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The EKOS poll: Liberals slipping as NDP surges

Mar 27 2015 — Frank Graves

The Liberals’ decline continues in our newest poll: Justin Trudeau’s party is now below 29 points in voter intentions for the first time in a long time — and the long-term trend for the LPC is not positive. The Conservatives, while down from a high of 35 points, now enjoy a small but statistically significant […]

Mar 27 2015 — Evan Dyer

The U.S.-led coalition engaged in airstrikes against ISIS is locked in a major confrontation with some of its most important de facto allies on the ground. Iraqi Shia militias, which have borne the brunt of the fighting on the ground against the Sunni jihadists of ISIS in central and western Iraq, say they don’t want […]

Mar 27 2015 —

Britain’s foreign minister is praising the federal government’s proposal to conduct air strikes over Syria against militants from the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. Philip Hammond, the U.K.’s secretary of state for foreign and commonwealth affairs, says he welcomes Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s intention to expand the Canadian operations against the radical Islamic […]


Anti-terror bill to be scaled back as Tories bow to criticism

Mar 27 2015 —

The government will propose a handful of amendments to the proposed anti-terror bill when it goes to clause-by-clause review on Tuesday, CBC News has learned, including a proposal that would protect protests from being captured by the new measures. “Many witnesses were concerned that by saying “lawful” protests would not be considered terrorist acts, it […]

Elizabeth May

The EKOS poll: Canadians want Elizabeth May in the debates

Mar 27 2015 — Frank Graves

The leaders’ debates are by far the most-watched events of any federal election campaign, and a lot of procedural and strategic considerations go into deciding who should take part. We know who has to be there — Stephen Harper, Tom Mulcair and Justin Trudeau. But what about the leaders of the two smaller federal parties… […]


Woman in hijab controversy files complaint

Mar 27 2015 — Josh Elliott

A Quebec woman who was denied a court hearing while wearing a hijab says she is filing a complaint with the province’s judicial council. Rania El-Alloul says she shouldn’t have to “choose” between her country and her faith in order to use Canada’s justice system. El-Alloul was denied a court hearing last month when she […]

Mar 27 2015 —

The Conservative government has introduced legislation to enact its family tax-and-benefit package — a multibillion-dollar suite of measures that includes the controversial income-splitting plan. The so-called “family tax cut” is worth as much as $2,000 a year to eligible families with kids under 18 — but several studies have found only small fraction of households […]

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Mar 27 2015 —

Canada’s telecommunication regulator has rolled out new rules for people who make political phone calls during federal election campaigns. Candidates and political parties, corporations, trade associations and others who make either live calls or pre-recorded robocalls must register with the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission at least two days before making their first call during […]

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Quebec has reasons to cheer long gun registry ruling

Mar 27 2015 — Chantal Hébert

There may come a time when a future Quebec government sees its latest Supreme Court defeat as a blessing-in-disguise, albeit not for any reason pertaining to gun control. On Friday the top court killed the province’s last hope of saving the Quebec data of the defunct federal long gun registry from destruction. It found that […]


At last, encouraging news about democracy

Mar 27 2015 — Susan Delacourt

Is it possible for Canadians to hate politics but still believe in government? Two different report cards have been issued this week on Canadian democracy. One, from the Samara organization and a subsequent CBC debate, found that our politics are dismally “broken.” But a large new study, released Friday by the Broadbent Institute, shows that […]


A penchant to self-destruct in full view

Mar 27 2015 — Dan Lett

Toews hasn’t changed, at all. You can say a lot of things about Court of Queen’s Bench Justice Vic Toews. You could certainly say Toews was a successful politician, serving as a cabinet minister at both the federal and provincial levels. You could also say he was frequently, consistently newsworthy, channelling his blustery, verbose personality […]


Alberta’s budget: $11.4 billion in extra taxes

Mar 27 2015 — Mark Milke

Premier Jim Prentice dropped hints for months that the 2015 provincial budget was a once-in-a-generation chance to “fix” Alberta’s finances. That didn’t happen. Instead, the province raised taxes on Albertans in a manner akin to the worst of the late-1980s budgets. That was the last time Alberta faced chronically high per capita program spending and […]


Harper is losing the argument on C-51 … with Conservatives

Mar 27 2015 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Bill C-51 was supposed to unite conservatives in the latest round of the War on Terror™. Instead, it’s dividing them — both on and off Parliament Hill. This week, Conservative MP Michael Chong, never one to blindly toe the line, criticized the bill’s lack of oversight in a statement to the House of Commons: “However, […]


Balanced budget law overdue

Mar 27 2015 — Anthony Furey

Picture this: Prime Minister Stephen Harper and Finance Minister Joe Oliver standing in front of the Parliament buildings proudly holding a “paid in full” sign above their heads, signalling Canada’s debt hitting zero. It’s not going to happen. At least not in the next few years. Not under this government, with its history of stimulus […]

rick salutin

On war, art has insight that politics lacks

Mar 27 2015 — Rick Salutin

That was an unedifying debate in the House Wednesday about Canada expanding its understudy role in the war against the Islamic State. We have to, to make ourselves safe from beheadings here at home, implied the prime minister. Opposition leader Tom Mulcair replied like the lawyer he is. “Has the prime minister written to the […]


Why Canada must fight ISIS in Syria

Mar 27 2015 — Farzana Hassan

I first wrote about the necessity of extending Canada’s military mission in Iraq into Syria in my Feb. 5 columm. In fact, I advocated removing Syria’s President Bashar al-Assad from power. That would address one of the criticisms leveled against extending Canada’s mission, as many critics contend air strikes over Syria would support a brutal […]

Mar 27 2015 — Graham Thomson

Starting this year, it will cost more to be born, get married and die in Alberta. The government’s new provincial budget has got you coming and going. Fees for birth certificates, marriage licences and death certificates are going up. If that’s enough to drive you to drink or smoke, that’ll cost more, too. So will […]

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Mar 27 2015 — Paula Simons

- Victims of crime were promised a lot in 2008 when the legislature unanimously passed Alberta’s first civil forfeiture legislation. The Victims Restitution and Compensation Payment Act allowed the Crown to seize money and goods from accused criminals and their associates. Civil libertarians complained civil forfeiture allowed the Crown to seize property from alleged criminals […]

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