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Ralliers at Chris Alexander speech call for Alberta premier to be locked up

Dec 4 2016 —

The crowd chanted “lock her up” as Conservative leadership hopeful Chris Alexander spoke about Alberta Premier Rachel Notley’s energy policy at an Edmonton rally. As they chanted the refrain that became popular during president-elect Donald Trump’s campaign, Alexander smiled, and appeared to gesture in time with the chant, nodding along. The incident happened at an […]

Dec 4 2016 —

Construction of the controversial Dakota Access Pipeline has been halted. The U.S. Army Corps of Engineers spokeswoman Moria Kelley said in a news release Sunday that the administration will not allow the four-state, $3.8-billion pipeline to be built under Lake Oahe, a Missouri River reservoir where construction had been on hold. Assistant Secretary for Civil […]

Dec 4 2016 — Amy Minsky

The Justin Trudeau government wants more pipelines – specifically Keystone XL – even after approving two major projects last week to haul oil from Alberta. “Yes. We do,” said Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr, when asked whether the Liberals want the TransCanada Keystone pipeline built. “We supported the application in the first place. It’s up […]

Dec 4 2016 — Laura Payton

Natural Resources Minister Jim Carr’s assertion the police and military will deal with civil disobedience over pipeline projects was “stupid and clumsy,” a British Columbia grand chief says. Stewart Phillip, grand chief of the Union of British Columbia Indian Chiefs, says Carr’s remarks Wednesday to an audience in Calgary were “stupid, stupid, stupid.” “I think […]

Dec 4 2016 — Amy Minsky

NDP MP Alexandre Boulerice isn’t ready to either forgive or forget. Not even after Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef apologized to him and the other members of the electoral reform committee for “insulting” comments she made last week in the House of Commons. The minister flabbergasted opposition parties on Thursday with a dismissive, hostile response […]


Poll: 2 in 3 Canadians back Trump on Keystone, NATO

Dec 3 2016 —

A new poll conducted for CTV News suggests about two in three Canadians are on board with Donald Trump’s proposal to approve the Keystone XL pipeline and the same proportion agree with the president-elect that Canada should contribute its “fair share” to the North American Treaty Organization (NATO). At the same time, the Nanos Research […]

Dec 3 2016 —

More than a thousand people were out at the Alberta legislature on Saturday to protest the carbon tax put forward by the NDP government. The rally was hosted by the right-wing Rebel Media group, who bussed people from Red Deer and Calgary for support. Leader of the Wildrose party Brian Jean and federal MP for […]

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Dec 4 2016 —

October 1970 versus April 2016. Crisis versus crisis. Kidnap versus kidnap. A Trudeau then, tougher than nails. A Trudeau now, tougher than nails. Unfair though it may be to compare father to son, there’s no looking back at Justin Trudeau’s staunch stand against ransom this year without seeing the ghost of Pierre Elliott. Canadian hostage […]

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Dec 3 2016 — Robert Benzie

A frustrated Prime Minister Justin Trudeau wants police to “enforce the law” and criminally charge illegal marijuana dispensaries — even though weed legalization is looming. “People are right now breaking the law,” Trudeau told the Star’s editorial board on Friday. “We haven’t changed the laws. We haven’t legalized it yet. Yes, we got a clear […]

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Jaime Watt

Perhaps it’s time for a political reckoning

Dec 4 2016 — Jaime Watt

Kellie Leitch, the upstart candidate who is now appears to be the front-runner for the Conservative leadership, released an email blast on Wednesday morning provocatively titled “Revenge of the Comments Section.” The piece, which railed against the “condescending, elitist sarcasm that we get from the media,” implored supporters to donate in order to send a […]


Castro’s enduring impact on Canada-U. S. relations

Dec 4 2016 — Penny Collenette

Most Canadians tourists, lying on the Varadero beach in Cuba, would likely be blissfully unaware of the strong influence Cuba has played in the relationship between Canada and the U.S, a legendary relationship, now under the microscope of President-elect Donald Trump. Tourists would likely not remember the tension that existed between former PM John Diefenbaker […]


Violent anti-pipeline protests are guaranteed

Dec 4 2016 — Lorne Gunter

If you want to know why violent protests are not just possible, but likely – guaranteed even – during the building of the two oil pipelines approved by Ottawa on Tuesday, you have to understand the thinking of anti-pipeline activists’. They are not merely against pipelines. If they were, there would be a way to […]


