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Liberals lose ground to Harper’s Conservatives: poll

Aug 21 2014 — Donovan Vincent

The federal Liberals remain ahead of the Conservatives in support, but lost ground to Prime Stephen Harper’s government, dropping from 16 points ahead last month to nine this month, according to the latest public opinion poll by Forum Research. The survey Aug. 18 and 19 of nearly 1,800 Canadian voters found that 41 per cent […]

Aug 21 2014 —

Former staffer landed communications gig with security forum 3 months after departure. Another former Peter MacKay staffer appears to be benefiting from a multi-million dollar federal grant awarded to a Washington, D.C., organization. Jay Paxton was communications director in the office of the minister of national defence under MacKay from 2010 to 2013, and press […]

Aug 21 2014 — Laura Payton

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau set out a bold goal at the closing news conference of the party’s summer retreat – a majority government in 2015. That’s an extraordinary goal for a party that was near death after the 2011 election. Back then, the party was reduced to just 37 seats — about 12 per cent […]


$24M ad campaign for Keystone pipeline had little impact: survey

Aug 21 2014 — Sophia Harris

America and Canada are friends. That’s the main message Americans got from phase one of the federal government’s multimillion-dollar advertising campaign to promote Canadian oil in Washington and drum up support for the Keystone XL pipeline. That’s no surprise to some Washington-based Canada-U.S. relations experts who say the first leg of the campaign was too […]


Trudeau pledges long-term funding for city infrastructure needs

Aug 21 2014 — Mariam Ibrahim

Justin Trudeau courted western Canadian mayors Wednesday during his final day of caucus meetings in Edmonton, saying a Liberal government would ensure long-term funding for the infrastructure needs of cities. Mayor Don Iveson met with members of the federal Liberal caucus as part of a Federation of Canadian Municipalities delegation, along with Regina Mayor Michael […]

Aug 21 2014 — Amber Hildebrandt

The deadly Lac-Mégantic train crash — and this week’s safety board report into what happened — raises questions not only about government oversight of the rail industry but of other sectors like air, marine and food as well, engineers and transportation experts say. On Tuesday, the Transportation Safety Board released its final report on the […]

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Aug 20 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper says the murder of American journalist James Foley by Islamic State militants in Iraq is part of a “disgusting” terror campaign being carried out across the entire region. It’s a campaign that threatens more and more countries, he said. “And frankly, this terrorist caliphate in our judgment represents an increasing long-term […]

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Aug 20 2014 —

A New Democrat MP has quit the caucus over what she felt was an excessively pro-Israel stance on the current conflict in Gaza and demeaning party demands to toe the line. Sana Hassainia, who represents the Montreal-area riding of Vercheres-Les Patriotes, was specifically critical of NDP Leader Tom Mulcair in a blog post that appeared […]

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paul wells 3

What would have come after a Yes

Aug 21 2014 — Paul Wells

Paul Wells on Chantal Hébert’s important new book about the 1995 referendum. A team of Saskatchewan officials worked quietly to develop contingency plans in the event of a Yes vote in the 1995 Quebec referendum — options that included Saskatchewan following Quebec out of Canada, a new book reveals. Roy Romanow, the premier of Saskatchewan […]


An unhealthy dose of partisanship

Aug 21 2014 — Konrad Yakabuski

Warning young people about the dangers of smoking pot should be about as controversial as telling them to brush their teeth. The same goes for recommending that adults consume no more sugar than they can bench-press. Health officials are right to point out the pitfalls of both. This is Canada, in 2014, however, where the […]

Mark Kennedy

Justin Trudeau’s political style a phenomenon to watch

Aug 20 2014 — Mark Kennedy

In the age of the selfie, he is the political king. They cluster around him. Mothers and fathers with children. Old men with canes. Teenagers with that star-struck look in their eyes. Many of them carry cell-phone cameras, and as he approaches, they ask him to pose with them. Justin Trudeau, the man who wants […]


Chow-Tory dust-up portends nothing good

Aug 21 2014 — Marcus Gee

Yes, it’s a minor incident in a long race that has yet to begin in earnest. And, okay, it’s only Warren Kinsella, a long-time political operative notorious for his feuds and flare-ups. All the same, the Kinsella affair is bad news at a critical time for the faltering Olivia Chow campaign. We are on the […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

To us, Tina Fontaine just another missing native kid

Aug 21 2014 — Heather Mallick

The call for a federal inquiry into missing and murdered indigenous girls and women isn’t the result of nearly 1,200 females crying out from wherever their graves may be. It isn’t history leaking blood, it is a continuing serial tragedy, and pretty little Tina Fontaine, her corpse hauled out of the Red River on the […]

Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

Put native women on the agenda

Aug 21 2014 — Mary Ellen Turpel-Lafond

When Canada’s premiers meet next week in Charlottetown, I sincerely hope they will take the time to reflect on the tragic story of Tina Fontaine. Tina is the 15-year-old Anishinabe girl whose body was pulled from Winnipeg’s Red River this week – the sort of occurrence repeated all too often in cities and towns across […]

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