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“Just disgusting” — the Conservative party’s latest fundraising appeal attacks Ottawa media

Aug 26 2014 — Jason Fekete

The Conservative Party of Canada fired off a provocative fundraising appeal to supporters on Tuesday, taking a shot at the “urban media elite” in Ottawa. The Conservative party has nearly mastered fundraising tactics as it continues to significantly outpace the federal Liberals and NDP in value of donations in the lead-up to an expected October […]

Aug 26 2014 —

An emboldened Russia is a threat to it neighbours in the Arctic and Canada must be ready to respond to any Russian incursions in the region, Prime Minister Stephen Harper said Tuesday as he ended his yearly tour of Canada’s North. In a chest-thumping address to troops who took part in a series of military […]

Aug 26 2014 —

The federal Conservatives are telling core supporters that “traditional family values” are a party stance, a phrase that so far has not entered the prime minister’s public speeches or official Tory documents. A survey was circulated Tuesday to Conservative donors and “grassroots supporters,” to “hear what issues matter to you the most.” Under a section […]


Tim Hortons deal won’t damage Canada’s friendship with the U.S.: Oliver

Aug 26 2014 —

Finance Minister Joe Oliver says the takeover of Tim Hortons by U.S. fast food chain Burger King won’t alienate Canada from its most important trading partner. Burger King and Tim Hortons (TSX:THI) announced a agreement Tuesday to team up in an US$11-billion deal, creating the world’s third-largest fast-food company. The corporate headquarters of the new […]


Arctic rangers want better equipment to deal with climate change

Aug 26 2014 —

A new report says global warming has so altered the Arctic that the Canadian Rangers — largely aboriginal reservists who patrol the North — need new equipment to navigate a vast terrain they barely recognize anymore. The frozen land of their forefathers now has much thinner sea ice, weather that is no longer predictable, unfamiliar […]

Aug 26 2014 —

A declassified CIA report says Pierre Trudeau’s bid to enhance Canadian sovereignty and promote economic development in the Arctic created some “friction” with the United States. As Stephen Harper wraps up his annual northern tour, the CIA assessment serves as a reminder that he’s not the first prime minister to wave a political flag in […]

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Aug 26 2014 —

Two military watchdogs are opening a joint investigation into how ill and injured soldiers are treated during their transition to civilian life. Veterans ombudsman Guy Parent and Canadian Forces ombudsman Gary Walbourne say they will join forces to look at a system that has been the subject of thousands of complaints, both formal and informal.

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Aug 26 2014 — Mike De Souza

The federal New Democrats are being tight-lipped about receiving $1.6 million over the past year from the estate of a war veteran whose will was contested by his daughter after she was bequeathed just $25,000. The woman alleged in an affidavit filed in Ontario Superior Court that her father, Peter Kirk Sinclair, was suffering from […]

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Aug 26 2014 — Romina Maurino

Canada’s iconic coffee chain Tim Hortons (TSX:THI) and Miami-based Burger King say they will join forces, but will operate as independent brands to form the world’s third-largest quick service restaurant company. Under the terms of the transaction, Tim Hortons shareholders will receive C$65.50 in cash and 0.8025 common shares of the new company. Based on […]

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Aug 26 2014 — Staff

The head of Canada’s police chiefs says there have been talks over the past year with a number of members of government about letting police hand out tickets to people caught with small amounts of marijuana. Last year members of the Canadian Association of Chiefs of Police passed a resolution in favour of the option. […]

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How Mulcair plans to overtake the Boy Wonder

Aug 26 2014 — Lawrence Martin

“I know the type of society I want to live in,” NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair opined in the course of an interview. “And it’s not the same one we’ve been bouncing back and forth between the Liberals and the Conservatives for the last 150 years.” As declarations go, this one can hardly be said to […]


Ontario-Quebec dance could realign Canadian politics

Aug 26 2014 — Martin Regg Cohn

What does Quebec want? This week — and for the next four years — a better question might be: What do Quebec and Ontario want? The two Central Canadian provinces, with 20 million people making up more than half of the economy, have reconnected politically and hope to hook up more high-voltage transmission lines.


Matters of political life and limb

Aug 25 2014 — Warren Kinsella

It was spring 1993, and LeBlanc was sitting in a room on Parliament Hill, surrounded by a half-dozen Liberal Party staffers. I was one of them. We called ourselves “the task force,” which we hoped sounded bland. We wanted to avoid being called what we really were, which was the first Liberal Party war room. […]


Canada’s premiers running out of excuses for inaction

Aug 25 2014 — Chantal Hébert

Every summer the country’s premiers converge on some picturesque spot in Canada for their annual gathering. Last year it was Niagara-on-the-Lake. This year it’s Prince Edward Island. The backdrop changes as do some of the characters but the script, for the most part, remains the same. Year in and year out the premiers usually find […]


A tragedy that doesn’t cry for an inquiry

Aug 26 2014 — Ezra Levant

A public inquiry is a useful tool when there are big public questions to be answered that need the power of a judge – the power to subpoena recalcitrant witnesses, the power to cross-examine witnesses under oath, the power to challenge a branch of government. None of which applies to the tragedy of missing and […]

Philip A. Wallach

Washington’s Marijuana Legalization Grows Knowledge, Not Just Pot

Aug 26 2014 — Philip A. Wallach

Voters in Washington state decided in November 2012 to legalize marijuana in their state, inspired by a campaign that emphasized minimizing the drug’s social costs and tightly controlling the legal recreational market. Joined to this drug policy experiment is a second innovative experiment that emphasizes knowledge: the state will fund and develop tools necessary to […]


Lukaszuk’s data roaming bill a $20,000 question

Aug 26 2014 — Don Braid

Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk says there’s a good reason he ran up a $20,000 data roaming bill while on vacation. The premier’s office made him do it. “When the premier assigns me a job as deputy premier, and tells me you have to handle this file, it’s government business,” says Lukaszuk. “I don’t […]

Aug 26 2014 — Jan Wong

Soon after 9-11, a newspaper editor wanted to send me to Afghanistan. I felt the usual rush of adrenalin, but by then I was a mother of two young boys. I’d covered Tiananmen Square. I’d rushed to New York the day after the World Trade Center attacks. Normally I didn’t discuss my work with my […]

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Brokaw, execs fuming over NBC chief’s remark

Aug 27 2014 —

NBC News president Deborah Turness had to apologize after infuriating top execs and talent by announcing the network news organization had been asleep for 15 years. Turness, who came to the job from Britain’s ITV News one year ago, dropped the tactless clanger in a New York Times interview on Sunday, saying, “NBC News hadn’t […]

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