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Federal election 2105: Polls signal a long and grinding road

Jan 25 2015 — Terry Milewski

Nobody loves the sidewalk Cassandra with his hand-lettered message of doom: “Repent! The end is nigh!” All you can do is look down and scurry on. So, if your MP seems a little downcast as she trudges back to Ottawa, show a little sympathy. Just when all the parties are hoping for a breakthrough, the […]

Jan 25 2015 —

Conservative politician Michael Chong takes nothing in life for granted. His 43 years of successes, setbacks, joy and heartbreak taught him that — a lesson both priceless and horrible. The backbench MP for Wellington-Halton Hills applies it to something as basic as whether his bill to change the balance of power in Parliament will become […]

Jan 25 2015 —

Bloc Québécois Leader Mario Beaulieu has chosen to run in the Montreal riding of La Pointe-de -l’Ile. The riding was won by the NDP in the last election after having long been represented by the Bloc’s Francine Lalonde, who died last year. In an interview with The Canadian Press, Mario Beaulieu would not confirm the […]


Legendary Canadian figure skater Toller Cranston dead at 65

Jan 24 2015 —

Legendary figure skater Toller Cranston has died. He was 65. A Skate Canada spokesperson says Cranston was found dead at his home in Mexico this morning. There’s no immediate word on the cause of death. Cranston won Olympic bronze at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and was a six-time national champion. Cranston, who spent […]

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Danielle Smith says sorry on Facebook

Jan 24 2015 —

Former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says she should have waited to hear from Albertans before she and other caucus members crossed the floor to join the governing Progressive Conservatives. Smith took to Facebook on Saturday to say she’s sorry that she “did not take more time to allow Albertans to consider and debate the idea […]

Bashir Makhtal

Stephen Harper urged to intervene as Canadian languishes in Ethiopian prison

Jan 25 2015 — Debra Black

As the eighth anniversary of the rendition and imprisonment of Canadian citizen Bashir Makhtal passes virtually unnoticed, his family members, supporters and Amnesty International are begging Prime Minister Stephen Harper to step in and directly negotiate with the Ethiopian government for his release. “He’s still languishing in an Ethiopian prison cell, following a deeply unfair […]

Jan 25 2015 —

Vancouver Quadra MP Joyce Murray supports gender equity in Parliament and believes her Liberals have a good start on it in the Okanagan, where three women are running for the party. Presenting a seminar on women in politics in Penticton last week, Murray was in support of area candidates Connie Denesiuk (South Okanagan-West Kootenay), Cindy […]

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Jan 24 2015 — Paul Wells

On Jan. 15, Tom Mulcair strode into a committee room in Parliament’s Centre Block, beaming. NDP MPs sat in photogenic rows behind him. More were arrayed in front. A huge Maple Leaf flag hung from the rear wall. TV news cameras recorded Mulcair’s remarks, teleprompters in his line of sight but hidden from the cameras’ […]

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Trudeau’s wrong, again

Jan 25 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

Today let’s deconstruct the silliness of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau’s claim U.S. President Barack Obama would have approved the Keystone XL pipeline by now if Prime Minister Stephen Harper had put a price on industrial carbon dioxide emissions. First, the U.S. has never put a price on its emissions so it’s clearly not a priority […]


Tax system needs a good cleanup

Jan 25 2015 — Carol Goar

According to the Fraser Institute, which takes a dim view of tax credits, Stephen Harper has created 68 new ones since taking office. According to Employment Minister Jason Kenney, who never met a tax break he didn’t like, the prime minister has doled out $3,400 to the average family in credits, deductions, shelters and exemptions. […]


Hypocrisy marks our relationship with Saudi Arabia

Jan 25 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui

The king is dead. Long live the king. That’s so in Saudi Arabia as well. The transition from King Abdullah to King Salman on Friday was smooth, as it always is at the death of the monarch there. Whatever the internal differences in the ruling House of Saud, the world never hears about them, the […]


Free pass for the House of Saud

Jan 25 2015 — Adrienne Batra

One of Shakespeare’s famous quotes about Julius Caesar seems appropriate in light of the death of King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia. “The evil that men do lives after them; the good is oft interred with their bones.” The focus of his peers abroad is on the good Abdullah did, the bad — perhaps deliberately — […]


Don Cherry for the Order of Canada

Jan 25 2015 — Rex Murphy

As he toils toward the crest of his eighth decade, does Don Cherry feel a chill? Does he ever have the slightly cold feeling that despite all he’s done, all he is, all he has been, that the recognition of his place in the life and spirit of Canada hasn’t really been acknowledged? I suspect […]


Defending self-defence

Jan 25 2015 — Lorne Gunter

Self-defence is legal in Canada. So how come police and Crown prosecutors keep charging victims who have the courage to fight back against their attackers? Two weeks ago I wrote about Michael Woodard, a 68-year-old from Honeydale, N.B. On Dec. 19, Woodard found three burglars in his remote home, a 20-minute drive down a gravel […]


Kerry’s grotesque love letter

Jan 25 2015 — Ezra Levant

When Margaret Thatcher died in 2013, the U.S. sent no senior dignitaries to her funeral. Next to Winston Churchill, Thatcher was the most consequential prime minister the U.K. had in a century, and she was an indispensable ally to the U.S., in the Cold War and the first Gulf War too. But the only representative […]

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