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Federal officials sing different tune than Liberals on F-35 post-election

Apr 29 2016 —

The Trudeau Liberals may have promised to exclude the F-35 from the competition to replace the air force’s aging CF-18 jet fighters, but federal officials meeting the day after last fall’s election were singing a completely different tune. Documents obtained by The Canadian Press show top Industry Canada bureaucrats met on Oct. 20 and discussed […]

Apr 29 2016 — Greg Quinn

“Anne of Green Gables” author Lucy Maud Montgomery is among 12 women who could be featured on a new Canadian bank note, the central bank said Friday. The short list, which also includes artist Emily Carr and political leader Thérèse Casgrain, was narrowed from more than 26,000 public nominations that identified about 460 prominent women, […]

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conrad black

Celebrating the end of the Mike Duffy farce

Apr 29 2016 — Conrad Black

My absence in England last week prevented me from celebrating the acquittal of Mike Duffy in this column, but there are a few points still to be made about it. There was never anything wrong with Mike Duffy padding around promoting the Conservative party while a paid-up senator. MPs do that and there is nothing […]

Susan Delacourt new

A warning to Liberals — good fundraising makes bad policy

Apr 29 2016 — Susan Delacourt

As the tax filing deadline loomed this week, the federal Conservative party sent out a curious fundraising appeal. “It’s that time again — taxes are almost due!” the party reminded potential contributors. “Did you know that political donors can get big tax credits at tax time? So much so that a $50 donation can cost […]


Give the Liberals an ‘A’ for effort

Apr 29 2016 — John Ivison

The Liberal party’s philosophical underpinnings ­beyond trying to extend their six months in power to a thousand years of pre-eminence ­is to run a government that benefits its citizens. While the preceding ministry believed that all governments, ­including its own, ­couldn’t run a two-house paper route, the Liberals are men and women of systems. They […]

Andrew MacDougall

Conservatives, heal thyselves

Apr 29 2016 — Andrew MacDougall

Somebody call the doctor, a leadership candidate is dead. Kellie Leitch, we hardly knew ye. What’s that you say? Leitch is a doctor? How charitable was it then for Dr. Leitch to stump for the Liberal government’s contentious right-to-die bill by administering her own leadership suicide on live television? For those who missed it, Dr. […]


Opposition’s job is as tough as Trudeau’s

Apr 29 2016 — Peter Loewen

The prime minister’s first six months have been a whirlwind of activity. There will be no let-up in the next year. We should hope that the opposition parties – both leaderless and occasionally listless – can find a way to hold the government to greater account. Justin Trudeau’s government is an activist one. This is […]


Harper stalwarts missing in Tory leadership poll, and that says something

Apr 29 2016 — Anthony Furey

Rona Ambrose is the most popular choice for Conservative leader – even more popular than headline-grabbing candidates Kevin O’Leary and Peter MacKay. That’s what happened when the interim leader’s name was tossed into the mix for a Mainstreet Technologies poll exclusive to Postmedia Network. Despite the fact she’s firmly ruled out wanting the permanent gig, […]

rick salutin

Liberals should beware ‘deliverology’ guru

Apr 29 2016 — Rick Salutin

For me, the scariest signal yet sent by the Trudeau government was bringing English “deliverologist” Sir Michael Barber, to their Alberta cabinet retreat, to tell them how they’re doing. They imported a British con man who was a perfect accessory during the Blair years, and — now that slippery Tony is gone, replaced by the […]

Emma Teitel

Sincerity of Margaret Wente detractors in question

Apr 29 2016 — Emma Teitel

Margaret Wente — veteran conservative Globe and Mail columnist and venerable queen of “hate clicks” has plagiarized once again. We know this because artist and university professor Carol Wainio, also presumably Wente’s mortal enemy, exposed the columnist’s most recent journalistic sins this week on her blog Media Culpa. Wainio, you might remember, was responsible for […]

Apr 29 2016 — Vaughn Palmer

Shortly before 11 a.m. Thursday, New Democratic Party MLA David Eby rose in the B.C. legislature to take on Premier Christy Clark. The two had clashed before, of course. Most famously in the 2013 provincial election, when his 1,000-vote victory over her in Vancouver-Point Grey provided the New Democrats with their only cause for cheer […]

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Apr 29 2016 — John Robson

It may seem paradoxical, or political correctness gone mad, for Earl’s restaurant chain in Edmonton to boast of serving only humanely slaughtered beef. How can you put a gloss on killing something for food, draining its blood, cutting up its body and selling the bits to be chewed and swallowed? By saying “Please” first? But […]

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Apr 29 2016 — Tim Harper

Perhaps it was the impatience of youth. More likely, it was the impatience of a First Nations generation meeting a prime minister who has raised expectations sky high. When Justin Trudeau visited Saskatoon’s Oskayak High School this week, he got his share of selfies and delighted squeals, but he got something else — tough questions […]

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Apr 29 2016 — Rebecca Shapiro

The global focus on the Canadian prime minister’s good looks and athletic prowess distracts from his thin political resume. he world has fallen in love with Justin Trudeau – the panda-cuddling, wheelchair-carrying, refugee-welcoming Prime Minister of Canada. Glossies from Vogue to Vanity Fair constantly fawn over his good looks and youthful exuberance. And large swaths […]

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Apr 28 2016 — Paul Wells

The Civitas Society will meet this weekend at the Delta Ottawa City Centre to mark the 20th anniversary of its founding. I have friends who will attend, but because I am not reliably conservative I’m not invited and my friends are keeping mum about what they’ll discuss. Civitas’s website bills the group as “a non-partisan […]

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Apr 28 2016 — Evan Solomon

Let’s all just take a pause. Inhale. Exhale. It’s time for a sober, six month political check-up to gauge the gap been Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s rhetoric, and reality. A lot has happened. Even the PM took his cabinet to Kananaskis, Alberta for a mid-year review. Maybe try a little of the mental yoga practice […]

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Apr 28 2016 — Martin Regg Cohn

At first, it didn’t add up. Today, the NDP’s political calculation suddenly makes self-serving sense. Why were Ontario’s New Democrats whipping themselves into such a frenzy over long overdue reforms to the province’s outdated fundraising laws? Why would NDP Leader Andrea Horwath be holding out for a more drawn out process of extra-parliamentary consultations? And […]

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Apr 28 2016 — Campbell Clark

This was supposed to be the political bargain: a pipeline to tidewater in exchange for a climate-change plan. Both Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley sold that deal to voters. There were always two problems with it. One was that not everyone who supported the politicians bought both sides of the bargain: Many environmentalists, for example, […]

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Will Ferrell pulls out of Reagan Alzheimer’s comedy

Apr 29 2016 —

Will Ferrell has backed out of a comedy about Ronald Reagan’s struggle with Alzheimer’s disease following outrage from the former president’s family. The 48-year-old comic confirmed Friday that while he had seen the script and considered signing on to star in and produce “Reagan,” he was no longer going ahead with the project.


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