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Jun 26 2016 — Marie-Danielle Smith

Members of the Green Party are deciding whether to add Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions against Israel to a list of official party policies. Party members are also voting on a resolution that would insist on revoking charitable status from the Jewish National Fund of Canada, which develops land in Israel. Both are “outrageous” propositions, says […]

Jun 26 2016 — Laura Payton

Finance Minister Bill Morneau is downplaying the cost of increasing Canada Pension Plan contributions, arguing they’ll be gradual and modest for employees. But it’s still not clear exactly how much the increase will cost the federal government or the economy, as employers take on their share of the increase. In an interview with Bob Fife, […]

Jun 26 2016 — Aaron Wherry

Six months ago, Justin Trudeau went to Davos, Switzerland to pitch the World Economic Forum on a vision of shared prosperity, proper leadership and embracing diversity. A day later, David Cameron appeared on stage and tried to explain why he was preparing to plunge Britain into a referendum over its membership in the European Union. […]

Jean-Yves Duclos

Federal government invests $150 million for affordable housing in B.C.

Jun 26 2016 —

The federal government says it’s investing an additional $150 million over the next two years to help British Columbia residents get affordable housing. Jean-Yves Duclos, federal minister of families, children and social development, made the announcement in Vancouver on Sunday with B.C. housing minister Rich Coleman. Duclos says the new funding includes $25.2 million for […]

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After Brexit vote, Britons searching ‘move to Canada’ on Google

Jun 26 2016 —

In the wake of the stunning Brexit vote, which saw 52 per cent of voters opt to leave the EU, Britons took to the internet to research how to move to Canada. Immediately after the referendum results, Google trends data showed a spike in interest among British users on how to move across the pond. […]

Jun 26 2016 — Marco Chown Oved

The Canada Revenue Agency claims at least nine people have been convicted of offshore tax evasion over the last two years, receiving $4 million in fines and 84 months of jail time, but it is keeping the names of these tax cheats secret. Yet there are dozens of people — carpenters, hairdressers, farmers, plumbers, foresters, […]

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Jun 25 2016 —

TransCanada Corp. is seeking to recoup $15 billion for the Obama administration’s rejection of the Keystone XL oil pipeline, in a legal claim that highlights how foreign companies can use trade deals to challenge U.S. policy. The Calgary-based pipeline operator filed papers late Friday seeking arbitration under the North American Free Trade Agreement, arguing that […]

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David Climenhaga33

Jason Kenney’s bizarre Brexit tweets perfect example of dog-whistle politics

Jun 26 2016 — David Climenhaga

There was head scratching and puzzled disapproval on social media Thursday night at Jason Kenney’s seemingly bizarre Twitter celebration of Britain’s unanticipated “Brexit” vote, many unhappy returns of which are yet to be enumerated. Responses from across the political spectrum ranged from perplexed to angry when the former Harper Government cabinet minister and rumoured candidate […]


Critical ‘what ifs’ await Canada

Jun 26 2016 — Penny Collenette

Could there be a more precipitous time for the 10th Annual North American Leader’s Summit (once known as the Three Amigos) to gather in Ottawa next week? In the wake of the historic boulversant of the Brexit vote, the European continent as we have known it is in danger of further dissolution. And the U.K.’s […]

Jaime Watt

Canada tests the dynastic waters

Jun 26 2016 — Jaime Watt

Hillary Clinton’s victory in the June 7 California primary represented more than just establishment political forces prevailing over a Bernie Sanders insurgency. It was yet another notch in the belt for dynastic political families. Dynastic politics are often challenging: the idea of politicians rising to power under the steam of a family name challenges the […]


Praising the art of oration in times of crisis

Jun 26 2016 — Robin V. Sears

In Ottawa, in the House of Commons on Dec. 30, 1941, following his long weeks of war planning with FDR in Washington, Churchill rose to give one of his best wartime speeches. Raking the Vichy French generals, who had predicted Hitler would wring Britain’s neck like a chicken in three weeks, and relishing the triumph […]


No clear end to financial uncertainty after Brexit vote

Jun 26 2016 — Don Pittis

British authorities are already moving to reassure the world that the Brexit vote to leave the European Union won’t be so bad for the economy. “There is plenty to do now to help make this decision work, to stabilize our economy, to reassure our allies and to continue the program we were all elected on […]


