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Islamophobia bill: Irqa Khalid, Irwin Cotler offer conflicting takes on their conversation

Feb 19 2017 — Amy Minsky

Irqa Khalid, the Liberal MP behind a contentious anti-Islamophobia motion in Parliament, says a highly respected former MP told her that changing the word “Islamophobia” would “water down” her bid to address racism and racial discrimination. In a separate interview, however, human rights activist and former Liberal justice minister Irwin Cotler said he only told […]

Feb 19 2017 —

Dozens of more asylum seekers, including at least one baby, who fled the United States for Canada made their way into Manitoba early Sunday morning, CBC News has learned. The asylum seekers are at the Emerson, Man. border right now and are waiting to be processed by agents with the Canada Border Services Agency. Jay […]

Feb 19 2017 —

Australians may well have a lot riding on President Donald Trump’s actions influencing the international economy and global security, but no other advanced country in the world will be as heavily affected as Canada. For our like-minded Canadian cousins, the United States is easily their largest trading partner, No.1 security ally and closet neighbour. About […]

Feb 19 2017 — Laura Payton

The former head of Canada’s spy service says U.S. President Donald Trump needs to be more concerned about security, particularly when it comes to meetings and using his smart phone. Richard Fadden, who directed the Canadian Security Intelligence Service from 2009 to 2013 and served as national security adviser to former prime minister Stephen Harper, […]

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Canada’s ad hoc fitness caucus: MPs sweat together

Feb 19 2017 — Laura Payton

It’s 6:30 a.m. on Thursday and Ottawa is still waking up to a dark, cold December. Most people would be more concerned about stumbling toward their first cup of coffee of the day. But a handful of MPs slip into a swimming pool near Parliament Hill, intent on getting in a workout before they move […]

Feb 18 2017 — David Cochrane

Justin Trudeau ended his European visit with a keynote speech at a black tie dinner during which he warned an audience of Germany’s business and political elite that corporate practices had to change if future trade deals were going to be possible. Speaking to a sea of tuxedoes and ball gowns — and wearing a […]

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Jaime Watt

Trudeau has created an opening for the NDP

Feb 19 2017 —

Times have been tough for the federal New Democrats. They entered the 2015 election as contenders for the big prize but, as a result of a series of unfortunate decisions, on election day voters returned them to their traditional third-party role. It didn’t take long for many New Democrats to publicly denounce their leader. The […]


Forget the White House, pay attention to our own House

Feb 19 2017 — Penny Collenette

It should have been a good week for Canada. The Prime Minister cleanly and professionally zipped in and out of Washington, aided by an earlier assist from former prime minister Mulroney. The PM later left for Europe to “seal the deal” on CETA, the trade arrangement with the European Union, which had been initiated by […]


The harassment of Khalid is wrong, but doesn’t justify M-103

Feb 19 2017 — Lorne Gunter

For the most part, email and social media have been fantastic developments for keeping family, friends, citizens, colleagues, businesses and customers in touch, informed and connected – instantly. While apps such as Facebook and Twitter have hurt my business – newspapering – they have democratized the news, opening up information gathering and dissemination to nearly […]


Trump discovering the insurgent’s eternal challenge

Feb 19 2017 — Robin V. Sears

It’s fun running an insurgent campaign. Running an insurgent government less so. On the campaign trail, you can say the most outrageous things — as Donald Trump established, you can even tell daily lies — and get lots of attention, and never be pushed too hard on “Just how would you go about doing that […]

chris nelson

Canadians blindsided by Trudeau’s sunny ways

Feb 18 2017 — Chris Nelson

The problem with these so-called sunny ways that our prime minister is supposed to epitomize is they can easily blind you to the truth. Last week, I watched the much-anticipated first meeting between Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald ‘Tweeter’ Trump with a mix of trepidation and small-minded anticipation – half-expecting the younger Canuck to […]


