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Mar 30 2015 — Glen McGregor

Former foreign minister John Baird says he was given the “green light” by the federal ethics commissioner to take two high-paying positions in the private sector, even though he had dealings with both companies when he served in the Conservative government’s cabinet. Last week, Barrick Gold Corp. revealed in securities filings that Baird would join […]

NDP MPs face questions about alleged partisan use of riding offices

Mar 30 2015 —

A third front has opened up in the war between the NDP and rival parties over the allegedly improper use of parliamentary resources — this time involving questions about partisan activity in taxpayer-funded constituency offices. Dozens of New Democrat MPs have been using their constituency offices as staging grounds for door-to-door canvassing blitzes, dubbed “days […]


Bank of Canada head says oil’s effect on economy atrocious -FT

Mar 30 2015 —

The head of the Bank of Canada said a slump in oil prices is having an “atrocious” effect on the Canadian economy but a cheaper currency and incipient U.S. revival should help exports drive a recovery, the Financial Times reported on Monday. Governor Stephen Poloz said in an interview with the newspaper that the central […]

Mar 30 2015 — Elizabeth Thompson

The Conservative Party of Canada’s former executive director has set up what could be a game-changing new organization to raise money and promote the benefits of “a strong, stable Conservative government” while bypassing the legal limits on fundraising faced by political parties, iPolitics has learned. Conservative Voice is actively seeking donations from companies to help… […]

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Mar 30 2015 —

Green party Leader Elizabeth May says a handful of planned government amendments to the federal anti-terrorism bill don’t alleviate her concerns about what she calls dangerous and undemocratic legislation. May plans to present five dozen amendments when the House of Commons public safety committee begins examining the bill clause-by-clause on Tuesday. The NDP and Liberals […]

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Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Fixing our broken politics

Mar 30 2015 — Don Lenihan

Is politics broken? Yes, but we also know how to fix it. Through the ages, politics has been broken many times, yet people have risen to the challenge. The question now is whether we will do so again. Let’s start with a few examples before turning to the solution. When King John signed the Magna Carta […]

paul wells 2

The Conservatives are levelling the playing field. Maybe.

Mar 30 2015 — Paul Wells

Having poked around on this story for the last few hours, I don’t know what to make of it: The Conservative Party of Canada’s former executive director has set up what could be a game-changing new organization to raise money and promote the benefits of “a strong, stable Conservative government” while bypassing the legal limits […]


The last of Danielle Smith

Mar 30 2015 — Colby Cosh

In reporting on Danielle Smith’s defeat in the Highwood Progressive Conservative nomination contest on Saturday, the Edmonton Journal quotes her former Wildrose caucus colleague Pat Stier as saying, “She was the princess of Alberta in terms of politics.” In fact, he has sort of stumbled backward over the problem: She wasn’t a “princess.” Smith does […]


Canada’s bigots grant themselves permission to vent

Mar 30 2015 — Stephen Hume

Prime Minister Stephen Harper blurts an ill-considered reference to a little-worn item of Muslim dress as representing “anti-woman culture.” A Tweet under Immigration Minister Jason Kenney’s name circulates a photo of women acting in a religious rite that depicts an ancient bondage and misrepresents it as enslaved Muslim women today. Then backbench MP Larry Miller […]

Michael Harris

Harper and his ideologue minions reason enough to fear C-51

Mar 30 2015 — Michael Harris

As Stephen Harper transforms Canada into a nation of suspects and self-censors while holding a match to the Charter of Rights, the Conservative Party robots are blowing their circuits coming up with justifications for Bill C-51. Their excuses have gone from the lame to the ludicrous. Peter MacKay proclaimed that our allies are doing it, […]


Progressives united, but who gets their vote?

Mar 29 2015 — Tim Harper

The good news for the body politic in this country is that it is now flying on two wings. The left side of the political brain has caught up to the right of the political brain and it only took a couple of years. But realpolitik hovered as workers, thinkers and activists of the left […]


Harper is finally getting his wish: a war

Mar 30 2015 — Geoffrey Stevens

Back in the spring of 2003, in the waning days of his prime ministry, Jean Chrétien announced the decision for which he will be long remembered. Canada, he told a tumultuous House of Commons, would be not joining the U.S.-led “coalition of the willing” in its war against Iraq. There are times in politics when […]


Like Manning, Broadbent finds new life as thought leader

Mar 30 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

Ed Broadbent on the left, as Preston Manning has on the right, has not only re-invented himself as a thought leader, he too has created a think tank that is a valuable source of ideas and public discourse. The annual Broadbent Institute and Manning Centre conferences have become two of the most important events on […]


The budget — and the Liberal response to it — will yield the ultimate ballot question

Mar 29 2015 — Michael Den Tandt

Here’s a bet: Joe Oliver’s budget — current whereabouts unknown, somewhat like the Finance Minister himself — and the Liberal response to it, will yield the ultimate ballot question in the 2015 election. That’s because, security craze aside, the economy is the only big remaining file on which the two front-running parties, Conservatives and Liberals, […]

Mar 30 2015 — Brian Stewart

In all of Canada’s long military history, we’ve likely never known less about a territory we are about to attack than the Syria we’re going bomb from on high. We’re not alone in that ignorance as virtually no one today can figure out the full scale of the explosive, antagonist-rich tinderbox and moral disaster zone […]

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Mar 30 2015 — Heather Mallick

A new website that groups Canadians into 68 “lifestyle types” according to where they live — it runs from the desirable to the frankly repellent — is juicy bait for marketers and the socially anxious. But it makes a cartoon of this country, and it worries me. The admirable and energetic people at Environics Analytics […]

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Mar 29 2015 — Tom Flanagan

The Wildrose supporters who gathered to choose a new leader Saturday night broke into raucous cheers when they heard that former leader Danielle Smith had been defeated for the Conservative nomination in High River. Ms. Smith had made herself infamous in Wildrose circles by crossing the floor to join the governing Conservatives and taking eight […]

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Shad and Aaron Wherry talk music and politics

Mar 30 2015 — Aaron Wherry

Shad is a Juno award-winning, Polaris Prize-nominated rapper—and the recently anointed host of CBC Radio’s marquee arts and culture show, Q. He sits down with Maclean’s associate editor Aaron Wherry to talk about the intersection of music and politics.