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David MacLeod

Veteran wants to take on Peter MacKay in Nova Scotia riding

Sep 1 2014 — Jane Taber

A Canadian Forces veteran, who served for 27 years in such hot spots as Afghanistan, Bosnia and Kosovo, wants to take on veteran Conservative MP and former defence minister Peter MacKay in his Central Nova riding, setting up a tense dynamic for the 2015 general election. David MacLeod is seeking the Liberal nomination in the […]

Sep 2 2014 — Sean Fine

As parliamentary officials scramble to fix an error-riddled parole bill, a bigger challenge looms: The bill, known as the Fairness for Victims Act, has a glaring constitutional problem. That problem was identified by the Supreme Court of Canada as recently as March, in a separate law on parole. The issue is retroactivity – adding a […]

Sep 1 2014 — Bruce Campion-Smith

Canada will be asked to contribute troops and equipment to a new NATO rapid response force as the military alliance beefs up its readiness in the face of increasing Russian aggression. With Russia stepping up its military engagement in Ukraine, leaders of the NATO military alliance — including Prime Minister Stephen Harper — are expected […]

Sep 2 2014 — Jeff Todd

Arthur Porter has been in prison in Panama for more than a year. The former CEO of the McGill University Health Centre is fighting extradition to Canada, where he and several others are facing charges related to a $22.5-million kickback that SNC-Lavalin allegedly paid to secure the contract to build the new $1.3-billion super-hospital. Porter […]

Sep 2 2014 —

The Liberals continue to hold a wide lead in public opinion, according to the latest political poll released by Corporate Research Associates on Tuesday. The Liberals were selected by 48 per cent of decided voters as their preferred party, followed by the Progressive Conservatives at 29 per cent, the NDP at 17 per cent, the […]

Justin Trudeau

Trudeau: In over his head?

Sep 1 2014 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto

“Didn’t come back for you” was the Conservative attack line trained on the last leader of the Liberal Party, and it may well have helped douse the political career of Michael Ignatieff. Will “in over his head” do the same to Justin Trudeau? Things could change, of course, but so far, not very many voters are […]


Lukaszuk calls for audit of all cabinet expenses after repaying costs of daughter’s flights

Sep 2 2014 — Keith Gerein

Progressive Conservative leadership candidate Thomas Lukaszuk says he will be calling on the province’s auditor general to investigate the travel and expense records of all cabinet ministers, after it was revealed Monday that he recently paid back the province for taking his daughter on government flights. Lukaszuk said he proactively and quietly wrote the province […]


Fraud trial of ex-Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault to resume Oct. 2

Sep 2 2014 —

The fraud trial of former Quebec lieutenant-governor Lise Thibault will resume Oct. 2. The date was set in Quebec City this morning. Thibault’s trial was interrupted at the beginning of August after she suffered an epileptic seizure. The 75-year-old is on trial after being charged with fraud and breach of trust in connection with more […]

Sep 2 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is airborne on his way to a NATO summit in Wales. The summit agenda includes a proposal to organize a new military force to give the alliance a fast-reaction capability. The meeting will also look at the continuing crisis in Ukraine and the end of the NATO mission in Afghanistan.

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Sep 2 2014 —

Oxidized copper is no longer the only cause of green rooftops around Parliament Hill. The parliamentary precinct got its first live green roof last week. Hundreds of sprigs of stonecrop, a low-growing, low-maintenance ground cover, were planted on the roof of the newly constructed annex to the Sir John A. Macdonald building, just across Wellington […]

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Sep 1 2014 — Terry Milewski

Canada’s modest military might has always made it hard for its prime ministers to strut convincingly on the world stage. Stephen Harper is only the latest to offer stirring rhetorical contributions to the Western alliance, without having much firepower to back them up. When it comes to speeches, Harper has not pulled his punches, even […]

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Sep 1 2014 —

Alberta’s former deputy premier Thomas Lukaszuk, now a Conservative leadership candidate, is being accused of hypocrisy for his public stand against entitlement after an anonymous tip to CBC News revealed he flew his young daughter on several government flights. After receiving an unsigned letter on Friday, CBC News reviewed flight manifests posted online that showed […]

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Don Lenihan's Public Voice(s)

Youth, Big Data and the politics of the future

Sep 2 2014 — Don Lenihan

Most young people aren’t interested in politics and changing their minds will take more than voting campaigns or a high-school course in civics. Engagement has to happen on their terms. And for that we need to think way outside the box. Two news stories last week may point the way. STORY 1: According to the […]


What NATO members must do to empower the alliance

Sep 2 2014 — Colin Robertson

“Keep the Russians out, the Americans in and the Germans down” was how Lord Ismay, NATO’s first Secretary General (1952 to 1957), described the Alliance that has since become both the sword and shield of our liberal international order. Recent events revalidate Lord Ismay’s trope except that Germany now needs to take on responsibilities within […]


Feds need lessons in history — ours included

Sep 2 2014 — Scott Taylor

Last week, Prime Minister Stephen Harper made his ninth annual photo-op pilgrimage to the Canadian Arctic. As has become the custom, the Canadian military provided some martial-looking props to emphasize the Conservative government’s resolve to exercise our sovereignty in the Far North. One ridiculous image that received widespread circulation in the media was that of […]


What progressives can learn from Harper

Sep 2 2014 — Shannon Gormley

If you can’t earn a reputation through action, you can always take it by fiat. Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, long ridiculed for being internationally inept, at last appears strong and principled in foreign affairs, thanks in no small part to the fact that it has taken to calling itself just that: strong and principled. […]


Missing, murdered aboriginal women deserve more than a shrug

Sep 2 2014 — Warren Kinsella

So, 1,200 of your family, friends and neighbours are murdered, or go missing. Would you be upset? How about this? The murders and the disappearances have been going on, unchecked, since 1980. Is that upsetting? No? Then, let’s say you go to Ottawa for help, and they shrug and refuse to do anything. Upset yet? […]


It’s time to rejoin Canada

Sep 2 2014 — Celine Cooper

Without national independence on the horizon, can Quebec reclaim its place in the Canadian federation? Should it? There has been a groundswell of political reflection taking place these days among Quebec’s journalists, politicians and intellectuals, and this — compellingly — is the question that keeps floating to the top.


From war, Borden forged our independence

Sep 2 2014 — Lawrence Martin

After tragic occurrences, we’re used to political leaders making a stop or two at hospitals to have their pictures taken with the afflicted. But how about a prime minister visiting 52 hospitals, speaking to wounded and dying soldiers individually at each, taking notes from them for their Canadian families back home?


Obama keeps his eye on the ball

Sep 2 2014 — Ezra Levant

It’s been clear for months that President Barack Obama is already in retirement mode. He is closing in on 200 golf games since becoming president. He regularly skips his briefings. He’s disengaged from files,making only grudging statements about national crises. Then a U.S. citizen, James Foley, was beheaded by the terrorist group called the Islamic […]

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Justin Bieber charged with assault in ATV crash near Stratford, Ontario

Sep 2 2014 —

Justin Bieber has been charged with assault and dangerous driving after he was arrested Friday near his hometown of Stratford, Ont. Ontario Provincial Police were called to the scene of a collision between a minivan and an All-Terrain Vehicle on Line 40, east of Road 106, in the Township of Perth shortly before 3 p.m. […]

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