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Sep 26 2016 — Amanda Connolly

Two days after Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion — in a testy exchange with the Globe and Mail — denied negotiations are underway on a possible extradition treaty with China, his office is insisting there is no daylight between Dion and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on the issue, even as critics accuse the minister of […]

Sep 26 2016 — Gary Zed and Kirsten Tisdale

The current debate about Ottawa paying relocation expenses for personnel is highly charged, because the people involved are political. It makes them appealing targets, but that sometimes gets in the way of having a thoughtful debate. The federal government is a large employer, and those who are asked to serve in the most senior political […]

Sep 26 2016 — John Paul Tasker

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been reluctant to weigh in on the U.S. election, and the prospect of a Donald Trump presidency, but the Liberal Party has clearly staked out its position on the choice facing Americans ahead of tonight’s debate. Although the email does not refer to either of the U.S. candidates by name, […]

Sep 26 2016 —

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna has a final environmental assessment of the Pacific Northwest LNG project in hand, with the federal Liberal cabinet set to meet Tuesday in the national capital. A decision from the Liberal government on the proposed $36-billion project in northern British Columbia must be made no later than next Monday. When it […]


Monsef case highlights absurdity of unfair law, BCCLA, refugee lawyers say

Sep 26 2016 —

Lawyers say Maryam Monsef’s citizenship could be revoked without a hearing under a law the Liberals denounced while in opposition but which they’ve been aggressively applying since taking power. The democratic institutions minister revealed last week that she was born in Iran, not Afghanistan as she’d long believed. If her birthplace was misrepresented on her […]

William "Bill" Francis, Canada's minister of finance, listens during the International Economic Forum Of The Americas in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, on Monday, June 13, 2016. The conference promotes free discussion on major current economic issues and facilitates meetings between world leaders to encourage international discourse by bringing together Heads of State, the private sector, international organizations and civil society. Photographer: Brent Lewin/Bloomberg

Feds monitoring weak economy, could take action as early as fall: Morneau

Sep 26 2016 —

Canada’s finance minister is hinting the federal government could take steps as early as this autumn’s economic update to help the economy at a time of slower-than-expected growth. When asked today about the fall update, Bill Morneau said the government would continue to look at Canada’s economic situation in order to determine what should be […]


New Democrat MP Randall Garrison introduces bill to repeal anti-terror C-51

Sep 26 2016 —

A New Democrat MP has followed through on a promise to table a private member’s bill to repeal controversial anti-terrorism measures. NDP public safety critic Randall Garrison says the omnibus security legislation known as Bill C-51 infringes on the liberties of Canadians without making people safer. The legislation gave the Canadian Security Intelligence Service more […]

Sep 26 2016 — Althia Raj

Iranian-Canadian professor Homa Hoodfar has been released from an Iranian prison where she had been languishing since June. Hoodfar, a retired sociology and anthropology professor from Montreal’s Concordia University, was charged with “dabbling in feminism” and sent to Tehran’s notorious Evin prison. A court found Hoodfar guilty, imposed a sentence of several years, and ordered […]

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Sep 26 2016 —

A close friend of former prime minister Jean Chrétien will stand trial in Montreal today on charges he orchestrated a kickback scheme in the 1990s as part of the so-called sponsorship scandal. Jacques Corriveau, a one-time advertising executive and Liberal party organizer, was arrested in 2013. He is accused of fraud, counterfeiting documents and laundering […]

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Sep 25 2016 — Josh Wingrove

Imminent decisions on giant energy projects are sure to anger some parts of the electorate that swept him to power. Along Canada’s evergreen-draped west coast, the fate of a multi-billion-dollar energy project and a nation’s reconciliation with its dark, colonial past hang in the balance. Beating rawhide drums and singing hymns, occupiers of Lelu Island—where […]

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Sep 26 2016 — Evan Dyer

As the Western Hemisphere’s only active war comes to a formal end later today in a signing ceremony in Cartagena, Canada has announced a new package of aid to help Colombia reform its police, remove landmines and resettle its displaced people. The peace accord formally ends the world’s longest-running war after 52 years of continuous […]

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Sep 26 2016 — Abbas Rana

Before making their decision to enter the nomination contest in the coveted federal riding of Ottawa-Vanier, Ont., potential Liberal candidates are awaiting to see if Catherine Bélanger, widow of late-Liberal MP Mauril Bélanger, will run for the party’s nomination. “It’s a factor, of course,” said Mona Fortier, a potential candidate and a friend of the […]

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Billings not much of a scandal, but a lesson for the Liberals

Sep 25 2016 — Dan Leger

Are there federal Liberals out there who can’t remember the sponsorship scandal? You know, the one that helped put their party in opposition for almost 10 years? Or the name David Dingwall? Ring a bell? Perhaps those forgetful Liberals also can’t see how people naturally link current behaviour with past patterns: “Once bitten, twice shy.” […]


Trudeau sailing into choppy waters

Sep 26 2016 — Geoffrey Stevens

The Justin Trudeau government has enjoyed remarkably clear sailing for its first 11 months. The prime minister’s personal popularity is the envy of rock stars and hockey heroes. The polls continue to show that in an election today the Liberals would command a larger share of the popular vote and win more seats than they […]


