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Harper Conservatives hope to win 10 Quebec seats in next election

Jul 28 2014 — Abbas Rana

The road to a majority government in the next federal election for the Conservatives goes through Quebec, the only province where there’s ample room to offset any potential losses in British Columbia and Atlantic Canada, say former senior Conservative Hill staffers and party strategists. “I’m sure we could replace [in Quebec] what we might lose […]

Jul 28 2014 — Les Whittington

One of Washington’s most influential lobbying firms made thousands of dollars in political contributions to key U.S. lawmakers last year as it worked on behalf of the Alberta government to drum up congressional support for the Keystone XL pipeline, documents reveal. Chronicling meetings and luncheons between lobbyists and congressional staffers, the U.S. government records offer […]

Jul 28 2014 — Abbas Rana

Senate Speaker Noël Kinsella is retiring in November and the Governor General will appoint his replacement on the advice of Prime Minister Stephen Harper, but Conservative Senators are split over electing the next Speaker. And in a highly unusual move, Manitoba Conservative Senator JoAnne Buth, 60, who is resigning next month after only two years […]

Jul 28 2014 — Chris Plecash

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s steadfast support for Israel is being criticized as “myopic” and “one-sided,” but those who have worked with him throughout his career in politics say it’s part of a broader, principled support for Western-style democracies rather than political calculus or religious conviction. Throughout its eight years in office the Harper government has […]

Jul 28 2014 —

RR Donnelley and Sons, the U.S. commercial printing giant that was vying for the City of Toronto’s printing operations with the help of Mayor Rob Ford and his brother Doug, is a client of the Ford family’s label business, a Globe investigation has found. In June, Councillor Ford said that his family business, Deco Labels […]

pro-israel rally

Violence erupts at pro-Israel rally at Queen’s Park

Jul 27 2014 — David Rider

Fisticuffs broke out at a pro-Israel rally for peace at Queen’s Park on Sunday. As speakers lauded Israel’s actions in Gaza, punches flew after two young men confronted a counterprotester holding a sign depicting the Israeli flag with a swastika instead of the Star of David. Meir Weinstein, national director of the Jewish Defense League […]

Michele Nadeau, president of the Therese Casgrain Foundation, holds a photo of her grandmother Therese Casgrain in Montreal, Friday, July 25, 2014.THE CANADIAN PRESS/Graham Hughes

Feminist Therese Casgrain disappears from public history under Harper government

Jul 27 2014 —

The Harper government has spent millions to commemorate the War of 1812 and other episodes from Canadian history, but has also erased at least one inspiring piece of the past. Therese Casgrain, a feminist icon and Quebec heroine who died in 1981, has been quietly removed from a national honour, to be replaced by an […]

laureen bee

Busy bees give PM’s wife stinging reception at Toronto event

Jul 27 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife probably would have preferred a taste of honey but ended up on the business end of a bee sting. Laureen Harper was taking a look at a bee hive on the rooftop of Toronto’s Royal York hotel Sunday, but she and the hotel chef got a bit close and were […]

Jul 27 2014 —

It’s not every day you see two grown men bouncing on a see-saw. But on this Sunday, it was Mayor Rob Ford and his brother, Coun. Doug Ford, taking seats opposite each other on the classic playground toy. “I got you!,” the mayor said, before his brother went on to tell reporters about their sibling […]

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Jul 27 2014 — Christine Dobby

Management will undoubtedly face further questions about plans for a potential wireless expansion when Quebecor Inc. reports second-quarter results Thursday. Speculation has been rife that the Montreal-based telecommunications and media company would make a national play since it spent $233-million on spectrum licences in Quebec, Ontario, British Columbia and Alberta in the public auction for […]

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Jul 27 2014 — Andrew MacDougall

The question I’m most often asked about my time in politics is what part of it I hated the most, which, I suppose, tells you something about the current perception of my former profession. And what do I answer? I could go with the usual complaints: the constant work, the travel and the dark cloud […]

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Trudeau falls in line with Harper’s stance on Gaza

Jul 27 2014 — Haroon Siddiqui

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau and, to a lesser extent, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair have fallen in line with Stephen Harper’s support of the Israeli onslaught on Gaza. None question the Israeli killing and maiming of hundreds of civilians, including women and children. All echo the formulation that, given the barrage of (ineffective) Hamas rockets, Israel […]


Olivia Chow’s grasp of Toronto issues weak at best

Jul 27 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy

Trying to pin down mayoral candidate Olivia Chow as to where she stands on key issues is kind of like fighting to catch an errant hot-air balloon that, repeatedly propelled by sudden wind gusts, keeps floating off to a higher altitude. This is not to suggest she’s any more full of hot air than the […]


CBC/Radio-Canada: Fighting for a brighter future

Jul 27 2014 — Hubert T. Lacroix

In the editorial pages of this newspaper and in many other forums across the country, much ink has been spilled about the future of CBC/Radio-Canada. It’s a conversation I not only follow very closely, but one that I care deeply about, and I’d like to take this opportunity to clarify just what it is we’re […]

Anne Applebaum

Russia’s message — money talks

Jul 27 2014 — Anne Applebaum

British Prime Minister David Cameron led the attack: It would be “unthinkable” for the British to sell a warship to Russia, he declared. Almost immediately, the French president, Francois Hollande, confirmed his intention to do precisely that: He would, he said, deliver a Mistral amphibious assault ship to the Russian navy, as contracted — and […]


Hamas is insane

Jul 27 2014 — Lorrie Goldstein

Every time there’s a renewal of hostilities between Hamas and Israel, all sorts of people from UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon to U.S. President Barack Obama have all sorts of advice for Israel. Basically, it’s that Israel should negotiate with Hamas to create an independent Palestinian state, living in peace beside Israel. There are only […]


There is no peace with Hamas

Jul 27 2014 — Ezra Levant

John Kerry, the U.S. Secretary of State, flew to the Middle East to press for a ceasefire between the democratic country of Israel, and the terrorist group Hamas. Of course, Kerry cannot put pressure on a terrorist group. They’re terrorists. So he presses the democracy to make concessions. The chief concession being, of course, to […]

Ashley Chapman

Canada tightens rules on immigrant and refugee children

Jul 27 2014 — Ashley Chapman

While much of the country is enjoying the summer, the federal government is quietly amending its immigration and refugee protection regulations. With only $62,000 set aside for both implementation and communications, it’s clear that they’re not wanting much public attention. And no wonder. As of Aug. 1, Canada is tightening the rules on which immigrant […]


Edmonton’s Emmy-nominated Apple ad a real family affair

Jul 27 2014 —

Hey Edmonton! We’re nominated for an Emmy! Well, you might want to hold off on pressing your tux or buying your ball gown. The Emmy nomination isn’t exactly for us. It’s for Apple’s subversively brilliant Christmas ad, Misunderstood. The commercial presents the story of a happy family Christmas reunion where kids toboggan, skate and make […]

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