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Federal advertising ‘blacklist’ of websites includes far-right outlets

Aug 23 2017 — Dean Beeby

The extreme-right outlets The Rebel, Breitbart and the Daily Stormer are among more than 3,000 websites on an internal “blacklist” to ensure the federal government’s digital advertisements do not appear on sites promoting hate, porn, gambling and other subjects deemed unacceptable. The expansive list also includes conservative news sites like the Drudge Report, the Washington […]

Aug 22 2017 —

The founder of the online news site The Rebel admits its content and management need more oversight in the wake of a string of controversies. One reporter was fired, another founder quit and two other contributors resigned last week after the outlet came under intense criticism for its coverage of deadly riots in Virginia.

Conservatives prepare to ‘ramp up’ campaign against Morneau’s tax-reform plan

Aug 22 2017 — Brian Platt

As protests grow from business groups over the government’s proposed tax crackdown on private corporations, the Conservatives are getting ready to launch their own campaign against it. Lisa Raitt, the Conservative Party’s deputy leader under Andrew Scheer, says she’s been deep in discussions with doctors and small business owners over the government’s tax plan, and […]

North Korean threat could prompt Canada to reconsider stance on U.S. missile defence: Liberal MP

Aug 22 2017 —

A Liberal MP says Canada’s longstanding abstention from the controversial U.S.-led continental ballistic missile defence system could be up for debate in the face of renewed provocations from a nuclear North Korean state. House Defence Committee member Mark Gerretsen (Kingston and the Islands, Ont.) said Canada’s participation in the North American collective defence scheme is […]

Aug 22 2017 —

Canadians of most political persuasions are opposed to warrantless searches of electronic devices at the border when coming back home to Canada, though a recent poll found Conservative supporters bucking the trend in their support of this practice. The Forum Research survey share exclusively with The Hill Times,taken over Aug. 16-17, found 46 per cent […]

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Memo to CPC brass — there’s more than one way to be a Tory

Aug 22 2017 — Andrew MacDougall

Nobody likes it when an outsider makes observations about the family dynamic, especially when the family is going through a rough patch. And so it is with the members of the Conservative family who, judging by the reaction to a recent Hill Times article detailing efforts by self-described progressive conservatives to pull the party back […]

Empowered or Imperiled? Women as Canadian party leaders

Aug 22 2017 — Sylvia Bashevkin

Tina Beaudry-Mellor’s announcement that she plans to seek the Saskatchewan Party leadership raises intriguing questions about not just who will succeed Premier Brad Wall, but also what happens more generally for women in Canadian public life. Beaudry-Mellor walks in the footsteps of two important trailblazers: Catherine Callbeck in P.E.I. and Kathy Dunderdale in Newfoundland. Both […]

The immense challenge of the Northwest Passage

Aug 22 2017 — Margaret Wente

It’s 5 a.m., and we are at the eastern entrance to Bellot Strait – the heart of the Northwest Passage. We’re waiting for the right moment to make the run to the other side. These waters are not for the faint-hearted. The strait is 20 nautical miles long and one mile wide, and the current […]

Aug 21 2017 — Martin Regg Cohn

Sign of the times: Journalists get a heads up that the premier will address her MPPs at a normally closed caucus meeting the next day. Immediately, reflexively, every editor in town assumes it’s a resignation story, sending reporters into a feeding frenzy. Proof, as ever, that people don’t pay attention to Queen’s Park.

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Aug 21 2017 — Sarah Kendzior

Over the past month, President Donald Trump threatened nuclear war with North Korea, flirted with military action in Venezuela, equated neo-Nazis and white supremacists with the anti-racist activists who protest them, thanked foreign adversary Russia for expelling U.S. diplomats, turned a Boy Scout jamboree into something resembling a fascist youth rally, banned transgender military personnel […]

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Aug 21 2017 — Dan Leger

Anyone who has seen a swarm of masked, black-clad anarchists rioting and attacking police can’t help but feel repugnance at their violent tactics. But are they a threat to the civil order? Few would think so. The so-called Black Bloc started as an informal guard for left-wing protests in the 1990s. But it’s really a […]

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Aug 20 2017 — Evan Solomon

It’s gut-check time for conservatives in the U.S. The obscene trifecta of Neo-Nazis, White Supremacists and the KKK used the Charlottesville violence to re-vivify their putrid ideas, feeding like a parasitic oxpecker on the host body of the Republican elephant. It should be the most obvious ploy to condemn—there is no more basic political rule […]

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Aug 20 2017 — Heather Mallick

What is a Steve Bannon? And if so, why? I have never seen a spiky American political operative reduce so many commentators to making lists. Normally opinionators pick an angle and stick to it, but during the Bannon years, they floundered in a sea of possibilities. Bannon birthed President Donald Trump and worked as his […]

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Aug 20 2017 — Jim Warren

Political staff of all partisan stripes have to put aside their personal differences to forge working friendships, to do what’s in the best interests of their respective countries. To suggest otherwise is a cheap political stunt that demonstrates an unsuitability to be Prime Minister of Canada or the leader of an opposition party, for that […]

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Aug 19 2017 — John Ibbitson

Justin Trudeau has been remarkably successful in handling federal-provincial relations. To cement that legacy, he might want to consider losing the next election. Whoever is prime minister after 2019 could confront a far less co-operative collection of premiers, should Alberta and Ontario voters choose to elect conservative governments. History tells us that when those two […]

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