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Liberals’ vow to legalize pot creating chaos, police say

Feb 8 2016 — Daniel Leblanc

Canada’s frontline officers and police chiefs are alarmed by the growing chaos in the marijuana industry, saying the Liberal Party’s promise to eventually legalize the drug has sparked confusion across the country. Illegal pot dispensaries are opening up from coast to coast at the same time as some users feel they should no longer be […]

Feb 8 2016 — Abbas Rana

Immigration Minister John McCallum says the government will be “producing radical changes” to the Citizenship Act in the next few weeks. Liberals have been telling him that the government should eliminate the language requirement for new immigrants to apply for Canadian citizenship, which was brought in by the Conservatives in 2014 as part of the […]

Feb 8 2016 — Rachel Aiello

Despite Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s promise to strengthen and make House committees more independent, the new Liberal government’s parliamentary secretaries are expected to attend and keep tabs on all committees relevant to the ministers’ portfolios, says Liberal MP Kevin Lamoureux, parliamentary secretary to the government House leader. “For me there is an expectation, as there […]


Watchdog ‘Aware of’ Duffy Testimony Related to Election Fraud Cold Case

Feb 8 2016 —

The Commissioner of Canada Elections has taken a second look at a seven-year-old election fraud cold case from British Columbia and may have reopened its investigation thanks to court testimony made by Sen. Mike Duffy in December. “We are aware of Mr. Duffy’s recent testimony,” senior director of investigations Eric Ferron wrote in a Jan. […]


House remains top target of lobbyists, all ‘politics are local’

Feb 8 2016 — Derek Abma

The House of Commons is so far the top-lobbied institution in Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new government, followed by Industry Canada, the Prime Minister’s Office, Finance Canada, the Senate, Global Affairs Canada, the Privy Council Office, Health Canada, and Environment Canada, according to the most recent active registrations filed with Office of the Lobbying Commissioner.

Feb 8 2016 — Sophia Harris

“That for me was the final boom,” says Mario Stojanac about a recent notice from Rogers that his cable TV bill is going up. For some time, Stojanac has been contemplating cutting his cable and exploring alternatives like video streaming services. He feels he already pays too much — about $100 a month for big […]

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Feb 7 2016 —

Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion “strongly” condemned North Korea’s long-range rocket launch on Sunday, saying the country’s actions show a “blatant disregard for its international obligations.” In a statement released on Sunday, Dion said that the launch, as well as a North Korean nuclear test on Jan.6, pose a “grave threat to international peace and […]

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Feb 7 2016 — Monique Muise

The federal government could be yielding more tax dollars to municipalities to collect and spend as they see fit, say two big-city mayors, but for right now, the most important thing is for infrastructure investment to start flowing. Vancouver mayor Gregor Robertson and Kitchener-Waterloo mayor Berry Vrbanovic told The West Block’s Tom Clark between just […]

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How the Conservative Party can avoid the political wilderness

Feb 8 2016 — Jenni Byrne

Ten years ago this past weekend, Stephen Harper was sworn in as prime minister of Canada, leading the Conservatives to victory on a wave of change. In the Conservatives’ wake was left a weakened and divided Liberal Party that had allowed its local riding associations to atrophy and die on the vine, with no money […]


Will it be Paris or Calgary, Mr. Trudeau?

Feb 8 2016 — Rex Murphy

What will it be, Paris or Calgary? That is the question. Are the commitments made so energetically and with such a show of elan in Paris superior to the need to give support and relief to the oil industry in Calgary? Indeed, the commitments made in Paris run counter to the needs of Calgary (let […]


It’s time to show you what really happens in the Commons

Feb 8 2016 — Tim Harper

Late last week, Foreign Affairs Minister Stéphane Dion rose in the Commons to answer a question on our policy on Ukraine. As he stumbled slightly, someone from the Conservative side shouted: “It’s not easy making priorities.” The Dion line was either funny, mocking an infamous fumble from the former Liberal leader, or the type of […]


Trudeau could do with a little less sunshine

Feb 7 2016 — Michael Den Tandt

As the milestone of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s first 100 days in office comes and goes, he’d do well to smack someone in the jaw, figuratively speaking, and scowl now and then. Before we get to that, though, let’s put paid to the emerging Conservative theme that the Trudeau Liberals at this early juncture are […]


The Liberals all-new ISIS mission: More troops, more risk?

Feb 8 2016 — L. Ian MacDonald

If a government is looking for a full suite of policy options, there’s no better place to shop in Ottawa than the Department of National Defence. The Trudeau government’s imminent reconfiguring of the mission against ISIS is a case in point. The Liberals are poised to do both more and less at the same time. […]

Tom Parkin

Trudeau spurns NDP votes he once courted

Feb 8 2016 — Tom Parkin

In a show that ran last Sunday, “Neil from London” was among the ten “ordinary Canadians” the CBC picked to chat with Prime Minister Trudeau. Among his questions: do you agree the minimum wage should go up? If you watched the Liberals’ last campaign, you’d expect Trudeau to quickly say yes. Trudeau supported an NDP […]


Trudeau & Co. brought a lot of hot air to Calgary

Feb 8 2016 — Ian Robinson

In my continuing series on politicians — or as I like to think of them, tapeworms that talk — I suspect after the PM’s Alberta visit, some of you might need a Politician-to-English translation. Fortunately for you, I speak fluent tapeworm. With an accent of course, but I get by. Justin Trudeau was joined in […]


Are Chrystia Freeland’s trade officials misleading her?

Feb 8 2016 — Murray Dobbin

What are we to make of the Trudeau government’s schizophrenic attitude towards the Trans-Pacific Partnership? Trade Minister Chrystia Freeland formally signed the agreement Feb. 4 in New Zealand but repeated her assurances that critics shouldn’t worry—the government hasn’t committed to ratifying it and consultations and a full parliamentary debate will precede any ratification. Fair enough—ratification […]


Youth unemployment finally on the radar screen

Feb 8 2016 — Carol Goar

For more than a decade, the International Labour Organization, the UN body that tracks the human toll of economic progress, has been sounding the alarm about youth unemployment. So far, its member governments, including Canada’s, have paid little heed. As its warnings became starker — de-skilling, social instability, lost generation, global crisis — policy-makers acknowledged […]

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