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Ches Crosbie Told He Cannot Run for Conservative Nomination in Avalon

Jul 1 2015 —

VOCM News has learned that the Conservative Party of Canada has rejected Ches Crosbie’s bid to represent the party in the riding of Avalon in the upcoming federal election. Sources told VOCM News today that Crosbie, who announced his intention to run back in December 2014, has been told he cannot represent the party. In […]

Jul 1 2015 —

Spending billions of public dollars over two decades has done little to reverse Canada’s long decline in the key economic category of business innovation, the federal government acknowledges in a newly released document. The self-assessment, contained in a “secret” memorandum to Finance Minister Joe Oliver, underlines how chronically sluggish business innovation remains “of great concern” […]

Jul 1 2015 — Alice Funke

The law of unintended consequences is getting quite a workout with these – legally necessary – but otherwise totally pointless federal by-elections. The fact they weren’t called long ago, but now have to be called this close to a fixed election date, the fact that the spending limits are obscenely huge because of the long […]

FILE- Senator Marjory LeBreton talks to media in Senate Foyer on Parliament Hill in Ottawa, on May 9, 2013. LeBreton says she's stepping down as Conservative leader in the Senate. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

From typewriters to Twitter: Marjory LeBreton on 50 years in politics

Jul 1 2015 —

When Marjory LeBreton first entered the world of professional politics, she was a rarity. Not because she was a woman — it was mostly women behind the manual typewriters at the Progressive Conservative party headquarters in 1962. It’s because she was a working mother. “I was the only working mom on my street,” said LeBreton, […]

Jul 1 2015 — Michelle Zilio

Federal political party leaders are celebrating Canada Day across the country, marking a busy day in the summer barbecue circuit that’s serving, this year, as an unofficial campaign for the October election. Canada Day is a key opportunity for politicians to reach out to voters less than four months ahead of the federal vote. From […]

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Jul 1 2015 —

Canadians are often curious about how others see them, so, for Canada Day, with the help of the International Council for Canadian Studies, CBC News reached out to the 7,000 or so academics outside Canada who teach courses about Canada. They call themselves Canadianists, and we wanted to know what their students are being taught […]

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Wanted: Grown-ups for the Tory war room and better economic numbers

Jul 1 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

In an unusual moment of strategic full disclosure, Stephen Harper declared a few weeks ago that the main issues in the coming election were “the economy and security.” We know how the Conservatives are going to play the security card—with fear and loathing. Fear for the voters and loathing for their opponents. The Conservatives posted […]


Justin Trudeau’s climate change plan disappoints

Jul 1 2015 — Tom Walkom

Justin Trudeau’s plan for the environment is an odd mixture of precision and studied vagueness. It is precise in most details, The Liberal leader has something to say on a host of things, ranging from electric cars to sockeye salmon. But on the big question of how to deal with climate change, he is disappointingly […]


Canada is a great country

Jul 1 2015 — Anthony Furey

Let’s buck the trend this Canada Day. Let’s unapologetically celebrate Canadian greatness. Sadly we now live in an age of moral relativism. We live in an age of irony, of insincerity. Sometimes you get the impression it’s not cool anymore to love our country. In fact, it’s almost as if we’re supposed to look for […]


In Canada, inspiration isn’t hard to find

Jul 1 2015 — Ken Dryden

Last year at this time I was asked to be the guest editor for the Canada Day edition of the Star. I was excited about it, and also anxious. I knew I didn’t want the edition to be a lot of words from people who most of their lives have worked to define Canada: Canadians […]

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Jennifer Garner — ‘Fed Up’ with Ben’s Gambling, Drinking

Jul 1 2015 —

Jennifer Garner reached her breaking point with Ben Affleck’s drinking and gambling, and that’s why she called pulled the plug on their marriage … sources connected with the couple tell TMZ. Our sources not surprisingly have 2 views of what happened … some align with him and some with her. The Jen sources say Ben’s […]

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