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Trump team seeks to control, block Mueller’s Russia investigation

Jul 20 2017 —

Some of President Trump’s lawyers are exploring ways to limit or undercut special counsel Robert S. Mueller III’s Russia investigation, building a case against what they allege are his conflicts of interest and discussing the president’s authority to grant pardons, according to people familiar with the effort. Trump has asked his advisers about his power […]

Jul 20 2017 — Peter Zimonjic

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer brushed off suggestions that his party’s campaign denouncing the Trudeau government’s apology and payout to Omar Khadr in the U.S. media will negatively impact upcoming NAFTA negotiations. The new Conservative leader suggested that if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was concerned about how the reported $10.5 million payout to Khadr would play […]

Jul 20 2017 — Laura Stone

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the renegotiation of the North American free-trade agreement is “too important” for partisanship, after federal Conservatives went on a cross-border campaign to criticize the Liberal government for paying $10.5 million to former Guantanamo detainee Omar Khadr. Senior Liberals this week suggested that the Tories’ campaign against the government’s payout to […]

Jul 20 2017 — Daniel Dale

Canada needs to allow U.S. President Donald Trump to “declare victory” on the North American Free Trade Agreement, Canadian Ambassador David MacNaughton said Thursday. MacNaughton, taking questions alongside his Mexican counterpart at an event in Washington, said Canada is optimistic that the revised deal can be, as Vice-President Mike Pence said last week, a “win-win-win” […]

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says it’s Justin Trudeau’s fault if Omar Khadr payout hurts NAFTA

Jul 20 2017 — Alex Ballingall

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer is rejecting assertions that his party’s attacks on the Omar Khadr settlement in U.S. media could hamper upcoming NAFTA negotiations, claiming any negative consequences of the move should fall on Justin Trudeau’s shoulders. Scheer was responding Thursday to accusations that partisan bickering south of the border on the controversial Khadr deal […]

Jul 20 2017 — Josh Elliott

Ontario energy prices have skyrocketed significantly higher and faster than the rest of the country over the last nine years, with Torontonians paying twice the national average, according to a report from the right-leaning Fraser Institute. Energy prices in Ontario shot up 71 per cent from 2008-2016, more than doubling the Canada-wide average increase of […]

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Jul 20 2017 — James Wood

The NDP raised the most money among Alberta political parties in the second quarter of 2017, according to party financial statements posted by Elections Alberta on Wednesday. Newly-minted political action committees, meanwhile, have begun filing records with the chief electoral officer on their own donors. Documents show the NDP took in $553,733 donations from April […]

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Like it or not, Payette’s past is news

Jul 20 2017 — Stephen Maher

In 2008, when Stephen Harper faced defeat in the House at the hands of a coalition of Liberals, New Democrats and Bloquistes, he went to then-Governor General Michaëlle Jean to seek a prorogation, to spare his government having to hand power to Stéphane Dion. Jean granted his request, Harper came back with a budget, proved […]

Does CSIS have a toxic workplace problem?

Jul 20 2017 — Sheema Khan

Five CSIS employees have taken medical leave from the agency since at least January of this year due to debilitating stress, anxiety and depression. Last week, “Alex,” “Bahira,” “Cemal,” “Emran” and “Dina,” who have a total of 80 years of service (ranging individually from 12 to 22 years), jointly filed a $35-million lawsuit against their […]

Why prime ministers and business floats matter at Pride

Jul 20 2017 — Emma Teitel

Last summer, Justin Trudeau made history when he became the first sitting prime minister to march in the Toronto, Vancouver and Montreal pride parades (not all at once, of course). This Saturday, the PM will again make history when he becomes the first sitting prime minister to participate in another more understated but equally important […]

Trolling ourselves to death in the age of Trump

Jul 20 2017 — Jason Hannan

Last month, the New York Times took on the seemingly impossible task of counting the lies of Donald Trump. To make this task manageable, they counted all the lies over the course of his first six months in office. They arrived at a grand total of 100 lies. And that’s without even including in their […]

When it comes to NAFTA negotiations, we need to stand united

Jul 20 2017 — John Ivison

Another day, another Conservative MP telling a right-wing American cable channel how Justin Trudeau is in bed with al-Qaida for agreeing to compensate Omar Khadr. Pierre Poilievre told Newsmax Now, which is piped into 40 million U.S. homes, that Trudeau’s decision rewarded a “confessed terrorist and known supporter — past supporter at least — and […]

Jul 20 2017 — John Ibbitson

The Omar Khadr affair is for the Trudeau government what the census scandal was for the Harper government: a midsummer meltdown that permanently taints the reputation of the prime minister. There are important differences between the two imbroglios, and we should remember that Stephen Harper’s Conservatives won the next election despite the census mess. But, […]

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Jul 20 2017 — Lorrie Goldstein

The more Prime Minister Justin Trudeau argues he had no choice but to give Omar Khadr $10.5 million of taxpayers’ money and an apology, the less convincing he sounds. Let’s look at the facts, as opposed to Trudeau’s rhetoric it could have cost the government up to $40 million had Khadr’s $20 million civil suit […]

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Jul 18 2017 — Glen Pearson

As appointments go, the choice of Julie Payette as Canada’s new Governor General was figuratively out of this world.  The former astronaut had completed two missions to the space station and spent seven years as the Canadian Space Agency’s chief astronaut.  But her qualifications were far more wide ranging: speaking six languages, commercial pilot, a […]

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Jul 18 2017 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Once again, Canada’s First Ministers have gathered for their annual summer Council of the Federation, being held this year in Edmonton. The agenda includes trade and Trump, pot and the provinces, infrastructure and investment. It also featured a meeting with representatives of five national Indigenous organizations to discuss issues of concern to their communities. At […]

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Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington dead at 41

Jul 20 2017 —

Chester Bennington, lead singer of the California rock band Linkin Park, has died at the age of 41, according to the Los Angeles County coroner. The Phoenix-born singer and songwriter was found dead at a private residence in Los Angeles Thursday morning and appeared to have taken his own life, according to reports in Variety […]


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