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Justin Trudeau billing taxpayers for nannies is ‘hypocritical,’ Lisa Raitt says

Dec 1 2015 —

Conservative finance critic Lisa Raitt says it is “hypocritical” for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to bill taxpayers for nannies after he spent the last campaign telling voters he didn’t need the Tory child tax benefit because he had more than enough money to support his children. CBC News reported Monday that taxpayers are paying the […]

Dec 1 2015 — James Cudmore

The price of 15 new warships for the navy has more than doubled, from $14 billion initially set aside for construction to more than $30 billion, says an independent analysis of the largest military procurement in Canadian history. That takes the total cost to upgrade Canada’s navy to $42 billion — $16 billion more than […]

Dec 1 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Justin Trudeau’s point man in the House of Commons has a lot in common with the prime minister. Both had political fathers; both grew up around Parliament Hill. In fact, here’s how close Dominic LeBlanc is to Trudeau: he used to be his babysitter. That friendship is one reason LeBlanc, 47, has been appointed Government […]

Dec 1 2015 —

Nine veterans affairs offices controversially closed under the former Conservative government will reopen within a year, according to Veterans Affairs minister Kent Hehr. “I say that you can put a pretty good bet on it that we’ll definitely be done before a year – possibly sooner,” Hehr told Global News in an interview. “But, I […]

trudeau nannies

Trudeau’s campaign comments on child care fuel controversy over caregivers

Dec 1 2015 —

Canada’s federal opposition parties are calling out Prime Minister Justin Trudeau for using taxpayer dollars to pay for two nannies helping to care for his three young children. During the election campaign, Trudeau attacked the Conservative government for handing out tax cuts and benefits, including a new universal child care benefit, to Canada’s wealthiest families […]


Former Tory James Moore opposed as next chancellor of B.C. university

Dec 1 2015 —

An online petition calls on the University of Northern British Columbia to reconsider its decision to name former Conservative cabinet minister James Moore as its next chancellor. The petition, posted Friday by an anonymous senator from the Prince George, B.C.-based university, had topped 1,000 signatures by early Tuesday. Supporters have signed from as far away […]

Minister of Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship John McCallum chats with members of a Syrian refugee family being interviewed by authorities in hope of being approved for passage to Canada at a refugee processing centre in Amman, Jordan, on Sunday, Nov. 29, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

Syrian refugees to begin arriving December 10: Government website

Dec 1 2015 — Janice Dickson

Thousands of Syrian refugees will begin arriving in Canada December 10th, according to a notice posted on the government’s buy and sell website. The Canadian government is requesting information to determine which air carriers would be interested and able to meet its requirements of transporting Syrian refugees on direct flights between Adana and Gaziantep airports […]

Dec 1 2015 —

A B.C.-based tech entrepreneur has paid $20,000 for a controversial painting that shows former prime minister Stephen Harper naked and draped over a Recamier chaise sofa as he is offered a Tim Hortons coffee with a dog at his feet. Fredrick Ghahramani purchased the painting at well over the asking price saying it is “absolutely […]

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Dec 1 2015 —

Councillor Rob Ford has been discharged from the hospital in “good spirits” following his second round of chemotherapy on Tuesday afternoon. Ford told media that he was feeling much better after the previous round of chemotherapy. He returns to hospital for the third round of chemotherapy scheduled for the week of December 14th.

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Dec 1 2015 — Josh Wingrove

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s pledge of a balanced budget by the next election is overly optimistic, with his government on pace to record at least four consecutive deficits, Canada’s budget watchdog said. The Parliamentary Budget Officer painted a different picture of Canada’s fiscal outlook than that of the finance department — forecasting, for instance, slower […]

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Two nannies? I’m sorry, Prime Minister, but no

Dec 1 2015 — Matt Gurney

Canadians have a miserly, cheap streak in them. It often manifests itself as grumbling loudly at the first sign of our elected officials, if travelling abroad on government business, enjoying anything tastier than a breakfast of instant oats in their Motel 6 unit. It’s unbecoming of us, and partisans of every type engage in it. […]


Why I’m having trouble getting excited about the House Speaker election

Dec 1 2015 — Kady O'Malley

It’s all Conservative Scott Reid’s fault. He is, after all, the long-time backbench MP who successfully convinced his colleagues to abandon the decades-old tradition of choosing a House speaker via the evocatively (and accurately) named “exhaustive ballot” — a run-off system that generally saw MPs vote in multiple run-off rounds until one candidate managed to […]


Any role Canada might play in Paris is strictly for show

Dec 1 2015 — Andrew Coyne

“Canada is back, my good friends,” Justin Trudeau said at the end of his speech to the Paris climate summit, and then he did that thing he does, where he touches his heart with his hand. For fans of self-serving humbug, this was the trifecta: the glib sloganeering, the false humility the gaudy theatricality, and […]


Wall vs. Trudeau — Is Paris a preview of 2019 race?

Dec 1 2015 — John Ivison

Justin Trudeau spoke in Paris with the enthusiasm of the true believer, calling the climate change conference “an historic opportunity to create economic growth.” Brad Wall, if not a climate change skeptic, is less messianic about the positive impact on the economy of attempting to mitigate emissions. The Saskatchewan premier was the only discordant voice […]

Lawrence Martin

Mulcair faces tough odds in his fight to survive

Dec 1 2015 — Lawrence Martin

In just four months, the NDP sets down a major marker for its future – whether to keep Tom Mulcair as party leader. The leadership review vote is in April. These confrontations can be divisive, if not cutthroat. Think of the donnybrook in the Liberal ranks occasioned by the John Turner review in 1986, which […]

Ken Boessenkool

How Harper’s Philosophy Transformed Canada for the Better

Dec 1 2015 — Ken Boessenkool and Sean Speer

The dust has finally settled following the 2015 federal election. A new government has been sworn in. Outgoing Parliamentarians have departed. A leadership race to select the permanent Official Opposition Leader will soon commence. A Speech from the Throne is expected for early December. Ottawa is gradually returning to post-election normalcy. Yet, after nearly ten […]


Rachel Notley’s climate policies set a new standard

Dec 1 2015 — Gillian Steward

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley pulled off quite a coup when she announced her government’s new climate change policies. No one had expected the head honchos from both the oil industry and environmental NGOs to be on stage with her but there they were looking like one big happy family. How did she do it? How […]

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