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Quebec man charged for not giving up phone password at border

Mar 5 2015 — Jack Julian

A law professor in Halifax says the case of a Quebec man charged with obstructing border officials raises a new legal question in Canada. The accused, 38-year-old Alain Philippon of St. Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec, refused to divulge his smart phone password to Canada Border Services Agency during a customs search. Philippon arrived in Halifax Monday night […]

Mar 5 2015 —

Canada’s chief elections investigator pushed hard against moving his operations out of the same building as Elections Canada, fearing it would interfere with his ability to investigate electoral wrongdoing and could taint evidence needed to prosecute offenders. Yves Cote, the commissioner of elections, had already lost the battle last spring over Conservative legislation that severed […]

Mar 5 2015 —

A nonsense letter. A wayward cube van. A threatening voicemail. A tractor with the key left in the ignition. These were the infrequent and minor incidents recorded by the RCMP’s parliamentary detachment as threats to the security of VIPs during the two years leading up to the tragic shooting on Oct. 22.


UBC students challenge Justin Trudeau in his stance on anti-terrorism bill

Mar 5 2015 —

Federal Liberal leader Justin Trudeau was on the defensive during an appearance at his former university in Vancouver. Students at UBC repeatedly asked him why he supports the Conservative government’s new anti-terrorism legislation, even if amendments proposed by the Liberals are rejected. “We’re still going to support the bill, yes.” Several students challenged Trudeau to […]


Foreign Affairs Minister Nicholson to speak about secret trip to Iraq

Mar 5 2015 —

Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson has completed a secret trip to Iraq. Nicholson travelled to Baghdad and northern Iraq’s capital of Irbil for meetings with Kurdish leaders this week. The minister will speak to reporters from neighbouring Amman, Jordan later today about his travels, according to a statement from his office. It’s the same itinerary […]

Mar 5 2015 — Aaron Wherry

Peter MacKay apparently believes that politicians can’t be trusted to oversee the federal government’s national security operations. And this is problematic. Not least because Peter MacKay is himself a politician—a politician, for that matter, who is also the minister of justice and attorney general of Canada. MacKay’s dismissal of politicians is included in his response […]

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Mar 5 2015 — Chris Cobb

In an unprecedented move, the Department of National Defence has slapped a “secret” order on its response to the high-profile Military Police Complaints Commission report into the 2008 suicide of Afghanistan war veteran Cpl. Stuart Langridge. But the commission is fighting to have the military’s attempt at secrecy overturned and has filed an application in […]

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No need for Tories’ ‘Throw Away the Key Act’

Mar 5 2015 — Andrew Coyne

On past form, the Conservatives’ latest piece of tough-on-crime legislation will come with some sort of folksy name attached, of a kind suitable for use in Tory ad campaigns. The Life Means Life Act, perhaps? The Throw Away the Key Act? The Hanging’s Too Good For Them (And What If It Wasn’t) Act? The legislation, […]


Progressive Conservative reboot a kick in the teeth to many Tories

Mar 5 2015 — Martin Regg Cohn

The Progressive Conservatives were once the province’s natural governing party, for better or for worse. Now they’re Ontario’s natural opposition party — and it keeps getting worse. After losing four straight elections — and their near-death experience under Tim Hudak in 2014 — the Tories are choosing a new leader. But instead of recovering, PCs […]

Bob Hepburn

It’s time Canada scrapped oath to Queen

Mar 5 2015 — Bob Hepburn

As a Canadian who was born and raised in this country, I am appalled that we still force immigrants who want to become citizens to swear an oath of allegiance to the Queen. Surely, this country that champions itself as being a multicultural nation and an international leader in diversity should no longer require our […]


With his new ‘life means life’ bill, Harper has found his wedge

Mar 4 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Life means life. Vote Conservative. On Wednesday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper announced that that the government will introduce legislation to keep criminals “too cruel and dangerous to be put back into freedom” locked up permanently, with no possibility of parole. “Our Government believes in standing up for victims of crime and their families, putting their […]


Where Canada stands on the Obama-Netanyahu Iran brawl

Mar 5 2015 — Tom Walkom

Where does Canada stand in the bitter dispute over Iran that has pitted Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu against U.S. President Barack Obama? If this country’s politicians had their way, they would be firmly on the side of both. Following Netanyahu’s provocative address to the U.S. Congress Tuesday, Canadian MPs weren’t lining up to comment. […]


Facts, lies and Keystone XL

Mar 5 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

The Harper government’s campaign to get the Keystone XL pipeline built received a boost from two American sources this week. First, billionaire Barack Obama supporter Warren Buffet said the Keystone XL pipeline delivering bitumen from Alberta’s oilsands to the Gulf Coast should have been approved by now and the U.S. refusal to do so risks […]


Harper senators hold McCarthyesque hearings

Mar 5 2015 — Haroon Siddiqui

Bullies maintain that their victims are being overly sensitive — making too much fuss about nothing, really. Similarly, a Conservative senator is berating Canadian Muslims for being “thin-skinned” in reacting to increasing hostility towards them. Senator Lynn Beyak did so last week at a hearing of the Senate committee on national security, as my colleague […]

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Buddy Holly plane crash ‘review’ by US transport panel

Mar 5 2015 —

The plane crash that claimed the lives of three rock ‘n’ roll stars, including Buddy Holly, could be investigated afresh by US transport safety experts. The 22-year-old Holly, Ritchie Valens and Jiles P Richardson – known as the Big Bopper – died in a crash shortly after take-off in Iowa in 1959. The pilot of […]

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