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Sep 19 2014 —

Liberal Leader Brian Gallant is clinging to a nine-point lead ahead of Monday’s provincial election as the Progressive Conservatives have managed to chip away at the lead. The Corporate Research Associates poll had the Liberals with the support of 45 per cent of decided voters followed by the Progressive Conservatives with 36 per cent and […]


FIPA agreement with China: What’s really in it for Canada?

Sep 19 2014 — Patrick Brown

The secrecy shrouding the much-delayed FIPPA foreign-investment agreement with China makes it hard for experts, let alone average Canadians, to figure out what benefits this country will see from the deal. While reporting on Prime Minister Stephen Harper for the first time, during his visit to China in early 2012, I wrote a column with […]

Supporters of the Yes campaign for the Scottish independence referendum stand on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Scotland, Friday, Sept. 19, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP, Scott Heppell

Canada welcomes result of Scotland’s referendum and decision to stay in UK

Sep 19 2014 —

Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird says Canada welcomes the results of Scotland’s referendum in which voters chose to remain in the United Kingdom. The vote on Thursday — 55 per cent against independence to 45 per cent in favour — prevented a rupture of a 307-year union with England. In a statement posted on the […]


Canadian navy to retire four Cold War era ships: Sources

Sep 19 2014 —

The Canadian navy is going to retire four veteran ships that have been in service for decades. Sources tell The Canadian Press that HMCS Algonquin, Athabaskan, Iroquois and Protecteur will be decommissioned, with an announcement expected later today. The move comes as no surprise for any of the ships. Protecteur’s days were thought to be […]

Sep 19 2014 — Josh Wingrove

Many federal authorities keep few or no records of their requests to telecommunications companies for Canadians’ private information, newly released federal documents show. Documents tabled by government this week show, for instance, the RCMP have only scatter-shot records and keep no regular database of when they ask telecom companies for subscriber information. Some federal agencies […]

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Sep 19 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper kicked off the federal election campaign in the Hamilton area telling party faithful Canada has never been in better hands than with his Conservative government and that the opposition parties would drop the ball. He said his government’s policies have made the Canadian economy stronger, expanded trade and made the country’s […]

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Sep 19 2014 —

Netflix is telling the country’s broadcast overseer that regulating the Internet will only hurt consumers. An executive from the video streaming service says market forces should be allowed to dictate what Canadians can watch. The impact of Netflix and other online video providers on the country’s traditional TV broadcasting sector is central to a set […]

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Sep 18 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper ramped up his attack on Justin Trudeau, delivering a stinging attack on the Liberal leader during a pep talk to Ontario Conservatives. In a speech in Hamilton on Thursday night Harper took aim at several of Trudeau’s past statements, from terrorism to China. He noted neither the Liberals nor the New […]

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Sep 18 2014 — Mark Kennedy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper supports a legislative plan to strip him of the power, as party leader, to veto Conservative election candidates chosen by local riding associations, the House of Commons was told Thursday. Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre made the comment during a parliamentary debate on a Conservative MP’s bill that promises to alter […]

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Sep 19 2014 — Lee Berthiaume

The Conservative government is being accused of playing dirty politics after revealing this week that members of Parliament are being barred from visiting Canadian military bases except under restricted circumstances. Defence Minister Rob Nicholson’s office says the base-visit policy was created by the military itself, applies to MPs from all parties and is designed to […]

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chris hall 3

Scotland referendum No vote holds lessons for Canada

Sep 19 2014 — Chris Hall

It’s tempting to look at the results in Scotland’s not-so-close referendum and conclude there are no real lessons for Canada, a country that already has weathered two failed campaigns for separation and just this year saw voters in Quebec soundly reject the separatist Parti Québécois. But that would be a mistake. Experience has taught us […]

Harris Michael

Stephen Harper’s comeback plan: distraction

Sep 19 2014 —

There’s an elephant in the room: Stephen Harper’s record in office. He needs to make it disappear. He doesn’t have much time. Sometime between now and the autumn of 2015, Canadians must decide whether their march into the post-democratic age under Harper will continue. The prime minister’s latest foray into one-man government was his recent […]


What Trudeau doesn’t get about free speech

Sep 19 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Liberalism sure ain’t what it used to be. Not, at least, for seven former Liberal MPs who this week signed an open letter to Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, asking him to reverse his edict on abortion and allow his party’s members to vote their conscience: “The firm position of all previous Liberal Leaders, including Pierre […]

Frances Russell

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives Champion Democracy for Ukraine – for Canada, Not So Much

Sep 19 2014 — Frances Russell

Canada’s House of Commons erupted in wave after wave of standing ovations as MPs feted newly-elected Ukrainian Prime Minister Petro Poroshenko on Wednesday. But similar enthusiasm for fundamental democratic principles at home is under increasing threat, from social activism to scientific research. Perhaps the longest and most complete muzzling of freedom of expression has befallen […]


Justin Trudeau getting squeezed from left and right

Sep 18 2014 — Tim Harper

The year of the squeeze for Justin Trudeau is now well underway. He is being squeezed on the right by Stephen Harper and on the left by NDP Leader Tom Mulcair, two more experienced politicians who realize the normal laws of political gravity are not enough to bring the young Liberal prince back to earth. […]


What price, democracy?

Sep 18 2014 — Aaron Wherry

Conservative MP Mike Wallace was right to investigate how much it costs for the government to answer one set of written questions filed by opposition MPs. And Conservative MP John Carmichael is right to investigate how much it cost to answer another set of questions. And Conservative MP Brian Jean, since resigned, was right to […]


Get the CBC out of the free market

Sep 19 2014 — Terence Corcoran

On Tuesday night, millions of Canadians gathered round their televisions and other devices tuned in to CBC Television’s flagship news report, The National. In a rare moment of national unity, viewers took in the public broadcaster’s latest contribution to creating a “shared national consciousness and identity” by providing a “distinctively Canadian” interview with Barbra Streisand. […]

rick salutin

What’s unforgivable about the Fords

Sep 19 2014 — Rick Salutin

Here’s what I find unforgivable about the Fords; it took till now to figure it out. It’s not their right-wing politics. There’s lots of that around. It’s not the bullying, bullies can be dealt with. Nor their huge ambition and sense of political entitlement. It’s not Rob’s moral foibles or unsavoury social life or his […]


Next Ontario PC leader will need a breakthrough

Sep 19 2014 — Christina Blizzard

On the surface, the provincial Tory leadership campaign appears to be a long, slow march to nowhere. Only two candidates have formally announced they’re running: Whitby-Oshawa’s Christine Elliott was the first one out of the gate. She’s a political powerhouse and a force to be reckoned with and widely viewed as the frontrunner. She’s highly […]

Sep 19 2014 —

Dear Scotland: To establish my bona fides, let me say that the most beautiful place on Earth is Oban, on your western coast. I travelled there with a girl some years ago and promptly forgot about the girl, and thereupon became fully preoccupied with moving to Scotland, hanging out in a pub and writing poetry. […]

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Kevin Spacey stalker sentenced to four years

Sep 19 2014 —

A woman who engaged in a “persistent and malevolent” cyberstalking campaign against actor Kevin Spacey has been sentenced to four years in prison. Linda Louise Culkin, 55, threatened to cause physical harm to the House of Cards star. Last November, she pleaded guilty to charges including posting threatening letters and sending false information regarding explosives. […]

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