The public’s love affair with Trudeau is undiminished – less so, the media

Sep 26 2016 — Gerald Caplan

As October ushers in the first anniversary of the Trudeau government, a clear pattern has emerged. The public’s love affair with Justin Trudeau remains undiminished, intense and glowing. But the media’s attitude toward the Prime Minister and his government has palpably turned sour and frustrated. According to recent polls, as of August Liberal popularity stood […]

Michael Harris

Pride cometh… Sunny business turns to funny business as PMO stumbles in first big test of character

Sep 25 2016 — Michael Harris

How quickly the movers and shakers have turned into the moved and the shaken. Gerald Butts and Katie Telford are sporting black eyes after their taxpayer-funded moving expenses became public. It is the house-moving equivalent of Peter Mansbridge’s hitherto secret million-dollar-plus salary; transparency at last and transparently obscene. It was also another embarrassment for the […]

Tom Parkin

Liberals stalled for a year – climate change didn’t

Sep 26 2016 — Tom Parkin

Early indications suggest taking responsibility isn’t a strength of Liberal ministers. Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion said sending $15 billion of military equipment to Saudi Arabia was a decision of his predecessor. Then came the embarrassing image of his own signature on the arms export permit. Justice Minister Judy Wilson-Raybould last week said it was […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Donald Trump is ruining my sleep

Sep 26 2016 — Heather Mallick

The possibility of a Trump presidency makes me feel anxious, also angry, appalled, repelled, stricken, unsound, hyperactive, itchy, doctor I just can’t sleep. And I am not even American, although I am at the point where I worry we share lakes with a nation that could vote him in. It is nice to read that […]

Sep 25 2016 — Robin V. Sears

Progressive politicians, including former U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown and his Finance Minister Ed Balls, along with many others in Canada and the U.S., admit ruefully that voters’ lack confidence in their ability to spend prudently and effectively. Even their own voters’ support for action on issues they care about is undermined as a result. […]

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Sep 25 2016 — Jaime Watt

Three weeks ago, students across Canada begrudgingly woke up, dusted off their backpacks and headed to school, ending their summer vacations. This week, our federal members of Parliament did the same. As Parliament returns, there is no shortage of issues on its agenda. These include setting targets on carbon emissions, agreeing to potentially dangerous peacekeeping […]

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Sep 25 2016 — Penny Collenette

The United Nations is 71 years old and is showing its age. In spite of 20 years of debate about reform and change, stenosis has settled into the fixed model of five permanent members of the Security Council, each member with a formidable veto. Buffeted and bent out of shape by conflicts and various peace […]

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Sep 25 2016 — Lorrie Goldstein

Sure it’s possible, but Trudeau and the premiers don’t want it. Today, let’s examine the only transparent and effective method of reducing greenhouse gas emissions linked to climate change. One that Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Canada’s premiers are ignoring. It’s called carbon fee and dividend. It’s 100% revenue neutral, unlike the carbon pricing schemes […]

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Sep 24 2016 — Murray Mandryk

That Brad Trost’s Conservative leadership bid is quickly becoming an embarrassment to his federal party isn’t really the problem. Ironically, the convoluted Conservative May 27, 2017 leadership vote — a preferential ballot in which each of the 338 federal seats will have an equal 100 votes — neatly screens out crank leadership candidates who don’t […]

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Sep 24 2016 — Lorne Gunter

The Liberals’ sense of privilege and entitlement (so prevalent when they were last in power) has once again reared its smug, ravenous head. So where is the elite and media outrage? Where are the sanctimonious calls for the prime minister to resign? The social-media accusations that he must be the brains behind a dastardly plot […]

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Sep 24 2016 — Adam Radwanski

They were talking about their member of Parliament in Peterborough – about the unusual news that Maryam Monsef, whose origin story as a refugee from Afghanistan has been central to her political identity, was actually born and spent most of her earliest years in Iran – but they weren’t judging. To Jean Grant, the owner […]

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Sep 23 2016 — Stephen Maher

As the first week of the fall parliamentary session sputters to a close, it feels like Justin Trudeau’s long and pleasant honeymoon is ending along with the summer. The dashing young prime minister will, no doubt, continue to keep the photographers busy — this week at the side of Prince William and Kate. There’s no […]

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Sep 23 2016 — John Ivison

Two more senior Liberal staffers who received six-figure relocation expense payments have decided they are not, after all, entitled to their entitlements. Julian Ovens, chief of staff to Global Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion, and Elder Marques, chief to Economic Development Minister Navdeep Bains, issued statements late Friday saying they are following the lead set by […]

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Sep 23 2016 — Heather Mallick

When it was first suggested to Democratic Institutions Minister Maryam Monsef that she’d been born in Iran rather than Afghanistan as she’d always been told, she phoned her mother, saying “This is silly, right?” Well. Yes, it is silly. We don’t know the family narrative of how Monsef’s widowed mother and her three daughters escaped […]

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Sep 23 2016 — Ilona Dougherty

It’s no secret that the past year hasn’t been good to the NDP. The party that was polling as a government-in-waiting just a year ago now tracks a dismal 13.7 per cent in recent surveys. The Trudeau honeymoon still has NDP voters charmed and the New Democrats’ leadership race still hasn’t left the starting gate. […]

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