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prentice smith

Danielle Smith says sorry on Facebook

Jan 24 2015 —

Former Wildrose leader Danielle Smith says she should have waited to hear from Albertans before she and other caucus members crossed the floor to join the governing Progressive Conservatives. Smith took to Facebook on Saturday to say she’s sorry that she “did not take more time to allow Albertans to consider and debate the idea […]

Jan 24 2015 — James Munson

The Prime Minister’s Office has expressed interest in a First Nations-led plan to build a new seaport and railroad across northern Ontario to the Ring of Fire mineral deposit, an election-year effort that would rival Premier Kathleen Wynne’s own designs for the region. The Mushkegowuk Council and TGR Rail Company are preparing a joint purchase… […]

Jan 24 2015 —

Legendary figure skater Toller Cranston has died. He was 65. A Skate Canada spokesperson says Cranston was found dead at his home in Mexico this morning. There’s no immediate word on the cause of death. Cranston won Olympic bronze at the 1976 Winter Olympics in Innsbruck and was a six-time national champion. Cranston, who spent […]


Remaking Thomas Mulcair

Jan 24 2015 — Paul Wells

On Jan. 15, Tom Mulcair strode into a committee room in Parliament’s Centre Block, beaming. NDP MPs sat in photogenic rows behind him. More were arrayed in front. A huge Maple Leaf flag hung from the rear wall. TV news cameras recorded Mulcair’s remarks, teleprompters in his line of sight but hidden from the cameras’ […]

Jan 24 2015 — Kathryn May

Federal public service unions are changing the channel on a round of bargaining that was expected to be a nasty fight over sick-leave benefits, instead tabling demands for integrity, transparency and wellness in the workplace. The unions, led by the giant Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC) and the Professional Institute of the Public Service […]

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Jan 24 2015 — Lee Berthiaume

Russia’s new ambassador in Ottawa says his country will not go “begging” for better relations with Canada, even though the two countries need each other to protect the Arctic and fight terrorism. In an interview with the Citizen, Russian Ambassador Alexander Darchiev said his country wants to re-open lines of communication with Ottawa after relations […]

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Jan 24 2015 —

Justin Trudeau wrapped up his two day visit to the Windsor area Thursday with a tour of the Ford engine plant and meetings with the city’s mayor and chamber of commerce. The Liberal leader was asked if his party would support an auto strategy. But it was an idea Trudeau would not commit to. “Right […]

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Jan 24 2015 — Matt McClure

Faced with mounting bills from natural disasters like the 2013 floods in Alberta, the federal government is making provinces shoulder more of the burden when calamity strikes. Public Safety Canada is tripling the dollar threshold on claims under the Disaster Financial Assistance Arrangements to reflect 50 per cent of the inflation that has occurred over […]

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Stephen Harper’s lovely little war

Jan 24 2015 — Tom Walkom

When the inevitable question came Thursday, Stephen Harper was ready. Had the prime minister gone back on his word? Had he broken an explicit promise by sending Canadian ground troops to the front lines in Iraq where, not surprisingly, they found themselves in combat? Harper, his shirt open at the neck, his spectacles replaced by […]


Attention voters! Send Tories packing

Jan 24 2015 — Ralph Surette

From now until election day, everything — economy, security, foreign policy, oil prices, etc., and every trivial thing besides — will erupt into a political firefight. Everything, that is, except for the core issues running under the radar that make the coming election one of the most vital in Canada in a very long time. […]

Tabatha Southey

Obama, understandably, is feeling a little cocky

Jan 24 2015 — Tabatha Southey

I sincerely hope every one of you gets to feel the way U.S. President Barack Obama clearly felt as he delivered his State of the Union address on Tuesday evening. I’d like you all, at some point, to be such cocky bastards and to feel in your blood and show in your stride the words […]

jeffrey simpson

Harper and Obama: two leaders, two mentalities

Jan 24 2015 — Jeffrey Simpson

Here are some quotes from U.S. President Barack Obama’s State of the Union address: “We still need laws that strengthen rather than weaken unions.” “We still need … a higher minimum wage.” “Free community college is possible.” “Let’s set our sights higher than a single oil pipeline.” “Let’s close the loopholes that lead to inequality […]


Selinger’s foes suck and blow

Jan 24 2015 — Dan Lett

The leadership crisis now engulfing the Manitoba New Democratic Party could be dismissed as a playground skirmish between petulant, ambitious politicians if it weren’t for one significant, underlying narrative. The dissidents who have publicly demanded Premier Greg Selinger step down have alleged he violated the trust of Manitobans by raising the PST in the 2013 […]

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Richard Simmons — Cops Visit Home After Elder Abuse Claim … And He’s Fine

Jan 24 2015 —

Richard Simmons had visitors Friday night … cops who were doing a welfare check because he’s been MIA for more than year … and guess what? He’s fine. Law enforcement sources tell TMZ … 2 LAPD officers showed up to Simmons’ Hollywood Hills home at 7 PM. Richard answered the door and showed them in. […]

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