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prentice smith

Danielle Smith loses PC nomination in Highwood to Carrie Fischer

Mar 28 2015 —

Danielle Smith has lost her bid for the Progressive Conservative nomination in her riding of Highwood, losing out to Okotoks Coun. Carrie Fischer. Smith, the former leader of the province’s Official Opposition, led the defection of nine Wildrose MLAs to the ruling PC part in December — a move that angered many in her southern […]

Mar 28 2015 —

A former member of Stephen Harper’s Conservative caucus is the new leader of Alberta’s Official Opposition. Brian Jean, a 52-year-old lawyer from Fort McMurray, Alberta defeated two challengers to win the position. Jean resigned from federal politics last year. He intends to keep the PC government honest fiscally and to take it to task for […]

Mar 28 2015 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper was accused Saturday of playing into the hands of terrorist recruiters with inflammatory comments about the face-covering veil worn by some Muslim women. The accusation came from renowned philosopher Charles Taylor, who co-chaired Quebec’s 2007 commission on reasonable accommodation of cultural and religious minorities. Taylor said Harper is fuelling anti-Muslim sentiment […]

Mar 28 2015 — Tim Naumetz

Democracy has suffered under Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s government, say two prominent political authors who compared the effect of the Conservative regime over the past nine years to a “fibrous tumour.” The criticism came at a Broadbent Institute Progress Summit panel discussion headlined “The Great Unravelling: Why it Matters How Canada has become Less Democratic.” […]

Baird Resigning 20150203

Barrick Gold hires John Baird, Newt Gingrich

Mar 28 2015 —

Barrick Gold Corp. has hired former foreign affairs minister John Baird and former top U.S. lawmaker Newt Gingrich, the company said in regulatory filings. Mr. Baird is working on Barrick’s international advisory board along with Mr. Gingrich, the former speaker of the House of Representatives. No compensation details were disclosed in the filings.


Harper playing dangerous game that could divide Canadians: Taylor

Mar 28 2015 — Elizabeth Thompson

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is playing a dangerous game that could win his party short-term electoral support but leave Canadians divided, the co-author of a landmark report on cultural and religious accommodations charged Saturday. “It is very dangerous, very dangerous,” philosopher Charles Taylor told reporters after addressing the Broadbent Institute’s Progress Summit. “This kind of… […]

Mar 28 2015 — Tonda MacCharles

Time for a reality check. With the Conservative government rushing to pass Bill C-51 to give CSIS more police powers to “disrupt” security threats (and scrambling to make last-minute adjustments) let’s take another look. Is CSIS, and are Canadians, ready for its more muscular role? If you listened to Public Safety Minister Steven Blaney, you’d […]

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Mar 28 2015 —

Canada’s defence minister says whatever happens in Iraq and Syria once the Islamic State of Iraq and Syria, also known as ISIS, is defeated will be up to local populations, not Canada. “At the end of the day, the Iraqis are going to have to take responsibility for their own security,” Jason Kenney told CBC […]

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Mar 28 2015 —

Prime Minister Stephen Harper is “dumb” to say that wearing a niqab is anti-women, according to Charles Taylor, one of the men behind Quebec’s landmark Bouchard-Taylor Commission on Reasonable Accommodation. “How dumb do you have to be to not see that a remark like that in the present context [of heightened tension around the issue […]

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Mar 28 2015 — Ian MacLeod

Friday’s Supreme Court decision upholding the federal government’s right to destroy the last data from the federal long-gun registry appears to be a political victory for Prime Minister Stephen Harper and gun rights advocates. But it also exposes fault lines on the top bench over the powers of the provinces and those of the federal […]

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Mar 28 2015 — Tim Naumetz

MPs’ salaries will rise by a healthy 2.3 per cent on April 1, the day before they leave for a two-week recess. Under an automatic yearly hike pegged on an average from private-sector contract settlements, MP base salaries will jump nearly $4,000 to $167,400. That’s just the minimum. More than half of the 308 MPs—a […]

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Opposition antics help explain why government isn’t budging on parliamentary oversight in C-51

Mar 28 2015 — John Ivison

The New Democrats and the Liberals have laid out their suggested amendments to the government’s flawed anti-terror legislation. Both call for parliamentary oversight in the form of a national security committee of parliamentarians that would have sweeping powers to investigate the activities of federal departments and agencies involved in security matters. Even Conservatives like MP […]


Quebec has reasons to cheer long gun registry ruling

Mar 27 2015 — Chantal Hébert

There may come a time when a future Quebec government sees its latest Supreme Court defeat as a blessing-in-disguise, albeit not for any reason pertaining to gun control. On Friday the top court killed the province’s last hope of saving the Quebec data of the defunct federal long gun registry from destruction. It found that […]

jeffrey simpson

Harper’s monumental determination

Mar 28 2015 — Jeffrey Simpson

Only the National Capital Commission now stands between the implantation of a memorial to the victims of communism on the main ceremonial street of Ottawa and its realization. The NCC, however, is composed largely of appointees of the Harper government. They have rolled over before; they might do so again, since the government is utterly […]

Tabatha Southey

Don’t bundle me, bro: Life under the shadow of Big Telecom

Mar 28 2015 — Tabatha Southey

In light of recent revelations that Bell Media president Kevin Crull interfered with CTV’s news coverage of a recent Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission decision that displeased him, I feel I need to make it clear that I am not now, nor have I ever been, subject to any editorial pressure from any person or […]


Sunshine List exposes ongoing Ontario government boondoggles

Mar 28 2015 — Christina Blizzard

Your quick quiz for today: What has a slightly larger population than Thunder Bay and a slightly smaller number than Kingston? If you said the annual Sunshine List of government employees making more than $100,000 a year, give yourself a pay hike. The number of employees making that amount has risen to 111,438 — about […]


At last, encouraging news about democracy

Mar 27 2015 — Susan Delacourt

Is it possible for Canadians to hate politics but still believe in government? Two different report cards have been issued this week on Canadian democracy. One, from the Samara organization and a subsequent CBC debate, found that our politics are dismally “broken.” But a large new study, released Friday by the Broadbent Institute, shows that […]


Politicians put on brave faces to get set for an election

Mar 28 2015 — Graham Thomson

When Premier Jim Prentice talks about past premiers he likes to point to the two most popular: Peter Lougheed and Ralph Klein. He either ignores the others or subtly blames them for the province’s fiscal problems, as he did in his televised chat last Tuesday when he said, “we’ve not always had realistic expectations and […]

Mar 28 2015 — David Remnick

For twenty years, many people in Israel and in the West have expressed the hope that Benjamin Netanyahu would prove to be the Richard Nixon of the State of Israel. Not the paranoid Nixon of the Watergate scandals or the embittered Nixon raving drunkenly at the White House portraits at four in the morning but […]

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Trevor Noah eyed as Jon Stewart’s ‘Daily Show’ replacement

Mar 28 2015 —

The latest contributor to “The Daily Show” could end up driving the late-night vehicle once Jon Stewart exits. In a late-night surprise, Trevor Noah is being considered as a possible replacement to head Comedy Central’s anchor show, an insider with knowledge of the search told Variety. The 31-year-old South African-born comic was recruited by Stewart […]

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