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EKOS poll: Duffy awakening slumbering electorate

Aug 28 2015 — Frank Graves

Voters are awakening from their summer slumber and noticing that they have been asked to follow what is going to be a very divisive and acrimonious campaign. At 34 points, the NDP maintains a clear and stable lead. The Conservatives, meanwhile, have dropped to 28 points. The Liberals, at 27 points, are doing much better […]

Aug 28 2015 — Eric Grenier

Are the Conservatives in danger of dropping into third place? Recent polls suggest that the Conservatives may be in the midst of a slide in public support. The party is averaging 28.3 per cent in the CBC Poll Tracker, marking one of their lowest ebbs in the polls since last year. They now stand just […]

Aug 28 2015 —

Calling Stephen Harper the “King of Deficits,” former prime minister Paul Martin laced in to the Conservative record on the economy — and accused the NDP of “holding hands” with the Tories on the path to fiscal ruin. “The current Conservative government has ground the economy down so far, trampling the most vulnerable of our […]

Aug 28 2015 —

The prime minister’s chief of staff Ray Novak says he did not know that his predecessor, Nigel Wright, was going to give Mike Duffy a personal cheque for $90,000 to repay questionable Senate expenses. CTV’s Ottawa Bureau Chief Robert Fife spoke Friday morning with Novak, who has been noticeably absent from the Conservative campaign trail […]

Aug 28 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats won’t have the money to finance their own promises in government unless they’re willing to realistically increase revenues and properly tax corporations and the “super-rich”, says a spokesman for the party’s left wing. The comments came Friday from Barry Weisleder, chair of the NDP socialist caucus, a group formed within the […]

Patrick Brown and Deputy PC leader Christine Elliott

Deputy Ontario PC leader Christine Elliott resigns as MPP for Whitby-Oshawa

Aug 28 2015 —

Former Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Christine Elliott is resigning as the Member of Provincial Parliament for Whitby-Oshawa. A statement from Elliott says her decision to resign, which is effective immediately, was not easy. Elliott has not been seen in the legislature since losing the party leadership race to former Barrie MP Patrick Brown last […]

Aug 28 2015 —

As party leaders spar over deficits canadianeconomyand stimulus spending, they do so with good reason: the latest public opinion poll from the Angus Reid Institute finds vote intention at the end of the first month of the federal election campaign correlates significantly with Canadians’ personal economic circumstances. ARI’s analysis of survey data also shows roughly […]

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Aug 28 2015 — Josh Wingrove

After nine years under Stephen Harper and the Conservatives, Canada’s election campaign is proving familiar. Voters are being offered new boutique tax credits, a multi-billion dollar infrastructure program, business tax cuts and expanded transfer payments for families, all hallmarks of the prime minister’s record thus far. This time around, though, they’re not all coming from […]

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Just not ready for smart, positive ads?

Aug 28 2015 — Susan Delacourt

If you’re already sick of election ads, you’re not alone — just three weeks into the campaign, people are already starting to lodge protests about political ads with Advertising Standards Canada. Even though the ASC’s private-sector advertising standards don’t apply to political ads in Canada, complaints have been coming in by the dozens this month, […]


Harper’s economic plan: spin to win

Aug 28 2015 — Lawrence Martin

One day over lunch in Ottawa, Ralph Goodale, the warhorse from the flatlands of Saskatchewan, was stomping all over the Conservative record on economic management. The battering the economy had taken in the early months of 2015 was further evidence for the steadfast Liberal that Canadians had been fooled all along into believing the Tories […]

at issue

The Deficit Debate | At Issue

Aug 28 2015 — At Issue

Things got heated this week on the campaign trail as the economy took centre stage and the three main parties ramped up the rhetoric around the D-word…deficit.

Michael Harris

Duffy trial takeaway: The PMO as rogue operation

Aug 28 2015 — Michael Harris

It may not be Rumpole of the Bailey, but the Perils of the Puffster are making one thing crystal clear: Stephen Harper has become a law unto himself. The evidence from the near past is damning enough: Found in contempt of Parliament; breaking his own elections law; sending unconstitutional legislation to the Supreme Court; passing […]

don martin

Harper’s long road to re-election filled with potholes

Aug 27 2015 — Don Martin

Four weeks into the campaign and the best question for the Conservative leader has never been asked. Does Stephen Harper now regret launching his dreadful bid for re-election six weeks early? Battered by Mike Duffy trial revelations, bruised by Canada’s sagging economy and blindsided by an NDP which refuses to pay the traditional role of […]


Trudeau’s ‘Trading Places’ spending spree

Aug 28 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Pinch me, I must be dreaming. I thought growing the economy “from the heart outwards” was the nadir of the Justin Trudeau school of economics, a bit of gibberish poorly cribbed from US President Barack Obama, who once mused on growing the economy “outward from the heart of the middle class”. Sadly, I would be […]

bruce anderson

Harper, Trudeau and Mulcair need to show some economic common sense

Aug 27 2015 — Bruce Anderson

There’s been plenty of talk about the federal deficit on the election campaign trail this week. But what do Canadians really want? What’s our preferred “fiscal policy”? When it comes to tax dollars, we’re looking for common sense. Spend what’s necessary to provide services – without spending so much that our taxes become unaffordable. Prime […]

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