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Tory MP Denis Lebel arrives in his marked van to address supporters Monday, August 25, 2014 in Montreal. A pre-electoral push by the federal Conservatives is underway in Quebec to charm Quebecers even though the next election could be more than a year away. Lebel is trying to woo a province where the party holds just five seats and polls have often suggested it sits fourth in popular support. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Paul Chiasson

Conservatives embark on late-summer campaign to woo Quebec voters

Aug 28 2014 —

Federal Conservatives are capping off their summer with a pre-electoral push in Quebec, a charm campaign to help the party rebound in what has proven to be challenging terrain. Denis Lebel, the prime minister’s Quebec lieutenant, is banking on his 12-day “End of Summer Tour” to court a province where the Conservatives hold only five […]

Aug 28 2014 — David Rider

As Toronto mayoral candidates enter the home stretch, Mayor Rob Ford is the only one gaining ground while once-frontrunner Olivia Chow has fallen behind him into third place, according to a new large-sample poll. Forum Research’s automated phone survey of 1,945 Torontonians conducted Monday and Tuesday is certain to send shock waves through campaigns preparing […]

Aug 28 2014 — Catherine Cullen

A public inquiry into Canada’s missing and murdered aboriginal women is vital, if you ask provincial and territorial leaders, opposition parties and aboriginal groups. The federal government, however, suggests it’s a misguided approach. With so much debate about a public inquiry, here’s a closer look at how one could work and what it could reasonably […]


Chrétien’s fate tied to 1995 referendum, book suggests

Aug 28 2014 —

Had the “Yes” side won the 1995 Quebec referendum, then-prime minister Jean Chrétien might have swiftly lost his job, according to several key political players who were scrambling to prevent an anticipated victory for the separatist movement. Fearing a loss of legitimacy, Chrétien himself was quietly exploring the creation of a “national unity” government to […]

Aug 28 2014 — Don Butler

Most Canadians don’t seem to have the foggiest notion of how many immigrants and refugees this country admits every year. When asked the question, during Citizenship and Immigration Canada’s 2013-14 annual tracking survey, 43 per cent of the Canadian adults polled wouldn’t even hazard a guess. Fully one third thought the number was less than […]

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Aug 27 2014 — Michael Bolen

Peter MacKay was photographed wearing a “No Compromise” T-shirt that symbolizes a gun lobby group’s goal to repeal Canada’s firearms laws and legalize the possession of semi-automatic weapons. The Justice Minister was photographed wearing the shirt sold by Canada’s National Firearms Association (NFA) at a Conservative fundraising event in Edmonton on Friday.

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Aug 27 2014 —

A seasoned public servant who helped reshape the Harper government’s tattered military procurement strategy has announced his retirement at Public Works. An internal memo — circulated Monday — announced Tom Ring’s departure as of the end of the year, and the federal government posted his job Wednesday online. It is just the latest in a […]

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Aug 27 2014 — Jordan Press

This is one map students likely won’t see when they return to school in the coming days. The Canadian government, however, is hoping that Russian President Vladimir Putin does take note of it. The map, in a cheeky tweet from the Canadian contingent to NATO, gained lots of traction online Wednesday as it mocked Russia’s […]

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A federal inquiry was never going to accomplish much

Aug 28 2014 — Tom Flanagan

Provincial premiers and native organizations are finally taking the initiative on the issue of missing and murdered aboriginal women, compromising on their calls for a federally led inquiry in favour of a national roundtable organized by the provinces. Federal involvement was never likely to accomplish much, because almost all programs and services with a bearing […]


Charitable tax credits should be abolished

Aug 28 2014 — Andrew Coyne

It has been no summer of love for Canada’s charities. A number of prominent charitable groups, among them PEN Canada, Environmental Defence Canada, Amnesty International Canada and the David Suzuki Foundation, have faced audits by the Canada Revenue Agency; the rest, it seems, are up in arms about it. Because so many of those who […]


Roaming charges controversy dark, dangerous territory for Tories

Aug 28 2014 — Don Braid

The effort to sabotage PC leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk is hurtling the PCs into dark and dangerous territory where the leakers might suffer more damage than the target. His $20,000 data roaming bill from October 2012, leaked with such clumsy ardour, now cycles back to a purely private family dispute involving a cabinet minister. The […]


Alberta Finance Minister Doug Horner’s fiscal update just ‘more fiscal rubbish’

Aug 28 2014 — Lorne Gunter

Some days (like Wednesday), you gotta feel for provincial Finance Minister Doug Horner. He is the last remaining cabinet guardian of the Redford legacy. As finance minister, he is the sole remaining apologist for disgraced former premier Alison Redford’s sleight-of-hand budgeting tricks. And as minister responsible for the provincial government’s fleet of four aircraft – […]

Lise Ravary

Quebec’s fascination with Lucien Bouchard still runs strong

Aug 28 2014 — Lise Ravary

On Monday at 9pm, 190,000 Quebecers were glued to their televisions sets. It was not their passion for hockey that kept them indoors on a beautiful summer night, but their other love, Québec politics. Télé-Québec was showing Nation — Huis clos avec Lucien Bouchard (“In camera with Lucien Bouchard”), a 90-minute candid and sometimes confrontational […]

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