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Doug Ford kicks off Toronto mayoral campaign

Sep 20 2014 —

Rob Ford’s brother Doug has officially kicked off his campaign for Toronto mayor, greeting a throng of supporters with a message from his ailing sibling. Doug Ford was met with chants of “we love you” by a few dozen supporters at his campaign office in for Saturday’s big launch. And he brought word from his […]

Sep 20 2014 — Kristen Everson

Despite assurances that the new engagement in Iraq is not a combat mission, Canada could be on the hook to provide more support according to former prime minister Jean Chrétien. “They are part of it. It is a done deal. They said yes to the coalition and they sent soldiers,” Chrétien told Evan Solomon on […]

Sep 20 2014 — Glen McGregor

Conservative staff members deleted comments critical of the Canada-China investment deal that were posted on the party’s Facebook page. Angry notes about the controversial Foreign Investment Promotion and Protection Agreement (FIPA) were among more than 100 Facebook comments purged from the party’s page in less than a week, an analysis by Postmedia News found.

Sep 20 2014 — Eric Grenier

Though the race is tightening, the Liberals under Brian Gallant appear on track to form New Brunswick’s next government when voters go to the polls on Sept. 22. The latest numbers put the Liberals in the lead with 45 per cent, against 36 per cent for David Alward’s governing Progressive Conservatives. The New Democrats were […]

Sep 20 2014 — David Pugliese

There appear to be no safeguards preventing Canadian military equipment sent to Ukraine from ending up in the hands of extreme right-wing paramilitary units or being sold on the black market. Opposition MPs want rules put in place, noting that earlier this year U.S. military goods donated to Ukraine were being hawked by local businessmen […]


Oil spill boss sees improvements in federal preparedness

Sep 20 2014 — Peter O'Neil

The man who would lead the response to a West Coast oil spill disaster, and who last year questioned federal leadership on the issue, says Ottawa is acting to resolve almost all of his concerns. Kevin Gardner is president of Burnaby-based Western Canada Marine Response Corp., a private sector organization that since 1995 has been […]


Rob Anders takes second chance in Bow River

Sep 20 2014 —

Controversial Alberta MP Rob Anders is hoping for new political lifeline after losing a Conservative nomination race in Calgary earlier this year. Anders is now seeking the Conservative nomination in the new riding of Bow River, a largely rural area which covers a big swath of southern Alberta east of Calgary, including the communities of […]

Sep 19 2014 — Bill Curry

Internal Canada Revenue Agency documents confirm the agency is cutting some of its most highly-trained staff and folding international tax evasion units into more generally-focused teams because of the Conservative government’s 2014 budget freeze. A CRA report obtained by The Globe and Mail suggests that at the end of the shakeup, 50 senior managers responsible […]

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Sep 19 2014 — Josh Wingrove

Canada’s Privacy Commissioner is investigating a federal department’s handling of Access to Information requests for Alberta Premier Jim Prentice’s expenses from when he was a cabinet minister in Ottawa. In a letter sent to NDP MP Charlie Angus and obtained by The Globe and Mail, Claude Beaulé, a senior privacy investigator in Commissioner Daniel Therrien’s […]

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Sep 19 2014 — Paul Vieira

The chief executive of Canada’s government-owned mortgage insurer said Ottawa is considering a series of proposals, including getting the country’s banks to share in the risk of backstopping insured mortgages, to tame a frothy housing market. Evan Siddall, chief executive of Canada Mortgage and Housing Corp., made the suggestion in a speech in Montreal Friday. […]

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It’s getting harder to ignore Canada’s genocide

Sep 20 2014 — Stephen Maher

The (really good) hip hop trio A Tribe Called Red announced Friday that it won’t play a free concert to celebrate the opening of the Canadian Museum for Human Rights in Winnipeg on Saturday night because the museum won’t acknowledge that aboriginals were the victims of genocide. “Until this is rectified, we’ll support the museum […]


