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Election 2015: Will Harper spring forward or fall back on set date?

Sep 23 2014 —

In exchange for a $25 donation, the Conservative party recently offered its supporters a Stephen Harper calendar “to help count down to election day.” But will they be counting down to Oct. 19, 2015, or some Monday in the spring? When the prime minister will drop the writ is what passes as water-cooler talk around […]

Sep 23 2014 —

Toronto Mayor Rob Ford has been released from Mount Sinai Hospital, after he was scheduled to undergo his first round of chemotherapy. The mayor’s chief of staff issued a statement Tuesday evening saying Ford was released in the afternoon and “has returned home, and is resting with his family at this time.” Ford went to […]

Sep 23 2014 — Althia Raj

ustin Trudeau won’t be answering Sun Media’s questions anymore. The Liberal leader issued a short statement Tuesday saying the organization’s television network, Sun News, crossed an editorial line when it aired a particularly offensive rant by host Ezra Levant during his show last week. Levant took issue with a photo of Trudeau kissing a bride […]

Sep 23 2014 —

The Royal Canadian Navy may purchase a soon-to-be retired ship from the U.S. to replace its two supply vessels forced into retirement since a government ship-building program has been delayed by several years, CBC News has learned. The navy had put its trust in the government to deliver new ships, Vice-Admiral Mark Norman, commander of […]

Sep 23 2014 — Mark Kennedy

The majority Conservative government says it won’t change the lyrics of the national anthem in the wake of a bid by a Liberal MP to do just that in order to make it gender-neutral. The firm declaration by the governing Tories means the proposed bill — although sure to prompt debate in the Commons — […]

House of Commons 20130327

Today in demonstrating contempt for Parliament

Sep 23 2014 — Aaron Wherry

Just after 2:15pm this afternoon, NDP leader Thomas Mulcair, leader of Her Majesty’s official opposition, democratically elected member of Parliament for the riding of Outremont, stood in the House of Commons and spoke aloud a fairly straightforward question that he thought the government should be responsible for answering. This being within the 45 minutes reserved […]

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Serena Vermeersch slaying: Peter MacKay says worst criminals shouldn’t be freed

Sep 23 2014 —

Justice Minister Peter MacKay says the Canadian government is considering new rules to lock up certain violent criminals and throw away the key, as family and friends grieve Serena Vermeersch, the 17-year-old who was killed last week in Surrey, B.C., allegedly by a known violent offender. ‘We’re looking at ways in which the very worst… […]


Most sex workers in Canada ‘don’t see themselves as victims,’ national study finds

Sep 23 2014 — Stephen Maher

Most sex workers in Canada are comfortable in their work, according to a landmark national survey of prostitutes, their partners, clients and managers. Researchers were in Ottawa on Monday and Tuesday to present preliminary findings from Understanding Sex Work, an ambitious ongoing study of the industry, funded by the Canadian Institutes of Health Research. During […]

Sep 23 2014 —

U.S. President Barack Obama didn’t just make announcements on behalf of his own country at today’s United Nations climate summit — he got to make Canada’s, too. Canada made two main commitments at the summit, where countries were urged to bring bold policies to fight climate change. One was to match U.S. vehicle-emissions standards, the […]

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Sep 23 2014 —

The politically charged trial of suspended Sen. Mike Duffy will begin next spring, six months before the next scheduled federal election. In a brief proceeding Tuesday, the court set aside 41 days for the case, forgoing a preliminary hearing and scheduling the trial for April 7-May 12 and June 1-19 — smack in the middle […]

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Mike Duffy may be the ultimate Tory spoiler

Sep 23 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

Kaboom. That would be the sound of the Mike Duffy trial dropping, like the ghost of sponsorship scandals past, smack in the midst of the next federal election campaign, just months before Canadians go to the polls. In the cascade of difficulties facing the federal Tories as they seek a fourth successive mandate, this immediately […]

Don Lenihan's Public Voice(s)

Why mandatory voting is a vote against (real) change

Sep 23 2014 — Don Lenihan

Greetings! I’m delighted to see you all here today. Thank you so much for coming out. I’m here because I believe our democracy is in trouble. Voter turnout is the most important indicator of citizens’ faith in the political system and the numbers are falling fast, especially among young people. We have to fix this. Some very sensible people think mandatory voting may be the answer. They say that youth need a gentle “nudge” to prod them out of their indifference and help them become responsible citizens.


