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Race narrows as NDP support dips

Aug 31 2015 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto

Our latest national voting intention numbers reveal a tightening race as the NDP has lost a little ground. If the election were tomorrow, 31% say they would vote NDP (down from 35% two weeks ago), 30% would vote CPC, and 28% would vote Liberal. – See more at:

Aug 31 2015 — Rosemary Barton

It was almost as though they had co-ordinated it. In the same room, on the same day, Conservative and Liberal candidates lined up to attack the NDP’s spending promises to date. Conservatives said that after one year, an NDP government would blast an $8-billion hole in the budget. Liberals painted an even scarier picture: a […]

Aug 31 2015 — Dean Beeby

An RCMP database on missing persons and unidentified remains, touted by the Harper government in 2010 as “concrete action” for the problem of murdered and missing indigenous women, is still incomplete and far over budget five years after it was announced. The national database, plagued by technical problems, won’t be fully in place until late […]

harper campaign 3422

Harper kicks off campaign week in Ottawa touting economic approach

Aug 31 2015 —

Stephen Harper began his campaign week alongside one of his Ottawa-area candidates, watching a toddler sing the ABCs. But Harper’s message Monday was aimed at voters listening to another ABC refrain — Anyone But Conservatives. Harper spoke to a crowd of Tory faithful gathered at an Ottawa hotel, highlighting the family-friendly measures the government has […]


Canadians Ignore Recession, Lift Confidence Gauge for 3rd Week

Aug 31 2015 — Greg Quinn

If Canadians are worried about the recession economists keep talking about, they’re not letting on. The Bloomberg Nanos Canadian Confidence Index, based on telephone polling, climbed to 53.7 in the week ended Aug. 28, from 53.2, the third straight gain and the highest reading since July 17. The percentage of respondents who said the economy […]

Aug 31 2015 — Tonda MacCharles

Six rulings that show a side of retiring Supreme Court Justice Marshall Rothstein: February 2013: Hate speech Writing for a unanimous 6-0 court, Rothstein narrowed and upheld a Saskatchewan human rights code provision against hate speech, and fines, against anti-gay pamphleteer William Whatcott. Rothstein wrote: “Hate speech is, at its core, an effort to marginalize […]

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Aug 31 2015 — Greg Quinn

Canada’s current account deficit was wider than economists forecast in the second quarter. The shortfall was C$17.4 billion (C$13.1 billion) from April to June, Statistics Canada said Monday in Ottawa, greater than the C$16.9 billion median of 11 estimates in a Bloomberg survey of economists. Exports of automobiles and parts rose by C$1.1 billion and […]

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A phoney war over economic stewardship

Aug 31 2015 — Dan Leger

It took almost a month, but elements of substance are finally showing up in the federal election campaign. Until the past few days, the campaign supposedly about the economy and leadership was bogged down in a quagmire of talking points and outright lies. For four weeks, all we heard were economic factoids and statistics, cherry-picked […]


Recession? Knowing if we’re in one matters

Aug 31 2015 — Don Pittis

If only there were more businesses like Smarter Alloys, Canada wouldn’t have to worry about recession. When the latest growth figures come out Tuesday morning, the answer would be clear. Founded by inventor and University of Waterloo grad Ibraheem Khan, Smarter Alloys has just announced it will begin building prototypes of devices that use its […]

campbell clark

NDP squeezed between two clearer plans for tackling recession

Aug 31 2015 — Campbell Clark

What’s your answer to recession? Suddenly that question is driving the conversation in this election campaign, and the odd thing is that the putative front-runners, the NDP, don’t have a very big part in the discussion. It’s going to get louder this week. On Tuesday, Statistics Canada will release GDP numbers that will tell us […]

Michael Harris

The King of Mean: Harper’s reign of fear continues

Aug 31 2015 — Michael Harris

Stephen Harper never surprises. He just keeps on getting worse. Amongst other things, he proved this week that he is the king of pettiness. A federal scientist, Tony Turner, has been suspended for singing. Only Steve, it seems, can sing. I still think Harper should be sued by Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr for gross […]


Trudeau’s “Real Change” not much of a change

Aug 31 2015 — Anthony Furey

Residents of a number of federal ridings across the country are likely scratching their heads during this campaign season. They’re probably confused by some misleading marketing. “Rob Oliphant — Real Change for Don Valley West” reads the red signs Liberal supporters have hammered into their front lawns in this midtown Toronto riding. There’s a little […]

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