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Dion ‘strongly condemns’ North Korea’s long-range rocket launch

Feb 7 2016 —

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion “strongly” condemned North Korea’s long-range rocket launch on Sunday, saying the country’s actions show a “blatant disregard for its international obligations.” In a statement released on Sunday, Dion said that the launch, as well as a North Korean nuclear test on Jan.6, pose a “grave threat to international peace and […]

Feb 7 2016 —

A new poll suggests that majority of Canadians disagree with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge to withdraw Canada’s CF-18 fighter jets by the end of March from the U.S.-led bombing mission against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. When asked what Canada’s role should be in the fight against ISIS, only 27 per cent […]

Feb 7 2016 — Emily Chan

Recent changes to the Canadian pipeline review process won’t slow down British Columbia’s liquefied natural gas push, according to Premier Christy Clark. After meeting with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Friday, Clark said the province is “comfortable” with the revamped review process, and that it is pleased the new conditions won’t cause delays for LNG. […]

Feb 7 2016 — Monique Muise

The federal government could be yielding more tax dollars to municipalities to collect and spend as they see fit, say two big-city mayors, but for right now, the most important thing is for infrastructure investment to start flowing. Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson and Kitchener-Waterloo mayor Berry Vrbanovic told The West Block’s Tom Clark between just […]


Liberals back CSIS in torture lawsuit

Feb 7 2016 — Tonda MacCharles

The Liberal government has taken up the former Conservative government’s legal fight against an apology and compensation for three Canadians tortured in the Middle East, despite voting in favour of the former detainees’ cause while they sat in opposition. As well, in aggressively defending the actions of CSIS and trying to prevent the release of […]


Has Newfoundland and Labrador hit the rock bottom?

Feb 7 2016 — Monique Muise

The falling price of oil has had an obvious and immediate impact on the economies of Canada’s western provinces, but one Atlantic province is also feeling a serious pinch. In an interview with The West Block’s Tom Clark this weekend, Newfoundland and Labrador Premier Dwight Ball says there is no way to sugarcoat it: his […]

Feb 7 2016 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau helped Toronto’s Chinese-Canadian community celebrate the Lunar New Year at a gala event in Toronto Saturday night. He was the guest of honour at the Dragon Ball, where he celebrated the beginning of the Year of the Monkey. He arrived with former Mississauga, Ont. mayor Hazel McCallion on his arm, joking […]

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Feb 7 2016 — David Akin

Before the Oct. 19 election, he was known in his riding as Mr. Tomato. But as of last week, Pat Finnigan is now Mr. Chairman — chairman of the Commons agriculture standing committee. As a result, he will be expected to be one of the champions for rural Canada in a Liberal caucus that is […]

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Feb 6 2016 — Alex Boutilier

Canada’s privacy watchdog wants more information on a central government agency keeping tabs on peaceful protests. Documents obtained by the Star show privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien’s office has asked the Government Operations Centre (GOC) to review its tracking of lawful protest and dissent. “In (the letter), we asked that a more detailed analysis of the […]

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Feb 7 2016 — Robert Benzie

At the world’s most famous monument to enduring love, Premier Kathleen Wynne touted Ontario’s blossoming relationship with India. Concluding a 8-day trade mission to India with a brief sightseeing stop at the Taj Mahal, Wynne said the province’s ties to this fast-growing nation of nearly 1.3 billion people are getting stronger. “India is open and […]

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Feb 7 2016 — Rick Bell

The question rings in the ears. Why aren’t they dead yet? Nine months. Just nine months and they appear reborn. The political Lazarus lives, back from the dead. Well, they weren’t quite dead but on a drizzly night just last May the Toryland dynasty expired in breathtaking fashion. Their ranks decimated, their leader exiting on […]

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Trudeau could do with a little less sunshine

Feb 7 2016 — Michael Den Tandt

As the milestone of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first 100 days in office comes and goes, he’d do well to smack someone in the jaw, figuratively speaking, and scowl now and then. Before we get to that, though, let’s put paid to the emerging Conservative theme that the Trudeau Liberals at this early juncture are […]


Nenshi, not Trudeau is pitch perfect on pipeline politics

Feb 7 2016 — David Akin

When it comes to getting the pitch on pipeline politics perfect, Calgary Mayor Naheed Nenshi nails it. Nenshi, like me, wants to see the Energy East pipeline built. This project would take Alberta crude to tidewater on Canada’s Atlantic Coast, at a port in Saint John, N.B. It would not only benefit Western Canada but […]


The problem with newspapers today: the Marty Baron perspective

Feb 7 2016 — Neil Macdonald

Newspaper reporters are admirably unmatched at self-aggrandizement. Ferociously independent speakers of truth to power, comforting the afflicted, afflicting the comfortable, a herd of individualists dedicated to steely principles that shield democracy itself. You’ve heard it all I’m sure. Humphrey Bogart distilled the stereotype 64 years ago as Ed Hutcheson, the crusading editor in Deadline USA. […]


Libs need plan for Syria, Ukraine and Arctic

Feb 7 2016 — Lorne Gunter

The federal Liberal government needs to step it up on defence in Syria, Ukraine and the Arctic. Admittedly, they inherited most of their problems in these regions from the Tories. Despite their reputation as warmongers, the Tories felt tightly constrained by political reality back home and did far less than they promised. This is clearest […]

Bob Hepburn

A critical election test for Wynne, Brown

Feb 7 2016 — Bob Hepburn

At first glance, the outcome of the provincial byelection on Thursday in the Whitby-Oshawa riding seems a sure bet: an easy victory for the Conservatives. That’s because the region has been a Conservative stronghold provincially for more than 20 years and the lone poll in the current race suggests that pattern will continue. But while […]


Liberals must restore trust on new pension plan

Feb 7 2016 — Martin Regg Cohn

With Ontario’s new pension plan scheduled to start next year, an old question keeps coming back to haunt it. Why would anyone entrust their retirement savings to Ontario’s Liberals, given their penchant for political boondoggles? With more than $6 billion flowing into the Ontario Retirement Pension Plan when it peaks, can our politicians be trusted […]


Sizing up Trudeau 100 days after being elected

Feb 6 2016 — Chantal Hébert

Almost 100 days after the swearing-in of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet there are almost as many dots to connect between the Liberal campaign promises and their actual execution as on election night . . . and much contrary speculation as to what that suggests about the character of the rookie government. For some, the Liberals suffer […]


Trudeau needs to bring hope back to Canada’s rust belt

Feb 6 2016 — Adam Radwanski

Neil from London’s moment in the spotlight was inevitably brief. The most visibly disappointed of the 10 Canadians given a chance to interview Justin Trudeau in a CBC special aired last Sunday, Neil Piercey – a 58-year-old victim of southwestern Ontario’s manufacturing jobs drying up, who can’t find decent-paying work and described cashing out his […]


Justin Trudeau is dealing with a loaves and fishes problem

Feb 6 2016 — Gary Mason

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to Alberta this week was intended to assuage concerns in the province over whether the federal government has its back during these punishing economic times, it did not exactly work. Part of that failure Mr. Trudeau must wear. But certainly, much of the negative coverage the visit prompted had […]

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Is Whoopi trying to get fired from ‘The View’?

Feb 7 2016 —

Whoopi Goldberg’s erratic behavior behind the scenes at “The View” has some wondering if she’s trying to goad ABC bosses into firing her. According to an insider, Goldberg, 60, gets $5 million a year to lead the show’s panel, but “she has been at war with the management.” ADVERTISING