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Bloc’s drop in Quebec a big chance for NDP and Liberals, polls suggest

Sep 30 2014 — Eric Grenier

Ever since the controversial Mario Beaulieu became its leader in June, the Bloc Québécois has been drifting further into irrelevance. What kind of opportunity has this opened up for the other parties in Quebec? It is undeniable the Bloc has taken a significant hit in recent months. It was already struggling to better its 23 […]

Sep 30 2014 —

The New Democrats are making a last-minute plea to Conservative MPs to support their motion on reforming question period. NDP House leader Peter Julian has written to the entire government caucus, saying the effort to get better answers out of question period is a modest, non-partisan step towards improving the daily give-and-take. The NDP introduced […]

Sep 30 2014 —

As the federal cabinet considers sending fighter jets to Iraq, Foreign Affairs Minister John Baird suggests Canada and other countries could be in for a long mission. Baird predicts that battling extremists in Iraq and elsewhere will take time and says Canada is in uncharted territory when it comes to directly engaging terrorist elements. “Terrorism, […]

Sep 30 2014 —

The Harper government says it will extend the life of its fleet of CF-18 fighters. A spokeswoman for Defence Minister Rob Nicholson says the jets are an important component of the country’s defence and will be updated to keep them flying until 2025. Johanna Quinney says the air force needs a fighter strike capability, but […]


The NDP go international

Sep 30 2014 — Jordan Press

The New Democratic Party is going to try a little help from their international friends after flying overseas last week to meet with their counterparts in the U.K. NDP president Rebecca Blaikie and national director Anne McGrath were part of the more than 20,000 British and international visitors to the four-day U.K. Labour party conference […]


Canada cannot support 4th carrier; Telus

Sep 30 2014 —

The former head of Austria’s telecom regulator says Canada should heed the lessons learned in Europe about adopting rules intended to keep wireless prices low. Georg Serentschy has told Canada’s regulator that European telecoms are now living with the unintended consequences of stimulating increased competition to keep consumers happy. Serentschy told a CRTC panel studying […]


How your age affects who you vote for

Sep 30 2014 —

In elections, it’s more than just the candidates or the issues that can influence a voter’s decision. There is a lot of evidence that underlying factors can play a big part, including two outside of a voter’s control: their current age and the year they were born. In an effort to explore how this might […]

Sep 30 2014 — Tara Deschamps

John Tory remains in front in Toronto’s mayoral race, with Councillor Doug Ford in the hunt and Olivia Chow slipping, a new poll suggests. Results released by Forum Research late Monday night said Tory has captured 43 per cent of support — a number based on 1,167 randomly chosen respondents who were surveyed Monday. He […]

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Sep 30 2014 —

Canada Revenue Agency faces questions over a “security state” scheme to bypass federal law in compiling a database of suspected fraud within the tax department. An MP and the union for senior staff questioned the ethics and legality of the program. “This is startling; it’s Frankenstein-esque,” said Peter Bleyer, special advisor to the president of […]

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Harper’s election timing? Expect the unexpected

Sep 30 2014 —

A federal election this fall? Don’t rule it out. Top Liberal Party strategist Gerald Butts says his party is preparing for that scenario, among others. While most speculation has centred on the possibility of Prime Minister Stephen Harper moving up the election date from next fall to next spring, the Liberals believe it’s even possible […]


Question period and the healing power of humiliation

Sep 30 2014 —

Tears, I tell my five-year-old daughter, are for serious things. Tears are for when you scrape your knee really badly, when someone you love falls ill, or when your pet fish dies. Tears are not for stupid non-answers in the House of Commons, shed by a grown man who appeared to thoroughly enjoy delivering said […]


Man up and stop the Question Period farce, Mr. Speaker

Sep 30 2014 — John Ivison

The Prime Minister wasn’t in the House of Commons but a full complement of his front bench was present, including the Minister of Fudging the Numbers and the Minister for Concealing Errors. The NDP had introduced a motion to give the Speaker of the House authority to cut off government members who insult the intelligence […]


MPs too timid to take a stand

Sep 30 2014 — Warren Kinsella

What’s that old line? That “the better part of valour is discretion”? Something like that. The author of said line was William Shakespeare, naturally; Falstaff uttered it after pretending to be dead on the battlefield in Henry IV. It reminds us that Bill remains, hands down, the originator of all the best political truisms. It […]


Polls highlight PQ’s referendum conundrum

Sep 29 2014 — Chantal Hébert

Scotland’s recent independence referendum undeniably struck a chord in Quebec but based on the first two polls to be published on the post-vote state of play it has not acted as a game changer on the political dynamics of the province. CROP, whose poll was published last week in La Presse and Le Soleil, covered […]


Pierre Karl Péladeau increases his lead for the PQ leadership

Sep 30 2014 — Don Macpherson

It’s PKP-mania, the kind of enthusiasm for a politician that Quebecers have usually reserved for the ones who walk with a cane. Even among supporters of the left-wing Québec solidaire party, right-wing businessman Pierre Karl Péladeau is the first choice for the Parti Québécois leadership in the latest poll on the subject by the Léger […]


Crown and defence will battle over Luka Magnotta’s state of mind

Sep 30 2014 — Rosie DiManno

Due to the nature of the trial, this column contains graphic content. MONTREAL—Somewhere somebody is thanking his lucky stars, his guardian angel and a mystifying twist of fate. A man who walked in — and walked out again alive — of the apartment where Luka Rocca Magnotta murdered and dismembered 33-year-old Concordia computer engineering student […]


Look around, ISIS’s acolytes are just apprentices at atrocity

Sep 30 2014 — Neil MacDonald

Back in July, Barack Obama signed an executive order punishing anyone responsible for some of the hideous excesses of the Congolese civil war. Hardly anyone noticed Obama’s order. But for the record, the people it targets have reportedly committed: mass rape (of men and women, by rebels and government soldiers) often in front of communities […]

Sep 30 2014 — Barbara Yaffe

Vancouver is a recognized urban-design leader in North America but recent city planning decisions suggest “a feeling of having lost our way.” Patrick Condon, chairman of the urban-design program at the University of B.C., expresses concern about the city’s recent approval of large-scale housing developments beyond the downtown core. And his thoughtful perspective deserves attention. […]

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Olympian Michael Phelps arrested on DUI charge

Sep 30 2014 —

Police arrested Olympic swimmer Michael Phelps on a DUI charge early Tuesday, and officials say he was speeding and failed field sobriety tests when officers pulled him over. Phelps, 29, was charged with driving under the influence, excessive speed and crossing double lane lines in the Fort McHenry Tunnel on Interstate 95 in Baltimore, according […]

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