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Aug 30 2016 — Eric Grenier

Just hours after Stephen Harper announced he was resigning his Calgary Heritage seat, the Liberal Party sent out an email blast to its supporters. Looking for donations, the party said it was hoping to kick-start its efforts to elect a Liberal MP in Harper’s vacated riding. It’s an ambitious appeal. The Liberals were beaten in […]

Aug 29 2016 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto

When the federal Liberals took office, the mood of Canadians on the economy was fairly gloomy: only 32% said it was in good shape. Tha number has climbed to 52%. In every region, feelings about the economy have improved since May. The greatest gains are in Quebec (+18), Alberta (+13), SK/MB (+9), and in Atlantic […]

Aug 30 2016 —

A political pundit is lending his two cents to a fiery debate involving Jason Kenney’s run for the head of the PC Party. New rules forbid any candidate from taking actions that would damage the party’s image, and some are saying Kenney’s plans to “Unite the Right” shouldn’t fly. “You wonder how many of these […]

peter mackay

MacKay to decide on Conservative Party leadership bid soon

Aug 30 2016 —

Peter MacKay will announce in the fall, and “sooner rather than later,” whether he intends to run for the Conservative Party of Canada’s leadership, the Harper-era cabinet minister said here Monday. MacKay, who was the guest speaker at a local Tory fundraiser at the Ivy Lea Club, did not tip his hand despite protestations from […]

9688016357806.jpg - The Canadian Press - CP

Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan and Agrium confirm they are in merger negotiations

Aug 30 2016 —

Potash Corp. of Saskatchewan, the world’s largest fertilizer company by capacity, and Calgary-based Agrium have confirmed they are in preliminary merger talks. Both companies issued statements today confirming the news after their shares were halted on the Toronto Stock Exchange. They said no agreement has been reached and there is no assurance that any transaction […]

Aug 30 2016 — Marie-Danielle Smith

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is embracing Chinese views that he’s walking in his father’s footsteps, telling businesspeople Tuesday that he’s looking to see how the “next generation of Trudeau could have an impact.” It was abundantly clear during the first event of a marathon, week-long visit to China that Pierre Trudeau is still a beloved […]

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Aug 30 2016 — Dean Beeby

The long-debated idea of a guaranteed minimum annual income for Canadians moves a small step closer to reality this week. Former Conservative senator Hugh Segal delivers a report this week on how the “basic income pilot” announced in Ontario’s February budget might work. The Ontario government earmarked $25 million this fiscal year to establish a […]

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paikin steve

What I wish I could have asked Stephen Harper

Aug 30 2016 — Steve Paikin

In January, 2013, I found myself at an event at which then-prime minister Stephen Harper was the guest speaker. At one moment in the evening, he was holding court with a small number of people I knew. So I sashayed over and joined the crowd. I began by asking the PM when he was going […]

Akin David

National vote needed to change election system

Aug 29 2016 — David Akin

Canada’s political and journalism elites — and by any definition of those elites, I’m one of them — were hugely disappointed in the UK “Brexit” referendum. In my view, the United Kingdom and Europe will be worse off without the UK in the EU. I would have voted “remain” had I the chance. The Brexit […]

Tasha Kheiriddin

Cracking China’s diplomatic firewall

Aug 29 2016 — Tasha Kheiriddin

As Prime Minister Justin Trudeau visits China this week, reporters will focus on how he tackles the issue of human rights abuses in that country. What will he say about China’s treatment of dissidents? What of its oppression of Tibet? What of Kevin and Julia Garratt, Canadian expats detained on accusations of spying that they […]


The Health Minister made an honest mistake. Let’s move on

Aug 30 2016 — Gerald Caplan

Jane Philpott is exactly the kind of citizen we should want in Parliament: a doctor of medicine, with a masters degree in public health; doctored in Niger, one of the world’s very poorest countries, for a full decade; chief of the department of family medicine at her hospital; central to a Canada-Ethiopia collaboration to develop […]

Dr. Jeffrey Overall

Will millennials spell the end of universal healthcare?

