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Aug 28 2016 — Marie-Danielle Smith

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau endeavours to represent an open, interconnected and inclusive Canada on the multilateral stage, his last Liberal predecessor, Paul Martin, says this year’s G20 summit in Hangzhou, China presents an opportunity to make globalization really work. Martin was an architect of the G20. To have finance ministers, and now leaders, meet […]

auto workers

Canadian workers at Detroit Three automakers give union strike mandate

Aug 28 2016 —

The union representing workers at the Canadian operations of the major American automakers has received a strike mandate from its members as it prepares to negotiate contracts. Unifor says its members at General Motors, Ford Motor Company and Fiat Chrysler Automobile voted overwhelmingly in favour of strike action to back contract demands. Unifor President Jerry […]


Wildrose caucus hosting town hall meeting

Aug 28 2016 —

Wildrose Leader Brian Jean will start his party’s caucus retreat with a town hall meeting this Tuesday in Gregoire. All 22 Wildrose MLAs, including Jean and Fort McMurray-Wood Buffalo MLA Tany Yao, will host a meet-and-greet Tuesday evening at the Quality Hotel & Conference Centre on Gregoire Drive at 6:30 p.m. Conservative Party leadership candidates […]

Aug 27 2016 — Chantal Hébert

While scores of Canadians were spending the summer smugly lamenting the ugly tone of the American presidential campaign, Canada’s Conservative party was allowing calls for the assassination of Justin Trudeau to be posted on its Facebook page. Don’t abandon this column to see for yourself. After The Walrus documented the posts, the party cleaned up […]

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Aug 27 2016 — Andree Lau

Conservative MP Michelle Rempel ripped into a CBC comedian for mocking Stephen Harper during last fall’s Parliament Hill shooting. Mark Critch from “This Hour Has 22 Minutes” published an Instagram photo of himself on Friday with the caption: “Stephen Harper stepped down. Here I am in his closet.” It’s an apparent reference to the situation […]

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Aug 28 2016 — Michael Smyth

Cost of assignment to UN climate conference included the photographer’s airfare, hotel, meals and three days’ salary It was a pricey Paris photo-op for Premier Christy Clark at the United Nations climate-change conference — and B.C. taxpayers were the ones coughing up the euros. Clark attended the UN summit last November with a 17-member entourage, […]

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Tom Parkin

Kenney’s the wrong guy to unite Alberta

Aug 28 2016 — Tom Parkin

Last year, Albertans tossed the Progressive Conservatives from office. The PCs had bet Albertans’ jobs on a never-ending boom, then abandoned them in the bust. They emptied their Heritage Fund. Fixed rules so CEOs pay the same tax rate as secretaries. Spent public money flying friends and family. Cut education and health care. That gang […]


Coderre’s pipeline politics all for show

Aug 28 2016 — Lorne Gunter

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is at it again, demagoguing against the Energy East pipeline. Back in January, the former federal Liberal cabinet minister said he couldn’t support the $15-billion pipeline from Alberta’s oil sands to refineries and ports in New Brunswick. It was too environmentally risky, he opined, and didn’t carry enough economic benefits for […]


Wynne’s climate gamble

Aug 28 2016 — Lorrie Goldstein

Suppose your life depended on something. Would you gamble with it on a stock market? According to their own words, that’s what Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are doing with their cap-and-trade carbon pricing scheme. Wynne has described man-made climate change as an imminent, existential threat to the planet. When questioned about the potential […]

Finance Minister Joe Oliver addresses the Australia-Canada Economic Leadership Forum in Vancouver, B.C., on Tuesday, July 7, 2015. Oliver says the country was not in a recession in the first half of the year despite economic data to the contrary. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Darryl Dyck

Stephen Harper will be remembered for impressive legacy

Aug 28 2016 — Joe Oliver

On Friday, our 22nd prime minister, Stephen Harper, ended a remarkable political career that included uniting conservatives and serving as leader of the country for almost a decade. He leaves behind a proud legacy — enhanced collective prosperity and security, and a principled Canadian presence on the world stage. People were aware of Harper’s cerebral […]


