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Michael Zehaf-Bibeau

Was Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s attack on Parliament Hill his Plan B?

Feb 28 2015 — Evan Dyer

As MPs debate a major piece of anti-terrorism legislation presented partly as a response to the Oct. 22 shootings on Parliament Hill, Canadians still know relatively little about what lay behind that attack. Certainly, the federal government seems content to have a certain view of gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s motivations prevail: that he was a conventional […]

Feb 28 2015 —

This may look like an ad and various media reports are referring to it as an ad. But it’s not really an ad. It’s a Facebook post on the Bloc Québécois’s Facebook page. That’s an important distinction, since it only reaches those who follow the BQ on social media and engage with the content it […]

Peter Julian

Procedure spat leaves hearings on anti-terror bill up in air

Feb 28 2015 — Ian MacLeod

The start of public hearings on the government’s anti-terror bill is in question after the NDP complained Friday that Conservatives broke parliamentary rules during a committee vote on the hearings. NDP House Leader Peter Julian formally asked deputy House of Commons speaker Joe Comartin to void a Thursday vote by the Commons’ public safety committee. […]

Feb 28 2015 —

A flight suit once worn by astronaut Chris Hadfield is apparently now the property of a Toronto doctor who found it in — of all places — a local thrift store. “I thought, wow, what is a flight suit like that doing up there?” Dr. Julielynn Wong told CBC News, recalling how she stumbled upon […]

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Feb 27 2015 —

A gathering of Aboriginal Peoples and provincial and federal political leaders has adjourned with a plan to keep talking about the issue of missing and murdered indigenous women. The roundtable brought together families of the victims, groups representing First Nations, Inuit and Metis, and representatives of the provinces, territories and the federal government. The gathering […]

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Feb 27 2015 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper doesn’t agree with a Quebec Court judge’s controversial decision to refuse to hear a woman’s case because she was wearing a hijab, a spokesman says. “If someone is not covering their face, we believe they should be allowed to testify,” Harper spokesman Stephen Lecce said in a one-line statement.

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Don Lenihan

Five big ideas for Canada, but one is the biggest

Feb 28 2015 — Don Lenihan

Last Thursday, Canada 2020 invited five thought leaders to Ottawa to give TED Talks on a Big Idea for Canada’s future. While I loved them all, for my money, one speaker stood out. No, it wasn’t astronaut Chris Hadfield, but a retired bureaucrat named Morris Rosenberg. Rosenberg is a highly respected, former deputy minister of […]


Harper and aboriginals not in same room, let alone on same page

Feb 28 2015 — Stephen Maher

On Friday afternoon, Stephen Harper went to Rideau Hall to present the Public Service of Canada’s Outstanding Achievement Award to Ian Burney, assistant deputy minister of trade. The prime minister did not have time, or judge it appropriate, to attend another event taking place in Ottawa: the national roundtable on missing and murdered aboriginal women, […]

Tabatha Southey

Why is Stephen Harper’s anti-terrorism bill so popular?

Feb 28 2015 — Tabatha Southey

Prime Minister Stephen Harper would like it to be known that Bill C-51, the anti-terrorism act, is “strongly supported by Canadians.” Indeed, an early-days Angus Reid poll did show that 82 per cent of us support the new law, which the Conservatives have been rushing to put away as if it were past legislative last […]


Win, lose, Selinger a no-go

Feb 28 2015 — Dan Lett

A week away from a historic gathering of the Manitoba New Democratic Party — where a sometimes-bitter leadership race will be decided — many questions still hang in the air. The most asked question is the also the most obvious one: Who is leading the leadership?


Polygamist leader files to have criminal charge quashed

Feb 28 2015 — Daphne Bramham

Unabashed polygamist Winston Blackmore is asking the B.C. Supreme Court to quash the single criminal charge against him on a legal technicality. Filed Friday, the petition comes less than a month before Blackmore is scheduled to be back in provincial court to choose whether he wants to be tried by a judge or jury on […]

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Robin Williams’ daughter reflects on her father’s death

Feb 28 2015 —

Robin Williams’ daughter, Zelda, has spoken out for the first time since her father’s death last August. The actor and comedian took his own life at his Californian home at the age of 63. Ms Williams told NBC’s Today Show there was “no point” in asking why her father killed himself. “We don’t have an […]

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