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Justin Trudeau vulnerable on Iraq, but has it hurt him?

Oct 22 2014 — Eric Grenier

Two new polls suggest Canadians remain broadly supportive of Canada’s mission in Iraq as well as the prime minister’s judgment related to the fight against ISIS. But while the polls also indicate that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau could be vulnerable on the issue over his opposition to Canada’s mission, the results are mixed on whether […]

Oct 22 2014 — Bill Curry

The release of a final report on marijuana by the House of Commons health committee has opposition MPs accusing the Conservatives of whitewashing all expert advice that disagrees with the government’s stand. The report summarizes a study that was controversial from the start because the committee’s mandate was to look at “marijuana’s health risks and […]

Oct 22 2014 —

On a day when the House of Commons grieved the killing of a Canadian soldier by a possible terrorist, Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s own political motivations in handling the crisis also came to the fore. In the Commons Tuesday, Harper told MPs that the government’s “thoughts and prayers” are with the family of Patrice Vincent, […]

Oct 22 2014 — Daniel Dale

John Tory holds a commanding 14-point lead as Toronto’s mayoral election nears its end, a new Forum Research poll finds. Tory had 43 per cent support, Doug Ford (open Doug Ford’s policard) 29 per cent, Olivia Chow 25 per cent, a generic “other” candidate 3 per cent in a survey of 852 residents on Monday […]

04_ARMS DND Photo MCpl Patrick BlanchardSM

Canada’s arms transfers to Iraq a grey area under Arms Trade Treaty

Oct 22 2014 — Chris Plecash

Canada’s early work against Islamic State militants in northern Iraq could fall into a legal grey area under the forthcoming United Nations Arms Trade Treaty, which is on track to come into force later this year without the support of the Harper government. Canadian Armed Forces members transported 1.6-million pounds of military equipment to Iraqi […]

Oct 21 2014 — Paul Withers

Irving Shipbuilding in Halifax is denying a report out of Ottawa that the federal government is scaling back its order for Arctic offshore patrol ships from six vessels to five. “We have received no changes from our customer regarding our current work on AOPS or on the long range planning we’re doing on the program,” […]

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Oct 21 2014 —

RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson came to a Commons committee armed with police video footage from three different security cameras and giant time-stamped photos mounted on display boards. He took MPs second-by-second through two incidents on Parliament Hill last month. By his side at Tuesday’s hour-long hearing were two other top Mounties, the head of the […]

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Oct 21 2014 —

New Democrat MP Jean-Francois Larose has joined forces with an independent MP to create a new, Quebec-only party. Larose is the fourth Quebec MP to abandon the NDP since its fabled orange wave swept 59 of the province’s 75 seats in the 2011 election. The party’s Quebec caucus chair, Robert Aubin, says Larose is betraying […]

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Anybody-but-Stephen Harper trend gains momentum

Oct 22 2014 — Chantal Hébert

A year out from the 2015 federal vote, Stephen Harper’s worst-case election scenario probably looks like the Ekos poll that Radio-Canada and the website iPolitics released on Sunday. It would see the ruling Conservatives (26 per cent) pushed back to the Reform heartland of Western Canada next year while the Liberals (38 per cent) and, […]


As terror fear mounts, privacy safeguards are needed

Oct 22 2014 — Tim Harper

When a troubled and paranoid owner of an industrial cleaning company suddenly fancies himself an Islamic State warrior and tragically kills a member of the Canadian Armed Forces, it gets that much tougher to push the privacy boulder up the mountain in this country. When a planted question in the House of Commons allows the […]

Paul Adams

Harper’s Hail Mary: Fighting an election on terrorism

Oct 22 2014 — Paul Adams

Can the prospect of terrorism save Stephen Harper? If you had doubts about whether the Harper government intended to make terrorism and the mission against Islamic State an election issue, they should have been resolved on Monday. In St-Jean-sur-Richelieu, police were still examining the crime scene where a driver had mowed down two soldiers. But […]


Canada is not immune from Islamist terrorism

Oct 22 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

We can debate whether Martin “Ahmad” Rouleau was a “real” terrorist or a crazed wannabe or a troubled young man who would have found another means of expressing his violent sociopathy had Islamist fundamentalism not presented itself at precisely the wrong time in his life. We can likewise debate whether the Harper government was too […]


Tory tax cuts smart politics

Oct 22 2014 — Lorne Gunter

The federal Conservatives have been hinting broadly that they will announce tax cuts this fall, particularly cuts that benefit families. Okay, they’ve been positively boasting about their plans to anyone who will listen. In fact, I imagine they’ve even held down a few people and compelled them to sit through a recitation of their pledge. […]


Aboriginal women launch their own anti-violence campaign

Oct 22 2014 — Carol Goar

There is no defiance or bravado in her voice. For Sylvia Maracle, executive director of the Ontario Federation of Indigenous Friendship Centres, it’s a simple statement of fact: “We will move ahead on violence against aboriginal women with or without the federal government.” The Mohawk leader, who has spearheaded efforts to improve education, housing, health […]


Alberta Premier Jim prentice and Wildrose duke it out

Oct 22 2014 — Rick Bell

It was a rotten move. But Premier Jim Prentice says when he got into power he wasn’t about to roll back a pay hike. He says he couldn’t do it. “You have to respect the fact if a new administration comes in and a new premier comes in you can’t repeal salary and benefits paid […]


Public sector unions should butt out of elections

Oct 22 2014 — Christina Blizzard

The troubling trend of public sector unions endorsing politicians is once again front and centre in local elections. Should teacher unions be endorsing candidates — as one branch of the Elementary Teachers’ Federation of Ontario (ETFO) is doing? The storm has been brewing at the provincial level for several elections. Powerful public sector unions — […]

Oct 22 2014 — Barbara Yaffe

Foreign money and a robust provincial economy will preclude any cooling of Vancouver’s red-hot property market next year, according to a major real estate study being released Wednesday. Office space is the one real-estate category where an oversupply is forecast in the city, to be accompanied by potential downward pressure on pricing. That assessment comes […]

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Palin Family Brawl (AUDIO!) — Bristol: He Called Me A C**t and A Slut!

Oct 22 2014 —

Bristol Palin hysterically told cops during the epic drunken Palin family brawl in Alaska last month … that some guy knocked her down and called her a f**king c**t. Bristol’s conversation with cops outside the party near Anchorage was recorded by the officer and TMZ obtained a copy. During the convo … Bristol explains the […]

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