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Jul 31 2015 — Rosemary Barton

Canada’s largest broadcasters may be out of luck when it comes to hosting a federal leaders debate. CBC News has learned the NDP will only consider debate invitations until Friday, Aug. 7. While the NDP did initially agree in principle to attending the consortium debate held by Canada’s biggest broadcasters, it now says it will […]

Jul 31 2015 — Terry Milewski

Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau says Prime Minister Stephen Harper has “changed the rules” to give himself an advantage in the coming election. Harper is expected to call an election Sunday for Oct. 19 — setting off the longest Canadian election campaign in modern times. The Conservatives’ Fair Elections Act provides for higher spending limits in […]

ed fast

Talks on huge Pacific Rim trade deal appear to hit last-minute hurdles

Jul 31 2015 —

Negotiations on a major international trade deal involving Canada appear to have hit last-minute snags in what were supposed to be the final stages of talks. Canadian officials are in Hawaii where a dozen countries, including the United States and Japan, have been trying to reach an agreement called the Trans-Pacific Partnership. A spokesman for […]


The EKOS poll: Vote-splitting in Ontario boosting Conservative hopes

Jul 31 2015 — Frank Graves

Summer is half over, the election could be launched officially as early as Sunday — which would make it the longest campaign in modern Canadian history — and our polling shows a political landscape on ‘pause’. There are, however, some interesting developments that set the stage for the campaign proper — which won’t really get […]

Liberal MP Marc Garneau holds a news conference to discuss the cost of Prime Minister Stephen Harper making an early election call, in Ottawa, Friday, July 31, 2015. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Fred Chartrand

Liberals attack Tory economic record as election looms

Jul 31 2015 —

Liberal MP Marc Garneau says the Conservative record as good managers of the economy is in tatters in the run-up to the federal election. Statistics Canada reported Friday that the economy shrank in May, marking five consecutive months of decline in the gross domestic product. If the trend holds true in June, Canada would earn […]

Jul 31 2015 —

The Canadian dollar is nearing its low for the year Friday, after news that the economy contracted for a fifth straight month in May. The loonie was at 76.43 US cents at mid-afternoon, down half a cent from Thursday, after Statistics Canada said the economy shrank 0.2 per cent in May. The lowest close this […]

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Peter Clark, Maui TPP

TPP: Maui Madness

Jul 31 2015 — Peter Clark

Trade expert Peter Clark is in Lahaina, Hawaii, where he has been reporting throughout each day on the talks at the Trans Pacific Partnership Ministerial meeting. LAHAINA, Hawaii – The situation in Maui is ominous. There is a hurricane bearing down on Hawaii – gaining strength from the warm Pacific waters. There was a full […]

Don Lenihan and Suzanne Legault

Open Government: Toward a Pan-Canadian Vision?

Jul 31 2015 — Don Lenihan and Suzanne Legault

Almost everyone is calling for greater transparency and accountability in our national government; and for more meaningful opportunities for democratic engagement, but what do these really mean? This election campaign is an opportunity to debate this. In this essay, two of Canada’s leading experts in access to information and citizen engagement set the stage by explaining, simply and clearly, what can and should be done to make Canada a world leader in Open Government.

at issue july 30

Midsummer Politics | At Issue

Jul 31 2015 — At Issue

The first debate is next week and the campaign could officially start any day now. Our At Issue panel gathers to discuss it all in a special midsummer edition.

rick salutin

The irritating way Olivia Chow took the plunge

Jul 30 2015 — Rick Salutin

The NDP’s Olivia Chow took the plunge in a particularly irritating way this week when she announced she’s running against Liberal MP Adam Vaughn in a downtown Toronto riding. It felt like a bad omen for an election that hasn’t even begun and will drone on for over twice as long as usual. It wasn’t […]


Olivia Chow’s return to federal politics surprised…no one

Jul 31 2015 — Michael Taube

She’s baaaaaaaaaaccckkk! Olivia Chow is back in the news. After resigning as a federal NDP MP last March, running a poor campaign to become Mayor of Toronto (finishing a distant third) and a brief sojourn as a visiting professor at Ryerson University, she’ll be running again for the federal NDP this fall. The Circle of […]

Peter Clark

Moving Day at the Maui TPP Ministerial

Jul 30 2015 — Peter Clark

Trade expert Peter Clark is in Lahaina, Hawaii, where he will be reporting on talks at the Trans Pacific Partnership Ministerial meeting. LAHAINA, Hawaii – Day two of the TPP Ministerial went late into the night. Indeed we are into round the clock negotiations in the race for the concluding  media conference scheduled for 1:30 PM  […]


Harper can’t hide from his duty to the Senate

Jul 31 2015 — Paula Simons

“When a Vacancy happens in the Senate by Resignation, Death, or otherwise, the Governor General shall by Summons to a fit and qualified Person fill the Vacancy,” says our constitution. The word “shall” is an imperative, creating a clear legal obligation. Public cynicism about the Senate is widespread, thanks in part to the antics of […]

bruce anderson

Economic uncertainty could play to Harper’s strengths

Jul 30 2015 — Bruce Anderson

Last year, it didn’t look like this was going to be an election about the economy. Today, things may be changing. For the longest time, Conservative election planners imagined jumping into a writ with steady growth, good employment, balanced books and generous tax cuts. If not a prime minister voters could love, at least a […]

Ken Coates1

Five priorities for Aboriginal Canada in election 2015

Jul 31 2015 — Ken Coates

For the past 40 years, Aboriginal issues have been discussed at election time, but election promises have been honoured far more in the breach than in the observance once the ballots were counted. After decades of commissions, discussions and negotiations, Canadian skies are still cloudy, with a significant prospect for future storms in relations with […]


Palliatives won’t save struggling post office

Jul 31 2015 — Carol Goar

Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau will pick up a few urban votes with their pledge to save what is left of door-to-door mail delivery. They will burnish their reputations as defenders of Canada’s public services. They will reinforce their images as fix-it men, set to reverse the damage Prime Minister Stephen Harper has done to […]

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Roddy Piper Dead — Dies at 61

Jul 31 2015 —

Wrestling legend “Rowdy” Roddy Piper has died at the age of 61… TMZ Sports has learned. Piper — born Roderick George Toombs — passed away from natural causes at a home in Hollywood. Piper was a wrestling icon — one of the biggest stars in the WWE back in the ’80s, and even wrestled in […]

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