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Feb 10 2016 —

A new report shows that for every dollar the Conservative government budgeted for its marquee job-training program, it spent 53 cents advertising it in the first year. Newly released details of the previous government’s 2014-15 advertising budget show that spending on ads linked to the economic action plan outpaced any other campaign. The TV, radio, […]


Prime Minister Trudeau takes snowboard shopping seriously

Feb 10 2016 —

When Prime Minister Justin Trudeau went shopping for a brand-new snowboard setup this winter, he made one request: It must be Canadian. “He just said he wanted to ride a Canadian board, so that narrowed the options for us,” Eric Dionne, co-owner of Ottawa snowboard shop Top of the World, told Scott Birke of […]

Feb 10 2016 —

A potential leadership contender for the federal Conservative Party says the Liberal government is right to end airstrikes against the Islamic State. Celebrity investor Kevin O’Leary, the chair of O’Leary Financial Group and a Bell Media on-air contributor, told CTV’s Power Play Wednesday that Canada should stick to peacekeeping. “Killing people is easy. Keeping the […]

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Feb 10 2016 — Susana Mas

Canada’s Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan met for the first time Wednesday with U.S. Secretary of Defence Ash Carter, who told him the U.S. will “intensify” its fight against the Islamic State in Iraq and Syria. Sajjan’s meeting with Carter comes two days after Canada announced it will pull its six fighter jets from the bombing […]

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Feb 10 2016 —

Ontario’s environment minister says no one expects that a highly anticipated meeting next month between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the premiers will conclude a new climate plan for the country. “You’re seeing the federal government trying to build a pan-Canadian framework,” Glen Murray, Ontario’s minister for environment and climate change, told The Canadian Press […]

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Jenni Byrne would like you to know it wasn’t her fault

Feb 10 2016 — Susan Delacourt

Many Conservatives may be less than grateful that Jenni Byrne, the party’s former campaign director, has aired her views on what went wrong for the party in the 2015 election. But Canadian political historians ought to thank Byrne for her unexpected columnist’s turn in The Globe and Mail this week, which clears up a couple […]


Trudeau’s ‘Alice in Wonderland’ policy in Iraq and Syria

Feb 10 2016 — Terry Glavin

Among the maxims and banalities Prime Minister Justin Trudeau reiterated in his Monday press conference, is there anything amounting to a logical justification for substituting six RCAF CF-18s with roughly 140 more special operations trainers as Canada’s contribution to the U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant, also known as ISIS, […]

Tasha Kheiriddin

Canada’s all about human rights in the Middle East, unless you want to buy our military vehicles

Feb 10 2016 — Tasha Kheiriddin

If you thought the federal government’s newly revealed mission against the Islamic State (ISIL) was incoherent, you won’t like its policy on selling military equipment to Saudi Arabia. During the election campaign, the Liberals promised that, if elected, they would have Canada sign the Arms Trade Treaty, an international agreement achieved in 2014, which restricts […]


Justin Trudeau makes his leadership style clear in first 100 days

Feb 10 2016 — Carol Goar

A pattern is developing in Canadian politics. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will meet a group expected to be unfriendly or censorious. He will listen carefully to its position but make no firm commitment. To the surprise of his critics, he will emerge unscathed. The scenario keeps repeating itself. After each encounter, his adversaries accuse him […]


Whatever happens with the ISIS mission now, Trudeau will wear it

Feb 10 2016 — L. Ian MacDonald

Whether Canada’s re-profiled role in the allied campaign against ISIS is a combat or non-combat mission, one thing is clear: Justin Trudeau owns it. He inherited a very different operation from the previous Conservative government, one led by six CF-18 fighter jets and 69 Special Forces members training Kurdish resistance fighters on the ground in […]


Let’s call our anti-ISIS mission what it is

Feb 9 2016 — Tim Harper

The new Canadian role in the anti-ISIS coalition actually takes its roots from a decision taken 16 months ago when Justin Trudeau decided he could not align himself with Stephen Harper. If Harper wanted to bomb Islamic State targets, then the Liberals didn’t want to do that. There was principle at play and internal Liberal […]


Trudeau repays a debt to Kathleen Wynne with feel-goodery

Feb 10 2016 — Chris Selley

Rest assured: Justin Trudeau, campaign mode, is still operational. Thirty-six hours after sombrely chewing the scenery while announcing Canada’s new anti-ISIL mission, the prime minister strode into Whitby’s Zingers Bar and Grill, flanked by Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne and Elizabeth Roy, her candidate in Thursday’s Whitby-Oshawa byelection, and set the crowd afire with some of […]

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Kanye West declares Bill Cosby is innocent

Feb 10 2016 —

Kanye West is once again causing drama online. The rapper declared “BILL COSBY INNOCENT !!!!!!!!!!” via Twitter on Tuesday night. “Kanye please don’t do this,” one fan pleaded with him. Another fan responded, “it is getting progressively harder to continue loving you like I do when you are continually so dense.” A number of fans […]