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Maxime Bernier ahead in leadership poll of Conservative party members

Oct 20 2016 — Tim Naumetz

Quebéc MP Maxime Bernier is leading the pack in a national survey of card-carrying Conservatives eligible to vote when the official opposition party selects a new leader next May, a Forum Research poll indicates. Twenty-three per cent of Conservatives across the country would select Mr. Bernier as the best person to become the permanent leader […]

Oct 20 2016 — David Akin

As Canada’s economy cratered in 2009, there was near-unanimous agreement about the response. Pundits, policy wonks, politicians and, most crucially, voters agreed that massive stimulus spending and a concerted push in international fora to keep borders open for trade was the best way to deal with that crisis. And while it took the existential threat […]

Oct 20 2016 — Peter Mazereeuw

The federal government is trying to revoke the citizenship of fraudsters, and that’s why it won’t agree to a moratorium on citizenship revocation, says Immigration Minister John McCallum. “We have large numbers of a criminal element unveiled by the RCMP, and reported on by the auditor general. It was actually under the previous government that […]

Oct 20 2016 — BJ Siekierski

Will there be a steep political price to pay for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and the Liberals if they abandon their clear campaign commitment to make the 2015 federal election the last to use the first-past-the-post voting system? A new online survey from EKOS suggests the answer to that question is ambiguous. In the field […]


Tighter security could be coming to Parliament Hill: RCMP

Oct 20 2016 — Mike Le Couteur

Parliament Hill security may be beefed up two years after the attack that claimed the life of Corporal Nathan Cirillo. Two years after Michael Zehaf-Bibeau stormed Centre block, the head of Parliamentary Protective Services (PPS) says he’s open to putting measures in place to better screen people who want to access the front lawn of […]


Albertans give NDP carbon tax thumbs down in new poll

Oct 20 2016 — James Wood

A new poll shows two-thirds of Albertans oppose the NDP government’s new broad-based carbon tax but narrowly support its plan to quickly phase out coal-fired power. The survey by Lethbridge College’s Citizen Society Research Lab shows opposition among Albertans to the carbon tax, which comes into effect on Jan. 1, at 67.2 per cent. A […]


Ball now in Canada’s court, Wallonia’s PM says as region still blocking EU-Canada trade deal

Oct 20 2016 — Marie-Danielle Smith

Despite tense negotiations Thursday, the small Belgian region of Wallonia continued to block Canada’s free trade deal with the European Union. But there was room for negotiation, although Paul Magnette, the region’s prime minister, said the ball was in Canada’s court rather than the European Union’s, RTBF, the Belgian French-language public broadcaster, reported Canada is […]

Oct 20 2016 —

Justice Minister Jody Wilson-Raybould has named 24 new judges and unveiled changes to the way jurists in this country are appointed. The appointments announced today include seven new justices in Alberta, where Court of Queen’s Bench Chief Justice Neil Wittman recently expressed concerns that vacancies were causing trial delays. Wilson-Raybould says the appointments will go […]

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don martin

The double helix of entitlement and political favouritism

Oct 20 2016 — Don Martin

After the year of the non-stop honeymoon, voters may have cause to demand an early counselling intervention for their poll-topping Liberal government. While even the harshest critic would likely give the Liberals decent marks for their post-election performance so far, there’s an irritant with the history-proven capacity to morph from a quibble to disappointment to […]


Liberals risk letting first-year success go to their heads

Oct 20 2016 — Chantal Hébert

Much celebration — for the most part justified — is attending the first anniversary of Justin Trudeau’s election victory. Twelve months later, polls elicit no buyer’s remorse. Many voters who did not support Trudeau last year are on balance happy he won. The alignment of the stars continues to favour the prime minister. With the […]


Is Trudeau trying to pull a fast one on electoral reform?

Oct 19 2016 — Andrew Coyne

Look, maybe it’s nothing. Maybe, when Justin Trudeau told Le Devoir that “if we’re going to change the electoral system, people have to be open to it,” he meant to suggest nothing more than respect for the public’s wishes — no bad thing, in a democracy. Maybe when he explained how he was “not going […]


Stop jerking our chain on electoral reform, Trudeau

Oct 19 2016 — Stephen Maher

In June, 2015, when the NDP was ahead in the polls and Justin Trudeau was looking like he might be a dud, he held an event in the big ballroom at the Chateau Laurier to try to gain some traction, put some policy on the table and remind everyone that he was also an important […]


The dream of cheap hydro to fix Ontario’s price hikes

Oct 20 2016 — Martin Regg Cohn

Soaring electricity rates are sending Liberal support tumbling. Wind and solar are down and out. Carbon pricing is looming. Nuclear power remains radioactive. Is there a silver bullet to rescue the Ontario government from its energy morass? Here’s a hint: Quebec Premier Philippe Couillard is in town Friday with his top ministers for a joint […]


