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Sep 22 2014 — Laura Payton

Justin Trudeau paused, looked over the heads of reporters, and started to respond three times before finally spitting out the surprise announcement that Liberal MPs elected in 2015 would be expected to vote against putting limits on abortion. The May edict, delivered as it was in response to a reporter’s question, left some wondering whether […]

Sep 21 2014 — Ethan Lou

Business lawyer Raj Grewal won the federal Liberal nomination for the riding of Brampton East Sunday night after a vote that party officials say was marred by a brawl. An official of the local Liberal riding association said at least 750 people were denied participation in the nomination meeting, in which 2,910 voted. “The complaints […]

Sep 22 2014 —

John Tory still holds a commanding advantage in the Toronto mayoral race, with Doug Ford and Olivia Chow fighting it out for a distant second place according to a new poll released Monday. And Michael Ford, the 20-year-old nephew of Rob and Doug Ford who is running for a seat on the public school board, […]

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Harper welcomes South Korean president following completion of free trade pact

Sep 22 2014 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is welcoming South Korean President Park Geun-hye to Parliament Hill. Park is finishing up her state visit to Canada with a meeting in Harper’s Centre Block office. The two countries announced the completion of a free trade agreement earlier this year after a decade of on-again, off-again negotiations.


Cabinet committees in midst of ‘intense’ time, reviewing all decisions on road to 2015

Sep 22 2014 — Laura Ryckewaert

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Cabinet committees are reviewing everything that will be announced before the next election and are in the midst of an “intense” workload time, say Conservative insiders, but once the budget’s released and as the next election nears, essentially all political strategy and decision-making will come from the PMO and party headquarters.


Ontario uses $1-billion reserve to trim 2013-14 deficit to $10.5 billion

Sep 22 2014 —

Ontario’s deficit for fiscal 2013-14 came in at $10.5 billion, $800 million lower than forecast in last spring’s provincial budget. Finance Minister Charles Sousa used a $1-billion reserve to offset a decline in revenues, and he still projects a $12.5-billion budget shortfall for 2014-15. Sousa says the public accounts — the actual year-end numbers — […]

Sep 22 2014 — Daniel McHardie

New Brunswickers are heading to the polls today to cast their ballots in an election where Progressive Conservative Leader David Alward is trying to avoid becoming the second consecutive one-term government. New Brunswick voters hadn’t turfed a government after only one term in more than a century until Alward defeated Shawn Graham’s Liberals in 2010. […]

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Sep 22 2014 —

Responding to a new propaganda audio recording encouraging Islamic State supporters to kill Canadians, a spokesperson for Prime Minister Stephen Harper says that Canada will not be “cowed” by threats from the extremist group. In a statement to CTV News Monday, the prime minister’s director of communications, Jason MacDonald, said that Canada will work with […]

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Sep 22 2014 —

South Korean President Park Geun-hye arrived on Parliament Hill this morning for a welcoming ceremony and meeting with Prime Minister Stephen Harper. The leaders are expected to talk about trade and will make a joint statement this afternoon following their meeting. will carry their press conference live, beginning with a traditional walk in the […]

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Sep 22 2014 —

It’s a bird! No, it’s a plane! No, it’s … a window washer? Actually, Ottawa residents who look up in the air today might well see a group of fearless volunteers rappelling 20 storeys down a downtown office building a few blocks away from Parliament Hill. The event is in support of children and youth […]

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Why PM will never testify at Duffy’s trial

Sep 22 2014 — Dan Leger

People expecting to see Prime Minister Stephen Harper marched into court to testify in Senator Mike Duffy’s fraud and bribery trial are in for a big disappointment. The case really gets going tomorrow, but the PM won’t be there and never will be. As prime minister or in his incidental role as MP for Calgary […]

Heather Mallick headshot.

Trudeau gets abortion policy exactly right

Sep 22 2014 — Heather Mallick

“The days when old men get to decide what a woman does with her body are long gone. Times have changed for the better. #LPC defends rights.” This was Liberal party Leader Justin Trudeau’s tweeted response to seven former Liberal MPs who publicly objected to his decision that Liberals must speak with one voice on […]


Breaking up the old 2011 Tory gang

Sep 21 2014 — Tim Harper

Rob Merrifield joined a growing parade last week. He’s the latest to bid so long to that old gang, the Conservative class of 2011. In accepting the post as Washington envoy for Alberta Premier Jim Prentice, Merrifield became just the latest Conservative MP to turn his or her back on Ottawa and to choose something […]


Justin is beyond infinity

Sep 22 2014 — Monte Solberg

“We have to realize that the way of thinking that got us to this place no longer holds. We have to rethink elements as basic as space and time, to go all science fictiony on you in this sense,” said Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau, speaking to university students in London, Ontario. When you hear Justin […]


A morale boost for Péquistes

Sep 22 2014 — Konrad Yakabuski

A case of pink eye couldn’t stop Pierre Karl Péladeau from heading to Edinburgh to witness History in the flesh. The rookie Parti Québécois MNA was not alone. For Péquistes demoralized by the pitiful poll numbers of their party and their cause, the Scottish referendum was like Woodstock for separatists.


Stinging message to Canada’s lawyers

Sep 22 2014 — Carol Goar

The request would be funny if it weren’t so sad. Last week, 10 citizens who couldn’t afford lawyers sent an open letter to Canada’s judges. “When you meet us, please do not assume that we are enjoying ourselves. We are not,” they wrote. “Please do not assume that we have chosen to represent ourselves because […]


Stench of PC Party hard to hide, but Jim Prentice is sure tryin’

Sep 22 2014 — Ian Robinson

Have I got a monster movie for you. It’s about this guy. Name’s Jim. Done good for himself. Became a lawyer. One of the one percenters. Important folk. Not like you and me. No shame in success. Just saying. Now he’s at that age. You know the one. The what’s-it-all-about years. The mid-life-crisis-new-Porsche years. Not […]


Scotland’s ‘No’ and the road ahead

Sep 22 2014 — Celine Cooper

Last Thursday, I cleared the dinner dishes, put the kids to bed and threw in a last load of laundry for the night. Then I sat down on my couch, opened up my laptop and streamed BBC Scotland to watch history in the making. In what I found was a brilliant exercise of democracy, the […]

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Mike Tyson — Comes to Rescue of Motorcycle Crash Victim

Sep 22 2014 —

When you need a calm, soothing voice to get you through a traumatic event, you don’t think of Mike Tyson … but that’s exactly what happened to a motorcycle crash victim. Ryan Chesley tells TMZ … he was on his way to Las Vegas this week when a cab cut him off on the freeway […]

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