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Conservative attack ad may not be damning enough to damage NDP

Jul 30 2015 — Kerry McKibbin

An online video just released by the Conservative Party of Canada “walks us through” a narrative in which the NDP has swindled Canadian taxpayers of $2.7 million. The advertisement uses animated headlines set against an NDP-orange background and the voice of a frank, older-sounding man. The execution feels friendly and fresh with a visual style […]

Jul 30 2015 — Michelle Zilio

The NDP raised nearly $4.5 million in the second quarter, more than any other quarter in its history, according to new numbers released by the party. In a video posted to Twitter on Thursday, NDP national campaign director Anne McGrath revealed the fundraising numbers one day ahead of Elections Canada’s quarterly financial reports for each […]

Jul 30 2015 — Josh Elliott

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says he’s “not worried” about a recent poll that has him trailing Stephen Harper and Thomas Mulcair as Canadians’ most trusted economic manager. An exclusive Nanos Research poll for CTV News asked respondents: “Whom do you trust to manage the economy?” Trudeau was the third-most common choice as Canadians’ preferred economic […]

Jul 30 2015 — Mark Gollom

A lengthy 11-week federal election campaign could give the Conservatives, armed with a significant war chest, a marked edge over their political rivals. ​”Politics is a lot like war. You want to starve your opponent and be able to bomb the heck out of them,” said Toronto-based political strategist Marcel Wieder. “And the Tories currently […]

Jul 30 2015 —

Kootenay-Columbia MP David Wilks has admitted to a $32.6-million “mistake” after a Revelstoke Mountaineer investigation uncovered multimillion-dollar discrepancies in a funding announcement made in Revelstoke on July 16. That day, Wilks joined Oshawa MP Colin Carrie for a press event at the Monashee Lookout in Mount Revelstoke National Park. With local media on hand, and […]


Exclusive poll: 66 per cent of voters want change

Jul 29 2015 —

An exclusive poll commissioned for CTV News appears to contain bad news for Stephen Harper’s Conservatives. Nanos Research surveyed 1,000 adult Canadians and found the following: Two in three respondents agree it is “time for a change in government.” Harper’s position as the leader most trusted to manage the economy has fallen 10 points since […]


Harper Pins Election Hopes on Stewardship of Canadian Economy

Jul 30 2015 — Theophilos Argitis

With an election call coming as early as Sunday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper is staking his claim as the best hope for Canada’s economy as opponents attack his stewardship. In an interview Wednesday in Ottawa, Harper played up the outlook for the nation’s economy, dismissed worries about household debt and defended a record of tax […]

Jul 29 2015 — Glen McGregor

Prime Minister Stephen Harper will not attend the funeral of former external affairs minister Flora MacDonald, a pioneering political figure credited with leading the advance of women in modern Canadian conservative politics. Harper hasn’t offered MacDonald’s family a state funeral, a special privilege he extended to former finance minister Jim Flaherty’s family when Flaherty died […]

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bruce anderson

Economic uncertainty could play to Harper’s strengths

Jul 30 2015 — Bruce Anderson

Last year, it didn’t look like this was going to be an election about the economy. Today, things may be changing. For the longest time, Conservative election planners imagined jumping into a writ with steady growth, good employment, balanced books and generous tax cuts. If not a prime minister voters could love, at least a […]

Peter Clark

Trans Pacific Partnership talks might go into overtime as negotiators pursue deal

Jul 30 2015 — Peter Clark

Trade expert Peter Clark is in Lahaina, Hawaii, where he will be reporting on talks at the Trans Pacific Partnership Ministerial meeting. Lahaina, Hawaii – The eagles have landed on Ka’anapali Beach. Canada’s Trade Minister Ed Fast arrived Monday evening to join United States Trade Representative Ambassador Michael Froman and 8 other TPP decision makers. Peru’s […]


Cash-rich Tories carpet-bomb Trudeau with ads

Jul 30 2015 — David Akin

For the federal election that’s we’re almost certain to be in next week, Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party has a massive and overwhelming advantage over all its rivals when it comes to money. Consider this: Since the last federal election, in the spring of 2011, Conservative HQ in Ottawa has raised $76.2 million, almost exactly as […]


Harper government right to demand voters have say on electoral reform

Jul 30 2015 — Stephen Maher

On Monday, Tory MP Pierre Poilievre announced a re-elected Conservative government would pass a law to prevent any future government from changing the voting system without a referendum. The NDP wants to bring in proportional representation, electing some MPs from party lists to make the House of Commons more representative. The Liberals want ranked ballots […]


The sudden mysterious rise of Thomas Mulcair

Jul 30 2015 — Robin V. Sears

To be chosen as a rising star in the Quebec Liberal Party of old was an entirely different experience to that of any other Canadian political party, including that of its English-Canadian cousins. More akin to the style of European politics, where “the centre” and often unseen senior party counsellors seek out and then elevate […]


The fall of Justin Trudeau

Jul 30 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

Justin Trudeau is now experiencing a common trait of political journalism in Canada. It is, as the Toronto Sun’s late, great Peter Worthington used to say, that the media are either at your feet, or at your throat. And often, the same media that used to be at your feet, are now at your throat. […]

sinclair trew

TPP Shakedown in Maui

Jul 29 2015 — Scott Sinclair and Stuart Trew

A shakedown is defined as extortion by means of force, threats, or intimidation. That’s a pretty accurate description of what’s now happening in Hawaii to Canadian negotiators at the hands of their U.S. counterparts in charge of the more political than economic Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) talks. Predictably, the Canadian big business community is urging our […]


Would PM be shrewd or cynical with early election call?

Jul 30 2015 — Tim Harper

Stephen Harper has already given us Christmas in July, but an early election call this weekend would hardly be New Year’s in August. The prime minister can make whatever political calculation best serves his purpose and he can officially call the election whenever he wants. Canadians are just as free to decide whether this would […]

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Mark Starowicz, creator of Canada: A People’s History, steps down from CBC

Jul 30 2015 —

Iconic CBC producer Mark Starowicz, the creative powerhouse behind epic documentaries such as Canada: A People’s History, and popular CBC programs like As It Happens, Sunday Morning and The Journal, is stepping down from the public broadcaster. After 45 years at the CBC, Starowicz – who turns 69 in September – is leaving to pursue […]

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