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Jun 22 2017 —

Last November, Mark Gilchrist was at the Canadian Human Rights Museum in Winnipeg for a group sit-down with several dozen strangers to talk about what being Canadian meant to each of them. What made them proud to be Canadian? What made them embarrassed to be Canadian? Going into the gathering, Gilchrist thought he’d be in […]

Jun 22 2017 — Evan Dyer

As the security situation in Afghanistan continues to slip, NATO has asked Canada to help with its Resolute Support mission by sending trainers to help build an Afghan military and police force capable of defending the country. For the past three years, Canadian soldiers have been training and mentoring Kurdish Peshmerga fighters in Iraq with […]

Jun 22 2017 — Robert Benzie

A Progressive Conservative government would be forced to change labour laws in order to derail the $15-a-hour minimum wage increase that takes effect six months after the June 2018 election. In an unusual move, the Liberals have embedded the increase in the Fair Workplaces, Better Jobs Act being studied this summer by an all-party committee. […]

Newly minted Conservative Leader Scheer to hit the road this summer

Jun 22 2017 —

Before Canada’s new Conservative leader arrived at a news conference this week to opine on the spring session of Parliament, an aide affixed a sign to the podium: “Andrew Scheer, leader of the Official Opposition.” The jokes came quickly: if the parliamentary media needed a sign to know who he was, what hope does he […]

Jun 22 2017 —

Donald Trump’s trade czar says U.S. negotiators will take a “do-no-harm” approach to renegotiating NAFTA amid fears that altering the deal could hurt many American agricultural sectors. U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer repeated the remarks several times as he testified before a House of Representatives committee. Lighthizer says his objective is to modernize outdated aspects […]

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Jun 22 2017 —

The B.C. Legislature has elected Liberal MLA Steve Thomson as its new Speaker. The former forestry minister will reside over the house as Premier Christy Clark’s minority government attempts to maintain its hold on power. While the Speaker’s role in the legislature is normally to maintain decorum and ensure procedures are followed, in this case […]

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Jun 22 2017 —

Sears Canada Inc. (TSX:SCC) said it plans to close 59 locations and cut approximately 2,900 jobs under a court-supervised restructuring after it was granted protection from creditors Thursday. The announcement came after the company was granted temporary protection from creditors under the Companies’ Creditors Arrangement Act (CCAA) by the Ontario Superior Court of Justice. It […]

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Featured Ink

What keeps Trudeau smiling? The alternatives.

Jun 22 2017 — Michael Harris

Assuming Justin Trudeau isn’t planning a summer retreat to the Aga Khan’s island, he’s well positioned to enjoy Canada’s Big Birthday Bash. The House of Commons is in summer recess. Political machinations have yielded to a yen for margaritas and merry-making. Who would you rather party with — Justin Trudeau or Andrew Scheer, that smiling […]

Is “Open Dialogue” the Answer to “Post-Fact” Populism?

Jun 22 2017 — Don Lenihan

If populism has made a comeback in Europe and North America, it’s because so many people feel they have no meaningful voice in government or any control over what it does. Globalization, income inequality, and terrorism are well-known causes of this sense of powerlessness, but public debate and consultation should be added to the list. […]

Some parliamentary stars shine as one loses glow

Jun 21 2017 — Chantal Hébert

With the House of Commons adjourning for the summer, time for a look in the rearview mirror at four leading MPs who were on their game over the first half of the parliamentary year … and at one who was off. 1. Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale took almost two years to come up with […]

Why Canadians are closer to losing their news than they think

Jun 22 2017 — Colin Horgan

The results of an Abacus poll published last week confirmed what most probably already suspected: if Canadian local newspapers were to disappear, few would care. When Abacus asked a cross-section of Canadians whether they’d still be able to get “the news you need” if their local paper were to go under, 86 per cent said […]

Jun 21 2017 — John Milloy

Being only a toddler in 1967, I have no direct memories of our centennial. As I grew up, however, I frequently heard what a remarkable year it had been for Canada.  The constant playing of my parents’ copy of Bobby Gimby’s Canada song, with its earworm-inducing tune and lyrics, only helped to reinforce the fact […]

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Jun 21 2017 — L. Ian MacDonald

As the House lurches towards the end of the spring sitting, there’s a sense that while there’s a lot going on in Ottawa, not much is getting done. It’s the mid-term muddle which hits most majority governments halfway through their first mandates, where the Trudeau Liberals are now. From parliamentary reform to climate change, from […]

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Jun 20 2017 — Aaron Wherry

At long last, the time for “real change” had apparently arrived. Three months after the government released a “discussion paper” on parliamentary reform — after the Liberals were accused of tyrannical intent, ​after the opposition flibustered, after the government finally backed down a bit, and after the Conservatives threatened to tie up the Commons anew […]

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Entertainment Plus

2 Cosby holdouts prevented guilty verdict, juror says

Jun 22 2017 —

In an exclusive interview with ABC News, a juror in the Bill Cosby sexual assault case said that after dozens of hours of grueling deliberations in a tiny room, 10 of the 12 jurors agreed he was guilty on two counts. On a third count, only one of the jurors believed he was guilty. The […]


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