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Better NAFTA must be fair, and not just to Americans

Jul 24 2017 — Dan Leger — No doubt David MacNaughton meant well when he said last week that a new NAFTA agreement will have to produce a “victory” for Donald Trump to dangle in front of his core supporters. I don’t disbelieve MacNaughton, Canada’s ambassador to Washington, when he says Trump successfully campaigned against NAFTA, so he therefore needs to produce. […]

Financiers are now controlling public works, much to the public’s confusion

Jul 24 2017 — — In the 1990s the large, nationally owned British Railways was split off into dysfunctionally separate entities and sold off to private owners in a world-famous example of complete privatization. During the recent British election, polls revealed that most citizens now support the Labour Party’s promise to renationalize the system. This may not seem very relevant […]

How Omar Khadr was caught in the American fog of war

Jul 24 2017 — Heather Mallick — The U.S. attitude to warfare is a puzzling thing. It has been so since the Second World War, which was a clear battle between armies with distinctive uniforms Then the clarity ended. It was the last time Americans fought a war that everyone, themselves included, fully understood. There’s something wretchedly appealing about that.

A massive and historic vote for conservative unity

Jul 23 2017 — Don Braid — Enjoy your temporary jobs.” That was Brian Jean’s instant slam at the NDP after his Wildrose Party voted 95 per cent to merge with the Progressive Conservatives into a new entity, the United Conservative Party. Two hours later, the PCs announced their own unity landslide, with the identical majority 95 per cent. Some people might […]

Alberta conservatives unite: Let the games begin

Jul 23 2017 — Rick Bell — The number stuns almost everyone in the room. The overwhelming verdict is much bigger than almost all Wildrosers predicted. The number is read out. 95.4%. What? 95.4%. Yes, more than 95% of Wildrosers agree to unite with the PCs, their former political foe. That’s 23,466 Yes and 1,132 No. “Unity! Unity! Unity!” the crowd cheers, […]

Tory MPs talking Khadr on American media is a cheap stunt

Jul 22 2017 — Jim Warren — Conservative MPs Michelle Rempel and Peter Kent last week attacked Justin Trudeau in the United States media in a pathetic, partisan attempt to score cheap political points in the next election. Regrettably, their actions will only serve to injure their own constituents as the Government of Canada is set to re-negotiate the single most important […]

How Jimmy Carter predicted Donald Trump

Jul 21 2017 — Susan Delacourt — Exactly 38 years ago this week, Jimmy Carter was having a crisis of confidence and Pierre Trudeau was not. In the middle of July 1979, Carter, then the U.S. president, delivered a signature speech on Americans’ dwindling faith in government and democracy. Trudeau, meanwhile, just a couple of months after his crushing 1979 election defeat, […]