; the lawsuit has been withdrawn but it still needs to be formalized through a court order,” Thompson told the Star Tuesday. The deal was reached last Friday.


Harper’s infrastructure plan to cost $300M next year, will trim surplus to $1.6B

Nov 25 2014 —

And now it’s $1.6 billion. That’s Ottawa’s new projection for next year’s budgetary surplus following Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s $5.8-billion infrastructure announcement. Canada’s surplus forecast for 2015-16 is now $300 million lower than the $1.9-billion projection the Finance Department published two weeks ago in its fall fiscal update. The government says Harper’s infrastructure announcement will […]


Hill harassment: Committee agrees to study, but needs House sign-off

Nov 25 2014 — Kady O'Malley

The procedure and House affairs committee has agreed to strike a special subcommittee to investigate how to handle future allegations of harassment amongst MPs, CBC News has learned. But before that work can begin, the House of Commons will have to sign off on a formal order of reference laying out the parameters of the […]

Nov 25 2014 —

It’s too soon to put numbers to the cost of Canada’s mission ‎against ISIS in Iraq, Defence Minister Rob Nicholson told MPs on the Commons defence committee today. “[The costs] will be reported, you know, in the normal way. Usually within 90 days of the completion of the mission the costs are tabled,” Nicholson said. […]

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Nov 25 2014 —

This year’s South Asian Bar Association Annual Gala and Awards will feature Liberal Party of Canada Leader Justin Trudeau as the keynote speaker. The Gala, under the aegis of SABA’s Toronto chapter, will recognize achievements by South Asian and others in the legal profession. BMO Financial Group’s General Counsel Simon Fish will be awarded SABA’s […]

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Nov 25 2014 — Kady O'Malley

Give Ethics Commissioner Mary Dawson full points for sticking to her message, even if she seems to have her work cut out for her when it comes to getting federal politicians to actually listen to what she has to say. Last week, she cleared Canadian Heritage Minister Shelly Glover of opposition charges of ethical impropriety […]

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Nov 25 2014 — Timothy Sawa

The government rarely offers details about Canadian extremists it believes pose a threat, but with the help of terrorism experts and using open sources of information, CBC News has pieced together a list of 18 Canadians accused of dangerous terrorist connections. The same information is not publicly available from the RCMP or the Canadian Security […]

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Nov 25 2014 —

The federal auditor general says some of Canada’s battle-scarred veterans are waiting up to eight months before finding out whether they are eligible for mental health disability benefits. And for a handful of those ex-soldiers, the cumbersome application process is only the beginning of a battle for recognition and care that can rage on for […]

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Time to resolve Hill misconduct allegations

Nov 25 2014 — Warren Kinsella

In Latin, it’s called “audi alteram partem.” That is, “hear the other side.” It’s a principle of what is referred to as natural justice. Put simply, natural justice offers citizens specific procedural rights – the right to be heard, and the right to a hearing free from bias. Natural justice is an important concept, because […]


Anti-pipeline fervour not the legacy Stephen Harper had in mind

Nov 24 2014 — Chantal Hébert

Two years ago student leader Gabriel Nadeau-Dubois rose to fame by becoming the face of Quebec’s so-called Maple Spring. He turned the episode that spelled the beginning of the end of premier Jean Charest’s tenure into a book titled Tenir tête. Last week, the book won the Governor General’s 2014 French-language non-fiction prize. On Sunday, […]


Pipelines draw professional protesters

Nov 25 2014 — Ezra Levant

The professional protesters were out in force this weekend at Burnaby Mountain in British Columbia. They were trying to stop a pipeline from the Alberta oilsands to the Port of Vancouver that would then load up tanker ships for export. This would be a disaster, the protesters say. They’re a bit late though. That pipeline, […]


Canada’s unheard aboriginal narrative

Nov 25 2014 — Lawrence Martin

Canada’s rank racism toward aboriginal peoples was institutionalized within the fundamentals of European philosophy and culture, says maverick thinker John Ralston Saul. Europeans insisted their principles were universal. “Of course they were universal. After all, they said they were.” With their technological and cultural sophistication came a conviction of racial superiority. They were so superior, […]


A billion reasons to leave CBC behind

Nov 25 2014 — Jerry Agar

How disappointing would it be to give money to someone only to learn the recipient didn’t appreciate it? How much worse would it be to be forced through taxes to fund someone who not only didn’t appreciate it but thought he deserved more, while thinking himself better than you? Linden MacIntyre is leaving the CBC […]


Continue taking hard line with Putin, former Russian PM tells West

Nov 25 2014 — John Ivison

This is one disgruntled former employee that Vladimir Putin might regret firing. Mikhail Kasyanov was Russia’s prime minister in 2004 when he, and the rest of the Russian cabinet, was dismissed by the new president. But Mr. Kasyanov has not gone away and as leader of the opposition People’s Freedom Party, he is predicting Mr. […]


Defections leave Wildrose reeling

Nov 25 2014 — Graham Thomson

This is not the end of the Wildrose Party. But you can see it from here. You have to wonder how long before another wheel falls off the Wildrose bus. And by wheel, I mean another Wildrose MLA. Before Monday, the wheels were already getting wobbly because of internal divisions between the Wildrose caucus and […]

Nov 25 2014 — Susan Sherring

Each year, hundreds of people go missing in Ottawa, some by choice, others the victims of their mental state sometimes through vicious crimes, even murder. Finding the missing isn’t easy and sometimes once found it turns out the lost have no desire to return to their former lives. “‹And as frequently as people go missing, […]

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BREAKING NEWS - FILE PHOTOS - Rape allegations haunt Bill Cosby - Barbara Bowman claims she was drugged then raped

Cosby leaked story about daughter’s drug problems

Nov 25 2014 —

Bill Cosby is a horrible human being — even when he isn’t allegedly drugging and raping women — according to detractors. A journalist I’ve known for many years recalls a sordid tale about Cosby in the summer of 1989, when the reporter was working for the National Enquirer. The supermarket weekly had a solid story […]

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