Aug 30 2016 — Jeffrey Overall

Growing up with racism and discrimination as taboo, millennials – the generation that came of age at the turn of the century – are tolerant, open-minded, and they embrace diversity. They grew up being told that they are ‘special’, the MVP, and they always received a trophy even if they came in last. As a […]


Ban on fundraisers frees politicians from prostitution

Aug 30 2016 — Martin Regg Cohn

The rubber chicken circuit may never be the same again in Ontario. The provincial government is cleaning up its fundraising act. And then some. Embarrassed by revelations of massive fundraising schemes, the Liberals appear to be going further than any government in Canada by promising a comprehensive ban on politicians taking money directly from donors […]


Who’s the victim — Jason Kenney or the PCs?

Aug 29 2016 — Don Braid

The government of Ukraine named Jason Kenney to its Order of Merit on the weekend. The Alberta PC Party did not. Rules adopted by the party look like a way to kick Kenney out of the leadership contest if he shows any sign of damaging the party brand. Or hitting him with a $20,000 penalty […]

Aug 29 2016 — Patrick Brown

They say in politics you should never admit that you’ve made a mistake. They say you should never repeat a negative accusation. I don’t agree. I believe it’s important to admit mistakes when they happen. It was a mistake for a letter to go out to Scarborough-Rouge River voters saying that I would “scrap” the […]

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Aug 29 2016 — Stephen Gordon

There are a couple of ways of thinking about former prime minister Stephen Harper’s economic legacy. One is how his government responded to events beyond its control. Another is how his government — and when it came to economics, it very much was his government — altered the landscape for subsequent governments. More than anything […]

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Aug 29 2016 — Charles Lammam and Hugh MacIntyre

The federal Liberals have repeatedly talked about the importance of encouraging long-term economic growth and bringing about greater prosperity, particularly for Canada’s middle class. As part of the effort to achieve this worthy goal, and following recent disappointing reports on economic growth and employment, Finance Minister Bill Morneau met with his Advisory Council on Economic […]

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Aug 28 2016 — Tom Parkin

Last year, Albertans tossed the Progressive Conservatives from office. The PCs had bet Albertans’ jobs on a never-ending boom, then abandoned them in the bust. They emptied their Heritage Fund. Fixed rules so CEOs pay the same tax rate as secretaries. Spent public money flying friends and family. Cut education and health care. That gang […]

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Aug 29 2016 — Tom Walkom

Justin Trudeau’s government is busy promoting what it calls Canada’s return to United Nations peacekeeping. On Friday, four ministers were trotted out to tell the media the government is prepared to send up to 750 Canadians soldiers and police officers somewhere in the world to support UN efforts (although none of the four would say […]

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Aug 29 2016 — David Climenhaga

Don’t expect Alberta Opposition Leader Brian Jean’s public spat with Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre, which has flared up again recently, to end any time soon. After all, getting up each other’s noses about the Energy East pipeline is a nearly perfect low-risk political soapbox for both of them — largely irrelevant in the case of […]

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Aug 28 2016 — Lorne Gunter

Montreal Mayor Denis Coderre is at it again, demagoguing against the Energy East pipeline. Back in January, the former federal Liberal cabinet minister said he couldn’t support the $15-billion pipeline from Alberta’s oil sands to refineries and ports in New Brunswick. It was too environmentally risky, he opined, and didn’t carry enough economic benefits for […]

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Aug 28 2016 — Lorrie Goldstein

Suppose your life depended on something. Would you gamble with it on a stock market? According to their own words, that’s what Premier Kathleen Wynne and the Liberals are doing with their cap-and-trade carbon pricing scheme. Wynne has described man-made climate change as an imminent, existential threat to the planet. When questioned about the potential […]

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Aug 28 2016 — Joe Oliver

On Friday, our 22nd prime minister, Stephen Harper, ended a remarkable political career that included uniting conservatives and serving as leader of the country for almost a decade. He leaves behind a proud legacy — enhanced collective prosperity and security, and a principled Canadian presence on the world stage. People were aware of Harper’s cerebral […]

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Aug 27 2016 — Brent Rathgeber

With Friday’s announcement of the resignation of the MP for Calgary Heritage, the political career of Stephen Harper officially ends and the debate over his legacy begins. The Alberta talk shows and Twitter traffic have been overwhelmingly positive. But like all legacies, Harper’s will be mixed. A balanced budget in 2015 has to be measured […]

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