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Canada’s arms deal with Saudi Arabia includes ‘heavy assault’ vehicles

Mar 19 2018 — Murray Brewster

Canada’s multi-billion dollar arms sale to Saudi Arabia includes a substantial number of “heavy assault” armoured vehicles and a maintenance deal that would see the Ontario-based manufacturer embed teams at multiple locations throughout the kingdom. CBC News has obtained documents that — for the first time — lay out the major elements of the original […]

Health Canada proposes strict limits on marijuana packaging, production

Mar 19 2018 — Peter Zimonjic

The federal government today released the results of its public consultation on the legalization of pot and revealed its proposals for how the product will be packaged and regulated. “Over the past two years we have consulted extensively on our plans to legalize, regulate and restrict access to cannabis,” MP Bill Blair, the federal government’s […]

Mar 19 2018 —

The final budget before a looming provincial election will offer measures to cut hospital wait times, lower child-care costs and expand mental-health services while reducing the overall deficit, the Ontario government said Monday. The Liberal governments’ speech from the throne, read out by Lt.-Gov. Elizabeth Dowdswell, offered no specific numbers for the promised investments, simply […]

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Mar 19 2018 —

The passage of time appears to have done nothing to soothe Canadian voters irritated with Prime Minister Justin Trudeau since his highly criticized passage to India last month. This, combined with a simmering unease among the electorate over the federal government’s deficit spending has, for the first time, driven Trudeau’s disapproval rating north of 50 […]

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Mar 19 2018 —

The federal privacy watchdog says he’s concerned about the possibility that the personal information of Facebook users was harvested for political purposes. Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien says his office will contact Facebook to find out whether the personal information of Canadians was affected by a major data leak involving the global social media platform. A […]

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Will Doug Ford’s populist push bury progressive policies?

Mar 19 2018 —

The campaign for Ontario’s June 7 election is unofficially underway. Details to come. But why wait? If the result is preordained — premier-in-waiting Doug Ford perched handsomely in the on-deck circle, swinging for the fences as he soars in the polls — does the fine print of policy even matter anymore?

Singh did not succeed with Sikh violence answers

Mar 19 2018 — Tom Walkom

Federal NDP leader Jagmeet Singh says the question of whether violence should ever be used to effect political change is a complex one. He’s right, of course. But his nuanced position may not be enough to satisfy the voters. Singh’s views on violence have been in the news since his election as NDP leader. In […]

Conflating advocacy with extremist violence is dangerous and racist

Mar 19 2018 —

When Jagmeet Singh, an observant Sikh, was elected NDP leader last fall, he became the first non-white person to lead a major federal political party. In a post-victory interview with the CBC’s Terry Milewski, Singh was asked to denounce Sikhs who venerate Talwinder Parmar, who is widely thought to have been the mastemind of the […]

Premier Doug Ford? Not quite so fast.

Mar 18 2018 — Penny Collenette

If you believe recent polls, the June 7 provincial Ontario election may already be decided. Eric Grenier, the CBC’s polling analyst, currently projects that the Conservatives could win 78 to 98 seats, placing them in majority government territory. The NDP are second with 15 to 28 seats and the Liberals in third place with up […]

Mar 18 2018 —

In 2000, the president of the United States was chosen not by voters, not by the Electoral College, but by the Supreme Court. It was the controversial end to a bitter and divisive electoral outcome defined by the ludicrous process of adjudicating whether there was a “hanging chad” on any ballot.

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Mar 16 2018 — Martin Patriquin

There are certain parallels between the Quebec separatist movement and the pursuit of a separate Sikh state in India. Both were born from government-abetted inequality against an identifiable group, albeit to wildly different degrees: the Québécois in Canada, the Sikh minority in India. Both movements wished for peaceful relations with their former oppressors following the […]

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Mar 15 2018 — Margaret Wente

When Jagmeet Singh took over as leader of the NDP, he seemed like just the tonic the party needed – young, hip, multicultural, completely Canadian but with a dashing touch. Those turbans! That beard! He was just the kind of figure to make progressive folks feel good about themselves, their party and their prospects. GQ, […]

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