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Del Mastro found guilty on all charges

Oct 31 2014 — Diana Mehta

Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro, once a political pitbull who defended his party from partisan claims of dirty electoral tricks, has been found guilty of exceeding spending limits during the federal campaign in 2008. Del Mastro was also convicted of failing to report a personal contribution of $21,000 to his own campaign and knowingly […]

Oct 31 2014 —

Justin Bourque has been sentenced to serve 75 years in prison before becoming eligible to apply for parole for the June 4 shooting rampage that killed three RCMP officers and wounded two others in Moncton. Judge David Smith of the Court of Queen’s Bench in New Brunswick delivered his precedent-setting ruling today after a sentencing […]

Oct 31 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has announced plans for his third visit to China, set to begin next week. The prime minister will lead a Canadian business delegation to the industrial city of Hangzhou next Friday and Saturday, before heading to the capital of Beijing for two more days of meetings. Harper will make a whirlwind […]

Oct 31 2014 — James Munson

The Liberal lead over the Conservatives had shrunk in half during the week following the shooting on Parliament Hill, according to the latest polling by EKOS. The NDP’s support has also suffered since Michael Zehaf-Bibeau killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo at the National War Memorial and entered Parliament’s Centre block, putting a spotlight on terrorism in […]

Oct 31 2014 — Selena Ross

Former parliamentary budget officer Kevin Page slammed Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a speech in Halifax on Thursday, comparing him to Vladimir Putin, the president of Russia. Page, asked to speak about accountability in Ottawa, said he thinks Canada has changed so much in recent years, it needs a long, drawn-out American-style election to air […]


Live-in caregiver reforms announced by Chris Alexander

Oct 31 2014 — Susana Mas

Immigration Minister Chris Alexander has announced much-anticipated reforms to the live-in caregiver program, creating new pathways for caregivers to work in Canada. “I’m pleased to announce reforms that will improve the lives of caregivers seeking to make Canada their permanent home,” Alexander said during a news conference in Toronto on Friday.


Behind the CBC’s decision to fire Jian Ghomeshi

Oct 31 2014 — James Bradshaw

The axe fell on Jian Ghomeshi’s career last Sunday, around noon. The popular host of the hit radio show Q with Jian Ghomeshi had been summoned to a meeting with his employer, the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, away from its Toronto headquarters and inquisitive staff. Two days earlier, on Friday, he had been placed on indefinite […]


Jian Ghomeshi dumped by PR firm over ‘lies,’ sources say

Oct 31 2014 — Kevin Donovan

Jian Ghomeshi was dumped by Navigator, the high-profile crisis management firm retained to protect his public image, because the company believed Ghomeshi lied to them, sources have told the Star. “He lied to the firm,” said a source with knowledge of the situation. According to the sources, until late Sunday night, Navigator was “buying (Ghomeshi’s) […]

Oct 31 2014 —

A woman from southeastern New Brunswick is sharing more details of the sexual violence she alleges she suffered at the hands of former CBC host Jian Ghomeshi. The woman, who spoke to the Toronto Star earlier this week, told CBC’s Information Morning Moncton that Ghomeshi choked and beat her with his belt, smothered her until […]

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Oct 31 2014 — Tom Blackwell

Jian Ghomeshi co-worker gives her story. For a 27-year-old journalism-school graduate, it was the perfect job, helping build and produce a brand-new, national show on CBC Radio with Jian Ghomeshi, a reportedly “demanding,” but respected host. So when the young producer heard lurid stories back in 2007 about Mr. Ghomeshi’s private life — including accounts […]

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Oct 30 2014 —

Another woman is going public with allegations of abuse against Jian Ghomeshi. Author and lawyer Reva Seth has detailed her experience with Ghomeshi in a blog published by The Huffington Post Canada. Seth recounts meeting the former CBC host in 2002 when she was 26 and starting a new job at Toronto City Hall. Seth […]

