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Stephen Harper pledges home renovation tax credit

Aug 4 2015 — Laura Payton

Conservative Leader Stephen Harper promised this morning to bring back a home renovation tax credit and make it permanently available to Canadians, arguing it would inject $4.3 billion into the economy. The $1,000 to $5,000 credit would be worth an average of $700 after it’s applied to a homeowner’s taxes, according to a news release. […]

Aug 4 2015 — Eric Grenier

As battle lines are drawn now that the campaign is underway, the New Democrats’ slim lead over the Conservatives has widened slightly. And as leaders begin to jet across the country, regional contests are taking shape as well. The latest numbers from CBC’s Poll Tracker give the NDP 33.2 per cent support, for a lead […]

Aug 3 2015 — Campbell Clark

It’s unsettled, unpredictable and wide open. This election campaign is not only a three-way race – most voters are still up for grabs. Only 40 per cent of Canadians have picked a party and say that’s the only one they’ll consider. Most voters, three-fifths of the electorate, are still considering voting for two or more […]

Aug 4 2015 — James Bradshaw

The leaders of Canada’s three official parties will square off over key economic issues on Sept. 17 in a federal election debate hosted by The Globe and Mail. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair and Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau have each confirmed they will take part in the prime-time debate. David Walmsley, The […]


Canadian dollar hits fresh 11-year low

Aug 4 2015 —

The Canadian dollar hit a new 11-year low today against its U.S. counterpart, as weak oil prices and a possible further interest rate cut continue to hurt sentiment in Canada’s currency. The loonie was trading at 76.12 cents US just after 9 a.m. ET, down a third of a cent from Friday’s close. That’s the […]

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Canadian Government Amends “Caretaker Rules” To Give Itself Power to Continue Negotiating TPP

Aug 4 2015 — Michael Geist

This past weekend was a busy one politically as Canada was launched into a lengthy election campaign just as countries negotiating the latest round of Trans Pacific Partnership negotiations in Hawaii failed to conclude a deal. With reports that there may be a follow-up ministerial meeting within weeks, Canadian officials have been quick to claim […]

Aug 4 2015 — Peter O'Neil

Analysis: NDP could take 21 to 24 of B.C.’s 42 seats, but much can change before Oct. 19. The Conservatives head into the October election potentially facing major B.C. losses to the Liberals and especially the New Democratic Party, according to pre-campaign polling data. And Prime Minister Stephen Harper should look in the mirror if […]

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Aug 4 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has privately fumed to his inner circle that under the leadership of Chief Justice Beverly McLachlin, the Supreme Court of Canada has become a “sociology seminar” that emasculates the power of Parliament, according to a new book. The biography, titled Stephen Harper, provides a thorough account of Harper’s personal life and […]

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Aug 4 2015 — Adrienne Arsenault

Now that the Canadian election has started, spare a moment to consider what has to stop. Remember those government of Canada ads that choked the airwaves this spring and summer with their talk of the dangers of marijuana, or the ones that glowingly celebrated Canada’s history? They’re gone now. At least, they’re gone for the […]

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Anti-abortion campaign sets a new low in politics

Aug 4 2015 — Michael Coren

Last week a parent in Calgary reported that she had come home to find that her small children had seen a flyer that had been put through the door depicting deeply bloody, disturbing and graphic images of mangled fetal body parts. They were frightened and confused and she was understandably outraged. There is, however, little […]

Peter Clark, Maui TPP

TPP Ministers Gob-Smacked in Maui

Aug 4 2015 — Peter Clark

Trade expert Peter Clark was in Lahaina, Hawaii, for the recent talks at the Trans Pacific Partnership Ministerial meeting.  The following  is his post-game analysis. No one should be surprised that the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) negotiators meeting in Maui fell short of its objectives. The Ministers made progress. Success was in sight but the light at […]

Andrew MacDougall

Rallying ‘normal’ Canadians the secret to Conservative success

Aug 3 2015 — Andrew MacDougall

While the fundamental objective of a campaign doesn’t shift with the long haul of a lengthier writ, the chances of stepping on a landmine certainly does. And, at double the standard campaign period, this election provides twice the time for that. That’s why leaders will be paying particular attention to clearing the road ahead of […]


Stephen Harper avoids Trudeau’s name in Montreal

Aug 4 2015 — Chantal Hébert

The first stop of the extended 2015 campaign on Sunday night found Stephen Harper speaking at one of the most low-key election launches ever held in a major Canadian city by an incumbent prime minister. Billed as the opening Quebec rally of the campaign, Harper’s appearance in the Montreal riding of Mount Royal spoke more […]


With Liberals squeezed out, a new two-way race

Aug 4 2015 — Margaret Wente

Back in the olden days, there were only two federal parties that mattered in Canada. Both were middle-of-the-road. Both had a string of mostly credible leaders. Every so often they traded places, but in truth it was hard to tell them apart. Then there was the idealistic wacko fringe, whose leaders were forgettable (sorry, Audrey […]


Some hard numbers from Harper’s soft economy

Aug 3 2015 — Lawrence Martin

A study was released a few days ago, looking into how the economic performance of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives stacks up against other Canadian governments since the Second World War. It didn’t get much attention because it was done by labour-union economists, who don’t normally get much traction in the mainstream news media.  

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Drake’s Championship Ring — Chill, Meek … This One’s NOT for You!

Aug 4 2015 —

Finally some good news for Meek Mill … Drake isn’t trolling him with that new NFL-style championship ring he’s rocking … or at least that wasn’t the original plan. The men behind Drake’s new swag are Dave Bling and his partner, Will DaBoss, ​with DWS Jewelry & Co., and Dave tells TMZ Sports the piece […]

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