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Andrew Scheer gets clipped by Doug Ford’s budget cuts

Nov 16 2018 — Chantal Hébert

Make no mistake. By putting Ontario’s francophone minority on his fiscal hit list this week, Premier Doug Ford has placed his federal ally Andrew Scheer in harm’s way. In Thursday’s fiscal update, Ontario’s Tory government put plans for a long-promised French-language university on the chopping block, in the process reversing Ford’s campaign commitment to the […]

Nov 17 2018 — Bruce Anderson

In an election held tomorrow, 38% would vote for the Liberal Party, 31% Conservative and 16% for the NDP. These numbers are similar to the levels of support each party found the last time Canadians went to the polls. Regionally the Liberals hold a 7-point lead in BC, a 10-point lead in Ontario, a 17-point […]

Nov 17 2018 — Laura Stone

Premier Doug Ford promised to balance Ontario’s budget, without providing specifics, while broadening his attack on Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax at a gathering of Progressive Conservative party faithful on Friday. Mr. Ford used his opening night speech at the Ontario PC party convention to tout his party’s economic plan after his government introduced […]

Nov 16 2018 —

Many years ago a friend defined the perfect Canadian political scandal as someone having lunch at the government’s expense — and enjoying it. His joke came back to me again and again while I was reporting on the protracted saga that is 24 Sussex Drive, the rundown official residence of Canada’s prime minister.

Okanagan Conservatives Facebook poster denies he’s racist

Nov 17 2018 —

Disappointing. That was the term used by many in describing a social media post that’s being widely panned. Earlier this week, a post was put on the Okanagan Conservatives’ Facebook page. The post said “This is what happens when you have a cabinet based on affirmative action” and linked a story to the Ottawa Citizen […]

Ontario PC Party members met for first time since election victory

Nov 17 2018 —

Progressive Conservatives are meeting for their first convention since the party swept to power in Ontario’s spring election, but the celebration comes at a time when the new government is weathering a series of political storms. Party members from across the province have gathered at the Toronto Congress Centre to debate policy, celebrate the June […]

Nov 16 2018 —

A social media post from the Okanagan Conservatives that has since been deleted is being labelled as racist, and federal politicians were quick to denounce it. Earlier this week, a post was put on the Okanagan Conservatives’ Facebook page. The post said, “This is what happens when you have a cabinet based on affirmative action” […]

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Nov 16 2018 —

The federal government is expected to lay out fresh plans next week to support Canada’s struggling news industry. The measures, expected in Finance Minister Bill Morneau’s fall economic statement Wednesday, will be designed to help journalism remain viable after years of shrinking advertising revenues. The decline has already shuttered newsrooms, led to job cuts in […]

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Nov 16 2018 —

Canadian Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer says his support for Britain’s departure from the European Union is undiminished, despite the chaos Brexit has sown in British politics. The United Kingdom was plunged into uncertainty Thursday as Prime Minister Theresa May’s new Brexit deal with Europe met a rash of criticism. Two cabinet ministers resigned, the British […]

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Trudeau has a chance to play statesman by bringing the U.S. and China together on trade

Nov 17 2018 — John Ivison

Justin Trudeau promised to restore Canadian leadership in the world. He pledged that the “proud tradition” that saw Canada help create the United Nations and champion the international treaty to ban land-mines would be revived on his watch. The reality has been underwhelming. Trudeau’s crusade to change the world has been more symbolic than substantive. […]

GSAs, Kenney and Carpay: The tangled web of Alberta politics

Nov 16 2018 — Graham Thomson

Oh, what a tangled web. And at the centre: John Carpay, former Alberta director of the Canadian Taxpayers Federation; current president of the Justice Centre for Constitutional Freedoms; member of the United Conservative Party; friend of UCP leader Jason Kenney; not a great friend of gay-straight alliances. Carpay flung himself headfirst into the headlines this […]

What is it that keeps Canadians up at night?

Nov 15 2018 — Susan Delacourt

Canadians are worried about a lot of things these days, according to a new survey, but they’re not the things dominating the current political debate. The results of this new Public Square Research poll, made available exclusively to the Star, are a wake-up call to those plotting next year’s federal election campaign. There appears to […]

Fake news is as old as Confederation

Nov 16 2018 — Robert Lewis

During the promotional tour this fall for my book on the history of the Parliamentary Press Gallery, Power, Prime Ministers and the Press: The Battle for Truth on Parliament Hill (Dundurn), I have often been asked about the news media today. The questions range from concerned inquiries about the parlous state of the industry to […]

Patrick Brown’s accidental gift to Doug Ford

Nov 15 2018 — Matt Gurney

He didn’t mean to, but Patrick Brown just did Ontario Premier Doug Ford a big favour. If nothing else, he’s bought him a few days of relative peace and quiet. Brown is the former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, the party Ford now leads and which forms Ontario’s majority government. Brown has a book […]

Nov 15 2018 — Bruce Campbell

The Alberta bitumen industry is panicking because of the huge price discount [by as much as $50US per barrel] for their product compared to the US benchmark West Texas Intermediate price. The main culprit according to producers is a supply glut caused by pipeline bottlenecks due largely to government-imposed delays in new pipeline construction: notably […]

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Nov 14 2018 — Andrew Coyne

Are Conservatives right to think the next federal election will be a referendum on carbon pricing? And are they likely to win if it is? There they all are on that now-notorious Maclean’s cover: the premiers of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, together with the Conservative leader and presumptive next premier of Alberta and the federal […]

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Nov 14 2018 — Tom Walkom

Pity Andrew Scheer. The federal Conservative leader still lags Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the polls. He is having trouble in Quebec. And now Maxime Bernier’s fledgling People’s Party of Canada threatens to be a serious contender for the right-wing vote. Bernier, 55, is not always treated seriously. Nicknamed Mad Max, the Quebec MP […]

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Nov 14 2018 — Dawna Friesen

I’m going to take advantage of you — my captive audience — if you’ll indulge me for a few minutes, to talk about journalism. You are all really smart, accomplished, successful business people. You know that journalism is a business, too. And it’s a business that is seriously under threat. The business model of the […]

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Roy Clark, ‘Hee Haw’ host, dies at 85

Nov 15 2018 —

Roy Clark, a country music star and former host of the long-running TV series “Hee Haw,” died Thursday, his publicist told CNN. He was 85. Clark died of complications from pneumonia at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to publicist Sandy Brokaw. The guitarist and banjo player began his musical career as a young teen, […]


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