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Campaign shifts as Harper looks to protect seats in Ontario

Oct 12 2015 —

Sources tell CTV News the Tories are at risk of losing a dozen seats in Ontario, including those held by Immigration Minister Chris Alexander, Parliamentary Secretary Paul Calandra, Assistant Defence Minister Julian Fantino and Finance Minister Joe Oliver.

Oct 12 2015 — Staff

Throughout Thanksgiving Weekend, Facebook, Abacus Data and National Newswatch collaborated on a first-time project asking Facebook users in Canada to let us know what they were talking about with their families and friends as this Election draws to a close. More than 24,000 responses in all were received. While not a scientific survey, it provides insight into the mood of the country with only a few days till Canada goes to the polls.

Oct 13 2015 — Mark Gollom

Although many look at opinion polls to forecast what candidate will likely win on Oct. 19, the ability of the parties to get their supporters out come election day could well be the deciding factor in a tight race. “Five per cent difference in polling means nothing on election day if you can’t get your […]

Oct 13 2015 — Mike Hager

Legalizing and regulating marijuana would help – not hurt – young people who suffer from mental illness or use the drug to self-medicate, say psychiatrists and addiction experts, who argue that is the only way for the public to have an open dialogue on the harms associated with the illegal drug.

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For Canada Investors, Liberals Have Been Better Bet Than Tories

Oct 13 2015 —

If history is any guide, a win by Justin Trudeau and the Liberals in next week’s election bodes well for Canadian stocks. Stretching back to 1922 and the time of William Lyon Mackenzie King’s first term in office, stock returns have been three times higher under Liberal prime ministers than with Conservative leaders, according to […]


Voter registration glitch keeps growing

Oct 13 2015 — Peter O'Neil

An Elections Canada spokesman called them “very isolated.” An acceptable level of systemic error. A glitch. This glitch is growing. Complaints of voters being de-registered, of not receiving their voter information cards or of having the wrong information on those cards have been reported across the country. After writing about a few of those examples […]

Oct 12 2015 — David Pugliese

Steel is being pounded into shape for the first of the federal government’s offshore fisheries science vessels being built here at Seaspan Shipyards. The construction, signalling the long-awaited beginning of the Conservative government’s National Shipbuilding Procurement Strategy at this yard, is akin to building with Lego. Parts of the vessel are in blocks at different […]

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Oct 13 2015 —

Party leaders focus on Ontario votes today The major party leaders are all in southern Ontario today and they will spend some time in Toronto. Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to the highly symbolic riding of Etobicoke-Lakeshore, where former Liberal leader Michael Ignatieff infamously lost his seat in the 2011 campaign to Conservative Bernard Trottier. […]

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Don Lenihan, Canada2020

Don’t just vote against something, vote for something

Oct 13 2015 — Don Lenihan

This election is a referendum on Stephen Harper and Canadians look ready for change. But are they just rejecting the politics of fear or are they getting ready to choose something else? Many of these voters feel the country has been pulled off course; and they want their Canada back. The long campaign is turning out […]


Bloc could hold balance of power in a hung parliament: Hébert

Oct 13 2015 — Chantal Hébert

It seems that there is always something new under the Quebec federal sun. In the last election it was the NDP’s orange wave. In this one, it is an unprecedented four-way battle between the New Democrats, the Liberals, the Conservatives and the Bloc Québécois. Its unpredictable outcome could tip the balance next Monday and alter […]


Exorcising the ghost of Trudeau past

Oct 13 2015 — Jason Markusoff

How Justin Trudeau and his Liberals are closing in on these key Calgary ridings. Three hundred people crammed into the former neighbourhood restaurant, transformed into a campaign office. Inside the old Tropical Corner, it was equatorially muggy. The Liberal leader’s right-hand wave revealed a noticeable armpit sweat stain. Another throng was there for Justin Trudeau […]


Harper ignores a basic principle of justice in rush to condemn

Oct 13 2015 — Ian Mulgrew

After turning the legal system into a partisan battleground, it is no surprise to see Prime Minister Stephen Harper making crime an election issue. The country has never been safer, with crime rates at historic lows, yet the Tory campaign paints a nation at risk. Conservative pamphlets decry evidence-backed safe-injection sites, regulated prostitution as envisioned […]


The TPP Agreement: A Canadian Business Perspective

Oct 13 2015 — Nerissa Yan and Nina Lavoie

On October 5th 2015, twelve Pacific Rim countries (Australia, Brunei Darussalam, Canada, Chile, Japan, Malaysia, Mexico, New Zealand, Peru, Singapore, the USA, Vietnam) concluded nearly eight-year long negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership Agreement (“TPP”). It is said to be the largest regional trade agreement (“RTA”) in history, constituting 40% of the world GDP. The TPP […]


Veiled TPP Deal Holds Hidden Privacy Risks

Oct 13 2015 — Michael Geist

The Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP), a massive trade agreement that covers nearly 40 per cent of world GDP, wrapped up years of negotiation earlier this month. The TPP immediately emerged as an election issue, with the Conservatives trumpeting the deal as a source of future economic growth, the Liberals adopting a wait-and-see approach (the specific details […]


Trudeau aims for the soft Tory vote

Oct 13 2015 — David Akin

Having pretty much trounced the NDP in the last couple of weeks by squeezing the “progressive” vote, Justin Trudeau and the Liberals started the final week of this long campaign aiming for the affections of those who once called themselves Progressive Conservatives. The Liberals put out endorsements Monday from the likes of Bill Casey — […]


Ontario’s election lessons for Stephen Harper and the Conservatives

Oct 13 2015 — Martin Regg Cohn

Ahead of every close election, it’s tempting to predict our political future by recalling our history of hung parliaments. Here, Ontario may be of service to the country — more than Conservative Leader Stephen Harper imagines. With Justin Trudeau’s Liberals and Thomas Mulcair’s New Democrats plotting about toppling the Tories, here’s a voter’s guide — […]

Oct 13 2015 — Susan Sherring

With several neck-and-neck races in the Ottawa area, you have to wonder whether the Tories and Pierre Poilievre might be second-guessing the heavy-handed decision to shut out some well-known potential candidates. A recent poll showed Poilievre’s pick in Nepean — his former assistant, Andy Wang — is running a close second to Liberal candidate Chandra […]

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Oct 13 2015 — Corey Larocque

I want to take a sabbatical from voting. I’ve cast a ballot 25 times in every federal, provincial and municipal election and referendum in my lifetime. I wish I could take a pass without it blemishing my perfect attendance record. None of the leaders, platforms nor local candidates has won me over. In fact, each […]

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Playboy ‘to drop’ naked women images

Oct 13 2015 —

Playboy magazine is to stop publishing images of naked women as part of its redesign, it has emerged. Its US owners say the internet has made nudity outdated, and pornographic magazines are no longer so commercially viable, the New York Times reports. Playboy’s circulation has dropped from 5.6 million in the 1970s to the current […]

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