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Trudeau nanny, in-laws removed from Challenger flight manifest of family’s Caribbean vacation

Aug 24 2016 — John Paul Tasker

The flight manifest for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Christmas vacation to the Caribbean, released to the Conservatives through an access to information request, was edited to remove the names of family members and a nanny who travelled on the government-owned Challenger jet. In January, the Prime Minister’s Office refused to answer media questions about who […]

Aug 24 2016 — Althia Raj

As the federal Liberal caucus arrived in the picturesque region of Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean for two days of meetings, the local Grit MP warned party members that they shouldn’t expect an especially warm reception. This area is known as sovereigntist territory — three provincial seats are held by the Parti Québécois. Federally, the region’s ridings are split […]

Aug 24 2016 — David Akin

Long before the media caught on to just how much money the Liberals threw around in Paris at the climate change conference last fall, government bureaucrats had already set up a deflection for their new Liberal bosses: tell everyone Stephen Harper spent more. Briefing notes for Foreign Affairs Minister Stephane Dion, obtained by the Sun, […]

Aug 24 2016 — Kady O'Malley

Heads up, average (or otherwise) Canadian voter: Have you spent your summer stubbornly tuning out earnest entreaties from your local MP and/or other aggressively civic-minded democratic do-gooders to spend an evening poking through the innards of the federal electoral system in search of a fairer, more representative alternative? More specifically, have you been holding out […]

Aug 24 2016 —

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was knocked off message as he marshaled his cabinet back to work this week, distracted by recent spending miscues involving top ministers in the first major wobble of his Liberal government.


Trudeau urged to outline directives, actions on ministerial spending

Aug 24 2016 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is under political pressure to outline specific measures to control spending, now that two of his cabinet ministers are under the microscope. The ethics commissioner is looking into Health Minister Jane Philpott’s repeated use of a high-end car service owned by a Liberal supporter who canvassed for her during the last […]


Federal spies suddenly intercepting 26 times more Canadian phone calls and communications

Aug 24 2016 — Ian MacLeod

Interception of Canadians’ private communications by the federal electronic spy agency increased 26-fold last year, for reasons authorities won’t fully explain. And despite commitments between Canada and its intelligence-sharing allies to respect the privacy of each nation’s citizens, the volume of information on Canadians collected by allied intelligence agencies and informally shared with Canada’s spies […]

Aug 24 2016 —

Ontario’s Liberal government is not keen on banning cash-for-access fundraisers through legislation because it could restrict them from doing any fundraising at all, the government house leader suggested Wednesday. The Liberals proposed legislation to reform election finances amid allegations they were selling access to cabinet ministers at high-priced dinners and receptions, though they denied that […]

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Aug 24 2016 — Mark Gollom

Canadians likely pay little attention to the credits on photos of news stories, as most people are naturally more interested in the image itself than those who provided it. But had they looked closely at some of the stills of the Tragically Hip concert in Kingston this weekend that circulated in news media, they would […]

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Aug 24 2016 — Kathleen Harris

The Mounties have adopted a new uniform policy to allow female Muslim officers to wear the hijab. Scott Bardsley, spokesman for Public Safety Minister Ralph Goodale, confirmed that RCMP Commissioner Bob Paulson recently approved an addition to the uniform policy to allow women officers to wear the head scarf “if they so choose.”

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Cabinet committees contain elements of cabinet shuffle

Aug 24 2016 — Paul Wells

In the bad old days of the Soviet Union, Western intelligence agencies used to grab at the tiniest details to figure out, in the absence of reliable information, who was up or down in Moscow. Seating orders on reviewing stands at May Day parades. The placement of articles in Pravda. Musical choices on state radio. […]

andrew macdougal

Sunshine, not sunny ways, is the best disinfectant

Aug 24 2016 — Andrew MacDougall

Trudeau needs to nip careless spending in the bud. Posting ministerial expenses online would be the smart move. If Liberal skills negotiating limousine and photo contracts are any indication, the Chinese are going to end up owning Canada following Justin Trudeau’s maiden voyage there next week. I’m not saying Liberal ministers are naive, but at […]


Prime Minister Trudeau’s trip to China presents as much promise as peril

Aug 24 2016 — Michael Den Tandt

Here is Canada’s camera-friendly Prime Minister, fresh off a summer of shirtless spelunking. And there is President Xi Jinping, China’s most powerful, autocratic leader since Mao Zedong. Short of a boxer-versus-judoka pay-per-view fight with Vladimir Putin, it’s difficult to visualize an encounter more fraught with potential pitfalls for Canada’s neophyte leader. But early next month, […]

Peter MacKay is seen at the Conservative Party of Canada convention in Vancouver, Friday, May 27, 2016. THE CANADIAN PRESS/Jonathan Hayward

Atlantic Canada deserves better from this government

Aug 24 2016 — Peter MacKay

A former Conservative cabinet minister says Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has “spit” in the eye of Atlantic Canadians by not guaranteeing the next Supreme Court justice will hail from the region. In a column published Wednesday in the National Post, Peter MacKay — a former Nova Scotia MP and justice minister — accused the Liberal […]


Trudeau’s hypocrisy on climate exposed

Aug 24 2016 — Lorrie Goldstein

The extravagant spending by federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna’s department on last year’s Paris climate change summit tells us something. It tells us that the government of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t believe its own rhetoric on man-made climate change. We know that because this is not how a government would act that truly believed […]

Susan Delacourt new

Is there such a thing as a ‘safe seat’ these days?

