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At least 40 current, former senators asked to account for questionable expense claims

Mar 31 2015 —

At least 40 current and former senators have received confidential letters from Attorney General Michael Ferguson about questionable expense claims, and one of them has been asked to account for more than $100,000, sources have told CTV News. The senators were tight-lipped Tuesday when asked about the letters — and whether they’ve been asked to […]

Mar 31 2015 —

Canadians believe the Conservatives are best at managing government spending, but voters aren’t as confident with their ability to promote growth, according to a new Nanos/CTV News poll. While the majority of those surveyed said they trust the governing party to manage spending, the Conservatives are now virtually tied with the Liberals when it comes […]

Mar 31 2015 — Gloria Galloway

The RCMP is preparing to release another report on Canada’s murdered and missing aboriginal women – a surprise to the indigenous groups that have been lobbying the federal government to hold a public inquiry to discern the causes of the tragedy. The new report, which the RCMP says will be released in May, is expected […]

Mar 31 2015 —

Authorities have arrested the 15-year-old son of the Canadian Consul General in Miami after they say he was involved in a marijuana deal that ended in gunfire and claimed the life of his older brother and another man. Police believe Marc Wabafiyebazu and his 17-year-old brother Jean Wabafiyebazu — both armed with guns —planned to […]


Ex-general Rick Hillier angry at MP no-shows for ISIS vote

Mar 31 2015 —

Former chief of defence staff Rick Hillier took to Facebook Tuesday to blast MPs who were not present at Monday evening’s vote to extend Canada’s military mission against ISIS in northern Iraq and now Syria. In a posting on the social media site, the now-retired general, who still commands a large following of respect in […]

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Justin Trudeau’s fight to find the political middle

Mar 31 2015 — Tim Harper

Matters of terror and war do not lend themselves to nuance or half-measures. On these two issues, at least, Justin Trudeau is finding it difficult to claim a middle ground that has long been his party’s traditional turf. This should cause concern in Liberal circles, but hardly any sense of panic, because Trudeau’s difficulties and […]


We Can’t Hear You: The Shameful Review of Bill C-51 By the Numbers

Mar 31 2015 — Michael Geist

The Standing Committee on Public Safety and National Security will hold its clause-by-clause review of Bill C-51, the Anti-Terrorism bill, this morning. The government is expected to introduce several modest amendments that experts note do little to address some of the core concerns with the bill. While there is some tinkering with the information sharing […]


The gun lobby appears to have Harper in a corner

Mar 31 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

The mystery deepens. Why did the National Firearms Association pull out of hearings last Monday on the Conservatives’ anti-terrorism bill, C-51? NFA president Sheldon Clare had criticized C-51 as “being a sort of creeping police state bill”. But when he was given the chance to express these views to a Commons committee, he desisted at […]


The case for blowing Alberta’s oil riches

Mar 31 2015 — Colby Cosh

The University of Alberta resource economist (and Maclean’s contributor) Andrew Leach calls it “Norwailing.” It has been a suffocatingly hot trend in print and electronic media for a while now. “Norwailing” describes a type of envious glance cast by columnists and editors at the sovereign wealth fund that Norway has built through the near-total sequestering […]


Danielle Smith just a victim of the old bait and switch

Mar 31 2015 — Andrew Coyne

I think we have all been guilty of misjudging Danielle Smith. At the time, so many lifetimes ago, when the former Wildrose party leader deserted not only her former party but also her own former leadership of it, many people accused her and the eight other apostates who went with her of a cynical act […]


The lessons of Danielle Smith’s political self-destruction

Mar 31 2015 — Brian Topp

It isn’t always true that political careers end in tears. But that is often true, as former Alberta Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith demonstrated this past weekend. In the process, Smith has provided us with a case study on how not to conduct inter-party negotiations — one that merits a careful look. So what happened to […]


Chinese investors turn attention to Vancouver’s commercial real estate

Mar 31 2015 — Barbara Yaffe

Asian buyers have for some time been putting pressure on Vancouver’s stock of detached homes. Now China’s development industry is showing interest in the region’s commercial properties. It is part of a cross-Canada trend, says Colliers International in a report issued earlier this month: “Canadian property owners have traditionally been the incumbent buyers of real […]


The fight for “progress”

Mar 31 2015 — Rick Smith

Over the past weekend, nearly 900 people descended on the national capital to participate in this year’s installment of the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit, now the largest progressive politics conference in the country.  Demand for tickets was astonishing, with the event selling out nearly two weeks early and the hotel full to bursting. As delighted […]


Broadbent most partisan think-tank

Mar 31 2015 — Anthony Furey

It’s time Canadians took a closer look at the Broadbent Institute. The left-wing think-tank has kept a low profile since its 2011 creation. But with an election around the corner they’re kicking it into high gear. This past weekend’s second annual Progress Summit held in Ottawa shows that they’re the most partisan think-tank in the […]

Mar 31 2015 — Lawrence Martin

Charles Taylor issued a warning on the weekend, cautioning that Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s anti-niqab rhetoric helps terrorist recruiters. Mr. Taylor, the well-known philosopher who headed up a Quebec commission on cultural and religious minorities, suggested that the federal Conservatives are surfing on Islamophobic sentiment, which makes alienated Muslim

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Mar 31 2015 — Richard Gwyn

For the last several years, it’s been a well-established fact that Canadians have lost interest in politics. That voter turnout is way down is now taken for granted. Far more unsettling is the report by Samara, an institute that promotes democracy and citizen engagement, that two in every five Canadians (39 per cent) had not […]

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Ed Sheeran named next host of Much Music Video Awards

Mar 31 2015 —

British pop troubadour Ed Sheeran has been named co-host of this year’s Much Music Video Awards. It will be the fourth consecutive MMVAs appearance for the 24-year-old singer, who will steer the show with help from Much personalities. Last year, he dropped by the streetside bash to perform his earworm hit “Sing,” a song that’s […]

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