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Bob Dechert’s income-splitting comments spark Twitter backlash

Dec 19 2014 —

Mississauga Bob Dechert is coming under fire from opposition supporters over comments he made to a local paper on the Conservative plan to bring in limited income splitting and increase the existing child tax benefit. Speaking with the Brampton Guardian while touring Peel with Minister of State for Social Development Candice Bergen, Dechert said the […]

Dec 19 2014 — Mark Kennedy

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says that if he is elected prime minister, he will hold annual first ministers’ conferences with premiers to restore “collaboration” among Canada’s politicians. Trudeau made the pledge Friday in a year-end interview with the Citizen in his Parliament Hill office. Among the other highlights from the discussion: – Trudeau said he […]

Dec 19 2014 — Kady O'Malley

The federal ethics watchdog has launched a preliminary investigation into whether Conservative MPs Rob Clarke and Rod Bruinooge may have breached House conflict of interest rules by voting to drop a longstanding ban on the use of smartphones, tablets and other communications devices at polling stations.

Dec 19 2014 —

Canada is once again imposing new sanctions against Russia in response to its incursions into Ukraine. The latest sanctions target 20 Russian and Ukrainian individuals and include new export restrictions on technologies used in Russia’s oil sector. The sanctions against individuals involve freezing of assets and travel bans. But it’s the oilpatch sanctions that will […]

Dec 19 2014 —

Senator Lillian Dyck is apologizing for suggesting an aboriginal Conservative MP from northern Saskatchewan was behaving like a “white man” during a debate in the Senate earlier this month. Dyck, who is also Cree and from Saskatchewan, says she was exasperated during discussions Dec. 9 on a private member’s bill from Rob Clarke to replace […]

battle of london

The Battle of London: Trudeau, Thatcher, and the Fight for Canada’s Constitution

Dec 19 2014 — James Anderson

If you have any book lovers on your shopping list, here’s an idea: political junkies, history buffs and the tortured souls who have followed (or participated in) Canada’s constitutional travails will almost certainly enjoy The Battle of London: Trudeau, Thatcher, and the Fight for Canada’s Constitution. Frédéric Bastien, a journalist, historian, and professor of history […]


Obama on whether he’d consider Republican Keystone bill: ‘I’ll see what they do’

Dec 19 2014 —

U.S. President Barack Obama spent five minutes today disparaging the potential benefits of the Keystone XL pipeline project. He then kept it alive with five words. At a White House news conference, Obama played down project’s job potential, insisted it would not lead to lower gas prices and described it as better for Canadian “tar […]

Dec 19 2014 —

Defence Minister Rob Nicholson has formally announced that the air force will get a fifth C-17 Globemaster heavy-lift transport plane. The federal cabinet recently signed off on the proposal, which the military has been pushing for, calling it a uniquely time-sensitive opportunity because Boeing aircraft, the U.S. manufacturer, has closed the assembly line. Nicholson made […]

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Dec 19 2014 — Andrew Peplowski

A poll published in La Presse this morning indicates that Quebecers are increasingly throwing their support behind the federal Liberal Party, for an election that is still months away. Conducted by CROP, the survey also contains encouraging numbers for the Conservitives. If an election was held today, 37% of Quebecers would vote Liberal, 30% would […]

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Dec 19 2014 — Allison Jones

Ontario’s premier hopes Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn’t have a “vendetta” against the people of the province, saying the well-being of Canadians should dictate their working relationship, not his “feelings.” Kathleen Wynne’s last meeting with Harper was more than a year ago, on Dec. 5, 2013, and she has since embarked on a public campaign […]

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Five signs of political civility in ’14: Delacourt

Dec 19 2014 — Susan Delacourt

It is sadly true that much of Canadian politics resembled an extended celebration of Festivus in 2014. For non-fans of the old Seinfeld TV show, Festivus was the fictional alternative to Christmas celebrations, in which the Costanza family marked the season with “feats of strength” and “airing of grievances.” That sounds a lot like another […]


Backlash against Quebec premier is no sovereigntist revival

Dec 19 2014 — Chantal Hébert

Looking in the end-of-year rearview mirror it is a road not taken that catches the eye. In the big picture of Canadian politics Quebec’s spring election was the watershed episode of an eventful 2014. By banishing the Parti Québécois to opposition after less than two years in power, Quebecers postponed a possible appointment with a […]


Sanctions bite, but Baird and allies worry about Putin’s reaction

Dec 19 2014 — Tim Harper

One year ago, John Baird marched with anti-government protesters in Kyiv’s Maidan Square, a scarf bearing the colours of Ukraine’s national football team draped over his shoulders. Providing security for Canada’s foreign affairs minister were agents of the government the demonstrators sought to overthrow. The symbolic — and risky — show of solidarity marked the […]


Out of the darkness, into the light

Dec 19 2014 — Warren Kinsella

It was the best of times, it was the worst of times. And this year, the worst moments inadvertently resulted in some of the best moments, too. As 2015 beckons, and 2014 recedes, Sun News Network asked some of us to assemble some thoughts about the year’s best and worst political moments. As we did […]

Michael Harris

Steve and CC, cozy together

Dec 19 2014 — Michael Harris

Last night, Canada’s most overrated journalist and underrated politician, Peter Mansbridge, performed his Yuletide foot massage on Prime Minister Stephen Harper. You came away knowing not much more than the fact that both men love their jobs. Good for them. As usual, Harper had his way with a host referred to inside the grandiose and […]

Senator Colin Kenny

Ten Signs that someone is Becoming Radicalized to Violence

Dec 19 2014 — Colin Kenny

If there were any doubts remaining in the minds of Canadians that this country has a serious problem with domestic radicalization to violence, the events of this past year most surely brought them to a decisive end. The two terrorist attacks in October and the participation of over 130 Canadian citizens in the Islamic State’s […]


Economic Risks and Climate Change

Dec 19 2014 — Grant Mitchell

There is clear economic risk to Canada in ignoring climate change. There is also great economic opportunity in dealing with it. The resistance to Northern Gateway, Energy East and Keystone XL pipelines is evidence that the Canadian and US publics want greater assurance of environmental responsibility in developing energy projects. Well into the ninth year […]


Goodbye, 2014. We never liked you.

Dec 19 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

All through the House, nothing is stirring. The politicians are tucked in their ridings with care, and voters can turn their attention to more important matters — like whether to serve tinned or home-made cranberry sauce at Christmas dinner. Time to put up your feet, toss back a box of chocolates and reflect on the […]

Dec 19 2014 — Michael de Adder

Can there be anyone as superbly fantastic as Alberta Premier Jim Prentice, except perhaps for, on a good day, Chris Hadfield? Prentice is the multi-talented global space-walking superstar of Canadian politics. It’s a matter of time until he too starts warbling David Bowie, better than the original. And unlike Prime Minister Stephen Harper, whose arias […]

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Dec 19 2014 — Lorrie Goldstein

Why would the Liberal Caucus at Queen’s Park pay $10,000 to the husband of then premier Dalton McGuinty’s deputy chief of staff to wipe 20 computer hard drives in the premier’s office? The taxpayer-funded caucus office represents MPPs. Why would it pay Peter Faist, husband of senior McGuinty adviser Laura Miller, for work done in […]

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Colbert signs off ‘Report’ with cameo-filled finale

Dec 19 2014 —

When Stephen Colbert announced the Grim Reaper as his final “Colbert Report” guest, there was speculation he would symbolically kill off the conservative blowhard character he has inhabited since the show’s premiere in 2005. But in the final episode of the Comedy Central late night show Thursday, it was Colbert who achieved immortality when he […]

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