Aug 23 2016 — Susan Delacourt

Canada is not entirely finished with the first-past-the-post system for electing members of Parliament. Within the next month or so, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau could be dealing with as many as four vacancies in the House of Commons. And unless electoral reform happens really quickly, those seats will be filled the old-fashioned way — no […]


Where are Trudeau and his selfies now?

Aug 24 2016 — Andrew Dreschel

Well, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government is finally showing its age. It’s less than a year old and it’s acting like it. It’s still learning to walk, it’s still learning to touch, and it’s still learning all sorts of new ways to politically drool over itself and others. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna is the latest […]


Trudeau Liberals tiptoe into temporary foreign workers minefield

Aug 24 2016 — Tom Walkom

Justin Trudeau’s Liberals are wading back into the temporary foreign workers mess. That program caused plenty of grief for the former Conservative government, particularly when it was revealed that some employers were using the scheme to replace Canadian workers with cheaper foreign help. The Liberals are hoping to do better. If press reports are any […]


What now, Liz May?

Aug 23 2016 — L. Ian MacDonald

Reflecting on her future over the last two weeks, Green Party Leader Elizabeth May says the one option that never occurred to her was crossing the floor to join the Liberals. That wouldn’t have been her, she told a Monday news conference. “I’m Green.” And to be clear, she said she had no conversations with […]

Aug 24 2016 — Don Braid

Ugh, ouch. Let’s hope this is the economic bottom. If it isn’t, God help bedraggled Alberta. The government’s first-quarter fiscal report paints the worst picture in modern memory, more devastating than the crash of the 1980s or the Great Recession of the 2000s. I’ve read dozens of Alberta budgets and quarterlies. Some were obscenely stuffed […]

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Aug 22 2016 — Andrew Coyne

The early line on the Conservative leadership race — and it is very early, with the vote still nine months away — has been one of disappointment: yawn fest, gravitas gap, if only that dreamy Peter MacKay were running, etc. Certainly when your biggest name to announce to date is Tony Clement, there is little […]

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Aug 22 2016 — David Akin

The federal government’s grandly titled “Atlantic Growth Strategy” was in action Monday. As the minister in charge of this strategy, Navdeep Bains, put it, this “Atlantic Growth Strategy” involves “targeted investments” that will help boost the region’s “long-term prosperity.” So what were Monday’s “targeted investments”? Paving a parking lot at a theatre and building new […]

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Aug 23 2016 — Alex Tyrrell

On Aug. 7 in Ottawa, delegates at the Green Party of Canada’s federal convention voted overwhelmingly to endorse boycott, divestment and sanctions against the sectors of the Israeli economy which benefit from the occupation of Palestinian territories. The result of this pristine exercise in grassroots democracy did not sit well with party leader Elizabeth May, […]

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Aug 23 2016 — Michael Smyth

Premier Christy Clark set up a panel of experts to advise her on climate-change policy and now she is conspicuously refusing to follow the panel’s advice. Clark’s opponents in the NDP, Green party and the environmental movement are roasting her for going against her own “Climate Leadership Team” which recommended dramatic increases in B.C.’s carbon […]

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Aug 22 2016 — Angelo Persichilli

Many Conservatives believe the Liberal government is there to stay for at least two terms, and one of the reasons mentioned too often is that “the right is divided.” But the problem for the Conservative Party is not that the right is divided; it’s that they keep trying to unite it. The ideological spread between […]

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Aug 22 2016 — Linda McQuaig

She may not remember, but when Elizabeth May first contemplated running for leader of the Green Party, I was among those enthusiastically suggested she go for it. Now, as she contemplates giving up the job she has successfully held for the past ten years, I offer some unsolicited advice: Don’t resign. She’s thinking of stepping […]

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Aug 22 2016 — David Akin

Liberals swear I’m wrong but when it comes to the official government-wide policy which regulates how, when, and where federal scientists may talk to the media, the rules laid down by the Trudeau government are essentially unchanged from those laid down by the Harper government. That’s not to say the 39,000 or so scientists on […]

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Gord Downie and the Hip gone fishin’ in northern Ontario

Aug 24 2016 —

Gord Downie has sung about a famous fishing trip that ended in disaster for Toronto Maple Leafs defenceman Bill Barilko. He has taken them himself in the past. So when the curtains closed after the Tragically Hip’s final concert — one in which the singer struck a political note urging Canadians to address the plight […]


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