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Political players discount speculation on early spring election call, say it’s too risky

Mar 2 2015 — Bea Vongdouangchanh

Despite recent heated speculation that Prime Minister Stephen Harper could capitalize on his government’s anti-terrorism legislation and national security issues and pull the plug on this Parliament for an early spring election, political players say it’s too risky. “I think it will be part of an election story, but I don’t think it’ll be why […]

Mar 2 2015 — Laura Ryckewaert

A proposed bylaw to give the Parliamentary Press Gallery the power to officially handle complaints and recommend members of the Hill media be booted out for alleged personal or sexual harassment, serious misconduct, violence, threats of violence or intimidation, or a criminal offence, was shelved by the gallery’s executive last week for three months after […]

Mar 2 2015 — Tonda MacCharles

The RCMP has warned the federal government that drones — unmanned aerial vehicles — pose a terrorism threat to critical infrastructure in Canada. Yet a year later, and more than 4½ years after a regulatory overhaul began, Transport Canada has still not developed tougher rules around unmanned flight. In Paris, mystery drone flights near iconic […]

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Men built mysterious underground Toronto bunker for ‘personal reasons’

Mar 2 2015 —

Two men built the mysterious tunnel found near York University in Toronto for “personal reasons,” police announced Monday. In a brief news release issued early Monday morning, police said they received several tips about the case that allowed them to identify two men. “The two men told investigators they built the tunnel for personal reasons,” […]


Kathleen Wynne and the L word at Queen’s Park

Mar 2 2015 — Robert Fisher

A little over two years ago, Kathleen Wynne found herself mostly alone on a stage at Toronto’s Mattamy Centre — the former Maple Leaf Gardens — doing a mic check for what would be, the following the day, the most important speech of her political life. It was the Liberal leadership race, a race whose […]

Mar 2 2015 — Janice Dickson

Canada is lagging behind when it comes to prosecuting hate speech, terrorism financing and terrorism related activities, at least compared with other jurisdictions, according to conservative senator Daniel Lang. “A radicalized Islamist attacked and killed Cpl. Nathan Cirillo and then entered Parliament determined to carry out his own personal jihad,” Lang said in his remarks […]

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Mar 2 2015 — David Pugliese

The Canadian government won’t intervene militarily in Libya even as Islamic extremists continue to expand their grip on that war-torn country. Gunmen associated with various Islamic extremist groups control parts of Libya or have set up training camps. Concerns has also been raised that forces affiliated with the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant […]

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Mar 2 2015 — David Pugliese

Canadian military intelligence officers predicted in 2011 that Libya could descend into a lengthy civil war if foreign countries provided assistance to rebels opposing the country’s dictator Moammar Gadhafi, according to documents obtained by the Citizen. The warning, made just days before several countries, including Canada, began their March 2011 bombing campaign against Gadhafi’s regime, […]

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Mar 1 2015 —

The Conservative government has named its new corporate social responsibility counsellor for the mining sector. It says the watchdog will have a more pro-active approach for dealing with complaints involving Canadian companies. Longtime industry adviser and engineer Jeffrey Davidson takes on the role after a major overhaul of the government’s strategy on responsible resource extraction […]

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Mar 1 2015 — Rob Ferguson

Barrie MP Patrick Brown is claiming he has sold the most party memberships in the race to replace ousted Progressive Conservative leader Tim Hudak. Brown, a nine-year veteran of the House of Commons and the only candidate without a seat in the provincial legislature, said Saturday night that his campaign brought 40,410 new members into […]

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Mar 1 2015 — Michelle Zilio

As the six-month deadline for Canada’s mission in Iraq approaches, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is signalling that his party may support a mission extension. When asked if the Liberal Party would support an extension of Canada’s mission in Iraq, Trudeau told CTV’s Question Period that Canada definitely has a role to play in the fight […]

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Michael Harris

A Hitchhiker’s Guide to the 2015 election

Mar 2 2015 — Michael Harris

Think of what follows as The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the 2015 election. It is my intention to street-proof your vote. It needs street-proofing because the old electoral politics of presentation, explanation and proof are mostly dead. Politicians no longer court you, they stalk you. They don’t campaign, they spy, cheat, chisel and connive their way […]


Time to put the brakes on our slide to intolerance

Mar 2 2015 — Tim Harper

Are we moving into a new era of intolerance in this country? Intolerance is a strong word, but certainly no more inflammatory than some of the words being bandied about by our politicians in this election year. Vigilance has crossed a line, much of it fuelled by comments — or inaction, or studied silence — […]


Trudeau’s inevitability slipped 15 points, and that’s a lot

Mar 2 2015 — Warren Kinsella

You’re the incumbent, you’re smart, you’ve got plenty of experience, but you can’t get ahead in the polls. So what do you do? You call for a series of leaders’ debates, that’s what you do. Stephen Harper, however much he disdains the mainstream media, he disdains the mainstream media, knows one media truism to be […]


Mr. PM, please think twice about five debates

Mar 2 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens

My very dear Prime Minister: I am writing to you again as a steadfast admirer of your inspired leadership, your splendid cabinet and your exceptional caucus. Sir, be assured Canada has never been so well served. Permit me to begin by apologizing for intruding on your solitude this week. With Parliament in recess, you are […]


What’s missing is action

Mar 2 2015 — Dan Lett

Even without an inquiry, we can still help aboriginal women. Most Canadians understand government moves pretty slowly. It’s the nature of a complex organization with competing interests (political versus administrative) and many different goals. In this context, it is often a good idea to go slow when citizens’ money, or welfare, is at stake. And […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Unpaid labour fits into Harper’s plan

Mar 2 2015 — Heather Mallick

Our brains are being dipped into a Conservative vat of fluid and moved along down the assembly line. The way we look at the work-and-money transaction is being slowly altered for us in a way that is doing us damage. Short version? We’re worthless. The recent attempt by the University of Toronto Law School, said […]


Why the West makes nice to authoritarian Egypt

Mar 2 2015 — Neil MacDonald

A few weeks ago, from Switzerland, John Baird tweeted a picture of himself grinning into the camera, shaking the hand of a short, unprepossessing fellow who seemed amused and distracted by something elsewhere in the room. “Great to have dinner & speak with President el-Sisi last night,” gushed Baird, who was at the time still […]

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Canadian Screen Awards 2015: Mommy big film winner, Orphan Black takes top TV trophies

Mar 2 2015 —

The critically acclaimed Montreal-based film Mommy was the darling of Sunday’s Canadian Screen Awards, taking home nine trophies including best motion picture. The night also saw CBC win another two awards, adding to 18 garnered during two ceremonies held earlier this week. Sunday’s two-hour gala, hosted by comedian Andrea Martin and broadcast on CBC TV, […]

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