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Additional oversight for security agencies just ‘needless red tape': government

Feb 1 2015 — Michelle Zilio

Shortly after tabling its controversial new anti-terror legislation, the government says the creation of any additional oversight body for Canada’s security agencies is just “duplication” and “needless red tape.” Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney told CTV’s Question Period that any oversight efforts beyond the Security Intelligence Review Committee (SIRC), which reports to Parliament on the […]

Feb 1 2015 — Mike Blanchfield

The head of a new international commission wants Canada’s tough-talking foreign affairs minister to help him reform the United Nations World Health Organization because it responded too slowly to the Ebola crisis. Former Australian prime minister Kevin Rudd is the head of the Independent Commission on Multilateralism and he slipped into Ottawa largely unnoticed this […]

Feb 1 2015 —

Egyptian-Canadian Mohamed Fahmy is expected to be released from an Egyptian prison within days, a security official told Reuters on Sunday. The official said paperwork work was being completed that would allow authorities to deport the Al-Jazeera journalist to Canada. The comments followed the deportation of Al-Jazeera journalist Peter Greste to Australia. Greste left Egypt […]

Feb 1 2015 — Darcy Henton

Alberta’s former Liberal leaders have radical ideas to revive the party — from enticing the leader of the Alberta Party to lead the Liberals to a full-blown merger of the centre-left. They are convinced the implosion of the Wildrose has opened the door for progressives to form the official opposition after the next election, which […]

Feb 1 2015 —

Support for the federal Conservative party remains strong in Westman, but a new Probe Research Inc. poll says the Liberals are within “striking distance.” The poll, conducted exclusively for the Brandon Sun, suggests the Conservatives would win both Brandon-Souris and Dauphin-Swan River-Marquette if a federal election were held tomorrow. “If I was a betting person […]


More signs of a possible Alberta spring election

Feb 1 2015 —

A flurry of political moves across Alberta this week. Some MLAs say they won’t run in the next provincial election. While others seem to already be campaign mode. It all points to Premier Prentice calling an early spring election. Another big announcement Saturday from a Tory MLA. Kerry Towle, the MLA in Innisfail-Sylvan Lake held […]


Baird in U.S. applauds ‘truly historic’ rapprochement with Cuba

Jan 31 2015 —

Canada’s foreign affairs minister used a trip to the United States to applaud that country’s reopening of relations with Cuba. John Baird raised the issue during a news conference Saturday where he appeared alongside his counterparts from the U.S. and Mexico. “We want to acknowledge the truly historic change in American policy, with respect to […]

Jan 31 2015 — Victor Malarek

A Vancouver businessman has been paid millions of dollars in a secret settlement with the federal government after the Canada Border Services Agency wrongly accused him of exporting military technology to China in violation of export controls, a W5 investigation reveals. The payout to Steve de Jaray of more than $10 million in a confidential […]

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Feb 1 2015 —

The mother of a Calgary man who died in Syria fighting with ISIS says the federal government’s new anti-terrorism takes the wrong approach and says the government must attempt to stop Canadians before they become radicalized. On Friday, Stephen Harper announced new anti-terror legislation to combat domestic extremism and prevent potential terrorist attacks. Bill C-51 […]

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Feb 1 2015 —

Canada’s richest one per cent have names like the Thomsons, the Westons and the Irvings. They occupy a stratum of about 261,000 people who reap about one-tenth of total earnings in the country. But what of the remaining 99 per cent? In keeping with a recent Oxfam International report that projected that more than half […]

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Jan 31 2015 — John Geddes

Federal leaders are test-driving financial policy for Canada. Take your pick: safe, ordinary, or balanced? Spurred first by the oil-price plummet, and then a surprise Bank of Canada interest-rate cut, the main federal party leaders have been testing out their economic policy pitches. There’s still plenty of time for fine tuning and fleshing out those […]

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Harper boldly names real threat

Feb 1 2015 — Lorne Gunter

On Friday, the federal government introduced a new anti-terrorism bill. Frankly, I have some concerns; not with the expanded police, CSIS and court powers as such, but with the implementation of them. When the state grants itself more powers to surveil citizens and censor their speech, it is troubling. Bill C-51 will grant police greater […]


Ruling protects religious freedom

Feb 1 2015 — Ezra Levant

Last week the Supreme Court of Nova Scotia declared that province’s ban on Trinity Western University law school students to be illegal. Nova Scotia – like Ontario and B.C. – banned graduates from TWU, not because they won’t be well-trained, or will be in some way defective as lawyers. They were banned because TWU is […]


Liberal carbon capers

Feb 1 2015 — Lorrie Goldstein

If a carbon tax is such a great idea, why didn’t Kathleen Wynne or Dalton McGuinty ever run on it? Here’s a question for Ontario Premier Kathleen Wynne. If pricing industrial carbon dioxide emissions is such an important policy, why has the Liberal government never campaigned on it in its past four election victories? Why […]


Prentice wants to fix Alberta’s damaged civil service

Feb 1 2015 — Graham Thomson

Someday historians are going to be able to piece together what the heck happened to the Alberta government under Alison Redford — and why she failed so spectacularly just two years after such a promising start. The story will go beyond her propensity for first-class travel and her well-documented misuse of government aircraft. No doubt […]

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