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Dec 12 2019 —

Andrew Scheer has decided to resign as Conservative leader after a disappointing election loss and facing internal party divisions over his ability to lead the party, sources say. Mr. Scheer called a special caucus meeting Thursday morning where he announced he was stepping down.

Dec 12 2019 —

Making a big splash in Ottawa this week, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney dashed from one high-stakes engagement to another, holding court with federal MPs, business leaders and reporters. Though he slips in and out of federal politics with ease, Kenney, a former member of Parliament for Calgary Midnapore, says has no desire to get back […]

Dec 12 2019 — Marieke Walsh

The Conservative Party’s national council, which will oversee the coming Tory leadership review, has rejected an effort for it to stay neutral about Andrew Scheer’s future. As well, Nick Kouvalis, a prominent Ontario-based conservative strategist who has led several successful election campaigns, has been hired by the party to conduct public opinion polling on Mr. […]

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Lost vote over special committee on China an embarrassment for Liberals

Dec 11 2019 — John Ivison

“Bardish never lost a vote,” whooped one uncharitable Conservative, as the opposition parties defeated the government in the first vote held in the 43rd Canadian parliament on Tuesday evening. It’s true that former Government House leader, Bardish Chagger, did not lose any votes in the House but she had the benefit of managing the Liberals’ […]

When Kenney speaks, Trudeau would be well-advised to listen

Dec 11 2019 — John Ivison

Jason Kenney is a deft exponent of funambulism – the fine art of political tightrope walking. The Alberta premier’s high wire act requires him to be suitably outraged at Ottawa’s anti-energy policies but not so aggrieved that he incites what he calls “the fear and anger roiling the Prairies”. Kenney met with Justin Trudeau on […]

Kenney upbeat emerging from Trudeau gabfest

Dec 11 2019 —

No zingers for the Dinger this day. We’ve come a long way from that moment in this column when Jason Kenney said Trudeau was an empty trust-fund millionaire with the political depth of a finger bowl who couldn’t read a briefing note longer than a cocktail napkin. Lots of cheers from the Alberta heartland for […]

The problem with comparing the 1972 and 2019 elections

Dec 11 2019 — Graham Scott

Justin Trudeau cannot in this new session of Parliament rely on having the outcomes his father did in 1972. True, both he and Pierre Trudeau experienced the embarrassment of moving from a resounding popular victory in their first election cycle to near defeat in the second, after both had been considered the principle reason for […]

How the ‘New NAFTA’ Will Affect Canadians

Dec 10 2019 — Scott Sinclair

After months of talks, House Democrats and the Trump administration have agreed on revisions to the Canada–U.S.–Mexico Agreement (CUSMA) that will likely clear the way for U.S. congressional approval. Although Canada was sidelined in these discussions, the Democrats won some significant improvements to the “New NAFTA” that will benefit Canadians. The biggest change is the […]

Dec 11 2019 — Jason Kenney

Thank-you to the Canadian Club for the chance to bring an urgent message to Ottawa on behalf of Albertans: There cannot be a strong Canada without a strong Alberta. Alberta has been the great engine of prosperity, social mobility, and shared wealth in modern Canada. But our ability to play that role is at risk. […]

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Dec 10 2019 — Glen Pearson

The captured scene of Justin Trudeau, Emmanuel Macron and Boris Johnson quietly conferring on the actions of Donald Trump created its own sensation, but in many ways served as a microcosm of current global tensions.  It was an unfortunately timed incident that nevertheless exposed inevitable realities. The nature of power in a world of nation […]

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Dec 10 2019 — Paul Wells

For a glimpse into how regional conflict might dominate our politics in 2020, watch the body language—and the response from Justin Trudeau’s office—when a provincial premier comes to Ottawa these days. Three weeks after the October federal election, Saskatchewan Premier Scott Moe was in Ottawa for his first face-to-face post-election meeting with Prime Minister Justin […]

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Dec 9 2019 — Heather Scoffield

Mon., Dec. 9, 2019timer4 min. read As Jason Kenney and a third of his cabinet attempt to smother Ottawa this week with charm and argument, it’s not just because environmentalists and Justin Trudeau have been breathing down his neck about emissions in the oilsands. That’s just nagging. The real driving force behind Kenney’s push is […]

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