Harper the hypocrite

Aug 27 2016 — Brent Rathgeber

With Friday’s announcement of the resignation of the MP for Calgary Heritage, the political career of Stephen Harper officially ends and the debate over his legacy begins. The Alberta talk shows and Twitter traffic have been overwhelmingly positive. But like all legacies, Harper’s will be mixed. A balanced budget in 2015 has to be measured […]


Stephen Harper’s silent departure in keeping with his character

Aug 27 2016 — Paul Wells

Like so much of Stephen Harper’s last years in politics, his final resignation as member of Parliament for Calgary Heritage was surprising only for a moment. Once it happened, it perfectly fit an extended pattern of behaviour. Harper did not leave public life on Friday, he only finished leaving it. He has been extracting himself […]

Michael Harris

Goodbye, Harper. Good riddance.

Aug 27 2016 — Michael Harris

Like fame and drugs, politics consumes its own. Stephen Harper is no exception. Marketed as the archetypal Strong Leader, he ends as a rickety Wizard of Oz. Out of office, he was left wriggling and exposed when the curtain of power was drawn back. It revealed a very small man in a very big office. […]

Peter MacKay is seen at the Conservative Party of Canada convention in Vancouver, Friday, May 27, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

Peter MacKay on Stephen Harper: ‘His work ethic was legendary’

Aug 27 2016 — Peter MacKay

Much ink will be spilled in the coming days to describe Canada’s sixth longest serving prime minister, Stephen Harper. My reflections on having served with him in Parliament and as a member of his cabinet are of course biased but also very personal. Our early interactions were guarded, but gave way to a common cause […]

Aug 26 2016 — Susan Delacourt

It’s bad luck, according to one old superstition, to leave a building by a different door than the one you used to enter it. Stephen Harper has taken the good-luck route. The former prime minister made his exit from political life the same way he entered it. His videotaped farewell was entirely in keeping with […]

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Aug 27 2016 — Sean Speer

Next year’s federal budget is months away but budget consultations will soon start in earnest. The deadline for pre-budget submissions to the parliamentary finance committee is the end of this month. Stakeholders, consultants, and special interest organizations are scrambling to make the case for why their industry, region, or client deserves federal dollars. Expectations are […]

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Aug 26 2016 — Martin Patriquin

It’s as though he never stopped campaigning. Nearly a year since Justin Trudeau was propelled into office on a near-narcotic wave of optimism, he remains the personification of “sunny ways,” the Liberal party’s de facto mantra, mode de vie and campaign slogan. It was on display last fall, when Trudeau was mobbed by civil servants […]

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Aug 26 2016 — Susan Delacourt

Some people watch a bunch of kids playing basketball and see future professional athletes or Olympians. Raj Grewal sees future members of Parliament. “Maybe one day, one of these kids will wind up representing Brampton, which I think will be the cooler story,” says Grewal, the rookie Liberal MP for Brampton East, who sets aside […]

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Aug 26 2016 — Scott Reid

I used to say “fag” all the time. Or “homo.” Sometimes “gaylord.” We pretty much all did. Growing up in the 1970s — and for quite a long time after — such homophobic digs were the preferred schoolyard putdown for friend and foe alike. We didn’t mean it literally. In Grade 5 Ameliasburgh, Ont., no […]

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Aug 26 2016 — Tom Walkom

For social democrats, winning power can be a mixed blessing. Alberta Premier Rachel Notley is learning this through experience. Sometimes, left-leaning parties such as Notley’s New Democrats inherit government when the economy is going gangbusters. In such situations it is easy to introduce modest reforms without upsetting the big players of market capitalism. But more […]

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Aug 26 2016 — Eric Grenier

The Liberal caucus retreat continues today in Saguenay, Que. One of the topics bound to be discussed is electoral reform. Those discussions could not happen in a more appropriate place. The government has pledged that the 2015 federal election will be the last election decided by the first-past-the-post electoral system. A parliamentary committee has been […]

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Paul McCartney demo given to Cilla Black goes up for auction

Aug 27 2016 —

A long-lost demo disc recorded by Paul McCartney that was given to Cilla Black is estimated to fetch £15,000 at auction later. Black, who died in 2015, had a UK top 10 hit in 1964 with It’s for You, written by McCartney and John Lennon. McCartney recorded his own version earlier that year, which was […]


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