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Jul 29 2016 —

Things were looking pretty good for Nunavut, politically, in the fall of 2015 — almost half of the territory’s voters helped elect a new MP, Hunter Tootoo, a member of Justin Trudeau’s victorious Liberals who was soon appointed to cabinet as minister of Fisheries and Oceans and the Canadian Coast Guard. Nine months later, Nunavummiut […]

Jul 29 2016 —

Two people found guilty of terror charges will walk free after a British Columbia Supreme Court judge ruled they were entrapped by the RCMP in a police-manufactured crime. Justice Catherine Bruce said police instigated and skillfully engineered the very terrorist acts committed by John Nuttall and Amanda Korody, who believed they were planting pressure-cooker bombs […]

Jul 29 2016 —

NDP MP Nathan Cullen told an audience of about 150 people he never thought he would agree with Conservative MP Jason Kenney on anything. But when Kenney told the special committee on electoral reform that Canada’s first-past-the-post system was a “15th century British medieval model unfit for a modern democracy,” Cullen realized they had something […]

Jul 29 2016 —

Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Government has granted two crucial federal permits for Site C, a controversial mega dam project in northeastern British Columbia. The permits allow B.C. Hydro to continue construction work on the giant dam on the Peace River near Fort St John. B.C. Hydro says the permits were issued this week by the Department […]

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Canadian rugby player dies at U.S. tournament

Jul 29 2016 —

A Canadian rugby player has collapsed and died of an apparent heart attack at a tournament in the Adirondack Mountains. Officials tell the Adirondack Daily Enterprise that Gerhart Vidt collapsed late Friday morning during a match at the 43rd annual Can-Am Rugby Tournament in Saranac Lake. A group of players gave him CPR before paramedics […]

Enbridge President and CEO Al Monaco is pictured during the company's annual general meeting in Toronto on May 6, 2015. The National Energy Board says Enbridge's Line 9 pipeline must undergo tests along three densely populated segments of the line - two in Ontario and one in Quebec, before it's allowed to start up. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Chris Young

Enbridge touts pipeline safety as it waits for federal cabinet decisions

Jul 29 2016 —

The head of Canada’s largest pipeline company is touting the increased safety of the industry as he awaits word on the fate of two major expansion projects from the Trudeau government. Enbridge (TSX:ENB) chief executive Al Monaco said on an investor call Friday that the heightened critical focus on the industry has led to significant […]

Jul 29 2016 — Paul Wells

Nine months after Justin Trudeau’s government was sworn in, it’s becoming clearer which cabinet ministers have begun to distinguish themselves from the rest. I’d recommend keeping an eye on Jane Philpott, the health minister. I’ll admit that’s a bit of a challenge. She moves around a lot. Here is how Philpott stayed busy during only […]

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Jul 29 2016 — Aaron Wherry

Ahead of Hillary Clinton’s address to the Democratic convention in Philadelphia, certain aggrieved supporters of Bernie Sanders were reportedly planning to consume beans so that they might convey their displeasure with the party’s nominee via flatulence. And between that “fart-in” and this week’s questions about Donald Trump’s ties to Russia, it is perhaps easy to […]

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Jul 29 2016 —

Canada’s economy contracted by 0.6 per cent in May, as wildfires in Alberta and a slowdown in manufacturing elsewhere in the country combined to create the worst monthly GDP figure since March 2009. Canada’s gross domestic product was hit hard by the Fort McMurray fires, as the non-conventional oil and gas extraction sector declined by […]

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Jul 29 2016 —

Albertans don’t want to split from Canada, but they seem to agree they don’t like former premier Alison Redford. Nearly 25 per cent of Albertans think the province should become an independent country, according to an Insights West poll. The survey is conducted online and has a margin of error of plus or minus four […]

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Jul 29 2016 —

Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean said in a Grande Prairie town hall on Wednesday that the time has come to unite the right – under the Wildrose. Speaking to a crowd of more than 100 people at Teresa Sargent Hall, Jean poured cold water on the campaign to merge his party with the Progressive Conservatives, […]

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Robyn Urback

Hunter Tootoo owes his constituents an explanation

Jul 29 2016 — Robyn Urback

Few of us can really appreciate how mortifying it must be for a public official to admit that he or she has lost control of their life. Regular citizens are, at the very least, guaranteed a semblance of privacy if and when they find themselves face down on the bathroom floor. But politicians know they […]


