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Ches Crosbie rebuff a blow to the Conservative party: former adviser

Jul 2 2015 —

Rejecting Ches Crosbie as a federal Conservative candidate in Newfoundland and Labrador is a headline-making blow to a party that needs all the help it can get in the province, says a former adviser. Tim Powers said Crosbie, a successful lawyer and son of former Tory cabinet minister John Crosbie, is the sort of prospect […]

Jul 2 2015 —

It’s the most expensive weapon ever built in human history. But after decades of internationally-funded research and development at an estimated cost of a trillion dollars, a leaked report from a mock combat test reveals that the F-35 is terrible at air-to-air combat. “[The report found that] the F35 cannot turn or accelerate fast enough […]

Jul 2 2015 —

Former PC cabinet minister John Crosbie is accusing Newfoundland and Labrador Senator David Wells for putting a stop to Ches Crosbie’s candidacy in Avalon. Wells, however, denies the allegation, saying Ches Crosbie, a prominent personal injury lawyer, would have been a “credible candidate.” Ches Crosbie said he was told Tuesday by party officials that he […]


Data show Conservatives using infrastructure fund as campaign fodder: Goodale

Jul 2 2015 —

The federal government’s marquee, multibillion-dollar infrastructure fund has been handing out money at a slow pace, newly released figures show, prompting complaints that the government is playing politics with the cash. About 92 per cent of the $10-billion provincial-territorial stream of the New Building Canada Fund remains unspent, with about $782 million allocated through the […]

sid ryan

Union disclosure Bill C-377 angers Ontario Federation of Labour

Jul 2 2015 —

Sid Ryan, president of the Ontario Federation of Labour, which represents 54 unions, says his organization will redouble efforts to make sure Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives don’t win October’s federal election. The federation’s leader is upset with the passing of Bill C-377, the Conservatives’ controversial private member’s bill that forces labour unions to publicly […]

Jul 2 2015 —

Canada’s finance minister is confident his government will post a budget surplus this fiscal year even as the economy faces a possible recession after four straight monthly declines. Joe Oliver spoke Thursday after Statistics Canada reported this week that gross domestic product shrank by 0.1 percent in April, on the heels of a 0.6 percent […]

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Jul 2 2015 — Erika Stark

Support for Rachel Notley and her NDP party has dropped since this spring’s provincial election, but the premier still holds the highest approval rating among all party leaders, a new poll shows. The Mainstreet/Postmedia poll found that if an election were held immediately, more voters would cast votes for the Wildrose Party than the governing […]

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Jul 2 2015 —

Twenty-three years ago to the day, John Crosbie was announcing the closure of the cod fishery. Today, he is speaking out about the rejection of his son as a candidate in the upcoming federal election. VOCM News was first to report yesterday that Ches Crosbie was told by the Conservative Party that he was “not […]

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Can Harper calm swirling winds of change?

Jul 2 2015 — David Akin

Hearken back to high school English for a moment and the literary term “pathetic fallacy.” Remember that? It’s a stylistic device columnists use to attribute human emotions to nature. Well, hang on, as I bid to get this column into classrooms everywhere when a teacher needs contemporary examples of the use of pathetic fallacy. It […]


Why Stephen Harper can’t build a ‘natural governing party’

Jul 2 2015 — Robin V. Sears

Canadian Liberals used to be the experts at building and maintaining a national electoral coalition. In George Brown’s days that meant regional partners and deals. To Laurier it was about language and religion and trade. Their transcendent Trudeau years saw the triumph of clientalist politics focusing on new immigrants, hungry local political clans, and slices […]

jeffrey simpson

The Nepean contest wasn’t about substance

Jul 2 2015 — Jeffrey Simpson

If you like Pierre Poilievre, the bare-knuckles brawler of a Conservative cabinet minister, smile because you might have a two-fer in the next Parliament. Last weekend, a young man with a wafer-thin résumé but great devotion to Mr. Poilievre won the Conservative nomination for the Ottawa riding of Nepean. Andy Wang, 27, who started knocking […]


Why the Conservatives new ad doesn’t violate C-51

Jul 2 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

It’s understandable some people find the latest Conservative political ad portraying Justin Trudeau as soft on terrorism offensive. But it’s absurd to suggest it violates the Tories’ anti-terrorism law known as C51. The ad juxtaposes ISIS music and video imagery showing how it kills innocent people, to Trudeau’s statement he would end Canadian participation in […]


How Canada led the way on same-sex marriage

Jul 2 2015 — Irwin Cotler

When the House of Commons passed the Civil Marriage Act 10 years ago this week, Canada was only the fourth country in the world — and the first outside Europe — to legalize same-sex marriage. Now, with last week’s Supreme Court ruling in the United States, and with the successful referendum in Ireland this spring, […]


Think about it, Canada’s remarkable

Jul 2 2015 — Candice Malcolm

There is a federal election just around the corner, as you can probably tell by the onslaught of silly political ads starting to fill the airwaves. But before the election really gets going — before the parties start mudslinging and the chattering classes start handwringing — we should take the opportunity to celebrate our just-completed […]

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Jim Carrey tweets his outrage over Calif. vaccine law

Jul 2 2015 —

Canadian-born comedian Jim Carrey has gone on a bit of a Twitter tear, lashing out against California’s new mandatory vaccination law, insisting he’s not anti-vaccine, just “anti-neurotoxin.” Carrey was clearly angry about the California bill signed into law Wednesday that makes vaccinations mandatory for nearly every child in school and daycare in the state. The […]

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