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Conservative MP Rob Anders a no-show as he loses nomination in Bow River

Sep 20 2014 —

In the end he never even showed up to hear the final results. Calgary MP Rob Anders, whose controversies spanned the last 17 years, was beaten Saturday in this rural riding east of Calgary where he had hoped to resurrect his flagging political career. Anders had sought the Conservative nomination in the new riding of […]

Sep 21 2014 — Margo McDiarmid

Environmental groups think this week’s UN Climate Summit could help move the world towards a new global agreement to reduce greenhouse gas pollution. It’s been convened by UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon as way to generate momentum for next year’s climate conference in Paris. The hope is that Tuesday’s summit will see leaders outline their […]

Sep 21 2014 —

Giving lie to Vladimir Putin’s claims that Russia isn’t fighting in Ukraine, up to 80 Russian troops were killed in a skirmish there last month, according to information released by an opposition politician. Members of an elite Russian paratroop force talked about the brutal battle near Luhansk, a city in eastern Ukraine, in telephone transcripts […]


Ottawa revoking passports of Canadians who join extremist groups: Alexander

Sep 20 2014 —

Canadians who travel overseas to join extremist groups can expect to have their passports revoked, the government is warning. Citizenship and Immigration Minister Chris Alexander said Saturday that Ottawa has begun revoking travel documents for those who travel to places such as Iraq and Syria to fight with the Islamic State and other militants groups.


Egypt’s president won’t interfere with courts in Canadian journalist’s case

Sep 20 2014 —

Egypt’s president says he can’t interfere with his country’s courts in the case of a jailed Egyptian-Canadian journalist. In an interview with the Associated Press, Abdel-Fattah el-Sissi says if he had been in power at the time when Mohamed Fahmy and his fellow Al-Jazeera English colleagues were arrested, he would have simply deported them instead […]


Conservatives spike Facebook comments critical of China deal

Sep 20 2014 — Glen McGregor

Conservative staff members deleted comments critical of the Canada-China investment deal that were posted on the party’s Facebook page. Angry notes about the controversial Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) were among more than 100 Facebook comments purged from the party’s page in less than a week, an analysis by Postmedia News found.

Sep 20 2014 — Kristen Everson

Despite assurances that the new engagement in Iraq is not a combat mission, Canada could be on the hook to provide more support according to former prime minister Jean Chrétien. “They are part of it. It is a done deal. They said yes to the coalition and they sent soldiers,” Chrétien told Evan Solomon on […]

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Sep 20 2014 —

Rob Ford’s brother Doug has officially kicked off his campaign for Toronto mayor, greeting a throng of supporters with a message from his ailing sibling. Doug Ford was met with chants of “we love you” by a few dozen supporters at his campaign office in for Saturday’s big launch. And he brought word from his […]

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Karen A. Harbert

U.S. owes Canada an apology for Keystone delays

Sep 21 2014 — Karen A. Harbert

We’re sorry, Canada. For many years, you’ve been a valuable friend, ally, trading partner and good neighbour to us here in the United States. But on Sept. 19, 2008, six years ago yesterday, one of your companies, TransCanada, filed a permit application with our government to build the Keystone XL pipeline, which will bring some […]


Who speaks for the Liberals?

Sep 21 2014 — Lorrie Goldstein

Suppose in the aftermath of the latest Israel-Gaza conflict, while Prime Minister Stephen Harper was expressing support for Israel, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird had said Israel fired indiscriminately at Palestinian civilians, essentially a war crime. Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau would have been the first on his feet in Parliament demanding to know who spoke […]


Trudeau’s photobomb simply bombs

Sep 21 2014 — Ezra Levant

Last weekend, the Liberal Party published the above photo of their leader, Justin Trudeau. They captioned it, “Trudeau photobombs a bridal party,” but that’s not what it was. Photobombing is when someone is accidentally in the background of a photo, or when someone sneaks in. It’s like a blooper. But this was a posed picture […]


Why Dalton McGuinty is lobbying for a living

Sep 21 2014 — Martin Regg Cohn

During his decade in power, Dalton McGuinty relied on sturdy gatekeepers to shield him from the demands of grubby lobbyists always trying to make the big pitch. Now the former premier’s heady world has been turned upside down: Having tumbled from the summit of power to the ground floor lobby, he has registered as a […]


Doug Ford’s the wild card

Sep 21 2014 — Adrienne Batra

Notes from the campaign trail: Toronto Mayor Rob Ford remains the biggest story of the election he withdrew from. The shocking developments that started last Friday have continued to dominate the public’s attention. The mayor now faces a much larger fight than any political contest. Cancer is a struggle too many Canadians know personally, and […]

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Source tells News that Ray Rice gave Roger Goodell detailed account of what happened, could spell doom for NFL commissioner if case goes to court

Sep 21 2014 —

Whether Ray Rice hit his fiancée with a balled fist or an open hand is not conclusive in the gritty security video TMZ published on Sept. 8, but the fine distinctions Rice described to Roger Goodell on June 16 may mean everything for the commissioner’s future, especially under cross-examination. As the NFL commissioner’s office braces […]

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