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Mar 5 2015 — Rosemary Barton

The RCMP have zeroed in on some of suspended senator Mike Duffy’s travels in the weeks after he’d been master of ceremonies at an event for Prime Minister Stephen Harper in June 2009, CBC News has learned. The Mounties have charged Duffy with 31 counts of bribery, fraud and breach of trust in relation to […]

Mar 6 2015 — Laura Payton

The move to eliminate parole for certain types of killings plays to the Conservative Party’s brand in an election year, according to one media consultant — and is unlikely to become law before the next election. Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Justice Minister Peter MacKay announced Wednesday that the government would introduce a bill to […]

Mar 6 2015 — Evan Dyer

Last week, an official inquiry delivered its findings on December’s deadly attack on the Lindt Café in Sydney, Australia. Prime Minister Tony Abbott announced the review two days after the attack. The inquiry not only examined police actions, but also the mental history, motivations and past affiliations of Iranian-born gunman Man Haron Monis. Analysis: Hill […]


Winnipeg man considered radical extremist by CSIS, his father says

Mar 6 2015 —

A career member of Canada’s armed forces said CSIS has informed him his 23-year-old son is now considered a radical extremist. He worries he could be swept up when new anti-terror legislation comes into force. The man, who serves on an Alberta military base, says his son in Winnipeg goes by the alias Harun Abdurahman […]

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If women could only count

Mar 6 2015 — Mia Rabson

Sexist, patronizing attitudes are still well-entrenchedThere I was last week, sipping a coffee at my desk while trying not to go cross-eyed from reading the fine print of the government’s anti-terror legislation when an email popped up on my screen. “Four reasons women should cut their credit cards today,” screamed the headline. Scanning the content […]

Michael Harris

More red meat for the hang-‘em-high crowd

Mar 6 2015 — Michael Harris

In the kick-ass rodeo of Canadian politics, Stephen Harper has created a new event: Trojan horseback riding. C-51 is supposed to confer safety and security on Canadians. Hidden inside are the seeds of a police state. Before that, Bills C-38 and C-45 were supposed to “streamline” governance. In the belly of these undemocratic monstrosities was […]


Ottawa harasses injured soldiers

Mar 6 2015 — Carol Goar

At the tail end of question period on Friday, Feb. 27, Pierre Lemieux, parliamentary secretary of the Minister of Veterans Affairs, rose in the House of Commons to announce good news. Veterans with lost limbs would no longer be required to verify their condition annually. The cycle would be lengthened to once every three years. […]


Mr. Harper wants to know — are you scared yet?

Mar 6 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

The fear, apparently, is real. According to a study conducted by Pollara Strategic Insights for CBC News, nearly 50 per cent of Canadians are more afraid of terrorism today than they were two years ago. When asked about challenges facing young people in Canada, 71 per cent said they are concerned that Canadian youth could […]


Let’s leave Harper in charge

Mar 6 2015 — Michael Taube

It appears that the federal Liberal political honeymoon is officially over. Nanos Research, a well-respected polling firm, has just revealed an interesting trend. Although the Liberals have 34% in popular support, that’s down from 35.7% from the previous week. Meanwhile, the Tories have reached their highest popularity numbers since August 2013. They’re currently at 32.6%, […]

Kenneth Green, Fraser Institute

Keystone: Obama’s slow motion Kabuki theatre

Mar 5 2015 — Kenneth Green

On Feb. 24, President Barack Obama vetoed Senate Bill 1, a.k.a. “The Keystone XL Pipeline Approval Act.”  Mr. Obama’s action was not only predictable, it was virtually inevitable given: a) the political polarization in the United States; b) unrelenting environmental opposition to the pipeline; and c) a certain amount of congressional over-reach. But the presidential […]


Ontario PCs’ rebuild getting federal help

Mar 6 2015 — Christina Blizzard

It looks like the federal Conservative Party, frustrated by the inability of its provincial counterpart to make a breakthrough into government, is poised to take over the Ontario party. There are wildly conflicting numbers from the various PC leadership camps of who’s sold the most memberships. Reliable sources tell me the numbers aren’t final yet, […]

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