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Is the Senate creating a double-standard with expense scandal arbitrator?

May 27 2015 — Chris Hall

When Auditor General Michael Ferguson delivers his report on senators’ spending next week, it won’t be the final word on who played by the rules and who didn’t. That decision will rest with retired Supreme Court justice Ian Binnie, who was announced Tuesday as the special arbitrator for any disputes between the auditor general’s findings […]

May 27 2015 — Steven Chase

The Canadian government is refusing to make public the assessments it conducts to determine whether Ottawa’s $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia is compatible with foreign policy or poses a risk to the civilian population in a country notorious for human-rights abuses. The Department of Foreign Affairs argues it must keep deliberations secret regarding this […]

May 27 2015 — Eric Grenier

There is no doubt that the federal parties are playing politics with the election debates. And why wouldn’t they? The stakes are tremendously high. No other event has the potential to have such a major impact on an election as a leaders’ debate. Polling during each of the last three federal election campaigns gives clues […]

May 26 2015 —

Expense claims from NDP MPs who have yet to repay millions in alleged improper satellite office spending will be denied by House of Commons administration, CTV News has learned. Sources say that following a failed attempt by the party to negotiate payment, the House will begin to collect funds from NDP MPs July 1. Administrators […]

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Nine senators to have spending referred to RCMP

May 26 2015 —

Nine senators will have their spending referred to the RCMP after Auditor General Michael Ferguson hands over his long-awaited audit to the Senate late next week. The report will be given to the Board of Internal Economy, and released to the public the week of June 8. Most of the nine senators are no longer […]

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CPP expansion: Has Stephen Harper flip-flopped on the idea?

May 26 2015 — Mark Gollom

The announcement that the federal Conservatives are looking into the expansion of the Canadian Pension Plan may strike some political observers as a shocking flip-flop, given their strong opposition to the idea in the past. The government, which voted against an NDP motion to expand the pension plan in 2013, has repeatedly said in recent […]

May 26 2015 — Emily Chung

Canadian telecommunications providers have been handing over vast amounts of customer information to law enforcement and government departments and agencies with little transparency or oversight, a new report says. “We conclude that serious failures in transparency and accountability indicate that corporations are failing to manage Canadians’ personal information responsibly,” says the report released by Citizen […]

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May 26 2015 — Tim Naumetz

Despite heavy construction, underground dynamiting and excavations on Parliament Hill, nearly all of the seven statues of distinguished former prime ministers of Canada are still easily accessible to the public. All but one—the statue of Nobel Peace Prize winner and former Liberal prime minister Lester B. Pearson. The unique bronze statue of Pearson, unusual because […]

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Senate needs to pass Reform Act — now

May 26 2015 — John Ivison

It has been suggested that the collective noun for a group of senators should be a “compromise.” It’s true, when one or two senators are gathered together and do nothing in particular, they do it very well. But when they interfere in the important affairs of state, it reminds people that this is an institution […]


Justin Trudeau’s relevance fading in Quebec

May 26 2015 — Chantal Hébert

Once a lightning rod for sovereigntist voters and a beacon for Quebec federalists, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau is fast fading from the radars of both groups in his home province. Quebec’s longstanding love-hate relationship with the late father is morphing into collective indifference towards the son. Trudeau was initially such a polarizing Quebec figure that […]


The NDP surge may force a change in strategy

May 26 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Is the orange wave turning into a tsunami? Last Friday’s EKOS survey put the New Democrats in the lead, at 29.6 per cent to the Conservatives’ 28.1, and the Liberals’ 26.1. Given the margin of error of 1.9 per cent, the results represent a statistical tie. Psychologically, however, the effect is profound: After months of […]

Gerry Nicholls

Political Ads for the Elites

May 26 2015 — Gerry Nicholls

When it comes to politics, we Canadians have to put up with a lot of outrageous nonsense: broken campaign promises, sleazy scandals, Elizabeth May. But it seems the people most annoyed by certain workings of the democratic process are Canada’s media and intellectual elites, i.e. university-educated professionals who are specially trained to relentlessly lecture us […]


Are worries about Harper slipping back into power exaggerated?

May 26 2015 — Karl Nerenberg

The three major federal parties, and one business-based right-of-centre group that calls itself, oddly, “Working Canadians,” unleashed political television ads on Monday. Those ads serve to remind us that we’re well into what will certainly be Canada’s longest election campaign ever. Getting such an early start on the campaign – the fixed election date is […]


Will the Orange Crush thing fizzle?

May 26 2015 — Warren Kinsella

Here’s what Senior Statesman Ed Broadbent says: The polling done by the Broadbent Institute shows Canadians support those ideas. “Time after time, we find on almost every issue, a majority of Canadians are social democrats,” he says. “On tax policy, on (the) Canada Pension (Plan), a whole range of issues that are reasonably described as […]


Better a mock session for new MLAs than a mockery

May 26 2015 — Graham Thomson

It is an idea that manages to be unprecedented, inspired and even a little bit goofy in an endearing kind of way. On June 2, one day after Alberta’s newly elected MLAs are sworn in, the assembly will be called together for a mock session. Yes, a dress rehearsal. As far as anyone knows this […]

May 25 2015 — Mark Milke

The new Alberta government has delayed introducing a budget until the fall, so MLAs will have plenty of time to think about how they’ll collect and spend Albertans’ money. Thus, to properly manage the estimated $48.4 billion in provincial budget expenditures, it helps to become familiar with where the money is spent. First, one should […]

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Bristol Palin breaks silence on called-off wedding to Dakota Meyer

May 27 2015 —

Bristol Palin has broken her silence, addressing her called-off wedding to U.S. Marine and war hero Sgt. Dakota Meyer for the first time. “Sorry it’s taken me so long to talk about this… It’s been hard,” the 24-year-old began in a Facebook post Tuesday that linked to a statement on her blog. There, in a […]

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