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Public servants asked to promote Conservative tax proposal on Twitter

Nov 21 2014 —

Public servants were asked to use official government Twitter feeds to promote Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s recently announced tax measures, using the slogan “Strong Families.” A senior bureaucrat with the Finance department sent out a mass email across government asking organizations to retweet messages about the announcement using the hashtag #StrongFamilies. “We ask that your […]

Nov 21 2014 — Allan Woods

There was already sufficient controversy in Quebec around a decision earlier this week not to lay criminal charges against a police officer who lost control of his speeding cruiser and crashed into another car, killing a 5-year-old boy. But revelations Friday that the provincial police officer, who was travelling at 122-kilometres-an hour in a 50-kilometre-an-hour […]

Nov 21 2014 — Susan Delacourt

By now, it should be clear that it’s perilous to get on the wrong side of Justin Trudeau, at least for members of the Liberal leader’s own party. Suspended MPs Scott Andrews and Massimo Pacetti, at the centre of the still-murky harassment case on Parliament Hill, are only the latest Liberals to be sent to […]

Nov 21 2014 — Kady O'Malley

Federal ethics watchdog Mary Dawson has one word of advice for MPs who may be wondering whether to grab a gift bag when doing the rounds on the Hill reception circuit: Don’t. In an official advisory opinion sent to MPs earlier this month, Dawson notes that several industry associations, advocacy groups and other organizations are […]

Harper’s northern tour cost taxpayers $786,000

Nov 21 2014 — Alex Boutilier

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s six-day trip to the North in August cost taxpayers over $786,000. Documents tabled in Parliament this week show that RCMP security for Harper’s annual trip came in at $252,921 alone, including overtime, accommodations and meals. The Privy Council Office — the department that supports the prime minister — estimated its share […]


Orléans federal nominee David Bertschi removed from Liberal race

Nov 21 2014 —

Ottawa-Orléans Liberal nominee David Bertschi was removed from the race to run as the Liberal party representative for the riding, but he’s challenging the decision. In 2013, Bertschi ran for leadership of the federal party. He eventually dropped out, but amassed about $150,000 of debt in the process. He was earlier given approval to seek […]

Nov 21 2014 —

The premiers of Ontario and Quebec signed a joint agreement to work together to share electricity and to advance their climate change agendas after a combined meeting of their cabinets today. The statement makes a direct reference to the pipeline projects planned to carry Alberta oil through Ontario and Quebec. Climate change must be addressed […]

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Nov 21 2014 —

A sentencing hearing for former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro has been postponed until Jan. 27, but questions remain about the next steps in the disgraced politician’s legal battles. Del Mastro — once parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper — resigned from his House of Commons seat two weeks ago after he was convicted […]

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Nov 21 2014 —

This year’s Power List—the second annual compilation by Maclean’s writers and editors of this unapologetically subjective ranking—highlights the clout of a truly diverse selection of 50 influential Canadians. Our list ranges from household names to: who’s that? Pinnacle corporate predators rub shoulders here with non-profit paragons. To help you understand how we picked them, you’ll […]

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Nov 21 2014 —

A number of Canadian military veterans say they’ll be enlisting with the growing ranks of foreign fighters who have joined the Kurdish battle against ISIS in Syria and Iraq. CBC News has learned of a half-dozen former Canadian Forces personnel planning to join Kurdish troops in the following weeks and months, with some citing what […]

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Conservatives inadvertently give Justin Trudeau a leg up

Nov 21 2014 — Chantal Hébert

By the standards of extended family gatherings, the gala hosted by the Broadbent Institute on Thursday night in Toronto was a sober affair and not just because the issue of inequality was on the menu. For the past and present New Democrat luminaries who make up the backbone of this progressive think tank, federal life […]

don martin

Is Trudeau as controlling as Harper?

Nov 21 2014 — Don Martin

Stephen Harper is widely viewed as the control freak among federal party leaders. Any Conservative MPs jaywalking outside the scripted lines of a PMO-controlled intersection will quickly feel the tires of the prime minister’s bus running them down. But there is another. Behind the sunshine disposition of Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, a freakish tilt toward […]

david akin

Harper needs more of his ‘haters’ to like Mulcair

Nov 21 2014 —

A week that started poorly for Thomas Mulcair’s NDP finished with a bit of promise and no one should be happier about that than Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. That’s because the surest route for Harper to win his fourth consecutive election – a feat matched in our history only by two guys named Laurier and Macdonald […]


Premiers deserve a little respect from Stephen Harper

Nov 21 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Canada is more than “a confederation of shopping centres,” Pierre Trudeau once said, decrying the narrow agendas of provincial premiers. It is more than that. It has to be more than that. In Trudeau’s view – and I believe he expressed it this way once, but the quote remains elusive – Canada is also more […]


No détente in sight for Stephen Harper and Kathleen Wynne

Nov 20 2014 — Tim Harper

The Long War between Stephen Harper and Kathleen Wynne is only going to get longer — and likely more intense. There’s simply too much at stake for both sides for détente, certainly not heading into a federal election campaign and the electoral riches available in this province. The Harper Conservatives remember how Wynne campaigned against […]


Is it too late for Harper to mend fences with veterans?

Nov 21 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

In September, the Department of National Defense published some shocking statistics. Between 2002 and 2014, 138 soldiers were killed in combat in Afghanistan. During the same period, 160 military personnel committed suicide. The fact that more servicemen and women were dying of suicide than enemy action prompted outrage across the country, and umbrage on Parliament […]

Nov 21 2014 — Mia Rabson

Sexual harassment. Violence against women. Child care. Abortion. There is a clear trend this fall in the subjects dominating our national discussions, in that issues which have long been considered the purview mainly of women, are taking centre stage. It might just be a sign this country is taking a major step forward towards topics […]

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Nov 21 2014 — Carol Goar

Stephen Harper is running out of places to hide on the environment. The prime minister tucked himself behind the United States for seven years, promising to move in lockstep with Canada’s powerful neighbour and biggest trading partner on climate change. But President Barack Obama has leapt out in front him, determined to use his second […]

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Nov 21 2014 — John Baird

Friday marks one year since protests erupted on the Maidan in Kyiv, and the world’s attention was brought to bear on Ukraine. Visiting there a couple of weeks later, it was incredibly humbling to witness the courage and the passion with which people came out and chanted for democracy, reform and European integration. A few […]

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Nov 21 2014 — Dan Lett

NDP even failed to leak tidbits to media to try to control message ahead of speech. Back in the old days, long before the NDP caucus room started to look like a Discovery Channel documentary on shark attacks, there was a predictable strategy used by government to promote its speech from the throne. Each fall, […]

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Bill Cosby accused by Carla Ferrigno, Therese Serignese, as tour date cancelled

Nov 21 2014 —

Carla Ferrigno, wife of The Incredible Hulk star Lou Ferrigno, is one of two women to level fresh accusations against famed American comedian Bill Cosby. Ferrigno, who was a Playboy bunny in 1966, told Los Angeles radio station KFI Thursday that Cosby attacked her at his house in 1967 when she was a teenager.

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