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Time for Trudeau to move on from photo-op feminism

Apr 28 2017 — Shree Paradkar — Two days, two Nobel peace laureates. Only one got the press, although the other matter was pressing. One day after Malala Yousafzai addressed Parliament as an honorary Canadian, Nobel peace laureate Leymah Gbowee from Liberia and Canadian-Iraqi peace activist Yanar Mohammed met with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. They were petitioning him for a small amount […]


Here’s what will happen when the U.K. heads to the polls — not much

Apr 28 2017 — Michael Coren — It was summed by one of those wonderfully “ordinary” people, chosen by reporters precisely because they are so representative of the non-elites. Stranding on a typical British street, 75-year-old Brenda from Bristol was asked what she thought of an election being called. “You’re joking!” she said, obviously exasperated. “What, another one? I can’t stand this.” […]


B.C. Families Need Affordable Child-Care Relief Now

Apr 27 2017 — Jodie Wickens — This election is about big, bold ideas that will make life more affordable for all British Columbians, and nothing embodies that more than John Horgan and the B.C. NDP’s $10-a-day child-care plan. John Horgan and the B.C. NDP’s proposal for universal $10-a-day child care is sensible, fully costed and will provide immediate relief for parents. […]

Beesan Sarrouh

Religious accommodation and school boards

Apr 27 2017 — Beesan Sarrouh — When implementing religious accommodation procedures, school administrators need to involve the whole school community, including students. The Peel District School Board (PDSB) serves one of the largest multi-faith student populations in Ontario. Recently the board has been facing intense scrutiny regarding its accommodation of Muslim students who want to pray during school hours.

John Ivison
National Post

Kevin O’Leary is out? Mr. Wonderful was barely in

Apr 26 2017 — John Ivison — Kevin O’Leary was just visiting after all. The man who plays a successful businessman on television once said that to create wealth, he needed to pair up with people whose strengths compensated for his weaknesses. The same principle apparently applies to electoral success. Humility will never be one of those strengths, but O’Leary remains clear-eyed […]

Emma Teitel

Bill O’Reilly and the problem with cowgirl feminists

Apr 26 2017 — Emma Teitel — Bill O’Reilly, the American conservative pundit and author of several books including, Killing Reagan, Killing Lincoln and Killing Jesus may want to start writing a new tome: Killing my Career. O’Reilly, a veteran talk show host who once blasted the rapper, Ludacris, for “degrading women,” was sacked from his hosting job at Fox News last […]


Clown down: The post-O’Leary Conservatives

Apr 26 2017 — Paul Wells — Perhaps now (he said with no real hope), we will stop pretending success in other fields transfers effortlessly to politics. Ken Dryden was a great goalie. He got nowhere as a leadership candidate—and that was in 2006, when, as it turned out, the Liberals could have used a good leader. Marc Garneau was an astronaut. […]