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Mike Duffy

Hospital employee fired for comment about Mike Duffy heart treatment

Aug 1 2014 — Glen McGregor

The Ottawa Hospital has fired an employee for publicly disclosing information about suspended senator Mike Duffy’s medical treatment at the University of Ottawa Heart Institute. Mike Crowder, an eight-year hospital employee who supervised a cleaning crew, was placed on administrative leave last week and then fired on Monday for breaching the hospital’s rules on patient […]

Aug 1 2014 — Bruce Campion-Smith

The controversy over Justice Minister Peter MacKay’s Mother’s Day and Father’s Day messages sent department officials scrambling as they insisted that “everyone and his brother” had okayed their content, new documents reveal. Internal justice department emails obtained by the Star show that MacKay’s messages — which came under fire for their different tone — were […]

Aug 1 2014 — Andrew Seymour

An Ottawa judge who is recognized as one of the country’s most pre-eminent legal minds has struck down the Conservative government’s mandatory victim surcharge as unconstitutional. In a carefully reasoned, 31-page decision released Thursday, Ontario Court Justice David Paciocco found that a reasonable person who was properly informed would find $900 in mandatory victim surcharges […]

Aug 1 2014 — Glen McGregor

Despite the federal Liberals’ attempts, under leader Justin Trudeau, to win back ethnic voters, the Conservatives continue to raise more money from Chinese-Canadians than any other party, new fundraising data suggests. A Citizen analysis of seven years of party financial records show the Tories have effectively doubled the share of their donors who have Chinese […]


Kitimat LNG project in jeopardy after Apache pulls out

Aug 1 2014 —

A liquefied natural gas project planned for Kitimat, B.C., faces an uncertain future after one of its U.S. partners announced plans to get out of the LNG business. Apache Corp. said Thursday it plans to ditch the Kitimat LNG project, which it was developing alongside Chevron Corp., as well as the Wheatstone LNG project in […]


Klein named most admired Albertan in new poll

Aug 1 2014 — Chris Varcoe

Alberta is famous for its cowboys and oilmen, but political leaders are the people we consider our heroes – ahead of hockey stars, entertainers or even our parents. A new provincewide poll by Insights West indicates former premiers Ralph Klein and Peter Lougheed are the runaway leaders when Albertans were asked which person associated with […]

Aug 1 2014 — Mike De Souza

The Conservative government is beefing up a multimillion-dollar international public relations campaign promoting the oilsands and other Canadian resources, despite research suggesting the ad blitz has been ineffective. Advertising at subway stations in the U.S. capital region in the last year featured a variety of images such as the national flags, a green mountain with […]

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Aug 1 2014 — Ira Basen

“The first casualty when war comes,” U.S. Senator Hiram Johnson reportedly declared in 1918, “is truth.” Johnson was an isolationist who opposed U.S. entry into the First World War, and his concern over the fate of truth in that conflict was justified. After the war ended, American journalist Will Irwin wrote, “the world struggle of […]

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Jul 31 2014 —

National Defence was warned a year before the devastating fire aboard HMCS Protecteur that the electrical system, main engine controls and navigation system aboard both of the navy’s supply ships were on their last legs and prone to catastrophic failure. The unusually blunt assessment was contained in a four-page confidential briefing note prepared by the […]

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Harper’s sitting pretty despite talk about exit

Aug 1 2014 — Deveryn Ross

During the past several weeks, there has been a great deal of speculation among pundits that Prime Minister Stephen Harper will not lead his Conservatives into the next federal election. Some argue Harper is losing interest in the job he has held since 2006 and the Tories are mired in scandals that will only worsen […]

jeffrey simpson

Let Parliament write the CBC’s script

Aug 1 2014 — Jeffrey Simpson

The future of the Canadian Broadcasting Corp./Radio-Canada is backward, in more ways than one. Technologies change; the mission of the CBC does not. As the Broadcasting Act says, the CBC exists to inform, enlighten and entertain in that order. What the act says in lay person’s language is “aim high.” Consider the audience as adults. […]


Foreign policy wins points, not votes

Aug 1 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Capricious, unstructured and even dangerous: That’s what American political thinker Walter Lippmann once wrote about the public’s views on foreign policy. “The unhappy truth,” he wrote in 1955, “is that the prevailing public opinion has been destructively wrong at critical junctures. [The people] have compelled governments to be too late with too little, too long […]

rick salutin

The strange case of the Greens and Gaza

Aug 1 2014 — Rick Salutin

The case of the Green party president and Gaza is intriguing. Paul Estrin, who’s Jewish from Quebec City, posted a piece on the party site; it’s rambling, passionate and fiercely defends Israel against critics. Many members responded angrily, some cancelled memberships. Green Party Leader Elizabeth May straddled awhile, then distanced herself from his piece. It […]


Ontario gives with one hand, takes with the other

Aug 1 2014 — Carol Goar

Single parents who depend on social assistance are in for a jolt. Their basic needs allowance will drop by $8 this month. The reduction, effective Aug. 1, applies to both Ontario Works (commonly known as welfare) and the Ontario Disability Support program. Together they provide financial assistance to approximately 170,000 families. There was no mention […]

Rick Smith

Stephen Harper: The environment’s best friend

Aug 1 2014 — Rick Smith

Bear with me: I want to tell you about an odd thought I had the other day that may induce minor whiplash. I confess that it tests the bounds of believability. But I actually think it’s true: Stephen Harper is the best thing to happen to the environmental issue in Canada. Ever. I know, I […]

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Vice President Biden loves to skinny dip, says tell-all book

Aug 1 2014 —

It’s the Joe Biden you didn’t know — and might not want to see. Secret Service agents dread being assigned to protect the vice president, in part because Biden’s a big fan of skinny dipping, according to a new tell-all book. In “The First Family Detail,” author Robert Kessler quotes unnamed Secret Service agents dishing […]

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