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Sep 25 2016 — Monique Muise

Is Canada in formal talks with the Chinese on a possible extradition treaty? There seem to be conflicting answers coming out of Ottawa this week after Prime Minister Justin Trudeau met with Chinese Premier Li Keqiang. On Thursday, Trudeau confirmed there were discussions underway, but argued they’d been going on on an “ad-hoc” basis for […]

Sep 25 2016 — Evan Dyer

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hosted his U.S. and Mexican counterparts in Ottawa in June, the three countries’ foreign ministers found a topic they could all agree on, according to Canadian officials. Everyone has had it with Haiti. The earthquake that levelled much of capital city Port-au-Prince in 2010, killing at least 200,000 people, triggered […]

Sep 25 2016 — Laura Payton

Health Minister Jane Philpott says the Liberal government won’t increase the health-care funding formula imposed by former prime minister Stephen Harper’s government. “That conversation is largely a conversation between finance ministers and at this point I have no reason to believe that we’re going to change that,” Philpott said in an interview with Evan Solomon, […]


Canadian taken hostage in Libya: Global Affairs

Sep 25 2016 —

Global Affairs Canada has confirmed that a Canadian citizen has been taken hostage in Libya. In a statement sent to CTV News on Sunday, Global Affairs spokesperson Michael O’Shaughnessy said the Canadian government is “currently pursuing all appropriate channels to obtain more information.” According to unconfirmed reports published on Sept. 19, local government officials in […]

Sep 25 2016 — Amanda Connolly

Building trust will be one of the main challenges facing the government as it moves forward with plans this fall to create a committee of parliamentarians to monitor national security activities, says the head of the United Kingdom’s Intelligence and Security Committee (ISC). Conservative MP Dominic Grieve, chair of the committee tasked with conducting reports […]

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Sep 25 2016 —

Here are details of the royal tour for Sunday by the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge after they arrive in Vancouver: — Prince William and his wife Kate will tour Sheway, a pregnancy outreach service for women with drug and alcohol issues, in Vancouver’s poorest neighbourhood, the Downtown Eastside. They will be welcomed by a […]

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Sep 25 2016 — Janet Davison

Jess Housty hasn’t followed too closely whether the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have any interest in the environment and looking after the natural world. But she will be among those welcoming Prince William and Kate on Monday to the “stunning” British Columbia place she calls home. And she has “very high hopes” the royal […]

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When any government spends badly, progressives lose

Sep 25 2016 — Robin V. Sears

Progressive politicians, including former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Finance Minister Ed Balls, along with many others in Canada and the U.S., admit ruefully that voters’ lack confidence in their ability to spend prudently and effectively. Even their own voters’ support for action on issues they care about is undermined as a result. […]

Jaime Watt

The unglamorous life of a Member of Parliament

Sep 25 2016 — Jaime Watt

Three weeks ago, students across Canada begrudgingly woke up, dusted off their backpacks and headed to school, ending their summer vacations. This week, our federal members of Parliament did the same. As Parliament returns, there is no shortage of issues on its agenda. These include setting targets on carbon emissions, agreeing to potentially dangerous peacekeeping […]


Can a young PM and the aging UN find hope?

Sep 25 2016 — Penny Collenette

The United Nations is 71 years old and is showing its age. In spite of 20 years of debate about reform and change, stenosis has settled into the fixed model of five permanent members of the Security Council, each member with a formidable veto. Buffeted and bent out of shape by conflicts and various peace […]


An honest carbon tax

Sep 25 2016 — Lorrie Goldstein

Sure it’s possible, but Trudeau and the premiers don’t want it. Today, let’s examine the only transparent and effective method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change. One that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada’s premiers are ignoring. It’s called carbon fee and dividend. It’s 100% revenue neutral, unlike the carbon pricing schemes […]


Trost’s views a pathetic embarrassment

Sep 24 2016 — Murray Mandryk

That Brad Trost’s Conservative leadership bid is quickly becoming an embarrassment to his federal party isn’t really the problem. Ironically, the convoluted Conservative May 27, 2017 leadership vote — a preferential ballot in which each of the 338 federal seats will have an equal 100 votes — neatly screens out crank leadership candidates who don’t […]


