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Exasperated Mike Duffy trial judge asks for evidence

Apr 24 2015 — Tonda MacCharles

The judge presiding over Mike Duffy’s fraud trial barked at the Crown attorney for leading a senate witness, wondering when he would hear substantive evidence that there were “any rules at all” governing senators’ travel. Judge Charles Vaillancourt grew testy after assistant Crown attorney Jason Neubauer led a key senate official to offer her opinion […]

Apr 24 2015 — Carl Meyer

Former Liberal prime minister Jean Chrétien will meet with Russian President Vladimir Putin in Moscow next week, the InterAction Council has announced. A few hours after Embassy first revealed the existence of the upcoming meeting, the InterAction Council—which bills itself as an independent organization bringing together former world leaders—put out a statement that Mr. Chrétien […]

Apr 24 2015 —

Did he or didn’t he? One day after a Conservative backbencher accused NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair of firing an F-bomb at the Speaker of the House of Commons, it’s impossible to find any evidence Mulcair actually swore. MP Mark Warawa, who represents the B.C. riding of Langley, rose on a point of order Thursday to […]

Apr 24 2015 —

Senator Leo Housakos, who filled in as Senate Speaker as the man appointed to do the job battled a rare form of cancer, will continue in the role until a new person is appointed. Senate Speaker Pierre Claude Nolin died today at the age of 64. His colleagues say even in his dying days, Nolin […]

Elizabeth May

Elizabeth May amends government bill for 1st time

Apr 24 2015 — Trinh Theresa Do

The Green Party scored two major legislative points this week when it won the support of the Conservative-dominated House of Commons’ natural resources committee to make amendments to Bill C-46, the Pipeline Safety Act. It’s a rare circumstance in the current parliamentary climate to have any opposition amendments passed in committee. In fact, these are […]

election debate 0173 copy.jpg

New poll shows NDP pulling ahead in Alberta election race

Apr 24 2015 —

A new Forum Research poll reports almost 38 per cent of Albertans plan to vote for the NDP on election day, while a quarter say they favour the Wildrose Party and 20 per cent say they will cast their ballot for the PCs. The research firm says the results from its Wednesday and Thursday night […]

liberal ad

Liberal ad thanks taxpayers for paying for Conservative government ads

Apr 24 2015 —

Federal Liberals are dipping into their party war chest to advertise about government advertising. The party has paid for prime-time NHL playoff real estate to lampoon the Conservative government’s ubiquitous “economic action plan” promos that have been saturating the airwaves since 2009. Opposition parties have long complained that the government ads are thinly disguised partisan […]

Apr 24 2015 —

Almost 13 years after American soldiers captured him as a grievously wounded 15-year-old boy in Afghanistan, Omar Khadr found himself tantalizingly close to his first taste of freedom on Friday after a judge granted him bail. While his supporters were overjoyed at the unprecedented decision, a “disappointed” federal government immediately said it would appeal any […]

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Apr 24 2015 —

Federal Health Minister Rona Ambrose has reiterated her concern over the City of Vancouver’s proposal to regulate retail marijuana stores, calling on the mayor to instead close the operators down. “Storefront dispensaries are not part of the Health Canada regime in any way,” Ambrose said Friday. “What they are is commercial entities selling pot on […]

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It’s fear and loathing time in Alberta

Apr 24 2015 — Tom Flanagan

The Alberta election campaign is entering its final week, when many voters make up their mind whom to support, or whether to vote at all. Things become brutally simple in the endgame as primal emotions come to the fore. Two passions rule Canadian politics, fear and loathing. The opposition parties try to make voters loathe […]


Ontario budget gives Justin Trudeau cover

Apr 24 2015 — Chantal Hébert

If Justin Trudeau’s main mission in Ontario next fall is to beat Stephen Harper’s Conservatives, he has Premier Kathleen Wynne to thank for the small blessing of a provincial budget that should do little direct harm to his party in that battle. The fiscal plan brought forward at Queen’s Park on Thursday may not give […]


Canadian politicians unwilling to escape the same old

Apr 24 2015 — Susan Delacourt

It was once a perfect picture of Canadian politics — a hamster spinning on an exercise wheel. Back in the 2011 campaign, the New Democratic Party used that simple image, accompanied by carnival music, to argue that politics in Ottawa didn’t have to be all spin, going nowhere. Unfortunately, science has made it more difficult […]

