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Election campaign set to break records for cost, length, nastiness

Aug 1 2015 —

Stephen Harper is set to launch the country Sunday into a federal election campaign that promises to rewrite Canadian history books. Costliest campaign ever. Longest campaign since 1872. First campaign in which three parties all have a legitimate shot at winning as they line up at the starting gate. And given those unique circumstances and […]

Aug 1 2015 —

The Conservatives are finally training their sights on NDP Leader Tom Mulcair just as Prime Minister Stephen Harper is about to plunge the country into an 11-week election on Sunday. After carpet-bombing the airwaves for weeks with ads asserting that Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is “just not ready,” the ruling party is poised to start […]

Aug 1 2015 — Eric Grenier

With the federal election campaign set to officially begin this weekend, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives and Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats are neck and neck in national voting intentions, with Justin Trudeau’s Liberals falling increasingly behind. The latest update from the CBC Poll Tracker puts the NDP narrowly ahead at 32.1 per cent support, followed closely by […]

Aug 1 2015 —

Trade ministers were unable to reach an agreement on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a major international trade deal involving Canada, but talks will continue in the future. U.S. trade representative Michael Froman said they had made “significant progress and we will continue to work on resolving a limited number of remaining issues.”


Justin Trudeau visits east-end Montreal riding cool to the Liberal Party

Aug 1 2015 —

Shoppers at a public market in east-end Montreal were all smiles when Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau paid them a visit, but behind the pleasantries was an electorate cool to the idea of voting for his party. The early-20th-century grey-stoned market where Trudeau visited Friday is located in the federal district of Hochelaga, a majority francophone […]

NDP leader Tom Mulcair is interviewed in his Centre Block office by The Ottawa Citizen's Mark Kennedy on Friday morning, Jan. 16, 2015. (David Kawai / Ottawa Citizen)

Liberals, Tories seek to scare voters, Mulcair charges in new book

Aug 1 2015 — Mark Kennedy

The federal Liberals and Conservatives are using “wedge politics” on the key issues of national unity and security to scare voters into supporting them, NDP leader Tom Mulcair charges in his new autobiography. The book, Strength of Conviction, officially goes on sale Saturday, the same weekend the federal election is expected to be called. Mulcair […]

Aug 1 2015 —

Conservative Senator Josée Verner said she has has difficult moments since she learned on May 8 that she has cancer of the rectum. Verner, 55, revealed the health condition in an interview that was broadcast Friday by Radio-Canada, giving details of her battle with this little-known cancer. The senator has already gone through radiation tre

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Jul 31 2015 — Rosemary Barton

Canada’s largest broadcasters may be out of luck when it comes to hosting a federal leaders debate. CBC News has learned the NDP will only consider debate invitations until Friday, Aug. 7. While the NDP did initially agree in principle to attending the consortium debate held by Canada’s biggest broadcasters, it now says it will […]

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Jul 31 2015 —

Liberal MP Marc Garneau says the Conservative record as good managers of the economy is in tatters in the run-up to the federal election. Statistics Canada reported Friday that the economy shrank in May, marking five consecutive months of decline in the gross domestic product. If the trend holds true in June, Canada would earn […]

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PM sets the terms but what is he selling?

Aug 1 2015 — Tim Harper

Stephen Harper has proved he knows how to spend your money. An orgy of pre-election spending topped $1 billion for a single day, sprinkled through Canadian ridings Thursday. Friday, the gas tax allocation was doled out to all provinces, there was $11.5 million for 26 projects in Saskatchewan, ongoing funding for aboriginal health, an upgrade […]


Stephen Harper: The making of a prime minister

Aug 1 2015 — John Ibbitson

He is a lion in autumn, weaker than in his prime, but still a force of nature. He faces his fifth, and perhaps final, test as national leader. But in a way, the result won’t matter. Whether Stephen Harper wins or loses the general election of October 19 is moot. He has already reshaped Canada. […]


Four reasons to love the long campaign

Aug 1 2015 — Susan Delacourt

It is tempting to be cynical about the federal election now looming on Canadians’ doorsteps. An extra-long campaign, kicked off in the summer, seems designed primarily to bankrupt Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s rivals and suppress voters’ interest and attention. But what if we suspended that cynicism and looked instead at all the advantages in having […]


Mulcair can’t keep dual citizenship

Aug 1 2015 — Candice Malcolm

On Oct. 19, Canadians will choose a prime minister to lead our country. If the latest polls are accurate, that choice could be NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair. But before we all rush out to vote for the progressive guy with the beard, we should get to know him a little better. In the coming months, […]

Peter Clark, Maui TPP

TPP: Maui Madness

Jul 31 2015 — Peter Clark

Trade expert Peter Clark is in Lahaina, Hawaii, where he has been reporting throughout each day on the talks at the Trans Pacific Partnership Ministerial meeting. LAHAINA, Hawaii – The situation in Maui is ominous. There is a hurricane bearing down on Hawaii – gaining strength from the warm Pacific waters. There was a full […]

Don Lenihan and Suzanne Legault

Open Government: Toward a Pan-Canadian Vision?

Jul 31 2015 — Don Lenihan and Suzanne Legault

Almost everyone is calling for greater transparency and accountability in our national government; and for more meaningful opportunities for democratic engagement, but what do these really mean? This election campaign is an opportunity to debate this. In this essay, two of Canada’s leading experts in access to information and citizen engagement set the stage by explaining, simply and clearly, what can and should be done to make Canada a world leader in Open Government.

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