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Apr 15 2014 — Leslie MacKinnon

Questions about bill to reform the Elections Act are coming from government’s own caucus. A Senate committee report, tabled Tuesday, endorsed by Conservative committee members, calls for nine changes to the government’s election reform bill, some of them substantial. Also Tuesday, Conservative MP James Rajotte released a letter he sent to Democratic Reform Minister Pierre […]

Apr 15 2014 — Lee Berthiaume

The possible deployment of Canadian military forces into Eastern Europe will be top of mind Wednesday when senior NATO officials present alliance members with options for dealing with the crisis in Ukraine. The so-called “re-assurance package” to be presented to NATO members was drawn up amid concerns from Poland, Latvia and other Eastern European NATO […]


Rob Anders’ pension nearly $100K a year, says taxpayer group

Apr 15 2014 —

Calgary MP Rob Anders could collect a pension of nearly $100,000 if he leaves politics after his term ends. The federal Conservative lost a nomination battle Saturday night to represent the party in the next election. Former Alberta cabinet minister Ron Liepert will be on the ballot for the new Signal Hill riding in 2015.

hudak wynne

Ontario’s premier seeks $2 million from Opposition party in libel suit

Apr 15 2014 —

Ontario’s premier is pressing ahead with a libel suit against the province’s Opposition leader, seeking $2 million in damages. The lawsuit stems from Progressive Conservative Leader Tim Hudak’s comments late last month suggesting that Kathleen Wynne “possibly ordered” the alleged destruction of government documents.


Senate committee’s proposed changes to feds’ elections bill look like a lifeline for Poilievre

Apr 15 2014 — Tim Naumetz

A Senate committee on Tuesday proposed amendments to the Harper government’s controversial election legislation that looked more like a lifeline for besieged Minister of State for Democratic Reform Minister Pierre Poilievre than a response to nearly unanimous opposition to the bill that MPs and Senators heard during more than three weeks of condensed hearings from […]

Apr 15 2014 —

Whistleblower protection groups are demanding the Harper government fire its second public service integrity commissioner after two damning audits of his office. The auditor general has found what he calls gross mismanagement of two separate case files in the troubled office, which was created by the Conservative government in 2007. Christiane Ouimet, the first federal […]

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Apr 15 2014 — Alex Boutilier

Conservative senators are recommending nine changes to their government’s contentious elections reform bill, but are leaving some of the most controversial aspects of the bill untouched. The Conservative-led Senate committee studying Bill C-23 recommended a number of clarifications to the legislation, but left critics’ largest concerns — the elimination of vouching, restrictions around Elections Canada […]

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Apr 15 2014 —

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair is trying to convince Conservative MPs to vote against the Harper government’s controversial proposed overhaul of elections laws. In his latest attack on the so-called Fair Elections Act, Mulcair says the government is trying to “change the fundamental rules of our democracy without consulting anyone.” Mulcair says the New Democrats will […]

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Apr 15 2014 —

Pierre Poilievre says he’s open to considering nine recommendations from a Senate committee for changing his controversial overhaul of election laws. Poilievre, the minister in charge of democratic reform, says he’ll study the recommendations carefully and with an open mind. The Conservative-dominated Senate committee is recommending some significant changes to Poilievre’s Fair Elections Act.

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Stephen Harper attacks Putin on Ukraine to burnish legacy

Apr 15 2014 — Tom Walkom

As he nears his shelf-life expiry date, Canada’s prime minister desperately aches to be on the right side of history. There is something going on with Stephen Harper. He has the look of a leader who, at game’s end, is trying to burnish his legacy. How else to explain his increasingly hawkish rhetoric over Ukraine? […]


Harper’s support among Conservatives approaching free fall

Apr 14 2014 — Chantal Hébert

With an approval rating below 30 per cent, allies leaving and old friends looking elsewhere, Stephen Harper is becoming more and more isolated. Stephen Harper was always a political loner but these days he mostly just looks isolated. Jim Flaherty — the happy warrior who helped steer a dour government through two minority mandates and […]


Pipe dreams: Harper’s grand strategy takes a tumble

Apr 14 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Oil is not well for supporters of Canadian pipeline projects. North and south of the border this past week, lawmakers and citizens gave pipelines the cold shoulder, threatening to derail plans central to the expansion of western business interests — and the federal Conservative party’s hold on power. First, on April 10, a group of […]


Are the Conservatives lifting tactics from the GOP?

Apr 15 2014 — Lawrence Martin

“Across the country,” Barack Obama was saying last week in a speech in New York, “Republicans have led efforts to pass laws making it harder, not easier, for people to vote.” The President accused the GOP of using voter fraud as a pretext to introduce strict identity checks to limit the Democratic core vote. Rarely […]

Michael Bolen

The Fair Elections Act Is Republican-Style Cheating

Apr 15 2014 — Michael Bolen

The CPC’s push for its absurdly named Fair Elections Act would make infamous Republican strategist Karl Rove proud. At best, it has been a campaign to mislead the public, at worst, an attempt to rig the electoral system to favour the Tories in 2015. Last week, Conservative Senator Linda Frum, sister of former George W. […]


CBC TV finds itself in same sinking boat as other broadcasters

Apr 15 2014 — Andrew Coyne

Everyone agrees the CBC can’t go on like this. The CBC agrees it can’t go on like this. Announcing the latest round of layoffs and budget cuts, the corporation’s president, Hubert Lacroix, talked of “making choices and doing fewer things better,” of “accelerating the process of reinventing” itself in the face of a “media landscape […]


Anders’ defeat won’t be Conservatives’ last

Apr 15 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Now that the plague that is Rob Anders has ended – fittingly, and Biblically, just as Holy Week and Passover commenced – let us give thanks and praise to God. And analyze what it means. Anders, as a long mortified Canada will know, has represented northwest Calgary and environs for nearly two decades. As a […]


Have the West’s actions encouraged the world’s rogues?

Apr 15 2014 — Colin Robertson

It’s a testing moment for the international order. How will we respond to Russian actions that Prime Minister Harper describes as “aggressive, militaristic and imperialistic”? Is the NATO Alliance prepared to draw red lines? Will we defend the system that President Obama said we have worked “for generations to build”? Collective diplomacy gets its shot […]

Apr 15 2014 — Graham Thomson

Where, oh where, is Alison Redford? She’s been spotted at a closed-door event in Calgary. And she popped up on Twitter. But she has not been seen anywhere near the legislature. This MLA is MIA. Nobody expected her to show up last Monday when the legislative sitting resumed after a two-week break under the new […]

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Apr 15 2014 — Ezra Levant

How could Ronald Reagan keep the Soviet Union from invading Europe, but Barack Obama can’t top Russia? Reagan stared down a much larger Soviet military force – many more nuclear weapons and a vast conventional army that was deployed deeply into Europe, in Warsaw Pact colonies. How did NATO hold the line in the Cold […]

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MTV EMA's 2013 - Show

Miley Cyrus hospitalized for severe allergic reaction

Apr 16 2014 —

Singer Miley Cyrus cancelled her Tuesday show in Kansas City, Missouri, after being hospitalized for a “severe allergic reaction to antibiotics,” the show venue said. Cyrus, 21, was placed on medical rest on doctors’ orders, the Sprint Center in Kansas City said in a statement. The singer posted a picture of herself in a hospital […]