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Tory caucus ‘like a morgue’ after NDP’s Alberta win: MacKay

May 6 2015 — Amanda Connolly

While the NDP caucus was celebrating the party’s historic provincial win in Alberta last night, the environment across the hall in the Conservative caucus meeting couldn’t have been more different. “It was like a morgue,” Justice Minister Peter MacKay told reporters Wednesday morning after the weekly meeting. “Someone said it was like – it’s Albertastan […]

May 6 2015 —

The federal government’s controversial new anti-terrorism bill has won the approval of the House of Commons. The Anti-Terrorism Act, also known as Bill C-51, easily passed third reading by a margin of 183 to 96, thanks to the Conservative government’s majority and the promised support of the third-party Liberals. The legislation gives the Canadian Security […]

May 6 2015 — Glen McGregor

The new Liberal child care benefit unveiled by leader Justin Trudeau this week came with the promise of upping the ante on the Universal Child Care Benefit codified in the Conservative government’s federal budget. Most families, the Trudeau said, would get more per month from the Liberal benefit than under the Tory plan. At its […]

May 6 2015 — Alice Funke

Doing the arithmetic in the Alberta election was the easy part, but fully absorbing the math of it all is surely more difficult for both federal and provincial conservatives today. One provincial seat (Calgary-Glenmore) was left in a PC-NDP tie after last night’s unofficial tallies, which under Alberta election laws could result in an instant […]

May 6 2015 — Jordan Press

Canadians will know in June which senators have been abusing the public purse, with the red chamber prepared to name names and “aggressively” and “harshly” punish those in the wrong, says the new Senate Speaker. Auditor General Michael Ferguson’s final report will name names, and the public will get its first look at the details […]


Pollsters say Alberta vote redeems their industry

May 6 2015 — Donovan Vincent

NDP Leader Rachel Notley and her party weren’t the only big winners in Tuesday night’s election. Pollsters who took it on the chin in the province’s last vote three years ago were redeemed this time, says the head of one polling firm. In 2012, Alison Redford was the premier and her Conservatives trailed Danielle Smith’s […]


Premier-designate Rachel Notley tells energy industry it’ll be ‘A-OK’

May 6 2015 —

Just hours after taking down a four-decade-old Tory government, Alberta’s premier-designate, was quick to say the hard work of dismantling a dynasty has begun. The first order of business for Rachel Notley was phone calls to business leaders and “partners in the energy industry.” “They can count on us to work collaboratively with them,” she […]

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‘My name is Rachel Notley’

May 6 2015 — Paul Wells

How this down-to-earth politician capitalized on an extraordinary moment in Alberta’s history. “I think what’s changing,” Rachel Notley told me over lunch at the Higher Ground Café in Calgary on April 16, “is the approach of Albertans to politics. What’s not changing, as much as people think, are the opinions of Albertans on value-based questions […]


Graham Steele: Lessons for Rachel Notley and Alberta’s NDP

May 6 2015 — Graham Steele

Anybody who said, even one year ago, that Alberta would elect a majority NDP government in 2015 would have been called delusional. And yet here we are. Like many Nova Scotians, I hear echoes of our own election night in 2009, when Nova Scotia chose the first-ever New Democratic government east of Ontario. A miracle, […]


Rachel Notley rides stunning orange wave in Alberta

May 6 2015 — Tim Harper

Voters in Alberta made history Tuesday night — and they sealed it with an exclamation point. Rachel Notley and her New Democrats secured a majority victory in an election that was supposed to be a stroll in the park for a powerful Progressive Conservative dynasty that had all but swallowed up its opposition in the […]


Why the Orange Revolution is not about Rachel Notley

May 6 2015 — Colby Cosh

My birthday was a few days ago. In my phone call with my mother, I asked her if she had spoken with anybody in the family about the Alberta election. She lives in Saskatchewan with my father now, on his family’s homestead, but they had just been back through Ft. McMurray for a visit. They […]


