National Newswatch

Getting to the roots of populist uprisings

Feb 20 2017 — Preston Manning — To assume that the underlying public concerns fuelling populist uprisings in Europe, Brexit in Britain and the Trump phenomenon in the United States do not exist in Canada would be a big mistake. The recently released book, Frontier City by Shawn Micallef, identifies and analyzes the populist sentiments that led to the election of Rob […]


Of Trump, Great Men and the exercise of power

Feb 20 2017 — Dan Leger — “The history of the world is but the biography of great men,” Scottish writer Thomas Carlyle said in 1841, expressing what came to be known as the Great Man theory of history. Carlyle’s understanding of history posits that world events are produced by singular figures like Alexander, Julius Caesar, Napoleon or Hitler. But we know […]


Justin Trudeau explains Donald Trump to Europe

Feb 20 2017 — Tom Walkom — Justin Trudeau has discovered Europe. The prime minister had hoped to find there a counterweight to Canada’s economic dependence on the U.S. He found instead a continent anxious about American intentions and desperate to find someone who could interpret Donald Trump. “It’s easier for the Canadians to speak to the Americans,” European Parliament President Antonio […]

Colin Kenny

Courage in Communication

Feb 20 2017 — Colin Kenny — When it comes to retail politics, Justin Trudeau and his father are not cut from the same cloth. Pierre Elliott Trudeau’s public persona was self-contained, enigmatic and, at times, abrasively combative.  In private, he was sensitive, caring and thoughtful, but the public did not often see that side of him. When he toured, we made […]


Michael Chong’s pro-carbon-tax stance could make for a rocky Tory leadership bid

Feb 19 2017 — Campbell Clark — Michael Chong sometimes seems like he’s running for the Conservative Party leadership in the hardest possible way. Last week, while most Conservative MPs were struggling with Liberal motion M-103 on condemning Islamophobia, Mr. Chong supported it, saying that after January’s shooting at a Quebec City mosque, it’s time to study anti-Islamic prejudice. And the centrepiece […]


Who will save the Conservative Party from self-destruction?

Feb 19 2017 — Kelly McParland — At some point pretty soon, some high-ranking, thoughtful Tory – if such a thing is out there – has to step back, survey the Conservative landscape and call a halt to the party’s self-destruction. As in: “Hold on, what are we doing here? This is nuts. Let’s try again, from the beginning. All together now: […]


The harassment of Khalid is wrong, but doesn’t justify M-103

Feb 19 2017 — Lorne Gunter — For the most part, email and social media have been fantastic developments for keeping family, friends, citizens, colleagues, businesses and customers in touch, informed and connected – instantly. While apps such as Facebook and Twitter have hurt my business – newspapering – they have democratized the news, opening up information gathering and dissemination to nearly […]


Forget the White House, pay attention to our own House

Feb 19 2017 — Penny Collenette — It should have been a good week for Canada. The Prime Minister cleanly and professionally zipped in and out of Washington, aided by an earlier assist from former prime minister Mulroney. The PM later left for Europe to “seal the deal” on CETA, the trade arrangement with the European Union, which had been initiated by […]


Trump discovering the insurgent’s eternal challenge

Feb 19 2017 — Robin V. Sears — It’s fun running an insurgent campaign. Running an insurgent government less so. On the campaign trail, you can say the most outrageous things — as Donald Trump established, you can even tell daily lies — and get lots of attention, and never be pushed too hard on “Just how would you go about doing that […]

Jaime Watt

Trudeau has created an opening for the NDP

Feb 19 2017 — — Times have been tough for the federal New Democrats. They entered the 2015 election as contenders for the big prize but, as a result of a series of unfortunate decisions, on election day voters returned them to their traditional third-party role. It didn’t take long for many New Democrats to publicly denounce their leader. The […]

chris nelson

Canadians blindsided by Trudeau’s sunny ways

Feb 18 2017 — Chris Nelson — The problem with these so-called sunny ways that our prime minister is supposed to epitomize is they can easily blind you to the truth. Last week, I watched the much-anticipated first meeting between Justin Trudeau and U.S. President Donald ‘Tweeter’ Trump with a mix of trepidation and small-minded anticipation – half-expecting the younger Canuck to […]