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Will British Columbia decide the election’s outcome?

Sep 2 2015 — Eric Grenier

It is often said that federal elections are decided before many British Columbians even vote. But with the polls suggesting a close three-way race countrywide, Canadians may have to wait until the ballots are counted on the West Coast late on election night before knowing which party will form the next government. In 10 of […]

Sep 2 2015 —

At the start of his campaign, NDP Leader Tom Mulcair took some heat for declining to answer questions from reporters at his kick-off event. Conservative Leader Stephen Harper enforced his five-question cap that day, while Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau chose not to impose any limits. But since then, CBC News data shows Mulcair has made […]

Sep 2 2015 — Philip Authier

The New Democratic Party is hanging on to its 2011 vote share on the island of Montreal but is in a virtual tie with the Liberals, who have gained since the last federal election, a new poll shows. The same poll says the two parties that have traditionally had problems making inroads in Montreal, the […]

Sep 2 2015 — Elizabeth Thompson

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government has made more than two dozen secret cabinet decisions, hiding any trace of them from Parliament and Canadians, iPolitics has learned. A review by iPolitics of more than 21,000 orders-in-council published on the Privy Council’s website since 2004 found that 25 OICs adopted by the Harper government are missing. Only […]

OTTAWA,January 7/2014- Emilie Taman lawyer juggling busy career with three small children They are featured in a CBC documentary about families trying to maintain work-life balance. Photo by Bruno Schlumberger/Ottawa Citizen assgt /115704

NDP candidate Taman appeals to overturn prosecutor election ban

Sep 2 2015 — Kathryn May

Ottawa-Vanier NDP candidate Emilie Taman appealed to the Federal Court Tuesday to overturn the Public Service Commission’s refusal to let her run in the federal election. In the day-long hearing, Taman’s lawyer asked the Federal Court for a judicial review to set aside the PSC decision as “unreasonable” because it failed to balance her obligations […]


Federal riding changes could sow voter confusion

Sep 2 2015 — Kazi Stastna

There has been much griping about the length of the current election campaign, but there is a bright side: voters have longer to get to know their candidates. That may be a good thing this election cycle as it’s the first since a major redrawing of riding boundaries. The redistribution that occurred in 2012 saw […]

Sep 1 2015 — Glen McGregor

The crankiest Conservative on the campaign trail may be moonlighting in one of the hippest gigs of the digital age. Earl Cowan, known forever as “Angry Tory” for his outburst at reporters at the Stephen Harper campaign stop in Etobicoke, bears a striking resemblance to an Uber X driver taking fares sorry, “ride sharing,” in […]

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Sep 1 2015 — Mohamed Omar

“This is what’s happening to millions of Canadians in 10 years under Stephen Harper,” Trudeau says in the ad, titled “Escalator: Harder to get ahead.” (Watch the clip above.) “His ideas to give benefits to the wealthy but make cuts to everything else has made it harder for most people to get ahead,” he adds, […]

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Sep 2 2015 —

New Democratic Party (NDP) supporters willing to get swept up in the orange wave were not in short supply at an NDP policy announcement in Saskatoon on Monday, and experts say the party may gain some ground in Saskatchewan. The province, which has been a Conservative stronghold through the last four elections, is set to […]

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Sep 2 2015 — Mariam Ibrahim

The Opposition Wildrose on Tuesday accused the NDP of dragging its feet on a government directive that requires sole-sourced contracts be publicly disclosed. Last November former premier Jim Prentice introduced the Treasury Board directive requiring the government publicly report all sole-sourced contracts up to $75,000 on a quarterly basis. The directive restricts when the province […]

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John Milloy

We Sometimes Need to Have Messy Conversations During Elections

Sep 2 2015 — John Milloy

“The sanctity of life is one of our most fundamental societal values.” Although these may sound like the words of Pope Benedict or some right wing Conservative backbencher, they actually come from the February Supreme Court Judgement on assisted dying. Laws are a reflection of our society’s values. And in the case of assisted dying, […]

Frances Russell

On October 19 stand up for Canada

Sep 2 2015 — Frances Russell

The story goes that British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan was once asked what the most challenging part of his job was. “’Events, my dear boy, events’” he supposedly replied. Macmillan’s quote – fictional or not – is certainly an apt description of Canada’s current marathon 2015 federal election. At 143 years, it’s the longest Canadian […]

jeffrey simpson

Too much fast talk in this era of slow growth

Sep 2 2015 — Jeffrey Simpson

Canada has already entered a period of slower economic growth. Whether the country passed through a tiny recession or not in the first six months of the year is rather irrelevant. The next six months should be better, but for 2015 growth is likely to be only slightly better than 1 per cent. What happens […]


Understanding recession without saying the R-word

Sep 2 2015 — Don Pittis

“It is what it is.” That bit of popular wisdom contains so little information that the tongue-in-cheek rhetorical response must always be, “Truer words were never spoken.” But as so many analysts try to redefine yesterday’s Statistics Canada data to say Canada is not in recession after all, that truism may finally be useful. The […]

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WWE star Jimmy (Superfly) Snuka charged with girlfriend’s 1983 murder

Sep 2 2015 —

High-flying wrestling legend Jimmy “Superfly” Snuka got pinned one last time Tuesday — with a 32-year-old murder rap. The Fiji-born WWE Hall of Famer was jailed on $100,000 bail in Lehigh, Pa. – a stunning fall from grace – in the 1983 death of girlfriend Nancy Argentino, 23, of Brooklyn. “We never found justice in […]

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