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Apr 28 2015 — John Paul Tasker

The government’s plan to nearly double the TFSA contribution limit might not be a problem for Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s granddaughter after all, according to a new calculation done by the Parliamentary Budget Office. So few people will actually be able to contribute $10,000 a year to their accounts that the fiscal hit to the […]


BoC not trying to ‘frighten’ with rate cut, housing forecast, ‘atrocious’ remark

Apr 28 2015 —

The governor of the Bank of Canada says he didn’t mean to surprise markets in recent months with his stunning interest-rate cut, a worrying real estate projection and the grim adjective he chose to describe the country’s economic performance. During testimony before a parliamentary committee, Stephen Poloz was asked about his eyebrow-raising use of “atrocious” […]

Michael Ferguson

Auditor slams feds for not properly tracking impact of tax credits on treasury

Apr 28 2015 —

Canada’s auditor general says parliamentarians and the public they represent have no idea precisely how many billions of dollars the federal treasury foregoes each year through election-friendly tax credits and giveaways. Michael Ferguson’s spring report, released today, says Finance Department reports do not include future cost projections on a wide suite of tax benefits that […]

Independent MP Rathgeber speaks during Question Period in House of Commons on Parliament Hill in Ottawa

Brent Rathgeber wants fewer ministers, by law

Apr 28 2015 — Aaron Wherry

Later this week, Independent MP Brent Rathgeber will table a private member’s bill to cap the number of federal ministers. Official notice of Rathgeber’s bill was given this evening, but I noted Rathgeber’s intent when I wrote about Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s newly enlarged cabinet in January. As I wrote then, the British Parliament has […]

Apr 28 2015 —

Ontario spent nearly $7 million on consultants who helped a Liberal government-appointed panel to recommend selling a majority of Hydro One and changes to beer sales. The premier’s office says having the consultants’ technical expertise makes the government “confident” that the panel’s recommendations are “evidence-based and in the best interest of Ontarians.” Former TD Bank […]

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Apr 28 2015 — Dean Beeby

The middle-class income of a Canadian family of four, with both parents working, appears to have stalled, at least according to the “typical” example presented in last week’s federal budget. Henry and Cathy, raising their two kids Grace and Elizabeth, pull in $120,000 between them, says the example highlighted on page six of the main […]

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Apr 28 2015 —

Canada’s auditor general says National Defence should have kept a closer eye on its former watchdog, who extended consultant contracts without proper authorization and approved his own hospitality expense claims. In a hard-hitting new report released Tuesday, auditor general Michael Ferguson paints a searing portrait of the office of the Canadian Forces ombudsman, which investigates […]

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Apr 28 2015 —

Canada’s auditor general is taking issue with the quality of health care in remote First Nations communities, lacklustre efforts to rehabilitate prisoners and the dearth of oversight governing boutique tax credits — the Conservative government’s election bauble of choice. Many of the findings in Michael Ferguson’s spring report to Parliament touch on some key planks […]

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Ad wars: Where the real battles rage

Apr 28 2015 — Lawrence Martin

“In your heart, you know he’s right.” That was Republican Barry Goldwater’s slogan in the 1964 U.S. presidential campaign. Democrats were quick to respond. They came back with “In your gut, you know he’s nuts.” A little wit can go a long way in politics. Election campaigns are increasingly an ad and slogan war. The […]


It’s time to get serious about election debates

Apr 28 2015 — Andrew Coyne

With another federal election fast approaching, it’s time once again to decide what sort of limits, if any, should apply to campaign fundraising. As usual the whole business will be settled in private via negotiations among the three major parties and the six largest Canadian banks. Well no, we don’t do it that way, do […]


Why the Conservatives badly need a brawl with unions this year

Apr 28 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

In early November 2013, the Conservative party held a national policy convention in Calgary. One of the big themes that emerged from that weekend was a hate-on for Canada’s labour movement. Delegates passed a number of resolutions seeking to ban secret ballots during strikes and forbid the use of dues for political purposes. They also […]


Don’t expect an Alberta NDP government

Apr 28 2015 — Lorne Gunter

Before you get all excited about the possibility of Rachel Notley and the NDP winning the May 5 provincial election, remember the 2011 federal election. If you listened to media coverage of polls in the final days of that campaign, you would be forgiven for thinking Jack Layton and the NDP were well on their […]

R. Michael Warren

Dismal leadership race shows how far Ontario PCs have fallen

Apr 28 2015 — R.Michael Warren

On May 9, the once dominant Ontario Progressive Conservative party will choose its next leader. The surprisingly shallow PC gene pool has rendered up two political lightweights at a time when the party needs strong, transformative leadership. For the long-serving Liberal government, this may seem like good news — it will likely continue to operate […]

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David Furnish to lead Toronto’s 2015 Pride Parade as grand marshal

Apr 28 2015 —

When David Furnish visited his hometown while producing 2006 teen rom-com It’s a Boy Girl Thing, he noticed a plaque on the wall of the downtown Toronto high school where they were shooting the film. It was an “umbrella message of support and tolerance” for all students, regardless of their gender or sexuality, he recalled. […]