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Paul Martin blasts NDP for move to ‘far right’

Aug 29 2015 —

The Liberals’ new $125 billion infrastructure plan got a strong endorsement from former prime minister Paul Martin this week, who said the investment is necessary to stimulate the economy while rejecting suggestions that his party is positioning itself to the left of the NDP with its willingness to run deficits. “I don’t understand what Tom […]

Aug 29 2015 —

Personalities, party policies, local dynamics and the national tide. Those are a few of the factors that will influence the election night outcome in the 338 ridings nationwide on Oct. 19. Some races will be decided on the strength of local candidates; others will swing on the tide of broader public opinion.


NDP launching blitz against Liberals over anti-terrorism law

Aug 28 2015 — David Rider

The NDP is launching a national attack on Justin Trudeau’s Liberals over their support for Canada’s controversial anti-terrorism law, the Star has learned. The “T minus 51” blitz — 51 days from Saturday until the Oct. 19 election — will see dozens of NDP candidates in targeted ridings from coast to coast go door-to-door with […]


Hoping to see party leaders in your town? Only if they have something to gain

Aug 29 2015 —

Even in the longest federal election campaign in recent history, party leaders don’t have time to waste. As a result, you shouldn’t expect to see them in your town unless there’s a good reason for them to be there. Cheryl Collier, an associate professor in the University of Windsor’s department of political science, said every […]


Trudeau makes the rounds of community events in the Toronto area

Aug 29 2015 —

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is investing some time today to drum up votes in the Toronto area’s ethnic communities. Trudeau is taking in a number of events including stopping in Mississauga to speak to Canada’s largest Islamic conference, the 39th Jalsa Salana Canada. Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke to the group Friday, mentioning the issue […]

Aug 28 2015 — Catherine Cullen

Two climate change protesters interrupted Justin Trudeau’s speech in Montreal Friday evening when they stepped out of the crowd behind him. The Liberal leader let them ask him a question. As demonstrator Julianna Deholke unveiled a sign that said “Votons pour le climat” or “Vote for the climate,” Trudeau said “excellent question” and approached them […]

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Aug 28 2015 — Frank Graves

Voters are awakening from their summer slumber and noticing that they have been asked to follow what is going to be a very divisive and acrimonious campaign. At 34 points, the NDP maintains a clear and stable lead. The Conservatives, meanwhile, have dropped to 28 points. The Liberals, at 27 points, are doing much better […]

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Aug 28 2015 —

The prime minister’s chief of staff Ray Novak says he did not know that his predecessor, Nigel Wright, was going to give Mike Duffy a personal cheque for $90,000 to repay questionable Senate expenses. CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife spoke Friday morning with Novak, who has been noticeably absent from the Conservative campaign trail […]

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Aug 28 2015 — Eric Grenier

Are the Conservatives in danger of dropping into third place? Recent polls suggest that the Conservatives may be in the midst of a slide in public support. The party is averaging 28.3 per cent in the CBC Poll Tracker, marking one of their lowest ebbs in the polls since last year. They now stand just […]

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Aug 28 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats won’t have the money to finance their own promises in government unless they’re willing to realistically increase revenues and properly tax corporations and the “super-rich”, says a spokesman for left wing NDP activists. The comments came Friday from Barry Weisleder, chair of a group that calls itself the “NDP Socialist Caucus”, […]

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Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Did Trudeau just change the campaign?

Aug 29 2015 — Don Lenihan

Justin Trudeau’s infrastructure announcement may have changed the campaign. It places two potentially powerful themes side by side: the economy and trust. The question now is whether he can cement the link between them in voters’ minds. Let’s start with the economy, then turn to trust. Until now, the discussion on the economy looked quite […]


Spend all that money, Mr. Trudeau? Why and on what?

