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Harper government asks public servants to delete emails

Aug 27 2014 — Mike De Souza

The Conservative government is telling public servants to delete emails with no “business value,” possibly opening the door to the destruction of potentially valuable records, say critics. Employees must still preserve information as required by law, a government spokeswoman says, but instructions obtained by the Star show that employees were being told to delete some […]

Aug 27 2014 — Kady O'Malley

Over the past month, Justice Minister Peter MacKay has been not-so-quietly crisscrossing the country, holding closed-door confabs with what his department describes as “criminal justice system stakeholders.” Although the details of those discussions are in camera, and thus off the record, it’s clear from the accompanying press releases that one of the key items on […]


Ontario polls swing from Harper, threatening Conservative majority

Aug 27 2014 — Eric Grenier

The province that handed Stephen Harper’s Conservatives a majority government in 2011 may be about to take it away, as Ontarians move from the governing Tories back towards Justin Trudeau’s Liberals. The Conservatives won 73 seats in Ontario in the 2011 federal election, the best performance of the party and its predecessors in raw seat […]


Veterans groups say Ottawa spending too much remembering old wars

Aug 27 2014 — Sophia Harris

A growing number of Canadian veterans’ groups are upset that the federal government is spending millions commemorating old wars while current veterans are suffering from post-traumatic stress and other issues that they say are not being dealt with. “I think it’s obscene,” said Michael Blais, the president of Canadian Veterans Advocacy after attending a small, […]


Saskatchewan Premier Wall threatens retaliation over Ontario protectionism

Aug 27 2014 — Jane Taber

Saskatchawan Premier Brad Wall is threatening retaliatory measures against Ontario if it doesn’t drop protectionist rules that favour local firms bidding for infrastructure contracts, complicating provincial efforts for freer trade across the country. The two provinces appear to be heading for a showdown at the premiers’ Council of the Federation meeting in Charlottetown this week […]

Aug 26 2014 — Jason Fekete

The Conservative Party of Canada fired off a provocative fundraising appeal to supporters on Tuesday, taking a shot at the “urban media elite” in Ottawa. The Conservative party has nearly mastered fundraising tactics as it continues to significantly outpace the federal Liberals and NDP in value of donations in the lead-up to an expected October […]

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Why we don’t need an inquiry into murdered aboriginal women

Aug 27 2014 — Tom Walkom

When Stephen Harper refused to authorize a public inquiry into murdered and missing aboriginal women, he was denounced as heartless. And perhaps he is. But the prime minister was also, at one level, correct. The last thing native Canadians need is another public inquiry into their plight. We have had plenty already. The point now […]


Conservatives ready with big hugs for Tim Hortons

Aug 27 2014 — Tim Harper

Five years ago, Stephen Harper delivered a speech at a Tim Hortons instead of the United Nations General Assembly, which pretty well sums up the ranking of both institutions in the prime minister’s hierarchy. He’s rolled up the rim at a hockey game in Saskatoon and hoisted a Timmy’s at a British Columbia rink. His […]


Tory infighting causing internal bleeding

Aug 27 2014 — Don Braid

PC leadership candidates are doing a fine job of pulling each other down. They may not realize, or care, that their party is sinking with them. There’s nothing new about campaign attacks; they’ve happened in every leadership contest since 1992. But today’s governing party may lack the internal strength and public support to survive so […]


Prentice is already watering down his promises

Aug 27 2014 — Rob Breakenridge

He’s not even premier yet, but already Jim Prentice is climbing down from his promises. Last Thursday, Prentice announced that one of his first acts as premier would be to introduce legislation to implement term limits — three terms for MLAs and two terms for premiers. This commitment was at the centre of a broader […]


It’s not up to Ontario to enforce federal immigration laws

Aug 27 2014 — Christina Blizzard

There’s something deeply troubling when a traffic safety blitz turns into a hunt for illegal immigrants, as happened recently. On Aug. 14, the Canadian Border Services Agency (CBSA), along with the Ontario ministries of transportation (MTO) and environment, as well as the OPP, jointly conducted a series of commercial vehicle safety blitzes in northwest Toronto. […]


Dollars to doughnuts, it’s a good deal

Aug 27 2014 — Lorne Gunter

When it comes to international business, we Canadians have to get over our inferiority complex. And we will have no better chance to throw off our nervous economic xenophobia than with the Burger King-Tim Hortons merger/takeover announced Tuesday. Burger King is buying controlling interest in our de facto national doughnut chain because it (Burger King) […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Anti-torture activist Helen Bamber lived a noble life

Aug 27 2014 — Heather Mallick

Human rights and anti-torture campaigner Helen Bamber, the woman who rode straight into what her biographer Neil Belton called “the bad weather of our century,” died on Thursday at age 89. My shock was great. I had interviewed her in 2011 and she seemed three decades younger, the way people do when they are packed […]

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Brokaw, execs fuming over NBC chief’s remark

Aug 27 2014 — Emily Smith

NBC News president Deborah Turness had to apologize after infuriating top execs and talent by announcing the network news organization had been asleep for 15 years. Turness, who came to the job from Britain’s ITV News one year ago, dropped the tactless clanger in a New York Times interview on Sunday, saying, “NBC News hadn’t […]

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