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Sep 3 2015 — Joanna Smith

Sen. Pamela Wallin says she is back at work and catching up on what happened in the nearly two years she was suspended over disputed travel claims.s “I am pleased to be able to continue my work as a senator on behalf of the people of Saskatchewan and others who reach out to their representatives,” […]

Sep 3 2015 —

Conservative candidate Chris Alexander has turned his efforts away from his campaign for re-election in the riding of Ajax, Ont., in the wake of the Syrian refugee crisis. Alexander cancelled a Thursday morning media appearance, in a move his office characterized as a “temporary suspension” of his campaign.


Oliver Takes Surprise Break From Campaign for G-20 Summit

Sep 3 2015 — Greg Quinn

Canada’s finance minister said the reason for his unannounced break from an election campaign was to attend a Group of 20 meeting in Turkey was to take part in discussions on how to cope with a period of global market turmoil. “This is obviously a period of international instability and turbulence and I felt it […]


Aunt of Aylan Kurdi, drowned Syrian boy, says ‘they didn’t deserve to die’

Sep 3 2015 —

The aunt of Aylan Kurdi, the Syrian toddler whose body washed up on a Turkish beach, said her brother’s family should not have been forced to flee the civil war in Syria by paying smugglers for a dangerous boat trip. “They didn’t deserve to die, they didn’t,” said Fatima Kurdi, who lives in Coquitlam, B.C. […]

Sep 3 2015 — Ben Spurr

The Conservative Party has postponed a press conference at which it planned to tout its immigration policy, amid criticism of the Canadian government’s response to the European migrant crisis. On Wednesday afternoon the party sent reporters a press release indicating that Conservative candidate Jason Kenney would be in Brampton, Ont. on Thursday to “make an […]

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Sep 2 2015 —

Amid what has been called the worst refugee crisis since the Second World War, the immigration minister says Canada has taken in “approximately 2,500″ Syrian refugees to date. “The numbers grow quickly through private sponsorship and government assistance. We also have brought over 20,000 Iraqi refugees,” Chris Alexander said.

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Sep 3 2015 —

The Conservative candidate who finds himself at the centre of controversy over Canada’s response to the European refugee crisis is a respected former diplomat who was considered a rising star in Stephen Harper’s government. Chris Alexander, the candidate for Ajax-Pickeringand Harper’s minister of citizenship and immigration, suspended his re-election campaign on Thursdayafter poignant photos of […]

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The ghosts that haunt Campaign 2015

Sep 3 2015 — Susan Delacourt

Former prime minister MacKenzie King, the noted spiritualist and seance-holder, might have felt quite comfortable in this 2015 election campaign. It seems to be filled with ghosts. “He haunts us still” was the phrase affixed to Pierre Trudeau, even before he died in 2000. His presence is keenly felt these days, now that his son […]


Justin Trudeau’s Liberals attempt risky rebranding

Sep 3 2015 — Robin V. Sears

When a brand is fading it is tempting for the marketers to tweak it or do a full re-think: a new flavour, maybe even a new product. But it is always risky. Coca-Cola launched a sweeter New Coke and got clobbered. Microsoft’s restyled Windows 8 was dead on arrival despite millions spent on development. And […]


NDP all talk, little walk on its promises so far

Sep 2 2015 — Chantal Hébert

From a national childcare program to balanced budgets, the abolition of the Senate and the repeal of the Clarity Act, NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has been making some hefty promises on the way to a leading position in voting intentions. But five weeks in the campaign, he has yet to demonstrate how a New Democrat […]


Tories’ campaign strategy: Staying mum to avoid gaffes

Sep 3 2015 — Adam Radwanski

It has already become a familiar refrain from Conservatives in this federal election: Their candidates can’t speak to media, because they’re just too busy talking directly to voters. As a binary choice, this is highly dubious. No experienced campaigner in any party would deny that if local candidates have to pick between knocking on doors […]


A tale of two economies, and what it means for the federal election

Sep 3 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

The word “recession” has officially entered the election-season lexicon. More realistically, we experienced a mini-recession, or “recessionette,” if you will. We had two quarters of negative growth (economics-speak for decline), but they were minor. And as of June, GDP bounced back, growing by 0.5 per cent. This allowed the three main parties to spin ferociously […]


Trudeau aims at austerity-loving Thatcher fan Mulcair

Sep 3 2015 — David Akin

Thomas Mulcair and the NDP now have the undivided attention of the Liberal war room attack machine. “Which is it, Tom?” a Liberal release on Wednesday asked. “Karl Marx or Margaret Thatcher?” Once, when he was a cabinet minister in the Quebec Liberal government of Jean Charest, Thomas Mulcair said he admired some of the […]


Trudeau makes perpetual stimulus even worse

Sep 3 2015 — Anthony Furey

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau will dig Canada even deeper into the perpetual stimulus rut. In the 2013 budget the Conservatives introduced the Building Canada Plan, a 10-year, $53-billion project the government describes as “the largest and longest federal infrastructure plan in our nation’s history.” While the Conservatives made infrastructure commitments prior to the 2008 financial […]

Sep 3 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

Good Lord, how hard would it have been for Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau to simply say he disagrees with the controversial tweets of Oakville Mayor Rob Burton linking Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Canadian veterans to Nazis and fascists? Burton, a Liberal, who initially defended his remarks, has since apologized to veterans and removed the […]

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Sep 3 2015 — Andrew Jackson

Statistics Canada data confirm that the Canadian economy shrank in each of the first two quarters of this year, meeting the Harper government’s own definition of a recession as set out in its balanced budget legislation. The appropriate federal government policy response is to boost both private and public investment.

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Tom Brady’s Deflategate suspension nullified

Sep 3 2015 —

New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady can suit up for his team’s season opener after a judge erased his four-game suspension for “Deflategate.” The surprise ruling by U.S. District Judge Richard Berman came Thursday after more than one month of failed settlement talks between the NFL and its players’ union. Many legal experts believed the […]

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