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Dean Del Mastro’s lawyer seeks mistrial in election overspending case

Jan 27 2015 —

Former Conservative MP Dean Del Mastro is seeking to have a mistrial declared in his election overspending case. Del Mastro — once parliamentary secretary to Prime Minister Stephen Harper — was convicted last fall of violating the Canada Elections Act during the 2008 election. He resigned from the House of Commons two weeks after the […]

Jan 27 2015 — Sean Fine

The Conservative government is developing legislation that would mean some murderers will have no hope of release from prison. The new penalty would apply to several categories of those convicted of first-degree murder: killers of police and jail guards, anyone who kills during a sexual assault, kidnapping or act of terrorism and for especially brutal […]

Jan 27 2015 — Andy Blatchford

Canada’s finance minister insists low- and middle-income families will see two-thirds of the benefits from the Harper government’s contentious multibillion-dollar tableau of family-friendly measures. By that measure, Joe Oliver is suggesting families with annual incomes as high as $120,000 qualify as middle class. The Finance Department’s own internal breakdown of the distribution of relief from […]


60 millionaire immigrant investors to be offered permanent residency

Jan 27 2015 — Susana Mas

Canada will start accepting applications from millionaire immigrant investors and their families on Wednesday under a revamped version of a program critics once denounced as “cash for citizenship.” The government announced in December it would give permanent residency to international investors who can invest $2 million in Canada, in an effort to attract experienced business […]


Human rights commission lawyer Philippe Dufresne to serve as House law clerk

Jan 27 2015 — Kady O'Malley

A human rights lawyer whose former employer once tried to convince the Supreme Court that Parliament Hill staff should enjoy the same workplace protection as all federally regulated employees is now in charge of safeguarding parliamentary privilege for the House of Commons. In a written statement released on Monday night, Government House Leader Peter Van […]

Jan 27 2015 — Tonda MacCharles

Even before plunging oil prices began to eat into the Canadian economy and government revenues, Canadians were worried about economic uncertainty, slow job growth, and an over-reliance on natural resources, according to opinion research done for the Conservative government. The Privy Council Office, which functions as Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s central department, hired polling firm […]

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Jan 27 2015 — The Canadian Press

Progressive Conservative leadership hopeful Patrick Brown went after the perceived front-runner in the race during a debate in London, Ont., Monday, accusing Christine Elliott of backing the party’s 2014 campaign proposal to cut 100,000 public sector jobs. Voters were fed up with the scandal-plagued Liberals last June and wanted a change in government, but didn’t […]

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Jan 27 2015 — Lee Berthiaume

Call it the new battle of Ontario. Preaching his message of change, Liberal leader Justin Trudeau accused Stephen Harper’s Conservatives of all but ignoring Canada’s most populous province in a campaign-style speech in Ottawa’s Little Italy on Monday. “Election years are the time when, traditionally, Mr. Harper’s Conservatives locate Ontario on a map of Canada,” […]

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Jan 27 2015 — Elizabeth Thompson

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are taking advantage of Ontario voters, wooing them at election time then neglecting them once in power, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau charged Monday. Delivering a distinctly campaign-style speech before a crowd of more than 300 Liberal supporters in Ottawa’s Little Italy area, Trudeau moved to position himself as the best… […]

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Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

Budget 2015: Cue the smoke and mirrors

Jan 27 2015 — Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

When Finance Minister Joe Oliver did a backflip over budget timing on Jan. 15 — postponing his government’s pre-election budget to April, maybe even May — he claimed he was just being prudent, looking to get more information about the forces roiling the international oil market before committing to a revenue forecast. That’s his story […]


Theatre of the absurd

Jan 27 2015 — Warren Kinsella

Parliament is back in session, and so too question period. Nobody would dispute that the former is a crucial part of the way in which we govern ourselves. But the latter? It’s more than irrelevant – it is arguably harmful to our democracy. To suggest such a thing is heretical, of course. Since Parliament’s return […]


Did Stephen Harper just find his Falklands moment?

Jan 27 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

In 1982, the Conservative government of British Prime Minister Margaret Thatcher was in trouble. Three million Britons — one in every eight workers — were out of work. Manufacturing firms shut their doors and the economy slid into a deep recession. Trade unions demanded wage increases and engaged in acts of violence. Critics, including members […]


Horgan lays down law for would-be MPs in provincial caucus

Jan 27 2015 — Vaughn Palmer

Now that two members of the B.C. New Democratic Party caucus are competing to run federally, Opposition leader John Horgan has laid down some “rules of engagement” to minimize friction on the provincial scene. Horgan expects the duo — Jenny Kwan and Mable Elmore — to fulfil their MLA duties on a full-time basis and […]


Greek vote beginning of EU’s end?

Jan 27 2015 — Ezra Levant

Greece has voted for a new government, led by the socialist Syriza party. They won on a campaign vow not to accept economic cutbacks demanded by the European Union, in return for a promised $336-billion bailout. But as David Burge quipped, “socialism is like a nude beach. Sounds pretty good until you actually get there.” […]

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