Jaime Watt

Election Issue Monitor says Oliver’s Budget is a Balancing Act

Apr 24 2015 — Jaime Watt

Crafting a pre-election budget is a lot like juggling knives: The challenge of keeping so many sharp objects simultaneously aloft requires focus, precision and nerves of steel. Against the backdrop of a fall election, Finance Minister Joe Oliver appears to have done a commendable job of balancing both economic and political realities in the 2015/16 […]


Let’s use Duffy to kill the Senate once and for all

Apr 24 2015 — Scott Reid

“Don’t hate the playa, hate the game.” Otherwise known as the Ice-T defence, this sentiment pretty much sums up Mike Duffy’s courtroom rebuttal to the 31 criminal charges for which he is standing trial. His lawyer, Donald Bayne, has made the occasional token effort to argue the integrity of Duffy’s behaviour – a dash of […]

Daryl Copeland and Colin Robertson

Rebuilding Canada’s international capacity: Diplomatic reform in the age of globalization

Apr 24 2015 — Daryl Copeland and Colin Robertson

The world is an ever more complicated place and diplomacy, the world’s second oldest profession, matters more than ever before. But it is a different form of diplomacy – embracing the tools of technology and recognizing that globalization has both flattened the old hierarchies and added new complexities. For Canada, diplomacy is more than a […]


Harper’s anti-union bill rises from the dead

Apr 24 2015 — Tim Harper

Stephen Harper’s notorious, proposed anti-union legislation is still floundering in its fourth year, unloved, unnecessary, unfair and largely unconstitutional. But not dead. Bill C-377, first introduced by British Columbia Conservative backbencher Russ Hiebertin December 2011, has been revived by a Senate committee and there was Hiebert this week, again staking his claim to some type […]

Apr 24 2015 — Mia Rabson

If a picture is worth 1,000 words, how many votes does that translate into? Prime Minister Stephen Harper surely hopes at least a few will come his way after his Wednesday night appearance at the Winnipeg Jets’ playoff game. From a political perspective, Harper being at the game is brilliant. He has carefully defined himself […]

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Apr 24 2015 — Terence Corcoran

The dogs of Canada’s ongoing ideological war against lower taxes are circling Tax Free Savings Accounts. Led in part by the barker-in-chief at the CBC, the hounds certainly believe they have Finance Minister Joe Oliver in a corner. Oliver, you see, delivered a slight post-budget faux pas the other day when he told Amanda Lang […]

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Apr 23 2015 — Don Martin

Ask an average Albertan the best thing Premier Ralph Klein did during his 1990’s cost-cutting exercise, and they’ll rate privatized booze sales at or near the top of the list. Liquor store locations have proliferated the landscape. Listing numbers and specialty services have skyrocketed. Prices are competitive. There’s never a pre-holiday weekend rush into outlets […]

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Apr 24 2015 — Gary Mason

If there is one thing that has occurred to Jim Prentice and his Progressive Conservative party in the last couple of weeks it’s that Albertans are not at all happy with his decision to call an election a full year ahead of when it was legislatively mandated. The decision to go to the polls early […]

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Apr 24 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Flip-flop or fess-up? That’s what Alberta voters are asking themselves in the wake of Premier Jim Prentice’s reversal of a budget cut to the province’s charitable giving tax credit. The proposed measure would have dropped the credit from 21 per cent to 12.75 per cent on donations of more than $200. It also would have […]

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Apr 24 2015 — Deveryn Ross

It is a response that gets your attention, if only for its remarkable audacity. When asked for his impression of Tuesday’s federal budget, Manitoba Finance Minister Greg Dewar told reporters he was disappointed. He complained lowering the minimum amount seniors must withdraw each year from their retirement savings accounts, while doubling the amount Canadians can […]

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Tamara Jemuovic, Miss World Canada runner-up, sues over crown and Facebook fans

Apr 24 2015 —

She claims to be a queen with no crown. He wants his sash back. But a court battle between former Miss World Canada runner-up Tamara Jemuovic and pageant organizer Ike Lalji is about more than just hardware; the beauty queen says Lalji has also blocked access to her Facebook fans. “The plaintiff had thousands of […]