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No Keystone XL pipeline this year, following new delay

Apr 18 2014 — Alexander Panetta

The Keystone XL pipeline project appears paralyzed for another year, with the U.S. administration announcing another delay in a process already beset by political and legal challenges. The American administration shrugged off a demand from the Canadian government for an immediate decision on the controversial pipeline, so that construction could begin this summer.

Apr 18 2014 —

PM Stephen Harper’s wife dismisses student’s remarks about missing or murdered indigenous woman. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s wife, Laureen Harper, was briefly interrupted during her speech at TIFF Bell Lightbox last night after a university activist demanded she take a stance on a subject she considered to be much more serious. She was just beginning […]

Apr 18 2014 — Matthew Kwong

Drunken stupors, ill-advised TV interviews and lewd public statements notwithstanding, Rob Ford is no political nitwit. It would be foolish for voters to think so of Toronto’s chief magistrate, say political observers, who argue the mayor’s effectively crafted populist image could carry him through to re-election in October despite a year blighted by scandal.

Apr 18 2014 —

Aboriginal activist and educator Lewis Cardinal says he’s not going to run for the NDP in the next federal election after all. Cardinal issued a statement on Thursday saying he will be stepping down as the party’s candidate in Edmonton Centre “due to personal and health reasons” without specifying what those reasons are.

Al-Jazeera English bureau chief Mohamed Fahmy, center, producer Baher Mohamed, center left, and correspondent Peter Greste, second right, stand in a courtroom along with several other defendants during their trial on terror charges, in Cairo, Egypt, Monday, March 31, 2014. The family of an Egyptian-Canadian journalist who has been detained in a Cairo prison since late December says they have met with Foriegn Affairs Minister John Baird. THE CANADIAN PRESS/AP, Sarah El Deeb

Baird meets with detained journalist’s family; Fahmy in Cairo prison since Dec.

Apr 18 2014 —

The family of an Egyptian-Canadian journalist who has been detained in a Cairo prison since late December says they have met with Foriegn Affairs Minister John Baird. Mohamed Fahmy was working for satellite news broadcaster Al-Jazeera English when he was arrested on Dec. 29 along with his colleagues — Australian Peter Greste and Egyptian Baher […]


Mobilicity announces proposed sale to Telus

Apr 18 2014 —

Mobilicity says it has agreed to be purchased by Telus Corp. (TSX:T) for $350 million. Mobilicity says the proposed sale is subject to approval by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice, the Competition Bureau, Industry Canada, and Mobilicity’s debtholders. Telus has twice tried to buy struggling Mobilicity, but both times the deal was rejected by […]


Canada’s criticism of Russia ‘makes no difference’

Apr 18 2014 — Mark Gollom

The Conservative government’s tough rhetoric over Russia’s actions in Ukraine may play well to some voters domestically, but analysts doubt it will have any impact on curtailing Moscow’s policies in the region. “I think the only people Putin’s going to pay any attention to, if he pays any attention at all, are going to be […]

Apr 17 2014 —

Canada is sending six CF-18s and military personnel to assist NATO in operations in Eastern Europe. Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced the measures Thursday morning. The move comes following a request from NATO amid increasing tensions in Eastern Ukraine. Harper said the military assets will be used on enhanced operations in Eastern Europe.

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scott reid

‘Sunny ways’ and the shadow of political risk

Apr 18 2014 — Scott Reid

“Sunny ways.” That’s what Justin Trudeau is promising Canadians as an antidote to nine years of Stephen Harper’s cynical and serrated-edged style of politics. The words are borrowed from Canada’s first great Liberal icon, Wilfrid Laurier, who used sunny ways to shine a path toward 15 years of uninterrupted rule that launched a century of […]


Rob Ford, Justin Trudeau and the common folk

Apr 18 2014 — Jim Coyle

Today, let’s consider — after recent angst about the enviably affluent Mayor Rob Ford claiming kinship with the common folk — what it is that actually shapes and confers identity. How is it, say, that author Joseph Boyden, raised in Willowdale with only fractional native blood, an ancestral fact he didn’t even become aware of […]


Stubborn negatives undermine Tories’ shot at another majority

Apr 18 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s personal, moving eulogy Wednesday for his friend and former finance minister, Jim Flaherty, marked a turning point of sorts for the Conservative government. We’ve a year to go, perhaps a bit longer, until Election 2015. The time for big cabinet shuffles and policy course corrections is past. And Flaherty, who was […]


Peladeau and the PQ — bravely marching backwards

Apr 18 2014 —

Former Parti Quebecois leader Pauline Marois had barely finished singing her swan song after thirty years in politics when rookie MNA Pierre Karl Peladeau deployed yet another attention-grabbing stunt. And even though he was thousands of miles away in Europe, his words managed to make waves back home.


Quebec sovereignty is not dead

Apr 18 2014 — Mark Sutcliffe

The Quebec election last week wasn’t just a choice between political parties, we are supposed to believe. According to many of the pundits who have analyzed the result, it was a historic outcome, the end of the sovereignty movement and a new chapter in federal-provincial relations. “C’est fini, cette affaire,” wrote Michael den Tandt. “What […]


Ford Nation still rolling strong

Apr 18 2014 — Joe Warmington

Turns out not everybody has abandoned the Ford Nation train. Many are still riding it. More than a thousand of them were at the Toronto Congress Centre Thursday night for the official kickoff for the Mayor Ford re-election campaign. Seems the back room plans to keep his name off the ballot have not yet worked. […]


The Israel trap

Apr 17 2014 —

As a Liberal staffer during the 2008 federal election, I often received incredulous emails from Jewish friends who wondered how I could possibly be trying to defeat Stephen Harper, a prime minister who was such an adamant supporter of Israel. When I worked for Michael Ignatieff, I was treated to regular pronouncements that my boss […]

jeffrey simpson

Czar Vladimir is changing the rules of the game

Apr 18 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

Czar Vladimir wants to change the map of Eastern Europe, and perhaps other areas contiguous to Russia. His actions challenge the assumption that Great Power rivalry in Europe was dead. Even during the Cold War, neither the Soviet Union and the Warsaw Pact nor the United States and NATO sought to change the borders of […]

ian macdonald

How Whitby said goodbye to Jim Flaherty

Apr 18 2014 — L. Ian MacDonald

We went to Wimpy’s, a diner in Whitby with a chrome motif and Elvis murals on the wall, and sat in Jim Flaherty’s booth. “He was in just last Tuesday,” the waitress said. “Such a shock.” The last time I was there with him was for breakfast after he’d campaigned at the nearby Pickering GO […]

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Ottawa public servant’s smart bet pays off on Jeopardy!

Apr 18 2014 — Michael Woods

Frédérique Delaprée’s time on Jeopardy! wasn’t going very well. The Ottawa woman had spent most of the game in third place, and the Final Jeopardy category — 19th-century U.S. presidents — wasn’t her forte. “I didn’t think my odds were very good on that,” Delaprée said. “When I saw that I lost a little bit […]

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