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Apr 21 2015 — Mark Gollom

The Mike Duffy Senate expenses trial today could hear more about costs the suspended senator allegedly charged to taxpayers for photos and picture enhancements, including those of former first lady Barbara Bush and Duffy’s daughter and grandson as well as other personal pictures. On the 11th day of the trial in a provincial courtroom in […]

Apr 21 2015 — Darcy Henton

The Wildrose leads a tight, three-way race at the mid-point of the Alberta election campaign setting the stage for a critically important leaders’ debate Thursday, according to a new poll. The Wildrose have 35 per cent support among decided voters across Alberta, followed by the NDP at 31 per cent and the Progressive Conservative Party […]


Parliament No Place to Shovel Duffy Dirt, Speaker Implies

Apr 21 2015 — Jeremy Nuttall

Questions about information coming out of the trial of suspended senator Mike Duffy are not related to government business, implied Canada’s Speaker of the House Andrew Scheer during question period on Monday. On the first day that Parliament has sat since the Duffy trial began, Scheer repeatedly told opposition MPs to ensure their questions “touch […]

Apr 21 2015 — Kristen Everson

Forty-nine Canadian Rangers and Junior Rangers serving in Canada’s Arctic have died since January 2011, according to numbers released by the Department of Defence. One of those deaths was service related, while the rest can be attributed “to health and hazard issues common in the larger population of the communities in which they live — […]

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Apr 21 2015 —

The Opposition NDP expressed anger Monday at the notion that a family facing a large ambulance bill consider a steak night fundraiser to cover the cost. Sara Bucsis-Gunn’s daughter died in 2013. The family owes thousands of dollars in ambulance fees. When she discussed the issue with Greg Ottenbreit, Saskatchewan’s Minister of Rural and Remote […]

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Apr 20 2015 — Alex Boutilier

Canada is planning to build a new embassy in Israel, even as the Conservative government attempts to sell $80 million in diplomatic properties abroad. The federal government is seeking outside help in assessing the cost of constructing a new, 26,000-square-foot embassy and ambassador’s residence in Tel Aviv, documents show. The price tag for the project […]

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The sagging Liberals need a shakeup

Apr 21 2015 — Lawrence Martin

A month ago, the Liberal Party’s management team, faced with declining support numbers, got together for three days to plot strategy for the remaining months before the federal election. Since the extended session, news has gotten no better. The Liberals continue to droop in the polls. Since last fall, they’ve gone from about 36 per […]


Selling the budget as Harper’s ‘mission accomplished’ moment

Apr 21 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

There’s a lot to dislike about the current Conservative government. On a personality level, it’s petty, partisan and frequently pig-headed. On a policy level, the Tories have made a series of missteps: running years of deficits, doling out corporate welfare, putting scoundrels in the Senate, neglecting the needs of veterans, sparring with the Supreme Court. […]


Budget goodies can’t guarantee Stephen Harper re-election

Apr 20 2015 — Chantal Hébert

If popular budget measures could guarantee the re-election of a three-term government, Paul Martin would have won the 2006 election. The 2005 Liberal budget — as rewritten under the guidance of the NDP — was chock full of social policy initiatives that, taken individually, enjoyed support well beyond the party’s base. As a bonus to […]


Budget all about election

Apr 21 2015 — Anthony Furey

The budget process has been little more than an exercise in retail politics salesmanship for years now. Flip open a large corporation’s budget and annual general report and within a few pages you’ll get to a top sheet that tells you the amount of money coming in and the amount going out. They usually lay […]


NDP surprises with a surge of support in Alberta campaign

Apr 21 2015 — Gillian Steward

It’s two weeks until Alberta’s election so anything could happen between then and now. But still, it is astounding that the NDP has gained so much ground since the last election that according to numerous polls they are in a three-way tie for voter support with Jim Prentice’s governing PCs and the Wildrose party. In […]


Whispers abound of Alberta’s first-ever minority government

Apr 21 2015 — Don Braid

In the whole 110-year history of this province there hasn’t been a single minority government. Indeed, there has never been a sniff or hint of a minority. We favour majorities of the Rocky Mountain kind — damn big, all in a row. But now, with polls continuing to show a three-way battle, the thought of […]

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Kids in the Hall reunite for North American tour

Apr 21 2015 —

The Kids in the Hall are back. The Canadian comedy icons have reunited for a North American tour, which kicks off Thursday in Toronto. Dave Foley, Kevin McDonald, Bruce McCulloch, Mark McKinney and Scott Thompson formed the sketch comedy group in 1984. Their show was must-see TV in the 1980s and 1990s and was nominated […]

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