Conservatives may pay a price for M-103 hysteria

Feb 17 2017 — Stephen Maher

On Wednesday night, hundreds of people gathered at the Canada Christian College in Toronto for a rally against M-103, a motion to deplore “Islamophobia,” the irrational fear or hatred of Muslims. Liberal MP Iqra Khalid tabled the motion after the murder of six men at prayer in Quebec City, which has badly rattled Canadian Muslims. […]

Feb 17 2017 — Alan Freeman

In 2006, several months after becoming prime minister, Stephen Harper traveled to Washington to meet President George W. Bush. At a private dinner hosted by Canada’s newly-appointed ambassador, Michael Wilson, the subject of diversity and immigration came up. There, in the presence of Bush’s campaign guru Karl Rove and several U.S. cabinet ministers (Bush didn’t […]

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Feb 17 2017 — Susan Delacourt

On some significant foreign-policy matters this week, the federal Conservatives and Liberals were in harmonious agreement. Even before Prime Minister Justin Trudeau headed to Washington for his first face-to-face meeting with Donald Trump on Monday, Conservatives declared that they were standing behind him. Interim Conservative leader Rona Ambrose sent Trudeau an official letter in advance […]

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Feb 17 2017 — Paul Wells

Most Fridays, I appear as an all-purpose pundit-for-hire on Radio-Canada’s popular noon-hour radio current-affairs show out of Montreal. Five days after the massacre at the Islamic Cultural Centre of Quebec, one of the topics was, “Will anything change?” It was a fair question. Justin Trudeau and Philippe Couillard, the Quebec premier, had spoken powerfully at […]

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Feb 16 2017 — Don Martin

When it comes to expressing the will of Parliament, an MP-launched motion is the lowest Commons denominator. Sponsoring MPs are given a couple hours to generate greenhouse gases, which have no discernable impact on the House environment, which is invariably all but empty during the debate. But this week, an innocuous-sounding response to the Quebec […]

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Feb 17 2017 — Michael Coren

On Wednesday night, a rally against the federal Liberals’ Motion M-103 was held in Toronto. The motion is moderate and largely exploratory, and is in part a response to the grotesque slaughter of Muslim worshipers in Quebec City in January. Frankly, it would be shocking if Ottawa had not initiated some sort of response to […]

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Feb 17 2017 — Tom Walkom

Donald Trump’s craziness isn’t always crazy. The U.S. president has an irritating habit of mixing facts and hyperbole. But sometimes there is a nugget of sense in what he says. So it was on Wednesday when he railed against Washington’s spy agencies for leaking material unfavourable to Michael Flynn and against what he called the […]

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Feb 17 2017 — Michael Harris

The White House is now at war with the intelligence community, the media — and reality. There is forgetting, and then there is forgetting. Sir Mick Jagger apparently forgot that he wrote an entire autobiography of 75,000 words and handed it to publisher John Blake in 2014. Jagger was keen to have it published, according […]

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Feb 16 2017 — Terry Glavin

There are quite a few lessons in civic hygiene that might be drawn from the jamboree of bigot-baiting and mob incitement attending to the shabbily-drafted but otherwise sensible Liberal motion on the contested subject of “Islamophobia” that has preoccupied the House of Commons this week.

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Feb 16 2017 — Chantal Hébert

Almost a decade ago, Montreal philosopher Charles Taylor — one of Canada’s leading intellectuals — co-presided a provincial commission on religious accommodation that recommended among other measures that Quebec impose a secular dress code on the province’s judges and police forces. In so doing, he and historian/sociologist Gérald Bouchard inadvertently planted the seeds of Quebec’s […]

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Comedian Larry Wilmore tells ‘alt-right’ troll Milo Yiannopoulos to ‘go f–k’ himself

Feb 18 2017 —

He couldn’t take it anymore. Comedian Larry Wilmore became visibly angry, but remained composed, after alt-right figurehead Milo Yiannopoulos went on a five-minute rant against transgender people during Bill Maher’s “Overtime” on Friday night. But when Yiannopoulos called a decorated counterterrorism official on the late night show’s panel “stupid,” Wilmore couldn’t hold himself back any […]


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