Media double standard on Butts-Telford expenses

Sep 24 2016 — Lorne Gunter

The Liberals’ sense of privilege and entitlement (so prevalent when they were last in power) has once again reared its smug, ravenous head. So where is the elite and media outrage? Where are the sanctimonious calls for the prime minister to resign? The social-media accusations that he must be the brains behind a dastardly plot […]


Trudeau running out of moves on oil pipeline projects: Paul Wells

Sep 24 2016 — Paul Wells

I don’t know about all y’all, but I’m wondering when the social licence shows up. “Social licence” is a term, never too carefully defined, for broad social acceptance of some big change. It came into vogue in the late years of Stephen Harper’s government to explain why he couldn’t get oil pipelines built even though […]


Maryam Monsef and the modern political narrative

Sep 24 2016 — Adam Radwanski

They were talking about their member of Parliament in Peterborough – about the unusual news that Maryam Monsef, whose origin story as a refugee from Afghanistan has been central to her political identity, was actually born and spent most of her earliest years in Iran – but they weren’t judging. To Jean Grant, the owner […]


The expenses scandal puts Ottawa back on a war footing

Sep 23 2016 — Stephen Maher

As the first week of the fall parliamentary session sputters to a close, it feels like Justin Trudeau’s long and pleasant honeymoon is ending along with the summer. The dashing young prime minister will, no doubt, continue to keep the photographers busy — this week at the side of Prince William and Kate. There’s no […]

Sep 23 2016 — John Ivison

Two more senior Liberal staffers who received six-figure relocation expense payments have decided they are not, after all, entitled to their entitlements. Julian Ovens, chief of staff to Global Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion, and Elder Marques, chief to Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains, issued statements late Friday saying they are following the lead set by […]

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Sep 23 2016 — Heather Mallick

When it was first suggested to Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef that she’d been born in Iran rather than Afghanistan as she’d always been told, she phoned her mother, saying “This is silly, right?” Well. Yes, it is silly. We don’t know the family narrative of how Monsef’s widowed mother and her three daughters escaped […]

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Sep 23 2016 — Ilona Dougherty

It’s no secret that the past year hasn’t been good to the NDP. The party that was polling as a government-in-waiting just a year ago now tracks a dismal 13.7 per cent in recent surveys. The Trudeau honeymoon still has NDP voters charmed and the New Democrats’ leadership race still hasn’t left the starting gate. […]

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Sep 23 2016 —

Well, better late than never. Late Thursday, after Justin Trudeau and every other Liberal in Ottawa had spent two days insisting the moving expenses of the prime minister’s top advisers were just fine, those same advisers, Gerald Butts and Katie Telford, agreed to pay back about $65,000 of the more than $200,000 tab. Supporters of […]

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Sep 23 2016 — Kady O'Malley

First off, an alternate programming note: I’m happy to virtually point you towards any or all of the dozens of columns currently mulling over the short, medium and long-term political implications of the ongoing controversy over the eyebrow-raisingly high cost of relocating a handful of senior Liberal staffers to the capital. But I hope you’ll […]

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Sep 23 2016 — Chris Selley

In 2116, when history students look back on the Stephen Harper era, I suspect they will not discern a series of nearly unsurvivable attacks on Canada’s institutions and values. When they consider much of the contemporary commentary on the topic, I imagine they’ll use words like “What the hell?” and “Bonkers.” What might strike them […]

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Sep 22 2016 — Don Martin

It was, as always, a fine acting performance by the prime minister at this week’s parliamentary lookahead news conference. Question after reporter question, followed by platitude after well-rehearsed platitude; repeated responses to specific questions smothered by action-avoidance answers. Having been starved of prime ministerial access for ten years, we’ll take what Justin Trudeau gives us […]

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Marlins pitcher Jose Fernandez dies in boating crash

Sep 25 2016 —

The Miami Marlins have announced the death of ace right-hander Jose Fernandez. The U.S. Coast Guard says Fernandez was one of three people killed in a boat crash off Miami Beach early Sunday. The Marlins did not immediately release details, other than a statement confirming the death of one of the top pitchers in baseball. […]


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