Trump vs. Clinton: The long and the short of Canada’s stake

Jul 29 2016 — L. Ian MacDonald

In Ottawa, as in all capitals, there are two files on the U.S. presidential race; one labeled Clinton and the other labeled Trump. The Clinton file would be pretty brief and transactional, pointing to business as usual should she win the election in November and become president next January. NATO? Check. ISIS? Check. NAFTA? Check. […]


Clinton put full power of the political speech on display

Jul 29 2016 — Scott Reid

Do they really write their own stuff? As someone who has worked over the years as a speechwriter for senior political leaders, I get this question often. Actually, thanks to the growing sarcasm of our times, it arrives more frequently these days in the form of a half-rant: “These clowns don’t really write their own […]

Bob Hepburn

Fear, loathing stalk the American left

Jul 29 2016 — Bob Hepburn

In this predominately white, working-class community just north of Boston’s Logan Airport, left-wing Democrats are filled with fear and loathing. Their fear is that Donald Trump, the bombastic Republican nominee, will defy all the odds and defeat Hillary Clinton, his Democratic opponent, on election day in November. At the same time, their loathing is focused […]

Tasha Kheiriddin

When star power became toxic in American politics

Jul 28 2016 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Over the last fifty years, American presidential politics and celebrity have become intertwined to the point where they’re almost inseparable. From Marilyn Monroe serenading John F. Kennedy on his birthday in the 1960s, to the presidency of actor-turned-politician Ronald Reagan in the 1980s, to the current candidacy of reality television star Donald Trump and the […]


What’s so great about party unity anyway?

Jul 28 2016 — Ilona Dougherty

You could barely hear the speeches over the sound of people both booing and cheering as the Democratic National Convention in Philadelphia opened on Monday night. Over the last few weeks, both Republicans and Democrats have shown the world where their key apparent vulnerability lies: their lack of unity. Everybody believes that the team which […]

Jul 27 2016 — Don Martin

The decision is exactly 300 days away, hardly an eternity when victory requires staffing, fundraising and selling memberships to claim the second most important political leadership in Canada. On May 27 next year, the Conservative party replaces Stephen Harper as leader. So far, five MPs have entered with another five potential contenders on the fence. […]

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Jul 28 2016 — David Climenhaga

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall’s lame defence yesterday morning of his strange inaction after the Prince Albert oil pipeline rupture on July 20 was an example of what’s colloquially known as being “a day late and a dollar short.” If Saskatchewan’s premier is the ideal spokesperson for Western Canada’s energy industry, as Alberta’s Wall-smacked conservatives keep […]

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Jul 27 2016 — Brent Rathgeber

Does it bother anyone else that neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump likely would be allowed to run for any provincial or federal party in Canada? I’m not talking about citizenship, which automatically would disqualify them. I’m thinking about the vetting requirements that most parties (all organized and competitive political parties, at any rate) make […]

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Jul 27 2016 — Mike Moffatt

Potential changes to the “de minimus threshold,” a regulatory item dictating when taxes should be charged on shipments into Canada, has pitted online retailers against the brick-and-mortar variety. Conventional wisdom would suggest that, through whatever choice they make, the government will inevitably alienate one of the two groups. This does not need to be the […]

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Jul 27 2016 — Robin V. Sears

It is a predictable four-year ritual for Canadian pundits to sneer at the glitz, showmanship and substance-free style of American political conventions. Those sneerers merely reveal their ignorance of cultural differences. First, U.S. conventions on television are the tip of a political iceberg. Each day there are more than one hundred caucuses, off-site speeches and […]

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Jul 27 2016 — Tom Walkom

Bernie Sanders is urging his insurgents to unite behind Hillary Clinton’s bid for the U.S. presidency. Will they comply? The Vermont senator and self-styled socialist made the pitch Monday night to delegates at the Democratic national convention in Philadelphia. “Our revolution continues,” he insisted. He said he was sorely disappointed to find out from leaked […]

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Justin Bieber Turns Down GOP Offer to Perform at Republican Event

Jul 29 2016 —

Justin Bieber got a $5 million offer to perform at a Republican event during the GOP Convention, but turned it down after his manager considered quitting and LeBron James urged him to reject it … sources tell TMZ. Sources connected with CAA — the talent agency which reps Bieber and received the offer — tell […]


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