Notley’s NDP rises from the wreckage of epic PC disasters

May 6 2015 — Don Braid

The NDP dreamed it. Legions of Albertans wanted it. But who could imagine it actually happening? Rachel Notley’s party shattered an age-old government, crushing overnight all the old ways and networks, dismantling the cosy PC compact with its increasingly distant elite. Premier Jim Prentice immediately quit cold, both as PC Party leader and Foothills MLA, […]


For Rachel Notley the hard part starts now

May 6 2015 — Karl Nerenberg

The prospect of an orange Alberta had the business establishment fretting right up to the last minute. On Alberta’s election-day morning the headline in the Globe and Mail’s Report on Business was: “Energy industry braces for Alberta election results.” The NDP leader, now Premier-elect Rachel Notley had, horror of horrors, promised a “review” of the […]


The PC dynasty died today. No messiah, no miracle.

May 6 2015 — Rick Bell

Toryland, aged 43, passed away Tuesday after a lengthy illness. The end came at approximately 8:35 p.m. MDT. At the request of the family, there will be no memorial service. If you wish to send flowers, please no orange blossoms or wild roses. I never believed I would live to see this day. At the […]


Angry Albertans beat an orange path to the polls

May 6 2015 — Michael Platt

Anger, the great motivator. That, it seems, is the long-sought secret to shaking Albertans out of a voting stupor dating back nearly four decade: just tick ‘em off. Whether it was infuriating statements from outgoing Tory premier Jim Prentice like “look in the mirror” and “math is difficult,” or the irritating early election call that […]

May 6 2015 — David Macdonald

Yesterday the Liberals released a portion of their platform for the upcoming federal election. While I’m happy to see some overlap with our Alternative Federal Budget (AFB), I’m puzzled by the Liberals’ proposed tax changes, which basically just move tax money around in the top 20% of households without doing anything substantial for every politico’s […]

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May 6 2015 — Tom Walkom

A visitor from Mars, or perhaps even Michigan, might find it hard to differentiate the economic policies of Canada’s three main political parties. Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals support balanced budgets, tax cuts for small business and subsidies for families. They support building pipelines to move oil and gas […]

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May 6 2015 —

Canadians haven’t seen the last pre-election promise drop yet. But Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has just done his bit to make sure that voters will have some genuine, healthy choices when they cast their ballots on Oct. 19. And that’s a good thing for democracy. Until now Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have sought to […]

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May 5 2015 — Leo Housakos

These are hard times for the Senate of Canada, there is no doubt about that. Mistakes have been made, rules have been misinterpreted or disregarded altogether. We accept responsibility and are sorry for allowing a culture and system that made it possible for some members to conduct themselves in an inappropriate, and possibly criminal, manner […]

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May 6 2015 — Martin Regg Cohn

Once upon a time the Progressive Conservatives were Ontario’s natural governing party, thanks to the Big Blue Machine. Big Blue referred to the broad coalition of voters wooed by premier Bill Davis with modern campaign techniques — until the day he resigned and the dynasty dissolved. Post-Davis, the PCs lurched right with the wrong leader, […]

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May 6 2015 — Carol Goar

Long before Kathleen Wynne became the premier of Ontario, a Liberal MPP or a Toronto school board trustee, she signed up for conflict resolution training at St. Stephen’s Community House, a social service agency in the Kensington market. The non-profit organization had developed a groundbreaking program to teach volunteers how to resolve neighbourhood disputes. Trainees […]

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Disguised Bono, U2 play surprise show in NYC subway

May 6 2015 — Josh Elliott

It was a beautiful day to take the subway in New York City on Tuesday, when Irish rockers U2 donned disguises to play a surprise show for commuters at Grand Central Station. Bono, Edge and crew joined “Tonight Show” host Jimmy Fallon in shabby, busker-style clothing on a bustling subway platform Tuesday. They started their […]