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Marisa Sterling

Appeal of Toronto Liberal nomination launched over robocalls to party members

Dec 20 2014 — Glen McGregor

The fairness of another Liberal nomination has been called into question amid allegations the winning candidate used automated robocalls that discouraged a rival’s supporters from voting. Marisa Sterling, a chemical engineer who lost the nomination contest in the Toronto riding of Beaches-East York, has filed an appeal with the Liberal permanent appeals committee over last […]

Dec 20 2014 — Joanna Smith

The Conservative government has been using a publicity agency to create and distribute government-approved news items to community newspapers, television and radio stations. The federal government has a standing offer — worth up to $1.25 million annually — with News Canada Ltd., which provides content free and without copyright to editors through its website. The […]

Dec 20 2014 — Susana Mas

Members of the Wildrose caucus had already started talking about unifying small-c conservatives when Danielle Smith criticized two members of the Alberta Legislature for crossing the floor to the Progressive Conservatives at the end of November. Smith took a calculated risk when she defected to Jim Prentice’s Progressive Conservatives, in a stunning move on Wednesday, […]

Dec 20 2014 — Bruce Campion-Smith

Almost nine years of Conservative rule have produced a legacy of “cynicism” and “division” that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is vowing to overturn in the coming election battle. Trudeau accused Prime Minister Stephen Harper and his Conservatives of playing on the country’s religious, ethnic and geographical differences for political advantage. “We know that careful application […]

Dec 20 2014 — Adrian Morrow

Liberal operatives wanted Dalton McGuinty to “plant his feet” and battle back against criticisms of the billion-dollar cancellations of two gas-fired power plants as the scandal rapidly heated up. At one point, the then-premier’s advisers even considered asking TransCanada Corp., the company building one of the plants, to help them fight an attempt by the […]


Liberals tried to downplay fallout over gas plants, documents show

Dec 20 2014 — Rob Ferguson

Emails recovered by police on seized computers from the McGuinty premier’s office expose feverish — and sometimes comical — damage control efforts by Liberals scrambling to contain fallout from the gas plants scandal. In the summer and fall of 2012, top officials to then-premier Dalton McGuinty were trying to downplay opposition estimates of the cost […]

Ottawa Shooting 20141023

Rookie RCMP officers part of plan to boost Hill security

Dec 20 2014 — Dylan Robertson

Under pressure to prevent future attacks on Parliament Hill after the Oct. 22 assault by a gunman, the Mounties are bringing in rookie officers to boost security. The first new graduate from the RCMP Academy in Regina has already arrived for duty as part of the force’s Hill security detail, the Citizen has learned. “The […]

Dec 19 2014 — Mark Kennedy

Liberal leader Justin Trudeau says that if he is elected prime minister, he will hold annual first ministers’ conferences with premiers to restore “collaboration” among Canada’s politicians. Trudeau made the pledge Friday in a year-end interview with the Citizen in his Parliament Hill office. Among the other highlights from the discussion: – Trudeau said he […]

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Dec 19 2014 —

Canada is once again imposing new sanctions against Russia in response to its incursions into Ukraine. The latest sanctions target 20 Russian and Ukrainian individuals and include new export restrictions on technologies used in Russia’s oil sector. The sanctions against individuals involve freezing of assets and travel bans. But it’s the oilpatch sanctions that will […]

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Dec 19 2014 —

Senator Lillian Dyck is apologizing for suggesting an aboriginal Conservative MP from northern Saskatchewan was behaving like a “white man” during a debate in the Senate earlier this month. Dyck, who is also Cree and from Saskatchewan, says she was exasperated during discussions Dec. 9 on a private member’s bill from Rob Clarke to replace […]

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Dec 19 2014 —

First-degree murder charges have been re-activated against a suspect in the deaths of a pair of Edmonton-area seniors who vanished in July 2010. Police discovered the charred remains of Lyle and Marie McCann’s motorhome but their bodies have never been found. RCMP announced Friday afternoon they are proceeding with the case against Travis Vader, 42. […]

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Dec 19 2014 —

UPDATE: As spotted by @PressProgress, it appears Dechert’s original comments were removed from the story on Friday afternoon, and replaced with the following quote: Many new Canadians, Dechert said, prefer to receive the Universal Child Care Benefit – the actual cash – to use for childcare services because they want to send their children in […]

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We’re overdoing the outrage over political floor crossing

Dec 20 2014 — Stephen Maher

In 1924, when Winston Churchill crossed the floor of the British House of Commons to serve as Conservative finance minister, he joked: “Anyone can rat, but it takes a certain amount of ingenuity to re-rat.” Churchill, first elected as a Tory, crossed to sit with the Liberals 20 years earlier after falling out with the […]

don martin

Don Martin’s 10 political predictions for 2015

Dec 19 2014 — Don Martin

Break out the crystal ball. It’s the 2015 prediction edition of the Last Word, all of them subject to change without notice if proven wrong. Be they based on whispers in the backrooms or just gut feelings, these are ten plausible scenarios for election year politics in Canada.


PCs, Wildrose playing footsie while trading barbs

Dec 20 2014 — Graham Thomson

Premier Jim Prentice is not comparing himself to Abraham Lincoln, but … This Christmas, he bought up every copy he can find in Western Canada of the bestselling book, Team of Rivals: The Political Genius of Abraham Lincoln, to give as gifts. The award-winning book by author Doris Kearns Goodwin describes how the American president, […]

Colman Byfield

Danielle Smith has become what she claimed to loath

Dec 20 2014 — Colman Byfield

“It was a pig walking on his hind legs.” The above comes, as the reader probably guessed, from the denouement of George Orwell’s Animal Farm, when the pigs finally erase the last of the Seven Commandments: notably, “Whatever goes upon two legs is an enemy” and “No animal shall wear clothes.” On Wednesday The Reviled […]


In Newfoundland, Joey Smallwood looms large

Dec 20 2014 — Rex Murphy

The art of politics in Newfoundland has always had its own delicious patterns, and over the ages it has produced formidable personalities. The name most familiar to outsiders is probably Joey Smallwood, the first premier of the province, who owned that office for the better part of 23 years. Smallwood stands out not only because […]


There is only one Christmas song that truly matters

Dec 20 2014 — Andrew Coyne

Christmas is a time of music, unfortunately. Nowadays they start in October, and by November they are inescapable: Christmas carols, Christmas songs, Christmas jingles. Merchants long ago discovered the sales value in pressing Christmas into our skulls through every orifice, and the music business was not far behind it: Christmas songs sell. Most are dreadful, […]

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"Motown: The Musical" Broadway Opening Night - After Party

Sony Music bigwigs ‘freaking out’ over possible leak

Dec 20 2014 —

Sony Music bigwigs are “freaking out” that details of their hefty salaries could be leaked next after hackers pilfered 100 terabytes of data from Sony servers and successfully killed the movie division’s “The Interview.” Sources tell Page Six all high-level correspondence on music deals is being done by fax these days. They say a main […]

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