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Nov 24 2014 — Robert Fisher

It’s the start of a new ‘parliamentary’ week at Queen’s Park and on Parliament Hill — and Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne is still waiting for a response to yet another of her “Dear Stephen” letters. One of them, dated September 16th, took 62 days to draw a response from the prime minister. But, even then, […]

Nov 24 2014 — James Fitz-Morris

=The Conservative government is facing calls to change the rules around tax-free savings accounts now before a loophole means some of Canada’s wealthiest people could start receiving “welfare for seniors.” TFSAs were created in 2009 and designed to encourage Canadians to save by – as the name suggests – putting such accounts out of the […]


MP Rajotte more lobbied than any Cabinet minister last month

Nov 24 2014 — Mark Burgess

The pre-budget bonanza and a slew of lobby days made October the busiest month so far for federal lobbying, communications reports filed in the online Lobbyists’ Registry show. But with much of the 2015 surplus already accounted for in family tax cuts, organizations are downplaying expectations and ensuring their requests, or “asks,” are even more […]

neil and linden

Neil Macdonald: Linden MacIntyre Is ‘Self-Righteous’ And Wrong About CBC

Nov 23 2014 —

CBC’s Neil Macdonald has written a biting response to comments made by Linden MacIntyre criticizing the broadcaster and its work environment. The CBC’s senior Washington correspondent wrote that MacIntyre “is acting like a self-righteous horse’s ass” in a post to his Facebook account on Sunday. MacIntyre, who recently retired, delivered a lecture at U of […]


Prentice, Ottawa to press Wynne, Couillard on Energy East

Nov 24 2014 — Shawn McCarthy

The Alberta and federal governments are planning a new push to persuade skeptics in Central Canada that a proposed $12-billion oil pipeline will deliver them more benefits than it will pose risks. Alberta Premier Jim Prentice plans to travel to Quebec City and Toronto in early December to meet Quebec and Ontario premiers, who last […]

Nov 24 2014 — Zach Dubinsky

When Toronto city councillors were debating a zoning change in 2011, Doug Ford withdrew from the discussion because it could have affected a property leased by packaged-meats giant Maple Leaf Foods — a major client of his family printing business. But then when the matter came up weeks later for final approval at city council, […]

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Nov 23 2014 —

Two more former NDP staffers who say they were unfairly dismissed have accused the party of trying to convince them not to file a complaint against the elected members who employed them. Bouchra Taibi, who was working for New Democrat MP Helene Leblanc, and Melanie Bellemare, who was working for MP Francois Choquette, both accuse […]

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Nov 23 2014 —

Veterans Affairs Minister Julian Fantino said Sunday the department’s $1.1 billion dollars in unused funding over seven years is “not lost money.” The department was unable to spend more than $1.1 billion of its budget over seven years, and like other departments that are unable to spend their appropriation within the budget year, Veterans Affairs […]

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Nov 23 2014 —

The Quebec wing of the Young Liberals of Canada met with party leader Justin Trudeau Saturday, discussing some controversial positions from the youth wing that do not toe the party line. At the meeting at the Université de Montréal, the young Liberals spoke with Trudeau of their support for a toll of the yet-unnamed bridge […]

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Nov 23 2014 —

About two-thirds of Canadians support the mission in Iraq and consider the Islamic State a threat to Canada that must be confronted overseas, a new poll says. Days after Canada’s third bombing mission destroyed a warehouse and training ground in northern Iraq Tuesday, a Forum Research poll found 66 per cent of voters agree with […]

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The return of Casey the rebel

Nov 24 2014 — Dan Leger

Bill Casey became famous as the Conservative who faced down Stephen Harper. Now he’s a Liberal, and he wants to do it again. After his 2007 standoff with Harper over offshore resources, Casey could have been elected dictator of Nova Scotia. He seemed to be the only federal Conservative taking the province’s side in the […]

campbell clark

Bill Casey’s comeback is bad news for Harper

Nov 24 2014 — Campbell Clark

tephen Harper must feel like a ghost is returning to haunt him. It’s been years since Bill Casey was a thorn in his side. He’s one of the few Conservative MPs who clashed publicly with Mr. Harper. Now he’s coming back as a Liberal. Mr. Harper booted the former Nova Scotia MP out of the […]

michael harris

Selective use of ‘terror’ term fuels Harper’s resurgence

Nov 24 2014 — Michael Harris

According to the pollster’s pollster, Nik Nanos, Canada has undergone a sea-change in the past month. In his latest Party Power Index, war, terrorism and security have now replaced health-care as the second most important issue amongst Canadians. For a lot of reasons, this boggles the mind. There is more. According to several surveys, including […]


Michael Ignatieff sees through a glass darkly — again

Nov 24 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

Michael Ignatieff is at it again. Not content with having gifted us with his 2013 memoir, Fire and Ashes, the erstwhile Liberal leader has produced a follow-up essay in the latest issue of New Republic, entitled “I Wish Someone Had Told Me This Before I Became A Politician.” Sir: So do we. But since you […]


CBC needs an adult in charge, MacIntyre affair shows

Nov 24 2014 — John Doyle

As CBC supporters must know by now from bitter experience, you can rely on the public broadcaster. It always lets you down. Always. Last week’s farcical barring and un-barring of Linden MacIntyre from CBC News Network, where he was due to promote his final fifth estate report, had the air and dynamic of awful workplace […]


Finding common ground on climate change

Nov 24 2014 — Monte Solberg

Writing recently in the Globe and Mail, Preston Manning once again endorsed the idea of carbon pricing as a way to battle climate change while also providing a plan to better communicate it. I would start at a slightly different place in this discussion. Canadians are conflicted about the issue of climate change. Many regular […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

UberX a human sacrifice to the god of cheap

Nov 24 2014 — Heather Mallick

I don’t like the UberX taxi app. I’d rather take my chances with a licensed Toronto cab driver who doesn’t know where he’s going and did his best cleaning up the mess in the back seat but things don’t smell so bad in winter, if it starts steaming again in July we’ll have another scrub, […]


Violence against Aboriginal women has to stop

Nov 24 2014 — Celine Cooper

Three weeks ago, 16-year-old Rinelle Harper from the Garden Hill Nation in northern Manitoba was brutally attacked and thrown into the icy waters of Winnipeg’s Assiniboine River. Scarcely clothed, bloodied and freezing, she somehow managed to pull herself out only to be attacked again and left for dead, police said. She was found the next […]


Threats to journalism, threats to us all

Nov 24 2014 — Shannon Gormley

The journalist was pretty scared. Of course she was. She’d been threatened by an Uber executive who was shocked — shocked! — that a reporter would report — report! —on his company. In retaliation for her having the gall to fulfill her professional duties, he suggested, Uber could rummage through the details of her personal […]

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Bill Cosby — Accuser Wrangling Women … For Class Action Lawsuit

Nov 24 2014 —

One of Bill Cosby’s alleged victims not only plans to sue him … she’s trying to get all of his accusers in a single lawsuit to convince a jury … all these woman just can’t be lying. Louisa Moritz — who claims Cosby stuck his penis in her mouth in her dressing room before a […]

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