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Liberal house leader Dominic LeBlanc subject to ethics ‘screen’ involving powerful Irving family

Feb 11 2016 — Glen McGregor

Federal ethics commissioner Mary Dawson has told Liberal house leader Dominic LeBlanc he must avoid participating in any decisions involving the powerful Irving family of New Brunswick. LeBlanc, a key political lieutenant to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, cited his friendship with James D. “Jim” Irving as a potential conflict-of-interest in an undertaking filed with Dawson […]

Feb 11 2016 — Kady O'Malley

Well, that’s one topic crossed off the list of appropriate dinnertime discussions at the Wilson-Raybould household. Late last month, BC public policy consultant Tim Raybould — whose wife of eight years now serves as Justin Trudeau’s justice minister — filed the necessary paperwork to help two First Nations organizations in their future dealings with the […]

Feb 11 2016 — Catherine Cullen

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau may favour selling marijuana at the same place you buy your favourite bottle of scotch, but that combination doesn’t sit well with at least one province as well as some public health officials. Legalizing pot was a Liberal election pledge, one Trudeau pitched as way to make communities safer. He says […]

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Ontario marijuana producer Tweed strikes business deal with Snoop Dogg

Feb 11 2016 —

Marijuana producer Tweed is pairing up with weed-smoking, gin-and-juice sipping Snoop Dogg in a deal that will grant the Ontario-based company exclusive rights to use certain content and brands owned by the rapper’s company, LBC Holdings. In exchange for the rights, Tweed will pay Snoop Dogg an undisclosed amount in cash and stock. The partnership […]

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Sajjan claims success in bid to sell Canada’s ISIL strategy to NATO allies

Feb 11 2016 —

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says allies are giving their political and military blessing to Canada’s retooled mission against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Sajjan, who is in Brussels for NATO meetings, says Lt.-Gen. Sean MacFarland — the U.S. Army officer commanding the campaign against ISIL — considers Canada’s new mission to be […]

trudeau moon

Canada will seek a United Nations security council seat, Trudeau says

Feb 11 2016 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada is going to look at securing a seat on the UN Security Council as vacancies come up. His comments come after a meeting today with UN Secretary General Ban Ki-moon. Trudeau says seeking a seat on the council meshes with his government’s plan to renew Canada’s relationship with the […]

Feb 11 2016 —

The Liberal government has broken a promise to immediately implement firearm-marking regulations to help police trace guns used in crime. On the eve of the Trudeau government’s Friday milestone of 100 days in office, the pledge had not been fulfilled. Just before the August federal election call, the Conservative government quietly published a notice deferring […]

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don martin

The 100-day honeymoon faces a reality check

Feb 11 2016 — Don Martin

One hundred days is the approximate gestation period for lions, leopards and pigs. In an unrelated development, it is also the incubation period for new governments to be first assessed in style, if not substance. Today is Justin Trudeau’s 100th day as Liberal prime minister. Much will be written and said by way of analysis, […]


Conservative backroom suffered from myopia in last election

Feb 11 2016 — Chantal Hébert

On a week that marks the passing of Justin Trudeau’s 100th day in power, key Conservative and NDP insiders have been delivering some preliminary conclusions as to the causes of their October defeats. Their findings are strikingly interchangeable — with the popular momentum for change somewhat conveniently fingered as a root cause of electoral failure. […]


Christy Clark feels the wind at her back

Feb 11 2016 — Vaughn Palmer

The provincial capital would never be mistaken for a hotbed of enthusiasm for the B.C. Liberals, the party having lost its only seats in the region in the last election. Still, more than 900 supporters packed the main hall at the Victoria convention centre this week for a $125-a-plate fundraiser that grossed more than $100,000 […]


Alberta’s NDP gets caught in BC’s political crossfire

Feb 11 2016 — Graham Thomson

In politics, there are drive-by smears and drive-by insults. Now, British Columbia has introduced the drive-by throne speech. On Tuesday evening, reading from a throne speech written by the government of Christy Clark, Lt.-Gov. Judith Guichon hit the gas pedal and took aim. “Over the decades, Alberta lost its focus,” said Guichon. “They expected their […]


Independent science lay the foundation for protecting the Great Bear Rainforest

Feb 11 2016 — Linda Hannah

First Nations, environmentalists, industry and governments are all celebrating the recent announcement of the 2016 Great Bear Rainforest Agreement. This sweeping, globally-significant agreement marks more than 20 years of efforts to redefine land-use in the 3.6-million-hectare Great Bear Rainforest that encompasses the BC coast, from Campbell River to Stewart. The Nature Conservancy of Canada congratulates […]


Liberals create national language barrier

Feb 11 2016 — Candice Malcolm

Get ready for “radical changes” to Canada’s citizenship laws. That is what Immigration Minister John McCallum told reporters in Ottawa, adding that details of these changes will be announced in the next few weeks. Recall that during the election campaign Justin Trudeau said he would scrap the Conservatives’ Strengthening Canadian Citizenship Act, also known as […]

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Bernie Sanders interrupts monologue, drinks beer and munches on peanuts during appearance with Stephen Colbert

Feb 11 2016 —

t’s the “Late Show” with Bernie Sanders! The presidential candidate didn’t wait to be called out when he stopped by “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” on Wednesday. Instead, the 74-year-old glided in midway through Colbert’s monologue, even though the TV host tried to stop Sanders from breaking the show’s status quo. “Stephen, that’s what […]