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Conservative prostitution bill will keep HIV rates high

Jul 22 2014 — Tonda MacCharles

A new study published in the respected medical journal Lancet says the decriminalization of prostitution could avert nearly a third of HIV infections among prostitutes and their clients over the next decade. The study, led by a Canadian researcher, examined all published epidemiological data about HIV — the virus that causes AIDS — among sex […]

Jul 22 2014 — Glen McGregor

The NDP is vigorously defending allegations it improperly put parliamentary staff in so-called satellite offices in Quebec, in advance of a meeting by the House of Commons panel that monitors spending by MPs. The Board of Internal Economy is to meet Tuesday afternoon to consider allegations that the party has used taxpayer-funded employees to staff […]

Jul 22 2014 — Paul McLeod

Telecoms across Canada are tightening their privacy policies after last month’s landmark Supreme Court of Canada ruling. Just-released documents under access to information laws show warrantless disclosures were extremely common but also wildly inconsistent across the country. But that’s all changing since the Spencer decision. The Supreme Court found that police were breaching the privacy […]

Jul 22 2014 —

Cash-strapped Parks Canada is getting into the fashion business, with a line of Parks Canada clothing launching this week. To side-step controversy — the RCMP was criticized for partnering with Disney in 1995 — Parks Canada awarded the licence to a Canadian company after a public bidding process. “The key is connecting Canadians with parks […]


Duffy charged for trainer, makeup artist: RCMP

Jul 22 2014 —

The RCMP alleges that Sen. Mike Duffy charged taxpayers for a personal trainer, a makeup artist and for the cost of personal travel to funerals and other ceremonies. New court documents provide fresh details on 31 charges laid against Duffy last week, alleging five “inappropriate expense claims associated with personal attendance at funeral and related […]

Jul 21 2014 —

The Harper government says it is planning to slap more people and entities with sanctions over Russia’s continuing military actions against Ukraine. The move comes as Canada and the rest of the world reacts with shock to the downing of flight MH17 over eastern Ukraine.

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Jul 21 2014 —

The mayor of a Montreal-area community has died after being stung by wasps. Municipal authorities in La Prairie say Mayor Lucie F. Roussel passed away in hospital Sunday night. The 51-year-old Roussel had been mayor since 2005.

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Jul 21 2014 —

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May is offering to co-operate with the NDP and the Liberals when it comes to running candidates in the next federal election. The Green Party of Canada concluded its national convention in Fredericton over the weekend and one of the party’s policies is electoral reform. May said she’s hearing from Canadians […]

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Jul 21 2014 —

Sen. Mike Duffy is now accused of charging taxpayers for personal travel to funerals and giving money to three people under the guise of a consulting contract. A new court filing alleges “inappropriate expense claims associated with personal attendance at funeral and related ceremonies.” The court documents, released this afternoon, allege that Duffy filed eight […]

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Harper saw through Putin from the start

Jul 22 2014 — J.L. Granatstein

Stephen Harper was right. It’s not fashionable today to say that about anything the Prime Minister says or does. It’s especially against the current to praise his foreign policy which, most critics agree, is distinguished only by its unbalanced megaphone style and simplistic good versus evil rhetoric. But how can anyone deny that on Vladimir […]


The curious case of Sen. Mike Duffy

Jul 22 2014 — Warren Kinsella

It’s a little like being charged with speeding when you’re not in a car. Or, it’s like robbing a bank when, you know, there’s no bank. Or, say, being busted for breaking and entering, when nothing was broken into and entered. A first-year law student understands it, and I’m certain you do, too: In order […]


On pipelines and veterans, feds are marching to a different drum

Jul 22 2014 —

Last January, in advance of the federal budget being released, the federal government spent $135,000 to find out what Canadians were thinking about. It hired a polling company to survey 3,000 people and also held focus groups across the country. Turns out, most Canadians weren’t thinking about the economy or the upcoming budget. And they […]


Canadian Bar Association takes aim at Judge Lori Douglas inquiry

Jul 22 2014 — Christie Blatchford

The Canadian Judicial Council inquiry into the conduct of Manitoba Associate Chief Justice Lori Douglas was little more than a disgraceful schmozzle. And the group now saying that, albeit in careful lawyerly language, is none other than the Canadian Bar Association, the national body which represents 37,500 lawyers, law teachers and students across the country. […]


City streets no place for violence — or indifference

Jul 22 2014 — Ezra Levant

On Friday, close to 1,000 anti-Israel extremists in Calgary had a street protest about the war in Gaza. Some of the protesters were there to support ordinary Gazans. But some of them were there to support the terrorist group Hamas. And some of them were there just because they hate Jews. The protest was right […]


Long fingernails a proven menace even in World Cup final

Jul 22 2014 — Jan Wong

During the FIFA World Cup final, an Argentine forward accidentally (or not) clawed German midfielder Bastian Schweinsteiger in the face. The latter briefly left the field, ruby-red blood trickling down his cheek, and the Germans ultimately won, 1-0. Good thing Schweinsteiger wasn’t playing against girls. His gory encounter got me thinking about human claws. Nails, […]

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Bill’s secret mistress, the ‘Energizer’

Jul 22 2014 —

Bill Clinton reportedly has a buxom blond mistress who visits so often when Hillary Clinton isn’t home in Chappaqua that the former president’s Secret Service detail have given her an unofficial code name: Energizer. This is according to Ronald Kessler in “The First Family Detail: Secret Service Agents Reveal the Hidden Lives of Presidents,” due […]

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