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Tories close gap, but NDP still leads poll as election draws nearer

Jul 28 2015 — Amy Minsky

As speculation of an imminent writ drop grows increasingly louder, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives appear to be bouncing back from a recent slide in the polls, data released Tuesday suggests. The rally brings the Conservatives into a statistical tie with the NDP, taking the country back into familiar territory of a two-party race, but with an […]

Jul 28 2015 —

It’s not just political parties that will be spending money hand over fist if Stephen Harper fires the starting gun for the Oct. 19 federal election weeks earlier than necessary. Taxpayers will be shelling out big bucks, too — millions in extra administrative costs and tens of millions more in rebates to parties and candidates […]

Jul 28 2015 —

A U.S. lawmaker says he’s hearing that President Barack Obama is about to reject the Keystone XL pipeline, after years of delay and debate. As a vocal supporter of the Canada-to-Texas project and a Republican critic of the president, Sen. John Hoeven would be an unlikely candidate to announce the long-awaited decision. But today, the […]

Jul 28 2015 — David Ljunggren

Canada’s governing Conservatives are likely to lengthen this year’s election campaign by launching it in August, three senior party sources said, a move that would benefit the cash-rich party. Canadians go to the polls on Oct. 19. Given that campaigns must last at least 37 days, the latest date Prime Minister Stephen Harper could start […]


High-ranking military officer facing ‘significant’ sex-related charges

Jul 28 2015 —

A high-ranking Canadian Forces officer faces serious, sex-related charges involving allegations that stem from the mentoring of military cadets. The Canadian Forces National Investigation Service says Lt.-Col. Mason Stalker has been charged with 10 offences including sexual assault, sexual exploitation and breach of trust. The investigative service says the charges are connected to a series […]

Jul 28 2015 —

Yukon Senator Dan Lang says that it’s “very important” that a Senate position be maintained for the territory, as he responded to an announcement by Prime Minister Stephen Harper saying he would not name any new senators until reforms were made in Canada’s upper house. Harper made his announcement with an election looming and the […]

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No easy return home for Olivia Chow

Jul 28 2015 — Tim Harper

There will be national issues, there will be regional issues and, most importantly, the performance of the national party leaders. Very few of these races will be self-contained. And then there is Spadina-Fort York. This downtown Toronto riding is one of a handful in this country that can hold its own as national political winds […]


I’m Canadian – and I have a right to vote

Jul 28 2015 — Donald Sutherland

My name is Donald Sutherland. My wife’s name is Francine Racette. We are Canadians. We each hold one passport. A Canadian passport. That’s it. They ask me at the border why I don’t take American citizenship. I could still be Canadian, they say. You could have dual citizenship. But I say no, I’m not dual […]


Harper’s NEP? Senate moratorium a lazy end run around the constitution and provincial rights

Jul 28 2015 — Paula Simons

“When a Vacancy happens in the Senate by Resignation, Death, or otherwise, the Governor General shall by Summons to a fit and qualified Person fill the Vacancy,” says our constitution. The word “shall” isn’t a suggestion. In law, it’s an imperative, creating a clear legal obligation. Public cynicism about the Senate is widespread these days, […]


Stephen Harper rolls the pork barrel out west

Jul 28 2015 — Gillian Steward

If Stephen Harper’s tour of the West last week is any indication, the Conservatives seem more than a little worried that they are losing their grip on their traditional stronghold. NDP leader Thomas Mulcair was enthusiastically touring Ontario at about the same time so that might have had something to do with the timing of […]

Peter Clark

The TPP talks: Things happen slowly — when they happen at all

Jul 28 2015 — Peter Clark

Day Four of the TPP chief negotiators’ sessions … no news of breakthroughs yet. No news of failures, either. No news period — full stop. All of this, hopefully, will change when United States Trade Representative Michael Froman and the other assorted trade ministers arrive. There are no new impasses; the negotiators are too busy […]


Trump-et blasts, Senate reform, the sounds of election phony war

Jul 28 2015 — Neil MacDonald

Snicker at the political foolishness south of the border if you wish. That’s the point. At least it’s fun. Donald Trump is having a blast staging a summer clown show, dropping howlers, hogging up far-right love in a jingoistic baseball cap. Ant Man, a movie about an insect-sized superhero, is leading at the box office, […]


Premiers should convene Senate summit

Jul 28 2015 — Anthony Furey

Canada’s premiers need to sit down together and talk over the Senate. Until this happens, nothing is ever going to change. Prime Minister Stephen Harper definitely pawned off the problem of Senate reform to his fellow first ministers. On Friday he announced that he was more or less done even thinking about the Senate until […]

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