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Sep 19 2014 — Josh Wingrove

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner is investigating a federal department’s handling of Access to Information requests for Alberta Premier Jim Prentice’s expenses from when he was a cabinet minister in Ottawa. In a letter sent to NDP MP Charlie Angus and obtained by The Globe and Mail, Claude Beaulé, a senior privacy investigator in Commissioner Daniel Therrien’s […]

Sep 19 2014 — Bill Curry

Internal Canada Revenue Agency documents confirm the agency is cutting some of its most highly-trained staff and folding international tax evasion units into more generally-focused teams because of the Conservative government’s 2014 budget freeze. A CRA report obtained by The Globe and Mail suggests that at the end of the shakeup, 50 senior managers responsible […]

Sep 19 2014 —

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird likened the fight against militants in Iraq and Syria to the historic struggles against communism and fascism Friday as he backed the United Nations Security Council’s call for more international support. Baird delivered his message after he was invited by U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry to speak to a […]

Sep 19 2014 —

The NDP has used a tactical ploy to force a debate in the House of Commons about the need for an inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women. The Opposition caught Conservatives by surprise, waiting until they had filed out of the House after the daily question period. The NDP then rushed their own members […]


Former privacy commissioner George Radwanski dies

Sep 19 2014 — Daniel Leblanc

George Radwanski, a former high-profile journalist whose term as a defender of privacy rights ended in controversy, died of a heart attack on Thursday. He was 67. An immigrant of Polish origin, he went up the corridors of power in Canada, but also got engulfed in a storm over his expenses as the federal privacy […]


New Brunswick Election: Liberal lead shrinks as Tories gain, CRA poll says

Sep 19 2014 —

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant is clinging to a nine-point lead ahead of Monday’s provincial election as the Progressive Conservatives have managed to chip away at the lead. The Corporate Research Associates poll had the Liberals with the support of 45 per cent of decided voters followed by the Progressive Conservatives with 36 per cent and […]

Sep 19 2014 —

The police investigation into Mayor Rob Ford is back in court as officers have filed new search warrant requests but the public may not have details about the requests for another week. Lawyers were in court this morning fighting for the release of Information To Obtain (ITO) documents, but the court hearing has been delayed […]

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Sep 19 2014 —

Federal New Democrat Leader Tom Mulcair says he supports his New Brunswick NDP counterpart’s position on shale gas development. Mulcair joined provincial NDP Leader Dominic Cardy on the campaign trail in Fredericton in the final days before the election Monday. Cardy has promised to wait two years before considering development of a shale gas sector, […]

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Don’t dismiss Duffy’s ability to force Harper to go

Sep 19 2014 — Scott Reid

If Mike Duffy’s trial arrives before or during the 2015 federal campaign it will drive a cement nail straight through Stephen Harper’s hopes for re-election. The threat is so enormous that it may force the prime minister to consider a choice that most observers believe him to have already rejected: retirement from public life.


A Liberal agenda for parliamentary reform?

Sep 19 2014 — Aaron Wherry

Earlier this week, I rhymed off a bunch of questions about what sort of prime minister Thomas Mulcair or Justin Trudeau would be. Last night, in the midst of debate on the Reform Act, new Liberal MP Arnold Chan used his maiden speech in the House of Commons to rhyme off a rather long to-do […]


Don’t Give ISIS the Reaction it Wants

Sep 19 2014 — Blake Bromley

The horror of yet another online broadcast of a hostage beheading by an ISIS radical from England is the focus of global news again. The latest victim is an international aid organization worker. This execution resonated with me personally. I was working with an international aid organization in the Philippines — World Vision International — […]

chris hall 3

Scotland referendum No vote holds lessons for Canada

Sep 19 2014 — Chris Hall

It’s tempting to look at the results in Scotland’s not-so-close referendum and conclude there are no real lessons for Canada, a country that already has weathered two failed campaigns for separation and just this year saw voters in Quebec soundly reject the separatist Parti Québécois. But that would be a mistake. Experience has taught us […]

michael harris

Stephen Harper’s comeback plan: distraction

Sep 19 2014 — Michael Harris

There’s an elephant in the room: Stephen Harper’s record in office. He needs to make it disappear. He doesn’t have much time. Sometime between now and the autumn of 2015, Canadians must decide whether their march into the post-democratic age under Harper will continue. The prime minister’s latest foray into one-man government was his recent […]


What Trudeau doesn’t get about free speech

Sep 19 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Liberalism sure ain’t what it used to be. Not, at least, for seven former Liberal MPs who this week signed an open letter to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, asking him to reverse his edict on abortion and allow his party’s members to vote their conscience: “The firm position of all previous Liberal Leaders, including Pierre […]

Frances Russell

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives Champion Democracy for Ukraine – for Canada, Not So Much

Sep 19 2014 — Frances Russell

Canada’s House of Commons erupted in wave after wave of standing ovations as MPs feted newly-elected Ukrainian Prime Minister Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday. But similar enthusiasm for fundamental democratic principles at home is under increasing threat, from social activism to scientific research. Perhaps the longest and most complete muzzling of freedom of expression has befallen […]


Justin Trudeau getting squeezed from left and right

Sep 18 2014 — Tim Harper

The year of the squeeze for Justin Trudeau is now well underway. He is being squeezed on the right by Stephen Harper and on the left by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, two more experienced politicians who realize the normal laws of political gravity are not enough to bring the young Liberal prince back to earth. […]

Sep 18 2014 — Aaron Wherry

Conservative MP Mike Wallace was right to investigate how much it costs for the government to answer one set of written questions filed by opposition MPs. And Conservative MP John Carmichael is right to investigate how much it cost to answer another set of questions. And Conservative MP Brian Jean, since resigned, was right to […]

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Sep 19 2014 — Terence Corcoran

On Tuesday night, millions of Canadians gathered round their televisions and other devices tuned in to CBC Television’s flagship news report, The National. In a rare moment of national unity, viewers took in the public broadcaster’s latest contribution to creating a “shared national consciousness and identity” by providing a “distinctively Canadian” interview with Barbra Streisand. […]

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Sep 19 2014 — Rick Salutin

Here’s what I find unforgivable about the Fords; it took till now to figure it out. It’s not their right-wing politics. There’s lots of that around. It’s not the bullying, bullies can be dealt with. Nor their huge ambition and sense of political entitlement. It’s not Rob’s moral foibles or unsavoury social life or his […]

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Sep 19 2014 — Christina Blizzard

On the surface, the provincial Tory leadership campaign appears to be a long, slow march to nowhere. Only two candidates have formally announced they’re running: Whitby-Oshawa’s Christine Elliott was the first one out of the gate. She’s a political powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with and widely viewed as the frontrunner. She’s highly […]

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Sep 19 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Dear Scotland: To establish my bona fides, let me say that the most beautiful place on Earth is Oban, on your western coast. I travelled there with a girl some years ago and promptly forgot about the girl, and thereupon became fully preoccupied with moving to Scotland, hanging out in a pub and writing poetry. […]

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Kevin Spacey stalker sentenced to four years

Sep 19 2014 —

A woman who engaged in a “persistent and malevolent” cyberstalking campaign against actor Kevin Spacey has been sentenced to four years in prison. Linda Louise Culkin, 55, threatened to cause physical harm to the House of Cards star. Last November, she pleaded guilty to charges including posting threatening letters and sending false information regarding explosives. […]

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