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Bill Blair launches political career at Sikh celebration

Apr 26 2015 — Laurie Monsebraaten

Dressed in a plain black suit, blue shirt and striped tie, retired Toronto police chief Bill Blair stepped outside his comfort zone Sunday on his first day as a civilian and aspiring federal Liberal candidate. “Public safety was easy. Locking up the bad guys is a piece of cake,” he quipped after greeting several dozen […]

Apr 26 2015 —

Danielle Smith expects another PC majority government – albeit a much slimmer one – but says if the Wildrose or NDP manage to take power in the May 5 election, it wouldn’t lead to the “chaos” some predict. “I would not be the least bit concerned about changing government,” the former Wildrose leader turned PC […]


Libman bests Dery to be named Tory candidate in Mount Royal

Apr 26 2015 —

Mount Royal has its Conservative candidate for the upcoming federal election with Robert Libman defeating journalist Pascale Dery in a vote Sunday evening. The former Mayor of Côte St. Luc says he knows his works is cut out for him running in a longtime Liberal stronghold, but maintains this is the right time for a […]

Apr 26 2015 — Michelle Zilio

Foreign Affairs Minister Rob Nicholson is deflecting criticism over Canada’s chairmanship of the Arctic Council, specifically its focus on economic development over the environment and climate change. Speaking to CTV’s Question Period from the Arctic Council meeting in Iqaluit this week, Nicholson said Environment Minister Leona Aglukkaq was commended at the gathering for her work […]

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Apr 26 2015 — Michelle Zilio

Omar Khadr’s lawyer says the Conservative government is pursuing a case against his client that they know is “fiction.” Last week, an Alberta judge granted Khadr bail. Within minutes of Friday’s decision, the Conservative government said it would appeal the decision affecting the “convicted terrorist.” Khadr’s lawyer, Dennis Edney, told CTV’s Question Period that Prime […]

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Apr 26 2015 —

The Conservatives’ anti-terror law threatens to stifle the Canadian tech sector, potentially dealing a lasting blow to the national economy, business leaders are warning. “We work with international clients, and we fear that this proposed legislation will undermine international trust in Canada’s technology sector,” a letter from 60 leading business owners to the prime minister […]

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Apr 26 2015 — Mark Kennedy

The Canadian government and humanitarian groups moved quickly on the weekend to provide help for the people of Nepal after an earthquake struck the region, claiming more than 2,500 lives. The airport at Nepal’s capital, Kathmandu, was teeming Sunday with people fleeing the country and with many arriving humanitarian teams, including from Canada. Among those […]

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Michael Harris

Harper feigns ignorance as Crown’s case against Duffy in shambles

Apr 26 2015 —

Just who is on trial in Ottawa’s famous current criminal case; suspended Senator Mike Duffy, or the Senate of Canada? Is the “Old Duff” getting his crack at justice? Or is this some gaudy form of Senate abuse using the courts the way politicians have been known to dump political problems into the laps of […]


Polls show why Harper needs to cozy up to blue-haired set

Apr 26 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

If you’re wondering why last week’s budget had so much stuff for seniors -— from compassionate leave to home accessibility tax credits — you only have to look at the voting intention by age demographic in the latest weekly EKOS poll for iPolitics. The Conservatives own the 65-and-up demographic, with 40-per-cent support, compared to 30-per-cent […]

Bob Hepburn

Kathleen Wynne wastes chance to create a legacy

Apr 26 2015 — Bob Hepburn

When Dalton McGuinty first took office back in 2003, he declared he wanted to be known as the “education premier.” During his term, McGuinty made education a top priority, introducing forward-looking policies that turned the troubled, cash-starved Ontario system into a world leader, with high-school graduation rates up, more students in colleges and universities and […]


Alberta Premier Jim Prentice still confident

Apr 26 2015 — Rick Bell

The premier looked like he was having a good time. Pressing the flesh, slamming the NDP, telling old jokes. But he got the news early Saturday morning. Legal proceedings are underway between Jonathan Denis and his estranged wife. Denis was, until early Saturday morning, the province’s top cop and Prentice’s justice minister. Prentice asked for […]


Do PCs have a death wish?

Apr 26 2015 — Sue-Ann Levy

This was supposed to be the Progressive Conservatives’ “Aha” moment. After four devastating election losses, Ontario PCs agreed they had to focus on reinventing their party and renewing themselves in their ongoing leadership race. They have to be perceived as a kinder, gentler, urban-centric party that has evolved in 2015, if they ever hope to […]


More Liberal hot air

Apr 26 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

You know what? I don’t think Premier Kathleen Wynne and Climate Change Minister Glen Murray understand what cap-and-trade is, even though they’re about to impose it on Ontario. So far, whenever they’re challenged on its specifics, they go off on strange rants about how they’re doing it for their grandchildren and to heck with the […]


Liberals beating Ontario up

Apr 26 2015 — Adrienne Batra

Last year it was “Building Opportunity, Securing our Future”. Governments in general and the Ontario Liberals in particular, like to use words such as “build”, because it conjures up images in our minds that something responsible and worthwhile is being done with taxpayers’ money. But Ontarians are right to be skeptical about anything this government […]

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Longtime Expos general manager Jim Fanning dies

Apr 26 2015 —

Former Montreal Expos general manager and lifelong supporter of Canadian baseball Jim Fanning has died of a heart attack. He was 87. Often called Gentleman Jim, Fanning first served the Expos as general manager in 1968, and stayed involved with the franchise in different roles until the early 1990s. “He wore just about every hat […]