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Jenni Byrne

Byrne to lead PM Harper’s national election campaign

Oct 20 2014 — Abbas Rana

Jenni Byrne, deputy chief of staff to Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the woman considered to be the PM’s “single best political organizer,” will once again lead the party’s national campaign in the next federal election. The Conservative Party’s national council recently confirmed the decision along with the promotion of Dustin Van Vugt, deputy executive […]

Oct 20 2014 —

A Conservative nomination battle in Ontario is pitting two powerful political camps against one another — and causing grumbling in the ranks about party headquarters. Paul Smith, a 50-year-old corporate executive and former assistant to prime minister Brian Mulroney, is running against 24-year-old businessman Adam Moulton in the riding of Northumberland Peterborough South. Both men […]

Oct 20 2014 — Tim Naumetz

The latest government information about the scope of deforestation by Canada’s oil and gas industry—predominantly the Boreal Plain forest destroyed by Alberta oilsands mining and production—will not be published until a year after the next federal election, according to information from the federal Natural Resources department. Even then, when the next national breakdown of deforestation […]

Oct 20 2014 —

Ottawa continued to auction off stockpiled medical supplies to the public, even after the World Health Organization requested the protective gear amid an Ebola outbreak raging in West Africa. Sales of so-called Personal Protective Equipment (PPE), which includes surgical masks and isolation gowns, also apparently took place despite requests that are said to have been […]

Oct 20 2014 — Kathryn May

The Conservative government is facing a showdown with employees at Canada’s tax agency over two hot-button issues for public servants: giving up severance pay, and banked sick leave. The Union of Taxation Employees stands out as the only federal union that has yet to give up severance benefits for public servants who quit voluntarily. And […]


Democracy-driven NGOs gearing up to spur voters to the polls in 2015

Oct 20 2014 — Kristie Smith

With democratic rights a burning issue from Hong Kong to Texas to — with the controversy over the Fair Elections Act in the past year — our own backyard, non-government organizations are gearing up to get voters engaged in the 2015 election. They’re not investing their energies in a particular outcome — it’s the process […]

Oct 20 2014 —

Justin Trudeau says revealing what makes political leaders tick is just as important as disclosing the minutiae of the policies they’d implement. That’s why the Liberal leader says he’s bared some intimate details of his life in a new memoir, Common Ground, which hits bookstores today. The book chronicles the highs and lows of Trudeau’s […]

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Oct 20 2014 — Susana Mas

With a year or less to go before the next federal election, scheduled for Oct. 19, 2015, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has published a memoir. It’s his attempt at defining himself before his political opponents do it for him. 1. His privileged upbringing While his upbringing was one of privilege, it was also one shaped […]

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Oct 20 2014 —

A Russian cargo ship that was adrift off the British Columbia coast after a power outage has docked. The Prince Rupert Port Authority says the Simushir has been towed to the Fairview Container Terminal, and the vessel is expected to stay for 48 hours for repairs. The container ship was en route to Russia from […]

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Oct 19 2014 —

A man who recently travelled to Sierra Leone walked into a southern Ontario hospital last week, feeling unwell. Four minutes later, he was in quarantine and being tested for the Ebola virus. Those tests proved negative. Suppose they’d been positive. What would happen next? It would start with a technician at the National Microbiology Laboratory […]

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Harper readies to spend Flaherty’s billions

Oct 20 2014 — L. Ian MacDonald

What to do with the surplus? It’s the question everyone’s asking in Ottawa. On Radio-Canada’s Les coulisses du pouvoir Sunday, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau said “this surplus will be used to build solutions for the long term,” notably in education and infrastructure. As it happens, he’s aligned with public opinion in a new EKOS poll […]


5 federal storylines that could upend 2015 wisdom

Oct 19 2014 — Tim Harper

One year from the morning after. If our fixed election date holds, we’re a year from a trip to the federal polls. It’s a good time to remember what changes a single year can bring. Here are five storylines that can upend any federal prognostications over the next 12 months. The economy: If he was […]


Media consortium takes on Tories

Oct 20 2014 — Ezra Levant

When I coined the phrase “the Media Party,” I didn’t mean that the liberal groupthink in the media is a conspiracy. It’s subconscious–it’s that journalists are a monoculture. They’re usually from the same social circles, with the same backgrounds and biases. But a bombshell access to information document released this month shows senior executives at […]


Leadership matters, especially in dark times

Oct 20 2014 — Monte Solberg

Now that Ebola walks the Earth on 100-foot legs, we might spare a thought for the virtues of leadership, wherever it does and doesn’t occur. Consider the case of the first Ebola-infected nurse in Dallas. The Centers for Disease Control (CDC) immediately blamed her for breaching protocol, before they had even investigated. Their first and […]


New era of Church rationality? Not so fast

Oct 20 2014 — Dan Leger

Has there been an epiphany in the Roman Catholic Church? Not the capital-E kind; the Feast of the Epiphany is a fixture in the Catholic calendar every Jan. 6. This is a small-e epiphany — a moment of insight or revelation, when a truth is revealed and understanding bestowed. It sure seemed that way last […]


Four ridings have a voice for all Albertans

Oct 20 2014 — Ian Robinson

On Oct. 27, Albertans in four ridings go to the polls. Byelections are to general elections what a kiss on the cheek from your maiden aunt with the menopause mustache is to a full-on, Vegas casino penthouse orgy with a roster of shapely adorables hand-picked by Hugh Hefner. In short, byelections are generally not as […]


Olivia Chow fighting to the end

Oct 20 2014 — Sue-Ann Levy

Olivia Chow looks worn out. She tells me over clam chowder at an Italian eatery across the street from her midtown campaign office that she’s “energetic, great, wonderful.” But if you listen to the tone of her voice, you can tell her enthusiasm is forced and she sounds like she’s just going through the motions […]

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Manning breaks Favre’s record with 509th touchdown pass

Oct 20 2014 —

Peyton Manning broke Brett Favre’s NFL record for touchdown passes with No. 509. He didn’t stop there, either. Manning threw four touchdown passes in Denver’s 42-17 victory over the San Francisco 49ers on Sunday night, two to Demaryius Thomas, one to Wes Welker and another to Emmanuel Sanders. That gives him 510. The record-breaker was […]

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