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Time for a grown-up conversation on candidate nominations (without calling the police)

Sep 23 2017 — John Milloy — Have you noticed a common theme around what passes as “scandal” in Ontario politics these days? The majority of political shenanigans seem to relate to the selection of local candidates by political parties. The Ontario PCs seem particularly vulnerable on this issue. There seems to be an endless stream of media reports about controversial nomination […]

The odd merger of Bombardier and the Canadian government

Sep 22 2017 — Andrew Coyne — Perhaps I have been wrong about Bombardier. Until this week I had been patiently explaining to readers that the company was not, as its annual reports might suggest, in the aerospace and mass transit business. It is, I suggested, in the subsidy business. Governments, federal and provincial, periodically offer it subsidies worth hundreds of millions […]

Stephen Harper’s political children poised for provincial takeovers

Sep 22 2017 — Don Martin — Here’s some interesting political trivia: No provincial premier has ever become prime minister of Canada. That’s what makes the phenomenon of Stephen Harper’s political children so bizarre. While even the best premiers have declined or failed in a bid move up the political pyramid to 24 Sussex Drive, federal Conservative backbenchers are lining up to […]

The Gerry Ritzing of Catherine McKenna

Sep 22 2017 — Heather Mallick — Catherine McKenna, minister for environment and climate change and MP for Ottawa Centre, is a bilingual, internationalist human rights lawyer with degrees from the University of Toronto, McGill and the London School of Economics. Gerry Ritz, Conservative MP for Battlefords-Lloydminster, isn’t.

Why it’s time for ‘Canada first’ (on TV)

Sep 22 2017 — — Donald Trump is definitely more powerful than Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. But does that power stretch all the way to Canadian airwaves too? Last Tuesday morning, Trudeau held a news conference in the National Press Theatre in Ottawa, which was broadcast live on the two all-news TV channels for CBC and CTV. Well, it was […]

When moving past the Indian Act means something worse

Sep 22 2017 — Russell Diabo — In 1980, I was at the Skyline Hotel in Ottawa (now the Delta) and witnessed Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau come to a National Indian Brotherhood meeting of Chiefs. He asked the Chiefs to “treat Canada better than Canada has treated you,” as he revealed his intention to patriate Canada’s constitution from Britain — a bombshell […]

Down on the farm: tax reforms will hurt family businesses

Sep 22 2017 — Sylvain Charlebois — Until recently, two things were certain in life: death and taxes. We can now add a third one: botching the promotion of a tax reform for political gains. Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s tax reform has been a communications disaster. Claims about Ottawa’s intentions to revamp our tax system for small corporations have been ridiculous. Some […]

With proposed Liberal reforms impacting less than 10% of small businesses, this tax revolt will fail

Sep 21 2017 — John Ivison — The great national tax revolt will fizzle by Christmas. That may sound a bold prediction, given the way the Liberal small-business tax reforms are dominating the political conversation — but hear me out. The Liberals are intent on changing the rules that allow small-business owners to defer taxation by using private corporations to make passive […]