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Feb 9 2016 — Gloria Galloway

First Nations have launched a class-action lawsuit against the federal government claiming they are owed an estimated $3-billion because the agency responsible for protecting their oil-and-gas rights has, for decades, allowed those resources to be drained away without demanding that indigenous communities be compensated. A statement of claim was filed in the Federal Court late […]

Feb 9 2016 — Chris Hall

Of the roughly 200 campaign promises made by Justin Trudeau during last year’s federal election, the pledge to rethink Canada’s mission against ISIS contained comparatively few details — aside from promising to pull out Canada’s CF-18s. The Liberal platform stated that if Trudeau was elected prime minister, his government would end the combat mission in […]

Feb 8 2016 — Rob Ferguson

There’s some soul-searching going on as voters in Whitby-Oshawa head to the polls in Thursday’s provincial byelection — with high stakes for new Progressive Conservative Leader Patrick Brown. Until her resignation in August, the riding had been held for 20 years by Tory MPP Christine Elliott or her husband Jim Flaherty, a former finance minister […]


Federal proposals on unpaid internships ‘galling,’ advocates say

Feb 9 2016 —

The advocacy group representing Canadian students and interns has withdrawn from the federal government’s consultations on how to improve protections for young workers because the proposals will allow unpaid internships, the Star has learned. If implemented, the changes to the Canada Labour Code would permit unpaid internships of up to four months in federally regulated […]

Conservative Interim Leader Rona Ambrose and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau enter the House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Monday, January 25, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS IMAGES/Matthew Usherwood

Rona Ambrose brands Liberal changes to ISIS mission ‘shameful’

Feb 8 2016 — John Paul Tasker

Interim Conservative Leader Rona Ambrose says it’s “shameful” that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is pulling back from the combat mission against ISIS in Iraq and Syria, even as the United States lauds the new Canadian contribution. The Alberta MP said Trudeau’s plan to pull CF-18 fighter jets back from the region by Feb. 22 was […]

Feb 8 2016 — John Paul Tasker

The men and women who protected Parliament Hill against the violent incursion of gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau on Oct. 22, 2014 were honoured by the Governor General at Rideau Hall today. Sixteen security personnel, a mix of uniformed officers from the RCMP and guards from the Parliamentary Protective Service, received medals for bravery from Gov. Gen. […]

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The fight for the right and the rise of Alberta PACs

Feb 9 2016 — Don Braid

Alberta’s right-wing groups may finally be uniting — against each other. Insults are flying and temperatures rising. This is how conservatives eventually merge, over everybody’s dead body. Both formal parties, Wildrose and Progressive Conservatives, are now telling independent merger advocates to butt out of the looming byelection in Calgary-Greenway, the riding that’s been vacant since […]


A political love affair: Justin Trudeau and Rachel Notley

Feb 9 2016 — Gillian Steward

It’s more than a little obvious, politically speaking, that Justin Trudeau and Alberta Premier Rachel Notley are quite smitten with each other. They were both all smiles and in coy agreement when the Prime Minister made a two-day visit to Alberta last week. Not that there’s anything wrong with that. It’s actually quite refreshing to […]


PM should stay out of byelection

Feb 9 2016 — Christina Blizzard

It comes as no surprise that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is taking to the provincial hustings alongside Premier Kathleen Wynne in the Whitby-Oshawa byelection. They’ll show up at a sports bar called Zingers — I kid you not — in Whitby with Liberal candidate Elizabeth Roy Tuesday night. I guess Hooters was booked. It’s not […]

Tasha Kheiriddin

The Liberals are blowing up the immigration system again. Why?

Feb 9 2016 — Tasha Kheiriddin

It’s a do-over. From Communist monuments to crime bills to CBC funding cuts, the new government is busy, busy, busy rubbing a giant novelty-sized pink eraser over the last nine years of Conservative government. There’s not a single Tory decision the Liberals don’t have in their sights – even in cases where going back in […]

john geddes

On fighting Islamic State, Trudeau’s message is muddled

Feb 8 2016 — John Geddes

It’s not often that Justin Trudeau is upstaged when it comes to conveying a message, but the Prime Minister was clearly not the most compelling communicator today for his government’s new position on the fight against the so-called Islamic State. Trudeau showed up at the National Press Theatre, just off Parliament Hill, to explain why […]


Where’s the government’s longer-range vision on ISIL?

Feb 8 2016 — Wesley Wark

Prime Minister Trudeau wants to put a new Liberal stamp on the Canadian mission to Iraq and the region. His press conference on Monday marked an expected shift away from a direct Canadian contribution to air attacks against Islamic State targets in Iraq and towards greater humanitarian assistance and capacity building in the region. Half […]

Feb 8 2016 — Anthony Furey

By removing our fighter jets from the anti-ISIS coalition, Canada has sent the wrong message not just to the people who want to kill us, but to our allies. The Liberals held up “evidence-based decision making” as what made them different from the other guys. Yet when it comes to the government’s announcement Monday to […]

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Malcom X’s family loved Beyoncé’s Super Bowl tribute

Feb 9 2016 —

The family of Malcolm X didn’t have advance word that Beyoncé would make an apparent tribute to the leader in her Super Bowl show. But, “I absolutely loved it,” Malcolm’s daughter Ilyasah Shabazz told Page Six on Monday. Bey’s performance included dancers in Black Panther-like berets forming an X on the field.