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NDP slide to third place as premier’s approval rating falls: poll

Feb 6 2016 — Darcy Henton

Alberta’s NDP have plummeted to third place and Premier Rachel Notley’s personal approval rating has plunged just nine months after sweeping the Progressive Conservative Party from power, according to a new poll. A Mainstreet Research/Postmedia poll of more than 3,000 Albertans this week shows the NDP have just 27 per cent popular support among decided […]

Feb 6 2016 —

Ratifying the Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal would seriously impede Canada’s future prosperity, according to Jim Balsille, the former co-CEO of Research In Motion and co-founder of the Institute for New Economic Thinking. ​”We’re in an innovation deficit in this country and when you find yourself in a hole, the first rule is stop digging. What […]

Feb 6 2016 — Alex Boutilier

Canada’s privacy watchdog wants more information on a central government agency keeping tabs on peaceful protests. Documents obtained by the Star show privacy commissioner Daniel Therrien’s office has asked the Government Operations Centre (GOC) to review its tracking of lawful protest and dissent. “In (the letter), we asked that a more detailed analysis of the […]

Feb 6 2016 —

Family, friends and dignitaries including the prime minister attended funerals in Quebec City on Saturday for the six Quebecers killed during a terrorist attack in Burkina Faso. A private funeral was held in the morning for Suzanne Bernier, 66, at the Saint-Thomas-d’Aquin Church. An afternoon service for the five other victims, meanwhile, was held at […]


Ottawa to face court challenge over Saudi arms deal

Feb 6 2016 — Steven Chase

Opponents of Canada’s $15-billion arms deal with Saudi Arabia are taking Ottawa to court in an attempt to block shipments of the combat vehicles, a move that could force the governing Liberals to explain how they justify the sale to a human-rights pariah under weapon-export restrictions. Daniel Turp, a professor of international and constitutional law […]

Feb 6 2016 — Peter O'Neil

Billions of federal dollars could be headed B.C.’s direction, Premier Christy Clark and Vancouver Mayor Gregor Robertson said Friday after separate meetings with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. “I think we’ve found a willing partner in this federal government for the things we want to achieve,” said Clark, who is seeking funding for projects, including the […]

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Feb 5 2016 —

A member of the Royal Canadian Navy charged in Japan with a drug offence is the son of a high-ranking military official, CTV News has learned. Ian Greenwood, a member of HMCS Winnipeg’s crew and son of retired Real Admiral Richard Greenwood, has been charged with drug use following a drug test and he remains […]

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Sizing up Trudeau 100 days after being elected

Feb 6 2016 — Chantal Hébert

Almost 100 days after the swearing-in of Justin Trudeau’s cabinet there are almost as many dots to connect between the Liberal campaign promises and their actual execution as on election night . . . and much contrary speculation as to what that suggests about the character of the rookie government. For some, the Liberals suffer […]


Trudeau needs to bring hope back to Canada’s rust belt

Feb 6 2016 — Adam Radwanski

Neil from London’s moment in the spotlight was inevitably brief. The most visibly disappointed of the 10 Canadians given a chance to interview Justin Trudeau in a CBC special aired last Sunday, Neil Piercey – a 58-year-old victim of southwestern Ontario’s manufacturing jobs drying up, who can’t find decent-paying work and described cashing out his […]


Justin Trudeau is dealing with a loaves and fishes problem

Feb 6 2016 — Gary Mason

If Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s trip to Alberta this week was intended to assuage concerns in the province over whether the federal government has its back during these punishing economic times, it did not exactly work. Part of that failure Mr. Trudeau must wear. But certainly, much of the negative coverage the visit prompted had […]

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Ellen Page voices support for Lucy DeCoutere after Ghomeshi trial testimony

Feb 6 2016 —

Oscar-nominated actress Ellen Page has tweeted her support for “Trailer Park Boys” star Lucy DeCoutere after a rough day at the Jian Ghomeshi sexual assault trial. “My friend @lucydecoutere is one of the most incredible people I know– deeply kind, generous and brave,” Page tweeted on Saturday morning. The two actresses, both from Halifax, are […]