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Patrick Brown slams Ontario budget as a ‘sham’

Apr 30 2017 — — At first glance, Ontario’s newly tabled provincial budget looks pretty good for taxpayers. It’s the first balanced budget tabled in a decade, and everyone from seniors, to parents, to young people taking prescription drugs, will see more money in their pocket. But for the leader of the Progressive Conservative opposition, what Kathleen Wynne’s Liberals have […]


Disruption in the Canadian News Business

Apr 30 2017 — Bruce Anderson and David Coletto — In our latest survey, we examined a range of questions about how Canadians access news content with a focus on TV news and newspapers. This is our second release on this topic. Here’s what we found: • About one in three (36%) watch a national news broadcast every night, another 24% say they watch once […]


Michael Ignatieff fights his toughest battle over academic freedom

Apr 30 2017 — — ichael Ignatieff is living life in reverse. Most people opt for their most demanding roles early on, then a quieter life. But after a career in philosophy, novel-writing and journalism, Ignatieff chose politics in his native Canada, followed at the age of 69 by his most difficult role to date: rector of the Central European […]


Ex-CRTC commissioner claims victory following Federal Court ruling

Apr 30 2017 — — A former commissioner for Canada’s broadcast and telecommunications regulator has won a legal round in his challenge to the federal cabinet decision to fire him last summer. Federal Court Justice Cecily Y. Strickland granted an application for judicial review by Raj Shoan, who was dismissed 10 months ago as Ontario commissioner of the Canadian Radio-television […]


Mexico and Canada ‘in this together’ on NAFTA, amid Trump confusion

Apr 30 2017 — — Misery loves company, so Mexicans could be forgiven for feeling relieved to learn this week that they are not alone in Donald Trump’s sights. Canada’s there now too, as disputes over dairy products and softwood lumber made us the bad neighbour. “Mexico had managed to stay under the radar for quite a few weeks,” said […]


BC NDP win would cause ‘uncertainty’: TD

Apr 29 2017 — Ian Bailey — The securities division of one of Canada’s major banks is predicting an NDP win in next month’s B.C. election, and warning of “policy uncertainty” on the energy front as a result. Friday’s research report from TD Securities Inc. says that, as a result of a likely change of government in the province, investors should consider […]


Feds consider help for softwood lumber workers

Apr 29 2017 — Laura Payton — International Trade Minister François-Philippe Champagne suggests there may be federal assistance provided to softwood lumber workers affected by recently announced American tariffs. In an interview to air Sunday morning on CTV’s Question Period, Champagne said the government needs to be there for workers. “That’s number one. We need to make sure, if anyone is affected, […]


Retired widow’s $50K severance stuck in troubled public pay system

Apr 29 2017 — Katie Simpson — Stephen Buell’s 18 months of “hell” began with his wife Jacqueline’s sudden death. Although she had been ill, the pain from her passing in October 2015 left the public servant in a dark place. At the time, Buell was already on a medical leave of absence from his job with the federal government. He soon […]


Alberta Conservatives edge toward merger, but who will lead?

Apr 29 2017 — Don Braid — Rumours of floor crossings. Talk of a Wildrose-PC merger agreement as early as this weekend. Alberta’s conservative world is still in turmoil, although a bit more private about it these days. The two-party merger committee held long and intense meetings Thursday and Friday. They’re trying for an agreement as soon as possible. The self-imposed deadline […]