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Majority supports marijuana legalization or decriminalization: poll

Aug 22 2014 — Tim Naumetz

A substantial majority of Canadian electors are on the same page as Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau when it comes to legalizing or decriminalizing marijuana, a new Forum Research poll suggests. The Forum Research survey earlier this week found 66 per cent of voting-age Canadians who responded either support the legalization of marijuana and taxing legal […]

Aug 22 2014 —

A Toronto city councillor wants the words of Canada’s national anthem changed to include more gender-neutral language. Ceta Ramkhalawansingh, who was appointed to fill Adam Vaughan’s council seat after he won a federal byelection in June, will put forward a motion at Monday’s council meeting.

Aug 22 2014 — Josh Wingrove

Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s Conservatives are losing incumbents leading up to next year’s election, with more MPs bowing out than before the 2011 vote. In the past week, Tory backbenchers Brian Storseth and Rick Norlock announced they would not seek re-election. With their departures, at least 18 of the 162 current Conservative MPs have said […]

Aug 22 2014 — Glen McGregor

Listed below, for posterity, is the telephone directory from the Prime Minister’s Office as it appears today. It’s worth noting because, if persistent rumours circulating Parliament Hill are to be believed, it is about to change in substantial ways. The PMO has not covered itself in glory since Chief of Staff Nigel Wright left last […]


Saskatchewan considered separation, Roy Romanow reveals

Aug 22 2014 —

While the referendum campaign was gearing up in Quebec in 1995, a team of Saskatchewan officials headed by then-Premier Roy Romanow considered the possibility that Saskatchewan might leave Canada in the event of a Yes win. The tantalizing footnote to Saskatchewan history is contained in a new book by Toronto Star columnist (and CBC At […]

Aug 22 2014 — Glen McGregor

On a near-daily basis, the Conservative Party sends out emails trying to inflame supporters into giving money. Terror-loving Justin Trudeau figures prominently in the text of these but the CBC and the Parliamentary Press Gallery often guest star, along with, as per the most recent missive, Big Union Bosses.

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Aug 22 2014 — Susan Delacourt

A Justin Trudeau rally in Edmonton puts the crowd to work making cold calls to strangers in hopes of drumming up Liberal support. It was a strange sight, in a magnificent park on the shores of the North Saskatchewan River in Edmonton this week. Inside a penned-in area festooned with red-and-white signs, a crowd was […]

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Aug 22 2014 — Laura Payton

The Federal Court is giving refugees a broader basis for appeals, telling Canada’s Refugee Appeal Division that it can overturn a decision based on the merits of the case, rather than only if there was a mistake in the legal process. Until now, the Refugee Appeal Division of Canada’s Immigration and Refugee Board would only […]

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Aug 22 2014 — Alex Boutilier

It sounded very much like the 2015 election was already underway outside Whitehorse on Thursday evening, as Prime Minister Stephen Harper took aim at opposition parties and boasted of the Conservatives’ accomplishments in a speech to party faithful. Speaking to a crowd of about 150 people, Harper suggested the next federal election will pit the […]

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Ottawa holds the whip in talks with premiers on interprovincial trade

Aug 22 2014 — Andrew Coyne

As the premiers prepare for their annual meeting next week, they find themselves in an unusual position. Normally these affairs involve the premiers issuing a long list of demands that Ottawa do this and pay for that, almost always in areas that are properly provincial. (See: cooperative federalism.) This time, the federal industry minister, James […]


Harper has to call an inquiry into crimes against aboriginal women

Aug 22 2014 — Scott Reid

Roughly two weeks ago today, Tina Fontaine’s lifeless body was crammed into a plastic bag and tossed into the mud-brown water of Manitoba’s Red River. Some inhuman bastard dumped her like she was trash. We don’t know what specific terrors accompanied the end of her short life but if you’re a parent it’s almost impossible […]


Why free trade is the unfinished business of Confederation

Aug 22 2014 — Colin Robertson

When our 13 provincial and territorial leaders meet next week in Charlottetown for their 55th annual conclave, they will discuss, yet again, how to create free trade within Canada. It is the unfinished business of our Confederation. The intention in the Constitution is clear: “All Articles of the Growth, Produce, or Manufacture of any one […]


Term limit promise a desperate mistake

Aug 22 2014 — Don Braid

Jim Prentice’s vow to limit Alberta premiers to two terms in office might seem trivial, since they don’t seem to last longer than a couple of years anyway. But hold on. With a law like that, Peter Lougheed wouldn’t have been around to fight the Liberals over the National Energy Program. Ralph Klein couldn’t have […]


In Toronto: Tory rises, Chow sinks, Ford floats

Aug 22 2014 — Tasha Kheiriddin

Karen Stintz may have beaten Rob Ford in a climbing contest last month, but in Toronto’s mayoral race, she just couldn’t get a toehold. With the latest poll from Forum Research showing her still mired at 4 per cent of the decided vote, Stintz surprised no one when she announced that she was quitting the […]


Harper kicks off northern tour with a peek at 2015 election strategy

Aug 21 2014 — Michael Den Tandt

He came to the north, as it were, loaded for bear. In response to a journalist’s question about his government’s growing list of long-promised, as-yet unfulfilled big-ticket commitments to Canada’s far north, Prime Minister Stephen Harper wasn’t having any of it. In an answer that ran to five minutes-plus — an uncharacteristically long statement from […]


Federal Politics without a BQ?

Aug 21 2014 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto

Our first past the post elections can be won or lost on movements of only a few points in voter support. So, the question of what BQ voters would do, if there were no BQ candidates to vote for, is a pretty interesting one. We’ve gone back over our data from surveys conducted by Abacus […]

Aug 22 2014 — Don Pittis

A deal’s a deal, right? Well, not when it comes to the province of Quebec and the pensions of its municipal employees. And if Quebec gets away with cutting municipal worker pensions, which have been eaten away through mismanagement by the very people doing the cutting, then watch this phenomenon spread. Quebec is pulling a […]

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Aug 22 2014 — Warren Kinsella

Man is the cruelest animal, the German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche once said, and he might know: His works arguably served as an inspiration for later German militarism and National Socialism. But the truth of his observation about the cruelty of men – the evil that men do – remains difficult to deny. Take this week’s […]

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Aug 22 2014 — Farzana Hassan

Tina Fontaine, the 15-year-old Manitoba teenager whose body was found discarded in a bag dumped into the Red River, joins the list of 1,200 murdered and missing aboriginal women across Canada. Canadians are naturally saddened by any such death. Calls for a national public inquiry into the sombre aboriginal statistics are understandable.

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Stiviano claims Sterling is gay, she was his ‘beard’: Report

Aug 22 2014 — QMI Agency

V. Stiviano has reportedly filed new documents in her legal battle with Donald Sterling’s wife, Shelly, claiming the former Los Angeles Clippers owner is gay and he paid her to pretend to be his mistress. According to TMZ, Stiviano argues that Sterling gave her gifts in exchange for being his “beard” – a person of […]