Liberals failed to explain stand on holding referendum

Dec 3 2016 — Paul Wells

Well, if nobody in the Trudeau government is going to explain why there won’t be a referendum on electoral reform, I guess I’ll have to. There won’t be a referendum on electoral reform because referendums are trouble. They transfix government, binding up the attention of public servants and political staffers so nothing else can get […]


Ontario confronts its addiction to money politics

Dec 3 2016 — Martin Regg Cohn

Politics is supposed to be about winning ideas. More often it’s about wining and dining donors — and winning them over as a way to win power. Which is why money politics usually wins the day. On Thursday, however, Ontario belatedly had a good day. After too many bad years of too much money infiltrating […]


Monsef Just Insulted The People Helping Liberals Keep Their Word

Dec 2 2016 — Althia Raj

Something remarkable happened Thursday. The opposition parties — the Conservatives, the New Democrats, the Bloc Québécois, the Green — stood together and offered the Liberal government a road map to achieve their promise of making the 2015 election the last held under the first-past-the-post voting system. The Liberals who served on the special committee on […]

john geddes

Maryam Monsef’s change in parliamentary tone

Dec 2 2016 — John Geddes

Back in early September, I visited picturesque Peterborough, Ont., to interview Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef. It’s her home, and Monsef suggested we talk on the deck of her favourite coffee shop, overlooking the placid Otonabee River, not far from her constituency office in the city’s well-preserved downtown.

Dec 1 2016 — Michael Harris

Justin Trudeau’s detractors are doing their best to turn the boy-prince of Canadian politics into a dictator-loving tar pig. And did I mention he’s also a “coward” to boot — the conclusion of MP Michelle Rempel, the CPC’s poster-girl of nothing in particular, if you don’t count sofa selfies? Or that Kevin O’Leary says Trudeau […]

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Dec 2 2016 — Aaron Wherry

On June 16, 2015, as he announced a broad agenda for political reform, Justin Trudeau declared that his Liberals were “committed to ensuring that the 2015 election will be the last federal election using first-past-the-post.” Standing behind him were a few dozen Liberal candidates who applauded in agreement, including Maryam Monsef, prominently positioned to Trudeau’s […]

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Dec 2 2016 — Craig Scott

We should take our collective hat off to all the members of the House of Commons Special Committee on Electoral Reform, which worked in a spirit of civility and seemingly in good faith in less-than-ideal conditions created by the government (more on this below). Their majority report, which recommended the government design a new proportional […]

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Dec 2 2016 — Gary Mason

Alberta Premier Rachel Notley should bundle up when she comes to Vancouver next week to sell the merits of Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain pipeline. She is in for a frosty reception. There is no bigger opponent of the pipeline than the city’s mayor, Gregor Robertson. When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced the project’s approval this […]

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Dec 1 2016 — Robyn Urback

Here’s what you need to know about the House of Commons committee report on electoral reform: nothing makes sense, no one knows what’s going on and there’s not really a consensus on anything. The all-party committee recommended holding a referendum on changing Canada’s electoral system from first-past-the-post to proportional representation in time for the next […]

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Dec 1 2016 — Anthony Furey

Some promises are made to be broken. And Justin Trudeau’s pledge that 2015 would be the last election conducted under first-past-the-post fits that bill perfectly. On Thursday, the electoral reform committee announced that, after holding consultations with stakeholders ranging from experts to regular Joes, they were recommending there be a referendum on whether to actually […]

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Dec 1 2016 — David Moscrop

The federal government’s Special Committee on Electoral Reform has recommended a referendum on changing Canada’s voting system. The ballot, they suggest, should ask voters to choose between a government-designed proportional representation option and our current system — first-past-the-post. The Liberal members of the committee have dissented — saying that the recommendations from the majority report […]

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Trump Tweets ‘SNL’ Is ‘Unwatchable’ … After Sketch About His Tweets

Dec 4 2016 —

Alec Baldwin was back on “Saturday Night Live” this week to mock Donald Trump’s love of tweeting, and the real president-elect hopped on his favorite social media platform during the show to let Baldwin know he wasn’t laughing. The show’s cold open featured Baldwin’s Trump at a security briefing in which he repeatedly loses focus […]


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