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Suzanne Cote appears at the Bastarache Commission on June 14, 2010, in Quebec City. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jacques Boissinot

Prime minister appoints Quebec lawyer Suzanne Cote to Supreme Court

Nov 27 2014 —

An experienced Quebec trial lawyer has been appointed to fill a vacancy on the bench of the Supreme Court of Canada. Suzanne Cote, who has been a member of the Quebec bar since 1981, is the first woman from private practice to be directly appointed to the Supreme Court. She is head of the Montreal […]

Nov 27 2014 — Ian MacLeod

A string of landmark legal decisions has distinguished the Supreme Court of Canada as the nation’s “Policy Maker of the Year,” the Macdonald-Laurier Institute says. Over the past 12 months, the court has made 10 major rulings with significant implications for law and policy, the Ottawa public policy think-tank says in a report analyzing the […]

Nov 27 2014 — Daniel Nolan

The federal Liberal candidate for the new riding of Hamilton West-Ancaster-Dundas doesn’t believe her pro-life views will conflict with her party’s pro-choice stance. But Filomena Tassi won’t rule out voting for some version of an abortion law. A chaplain at Bishop Tonnos Catholic Secondary School in Ancaster, Tassi says she doesn’t believe in the criminalization […]

Nov 27 2014 — Steven Chase

The Conservative government has committed to providing “full support” for victims of the drug thalidomide, a move that will pave the way for new compensation in one of the worst health scandals in Canada’s history. The announcement that the Tories will vote in favour of a Parliamentary motion calling for support came after Prime Minister […]

Nov 27 2014 —

Doug Ford is to announce this morning on whether or not he will enter the Ontario Progressive Conservative leadership race. Ford will address the media at the headquarters of Deco Labels, the family business. Ford is coming off a second-place finish in Toronto’s mayoral election that appears to have put some wind in his sails […]


BC Liberals use legislature to set stage for LNG, but still no deals

Nov 27 2014 —

The stage has been set for the development of a liquefied natural gas industry by British Columbia’s majority Liberal government, even though the first of what it says are 18 potential deals has yet to come to fruition. Liberal House Leader Mike de Jong said income tax and emissions-reporting legislation introduced this fall have laid […]


Health Canada clamps down on medical marijuana advertising

Nov 27 2014 — Dean Beeby

Health Canada has ordered Canada’s medical marijuana companies to stop making their products look so good. The department issued warning letters this week to licensed commercial growers across Canada telling them to clean up their advertising by Jan. 12 or face suspension and even revocation of their licences. The letters, customized for 20 officially licensed […]


Compact fluorescent bulb recycling won’t be mandatory, Ottawa says

Nov 27 2014 — Susan Lunn

The federal government has quietly backed away from a plan for mandatory recycling of compact fluorescent light bulbs, which contain the toxic element mercury, CBC News has learned.​ Instead, the Harper government posted regulations earlier this month that will create a voluntary code of practice for companies that sell the bulbs.

Nov 27 2014 — Dean Beeby

Some of the writers, artists and broadcasters whose private tax information was improperly made public this week by the Canada Revenue Agency have criticized the government for being “sloppy” with their confidential information. “It does make you wonder what’s going on at the CRA,” author Tim Wynne-Jones said when contacted by CBC News on Wednesday. […]

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Nov 27 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper heads to Dakar, Senegal today to back Michaelle Jean’s bid to lead la Francophonie. Jean, who was Canada’s first black governor general, will look to set a new first as the only woman to have led the 57-member Organisation internationale de la Francophonie (OIF). She heads to Senegal with three easy […]

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Nov 26 2014 — Tim Naumetz

Three of the four Senators who were suspended last year for filing false expense and living allowance claims have repaid a total of $465,000 over the past year-and-a-half, including interest on the money they wrongly received, public accounts and Senate records show. The repayments will be even higher—more than $511,000—if former Conservative Senator Patrick Brazeau, […]

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Nov 26 2014 —

A Conservative cloak-and-dagger caper aimed at capturing a Liberal candidate in a verbal gaffe has taken another twist. The Conservative party has asked an audio forensic expert to analyze a secretly recorded conversation involving Marlo Raynolds, the Liberal candidate in Banff-Airdrie. And that expert has concluded that it was indeed Raynolds who said the Tories’ […]

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Nov 26 2014 — Andrew Foote

Edmonton East MP Peter Goldring now says he deeply regrets a statement he issued Wednesday that advised fellow members of Parliament to wear body cameras at all times for “risk protection” and to “prevent besmirchment.” The statement drew immediate and widespread criticism from other parties and shocked political pundits. Hours later, a second statement was […]

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munro zed

The time for creating a Canadian LNG industry is now

Nov 26 2014 — Barry Munro and Gary L. Zed

There has been plenty of public debate recently, in government and financial circles, about whether British Columbia and Canada will ever enter the global Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) game. The sector’s first movers, PETRONAS and its partners, are on the verge of making a final investment decision that is destined to mark a historic step […]


Central Canadians should be prepared to freeze in the dark

Nov 27 2014 — Barry Cooper

Insufficient pipeline access to tidewater for Alberta crude costs the Canadian government more than $7 billion a year in revenue. To the west, a toxic combination of largely American-funded ideological enviros, who have alarmed already resentment-filled aboriginals, has temporarily stopped the Northern Gateway pipeline. They have slowed the expansion of the Trans Mountain pipeline (along […]


Pipeline politics could fuel talk of Alberta separation

Nov 27 2014 — David Marsden

Few people are indifferent to the prospect of global warming, but that doesn’t mean that greenhouse gas emissions should cloud the debate over construction of new pipelines. Unless we’re going to ban automobiles and other forms of transportation, such as buses and jets, the focus should be on reducing the amount of emissions that are […]


Sex on the Hill, theatre of the absurd

Nov 27 2014 — Margaret Wente

Here’s the scene: One of your colleagues is a married guy. You both play on a recreational sports team. One day after a game, he asks you back to his hotel for a drink. (He commutes to work from another city.) He makes clear that he wants to have sex with you, but you don’t […]


Don’t expect misconduct allegations to be cleared up soon

Nov 27 2014 — Chantal Hébert

In the matter of the alleged sexual misconduct that led Justin Trudeau to suspend two male MPs earlier this month, the ball is no longer solely in the Liberal leader’s court. But where it will ultimately land is anybody’s guess. By laying out her allegations in the media, one of the NDP complainants kicked the […]


Stealth Cuts and Omnibus Bills are no Friends of Democracy

Nov 27 2014 — Colin Kenny

The Harper government has made no secret of its intention to tighten Canada’s fiscal belt over the last several years. Since 2010, the prime minister has been working to downsize the budgets of most federal agencies by between 5 and 10 percent as part of his Deficit Reduction Action Plan (DRAP). In some cases, such […]

Nov 27 2014 — Rosie DiManno

Jian Ghomeshi has been a rock musician. He’s been a media celebrity in the admittedly low wattage firmament occupied by Canadian entertainment luminaries. Now he knows how it feels to be a megastar — fallen. And he would have known, from his career vantage point on the other side of the curtain, what to expect […]

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Bill Cosby, under oath, says he gave tabloid exclusive in 2005, had accuser’s story spiked

Nov 27 2014 —

Bill Cosby testified under oath in 2005 that he gave the National Enquirer an exclusive interview about looming sexual-assault accusations by a Canadian woman against him in exchange for the tabloid spiking a second accuser’s story. Excerpts released Wednesday of Cosby’s deposition from a civil lawsuit filed by Andrea Constand quote Cosby as saying he […]