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Harper’s pot is ‘infinitely worse’ than tobacco assertion ‘misleading’ — health experts

Oct 3 2015 — Ben Spurr

Public health experts are slamming Stephen Harper’s assertion that marijuana is “infinitely worse” than tobacco, saying the remark has no basis in scientific fact. The Conservative leader made the comment the morning after the final debate of the election campaign Friday night, during which he criticized Justin Trudeau’s proposal to legalize the drug. Asked by […]

Oct 3 2015 —

Marijuana is “infinitely worse” than tobacco and its use should be widely discouraged in Canada, Conservative Leader Stephen Harper says. The remarks come the morning after the federal leaders’ French-language debate, in which Harper’s clash with Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau over the issue of legalization was among the evening’s more memorable exchanges. The Liberals support […]

Oct 3 2015 —

With the shadow of a massive and controversial trade deal looming over the campaign trail, Tom Mulcair visited a farm Saturday to press his contention that only a New Democrat government would stick up for Quebec’s dairy farmers. At a dairy farm in Upton, Que., east of Montreal, Mulcair denounced Conservative Leader Stephen Harper for […]


Conservatives Dominate ‘Ten Percenters’ Top-Spenders List

Oct 3 2015 — Zi-Ann Lum

Nineteen of the top 20 MPs who charged taxpayers the most for bulk mailings belong to the Conservative Party, according to a report released by the Board of Internal Economy. The report published Monday outlines expenditures billed to taxpayers during the first quarter of the 2015-2016 year. Government House leader Peter Van Loan topped the […]


Liberals urge voters to report irregularities to party and Elections Canada

Oct 3 2015 —

Federal Liberals are urging voters to report voter irregularities, such as misleading phone calls, to both Elections Canada and the party itself. The Grits, who have also vowed to strengthen the Canada Elections Act if they form government Oct.19, have created a voter incident reporting system where Canadians can document election problems. Nova Scotia Liberal […]

Oct 3 2015 — Mark Kennedy

Liberal candidate Andrew Leslie could be headed toward unseating Conservative incumbent Royal Galipeau in Orléans on Oct. 19, a new poll for Postmedia suggests. The survey by Mainstreet Research found that Leslie, a retired Canadian Forces general, has a healthy lead in public support over Galipeau and political rivals running for the other parties in […]

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Oct 3 2015 — Hadley Freeman

A comedic slip of the tongue — which saw Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau accidently call Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe “mon amour” — stole the imagination of the internet during Friday’s French-language leaders’ debate. Trudeau meant to call the Bloc leader “my friend” — “mon ami” — but ended up telling Duceppe that he was […]

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Oct 3 2015 —

The Liberal party is competitive in several critical races in Ontario, but faces a challenge in the Toronto riding of University-Rosedale, where Liberal MP Chrystia Freeland is trailing the NDP’s Jennifer Hollett, a new poll for Postmedia suggests. The survey, which was conducted by Mainstreet Research Sept. 28-29, polled residents of six Ontario ridings where […]

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Oct 3 2015 — James Fitz-Morris

How polite was last night’s French-language leaders’ debate? It was so polite, at one point, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau called Bloc Québécois leader Gilles Duceppe, “my love.” Trudeau had meant to say “my friend” — and it should be noted that in French, the terms “mon amour” and “mon ami” are a little closer than […]

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Tories’ extreme stand a bid for Jewish vote

Oct 3 2015 — Dan Lett

As most of the crowd turned against her, Joyce Bateman’s awkward smile melted away. Bateman, the Conservative MP from Winnipeg South Centre who is running for re-election, was sitting onstage at the Asper Jewish Community Campus in Tuxedo for an all-candidates forum hosted by B’nai Brith. Up until that point in the evening, the crowd […]


Mulcair failed to capture crucial last debate

Oct 3 2015 — Chantal Hébert

Once the ace in the NDP’s election deck, Quebec will probably—as of now—remain a wild card until the Oct. 19 vote. With the NDP bleeding support in Quebec, Thomas Mulcair needed to stand head and shoulders above the competition at Friday’s second French-language leaders debate to have a shot at staunching a debilitating hemorrhage. The […]


Mulcair, the niqab and ‘a dangerous game’

Oct 3 2015 — Martin Patriquin

The niqab debate, which hijacked the election campaign last week, would be a waste of air were it not so damaging. Brought forth by the Conservatives to all corners of the country, then further exploited by the Bloc Québécois in Quebec, it had all the elements of a classic political scapegoat: take an unfamiliar cultural […]


After five debates, some lessons about Justin Trudeau

Oct 3 2015 — Paul Wells

I like Greg Lyle, a Toronto pollster whose Innovative Research Group is not one of the firms Ottawa listens to most attentively, but who finds interesting connections in the data he collects. On Friday he released a new report that showed a rough three-way tie among the big national parties, but that also suggested Canadians […]


Let this not be a Seinfeldian election about nothing

Oct 3 2015 — Don Martin

The niqab has become the Conservative’s most successful re-election rallying cry, particularly in Quebec where it’s now a referendum on banning the Muslim veil at citizenship ceremonies. But as this churns on, I can’t help but recall the 2012 incident when Jason Kenney’s immigration bureaucrats faked a citizenship ceremony for a now-defunct TV network run […]


The hard evidence of the NDP’s niqab problem in Quebec

Oct 3 2015 — Adam Radwanski

When the Bloc Québécois took aim at the NDP by launching a television advertisement showing an image of oil leaking ominously and turning into a niqab – an attempt to attack Thomas Mulcair’s party on pipeline politics and its opposition to restrictions on veiled women simultaneously – it was criticized for what seemed an offensive […]


Conservatives move to revoke citizenship from home-grown Canadian

Oct 3 2015 — Tom Walkom

For many, the Conservative government’s new power to strip Canadians of their citizenship just got a bit closer to the bone. With its decision to banish 27-year-old Saad Gaya from the country of his birth, the government has made it clear that the new revocation law will apply not just to naturalized citizens but to […]

Oct 3 2015 — John Ivison

According to one school of thought, a “big shift” has taken place in Canadian politics that has seen real electoral power shift to the waves of immigrants who live in the suburbs of our big cities. Those new Canadians bring with them conservative values that will ensure the Conservatives become the “perpetually dominant” party, proponents […]

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Oct 3 2015 — Candice Malcolm

Critics of Prime Minister Stephen Harper often accuse him of using the so-called “politics of fear and division,” especially when it comes to immigration and Canada’s national security. It is a favourite line of attack against the Conservative government. But is Harper really fear-mongering to attract votes, or is he simply being honest with Canadians […]

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