Donald Trump’s calculated, crazy debate gamble

Oct 20 2016 — John Ibbitson

We’ve actually lived to see the day when a candidate for president, at a debate witnessed by tens of millions of viewers, would not promise to respect the result of the election. “I will look at it at the time,” Donald Trump said Wednesday, when asked by moderator Chris Wallace of Fox News whether he […]

john geddes

Canada’s immigration debate is more serious than America’s

Oct 20 2016 — John Geddes

As Canadians watching U.S. politics, there is always a temptation to look for competitive advantage. What good policy will our politics allow that U.S. politics seemingly never will? Historically, the examples have been definitive—and as diverse as universal health care and a national value-added tax. But watching this fall’s U.S. presidential election, including tonight’s debate […]

Emma Teitel

Don’t blame the media, blame Donald Trump

Oct 20 2016 — Emma Teitel

It doesn’t matter where you live: Donald Trump will find you. Not literally, of course. (Even if he is elected president of the United States next month, world domination is not likely in the cards for the Donald.) Rather, he will find you virtually, in your newsfeed and anywhere you browse online. The rabid Republican […]


What Trump’s talk reminds us about electoral reform

Oct 19 2016 — Evan Solomon

In Canada, we’re tinkering with the heart of democracy—as Donald Trump stokes fears of the false majority. While a passel of politically minded folks were in Iqaluit on Monday busying themselves with concerns about fair elections, roughly 2,600 km to the south Donald Trump was in his gilded Manhattan tower with related worries. “Of course […]

Oct 20 2016 — Chris Varcoe

Moments before Premier Rachel Notley hit the stage Wednesday in downtown Calgary to deliver her “state of the province” address came news about the state of the economy. Calgary-based pipeline giant Enbridge Inc. said it will cut more than 500 jobs, including 370 in Canada, eliminating about five per cent of its workforce. The timing […]

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Oct 20 2016 — Don Braid

Premier Rachel Notley still insists she wasn’t insulted last October, when Calgary business people were as silent as a morgue at midnight during her state of the province speech. That wasn’t just a Calgary cold shoulder. It was more like banishment to an ice floe. The major lights of Calgary business could not have made […]

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Oct 19 2016 — Neil Macdonald

For the record, Stéphane Dion’s office says he has so far been unable to find any evidence that the Saudi military is using lethal Canadian weapons platforms to slaughter civilians. Hence, billions of dollars’ worth of weaponized armoured vehicles manufactured in Ontario are flowing as planned to the Saudis, despite Dion’s stern warning in April […]

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Oct 18 2016 — Susan Delacourt

When was the last time a waiter told you what to order in a restaurant? On the day that Pierre Trudeau would have turned 97, in a week when federal and provincial governments are sitting down in Toronto to haggle over health care, it seems an appropriate time to revisit that famous put-down from the […]

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Oct 19 2016 — Martin Patriquin

The term “Canadian values” is normally a harmless cliché — a reminder that the planet’s second largest country by land mass is a Boy Scout-like bastion of tolerance and fairness. This trope regained some of its luster with last fall’s election of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, who might as well be the country’s Boy Scout […]

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Oct 18 2016 — John Ivison

There’s not much linking the inhabitants of Vancouver, Calgary, Winnipeg, Montreal and Halifax, beyond the fact they all hate Toronto. Canada was built upon the principle of mutual accommodation – the idea that people can change their behaviour to interact more harmoniously. But to this point, there’s been scarce evidence of any pan-Canadian consensus when […]

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Oct 18 2016 — Lorrie Goldstein

If you’re wondering why the issue of a national carbon price for the United States isn’t being discussed in the presidential election race, it’s because neither Hillary Clinton nor Donald Trump support one. The WikiLeaks emails show Clinton’s campaign team feared any promise of a U.S. national carbon tax by their candidate would be “lethal” […]

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Oct 19 2016 — Tom Walkom

The proposed trade deal between Canada and the European Union was supposed to be simple. On the Canadian side, the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement had the full support of both Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, who first negotiated it, and Justin Trudeau’s Liberals, who inherited it (Tom Mulcair’s New Democrats maintained a studied neutrality). On the […]

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Oct 18 2016 — Anthony Furey

It’s incredibly fitting that the one-year anniversary of Justin Trudeau’s electoral win is happening at the same time coalition forces begin to take Mosul back from ISIS in Iraq. The first major policy announcement Trudeau made as prime minister elect, a few days after the election, was to confirm that he’d be pulling our fighter […]

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Oct 19 2016 — Heather Mallick

Wondering about “the paranoid style in American politics,” I just checked the historian Richard Hofstadter’s famous 1963 essay to say if it had anything to say about Donald Trump. Yes, it did. Paranoia is “a chronic mental disorder characterized by systematized delusions of persecution and of one’s own greatness.” Fun fact: it applies to political […]

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Connie Chung ‘went through hell’ as a woman in journalism

Oct 20 2016 —

Anchor Connie Chung was brought to tears at a screening of “Good Girls Revolt” at Hearst Tower. Based on a book written by Chung’s sister-in-law Lynn Povich, the Amazon series is set in the ’60s and follows a group of female journalists at Newsweek who filed a class action lawsuit for discrimination.


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