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Jul 29 2015 — Alex Boutilier

Canadian government and law enforcement officials are scrambling to figure out how Anonymous got their hands on what the hacker collective calls cabinet-level secrets. On Monday, individuals associated with Anonymous released to the media the first in what they call a series of sensitive government documents. They will continue to release documents until the RCMP […]

Jul 28 2015 — Amy Minsky

As speculation of an imminent writ drop grows increasingly louder, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives appear to be bouncing back from a recent slide in the polls, data released Tuesday suggests. The rally brings the Conservatives into a statistical tie with the NDP, taking the country back into familiar territory of a two-party race, but with an […]

Jul 29 2015 —

A town-hall spectator who elicited a headline-making non-answer from Hillary Clinton understands perfectly well why she dodged his question about Keystone XL. He understands the pipeline represents a political predicament for the Democratic front-runner. “There’s enormous pressure from both sides,” said Bruce Blodgett, a New Hampshire software developer whose question to Clinton produced news Tuesday […]


Longer federal election campaign will cost taxpayers millions more

Jul 28 2015 —

It’s not just political parties that will be spending money hand over fist if Stephen Harper fires the starting gun for the Oct. 19 federal election weeks earlier than necessary. Taxpayers will be shelling out big bucks, too — millions in extra administrative costs and tens of millions more in rebates to parties and candidates […]


Conservatives likely to lengthen election campaign: sources

Jul 28 2015 — David Ljunggren

Canada’s governing Conservatives are likely to lengthen this year’s election campaign by launching it in August, three senior party sources said, a move that would benefit the cash-rich party. Canadians go to the polls on Oct. 19. Given that campaigns must last at least 37 days, the latest date Prime Minister Stephen Harper could start […]

Jul 29 2015 — Glen McGregor

A written agreement between the RCMP and the Speakers of the House of Commons and Senate makes clear that Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney is now ultimately responsible for security on Parliament Hill. A memorandum of understanding notes that while the Constitution gives the two speakers authority over parliamentary security, it is the RCMP commissioner […]

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Jul 29 2015 — Ian MacLeod

People shouldn’t attach too much significance to the conservative ideology of Supreme Court nominee Russell Brown, say legal scholars. The Alberta appellate court judge is to replace retiring Justice Marshall Rothstein of Manitoba, another conservative-minded jurist who was Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s first high-court appointment in 2006. Brown is Harper’s eighth selection. Yet the court […]

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Tim McMillan

Canadian Energy Strategy provides leadership on resources and climate

Jul 29 2015 — Tim McMillan

The Canadian Energy Strategy marks the first time all of Canada’s provincial and territorial leaders have collectively recognized the energy sector as the “primary driver of Canada’s economy” and the global opportunity presented by the responsible development of our country’s abundant energy resources, including oil and natural gas.


No easy return home for Olivia Chow

Jul 28 2015 — Tim Harper

There will be national issues, there will be regional issues and, most importantly, the performance of the national party leaders. Very few of these races will be self-contained. And then there is Spadina-Fort York. This downtown Toronto riding is one of a handful in this country that can hold its own as national political winds […]


There’s no way to spin yourself out of a recession, Mr. Harper

Jul 29 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

It didn’t look like a coincidence — and it wasn’t. Last week, only an hour before the parliamentary budget office forecast a $1 billion deficit for the current fiscal year, the Finance department scrambled to deliver a Fiscal Monitor report showing a $3.9 billion surplus in April and May. Normally, the PBO would have given […]

Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

Tories’ economic projections all smoke and mirrors

Jul 29 2015 — Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

In the fall of 2008, private sector economists were forecasting that the Canadian economy was already in a recession due to the financial crisis. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his finance minister, the late Jim Flaherty, ignored these warnings and told Canadians there was nothing to worry about. The prime minister even advised Canadians that […]

Carlo Berardi

We all agree on the need for pharmacare. But what would it look like?

Jul 28 2015 — Carlo Berardi

One thing is clear in the debate around pharmacare: Canadians want a pan-Canadian pharmacare program—the question is, what kind? While there is clear consensus that Canadians overwhelmingly support the “concept” of pharmacare, determining what the program would look like—what Canadians are looking for in such a program—is where the national conversation needs to shift. Filling […]

Peter Clark

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: what’s in it for us?

Jul 29 2015 — Peter Clark

This column is not about supply management. It’s not about agriculture. The media has been shining a bright light on trade in agricultural products lately, because this is where the most serious barriers exist among the nations negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Food security is an issue – a reluctance to rely on foreign supplies of […]


Kathleen Wynne discards pledge to cap compensation of public executives

Jul 29 2015 — Carol Goar

Premier Kathleen Wynne had a perfect opportunity to keep a long-standing commitment, set an important precedent and demonstrate her government’s principles. She passed it up. Last week Ontario Power Generation, wholly owned by the government of Ontario, named its new president and CEO. Jeffrey Lyash was recruited from CB&I Power (Chicago Bridge and Iron), a […]

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