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Manitoba premier seethes over PM’s comment

Aug 23 2014 — Mia Rabson

Manitoba Premier Greg Selinger was seething Friday over comments made by Prime Minister Stephen Harper dismissing any suggestion the slaying of a Manitoba teenager indicates a wider social ill. Selinger, speaking to the Free Press, didn’t wait to be asked about the comments before he launched into a short and icy response to what Harper […]

Aug 23 2014 — Jason Fekete

An investigation by the official languages commissioner into Foreign Minister John Baird’s use of Twitter has some politicians chirping with frustration, including tweeting machine minister Tony Clement, who vows to quit Twitter if he’s ever strong-armed by the commissioner. The investigation into a public complaint that Baird, in his role as Foreign Affairs minister, tweets […]

Aug 23 2014 — Janyce McGregor

As attacks and atrocities from extremist group ISIS mount in Iraq, Canada’s political leaders have all offered strong words of condemnation. Speaking to reporters in Whitehorse on Thursday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper described ISIS’s tactics as “unspeakable barbarism.” “The desire to essentially commit genocide against any group of people in the region who are different, […]

Aug 23 2014 — Laura Payton

The provinces have been slow to clear barriers to trade that slow the economy, federal Industry Minister James Moore says, leaving him “impatient” with their level of ambition. On Wednesday, Moore released a report proposing reforms to the current Agreement on Internal Trade.

Aug 22 2014 — Josh Wingrove

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are losing incumbents leading up to next year’s election, with more MPs bowing out than before the 2011 vote. In the past week, Tory backbenchers Brian Storseth and Rick Norlock announced they would not seek re-election. With their departures, at least 18 of the 162 current Conservative MPs have said […]


Tory rivals turn down heat in final leadership debate

Aug 23 2014 — Trevor Howell

The three men vying to be the PC party’s new leader — and Alberta’s premier — eased up on personal attacks during a candidates’ forum in Calgary on Friday following a nasty tussle the previous night. Jim Prentice, Ric McIver and Thomas Lukaszuk largely stuck to talking policy when addressing audience questions on topics ranging […]

Stephen Harper Laureen Harper

Russia not only reason to bolster Arctic sovereignty: Harper

Aug 23 2014 — Alex Boutilier

Russia’s growing “aggressiveness” in the international sphere is not the only reason to demonstrate Canada’s sovereignty in the Arctic, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Friday. But Harper said Canada cannot remain “complacent” as President Vladimir Putin continues to increase Russia’s presence in the North — particularly as the conflict in Ukraine continues to escalate. “I […]

Aug 23 2014 — Christina Commisso

A prominent Calgary imam is warning that Canadian youth are being recruited by terrorist groups to travel overseas and fight for Islamist militants. Syed Soharwardy is hoping a two-day hunger strike, which began Friday, will draw attention to what he says is an increasing problem of home-grown terrorism. Read more:

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Aug 22 2014 —

A Toronto city councillor wants the words of Canada’s national anthem changed to include more gender-neutral language. Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, who was appointed to fill Adam Vaughan’s council seat after he won a federal byelection in June, will put forward a motion at Monday’s council meeting.

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Ottawa holds the whip in talks with premiers on interprovincial trade

Aug 22 2014 — Andrew Coyne

As the premiers prepare for their annual meeting next week, they find themselves in an unusual position. Normally these affairs involve the premiers issuing a long list of demands that Ottawa do this and pay for that, almost always in areas that are properly provincial. (See: cooperative federalism.) This time, the federal industry minister, James […]


Courting the extremist vote

Aug 23 2014 — Ezra Levant

Justin Trudeau doesn’t campaign a lot in churches these days. Not since he announced his ban on Liberal candidates who are pro-life Christians. Trudeau doesn’t spend much time in Jewish synagogues either, other than the occasional fundraiser. But he always makes time to visit a mosque during his travels. It’s his central ethnic outreach strategy. […]


Harper has to call an inquiry into crimes against aboriginal women

Aug 22 2014 — Scott Reid

Roughly two weeks ago today, Tina Fontaine’s lifeless body was crammed into a plastic bag and tossed into the mud-brown water of Manitoba’s Red River. Some inhuman bastard dumped her like she was trash. We don’t know what specific terrors accompanied the end of her short life but if you’re a parent it’s almost impossible […]


Leo, can’t we talk about this like adults?

Aug 23 2014 — Gary Lamphier

Slamming the oilsands is easy, real progress is hard. Actor Leonardo DiCaprio, one of Hollywood’s leading environmentalists, is researching an upcoming project in northern Alberta, as the Journal’s Marty Klinkenberg reported Friday. Meanwhile, Carbon, a short film narrated by DiCaprio that urges the world to shift away from the “ancient menace” of fossil fuels, was […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Just another night in Raccoonville

Aug 23 2014 — Heather Mallick

When I am awakened by raccoons at 3 a.m. — it’s a screeching, sobbing sound, as though they’re slicing ice cubes with a broken-toothed saw — I wonder what they’re trying to say to the human world. I mean, beyond the obvious slogan-ish abuse of “Your shed, my toilet” and the backhanded flattery of “Your […]

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Justin Bieber

Justin Bieber may have bribed border guards to get friends into Canada

Aug 23 2014 —

Border guards at the Niagara Falls USA-Canada crossing are reportedly under investigation after some of Justin Bieber’s friends with criminal records were allowed into the country. A report from Toronto-based Now Magazine alleges that Bieber offered guards “up to $10,000 worth of backstage passes” to let his friends, who were performing in a show, into […]

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