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Girlfriend of NDP MP hired in Montreal satellite office

Jul 24 2014 — Glen McGregor

After beginning a romantic relationship with a Quebec NDP MP, a staff member left her job in his constituency office earlier this year and was given a contract position in one of the party’s contentious satellite offices. The aide, Marie-Christine Lalonde-Fiset, worked for two years as a community outreach assistant for NDP MP Hoang Mai […]

Jul 24 2014 — Kathleen Harris

Canadians think pipelines are safer than trains or ships for transporting oil and gas – but they have little confidence the government is prepared to cope with a potential spill, according to public opinion research commissioned by the federal government. The study, which tapped Canadians through focus groups and a comprehensive telephone poll by Ipsos-Reid, […]

Jul 24 2014 —

The Canadian government has announced new economic sanctions and travel bans against Ukrainian individuals, as well as economic sanctions against Ukrainian groups and a broad range of Russian firms in the financial and energy sectors. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander is expected to make the announcement in Toronto this afternoon. is carrying the […]

Jul 24 2014 —

The federal Conservatives have taken the lead in lining up candidates for the Hamilton area by quietly acclaiming local incumbents. The incumbents, including Mike Wallace, David Sweet, Dean Allison, Lisa Raitt, Phil McColeman and Rick Dykstra, are part of more than 100 candidates the party has nominated over the past few months, leading some to […]

Jul 24 2014 — Julian Beltrame

The IMF says economies around the world — including Canada — are taking longer than expected to recover. The International Monetary Fund’s newest economic outlook predicts global growth will be about three-tenths of a point lower at 3.4 per cent this year than it thought in April. Canada’s economy is now expected to expand by […]


Ukraine has not received Canadian aid promised months ago, ambassador says

Jul 24 2014 — Steven Chase

Ukraine’s ambassador to Canada says financial aid Ottawa pledged four months ago has not yet materialized and a request for non-lethal equipment has gone unanswered. Canada announced a $200-million-plus financial package for Ukraine in mid-March and that same month Kiev asked Ottawa and other NATO allies for supplies to bolster its fight against pro-Russian separatists […]


NDP steadily shifting position on Israeli-Palestinian conflict

Jul 24 2014 — Mark Kennedy

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is expressing alarm about “innocent civilians” being killed in the line of fire in Gaza, while also declaring that Israel has the right to defend itself against “unacceptable” rocket attacks by Hamas. The carefully written statement by the leader of the Official Opposition, which also urges the Canadian government to work […]


Why Roots walked away from Parks Canada clothing deal

Jul 24 2014 — Dianne Buckner

There’s a mystery in Canada’s business world. Why did Roots, the iconic Canadian company that’s synonymous with stylish, quality casual wear for nature lovers, drop out of a plan to collaborate with Parks Canada on a new fashion line? When Parks Canada announced in 2012 that it would licence its brand in order to produce […]

Jul 24 2014 — Alison Crawford

The RCMP is getting far less than its asking price at the online auction of a controversial Italian-made plane ordered by former commissioner Giuliano Zaccardelli. The Piaggio P180 Avanti luxury turboprop was listed for sale on the government of Canada’s surplus website last spring with bids starting at $2.5 million.

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Jul 24 2014 — Nicholas Keung

A husband and wife who own two chain restaurants in Labrador have launched a constitutional challenge against Ottawa’s move to keep them from hiring foreign workers and place their businesses on an online blacklist. This is the first legal action against the federal government’s revamped temporary foreign workers program since new enforcement measures were brought […]

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Jul 24 2014 — Staff

P.E.I. Senator Catherine Callbeck is urging the federal government to choose someone to replace her as soon as possible after she retires. Callbeck reaches the mandatory age of retirement of 75 on Friday and will be stepping down from the Senate after a political career that spanned almost 30 years.

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Jul 24 2014 — Gordon Isfeld

Proponents of the North American Free Trade Agreement argued it would bring unequalled benefits to Canada, the United States and Mexico and serve as a model for future interlocking global economic ties. Most Canadians, however, were not sold on the idea in 1993 when the agreement was signed by then Prime Minister Brian Mulroney. NAFTA […]

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Jul 24 2014 — Darcy Henton

Patrick Kelly is vying to replace retiring Calgary MP Diane Ablonczy in the new federal riding of Calgary Rocky Ridge in the city’s northwest. Kelly, 43, who serves on Ablonczy’s constituency association board, said Wednesday he has a passion for politics inspired by former Alberta Tory premier Peter Lougheed and historical figures such as Prime […]

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In debate over Israel’s war with Hamas, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird has facts on his side

Jul 24 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

John Baird, the foreign affairs minister, has elicited the usual outrage from the usual quarters over his recent declarations about Hamas’ war with Israel, currently in its third week. In particular Baird has raised eyebrows with his blunt assertion that Hamas, the terrorist organization that holds power in Gaza, is solely responsible for the now […]

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Grits seek points as Senate scandal persists

Jul 24 2014 — Marilla Stephenson

The lazy days of summer have not yet hit for federal Liberals, some of whom are busy in Ottawa making hay while the sun continues to shine on the Senate expense drama. The Liberals are working the fertile political ground dumped into their laps thanks to 31 charges laid last week against suspended Prince Edward […]


The Super Awesome Act of 2014

Jul 24 2014 — Aaron Wherry

How to properly convey the greatness of your own legislation. Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney has announced his intention to table a new bill this fall, the Common Sense Firearms Licensing Act. Never mind what the legislation will entail. Unless the opposition parties have something against common sense, they will surely be compelled to agree […]


Lauding Harper’s strong stance against Hamas

Jul 24 2014 — Michael Taube

Do you remember when the federal government used to walk on eggshells when it came to international affairs? Liberal and Tory prime ministers worried that if they either forcefully spoke out or publicly took sides, they would turn off a particular individual, group or country. Thankfully, those days of Canadian-style indecisiveness are over. Prime Minister […]


Why Canadian medicare should neither ‘go Dutch’ or ‘to the dogs’

Jul 24 2014 — Ryan Meili

Canada’s health care system faced some provocative comparisons recently. First was Sarah Boston’s new book, Lucky Dog, in which she details her personal experience with thyroid cancer and navigating the Canadian health system. Boston, a veterinary oncologist, claims that Canadian dogs often have better access to health care than their human counterparts. The next round […]


Feds slam Ontario gov’t over refugee health-care ‘scare-mongering’

Jul 24 2014 — Christina Blizzard

Federal Immigration Minister Chris Alexander slammed the Ontario government for “scare-mongering” over health-care funding for failed refugees. Alexander’s scathing response came after provincial Health Minister Eric Hoskins’ news conference complaining about the feds’ cuts to health care for people who’ve been turned down for refugee status. “This shows how bad policy can lead to out-of-control […]

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