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Jul 7 2015 —

The image of Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton’s underlings extending a long rope through a 4th of July parade to keep reporters away had the U.S. press corps and conservative pundits squawking. But have they heard the one about the velvet rope on the tundra? Last August, the small band of Canadian journalists travelling with Prime […]

Jul 7 2015 — Ryan Maloney

A new Conservative Party fundraising pitch has sparked chatter because of two words it did not include. Justin Trudeau. For more than two years, Tories have hammered the Liberal leader in emails to supporters, soliciting donations by accusing Trudeau of wanting to push pot on children and having a stable of “media elites” in his […]

Jul 7 2015 — Kady O'Malley

Pity the New Democratic Party accounting department. For months now, they’ve been bracing for the possibility that they will eventually find themselves on the hook for the $2.7 million in House money spent on those now-shuttered satellite offices and by-election eve mail-outs that MPs have been asked to repay. Now, there’s a small but not […]

Jul 7 2015 —

Former provincial Liberal cabinet minister and outgoing economic development CEO Sandra Pupatello is showing interest in running federally. President of the Windsor-West Federal Liberal Association David Sundin says he’s trying to convince Pupatello to take the plunge, but wouldn’t say much more. “At this time we’re not ready to make any announcements,” he says. “She’s […]


Sea King helicopter makes emergency landing south of Halifax

Jul 7 2015 —

A Sea King helicopter had to make an emergency “precautionary landing” Tuesday in a cul de sac in Mineville, south of Halifax. Lt. (N) Len Hickey says the helicopter was on a routine flight when the crew noticed a drop in hydraulic pressure in the flight control system at around 10:40 Tuesday morning. Hickey says […]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper speaks as he meets with General Philip Breedlove, Commander of U.S. European Command and NATO Supreme Allied Commander Europe (not shown) at his Langevin Block office in Ottawa on Monday, May 5, 2014. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Sean Kilpatrick

Harper Tories unleash torrent of patronage appointments

Jul 7 2015 — Glen McGregor

The Conservative government made more than 70 patronage appointments over two days last month, filling up federal boards, tribunals and panels in advance of the October election. On June 18 and 19, cabinet approved the long list of appointees and reappointees to bodies such as the Immigration and Refugee Board, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, the […]

Jul 7 2015 —

Quebec’s anti-corruption unit has confirmed the death of suspected fraudster Arthur Porter. The unit said in a statement today that visual identification of the body in Panama was sufficient evidence to confirm the death. DNA tests and fingerprint analysis were also conducted as a precaution. News that the 59-year-old Porter had died last week was […]

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Jul 7 2015 —

Opposition leaders Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau took turns criticizing the Conservative government’s handling of aboriginal affairs under Stephen Harper, in back-to-back speeches to the annual gathering of the Assembly of First Nations in Montreal on Tuesday. Both men laid out their vision for improving the relationship between the federal government and aboriginal people if […]

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Justin Ling

Journalists Are Banned from Stephen Harper’s Events and It’s Stupid Nonsense

Jul 7 2015 — Justin Ling

The phrase “photo opportunity only (cameras and photographers only)” appears 90 times in my inbox. All 90 emails are from the Prime Minister’s Office regarding upcoming events with Stephen Harper. That line means that if ever an enterprising print, online, television, or radio journalist were to dare enter the event, security would prevent them and, […]


Tories should fear a coalition, but not that one

Jul 7 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Coalition. The very mention of the word is enough to send Conservative voters screaming to the ballot box, desperate to prevent the country’s progressive hordes from uniting should the Tories fall to minority government status in October. Just as the spectre of a coalition with separatists proved a motivating force for the Conservatives in the […]


In a debt crisis, what would a Mulcair government do?

Jul 7 2015 — David Akin

Like so many Canadians of Greek heritage, NDP MP Niki Ashton had a personal stake in the outcome of Sunday’s referendum. And, on her Twitter feed, she wasn’t shy about letting the world know how she would have voted. “NO to austerity! YES to democracy!” she tweeted. And while re-broadcasts of things others say on […]


Team NDP has a big hole to fill

Jul 7 2015 — Lawrence Martin

Wanted: A candidate with a strong background in economics, preferably Bay Street experience. Apply to the New Democratic Party immediately. You could be Canada’s next Minister of Finance. With the election little more than three months away, the New Democrats, suddenly a contender to form the next government, are in a bit of a jam. […]


Canada must avoid Greek entitlement

Jul 7 2015 — Anthony Furey

It’s a sad day in Canadian politics when a possible future cabinet minister applauds the latest news in the current Greek tragedy. Niki Ashton, the MP for Manitoba, and a prominent voice in the NDP caucus tweeted “NO to austerity! YES to democracy!” in celebration of Greek voters’ rejecting the latest bailout terms offered by […]


Political parties must be made accountable, because honesty is the only thing doing it now

Jul 6 2015 — Stephen Maher

The first chapter of the Conservatives’ 2006 election platform was titled Stand Up For Accountability. Back then, the party needed to convince Canadians they had a plan to clean the stables, so they made specific, detailed promises about political reforms, some of which they kept. They limited political donations, toughened lobbying rules, created a parliamentary […]


Greece at forefront of Europe’s game of chicken over debt

Jul 7 2015 — Andrew Coyne

Europe’s problem is that it has more than one Greece. Greece’s problem is that it is alone. If it were just a negotiation between Greece and its creditors, the issue would be complex enough, a multi-player game of chicken between Greece, the eurozone governments, the European Central Bank, the International Monetary Fund and the financial […]

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Floyd Mayweather, Jr. (L) of the U.S. lands a left to the face of Manny Pacquiao of the Philippines in the 11th round during their welterweight WBO, WBC and WBA title fight in Las Vegas, Nevada, in this May 2, 2015 file photo.  Boxers Mayweather and Pacquiao topped Forbes 2015 list of the world's highest-paid celebrities June 29, 2015, thanks to their record-breaking lucrative Las Vegas fight that assured them earnings that surpassed those of musicians and actors.  REUTERS/Steve Marcus/Files

Mayweather stripped of title he won in Pacquiao fight

Jul 7 2015 —

Floyd Mayweather Jr. has been stripped of the welterweight world title he won after beating Filipino Manny Pacquiao this year for failing to comply with rules, the World Boxing Organization said on Monday. Mayweather, who improved to 48-0 by beating Pacquiao in May, missed a deadline by which he had to pay a $200,000 sanctioning […]

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