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Exclusive poll: 66 per cent of voters want change

Jul 29 2015 —

An exclusive poll commissioned for CTV News appears to contain bad news for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. Nanos Research surveyed 1,000 adult Canadians and found the following: Two in three respondents agree it is “time for a change in government.” Harper’s position as the leader most trusted to manage the economy has fallen 10 points since […]

Jul 29 2015 — Glen McGregor

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will not attend the funeral of former external affairs minister Flora MacDonald, a pioneering political figure credited with leading the advance of women in modern Canadian conservative politics. Harper hasn’t offered MacDonald’s family a state funeral, a special privilege he extended to former finance minister Jim Flaherty’s family when Flaherty died […]

Jul 29 2015 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will call an election as early as this Sunday, kicking off what would be the longest federal election campaign in modern history, CBC News has confirmed. The election is generally considered to be set for Oct. 19, 2015, under the Conservatives’ fixed election law, although there is wiggle room. But Prime […]

Former federal cabinet minister John Baird has been hired as a strategic adviser to Hatch, an engineering and consulting firm for resource companies. Baird is shown in the House of Commons Tuesday, February 3, 2015 in Ottawa. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Adrian Wyld

Anonymous threatens to release text messages from John Baird that allegedly reveal ‘real reason’ he left politics

Jul 29 2015 — Adrian Humphreys

Hackers with Anonymous — who last week leaked a seemingly legitimate secret document on cyber-security at Canada’s spy agency — threatened Wednesday to release decrypted text messages from former Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird allegedly showing the “real reason” why he abruptly left politics. The warning was made in social media from an account the […]

PARIS, FRANCE:  A nurse shows the RU486 pill at the family planning department of Hopital Broussais, 25 October 2000. (Photo credit should read MANOOCHER DEGHATI/AFP/Getty Images)

Health Canada OKs Use Of RU486 Abortion Pill

Jul 29 2015 — Althia Raj

Health Canada has approved the use of the abortion pill RU486, The Huffington Post Canada has learned. RU486, also known as mifepristone, will be allowed for use in Canada but can be obtained only through a physician, a senior government source said. The brand name under which it will be sold in Canada is Mifegymiso. […]

Jul 29 2015 —

Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper talks about the Canadian economy, the government’s fiscal and trade policies, the Keystone XL pipeline project and the outlook for Canadian elections on Oct. 19. Harper speaks with Bloomberg’s Theophilos Argitis at his office in Ottawa.

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Jul 29 2015 — Anna Mehler Paperny

Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney’s office ignored edits that would have toned down a counter-terror statement issued in January, according to a document obtained by Global News. Instead, the statement, issued Jan. 26 in response to an ISIS audio file calling for attacks on Canada, used language Canadian law enforcement has called “inflammatory.” An e-mail […]

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sinclair trew

TPP Shakedown in Maui

Jul 29 2015 — Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew

A shakedown is defined as extortion by means of force, threats, or intimidation. That’s a pretty accurate description of what’s now happening in Hawaii to Canadian negotiators at the hands of their U.S. counterparts in charge of the more political than economic Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks. Predictably, the Canadian big business community is urging our […]

Randall Denley

Stephen Harper’s “economic manager” brand is risky

Jul 29 2015 — Randall Denley

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s reputation as an economic manager has taken a bit of a hit as Canada experiences a possible recession. So much so that a Nanos Research poll this week showed that 47 per cent of people believe that electing NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair would have a positive or somewhat positive effect on […]


Be careful what you wish for with electoral reform

Jul 29 2015 — Stanley Hartt

The continuing saga of Honourable Senators exposed as proboscis-in-the-trough, high-living exploiters of the public purse, entitled to their entitlements, generates a feeling of digestive unease among Canadians. Citizens expect their appointed legislators to labour in the trenches of public service for the annual salary that goes with the honour of elevation to the upper chamber […]

Tim McMillan

Canadian Energy Strategy provides leadership on resources and climate

Jul 29 2015 — Tim McMillan

The Canadian Energy Strategy marks the first time all of Canada’s provincial and territorial leaders have collectively recognized the energy sector as the “primary driver of Canada’s economy” and the global opportunity presented by the responsible development of our country’s abundant energy resources, including oil and natural gas.


Irwin Cotler and the pursuit of justice

Jul 29 2015 — Robin V. Sears

It would be wrong to call him a relic, as he is far too engaged and engaging to wear that label. But he is nonetheless an improbable member of Parliament who seems to have been teleported from an earlier time, from an era that valued intellect over show and unstinting courtesy over childish combat — […]


No easy return home for Olivia Chow

Jul 28 2015 — Tim Harper

There will be national issues, there will be regional issues and, most importantly, the performance of the national party leaders. Very few of these races will be self-contained. And then there is Spadina-Fort York. This downtown Toronto riding is one of a handful in this country that can hold its own as national political winds […]


There’s no way to spin yourself out of a recession, Mr. Harper

Jul 29 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

It didn’t look like a coincidence — and it wasn’t. Last week, only an hour before the parliamentary budget office forecast a $1 billion deficit for the current fiscal year, the Finance department scrambled to deliver a Fiscal Monitor report showing a $3.9 billion surplus in April and May. Normally, the PBO would have given […]

Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

Tories’ economic projections all smoke and mirrors

Jul 29 2015 — Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

In the fall of 2008, private sector economists were forecasting that the Canadian economy was already in a recession due to the financial crisis. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his finance minister, the late Jim Flaherty, ignored these warnings and told Canadians there was nothing to worry about. The prime minister even advised Canadians that […]

Carlo Berardi

We all agree on the need for pharmacare. But what would it look like?

Jul 28 2015 — Carlo Berardi

One thing is clear in the debate around pharmacare: Canadians want a pan-Canadian pharmacare program—the question is, what kind? While there is clear consensus that Canadians overwhelmingly support the “concept” of pharmacare, determining what the program would look like—what Canadians are looking for in such a program—is where the national conversation needs to shift. Filling […]

Peter Clark

The Trans-Pacific Partnership: what’s in it for us?

Jul 29 2015 — Peter Clark

This column is not about supply management. It’s not about agriculture. The media has been shining a bright light on trade in agricultural products lately, because this is where the most serious barriers exist among the nations negotiating the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Food security is an issue – a reluctance to rely on foreign supplies of […]

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