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NDP hit airwaves to boost leader Thomas Mulcair

May 24 2015 — Bruce Campion-Smith

The NDP’s first big pre-election ad campaign puts a softer focus on Mulcair and highlights the middle class as a priority. The NDP are launching their first big pre-election ad campaign that shows a smiling Thomas Mulcair talking about the need to bolster Canada’s middle class. The 30-second ad, which will begin airing on television […]

May 24 2015 — Chris Hall

Britain’s Iron Lady once said she loved argument and debate. But even Margaret Thatcher would find the clash of views now underway in Canada over the number and manner of the leaders’ debates a little bizarre. If the Conservatives get their way, there will be five. The party will decide which of the 20 or […]

May 24 2015 — Michelle Zilio

The Conservative government is hopeful Alberta’s newly-elected NDP government will entertain major pipeline projects, despite Premier-Designate Rachel Notley’s hesitant language toward some energy projects. Speaking on CTV’s Question Period, Industry Minister James Moore cautioned against concerns that Notley’s government may stand in the way of building pipelines. “To be fair to Premier-Elect Notley, I think […]

May 24 2015 — Eric Blais

How will the federal leaders be defined in voters’ minds in the next federal election? In the world of advertising, brands are often built on the strength of archetypes, the familiar images and symbols of our dreams, mythology and fairy tales. Nike is the Hero. Jeep embodies the Explorer archetype. And Harley Davidson is the […]

May 24 2015 —

New Democrat Rachel Notley becomes Alberta premier today when she and her cabinet are sworn in on the grounds of the legislature in Edmonton. It will also be the official end of the 44-year Progressive Conservative dynasty. Notley has promised a family-friendly affair instead of the usually staid ceremony at Government House. She has said […]

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Most young Canadian ISIS recruits targeted online: Jason Kenney

May 24 2015 — Michelle Zilio

Most young Canadian ISIS recruits are being targeted online and are often “social misfits” who sometimes come from troubled families, Defence Minister Jason Kenney says. Kenney made the comments on CTV’s Question Period, days after the RCMP announced that it had arrested, and later released, 10 Montreal teens suspected of wanting to joining the Islamic […]


Liberals launch byelection campaign for Baird’s old seat

May 23 2015 — Tyler Dawson

To hoots, hollers and cheers from party faithful, Liberal candidate Anita Vandenbeld kicked off her byelection campaign in Ottawa West-Nepean Saturday afternoon. “We share the progressive values that are going to change this community and this country,” Vandenbeld told the crowd of nearly 100. Vandenbeld is the first candidate to launch in the byelection, which […]

May 24 2015 —

Canada’s new ambassador to Ireland broke down in tears the night after he shot dead an armed terrorist who stormed his nation’s parliament last year, calling it “the loneliest moment of my life.” In an emotional speech to graduating students at Mount Allison University in his native province of New Brunswick last week, Kevin Vickers […]

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May 23 2015 —

Federal Conservative Minister Denis Lebel has promised to ask Canada Post questions about the consultation process in cities over the installation of community mailboxes. However, the Crown Corporation is free to make its own choices and neither he nor the government can decide “in its place,” Lebel told elected municipal officials from Quebec on Saturday. In his […]

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May 23 2015 — Katharine Starr

Canada’s former chief electoral officer sees a new pre-campaigning style emerging thanks to Canada’s first fixed-date election this fall, with recent conflict over leaders’ debates just one consequence of the new system. “The prime minister is the champ and his people are setting the rules. I think every Canadian should be concerned about that,” Jean-Pierre […]

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May 23 2015 — Paul Haavardsrud

Big Oil is urging Alberta’s new government to toughen up the province’s environmental policies. To hear an oil industry chieftain advocate for a carbon tax, as Suncor’s Steve Williams did in front of a downtown Calgary crowd on Friday, may feel incongruous, but consider who those comments were directed to — the NDP — and […]

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Harper quietly confident about Quebec gains

May 24 2015 — David Akin

The polls in la belle province look great these days for Thomas Mulcair and the NDP, but another party’s numbers might be even more surprising. Stephen Harper and the Conservatives are doing better here than they’ve done in years and are confident of adding to the scant five seats they now hold in province. That’s […]


Conservatives are out to manipulate debate rules

May 24 2015 —

The longer and more convoluted the so-called debate over debates gets in advance of this fall’s federal election, the clearer it becomes that the Conservative party’s goal is simply to manipulate the rules in its favour. In some senses there’s nothing surprising about this: it’s what political parties always try to do, the Harper Conservatives […]


Queen’s Park should get out of the TV business

May 24 2015 — Christina Blizzard

It turns out this province has a lot in common with the former Soviet Union. We too, buy, sell and censor news coverage. Our very own state-funded TV station, TVO, has been caught in the middle of a nasty little spat in which Premier Kathleen Wynne’s office stepped in to scrap a documentary about the […]


Deborah Drever pushes Rachel Notley and the NDP too far

May 24 2015 — Rick Bell

She once posed on a heavy metal band’s album cover but she can no longer be a member of the Nötley Crüe. The NDP government-in-waiting did all they could do to save Deborah Drever from herself. They tried to settle the story down and have it fade away after the required sorries and the announcement […]


Notley crew encountering turbulence

May 24 2015 — Graham Thomson

Alberta’s new provincial government hasn’t even been launched and already the ship has sprung a leak and the captain has tossed a crew member overboard. On Friday, Premier-designate Rachel Notley suspended controversy-plagued Deborah Drever from caucus for a year. That announcement came about the same time the New Democratic Party issued a news release admitting […]

Jim Warren

Notley must avoid Rae’s mistakes

May 24 2015 — Jim Warren

The election of the New Democratic government in Alberta was a bombshell for many Canadians. What was once thought impossible by many pundits became an Orange Crush in Alberta. Now we have a “new” New Democratic premier in charge. Rachel Notley and her cabinet will be sworn in Sunday, bringing a new reality as well […]


Cold worse than heat

May 24 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

New global study suggests that cooling, not warming, is the greater threat to humanity. A new study published in the British medical journal, The Lancet, concludes we’re 20 more times likely to die from cold than heat. It says this has “important implications … for predictions of future effect in climate-change scenarios.” You think? The […]

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Nickelback: should Canadian pride outweigh Aussie derision?

May 24 2015 —

They are considered one of the most irritating bands in the world. Derided by critics, but loved by fans, their CDs sell in the millions. Their formulaic and insipid songs are permanently lodged in the minds of a generation. So why aren’t Australian police seeking The Wiggles for crimes against music as opposed to Nickelback? […]

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