Aug 29 2015 — Andrew Coyne

Let’s get the politics out of the way first. Is Justin Trudeau’s plan to double federal spending on infrastructure and run deficits of $10-billion annually for the next three years, as a Winnipeg Sun headline had it, “POLITICAL SUICIDE”? Not likely. If deficits were the political hemlock they’re made out to be, Kathleen Wynne, whose […]


Horserace narrows while Liberals gain on underlying numbers

Aug 29 2015 — Greg Lyle

After being pushed one way and pulled another, voters ended August very close to where they started at the beginning of the month with the horserace even tighter now than when the campaign began. The Duffy trial motivated opposition supporters and dampened the Conservative opportunity to grow. The leaders’ debate helped the Greens, Liberals and […]


Duffy’s a lemon: What are we to do about the economy?

Aug 29 2015 — Rex Murphy

The Duffy lemon has been thoroughly squeezed and the pips have squeaked their last. It’s been in the media blender so long — 45 days of trial, months and months of saturation media coverage — that there’s now not even a scent, a mist, of juice left. The pulp has been utterly mashed, even the […]


Trudeau goes all-in with stand on deficit financing

Aug 28 2015 — Chantal Hébert

By embracing deficit financing as the modus operandi of a Liberal federal government Justin Trudeau has taken his biggest gamble to date. The economic credentials of an aspiring prime minister matter more to voters than his or her views on whether marijuana should be legal. But it was not really this week that the Liberal […]


Could Duffygate cost Harper the 905?

Aug 28 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

The latest iPolitics-EKOS poll confirms that Stephen Harper and the Conservatives have taken a hit from the testimony of Nigel Wright and other former PMO staffers in the Mike Duffy trial. It’s not very complicated. They were running a cover-up and calling it “issues management.” After Wright’s $90,000 personal cheque to cover Duffy’s ineligible Senate […]


Preston Manning, Man of the Future

Aug 29 2015 — Margaret Atwood

Preston Manning, Man of the Future? Wait a minute, you may say. Isn’t Preston Manning a man of the past? Wasn’t he a man of the future a long time ago, in the days of the Reform/Canadian Alliance parties? Back before Stephen Harper took over and United the Right, over some old-Tory Red-Tory dead bodies? […]


Trudeau challenges Canada’s obsession with deficits

Aug 29 2015 — Tom Walkom

Win or lose, Justin Trudeau has done the country a favour. The Liberal leader has called into question the tired, old orthodoxy that governments must always balance their books, that deficits can never be countenanced and that borrowing for public purposes is inherently evil. Ironically, it is an orthodoxy that Trudeau’s own Liberal party has […]


NDP’s hidden immigration pledge a concern

Aug 29 2015 — Candice Malcolm

In the battleground ridings of suburban Toronto and Vancouver, politicians are doing whatever they can to impress Canada’s ethnic populations. All three major parties go out of their way to woo these communities and propose policies specifically designed to get the attention of immigrant voters. Political strategists used to believe that in order to win […]

Tabatha Southey

Elephant? What Duffy-shaped elephant?

Aug 29 2015 — Tabatha Southey

Let no one ever accuse the Conservatives of not wanting to talk about the elephant in the room. What Canadians learned this summer is that, damn it, if there’s an elephant in a room no one close to the Prime Minister ever stops talking about it. Evidence introduced in the Mike Duffy trial, which recessed […]

Aug 28 2015 — Susan Delacourt

If you’re already sick of election ads, you’re not alone — just three weeks into the campaign, people are already starting to lodge protests about political ads with Advertising Standards Canada. Even though the ASC’s private-sector advertising standards don’t apply to political ads in Canada, complaints have been coming in by the dozens this month, […]

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LONDON, ENGLAND - JULY 03:  Drake performs on Day 1 of the New Look Wireless Festival at Finsbury Park on July 3, 2015 in London, England.  (Photo by Joseph Okpako/Redferns via Getty Images)

Tidal faces $20M lawsuit over Drake’s Apple Music deal

Aug 29 2015 —

Apple Music declared war on rival streaming service, Jay Z’s Tidal, over Drake’s appearance at a charity concert to benefit kids affected by Hurricane Katrina. Tidal faces being sued for $20 million if it streamed Apple artist Drake’s brief two-song appearance at the Friday night show. Apple Music execs were not happy when Drake was […]

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