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Apr 19 2015 —

‘Tis the season … to be speculating. But there’s a limit to how much Canadians can, or even should, try to figure out ahead of this year’s federal election, said Bob Rae, former Liberal leader and Ontario premier. His suggestion: stop when you reach the point where you’re trying to guess the party leaders’ post-election […]

Apr 19 2015 —

A former Canadian defence minister is heading a speaking tour about the alleged cover up of UFOs by world governments. A crowd of about 400 people attended the “Disclosure Canada Tour” stop at the University of Calgary Saturday, to hear keynote speaker Paul Hellyer. Hellyer served as Canada’s defence minister in the 1960s. Hellyer and […]

Apr 19 2015 —

Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Christine Elliott now has the backing of former Toronto mayor Rob Ford. Ford, who’d been supporting leadership hopeful Monte McNaughton before he dropped out of the race, and his brother Doug appeared with Elliott on Sunday in west-end Toronto. Elliott says Ford and his brother have been “family friends” for […]


How the oil shock turned federal budget wish lists into watery wine

Apr 19 2015 —

As last autumn’s colours were setting in, veteran Ottawa lobbyist Dan Kelly was confident the spring would produce a federal budget surplus with ample room for announcements. But following a long winter, the head of the Canadian Federation of Independent Business is approaching Tuesday’s election-year budget with his hopes somewhat in check. “Things were trucking […]

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Queen salutes Canadians in WWI commemoration

Apr 19 2015 — Michelle Zilio

The Queen joined three Canadian military regiments in London, to commemorate the regiments’ role in a historic First World War battle. The Calgary Highlanders, Royal Hamilton Light Infantry and the Canadian Scottish Regiments are in Europe to mark the 100-year anniversary of the Second Battle of Ypres, where Germany used chemical weapons on a large […]

Apr 19 2015 — Michelle Zilio

It’s widely known that the Conservative government will table a balanced federal budget this week. But what else can Canadians expect on Tuesday? From infrastructure and security spending to breaks for seniors, the Conservatives have been dropping hints about what to expect when the government tables the federal budget Tuesday. The speech is long-awaited, after […]

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Bob Hepburn

Justin Trudeau – The good, the bad and the ugly

Apr 19 2015 — Bob Hepburn

With exactly six months to go before the federal election, Justin Trudeau is facing a rising chorus of complaints about his leadership of the Liberal party. Importantly, many of the complaints are coming from within the party itself, especially among long-time Liberals who fear the party’s chances of winning the Oct. 19 election are slipping […]

Corey Larocque

Duffy trial puts focus on Senate

Apr 19 2015 — Corey Larocque

After two weeks of Sen. Mike Duffy’s criminal trial, the verdict is in on Canada’s Senate — it’s the loser. And Canadians are the losers who have to foot the $80 million-a-year bill for an institution with loose rules, few brakes on how senators spend public money and virtually no oversight to ensure their spending […]


Supreme Court judges’ gun ruling shows they fooled themselves with pretend offender

Apr 19 2015 — Rosie DiManno

Hypothetical: Law-abiding legally licensed gun owner who wrongly stores his unloaded firearm in an insecure cabinet with ammunition nearby. Reality: Five individuals wounded in a shootout at a Toronto townhouse complex early Thursday evening, broad daylight, close to a park where children were playing. Further reality: Summer of the Gun, 52 gun-related homicides in the […]


CBC failed us in Ghomeshi scandal

Apr 19 2015 — Lorne Gunter

The results of an independent investigation into the Jian Ghomeshi affair at the CBC were released Thursday. Investigators concluded that CBC management “condoned” the “intimidating, humiliating, hostile, or offensive work environment” that Ghomeshi is alleged to have perpetrated at his popular radio show Q. “Management knew or ought to have known of this behaviour,” wrote […]


Ghomeshi scared the CBC

Apr 19 2015 — Adrienne Batra

Failure. That one word sums up CBC management’s years of inaction regarding the abusive behaviour of their self-created “star” Jian Ghomeshi, former host of Q. Failure to act. Failure to protect. Failure to question. Failure to supervise. The failure of anyone to grow a pair in the behemoth public broadcaster and cut Ghomeshi down to […]


Kathleen Wynne keeps a promise

Apr 19 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

A year ago when she was running for election, Premier Kathleen Wynne promised to be different from her predecessor Dalton McGuinty. She has been. Arguably she’s worse. Even McGuinty didn’t dismiss opposition to the province’s controversial new sex-ed curriculum as based on homophobia and pulled it back for further review. Wynne, on the other hand, […]


For Notley, this is not her father’s NDP

Apr 19 2015 — Graham Thomson

If you haven’t seen NDP Leader Rachel Notley during this election campaign, just give it a minute. You will. Odds are her ambitious pan-Alberta travel itinerary — to demonstrate she really is running to be premier, not just leader of an Edmonton-based official Opposition — will bring her to your town, city, community, neighbourhood or […]

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