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Unions on war path over Liberal criticism of NDP staffers’ union office

May 2 2015 —

Two more union leaders are accusing Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau of hypocrisy on labour rights. Unifor national president Jerry Dias and CLC president Hassan Yussuff have joined the chorus of union leaders who are furious that Liberals have criticized New Democrats for providing parliamentary office space to their staffers’ union local. They’ve sent letters to […]

May 2 2015 —

The Keystone XL pipeline debate that unfortunately continues to drag on has pushed Canada’s oil production potential into the spotlight. Canada is our neighbor and leading trade partner, with U.S. goods and private services trade with Canada totaling around $750 billion a year, interestingly equal parts imports and exports. More oil connections are a natural […]

May 2 2015 — James Wood

The Tories are getting back old supporters out of fear of an NDP government, Progressive Conservative Leader Jim Prentice told PC backers on Saturday. With Albertans set to go to the polls on Tuesday, Prentice and the PCs have been relentlessly raising the prospect of economic woes for Alberta if the NDP ends the Tories’ […]

May 2 2015 — Steven Chase

Stephen Harper is defending Kurdish fighters as questions persist over the death of a Canadian Armed Forces soldier in Iraq, saying the tragic “friendly fire” shooting of Sergeant Andrew Doiron by peshmerga militia shouldn’t ‎overshadow the impressive job they’re doing to push back Islamic State militants.

Rachel Notley

NDP shrugs off scare tactics of ‘desperate’ rivals

May 2 2015 — Trevor Howell

Federal politicians brought bouquets and billy clubs to Alberta’s election trail Friday to address the possibility the NDP could wield power after more than four decades of Progressive Conservative government. Federal NDP Leader Tom Mulcair praised provincial NDP Leader Rachel Notley. “I can only say that Rachel Notley is an extraordinary politician. She’s a very […]


Albertans predict PC majority despite polls giving edge to NDP

May 2 2015 —

If the polls are to be believed, next Tuesday Albertans will vote to end the Progressive Conservative dynasty in the province after a record 44 years in power. But Albertans remain skeptical about the prospects of a change in government come May 5, and for good reason. Pollsters in Canada have weathered serious blows to […]

May 2 2015 —

Within days of Albertans going to the polls, investors are wondering how the heads of Calgary’s biggest companies are viewing one of the most wide open elections in decades. Cenovus CEO Brian Ferguson was the first to weigh in on Alberta’s election campaign, pouring cold water on an NDP pledge to review the province’s energy […]

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May 2 2015 —

Alberta’s New Democrat Leader Rachel Notley and Wildrose Party Leader Brian Jean both started out as political underdogs, but as the final days of campaigning wrap up before the May 5 provincial election, they’ve emerged as serious threats to the Progressive Conservatives’ 43-year dynasty in Alberta. “There’s an appetite for change,” Jean told host Evan […]

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May 2 2015 —

Federal politicians weighed in on Alberta’s provincial election Friday, stumping for their provincial counterparts. Edmonton-Spruce Grove MP Rona Ambrose said the Alberta economy is too important to the rest of the country for Albertans to conduct a “risky experiment” by electing an NDP government. “We’re the economic engine of this country and what happens here […]

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Will Alberta make Notley Canada’s most powerful New Democrat?

May 2 2015 — David Akin

On Tuesday, Albertans will vote in the 29th general election since the province’s entry into Confederation in 1905. And in all those elections, Albertans have changed their governing party just three times: In 1921, 1935 and 1971. A half-dozen or more polls out in the last few days suggest that Albertans are about to make […]


This wasn’t the election campaign anyone was expecting

May 2 2015 — Graham Thomson

The official slogan of the Progressive Conservative campaign as writ large on the side of the Jim Prentice campaign motorcoach: “Choose Alberta’s Future.” The unofficial slogan that must be going through the minds of those on board the bus: “Uh-oh.” This is not the campaign the PCs were supposed to have. It wasn’t supposed to […]


Fearful PCs want company in their misery

May 2 2015 — Graham Thomson

Anywhere else, he’d be a dead man walking. In any other province, Jim Prentice would be looking at the public opinion polls with one eye and watching the blade fall with the other. But when I catch up to the Progressive Conservative leader on the campaign trail this week, he seems remarkably spry. He doesn’t […]


Notley has Sask. NDP giddy

May 2 2015 — Murray Mandryk

So what is it that has Saskatchewan NDP supporters so giddy these days? Well, notwithstanding strides with nursing home horror stories, over-priced ambulance fees and the absolute gift Premier Brad Wall’s office has given the NDP by deciding workplace privacy is less important than scoring political points, it certainly hasn’t been the work of the […]


Alberta’s politics have inevitably become more diverse

May 1 2015 — Chantal Hébert

In normal circumstances, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives would have fanned out across Alberta this weekend in a last-ditch effort to save the province’s Tory dynasty from a historical defeat in Tuesday’s election . . . and to earn some brownie points for themselves. But with conservatives fighting conservatives in the party’s heartland the Alberta campaign trail […]


If we get an Alberta NDP government, only the Tories are to blame

May 2 2015 — Lorne Gunter

At a major fundraising dinner in Edmonton on Thursday evening, Tory Leader Jim Prentice warned 1,500 party faithful that if the New Democrats under Rachel Notley are elected in Tuesday’s provincial election, the result could be disastrous for Alberta. He’s right, of course. But whose fault is it that an NDP government is even a […]


Alberta, throw PC bums out

May 2 2015 — Candice Malcolm

It should come as no surprise that the Alberta Progressive Conservatives are on the verge of being kicked out of office. Much like the federal Liberals by 2006, the Alberta Tories are suffering from the arrogance that comes from too much time in office. We know that power corrupts, and absolute power corrupts absolutely. Albertans […]


Surplus of sick day benefits

May 2 2015 — Mia Rabson

If there were any doubt Prime Minister Stephen Harper is not afraid of a fight with Canada’s labour leaders, it was eliminated in the federal budget. While picking a fight with civil servants in an election year might not immediately sound like a good idea, for Harper and company, it is exactly the kind of […]

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Mayweather vs. Pacquiao — Fire Sale On Tix … Investors Losing Big $$$

May 2 2015 —

It was supposed to be the hottest ticket of the year … but it’s gone cold … and now multiple investors who tried to flip tickets to Mayweather vs. Pacquiao tell TMZ Sports they’re losing BIG MONEY. As we previously reported, ringside seats hit the market for upwards of $80,000 … and face value of […]