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Canadian charged in Japan is son of top military official

Feb 5 2016 —

A member of the Royal Canadian Navy charged in Japan with a drug offence is the son of a high-ranking military official, CTV News has learned. Ian Greenwood, a member of HMCS Winnipeg’s crew and son of retired Real Admiral Richard Greenwood, has been charged with drug use following a drug test and he remains […]

Feb 5 2016 — Tim Naumetz

Tom Mulcair has launched a drive to defend his record at the helm of the NDP in advance of a leadership review at a national convention in April, following the party’s devastating losses in the October general election. Five NDP MPs confirmed Thursday Mr. Mulcair (Outremont, Que.) has begun a campaign to convince party members […]

Feb 5 2016 —

The Canadian government is lifting some of its sanctions against Iran. Stephane Dion, Canada’s minister of foreign affairs, announced Friday that Canada will be ending a number of sanctions against the country. He added that Canada is open to the possibility of restoring diplomatic contacts with Iran, after Canada’s embassy to the country was shuttered […]


Trudeau to attend rally for Liberal candidate in provincial byelection

Feb 5 2016 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to appear Tuesday at a rally with Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne for the Liberal candidate in an upcoming provincial byelection east of Toronto. The Ontario Liberal Party issued a statement from candidate Elizabeth Roy saying there has been “tremendous support” from Liberal MPs and MPPs and she looks forward […]


Justin Trudeau restarts ‘neglected’ relationship with Canada’s mayors

Feb 5 2016 —

Talks between the mayors of Canada’s largest cities and Justin Trudeau’s Liberal government continue today in Ottawa. “We are restarting a relationship that had been significantly neglected over the last ten years,” Justin Trudeau told reporters at the conclusion of their Friday morning meeting on Parliament Hill. From the mayors’ perspective, Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson […]

Feb 5 2016 — Robert Fife

The Liberal government will lay out its new role in the U.S.-led war against Islamic State next week that will include additional Special Forces, a non-combat air component and participation in an enlarged training mission, sources say. The long-awaited announcement will be made by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau before Defence Minister Harjit Sajjan attends a […]

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Andrew MacDougall

Cut the campaign rhetoric … because it’s 2016

Feb 5 2016 — Andrew MacDougall

At a time when newsrooms are being Googled out of existence, it comes as no surprise that Justin Trudeau was recently interviewed not by 10 trained journalists, but by 10 random citizens. Welcome to the brave new world. Had the convener of this affair been anyone other than the (soon to be even more luxuriously) […]


Boy Scout Speaker’s aims to bring adult supervision to MPs

Feb 4 2016 — Don Martin

He’s got politics in his DNA as a long-time Halifax Liberal MP whose father was a former Nova Scotia premier and wife is a current MLA in Nova Scotia. During that time, Geoff Regan has made few waves and left no scandalous footprints on the national political landscape. Mild-mannered, soft-spoken, family-focused, he is, frankly, borderline […]


Trudeau tries to listen over shouts for action in Alberta

Feb 5 2016 — Tim Harper

When he landed in Alberta for two days of meetings this week, Justin Trudeau had a number of options. I suppose he could have charismatically willed the price of oil back up to $100 per barrel. He could simply, as the Conservative opposition in Ottawa keeps telling him, just build a pipeline already. He could […]


Spare some equalization?

Feb 5 2016 — Colby Cosh

So they say Alberta may be getting equalization payments! Well, not quite, strictly speaking. Technically the federal government’s Fiscal Stabilization Program (FSP) is a whole separate thingy unto itself. But it’s like equalization, in principle: an unconditional transfer to a provincial government whose economy is struggling. And ours, or so you may have heard, is […]


Deep skepticism remains after Trudeau’s Alberta tour

Feb 5 2016 — Don Braid

During a remarkable two-day visit to Alberta by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, the most telling moment emerged from something that happened in the United States. It showed beyond doubt that we’re in a new world where Alberta’s energy companies, rather than dominating the landscape, are just one panicky beast in the stampede to an uncertain […]

Feb 5 2016 — Lezlie Lowe

Why do we care about the charges against Jian Ghomeshi? Why are some of the country’s smartest journalists reporting it? Why are there daily updates and live-streaming? Because Ghomeshi is special. A celebrity. That’s enough reason to cover it. But that awe and fascination isn’t helping journalists write about, nor the public better understand, sexual […]

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Theatre hanging: Raphael Schumacher declared brain dead

Feb 5 2016 —

Raphael Schumacher, the Italian actor who accidentally strangled himself during a live theatre performance, has been declared clinically dead. Schumacher, 27, was re-enacting a hanging scene during an interactive performance in Pisa, when a spectator realised the stunt had gone wrong. The actor, who had been in a coma since Saturday night, has subsequently been […]