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Fixed-date election comes with concerns, observers say

Jul 5 2015 —

The first fixed-date election in Canadian history is just around the corner, but some observers are raising concerns about overspending because of a law they say is flawed. When the Conservatives introduced a fixed election date nine years ago, political financing rules were not adjusted accordingly, says Elections Canada boss Marc Mayrand. “We must not […]

Jul 5 2015 — Dean Beeby

The head of a small Ottawa-based charity is in Geneva this week to complain to a United Nations committee about the Canada Revenue Agency’s program of political-activity audits. Harriett McLachlan, president of Canada Without Poverty, is pleading her case before the UN Human Rights Committee, arguing that a special audit program launched by the tax […]

Jul 5 2015 — Alex Boutilier

Authorities are moving to further tighten the rules on anyone visiting federal prisons to crack down on contraband despite fears the new system can be applied “subjectively.” A notice quietly posted to a federal government website the afternoon before Canada Day said that despite concerns from inmates’ advocates and visitors, Correctional Services Canada will move […]

Prime Minister Stephen Harper makes a funding announcement for Canada's 150th anniversary celebrations, in Quebec City, Thursday, June 25, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Clement Allard

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Harper urges voters to avoid ‘risk’ of NDP or Liberals in power

Jul 4 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is warning voters that a victory by the New Democrats or Liberals in this fall’s election will bring European-style economic calamity to this country and open the door to an increased security threat from jihadist terrorists. In a highly partisan speech delivered Saturday evening to supporters at a Conservative barbeque, Harper […]


Justin Trudeau makes campaign stop in Winnipeg

Jul 5 2015 —

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau has been out on the campaign trail and made a stop in Winnipeg Saturday. Trudeau held a meet and greet with Winnipeg South Liberal candidate Terry Duguid in the afternoon, where he met with voters and talked about his party’s platform heading into the next federal election.

Jul 5 2015 — David Larkins

When Gordon Giesbrecht won the Conservative candidacy for Winnipeg South last month, Terry Duguid wasted little time firing the first shot. On the same day Giesbrecht, a University of Manitoba professor who is nicknamed Professor Popsicle for his work in areas of winter survival, won the candidacy, Duguid, the Liberal candidate in Winnipeg South, wrote […]

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Jul 4 2015 —

The military has been called in to help care for 7,900 people from a northern Saskatchewan community that includes the province’s largest First Nation, as a rash of wildfires prompts a massive evacuation. Up to 5,000 of the evacuees will be taken hundreds of kilometres away to a refuge in Cold Lake, Alta., staffed by […]

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Jul 4 2015 — Peter O'Neil

Senior Conservatives and New Democrats are defending Thomas Mulcair’s portrayal of a period in early 2007 when the NDP leader — then poised to leave the provincial Liberals in Quebec — was in private talks with headhunters from Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. They challenged the picture painted in a Maclean’s magazine article last week […]

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The easy ride in the West may be over for Harper’s team

Jul 5 2015 — David Akin

The morning after Rachel Notley and her happy NDP warriors had vanquished Jim Prentice and the Alberta PCs, Prentice’s former colleagues in Ottawa gathered in a Parliament Hill committee room for their weekly caucus meeting. Conservative MPs were in a glum mood. Some tried, with not much success, to joke about “Albertastan.” Deepak Obhrai, the […]

Bob Hepburn

Mulcair’s crass play for Quebec votes

Jul 5 2015 — Bob Hepburn

NDP Leader Tom Mulcair likes to portray himself as a smart politician fully in tune with what issues are at the top of mind for Canadians. But Mulcair may be outsmarting himself if he thinks voters outside of Quebec no longer worry much about the possibility of Quebec separation. How else can you explain Mulcair’s […]


Union disclosure bill to bring answers

Jul 5 2015 — Lorne Gunter

You’ve got to give B.C. Conservative Russ Hiebert credit for persistence. The South Surrey-White Rock-Cloverdale MP has spent nearly four years navigating his private member’s bill on union financial disclosure through the House of Commons and (mostly) the Senate. On Tuesday, Parliament’s upper chamber finally passed Bill C-377 and Governor General David Johnston signed it […]


Elizabeth May means it

Jul 5 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

Of Canada’s national political parties, it’s not surprising the Greens have the clearest plan when it comes to addressing climate change. Indeed, if you believe man-made global warming is an imminent, existential threat to humanity and the most important issue we face, you should vote for Elizabeth May and the Greens in the Oct. 19 […]


What about ISIS?

Jul 5 2015 — Grant LaFleche

Yes, the Conservative attack ad against Trudeau is absurd, but the fact remains the Liberal leader’s foreign policy is a mess. There is something particularly odd about the devolution of the Canadian debate on what to do about ISIS. Instead of talking about what role Canada should be playing in protecting those this theocratic army […]

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US actress Diana Douglas dies aged 92

Jul 5 2015 —

US actress and model Diana Douglas has died in Los Angeles aged 92, her family says. Ms Douglas appeared in dozens of films and TV shows, including Planes, Trains and Automobiles, ER and The West Wing. She was the first wife of actor Kirk Douglas, and mother of actor Michael Douglas, and appeared with both […]

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