Why we shouldn’t empower MPs

Sep 20 2014 — F.H. Buckley

American authors can be too easily impressed with what is taken as Europe’s superior culture. There’s a name for that. It’s called cultural cringe, the tendency to tug at one’s forelock before the more sophisticated writers of England and France. Some Canadians have a similar cultural cringe, when it comes to what they see as […]


U.K.’s vow to deliver change highlights Canadian inaction

Sep 20 2014 — Chantal Hébert

The Scotland referendum will mostly be remembered in Canada for the fact that it exhibited little of the chaotic amateurism that plagued both camps in a similar episode in Quebec in 1995. The campaign that led to Thursday’s vote featured a clear question whose wording had been vetted by the parliaments of Westminster and Edinburgh […]


Why so many were willing to vote Yes in Quebec, Scotland

Sep 20 2014 — Andrew Coyne

The day after the 1995 referendum, you could have sworn from the media coverage that the separatists had won. “Firm rejection of the status quo is only clear result,” blared the headline on the front page of the Globe & Mail. “Canada will have to change,” wrote its Quebec correspondent, Rhéal Séguin. “No longer can […]


Scotland vote just the start of a rough ride for U.K.

Sep 20 2014 — Don Murray

For those with long memories, the morning after in Scotland — indeed the final days of the heated campaign — seemed an eerie replay of Quebec’s first referendum in 1980. There are differences, of course, some of them major, but consider: the loser, in conceding, hints at another referendum. Alex Salmond, the Scottish National Party […]


Turning off NFL over violence

Sep 20 2014 — Gail Lethbridge

In Britain, a sports proverb says football is a gentleman’s game played by hooligans, and rugby is a hooligan’s game played by gentlemen. The “football” in question would be the game North Americans call soccer. How American football would fare in such a proverb is anyone’s guess, but in light of recent events in the […]


Dalton McGuinty comes back to Ontario to cash in

Sep 20 2014 — Rex Murphy

It is truly a wonder the press picked it up at all. Toronto has been utterly mesmerized by the most recent and sorrowful instalment of the Ford-family saga. And the world beyond Toronto (if we may admit to the existence of such a thing) has been a tempest of alarms and upheaval: Ebola, the terrors […]


Whiplash Jim rewrites policy so fast, the civil service can’t keep pace

Sep 20 2014 — Paula Simons

Call it the harvest of low-hanging fruit. Or, if you prefer, a wholesale, high-speed reversal of many of the Hancock and Redford governments’ most unpopular policies. First, Premier Jim Prentice grounded the government’s elite air fleet. Then, he cancelled plans for tacky new licence plates and prorogued the legislature, quashing the Hancock government’s controversial public […]


Can Jim Prentice put Humpty Dumpty together again?

Sep 20 2014 — Tom Flanagan

New Alberta Premier Jim Prentice is taking steps to restore the Progressive Conservative government’s reputation for integrity and frugality. He appointed a cabinet of just 20 ministers, omitting those whose reputations had been most tarnished in the era of Alison Redford. He also included two high-profile people from outside the legislature, who will seek seats […]


Ford duo won’t let Toronto move on

Sep 20 2014 — Rosie DiManno

A columnist at — as they say — another newspaper suggested this week that the multi-climaxing Rob Ford saga might have sprung forth from the fertile brain of William Shakespeare. I’d propose a writer more surreal and satirical: Ionesco, Molière or Kurt Vonnegut. Add Joseph Heller to the list because the city has been yanked […]

Sep 20 2014 — Anthony Furey

Many were outraged to learn that former Ontario premier Dalton McGuinty has registered as a lobbyist. But outraged about what? On the surface, there’s nothing wrong with McGuinty strolling the halls of Queen’s Park as a representative of education software company Desire2Learn. They apparently have a desire to expand their contracts with the provincial government, […]

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Sugar Bear WON’T Be Fired From ‘Honey Boo Boo’

Sep 20 2014 —

Sugar Bear will not get a pink slip from TLC in the wake of his separation from Mama June … but TLC is now scrambling to make sure “Here Comes Honey Boo Boo” doesn’t implode the way “John & Kate Plus 8″ did. Sources connected with the network tell TMZ … they have made a […]

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