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Oct 31 2014 —

The CBC will hire a third-party company to conduct a “rigorous, independent” investigation into allegations of abuse at the hands of former radio star Jian Ghomeshi. In a memo issued to staff Thursday, CBC’s executive vice-president of English services, Heather Conway, called the reports about Ghomeshi “extremely disturbing” and said the CBC is in the […]

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Oct 31 2014 — Mark Gollom

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair’s comments that the deadly actions taken by Michael Zehaf-Bibeau should not be characterized as terrorism has sparked a debate among his political rivals and highlighted a controversy often ignited when using such terms. “We cannot look at an act of violence on its own and immediately declare it is terrorism or […]

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Facebook is personal, Twitter is political

Oct 31 2014 — Susan Delacourt

Social media sites, particularly Facebook and Twitter, have been labeled “the confirmed water cooler of the modern era” in a report on how Canadians share information. It’s been a busy two weeks around that water cooler, first with the horrific shootings in Ottawa and then with the stunning fall from grace of CBC celebrity Jian […]

Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

A windfall for the rich, a sop for everyone else

Oct 31 2014 — Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

Everyone was expecting Prime Minister Harper to announce a significant change to the tax system Thursday — one that would allow income-splitting for families with children aged 18 and younger. He did a lot more than that. He basically delivered much of the 2015 budget. According to the material provided with Harper’s announcement, the total […]


Cutting through the fog

Oct 31 2014 — Mia Rabson

Political leaders spin attack on Ottawa for partisan purpose. In the wake of the Ottawa shootings last week, the elephant in the room is whether it was an act of terrorism or if it’s being spun this way to further a political agenda. It took Prime Minister Stephen Harper less than 10 hours to decide, […]


Murder, mayhem and the case for an early vote

Oct 30 2014 — Tim Harper

Stephen Harper is about to get a bump in public approval. It comes with the turf for a leader after a period of national trauma, which then manifests itself in flag-waving, resolve and defiance. The prime minister earned this expected bump. His partisans would have cheered his vow that we will not be intimidated, but […]

don martin

Bullets give way to cheap shots, security concerns

Oct 30 2014 — Don Martin

The post-shooting political reaction has been almost as bizarre as what went on inside the Conservative caucus room after gunfire erupted outside their door last week. In the immediate aftermath, sources say senior ministers, particularly some linked to the security file, understandably cowered while the Prime Minister was stuffed into a closet by the petite […]

jeffrey simpson

Times have evolved. Hubris has not

Oct 31 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

Ben Bradlee, the late, legendary former editor of The Washington Post, was often asked why newspapers, including his own, never reported on the many sexual dalliances of his friend, president John F. Kennedy. Mr. Bradlee would shrug and reply that times were different then. The private lives of very public figures, such as the president, […]


The irony of Danielle Smith is she’s too effective

Oct 31 2014 — Licia Corbella

There is much irony behind the predicament Wildrose Leader Danielle Smith finds herself in. It is precisely Smith’s efficacy as leader of the official Opposition that has led to the demise of Alison Redford, the rise of Jim Prentice as premier and the miraculous resuscitation of the seemingly flatlining Progressive Conservative Party. Every diehard Alberta […]

Oct 31 2014 — Michele Mandel

Shame on me. No charges laid, no documented complaints, so naturally these women must be lying, I thought at first. Because of course, it would have been so easy to report such humiliating and upsetting encounters, especially when their alleged attacker is someone powerful and well-respected. Coming forward would not impact their career or family […]

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Calgary businessman John Forzani dies in California hospital

Oct 31 2014 —

Calgary businessman, community leader and former CFL football star John Forzani has died in a Palm Springs, Calif. hospital after being on life support following a heart attack or stroke. Brothers Joe and Tom confirmed to the Herald that Forzani died about midnight last night. “It’s a real sad time,” said Joe. “It’s unbelievable what […]

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