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The EKOS poll: The NDP headed for a blowout win in Alberta

May 4 2015 — Frank Graves

With just a day to go until Albertans elect a new government, the province’s NDP appears poised for a history-making breakthrough. New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley is headed for the premier’s office — possibly with a majority. And Premier Jim Prentice’s Progressive Conservatives — the people behind 12 consecutive majority governments — are staring down […]

May 4 2015 —

Former Alberta Justice Minister Jonathan Denis has been fighting against an emergency protection order obtained by his estranged wife in late April – and the details have been released now that a court order has been lifted. Breanna Palmer asked for the order after she alleged Denis physically, mentally and emotionally abused her over the […]

May 4 2015 —

The Liberals were handed the keys to government for a third election in a row on Prince Edward Island on Monday. But perhaps the bigger story of the night is the performance of the NDP and Green parties, which are both polling at more than 10 per cent of the popular vote. Both parties earned […]


Eve Adams closing gap in Eglinton-Lawrence

May 4 2015 — Robert Benzie

Conservative defector Eve Adams is closing in on the Liberal nomination in Eglinton-Lawrence, sources say. Liberal insiders say Adams has now sold almost as many party memberships as Marco Mendicino for a nomination that the Grits will not call until she has opened up a significant lead. Thanks to Liberal campaign whiz Tom Allison – […]


Green Party makes history in P.E.I. election

May 4 2015 —

Green-attired supporters gathered at Bites Cafe in Hampton hoping for a breakthrough election were rewarded Monday night when Green Party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker became the first member in the party’s history to win a seat in the Prince Edward Island legislature. The cafe adjoins the dental practice of Bevan-Baker, the party’s charismatic leader, who ousts […]


Brian Jean says internal Wildrose polls show NDP majority

May 4 2015 —

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean says his party’s internal polls show an NDP majority in Tuesday’s election. The “PC dynasty is coming to a close,” Jean said in Calgary today. “Internal polling, public polls, door-knocking — all contacts with voters show the same thing,” During Jean’s swing through Calgary, he also called on the NDP and […]

May 4 2015 —

Conservative Sen. Leo Housakos of Quebec has been named Speaker of the upper chamber, replacing Pierre Claude Nolin who died last month. Housakos, 47, was unanimously elected Speaker on a temporary basis last December, to fill in as Nolin fought a rare form of cancer. Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the appointment is backed by […]

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May 4 2015 —

Joe Oliver addressed critics of his decision to nearly double the limit for Tax Free Savings Accounts in a speech today at the Canadian Club in Toronto, saying it would be good for the economy for the government to have less and Canadians to have more. The finance minister shrugged off the potential cost of […]

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Trudeau ready to battle Tories with tax cuts

May 4 2015 — Chantal Hébert

If one were to summarize the spirit of Justin Trudeau’s so-called fairness for the middle-class manifesto, it is that the Liberals have belatedly resolved to fight fire with fire next fall or, in this case, tax cuts with tax cuts. For the first time in a decade, they are set to go head to head […]


Polls put spring in Harper’s step

May 4 2015 — Dan Leger

Has spring sprung? It might have been tardy arriving here but in Stephen Harper’s world, it’s already full on. The prime minister can gaze out upon vistas of sunny opportunities almost everywhere he looks. Harper’s post-deficit budget, four years in the making, is winning new friends. His wars seem to be popular. His appointed senator, […]


If Prentice falls in Alberta, he will have defeated himself

May 3 2015 — Tim Harper

It may be a cliché, but in the final hours of the Alberta election campaign it bears repeating. Governments defeat themselves. Sometimes it takes a while — in Alberta’s case that would be 44 years — but if the Progressive Conservatives under Jim Prentice were to lose Tuesday’s election, they will have shot themselves. Prentice […]


Is the PC fear card an ace or a joker?

May 3 2015 — Don Braid

With voting day almost upon us, the election campaign is following the Progressive Conservative script. Tuesday will determine if the voters are following it, too. The script is to demonize the NDP while virtually ignoring and marginalizing Wildrose. This began during the April 23 televised leaders’ debate, when Premier Jim Prentice literally turned his back […]


Polls show Alberta ready for change

May 4 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens

The desire for change is the most powerful force in politics. We are seeing that in Alberta where voters will go to the polls on Tuesday in a provincial election that appears destined to end the Progressive Conservatives’ 44-year stranglehold on power. All the pollsters agree: the New Democrats will take over in Alberta, their […]


Premier Jim Prentice and the missteps that got him here

May 4 2015 — Ian Robinson

When it comes to politics, in the end I always take my frontal lobes out of the equation. I lead with my heart. I know what’s right. I want right to prevail. It almost never does. But I never stop hoping. It’s the reason if you go to my profile @SunIanRobinson on Twitter, I describe […]

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Violence explodes in ‘Game of Thrones’

May 4 2015 —

Tonight’s episode is titled “The Sons of the Harpy,” but they’re hardly the only ones marauding their way through the most violent installment yet of Season Five. War, not winter, is what’s coming, and it’s roiling in every corner of the Seven Kingdoms. Tyrion (Peter Dinklage) has moved from virtual imprisonment in a carriage with […]

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