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RCMP show dramatic security video of gunman behind Ottawa shootings

Oct 23 2014 — Andrea Janus

RCMP have revealed dramatic security video footage from Parliament Hill showing the moments before and after a gunman fatally shot a soldier from behind at the National War Memorial and then stormed Centre Block carrying a high-powered firearm. RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson outlined the events of Wednesday morning for reporters, beginning with the first calls […]

Oct 23 2014 —

For a few moments that must have felt like an eternity, the prime minister of Canada stood hiding in a closet-like space within the Conservative caucus room. The Mounties who are assigned to protect him on a daily basis initially stood on the other side of the doors to that Parliamentary Reading Room, doors that […]

Oct 23 2014 — Tonda MacCharles

Michael Zehaf-Bibeau, the Parliament Hill attacker, was not on the RCMP’s list of 90 individuals under criminal investigation as potential threats, sources tell the Star. That distinguishes him from Martin Couture-Rouleau, who ran down two Canadian soldiers Monday, killing one. Zehaf-Bibeau was not formally identified as a “high-risk traveller” but had applied for a passport, […]

Oct 23 2014 —

One day after a lone gunman executed a terror plot that hit at the heart of the city and the seat of the national government, new details have emerged about the warpath of 32-year-old radicalized shooter Michael Zehaf-Bibeau. Zehaf-Bibeau is believed to have travelled eastbound on Wellington Street in a grey Toyota Camry with no […]

Oct 23 2014 —

Lawyer Barbara Winters was headed to a meeting Wednesday near her office at the Canada Revenue Agency when she passed the National War Memorial, stopping to snap a few pictures of the two honour guards standing soberly at attention. Moments later, after passing by a Canada Post office at the corner of Elgin and Sparks […]


Rosie O’Donnell’s remarks on Ottawa shooting draw criticism online

Oct 23 2014 —

The View co-host Rosie O’Donnell is drawing criticism online for remarks about Wednesday’s deadly shooting in Ottawa. Thursday’s episode of the chat show kicked off with the panellists discussing the attack on Parliament Hill and the killing of Cpl. Nathan Cirillo of Hamilton as he stood guard at the National War Memorial. The Ottawa shootings […]


Omar Khadr wins right to sue feds for conspiring with U.S. in expanded suit

Oct 23 2014 —

Former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr should be allowed to claim the Canadian government conspired with the Americans to torture him and breach his rights, a Federal Court judge ruled Thursday. The ruling by Judge Richard Mosley means Khadr can significantly expand his $20-million civil lawsuit in which he accuses Ottawa of complicity in what […]

Oct 23 2014 —

Members of the Canadian military in the Ottawa area have been told stop wearing their uniforms in public, with the exception of going back and forth to work. While it has not been made a general order, a guidance directive was issued today after a reservist guarding the National War Memorial was shot and killed […]

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Oct 23 2014 —

Members of Parliament honoured Cpl. Nathan Cirillo with a moment of silence as they tried to get back to a normal routine, a day after the soldier was killed during the Ottawa shooting. Cirillo was shot and killed while standing guard at the National War Memorial and the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier on Wednesday […]

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Oct 23 2014 —

Constitutional lawyers are in Federal Court on Thursday, challenging a law that allows the government to strip a Canadian-born person of their citizenship. Toronto lawyers Rocco Galati and Paul Slansky, who is representing the Constitutional Rights Centre, say the new law is unconstitutional. Previously, someone could be stripped of Canadian citizenship for attaining it through […]

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Is terror attack a political game changer?

Oct 23 2014 — Lawrence Martin

It seemed a little crass in the wake of the brutal terror attack to start talking about the political impact of it all. But this is a crass town when it comes to politics. Everything, especially under these Conservatives, is weighed in that domain. And amid the alarm on Ottawa’s downtown streets yesterday you could […]


The day it all changed

Oct 23 2014 — Mia Rabson

“This changes everything.” Liberal MP John McKay said this speaking to reporters a few hours after the unthinkable happened in Canada’s Parliament buildings. It may sound like hyperbole, but yesterday, the game changed in Canada. The overriding sense among MPs, senators, staff and the media, for whom Parliament is part of daily life, is that […]

tim harper

Parliament shootings bring fear to a special neighbourhood

Oct 23 2014 — Tim Harper

When fear invades your neighbourhood it announces itself in a swirl of sirens and emergency vehicles screaming down Rideau St., a report of a fallen soldier and a knot in your stomach. Your world speeds up, even as you weave your way through the downtown denizens laconically shuffling along the sidewalk, oblivious to this invasion. […]


Parliament will carry on

Oct 23 2014 — Aaron Wherry

The honourable J.R. Nicholson, minister of labour, seems to have paused for a moment then before continuing with his remarks on a motion to call for “a copy of any communication exchanged between the maritime trustees or other organizations and other persons, and the Minister of Labour or any official of the Department of Labour, […]


Ottawa Parliament shooting: We’ve known this day was coming

Oct 23 2014 — Brian Stewart

Perhaps the shock of Wednesday’s attack will prove shorter than we expect because, let’s be frank, we’ve all known something like this was coming, right? We’ve been warned for years by our combined counterterrorism apparatus that it will stop many plots, but cannot get all. In short, the hits are coming. Brace yourself Canada. Time […]


Yes, everything has changed, but long before today

Oct 23 2014 — Graham Thomson

It is business as usual at the Alberta legislature. Sort of. The building is open, but not as open today as it was yesterday. As a precaution after Wednesday’s brutal attack on Parliament Hill, legislature officials immediately tightened security. As a member of the public, you can still get into the building as long as […]

marilla 4

A new, brutal reality dawns on our country

Oct 23 2014 — Marilla Stephenson

The naiveté of our nation died Wednesday as homegrown radicalism gripped the very heart of Canada’s democratic capital. The heinous murder of a Canadian Forces soldier, standing guard in ceremonial dress at the National War Memorial in Ottawa, allegedly by a young Canadian-born assailant, will profoundly change this country. While the two events have not […]


Time to reflect on the courage of our ancestors

Oct 23 2014 — Stephen Maher

When I heard about the shooting, and headed to Parliament Hill, the first sign that something bad had happened was across Sussex Drive from the American embassy, where two Ottawa police officers were standing guard. One of them had an automatic rifle. A third man in green fatigues and a Kevlar vest was with them, […]

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Mama June — Dating Man Who Molested Her Relative

Oct 23 2014 —

Mama June is seeing someone new, but there’s a big problem … the guy just got out of prison after serving time for molesting one of June’s relatives … TMZ has learned. The new guy is 53-year-old Mark McDaniel. He was convicted in 2004 for aggravated child molestation. Prosecutors say he molested an 8-year-old child […]

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