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Canada election 2015: The ‘rigorous’ path of debate prep

Aug 5 2015 —

When Stéphane Dion participated in mock debates in preparation for the real thing during the 2008 election campaign, the former Liberal leader said those playing his political opponents went after him with full force. “Of course they did. I would have been unhappy otherwise,” Dion said.

Aug 4 2015 —

Stephen Harper’s Conservatives made gains for the third week in a row on the Nanos Party Power Index as Tom Mulcair’s NDP stayed steady once again. Though the NDP stayed atop the index for the 10th week in a row at 55 points out of a possible 100, the Conservatives climbed another point up to […]

Aug 5 2015 — Tim Naumetz

A majority of Canadians, including a substantial number of Conservative Party supporters, disapprove of Prime Minister Stephen Harper’s decision to call a general election earlier than expected this year with an 11-week campaign costing taxpayers tens of millions of dollars more than the statutory minimum election period of 37 days, a Forum Research poll indicates. […]


U.S. excludes Canada, Mexico from TPP auto negotiations

Aug 5 2015 — Steven Chase

Canada and Mexico are joining forces to try and break a major logjam over Japanese autos at the Trans-Pacific Partnership talks, working to come up with a solution that preserves their respective vehicle assemblers and parts makers should a deal open North America to greater Asian imports. Ottawa and Mexico City have been drawn deeply […]


Mulcair holding mock debates as leaders prepare for first confrontation

Aug 5 2015 — Daniel Leblanc and Gloria Galloway

NDP Leader Thomas Mulcair has been waging mock debates, squaring off against fake opponents to prepare for the federal election campaign’s first leaders’ debate, which will test his ability to connect with Canadians as a would-be prime minister. Known as Conservative Leader Stephen Harper’s “lead prosecutor” in the House, Mr. Mulcair is studying videotapes of […]

Aug 4 2015 — Laura Payton

To Stephen Harper, he’s Justin. To Tom Mulcair, he’s “the third party leader.” In the House of Commons, MPs refer to each other by their riding names (“the member from Papineau”), and in public, they usually refer to each other with an honorific and their last names. But Harper, the Conservative leader, and Mulcair, the […]

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Aug 5 2015 — Joanna Smith

One reporter who attended the NDP event Tuesday morning on Montreal’s Mount Royal had a burning question for the party leader who has long been a familiar face in Quebec: why do your signs say “Tom” when we have always known you as “Thomas”? Mulcair responded by saying the story is actually more complicated than […]

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Aug 4 2015 —

Several members of the federal Liberal Party in eastern Quebec have resigned to join the NDP. The executive committee of the Gaspé-Magdalen Islands Association had 10 members, but 8 stepped down Monday night in anger, denouncing what they consider a lack of transparency by the Liberal Party of Canada. Yoan Méthot-Bernatchez, the former president of the […]

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Aug 5 2015 — Peter O'Neil

There’s no getting around the fact that 2015’s key electoral battleground is southwestern Ontario, but B.C. is also a critical catch for any party seeking to form government. With the number of B.C. seats increasing to 42 from 36 in 2011, Prime Minister Stephen Harper would likely need to keep a majority of them to […]

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Aug 5 2015 —

The federal New Democrats have a serious shot at taking Saskatchewan seats away from the governing Conservatives for the first time in more than a decade, according to national pollsters. Polls not only show Tom Mulcair’s NDP ahead of Stephen Harper’s Conservatives in the urban seats like Saskatoon and Regina, but also have the official […]

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Stephen Harper adds premiers to his list of electoral opponents

Aug 4 2015 — Tim Harper

Stephen Harper has always seemed most comfortable as a self-styled “outsider,” no matter how oxymoronic that might sound from someone who lives at 24 Sussex Drive. Depending on his needs, he can find elites in courtrooms or newsrooms to rally his troops and he likes to tell us he avoids the trappings of office, from […]

John Milloy

The Pope, Climate Change and the Federal Election

Aug 5 2015 — John Milloy

Quick: What prominent American Roman Catholic politician said these two things? “As it relates to making decisions as a public leader, one’s faith should guide you. That’s not to say that every decision I made would be completely in keeping with the teachings of the Catholic Church, but it was a guide post that kept […]


The real campaign launch: Thursday’s debate

Aug 5 2015 — L. Ian MacDonald

The Maclean’s leaders’ debate, originally scheduled as a pre-season warmup to the election, turns out to be the first main event of the campaign. In retrospect, the Conservative brain trust may already have known the election might be called early. The debate format in Thursday night prime time, as Maclean’s Ottawa bureau chief Paul Wells […]


Early election call shows Stephen Harper’s hubris

Aug 5 2015 — Robin V. Sears

“Those whom the gods would destroy, they first make proud.” — Sophocles Canadians are a tolerant breed when it comes to indulging their political class. We permit them to tell tall political tales usually without retribution. We allow them to claim laughable political virtues, and only snicker occasionally. We even allow them to fling buckets […]


If the issue is the economy, how do the parties’ promises compare?

Aug 5 2015 — Don Cayo

With a 78-day campaign barely begun, the parties’ economic platforms for the Oct. 19 federal election are a moving target as new promises and more details continue dribbling out. The Conservatives, for example, followed Sunday’s election call with announcements on Monday of a $60-million-a-year tax credit to foster apprenticeships, and on Tuesday of a conditional […]


Harper slogan sets the issues

Aug 5 2015 — Anthony Furey

Many things have been said about Prime Minister Stephen Harper but risk-taker is not one of them. Part of the challenge in covering this election campaign — the longest, at 11 weeks, in our country’s history — is that we need content to discuss. But few observers are expecting anything radical from the incumbent prime […]

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Blake Shelton Threatens Magazine Over Affair Allegation … I Never Touched That Woman

Aug 5 2015 —

Blake Shelton is slamming rumors he had an affair with country singer Cady Groves … threatening to sue the magazine that made the claim … and also insisting she’s in on the lie. We’ve learned Shelton’s attorneys have fired a letter to In Touch magazine, demanding they retract their story about Shelton and Groves carrying […]

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