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Nov 25 2015 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says Canada and other countries must work together to de-escalate tensions between Moscow and Ankara after Turkey shot down a Russian warplane, but he doesn’t want to “point fingers to one side or another.” Russian President Vladimir Putin has warned of “significant consequences” after Turkey shot down the Su-24 bomber on […]

Nov 25 2015 —

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall says remarks by environmentalist David Suzuki equating the oil industry to slavery are “ridiculous.” Suzuki was responding to Wall’s position that Canada needs to consider the economy when talking about reducing greenhouse gas emissions. Suzuki said in an interview Monday on SiriusXM’s “Everything is Political” with Evan Solomon that people in […]

Nov 25 2015 —

Robin Camp, a Federal Court judge under fire for asking a 19-year-old woman, “Why couldn’t you just keep your knees together?” during a Calgary sexual assault trial in 2014, will not be assigned any cases for the time being. A Federal Court spokesman said Wednesday the chief justice has instructed Camp to focus on his […]

Nov 25 2015 —

A Russian airman who has survived the downing of his warplane says Turkish jets did not issue any warnings. Capt. Konstantin Murakhtin said Wednesday on Russian television that his plane was flying over Syrian territory and didn’t violate Turkish airspace. Murakhtin was rescued early Wednesday by Russian and Syrian commando and was speaking in televised […]

guy wearing orange lanyard journalist at Halifax International Security Forum Nov. 21 forum flickr photo

Selected media ‘thought leaders’ given preferential access at high-profile Halifax forum

Nov 25 2015 — Marie-Danielle Smith

The Halifax International Security Forum considered some journalists ‘thought leaders,’ giving them extensive access, while others worked out of a ‘media room,’ barred from entry to parts of the forum. Blue and orange. Not the colours of the Conservative Party and the New Democratic Party—but, from Nov. 20-22, the colours that separated journalists considered “thought […]


Seaspan joins fight against $700M Davie supply ship deal

Nov 25 2015 — James Cudmore

Yet another Canadian shipyard has written to the government asking for a competition in the now controversial plan to have a civilian cargo ship converted to a supply ship and chartered to the Royal Canadian Navy. The CEO of Seaspan ULC, Jonathan Whitworth, wrote to Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan, expressing his company’s frustration and […]

Nov 25 2015 — Greg Quinn

Taxing the highest-income earners in Canada has become vogue, on the grounds they have more resources to handle the burden of raising much needed revenue. Seven of the nation’s 10 provinces have adopted higher taxes on the so-called rich since 2010. Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party won elections in October partly on a […]

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Nov 25 2015 —

There may be no banker with as much at stake in Canada’s economy than Victor Dodig, chief executive officer at Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce. His Toronto-based bank relies on domestic, personal and commercial banking for about three quarters of its profit — the highest of any of the top five lenders. So, when Dodig […]

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Nov 25 2015 — Douglas Todd

Former B.C. premier Ujjal Dosanjh, who was also a cabinet minister in the federal Liberal government, is calling out Ontario Liberal Premier Kathleen Wynne for characterizing opponents of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rapid-intake refugee plan as closet “racists.” Dosanjh made his moral outrage clear in a web posting headlined, “Premier Wynne, Did you just call […]

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John Milloy

Open government is not always so simple

Nov 25 2015 — John Milloy

Prime Minister Trudeau’s decision to make the usually confidential ministerial mandate letters public marked a new era of openness in Ottawa. Ministers were advised to follow an accompanying reference guide entitled Open and Accountable Government. Unfortunately, when I requested a copy from the Privy Council Office, I was told that it was not publicly available. […]

evan solomon

What fish have to teach the Paris climate conference

Nov 25 2015 — Evan Solomon

Oh stop it, Vogue magazine. Keep your posh mitts off of Justin Trudeau. The guy is trying to run a serious G8 nation and you put him on a Sexy list? Obviously you know nothing about our country. If you did, you would have realized the hottest Canadian commodities right now are scientists, not politicians.


Canadian climate-change love-in produced less than meets the eye

Nov 25 2015 — Tom Walkom

First, the prime minister is heading off to the Paris conference on global warming next week committed only to the weak pledges made by his Conservative predecessor, Stephen Harper. Two, Canada is not on track to meet even these promises. Three, most other countries aren’t doing any better. As scientists told Canada’s assembled first ministers […]


Breaking refugee promise a winner for Liberals

Nov 25 2015 — Michael Den Tandt

They have not, it seems, entirely lost the smarts that won them 184 seats and a whopping majority just over a month ago. In announcing the details of its long-anticipated, feverishly-speculated upon and much-criticized plan to rescue 25,000 refugees from the Syrian war by year’s end, the Liberal government deftly lopped off the last part […]


Hurrah for Trudeau’s first broken election promise

Nov 25 2015 — David Akin

So, barely a month on the job and the Liberals have broken their first election promise. Mind you, they got lucky in that the promise they broke was one everyone, including the Conservatives in the official Opposition, wanted — heck, demanded — them to break. The Liberals announced Tuesday they will not, as promised, have […]

Blake Goldring

Financial Wake Up Call

Nov 25 2015 — Blake Goldring

As Canada’s 5th annual Financial Literacy Month draws to a close, it’s an ideal time to reflect on transforming good will and awareness into action. For many Canadians, one of the greatest financial risks remains their own misperceptions about investing and saving. A national survey of investor attitudes recently conducted for AGF Management Limited, reveals […]


We should welcome refugees. After all, we owe them

Nov 25 2015 — Michael Coren

While I don’t hold to the notion of collective guilt I do embrace the idea of communal conscience and after spending three weeks in Europe I find it genuinely difficult on returning home to understand and even forgive those who want us to halt the immigration of Syrian refugees. The pretext, of course, is that […]

Nov 25 2015 — Rosie DiManno

The world grows ever darker and foreboding. Canada is a point of light: 25,000 points of guiding light for destitute and displaced Syrian refugees. But not as luminous as had been professed. Not 25,000 Syrian asylum-seekers by the federal’s arbitrary deadline of January 1, backing off a key campaign promise by Justin Trudeau that was […]

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Nov 25 2015 — Craig Scott

In October 2013, the NDP Official Opposition proposed removal of Senators from parliamentary party caucuses as one initial step to de-partisanize the Senate. Three months later, Liberal leader (now prime minister) Justin Trudeau announced the ejection of senators from the Liberal Party’s caucus. A shaky foundation was thereby laid for future internal reforms that could […]

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Adele’s album 25 breaks US record previously held by *NSYNC

Nov 25 2015 —

It’s not that much of a surprise, it was widely predicted, but Adele’s new album is doing quite well (understatement.) It’s broken the record for first week album sales in the US, selling 2.4 million copies since Friday. The record was previously held by boy band *NSYNC and their second album, No Strings Attached, from […]

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