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B’nai Brith CEO to nominate Harper for Nobel Peace Prize

Aug 30 2014 — Kim Mackrael

The head of a prominent Canadian Jewish organization says he plans to nominate Stephen Harper for a Nobel Peace Prize Mr. Harper is a staunch supporter of Israel whose comments on the Middle East have at times put him at odds with other Western leaders. In a news release issued by B’nai Brith Canada, Mr. […]

Aug 30 2014 — Kathryn May

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has picked a former senator and a top banking executive to head his blue-chip advisory committee on managing and modernizing Canada’s public service. Hugh Segal, who left the Senate in June to become Master of Massey College in Toronto, and Rick Waugh, the former president, CEO and deputy chairman of Scotiabank, […]

Aug 30 2014 — Paul Wells

There’s an inconvenient complicating detail in the Great Stephen Harper-Justin Trudeau Showdown of 2015. His name is Tom Mulcair, his New Democratic Party still holds 98 seats in the House of Commons and, the other day, he dropped a big hint about how the 2015 election will go. Almost nobody caught the hint. Let’s take […]

Aug 30 2014 — Robert Benzie

It has been 78 days since Kathleen Wynne was re-elected as premier of Canada’s largest province, but she still has not spoken with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. “It is disappointing to me . . . that that has not been a closer relationship. It’s a huge missed opportunity and I don’t think it’s good for […]

Aug 30 2014 — Andrew Duffy

Statistics Canada is studying a radical new method of counting how many people live in this country — one that could eventually replace the census with a “virtual population register.” In an interview with the Citizen, chief statistician Wayne Smith said the agency’s work on building a virtual census is one part of its aggressive […]


Liberals held dominant lead at start of New Brunswick campaign

Aug 30 2014 — David Akin

Brian Gallant’s New Brunswick Liberal Party held a commanding lead over incumbent Progressive Conservative Premier David Alward as the province’s 38th general election opened, the first public domain poll of the campaign concludes. The poll, done by Toronto-based Forum Research and released by the firm late Friday night, said Gallant’s Liberals had the support of […]

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Canadian commandos shopping for new equipment

Aug 30 2014 — David Pugliese

Canada’s special forces have put together a shopping list of new equipment, ranging from armoured vehicles to radios, that they plan to acquire. The purchases will unfold over the next 10 years and could include up to $99 million in new equipment for the Canadian Special Operations Forces Regiment (CSOR) based in Petawawa, and up […]

Aug 29 2014 — Susan Delacourt

In the last federal election, about four of every 10 Canadians exercised their option to stay away from the ballot box altogether. Next year, if larger trends hold, we may get even closer to the dismal 50-per-cent turnout figure. Is it time to take away that no-voting option from Canadians? Do we need to make […]

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Open the borders and give provinces the taxing power

Aug 30 2014 — Andrew Coyne

On the first day of the annual meeting of the Council of the Federation, held this year in Charlottetown, P.E.I., the Group of Politicians Formerly Known as The Premiers posed for a photograph in the style of that famous photo of the Fathers of Confederation, taken on the same spot 150 years before. The symbology […]


Why Stephen Harper should thank Vladimir Putin

Aug 30 2014 — Tom Walkom

Stephen Harper denounces Vladimir Putin. In his secret heart, he should thank the Russian president. For Canada’s Conservatives, the reappearance of the Russian bear and the subsequent resurrection of the Cold War are politically most useful. They give new clarity to Ottawa’s often confusing approach to foreign affairs. Harper took power eight years ago promising […]

jeffrey simpson

The PM can’t see the climate for the slush

Aug 30 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has just completed his ninth annual summer tour of Canada’s North. These trips are fine in and of themselves. They draw attention to the North, in all its complexity. Mr. Harper announces programs. No one can gainsay that he is interested in the North – his recurring presence there testifies to […]


Elections working fine

Aug 30 2014 — Anthony Furey

It tells you something when there are folks out there who believe electoral reform is one of the most pressing issues of the day. It might mean that they live in a theocracy or dictatorship. It might mean their elections are bogus. Or that there are few electoral rules and those that exist are not […]


Prentice’s fundraising haul outmuscles Tory leadership rivals

Aug 30 2014 — Don Braid

Imagine Thomas Lukaszuk and Ric McIver racing around on tricycles. They’re having fun — until Jim Prentice pulls up on his steamroller. That may not be the whole truth, but it sure is the impression the Prentice camp wants to give PC party members by releasing his leadership fundraising numbers. The key figure is imposing […]

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N.B. vote raises familiar questions

Aug 30 2014 — Marilla Stephenson

New Brunswick is the closest thing Nova Scotia has to a fiscal twin among Canada’s 10 provinces. The two Atlantic provinces have an aging population that is relatively similar in size, the loss of young workers to the west, struggling rural communities and the ongoing struggle with annual deficits and a growing public debt.

Heather Mallick headshot.

The recline of the American empire

Aug 30 2014 — Heather Mallick

When neighbours can’t get along they build fences. When airplane passengers can’t get along they hastily install a device that prevents the passenger in the seat in front from reclining. That passenger then throws a cup of water on the installer’s head, the plane is diverted, they’re both thrown off the flight, end of story. […]


Is Tims getting a bit intimidating?

Aug 30 2014 — Gail Lethbridge

Hey Tims, you’ve got some ’splaining to do, Buddy. We hear you’re hooking up with that big American burger joint. Everyone seems excited. Bankers and markets are beside themselves. Investors are keen, too. They see this whole thing as the goose that laid the golden chocolate-glazed Timbit. I mean, a double whooper, double chocolate doughnut […]

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Bon Jovi out of group bidding for Bills

Aug 30 2014 —

Jon Bon Jovi has been chucked from the group, The Post has learned. The rocker and the deep-pocketed Toronto-based sports team owners who are bidding for the Buffalo Bills have parted way, sources close to the situation said Friday. The remaining entities in the group — Larry Tanenbaum, chairman of Maple Leaf Sports & Entertainment, […]