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Conservative MPs block move to hear from Joe Oliver on the economy

Jul 27 2015 —

A Conservative-dominated parliamentary committee voted against a process Monday that would have likely called on Finance Minister Joe Oliver to testify in public about the state of Canada’s finances amid a troubled economy. Before Monday’s closed-door meeting, opposition members of the finance committee had been urging the Harper government to study a recent report that […]

Jul 27 2015 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto

In many markets these days, generational differences in outlook and priorities are important. Over the coming months, as part of Abacus’ market leading work in understanding the role of generation in decision-making, we will highlight how four age groups compare (18 to 29, 30 to 44, 45 to 59, and 60+). In this release, we […]

Jul 27 2015 —

Transport Minister Lisa Raitt said she still doesn’t know the impact on Canada of a major recall of Fiat Chrysler vehicles in the U.S. that is resulting in a $105 million US fine for the company. “I simply was left blindsided on this issue,” Raitt told CBC News, when asked how many vehicles in Canada […]

SCOC Hassan Diab 20141113

Alberta appeal court judge Russell Brown named to Supreme Court of Canada

Jul 27 2015 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has named Alberta Court of Appeal Justice Russell Brown as his latest appointment to the Supreme Court of Canada. Brown, a former barrister and law professor, is taking over for the retiring Justice Marshall Rothstein, whose departure takes effect as of Aug. 31, Harper said Monday in a statement. “Mr. Justice […]

Jul 27 2015 — Laura Payton

Liberal MP Eve Adams says she’s spending the day with her son following her defeat for the party’s nomination in Toronto’s Eglinton-Lawrence riding. The former Conservative parliamentary secretary, who left the party after being denied the chance to run, was defeated Sunday by lawyer and long-time Liberal volunteer Marco Mendicino. Party officials say the vote […]

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Jul 27 2015 —

The airwaves and internet in Canada are full of election ads even though the federal election campaign has not officially started, and Liberal MP Wayne Easter would like to see some limits on that. Under fixed election date legislation the next federal election will be Oct. 19, but the campaign does not begin until the […]

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Jul 27 2015 — Sean Silcoff

With Canada mired in an economic slowdown, new survey data suggest voters see Opposition Leader Thomas Mulcair and the New Democratic Party as the best choice to improve the country’s prospects. A Globe and Mail/Nanos Research poll asked 1,000 Canadians last week how the election of each of the three main party leaders would affect […]

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Jul 27 2015 —

The federal government has awarded contracts to a Montreal-area company as part of its investment in military technology. Defence Minister Jason Kenney says the contracts obtained by Rheinmetall Canada Inc. are potentially worth more than $493 million. They involve equipment for the Integrated Soldier System project, including weapon accessories and electronics such as a radio, […]

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The fates are working in Mulcair’s favour

Jul 27 2015 — Lawrence Martin

The fates have been at it again. Three bombshell developments have shaken the political dynamic since last fall. One was the terrorist attack on Parliament Hill, the second was the steep plunge in oil prices, the third was the Alberta provincial election. There’s a thought out there that party leaders control outcomes. Think again. None […]

cosh colby

The economics of the attack ad

Jul 27 2015 — Colby Cosh

There is almost literally nothing to the New Democrats’ celebrated “Enough” ad, which debuted on YouTube last week. This, of course, is its genius. The ad is little more than a parade of Conservative Party of Canada ill-doers — Brazeau, Carson, Sona, Duffy — culminating in a brief video of a manacled Dean Del Mastro […]

harper tim

Eve Adams crashes, grassroots repudiate Trudeau choice

Jul 27 2015 — Tim Harper

In this summer of melting Liberal fortunes, this Sunday afternoon in a steamy high school auditorium was supposed to be all about Eve, Dimitri and Justin. Instead it turned out to be all about prominent Toronto lawyer Marco Mendicino and an Eglinton-Lawrence Liberal repudiation of interloper Eve Adams, her fiancé and one-time Conservative heavyweight Dimitri […]


NDP in the mix for votes in Canada’s suburbs

Jul 27 2015 — David Akin

Nobody here lives alone. Cousins live with aunts. Friends live with co-workers. Uncles take in children of friends they knew back in the “old country”. In all of Canada, there is no riding that has fewer people living by themselves than the new-for-2015 riding of Brampton East. When Statistics Canada completed its last census in […]


Here’s some money, vote for me

Jul 27 2015 — Dan Leger

Back in 2003, a Tory government was struggling to keep itself afloat and needed something fast to save its faltering prospects. The NDP was threatening to take over and banish the Tories to the wilderness. This wasn’t Ottawa. This was Nova Scotia, and the Progressive Conservatives under John Hamm. They needed a boost. The Conservatives […]

Eric Grenier

What the Conservatives, NDP, and Liberals need to win

Jul 27 2015 — Eric Grenier

Whether it starts early or late, the election campaign is on. And each of the parties is looking over the electoral map to find their own path to victory. The New Democrats might have the easiest path, considering they’re already on it. If an election were held today, the NDP would likely win enough seats […]


The Senate’s shoddy report on CBC

Jul 27 2015 — Carol Goar

The Senate is so thoroughly discredited that its blueprint for the CBC was destined for oblivion before it was released last week. It is just as well. The 63-page report by a 10-member Senate committee is a shoddy piece of work; poorly researched, internally contradictory, short on vision. It accurately reflects the hostility of Conservative […]


Forget politics, here is what the economy needs

Jul 27 2015 — Don Pittis

If Prime Minister Stephen Harper could wave a magic wand and make the Canadian economy boom, you’d think he would do it now. It’s well-known that one of the main barriers for an existing government to get re-elected is a sagging economy. And despite Conservative Finance Minister Joe Oliver’s boasts on job creation and growth, […]


PM talks tough but neglects Canadian navy

Jul 27 2015 — Scott Taylor

For months now, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has been trying to portray himself as some sort of a warrior king. Since the outset of the crisis in Ukraine, Harper has been the most strident critic of Russian aggression among all the NATO leaders. As part of the whole tough-guy routine, Harper and his eager accomplice, […]

Jul 24 2015 —

Though floor-crossing sparks controversy whenever it occurs, the political phenomenon is a well-established tradition in parliamentary democracies. (Winston Churchill crossed the floor twice!) When MP Eve Adams left the Conservative caucus to join the Liberals earlier this year she was just the latest in a long line of floor-crossers at the federal or provincial level in Canada. Interestingly, little attention is usually paid to floor-crossers' ultimate political fate – largely due to the fact that their individual situations are understandably overshadowed by the focus on the outcome of general elections.

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