Trudeau’s pot plan needs credible movers

Jun 26 2016 — Andre Marin

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made a shrewd political decision when he promised to legalize the use of marijuana in the last election. It made him look hip and no doubt delivered many votes and helped him gain power. Since the October 2015 election, though, the messages from the federal government have pointed in the opposite […]


Our ‘yes’ Prime Minister will one day have to say ‘no’

Jun 25 2016 — Jeffrey Simpson

Justin Trudeau has piled up political capital since becoming Prime Minister last October. When will he spend any of it? Mr. Trudeau enjoys widespread popularity. His government is up sharply in public opinion polls since voting day, for what polls count. He’s a smash hit when overseas; the cameras devour him at home. His government’s […]


What will Brexit do to us?

Jun 25 2016 — L. Ian MacDonald

It could take Britain as long as two years to negotiate its Brexit from the European Union. In the meantime, Britain’s referendum decision to leave the EU has important implications for Canada’s trade in goods and services with both the U.K. and the EU. Europe, including the United Kingdom, is Canada’s second largest trading partner; […]

Jun 25 2016 — Evan Solomon

During the high-anxiety run-up to the shocking Brexit vote, it was hard to get a Canadian politician to shut up about it. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said he made no “bones” about his support for the Remain side. Ministers Bill Morneau and Stéphane Dion spoke openly about the dire consequences of the U.K. leaving the […]

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Jun 24 2016 — Susan Delacourt

Facebook was a big-league player in last year’s federal election — it may even have helped drive up the impressive voter turnout numbers. But while Canadian politicians of all stripes were using the social medium in new and interesting ways, the same cannot really be said of the media. The Canadian media’s less-than-innovative efforts to […]

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Jun 25 2016 — Kenneth P. Green and Taylor Jackson

Over the past decade, Ontario’s economy has underperformed compared to the rest of Canada. Misguided policy choices, including tax increases and significant debt growth due to unsustainable spending increases, have contributed significantly to the province’s underperformance. The latest policy blow to Ontario’s economy comes from its recently-released Climate Change Action Plan, which contains almost 80 […]

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Jun 24 2016 — Andrew Coyne

There’s some good news in the Brexit mess: it may yet serve as a horrifying example. Otherwise, the disaster is complete, an act of self-harm unprecedented in an advanced democracy. Even before the referendum result had been formally declared the pound had plunged nearly 10 per cent. Soon after, Conservative Prime Minister David Cameron announced […]

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Jun 24 2016 — John Ivison

It was a sober and spent-looking Mark Carney who attempted to reassure the world that Great Britain is still open for business, the morning after voters elected to leave the European Union, the destination for half the country’s exports. This was the same Mark Carney who was demonized by the angry populism of the Leave […]

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Jun 25 2016 — Anthony Furey

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is in an awkward position right now. After Brexit, cultural relativism isn’t cool anymore. Trudeau’s global cocktail circuit shtick is suddenly out of favour. The narrow 52% vote by the United Kingdom to back out of the European Union had a number of causes. But the common thread was the sense […]

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Jun 24 2016 — Conrad Black

The absurdly exaggerated reaction to the British vote to leave the European Union demonstrates the complacency and incompetence of the governing elites in Britain and Western Europe, and how those attitudes rippled out, unchallenged, in the international media and financial markets. There is some analogy with the comeuppance given the American political class by the […]

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Jun 24 2016 — Colby Cosh

In the wake of Thursday’s surprising Brexit vote and the subsequent, near-immediate collapse of British Prime Minister David Cameron, a curious phenomenon has become apparent: Canadian pundits mostly think the referendum was a disaster. There is very little sympathy here — among an intelligentsia that is heavily Anglo — being expressed for Euroskepticism and the […]

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Jun 24 2016 — Andrew MacDougall

Well, we’ve gone and done it. After 43 years, Britain has voted to “take back control” and leave the European Union. The question on everybody’s lips in the United (for now) Kingdom this morning is “what next”? It’s a strange question to be asking after months of campaigning; in truth, it should have already been […]

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