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Why Energy East is a delicate Liberal balancing act for Justin Trudeau

Feb 14 2016 — Eric Grenier

Winning a strong and stable national majority government means winning seats from coast to coast. And when those seats lie along the path of a cross-country pipeline like Energy East, that could cause some complications if different regions of the country don’t see eye to eye on building that pipeline. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, with […]

Feb 14 2016 — Kyle Bakx

Constructing an east-west electricity grid in Canada is far from a novel idea. Politicians and other leaders have openly mused about the idea throughout the last decade. Sharing power between provinces is once again on the discussion table, as B.C. Premier Christy Clark pushes the federal government to consider a national grid. The idea is […]

Feb 14 2016 —

The contents of a family’s life — an oven, a side table, old magazines — are unloaded from a truck into a yard overflowing with pickups, snowmobiles, motorcycles, boats and trailers at Fitzpatrick’s Auctioneers. The lot has become a graveyard for toys that were easily afforded in past lives built on oil money, an elegy […]

Feb 13 2016 —

Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan says Canada could soon join a military coalition to take on ISIS in Libya, a country beset by a civil war and mounting Islamic terrorism. “I had a good meeting with my counterpart, the minister of defence from Italy, [on military intervention in Libya],” Sajjan said following a NATO defence ministers’ […]

Feb 13 2016 — David Akin

In its first 100 days in office, the majority government of Stephen Harper handed out about $4 billion worth of grants, loans, or other spending commitments. Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, though, topped that in their first 100 days in office by more than a billion dollars. From its swearing-in on May 18, 2011 to August 26, […]


Jack Knox: Man who took iconic photo of Pierre Trudeau meets his son

Feb 14 2016 —

Back in his newspaper days, Victoria’s Ted Grant used to photograph Order of Canada ceremonies at Rideau Hall. On Friday, the 86-year-old was the subject, not the shooter. “I kept thinking: ‘This is a dream and I’m going to wake up,’ ” he said, on the phone from Ottawa shortly after being invested as a […]


Pipeline projects need ‘indigenous licence’, says AFN National Chief

Feb 13 2016 —

Some pipeline projects should be allowed to proceed if they have an “indigenous licence” according to the National Chief of the Assembly of First Nations.​ “We need to make sure that there is, I call this the indigenous licence, not just social but indigenous licence,” Perry Bellegarde told Chris Hall on CBC Radio’s The House.

Feb 13 2016 — John Paul Tasker

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s sweeping sanctions relief for Iran will be a boon for Canadian businesses, but thawing relations between the two countries is not without risks for the Liberal government, say experts. Stéphane Dion, Canada’s foreign affairs minister, lifted virtually all sanctions against Iran last week, paving the way for non-military exports to a […]

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Feb 13 2016 — Douglas Quan

Mounties will once again have final authority over the classification of firearms, the Liberal government says, reversing legislative changes made by the Conservatives allowing Cabinet to override RCMP decisions. Police are the “experts” in these matters, Scott Bardsley, a spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, said in an email Friday. “We know of no […]

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Trudeau wise to backtrack on eliminating deficit by 2019

Feb 14 2016 — Tom Walkom

Justin Trudeau is carefully walking back his pledge to balance the federal government’s books before the next election. It’s a wise move politically. It is also the right thing to do. The prime minister chose to signal his decision to backtrack in an interview with the Montreal daily La Presse published Thursday. “If we look […]

Bob Hepburn

Kathleen Wynne facing 2018 election disaster

Feb 14 2016 — Bob Hepburn

Barring a miracle, Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Ontario Liberals are facing the real threat of being trounced in the next provincial election in 2018. Indeed, the Progressive Conservatives under new leader Patrick Brown may easily wind up forming a majority government. That grim reality came into sharp focus for Wynne and the ruling Liberals […]

Jim Warren

It’s time to define Canada’s role in NATO

Feb 14 2016 — Jim Warren

It’s time for the federal government to formally consult with all Canadians about the future of Canada’s military role on the global stage and within NATO. We need to agree on our role and the sacrifices we are willing to make to pay for our safety and freedom. We need to define our role as […]


No Conservative Valentine love in Atlantic Canada

Feb 14 2016 — Mark Bonokoski

In the lead-up to Valentine’s Day, Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose made a trip to Halifax to express her party’s love of Atlantic Canada, and to seek reasons for that love being so unrequited. Truth be known, though, there was not much love there to concede after 10 years of a Stephen Harper government, particularly […]


Is Mulcair prepared for perpetual opposition?

Feb 13 2016 — Jeffrey Simpson

What else could NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair say in response to a party report chronicling the shortcomings of the party’s last election campaign? “As leader, I take full responsibility for these shortcomings,” he wrote this week. “I could have done a better job.” It is said that defeat is an orphan and victory has 1,000 […]


Bombardier bailout just more of the same old

Feb 13 2016 — Andrew Coyne

The government of Canada would like you to know how reluctant, how unwilling, how supremely disinclined it is to bail out Bombardier. Not that it isn’t going to, or that there was ever the slightest doubt it would. But when it inevitably does, you are meant to understand what a hard bargain it struck.


Would somebody please stand up for Alberta? Maybe the government?

Feb 13 2016 — Don Braid

Who’s harder on Alberta — them, or us? It’s getting hard to tell. British Columbia insulted the whole provincial record in a throne speech. This was a uniquely low moment in Canadian interprovincial relations. “Alberta lost its focus,” the speech said. “They expected their resource boom never to end, failed to diversify their economy and […]

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