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May 29 2015 —

The news that Justice Minister Peter MacKay will not run in the upcoming federal election is just the latest in a long line of Conservative cabinet and caucus members who aren’t seeking re-election. The veteran Nova Scotia MP has held several senior cabinet positions since the Conservatives took power in 2006, including foreign affairs and […]

May 29 2015 — Frank Graves

The national pre-election polling scene looks like three men trying to push through the same revolving door at the same time. The trends of recent weeks have settled into a three-way deadlock. What’s most striking about this ‘new normal’ in federal politics is how none of the parties seems to be generating much enthusiasm among […]

May 29 2015 — John Paul Tasker

At least 6,000 aboriginal children died while in the residential school system, says Justice Murray Sinclair, the chair of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. Sinclair, who has been tasked with studying the legacy of the residential schools, says that the figure is just an estimate and is likely much higher. Residential schools were established in […]

May 29 2015 — Laura Stone

Almost four months ago, Justice Minister Peter MacKay was fielding reporters’ questions about the sudden departure of longtime Conservative minister John Baird. “I had no idea,” MacKay said. “I suspect he has a lot on his mind.” On Friday it was MacKay’s turn to talk about his own period of “reflection.” The Nova Scotia MP […]

The NDP's defence critic says he hopes the Conservative government doesn't intend to use Parliament Hill gunman Michael Zehaf Bibeau's final video manifesto to ramp up fears about terrorism. Bibeau is shown carrying a gun while running towards Parliament Hill in Ottawa on Wednesday, Oct. 23, 2014 in a still taken from video surveillance in this handout photo. THE CANADIAN PRESS/HO - RCMP

Zehaf Bibeau praises Allah in unedited version of pre-shooting video

May 29 2015 —

Parliament Hill gunman Michael Zehaf Bibeau asks Allah to praise his actions and those of the mujahadeen in a newly released version of the video he recorded just before his attack last October. The RCMP have released a previously secret 18 seconds of Zehaf Bibeau’s video message, which were edited out of earlier versions for […]


Tom Mulcair brings election promises to CUPE convention

May 29 2015 —

Riding a wave of recent good news, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair brought his party’s plan to win the coming election to members of one of Canada’s largest unions Friday. Mulcair addressed more than 1,100 members from the Ontario division of the Canadian Union of Public Employees in Toronto, delivering a speech that focused mainly on […]

May 29 2015 —

Former Ontario NDP leader Howard Hampton has announced he’s seeking the federal NDP nomination in Kenora, Ont., which is shaping up to be a hotly contested riding. Hampton represented the area districts of Rainy River and later Kenora-Rainy River provincially from 1987 to 2011. If he secures the nomination, Hampton would be up against Natural […]

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May 29 2015 — Althia Raj

The NDP union’s head says its relationship with the party is not “utopian” but negotiations are still ongoing over some staff concerns that party managers want to stop filling vacant positions, offering any grievance settlements and won’t meet with the union till the next election is over. “It would be misleading for me to tell […]

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May 29 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Canada’s indigenous people and non-aboriginals have a “shared responsibility” to fix their broken relationship for the sake of future generations, says the head of the country’s largest aboriginal organization. In an interview Friday with the Citizen, Assembly of First Nations (AFN) national chief Perry Bellegarde called on people from all walks of life to heed […]

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Voters likely haven’t seen the last of Peter MacKay

May 29 2015 — Stephen Maher

On June 2, 1997, Peter MacKay first won his northern Nova Scotia seat as a Progressive Conservative, riding a wave of Atlantic anger over Jean Chrétien’s Employment Insurance cuts. Nova Scotians, who in 1993 had sent 11 Liberals to Ottawa, gave them all the boot that night, electing six New Democrats and five Tories, helping […]


Peter MacKay and the waning Progressive Conservatives

May 29 2015 — Aaron Wherry

The Progressive Conservative Party of Canada was officially born in December 1942, when Progressive premier John Bracken of Manitoba took leadership of the federal Conservative party. It died, officially, in December 2003, when its partisans joined the members of the Canadian Alliance to reunite the right and form the Conservative Party of Canada. In between, […]


Exit Peter MacKay, stage centre-right

May 29 2015 —

And so farewell Peter MacKay, cheerful and well-liked Nova Scotia Tory whose departure from politics will, apparently, be announced later this afternoon. He accomplished more than most in politics. He leaves without a lot to show for it. It began, for those of us watching in Ottawa at least, in the aftermath of the 1997 […]

john geddes

The many battle scars of Peter MacKay

May 29 2015 — John Geddes

Peter MacKay has always been the sort of jock who wears his battle wounds proudly. He first arrived on Parliament Hill, after winning a Nova Scotia seat in the 1997 election, with his arm in a sling. He had badly dislocated his shoulder playing rugby. Asked about it at the time, he rhymed off past […]


Peter MacKay completes his slow fade from view

May 29 2015 — Matt Gurney

Justice Minister Peter MacKay is leaving federal politics. The story broke early Friday morning. Not all that long ago, this would have been big news. Now, it’s sort of interesting. But barely even that. Oh, it will be played up as big news. After all, it broke on a summer Friday, when almost anything is […]

bruce anderson

Why more voters might go to the polls this election day

May 29 2015 —

Every day, I run into people who are really into politics. And on Twitter and Facebook, it happens almost continuously. Some love what Stephen Harper stands for. Some believe he’s run the worst government they’ve ever seen. And some are attentive, but undecided. For them, a change may be tempting, but staying the course doesn’t […]


Canadians still expect the prime minister to be macho

May 29 2015 — Susan Delacourt

As if to assure Canadians that they hadn’t completely deserted the political low road, Conservatives tossed in a gratuitous poke at Justin Trudeau’s appearance in their newest attack ad, released this week. “Nice hair,” says one of the panellists reviewing Trudeau’s resumé in the ad. It is not meant as a compliment. Though the tone […]

May 29 2015 — Michael Harris

The trial (or is it ‘smile’?) of the century is about to resume. Before it’s done, Mike Duffy’s day in court could resemble an extended Rick Mercer skit. In the end, the former happy Buddha of the news biz could wind up convicted of … being a senator. (Unless, of course, the Royal Conservative Mounted […]

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May 29 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Free, free, set them free. In what has to be seen as another sign of the growing restlessness of the backbench, Saskatchewan Conservative MP Ed Komarnicki tabled a private members’ motion on May 28 that sought to affirm the right of MPs to vote according to their beliefs — not party diktats — on “matters […]

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May 28 2015 — Tim Harper

In a pre-election capital, one word dominates any conversation with any politician or strategist of any party. Change. It may not yet be in the air, but it is certainly on the tip of the tongue. New Democrats and Liberals are seeking it, and, it is fair to say, Conservatives are eyeing it warily. If […]

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May 29 2015 — Rick Salutin

Vietnam is surely haunting the U.S. in Iraq, as Tony Burman wrote here last week. But something scary and vague is always haunting the U.S.: not just the sellout at Munich, the Berlin Wall, or the battle of Little Big Horn. Maybe it’s hauntedness itself. I happened to rewatch Apocalypse Now last week, Coppola’s Vietnam […]

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May 29 2015 — Daphne Bramham

A few weeks ago, one after another after another, the women on Canada’s national soccer team talked about wanting to be good role models, about the importance of sports for kids, especially girls, in gaining confidence and allowing themselves to dream big dreams. They talked about how soccer changed them, moulded them, made them better […]

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