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Commonwealth meeting is ‘training camp’ for Paris climate talks, says Dion

Nov 26 2015 —

Leaders of 53 Commonwealth countries are grappling with their own negotiations on addressing climate change in what Canada’s foreign minister calls a “training camp” for next week’s United Nations conference in France. “You have the world in 53 nations here,” Stephane Dion said Thursday shortly after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau arrived in Malta for the […]

Nov 26 2015 — Elizabeth Thompson

A new online petition is calling on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to cancel 49 “future appointments” made by former Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, saying they were a blatant attempt to maintain Conservative influence over several government bodies after the Conservative government was defeated. “As the Conservative ship of state was sinking, Harper secured cozy […]

Nov 26 2015 — Paul Withers

A leaked briefing note on budget overruns prompted Nova Scotia’s premier to seek reassurances Thursday from the Trudeau government that it remains committed to the national shipbuilding program. “I fully expect them to live up to the commitment they made, which was they would be putting the appropriate amount of money aside to ensure the […]

Nov 26 2015 — Kathleen Harris

One of the first orders of government business will be to strike a special parliamentary committee to craft “quick and expedited” legislation on doctor-assisted death. Government House leader Dominic LeBlanc, in an interview with CBC Radio’s The House, said an “immediate objective” is to create a joint committee with members from the House of Commons […]

Britain's Prime Minister David Cameron (L) meets his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau outside of 10 Downing Street in London, Britain, November 25, 2015. REUTERS/Stefan Wermuth - RTX1VTXV

The tactile politics of Justin Trudeau

Nov 26 2015 — Aaron Wherry

Readers of Britain’s Daily Mail were informed this week of a grave insult to their nation’s honour. “Prime Minister David Cameron was greeted by his Canadian counterpart Justin Trudeau with a patronising handshake outside 10 Downing Street today,” the Mail reported.

Nov 26 2015 — Claire Wählen

Following RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson chilling warning that his police force cannot protect Canadians from cyber crimes, Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale seemed unwilling to wade into the questions Paulson raised about Canada’s legal framework. “He and I have not had the chance to have that conversation yet and I’m looking forward to hearing the […]

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Trudeau twirls the baton in a parade of promises

Nov 26 2015 — Don Martin

The trick to living long and prospering in politics, former Alberta premier Ralph Klein used to say, is to figure out which way the parade is going – and jump in front of it. Watching Justin Trudeau’s government on the march this week, it’s clear the new prime minister is twirling the big baton in […]


Trudeau deserves credit for refugee compromise

Nov 26 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Turns out that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s critics — and the majority of Canadians — were right: resettling 25,000 refugees in six weeks is too much, too fast. Apart from security concerns, the logistical challenge is insurmountable. Rather than stick to a timeline for political purposes, one should do things right, which means doing them […]


Trudeau channels Harper on refugees

Nov 26 2015 — Candice Malcolm

The Trudeau government has come to its senses and walked back from its campaign promise to bring in 25,000 Syrian refugees in 2015. Since being elected and forming the government, this central feature in the Liberal campaign platform has, to use a generous term, evolved. Last week we learned the original Liberal projection for the […]


Charbonneau commission holds lesson for other public inquiries

Nov 26 2015 — Chantal Hébert

The release on Tuesday of the long-awaited report of the Quebec public inquiry into corruption in the construction industry served as a timely reminder that it’s a rare commission that lives up to the expectations that preside over its creation. It did not formally blame a single elected or non-elected individual for the corruption and […]


CBC has proved it can withstand the axe

Nov 26 2015 — Konrad Yakabuski

In eight years, Mélanie Joly has gone from reporting on a local Scout jamboree as an intern in Radio-Canada’s newsroom to overseeing the public broadcaster as Canada’s culture minister. Ms. Joly’s appointment this month as Minister of Canadian Heritage, which led a Radio-Canada host to launch an astute Twitter hashtag (#BeNicetotheInterns), not only marked the […]

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Frank Gifford: NFL legend had brain trauma at death

Nov 26 2015 —

A legend of American football, Frank Gifford, suffered from a concussion-related brain injury when he died, his family has said. The former New York Giants star had chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a statement released by NBC said. Dozens of former professional US football players have suffered from the same degenerative disease, which can only be diagnosed […]

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