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Big Oil to Rachel Notley: Bring on a carbon tax

May 23 2015 — Paul Haavardsrud

Big Oil is urging Alberta’s new government to toughen up the province’s environmental policies. To hear an oil industry chieftain advocate for a carbon tax, as Suncor’s Steve Williams did in front of a downtown Calgary crowd on Friday, may feel incongruous, but consider who those comments were directed to — the NDP — and […]

May 22 2015 —

CTV News has learned of serious mistakes by RCMP officers when shots rang out on Parliament Hill last October. The new details shine light on what happened in those terrifying hours after Cpl. Nathan Cirillo was fatally shot at the National War Memorial, and Parliament Hill was stormed just moments later. In one case, a […]

May 23 2015 — Jordan Press

Canada’s auditor general will recommend that the Senate refer 10 cases of alleged misspending by former and current senators to the RCMP, naming names and detailing the disturbing findings that have raised concerns of criminality. The report will also contain about a dozen recommendations to help the upper chamber prevent further abuse of expenses. Those […]

May 23 2015 — Katharine Starr

Canada’s former chief electoral officer sees a new pre-campaigning style emerging thanks to Canada’s first fixed-date election this fall, with recent conflict over leaders’ debates just one consequence of the new system. “The prime minister is the champ and his people are setting the rules. I think every Canadian should be concerned about that,” Jean-Pierre […]


U.S. officials want deradicalization advice from Hussein Hamdani

May 23 2015 — Adam Carter

The Canadian government might not want him anymore, but the department of Homeland Security still wants to hear what Hussein Hamdani has to say about deradicalization. The Hamilton lawyer was suspended as an adviser on Muslim issues and security for the federal government earlier this month. But now, officials from the U.S. Department of Justice […]

May 23 2015 — Staff

This week, Cormac speaks with Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney about Canada’s most recent terror-related arrests. Insp. Mark Ford of the Ottawa Police Service comments on an internal report into confusion in the wake of Michael Zehaf-Bibeau’s rampage through downtown Ottawa last year. Vancouver Lawyer Aniz Alani explains his court challenge to compel Prime Minister […]

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May 23 2015 —

While the troops he directs were scattered Friday in combat zones around the world, Canada’s defence minister spent part of his morning in Penticton campaigning on behalf of the Conservatives’ local candidate. Jason Kenney spent an hour door-knocking with Marshal Neufeld, who’s running in the new South Okanagan-West Kootenay riding. Despite his distance from Ottawa, […]

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May 22 2015 — Glen McGregor

In a video on his MP website touting his accomplishments over the past decade, Employment Minister Pierre Poilievre makes a surprising claim: that he personally came up with the idea for the Children’s Fitness Tax Benefit, a boutique tax measure that lets families deduct up to $1,000 from their incomes for their kids’ sports and […]

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May 23 2015 — Mariam Ibrahim

Alberta taxpayers are on the hook for roughly $4 million in severance payments after more than 100 Progressive Conservative political staffers were handed their termination notices Friday morning. About 115 partisan government staffers lost their jobs as they prepare to make way for the incoming New Democrat government to take power during Sunday’s swearing-in ceremony […]

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How, and why, the Tories have suddenly reshaped leaders’ debates

May 23 2015 — Adam Radwanski

Seemingly out of nowhere, Stephen Harper’s Conservatives have dramatically and controversially changed one of the key components of Canadian election campaigns. Catch up: Tories reject traditional leaders’ debates and other stories you may have missed today The way the governing party has blown up the traditional system of leaders’ debates, in advance of this year’s […]

jeffrey simpson

Network debates without Harper? No problem

May 23 2015 — Jeffrey Simpson

Canada’s major broadcasters must ask themselves one simple question about election debates: Do we, the networks, with our public licences, serve the citizenry or the political parties? They came up with the right answer. Good for them. If networks exist at election time to serve the political parties, whose leaders are the stars of televised […]


Election battlegrounds from Timmies to Rideau Hall

May 22 2015 — Susan Delacourt

We’re headed for an election this year, it seems, without traditional TV debates or maybe even the standard leaders’ tours. So now that we know what the political media will not be doing in September and October, it may be time to start thinking about what election reporters will be doing instead. Freed from the […]

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’19 Kids and Counting’ Josh Duggar on the Chopping Block

May 23 2015 —

“19 Kids and Counting” may survive the Josh Duggar molestation scandal, but Josh might not. Connected industry sources tell TMZ, TLC is considering a number of options, weighing the pros and cons. One is to cancel the show outright, the other is to just go full steam ahead, but there is real talk about continuing […]

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