Farmers have gained public respect during the pandemic

Low public appreciation of how much advanced technology used in agriculture.Ottawa-- Nearly two-thirds of Canadians say they have gained more appreciation for the country's farmers during the pandemic, particularly in the area of domestic food security, says a new survey.It was conducted by Angus Reid for the Climate Corporation and found three quarters of Canadians have confidence in the ability of the country's farmers to meet domestic food demand. It was strongest in Saskatchewan/Manitoba at 93 per cent while Alberta was at 84 per cent, Ontario 78 per cent, BC 68 per cent and Quebec 71 per cent.Climate Corporation released the poll to mark National Farmers Day on Oct. 12 to support Canadian producers and raise awareness for their important role within the Canadian economy. “While confidence in Canadian farming is generally high, public knowledge of the agriculture industry remains low,” said Marvin Talsma of Climate Corp. “We hope to raise recognition and support of Canadian farmers, particularly the role of modern farming in advancing innovation and sustainability while putting healthy, nutritious and affordable food on our tables.”Agriculture is a cornerstone of the Canadian economy, contributing more than $100 billion to it annually. While countrywide efforts of farmers enable Canada to take a place among the largest agricultural producers and exporters in the world, only 12 per cent of Canadians see agriculture as more innovative than other industries, and 37 per cent say they don't know how the use of technology in agriculture compares to other Canadian industries, with 14 per cent believing the use of technology is less advanced than in other Canadian Industries.“There is an outdated view of the agriculture industry in Canada,” Talsma said. “People don't realize the amount of innovation and adoption of technology that is happening on Canadian farms.”In fact, Canadian farmers are embracing digital and data transformation in increasing numbers to manage their complex businesses, he said. A Statistics Canada report shows Canadian farmers in most sectors are strong proponents of data-driven technology and have long been ahead of the curve when it comes investing in new technology. On farms reporting 10,000 acres or more of cropland, 93.6 per cent used automated steering, 97.1 per cent used GPS and 52.7 per cent used GIS mapping.The Climate Corporation is committed to supporting Canadian farmers and raising awareness for their important role within the Canadian economy and domestic food supply.