What Harper learned from Chrétien the street fighter

Sep 23 2014 — Lawrence Martin

There he was, age 80, back at it, making news again. In his endless career, Jean Chrétien has thrown more punches and taken more hits than George Chuvalo. But he’s still standing. Not much has changed. The gravel voice, the broken diction, everything raw, unschooled and straight from the gut. This time, in talking to […]

campbell clark

Harper wants to talk security, not climate. Here’s why

Sep 23 2014 — Campbell Clark

It’s foreign-policy week for Stephen Harper, and not all international issues are equal. Trade and international security are what he wants to talk about. Climate change is on a list of things he doesn’t have much time for. The foreign issues themselves don’t change many votes, but what he really wants is to look like […]

justin-trudeau-20140611 (1)

An alternative to the Tories’ broken EI plan

Sep 23 2014 — Justin Trudeau

Canadians need a plan for jobs and growth. After nearly a decade of Conservative government, unemployment is still stubbornly high and economic growth is sluggish. In the past 12 months, only 15,000 full-time jobs have been created in Canada. That’s why Liberals are focused on a jobs and growth agenda. Since I became leader of […]


Keep on doing what you’re doing, Mr. Prentice

Sep 23 2014 — Karin Klassen

Having decided to play loose with democracy, Premier Jim Prentice should keep calm and carry on, with earplugs, if necessary. If voices were tethers, Prentice would look like Gulliver in Lilliput. After 43 years of uninterrupted togetherness, one humdinger of a fight has been brewing between the reigning provincial Conservatives and political colleagues, columnists and […]

Sep 23 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Hands off my Netflix. That’s what Canadian consumers should be telling the CRTC, and the federal government, after the disgraceful performance last Friday by CRTC president Jean-Pierre Blais during the organization’s ‘Let`s Talk TV’ marathon. A heated exchange with the Internet broadcaster’s global public policy director, Corie Wright, culminated in a threat by Blais: “The […]

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Sep 23 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Media expert on climate change, I am not. You want columnist climate connoisseur? Go read Lorrie Goldstein or Ezra Levant. “Humanity’s burning of fossil fuels is having a warming effect on the climate,” Goldstein has written. “But that it’s not as dramatic as we were initially led to believe.” Levant is slightly less nuanced. Climate […]

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Sep 23 2014 — Lorrie Goldstein

Tuesday’s United Nations climate summit in New York is a glorified photo-op. Its main purpose — complete with global demonstrations and protests in the days leading up to it — is to promote another UN meeting on climate change next year in Paris. Also to pressure developed nations like Canada and the U.S. to contribute […]

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Sep 23 2014 — Ezra Levant

There were two big marches on opposite sides of the planet this weekend. At the Turkish border an estimated 130,000 destitute refugees flooded in from Syria. They were fleeing from the Islamic State terrorist group. It was the equivalent of a whole city on a death march. No electricity, no heat, no clean water and, […]

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Sep 23 2014 — Barbara Yaffe

New Conference Board research, ranking Canadian cities’ appeal to migrants, ranks Vancouver in fifth place among top performers, lauding “its over-all high quality of life.” The board’s 160-page report, released Monday, praises Vancouver’s “beautiful setting and temperate climate,” as well as its planning and good governance. However, it also points to the city’s high cost […]

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Man who spoke about Palin family brawl fired from job for sharing details

Sep 23 2014 —

The Alaska man who divulged details about the bizarre brawl that broke out between the Palin family and a large group of other inebriated snowmobile enthusiasts has been fired from his job for the revelation, according to a bombshell report. Eric Thompson gave his account of the bizarre fight, which occurred earlier this month at […]

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