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Sep 27 2021 —

A UCP MLA is under fire after he suggested Alberta’s public health authority is to blame for “unacceptably low” ICU bed levels as COVID-19 hospitalizations soar in the province. “ICU bed levels that were available for the public dropped unacceptably low coming into cold and flu season and a prediction of the 4th wave,” Lac […]

Sep 27 2021 —

Green Party Leader Annamie Paul is stepping down as leader of the party following another electoral defeat and months of internal turmoil. Paul’s resignation comes after she finished fourth in her Toronto Centre riding behind Liberal incumbent Marci Ien, who had also defeated her in a 2020 byelection. It was also her third time losing […]

Vale rescuing 39 employees trapped in Sudbury, Ont., mine since Sunday afternoon

Sep 27 2021 —

Thirty-nine Vale employees have been trapped underground in the Totten Mine in Sudbury, Ont., since Sunday, the company says. The workers are safe and are currently mobilizing to exit the mine via a secondary egress ladder system, the company said in a news release. Vale said there was an “incident” at its mine in the […]

Sep 27 2021 —

Two Canadians detained in late 2019 who were allowed to return to Canada in a prisoner swap were released on bail for health reasons, China’s Foreign Ministry said Monday. A ministry spokesperson made the comment as Beijing sought to downplay the connection between their release and the return to China of a long-detained executive of […]

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Sep 27 2021 —

CIBC has hired former Liberal cabinet minister Navdeep Bains as vice-chair, global investment banking. Bains stepped down as innovation minister in January and did not run in the recent federal election. He officially joins the bank Oct. 4. CIBC says Bains will focus on developing and fostering senior level client relationships and business development globally […]

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Sep 27 2021 —

It’s Monday and we’re smack in that period when cabinet speculation becomes an Olympic sport. Today, we have advice from HUGH SEGAL and DEREK BURNEY on how JUSTIN TRUDEAU should set his top priorities after (another) minority win.

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Featured Ink

Tories need to focus on winning, not leadership distractions

Sep 27 2021 — Brad Wall

The last thing the Conservative Party of Canada should be doing is entertaining the distraction of changing its leader. Throughout the campaign, Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole built connections with Canadians by campaigning and communicating effectively, and is well positioned to build upon them in the next election.

Look again: this election could be transformational

Sep 27 2021 — Susan Riley

Last week’s election may, in retrospect, look far from inconsequential; it may even look momentous, notwithstanding the absence of a radical shift in seats. If it produces an affordable national child care program, for example—and that work is well underway—families, especially women, (along with the economy) will benefit far into the future. True, that work […]

The election showed we don’t know how to cover the far right

Sep 27 2021 — Supriya Dwivedi

Unlike episodes of “Seinfeld,” elections are never about nothing. While our 44th general election might have felt like it didn’t accomplish much in light of the final seat count, it is false to suggest that this vote doesn’t hold valuable lessons for regular Canadians and politicos alike in the future. One of the major underpinnings […]

Trudeau right about two Michaels, wrong about China

Sep 26 2021 — Lorrie Goldstein

While there are many reasons to be concerned about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s naive view of China as reflected in his government’s policies, his handling of the two Michaels case isn’t one of them. In this instance, the Trudeau government was caught in the cold war between two superpowers — China and the U.S. — […]

Keep O’Toole – if he returns to the right

Sep 26 2021 — Lorne Gunter

Should Erin O’Toole stay on as leader of the Conservative Party of Canada? After all, it was O’Toole and his closest advisers who decided all on their own (without authorization from caucus or members), to oversteer the party to the left without producing anything resembling an electoral breakthrough.

An election ‘about nothing’? Far from it — the last six weeks fundamentally changed the political dynamic and our expectations

Sep 26 2021 — Jaime Watt

The dust is quickly settling on an acrimonious and confusing election campaign. And with post-mortems well underway, parliamentarians find themselves returning to a House of Commons that, at first glance, looks much like it did at dissolution. Throughout the country, there is a pervasive sense that this was the election that nobody wanted, that it […]

Sep 26 2021 — Arthur Milnes

One of Canada’s greatest 20th century Prime Ministers was honoured on Parliament Hill on this date in 1990. An audience that included sitting Prime Minister Brian Mulroney, past Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau and future Prime Minister Jean Chrétien gathered for the official dedication of Parliament Hill’s statue in honour of Lester B. Pearson. The event […]

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Entertainment Plus

R. Kelly convicted in sex trafficking trial

Sep 27 2021 —

– R. Kelly, the R&B superstar known for his anthem “I Believe I Can Fly,” was convicted Monday in a sex trafficking trial after decades of avoiding criminal responsibility for numerous allegations of misconduct with young women and children. A jury of seven men and five women found Kelly guilty of racketeering on their second […]


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