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CTV investigation: Questionable spending by Auditor General’s office

May 25 2015 — Michael Shulman

A CTV investigation has revealed the Auditor General’s office spent thousands of taxpayer dollars on questionable employee events that appear to violate federal rules. Over four years, the federal watchdog doled out more than $23,048 on team-building trips in the Ottawa area. This includes three visits to Funhaven, an entertainment centre, and other team-building events […]

May 25 2015 — Althia Raj

Conservative and Liberal MPs suspect the NDP may try to use a loophole to keep their campaign volunteers on the House of Commons payroll during this fall’s general election. The Huffington Post Canada discovered that House of Commons guidelines allow for the use of compensatory leave during a by-election or general elections. Elections Canada considers […]

May 25 2015 — Kathleen Harris

40-hour Challenger flight included side trip to Vancouver on way home. The January flight to send Gov. Gen. David Johnston to Saudi Arabia to offer Canada’s condolences for the death of King Abdullah cost taxpayers $175,000, according to records obtained by CBC News. Logs released by National Defence under the Access to Information Act show […]


Swift quits C.D. Howe Institute over involvement in Trudeau attack ads

May 25 2015 — Glen McGregor

Former small business lobbyist Catherine Swift resigned suddenly from the board of a conservative think-tank Monday after another group she leads launched a pair of highly-partisan election-style radio ads attacking Liberal leader Justin Trudeau. The C.D. Howe Institute announced Swift’s departure in a press release in which she is quoted citing its “impeccable record of […]

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Federal election: Let’s have a three-way!

May 25 2015 — Margaret Wente

My political-junkie friends are in a swoon. They have a new love interest – a burly baritone with a beard. Suddenly he’s a contender. “Tom Mulcair may be the next prime minister,” gushed one headline on Sunday. You can see why the pundits are so ecstatic. The three federal parties are now running neck and […]


Grasping Alberta’s budget problems

May 25 2015 — Mark Milke

The new Alberta government has delayed introducing a budget until the fall, so MLAs will have plenty of time to think about how they’ll collect and spend Albertans’ money. Thus, to properly manage the estimated $48.4 billion in provincial budget expenditures, it helps to become familiar with where the money is spent. First, one should […]


Auditor general to blow lid on Senate Scandal, Part II

May 25 2015 — Dan Leger

The other shoe is about to drop on the Senate, and it’s going to land with a King Kong stomp. Auditor General Michael Ferguson’s expensive, painstaking audit of Senate expenses will be released within days, and it could take down many members of the Red Chamber. It’s not just a Mike Duffy problem anymore. Details […]

Antonia Maioni

Why Quebeckers are ready to embrace Tom Mulcair

May 25 2015 — Antonia Maioni

There’s a buzz in Quebec and it’s not just about PKP. While a Leger poll showed that the new Parti Québécois leader, Pierre Karl Péladeau, has arrived with significant support in the polls, another CROP survey showed that Thomas Mulcair and the NDP have become the strongest contenders among federal parties, with an even larger […]


Mulcair looking more like a potential PM in waiting

May 25 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

Two polls on the weekend agree on one thing—the NDP is firmly back in first place in Quebec. Both EKOS for iPolitics and CROP for LaPresse have reported a surge in NDP support in the province in the first three weeks of May, at the expense of the Conservatives and the Bloc Québécois. EKOS has […]


Conservatives’ debate strategy a game changer

May 25 2015 — Dan Lett

It appears there could be three times more debates between party leaders in the 2015 federal election campaign than in any previous campaign. A good thing, right? That depends on whom you talk to. For the first time since 1968, a consortium of Canada’s principal broadcasters will not hold a monopoly on televised debates among […]


Harper trumpets pro-Israel foreign policy shift

May 25 2015 — David Akin

Last week, on the same day the Conservative Party agreed their leader would participate in an election debate focused solely on foreign policy, their leader, Stephen Harper, thundered through a 30-minute speech in Montreal that left no doubt why they want that debate. The Conservatives believe that there are more (or at least enough) votes […]

Michael Harris

Harper proving weak on governance, even weaker on courage

May 25 2015 — Michael Harris

And so Canadian public life has come down to an empty chair. JFK’s unoccupied rocking chair following his assassination meant the end of Camelot. When imprisoned human rights activist Liu Xiaobo was given the Nobel Peace Prize in 2010, it was placed on an empty chair reserved for Liu. But what does Stephen Harper’s empty […]


Harper now has to battle rivals on two fronts

May 24 2015 — Tim Harper

We’ve been here before. There was a time, in the not too distant past, when the NDP led the national polls, it appeared electoral revolution was at hand and the leader of the day, Ed Broadbent, was being spoken of as the next prime minister. In 1988, as today, the country seemed headed for a […]

May 25 2015 — Scott Taylor

The propaganda machine of the U.S.-led alliance in Iraq suffered a serious setback last week. Contrary to what we have been told for months, ISIS fighters were not “on their back foot,” nor have they been “contained” as a result of allied airstrikes. Instead of being downgraded and on the defensive, ISIS has been very […]

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May 25 2015 — Don Braid

There’s never been a swearing-in ceremony like that: a joyous, friendly, noisy party with thousands occupying the legislature plaza, cooling their heels in the pools, lining up at the food trucks, and listening to folk music from Hundred Mile House, the Edmonton trio that remade O Canada into a softly haunting ballad. After attending at […]

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May 24 2015 — Toronto Star

The longer and more convoluted the so-called debate over debates gets in advance of this fall’s federal election, the clearer it becomes that the Conservative party’s goal is simply to manipulate the rules in its favour. In some senses there’s nothing surprising about this: it’s what political parties always try to do, the Harper Conservatives […]

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Art Garfunkel ‘created a monster’ in Paul Simon, singer tells The Telegraph

May 25 2015 —

Even 45 years later, Art Garfunkel still feels salt in the wound after his acrimonious split with Paul Simon. In an interview with The Sunday Telegraph, the singer says he still can’t understand why Simon went off to start a musical career on his own when the pair were seemingly at the height of their […]

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