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Mike Duffy trial: Following the trail of cheques

May 3 2015 — Mark Gollom

A review of all the payments made by Gerald Donohue for a number of services incurred by Mike Duffy reveals that the suspended senator’s friend doled out 31 cheques totaling $33,028.68 to 14 different individuals or companies. That money came from a series of Senate research contacts worth $64,916.50 awarded by Duffy to Donohue, mostly […]

May 3 2015 — Ira Basen

It was the kind of story that was almost guaranteed to bring out the internet trolls. On April 15, Margaret Trudeau, wife of the late prime minister and mother of the current Liberal leader, was interviewed by CBC Radio’s Ottawa Morning. She was promoting her new memoir, The Time of Your Life, but she also […]

May 2 2015 —

Two more union leaders are accusing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau of hypocrisy on labour rights. Unifor national president Jerry Dias and CLC president Hassan Yussuff have joined the chorus of union leaders who are furious that Liberals have criticized New Democrats for providing parliamentary office space to their staffers’ union local. They’ve sent letters to […]

May 2 2015 —

The Keystone XL pipeline debate that unfortunately continues to drag on has pushed Canada’s oil production potential into the spotlight. Canada is our neighbor and leading trade partner, with U.S. goods and private services trade with Canada totaling around $750 billion a year, interestingly equal parts imports and exports. More oil connections are a natural […]


Ontario Progressive Conservatives start voting today for a new leader

May 3 2015 —

Members of the Ontario Progressive Conservative party start voting today for a new leader, but the winner won’t be known until next Saturday. The field of candidates has narrowed to just two: deputy PC leader Christine Elliott, the widow of former finance minister Jim Flaherty, and Patrick Brown, the Tory Member of Parliament from Barrie. […]

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Maryam Monsef wins Grit vote, will run to replace Dean Del Mastro

May 3 2015 —

Now it’s onward and upward for Maryam Monsef. The 30-year-old, who came a close second in the municipal race for Peterborough mayor last fall, was chosen as the candidate to represent the Peterborough-Kawartha riding federal Liberal party in the next federal election at the nomination meeting at the Evinrude Centre on Saturday. She beat out […]

May 3 2015 — Janet Davison

When Edie Bijdemast lays a wreath at the cenotaph in White Rock, B.C., on May 4 each year, it’s an emotional reckoning that extends beyond honouring those who died in her Dutch homeland during the Second World War. She also thinks of the Canadian soldiers who brought freedom to the Netherlands, along with the fundamental […]

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May 2 2015 — Steven Chase

Stephen Harper is defending Kurdish fighters as questions persist over the death of a Canadian Armed Forces soldier in Iraq, saying the tragic “friendly fire” shooting of Sergeant Andrew Doiron by peshmerga militia shouldn’t ‎overshadow the impressive job they’re doing to push back Islamic State militants.

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May 2 2015 — Trevor Howell

Federal politicians brought bouquets and billy clubs to Alberta’s election trail Friday to address the possibility the NDP could wield power after more than four decades of Progressive Conservative government. Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair praised provincial NDP Leader Rachel Notley. “I can only say that Rachel Notley is an extraordinary politician. She’s a very […]

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Harper has conviction

May 3 2015 — Anthony Furey

It’s pretty clear what the Conservatives are going to campaign on in October. Basically, more of the same. The Liberals and NDP? That’s less clear. Why the difference? For one, it’s much easier for a governing party to present a campaign platform as it’s mostly representative of the type of legislation they’ve been tabling throughout […]

Jim Warren

First campaign the hardest

May 3 2015 — Jim Warren

In my 20 years of working on political campaigns, I have learned this key lesson: Usually, you have to lose an election in order to learn how to win one. My first campaign as a paid political staffer was in 1995, working for then-rookie Ontario Liberal leader Lyn McLeod. We lost to the Progressive Conservatives’ […]


Will Alberta make Notley Canada’s most powerful New Democrat?

May 2 2015 — David Akin

On Tuesday, Albertans will vote in the 29th general election since the province’s entry into Confederation in 1905. And in all those elections, Albertans have changed their governing party just three times: In 1921, 1935 and 1971. A half-dozen or more polls out in the last few days suggest that Albertans are about to make […]


Alberta NDP win a frightening prospect

May 3 2015 — Lorne Gunter

Back in 1990, when Bob Rae and the Ontario NDP won a surprising upset majority over the seemingly unbeatable David Peterson Liberals, nearly 50 New Democrat candidates were elected to the Ontario provincial parliament for the very first time. Because no one, not even the NDP, expected their party to win, many New Democrat candidates […]


Time for Ontario Tories to choose their future

May 3 2015 — Christina Blizzard

Old guard or new guard? Red Tory or Blue Tory? Male or female? Liberal light or pragmatic Conservative? Decisions, decisions. There couldn’t be a sharper contrast between candidates as 80,000-plus Progressive Conservatives start voting for their new leader Sunday. It’s a two-way choice between Barrie MP Patrick Brown, the young go-getter who’s shocked the party […]


Wynne’s blame game backfires

May 3 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

In politics, as in life, what goes around comes around. That reality has now come back to haunt Premier Kathleen Wynne. In the last Ontario election, Wynne made a campaign stop in Walkerton to condemn the previous Tory government of Mike Harris — and by implication, then Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak — for the […]

Bob Hepburn

Why Sarah Palin should run for U.S. president

May 3 2015 — Bob Hepburn

Every day Bonny Gray prays she will soon turn on her TV and see that Sarah Palin has entered the U.S. presidential race. “I am a believer in prayers being answered and I pray every night for you to be our next president,” Gray wrote two weeks ago in a Facebook post. “You against Hillary […]


Women replace high hopes with steely resolve

May 3 2015 — Carol Goar

The world has become a more threatening place since women gathered jubilantly in Beijing 20 years ago to draft a global agenda for gender equality. Extremism has risen, spawning deadly regional conflicts and mass migration. Climate change has accelerated, making parts of the globe almost uninhabitable. Energy and food prices have become more volatile. Globalization, […]

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YouTube FanFest attracts a few thousand excited fans at Yonge-Dundas Square

May 3 2015 —

Lauren Riihimaki knew she was famous the moment she spotted the first “creeper shot” of herself online. The stealthily captured image of Riihimaki came just after the 21-year-old Toronto girl launched LaurDIY, a YouTube channel filled with makeup tutorials and chronicles of her shopping trips. Her videos quickly became essential viewing for 1.5 million fashionista […]

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