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PM-appointed gov’t employee remained on payroll despite links to illegal fundraising

Nov 27 2014 —

A former SNC-Lavalin executive who was appointed to Montreal’s port authority was allowed to remain on the public payroll for months, despite known links to an illegal fundraising scheme, CTV News has learned. Former SNC-Lavalin vice-president Normand Morin was named by Prime Minister Stephen Harper to the port authority in 2006. The post paid about […]

Nov 27 2014 — Stephen Maher

Michael Sona could be out of jail on Friday afternoon after his lawyer launches an appeal of his conviction and sentence for his role in sending a robocall that directed voters to the wrong polling station in Guelph, Ont., during the 2011 federal election. On Nov. 19, Sona was sentenced to nine months in jail […]

Nov 27 2014 —

An Ontario judge who heard a defamation lawsuit against Sun News Network host Ezra Levant ruled Thursday that the controversial media personality libelled a Saskatchewan lawyer in a series of blog posts the judge said were “motivated by malice.” Justice Wendy Matheson ordered Levant to pay $80,000 in damages to Khurrum Awan and remove “defamatory […]

Nov 27 2014 — Laura Stone

The NDP MP who accused Liberal MP Massimo Pacetti of having sex without her “explicit consent” says she now regrets telling Liberal leader Justin Trudeau about the allegations. In an interview with Global News, the MP said she wishes Trudeau handled the allegations against Pacetti and Liberal MP Scott Andrews differently. The Liberal leader kicked […]

Nov 27 2014 —

Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne says she and Alberta Premier Jim Prentice agree concerns raised by Central Canada over the Energy East pipeline project cannot deteriorate into “an east versus west” debate. Wynne and Prentice talked briefly today to discuss the seven principles that Ontario and Quebec say they want considered in the approval process for […]


I’ve lost my lawsuit. But I’m going to appeal. Here’s why.

Nov 27 2014 — Ezra Levant

Today I lost the lawsuit against me brought by Khurrum Awan, the former youth president of the Canadian Islamic Congress. You can read the full ruling here. The judge awarded Awan a whopping $80,000 plus legal costs. I am reviewing the technical aspects of the ruling with my lawyer. But there is something terrifying, buried […]

MPs to develop their own Code of Conduct on harassment

Nov 27 2014 — Mark Kennedy

Members of Parliament have launched a study to set a Code of Conduct for themselves on harassment and devise a policy on how to treat complaints. The Commons’ Procedure and House Affairs Committee will begin its work next week. The move comes after three weeks of embarrassing publicity for federal politicians over allegations by two […]

Nov 27 2014 —

An application by Kinder Morgan to extend an injunction keeping protesters away from two drilling sites on Burnaby Mountain was rejected by the B.C. Supreme Court Thursday, meaning the site must be cleared of excavation work by Dec. 1. In denying the company’s request to extend the injunction to Dec. 12, the judge also ruled […]

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Nov 27 2014 — Allan Woods

There is not much that surprises the aging Italian residents of Montreal’s Saint-Léonard neighbourhood. Gangland Mafia wars, corruption schemes and the federal sponsorship scandal have all been tied, justifiably or not, to the working-class quarter in the city’s north end that these people call home. Rightly or wrongly, the newest allegations of sexual misconduct against […]

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Nov 27 2014 —

MP Scott Andrews’ suspension from the Liberal caucus for alleged misconduct is a delicate subject in his Newfoundland riding where local mayors, political organizers and several residents declined to be interviewed. Others in the pretty oceanfront enclaves of Conception Bay South said they don’t know enough detail to get into what they called one very […]

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Nov 27 2014 —

Media magnate Pierre Karl Peladeau is entering the Parti Quebecois leadership race in a move that could eventually have major consequences on national politics. Peladeau made the announcement in Montreal today in response to a question from a university student as to whether he was going to seek the leadership. He then repeated his comment […]

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paul wells 3

In the Wynne-Harper detente, it will take two to tango

Nov 28 2014 — Paul Wells

In recent weeks, Prime Minister Stephen Harper has met with the prime ministers of India, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom. He’s met with the presidents of France and China. He met football legend Pinball Clemons before an Argos game. He met Jim Prentice, who used to be minister of this and that in […]

michael harris

Want to make amends with vets? Start by firing Fantino

Nov 28 2014 — Michael Harris

There are bullying, disingenuous, condescending windbags … and then there’s Julian Fantino. This is the minister who yelled at octogenarian veterans in front of the cameras, offered a fake apology for his rudeness after standing them up — and then insulted them again the next day by calling them union dupes. (Still better than a […]

Terry Campbell

Financial Literacy Month ends and the real challenge begins

Nov 28 2014 — Terry Campbell

Financial Literacy Month (FLM) is over but the real challenge is just beginning – getting Canadians to move from learning about smart money management to actually taking action.  It isn’t always easy, so the federal government along with the private sector – including banks – and many community organizations across the country are collaborating on […]

Benjamin Perrin

The Supreme Court of Canada won’t want this award

Nov 28 2014 — Benjamin Perrin

Prime Minister Stephen Harper has appointed Quebec lawyer Suzanne Côté to the Supreme Court of Canada. Justice Côté joins the Court at a moment in history when it is having an increasingly large impact on policy, is remarkably united, and is handing the federal government a string of major losses. Each year, the Macdonald-Laurier Institute […]


When it comes to news, TV still rules all

Nov 28 2014 — Warren Kinsella

It’s quaint, almost, the notion that other media are more important than television. Watching a CTV helicopter hover over King St. E. in Toronto at lunchtime on Wednesday should have dispensed with it, once and for all. The helicopter was there, clattering overhead like a antediluvian bird of prey, for most of the lunch hour. […]


PKP and the PQ: Get ready for a weird year, Canada

Nov 28 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Politics, like nature, abhors a vacuum. Within hours of Doug Ford announcing that he was not running for the leadership of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, Pierre Karl Peladeau confirmed that he will be a candidate for the leadership of the Parti Quebecois. So any journalists out there who were worrying that Canadian politics was going […]


Ottawa’s manufacturing fund a mirage

Nov 28 2014 — Carol Goar

There is a $200-million pot of money in Ottawa earmarked for Ontario’s hard-hit manufacturing sector. The Advanced Manufacturing Fund (AMF) was announced in February 2013 by then-finance minister Jim Flaherty. It was officially launched last December by Minister of State Gary Goodyear, who speaks for Ontario in cabinet. It was cited by Prime Minister Stephen […]


Watson and Baird call 100-day truce — finally

Nov 28 2014 — Joanne Chianello

The best thing to come out of the latest debacle over the western LRT expansion is the announcement that Mayor Jim Watson and Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird are going to stop talking about it. Or, more accurately, stop talking about it in public for at least 100 days. The long-standing squabbling between Watson and […]

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grey cup

Poll:Only a quarter surveyed will watch Grey Cup

Nov 28 2014 —

More than half the Canadians who took part in a recent online survey agreed the Grey Cup is an important national symbol but less than half that number plan on watching and younger Canadians are even less inclined. Overall, 47 per cent agreed “the Grey Cup is an important part of Canadian culture and identity” […]

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