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Mike Duffy trial to hear from former PMO insiders, Conservative MPs

Mar 2 2015 — Rosemary Barton

Some of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s closest former advisers will appear as Crown witnesses in the trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy, CBC News has learned. And the list of those subpoenaed to testify against Duffy will include several Conservative MPs, according to multiple sources familiar with the Crown’s witness list.

Mar 3 2015 — Steven Chase

The government is actively searching for a new top military commander to succeed General Tom Lawson after he asked that his three-year appointment not be extended. Sources say Ottawa is now talking to prospective candidates to find the next chief of the defence staff. “Interviews are happening,” a source, speaking on condition of anonymity, said.

Mar 3 2015 —

Canada’s contribution to a major United Nations climate change conference later this year will be heavily dependent on actions by provincial and territorial governments. Provincial governments confirm Environment Canada has been collecting greenhouse-gas reduction measures from across the country as the federal government works toward an end-of-March deadline to ante up for the summit in […]

Mar 3 2015 — Kady O'Malley

The scene: a stuffy West Block committee room circa June 2008, a day before MPs are expected to hightail it home to their ridings after what had been, even for a minority House, a particularly acrimonious spring sitting. The issue: An opposition motion to investigate the so-called “in-and-out” controversy over Conservative election-spending during the 2006 […]

James Lunney

B.C. Conservative MP James Lunney tweets against evolution

Mar 2 2015 — Evan Dyer

Member of Parliament advises on Twitter to just ‘stop calling evolution fact!’ James Lunney, a federal Conservative MP, is using his Twitter account to come to the defence of an Ontario Progressive Conservative who told reporters last week that he doesn’t believe in evolution. The British Columbia chiropractor, first elected as a member of Parliament […]


NDP must repay $2.75M bill by March 31: sources

Mar 2 2015 — Michelle Zilio

The NDP will have until March 31 to pay back nearly $3 million for its use of satellite offices, CTV News has learned. Sources tell CTV News that the 68 NDP MPs have been ordered repayment by the end of the month. Last month, the Board of Internal Economy (BOIE), a secretive parliamentary committee responsible […]


Sex crime prevention program cut by Ottawa

Mar 2 2015 — Kathleen Harris

The federal government is cutting funds for a program designed to prevent the most dangerous, high-risk sex offenders from repeating their crimes, just as its own five-year study has found the program dramatically improves public safety and saves money. The 18 Circles of Support and Accountability (COSA) programs across the country now have about 700 […]

Mar 2 2015 —

Ontario’s governing Liberals are firing back at a Conservative MP who suggested the province’s updated sex-education curriculum puts children at risk. Ottawa-area Conservative Cheryl Gallant urged Parliament to pass legislation with tougher penalties for child predators last week, saying the need was demonstrated by Ontario’s “sweeping changes” to its sex-ed curriculum. Gallant said if withdrawing […]

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Mar 2 2015 —

Inspired by Andre Poulin’s apparent charisma and his message, five Toronto men followed him to Syria and ultimately into the arms of ISIS, CBC News has learned. Poulin, from Timmins, Ont., converted to Islam and went by the name Abu Muslim. He joined the jihadist fight in Syria in 2012, in the process creating an […]

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Tories, Liberals: Who are the better economic managers?

Mar 3 2015 — Lawrence Martin

Ralph Goodale, the old Liberal warhorse who served as finance minister under Paul Martin, got up in the Commons last week. “In the nine years since the government took office,” he said, “job creation has been half of what it was in the nine years before.” The nine years before would be when the Liberals […]


No excuse for limiting the number of leaders’ debates

Mar 2 2015 — Chantal Hébert

When it comes to the televised debates of the upcoming federal campaign, the only certainty is that there will be at least one in each official language and that the leaders of Canada’s three main parties will be on stage. Everything else is up in the air. As the Star reported last week some Conservative […]


Middle-class gloom may be 2015’s sleeper issue

Mar 3 2015 — Frank Graves

A few years ago, we began noticing a change in the way Canadians look at the economy — a growing sense that we were reaching the end of progress. The idea of a better life — what’s known south of the border as the American Dream — seemed to be slipping away. Across North America […]


Increasingly, Parliament simply does not have the information to properly scrutinize public spending

Mar 2 2015 — John Ivison

The Magna Carta will visit Canada this year as part of the 800th anniversary celebrations of the charter that provided the foundation for individual freedom against arbitrary despotism. Parliaments have used the Great Charter as a guide for their role ­chief among which has been the task of reviewing and authorizing government expenditure of public […]


Patrick Brown heats up PC leadership race

Mar 3 2015 — Christina Blizzard

Suddenly the snooze-fest that was the PC leadership campaign has caught fire. Official numbers haven’t been released, but indications are Barrie MP Patrick Brown — an outsider and a relatively unknown quantity at Queen’s Park — has a jaw-dropping lead. Party insiders say he has signed up “more than 40,000 and less than 41,000” new […]


CFRA’s Lowell Green returns, happy to be alive

Mar 3 2015 — Susan Sherring

And he’s back. CFRA’s Lowell Green, the leader of his own Island of Sanity took back his seat on Monday morning in front of the mike. And save for many thanks from his loyal listeners, it was if he’d never been away. Apparently not even a life-threatening double heart bypass can mellow Green. “No, some […]

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Canadian Screen Awards 2015: Mommy big film winner, Orphan Black takes top TV trophies

Mar 2 2015 —

The critically acclaimed Montreal-based film Mommy was the darling of Sunday’s Canadian Screen Awards, taking home nine trophies including best motion picture. The night also saw CBC win another two awards, adding to 18 garnered during two ceremonies held earlier this week. Sunday’s two-hour gala, hosted by comedian Andrea Martin and broadcast on CBC TV, […]

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