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Jan 31 2015 —

Canada’s foreign affairs minister used a trip to the United States to applaud that country’s reopening of relations with Cuba. John Baird raised the issue during a news conference Saturday where he appeared alongside his counterparts from the U.S. and Mexico. “We want to acknowledge the truly historic change in American policy, with respect to […]

Jan 31 2015 — John Geddes

Federal leaders are test-driving financial policy for Canada. Take your pick: safe, ordinary, or balanced? Spurred first by the oil-price plummet, and then a surprise Bank of Canada interest-rate cut, the main federal party leaders have been testing out their economic policy pitches. There’s still plenty of time for fine tuning and fleshing out those […]

Jan 31 2015 — Victor Malarek

A Vancouver businessman has been paid millions of dollars in a secret settlement with the federal government after the Canada Border Services Agency wrongly accused him of exporting military technology to China in violation of export controls, a W5 investigation reveals. The payout to Steve de Jaray of more than $10 million in a confidential […]

Feb 1 2015 —

Appalled and saddened by news Sunday of journalist Kenji Goto’s beheading, apparently by Islamic State extremists, Japan ordered heightened security precautions, but vowed not to give in to terrorism. The failure to save Goto raised fears for the life of a Jordanian fighter pilot also held hostage. Unlike some earlier messages, there was no mention […]


Conservatives and Liberals tied in voter support, poll shows

Jan 31 2015 — Donovan Vincent

The federal Conservatives and Liberals are locked in a tie in voter support, according to a new Forum Research poll. The poll, conducted Wednesday and Thursday, shows the Conservatives have 35 per cent voter support and the Liberals 34 per cent — a tie when the poll’s margin of error is factored in. The opposition […]


Patrick Brazeau returns to Twitter…again

Jan 31 2015 — Jordan Press

Sen. Patrick Brazeau returned to Twitter for his third go-around on the social media website, albeit this time under a new handle. After losing his alter ego @TheBrazman to a Russian bot when he left Twitter early last year, Brazeau is now the more straightforward @senatorbrazeau, which may mean that he’s ready to play the […]


Energy earnings: How bad will they get?

Jan 31 2015 —

Canadian Oil Sands surprised no one on Thursday when it reported sharply lower earnings and a massive cut to its dividend. But as energy earnings season gets fully underway next week, the hope is that company’s report won’t be representative of the entire sector. Canadian Oil Sands reported net income of $25 million, down 87 […]

Jan 31 2015 —

Controversial imam Hamza Chaoui will be denied a permit to establish his Islamic community centre in Mercier-Hochelaga-Maisonneuve, a borough in Montreal’s east end. Chaoui is a Moroccan-born imam in Montreal with controversial views on sharia law and ties to suspected radicals.

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Jan 31 2015 — Steven Chase and Daniel Leblanc

Stephen Harper is proposing the most sweeping increase in power for Canadian security agencies since the aftermath of Sept. 11, 2001, including jail time for encouraging terrorism on the Internet, while playing down concerns over the impact on civil liberties. The new charge for advocating “the commission of terrorist offences in general” would carry penalties […]

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Jan 31 2015 — Bill Curry

Canada’s premiers are inserting themselves into the 2015 federal election campaign with a joint call for major new spending on infrastructure, a request the Conservative government dismisses as “oblivious” to the current state of the economy. Federal Finance Minister Joe Oliver issued a strongly worded statement Friday morning as a meeting of the premiers was […]

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Jan 31 2015 — Kristie Smith

Viewers at home may have been confused by Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s campaign-style announcement of sweeping new measures on national security Friday but with the the government’s stewardship of the economy battered as an election issue by crashing oil prices, it seems “Jihadism, Jihadism, Jihadism” is the new “Job, Jobs, Jobs.” While recent polls show… […]

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Canada’s new backward-looking terror law

Jan 31 2015 — Tom Walkom

Stephen Harper’s new anti-terror bill is tough, backward-looking and almost certainly unnecessary. Bill C-51 would allow a judge to impose up to a year of house arrest on someone who has neither been convicted nor charged with any crime. The judge could also require that the target wear an electronic bracelet. The only requirement in […]


Anti-terror law raises crucial question: Who will spy on the spies?

Jan 30 2015 — Stephen Maher

As the government tabled a sweeping new anti-terrorism bill in Parliament on Friday, Prime Minister Stephen Harper gave a strong speech in suburban Toronto, looking profoundly self-assured as he laid out the political case for the enormous change his government is making. We live in a dangerous new world, Harper said, and must deal with […]

John Ivison

Harper terror legislation has possibility to disrupt a balance that has served Canadians remarkably well

Jan 31 2015 — John Ivison

This is not a government that has inspired confidence in its respect for the democratic institutions of this country. The introduction of its new Anti-Terror legislation is a case in point – the whole process happened hundreds of miles from Parliament during Question Period; much of the media briefing took place without the legislation being […]

don martin

Harper’s war over words sets up election combat

Jan 30 2015 — Don Martin

The 114,457 Canadian soldiers who have died in battle must be slack-jawed looking down on a House of Commons fighting over the definition of combat. They’d be baffled at the line of demarcation between what’s allowed and what’s denied in the Iraq war against a brutal evil. If a missile is launched from a Canadian […]

campbell clark

Security debates are now about posturing in pre-election times

Jan 31 2015 — Campbell Clark

Between the lofty phrases about the crucial importance of security, Canadians deserved a warning: Your politicians are letting election campaigning get in the way. It wasn’t just Stephen Harper unveiling security legislation at what looked like a political rally, and then, as the person most responsible for protecting Canadians’ basic rights, blithely rejecting the suggestion […]

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Whitney Houston’s daughter ‘found unresponsive’ in bath

Feb 1 2015 —

The daughter of late American singer Whitney Houston has been found unresponsive in a bathtub in a home in Georgia, US police say. Bobbi Kristina Brown, 21, was found by her husband and a friend, police said. They immediately started resuscitating her until police and medics arrived. She was taken to a hospital in Roswell […]

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