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Decision delayed on whether to unseal evidence in case that could reveal Harper family secrets

Apr 17 2015 — Stephen Maher

An Ontario Superior Court judge has reserved decision on whether to unseal evidence in a case believed to contain information about the prime minister’s family. Media lawyer Brian MacLeod Rogers asked Justice Mary Vallee on Friday to lift the unusually strict sealing order, while Justice Department lawyer Barney Brucker invoked Section 37 of the Canada […]

Apr 18 2015 — Rosemary Barton

Courtroom 33 in Ottawa’s Ontario court of justice, the scene these past two weeks for the fraud and breach of trust trial of suspended Senator Mike Duffy, is not much bigger than a large living room. The benches for media and the public are cushioned, but more like church pews than you might expect. Especially […]

Apr 18 2015 — Kathryn May

Treasury Board President Tony Clement says he won’t use the mental health of public servants as a “bargaining chip” during negotiations with unions over his plan to replace the existing sick-leave regime with a short-term disability plan. But that hasn’t stopped concerns that Clement may have done just that when he recently reached an extraordinary […]

Apr 17 2015 —

Canadian conservatives who have launched a cheeky new billboard campaign in Ottawa are urging Tories to embrace their libertarian roots and legalize marijuana. A group called Canadian Conservatives for Legal Marijuana put up the billboards, which parody the familiar federal Conservative party branding but feature a few more hints of green. One is at the […]

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Federal government to fund horse therapy for injured veterans

Apr 18 2015 — Richard Madan

The Harper government is taking another step towards mending strained relations with veterans by funding equine therapy for those suffering mental scars from the battlefield. Sources tell CTV News that Ottawa will soon cover costs of the therapy for injured veterans who qualify for the program. Veterans Affairs Minister says one of the last remaining […]


Carbon tax hike not in the works, Christy Clark says

Apr 18 2015 — Rob Shaw

Premier Christy Clark says her government isn’t considering a hike in the carbon tax when a previously-promised rate freeze expires in 2018. Instead, she said, she’ll launch a public discussion on the broader issue of how government can tackle climate change. “I’m sure whether or not we take the freeze off will be something people […]

Apr 18 2015 — Kathleen Harris

An online virtual tour of federal penitentiaries, produced by Correctional Service Canada is being welcomed as an attempt at openness, but also criticized for offering a “sanitized” view of prisons that glosses over the crowded conditions and lack of programming. Called Beyond The Fence: A Virtual Tour of a Canadian Penitentiary, the animated, narrated video […]

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Stars aligning for Harper in Quebec

Apr 18 2015 — Konrad Yakabuski

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has a terrible record before the Supreme Court of Canada. And even its one rare win of late had all the markings of a Pyrrhic victory. It seemed like the entire political class in Quebec had been unanimous in insisting that Ottawa turn over its records from the defunct long-arm […]

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In this election, will voters choose emotion or reason?

Apr 17 2015 — Bruce Anderson

In this fall’s election, will voters choose based on rationality or emotion? Will we be guided by political ideology, or pragmatism? Of course, the answer is all of the above, but not in equal measure. One in three Canadian voters say they have a guiding political ideology. Twice as many say they are pragmatists, people […]


Freedom of conscience belongs to us all

Apr 18 2015 — Paula Simons

This week, the Supreme Court of Canada ruled unanimously that Saguenay city council violated Quebec’s provincial human rights act because it opened and closed each council meeting with a Roman Catholic prayer. Simultaneously, an Alberta human rights tribunal ruled that the Webber Academy, an elite Calgary private school, had violated Alberta’s human rights act by […]


Hillary Clinton’s YouTube launch may hold lesson for Canada

Apr 17 2015 — Susan Delacourt

Politicians and the media need each other, especially during an election campaign — or so the conventional wisdom goes. But the launch of Hillary Clinton’s bid for the U.S. presidency this week shows the ways in which that symbiotic relationship is unravelling — in what could be also be a sneak preview for media-political dealings […]

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