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Conservative politicians, oil executives map out strategy for ousting Liberals in growing collaboration

Apr 25 2019 —

Top Conservative politicians met with oil-industry executives at a private conference to map out strategy for ousting Justin Trudeau’s Liberals in a sign of growing collaboration between the Alberta-based sector and its political backers ahead of the federal election this fall.The closed-door event reflects the deep ties between federal Conservatives and more activist elements of […]

Apr 25 2019 — Marieke Walsh

The braintrust behind the conservative group that helped to unseat the Ontario Liberals in 2018 has unveiled their federal counterpart aimed at taking out Canada’s Liberal government. “We want to defeat Liberals all over the country,” Canada Proud founder Jeff Ballingall told iPolitics in an interview. Ballingall, who is also the founder of the highly […]

Apr 25 2019 —

Social media giant Facebook broke a number of privacy laws and failed to take responsibility for protecting the personal information of Canadians, according to two privacy watchdogs’ investigation of the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Federal Privacy Commissioner Daniel Therrien and his B.C. counterpart, Michael McEvoy, joined forces last spring to investigate the roles of Facebook and […]

Apr 25 2019 —

Hate crimes appear to be on the rise in Alberta with the province becoming home to a number of extremist movements, according to a draft report obtained by CTV News. The federally funded 92-page report from the Organization for the Prevention of Violence examines six types of extremist groups currently active in Alberta, ranging from […]

Fight over ‘People’s Party’ naming rights heads to Federal Court

Apr 25 2019 —

Abbotsford business man wants political party name stripped from Maxime Bernier. The Federal Court of Canada will hear a case on Friday that could see rights to the “People’s Party of Canada” name taken away from former Conservative cabinet minister Maxime Bernier. The Quebec MP is the registered owner of the party but Satinder Dhillon […]

Budget watchdog says carbon-price revenues to be $2.6B this year

Apr 25 2019 —

Canada’s budget watchdog says revenues from the federal carbon price will be more than $2.6 billion this year and exceed $6 billion a year within five years. The new analysis by the parliamentary budget office, which includes both the high-profile fuel tax applied in four provinces and a separate pricing system for big industrial emitters, […]

Canada banning oil, gas and mining from marine protected areas

Apr 25 2019 —

The oil and gas industry has worn out its welcome in Canadian marine conservation areas. Fisheries Minister Jonathan Wilkinson today is announcing a total ban on oil and gas work, as well as mining, waste-dumping and bottom-trawling, in all of Canada’s marine protected areas. Wilkinson is at an international nature summit in Montreal where Canada […]

Apr 25 2019 — Marie-Danielle Smith

The president of the Philippines was threatening to declare war on Canada this week if Prime Minister Justin Trudeau doesn’t take care of a big pile of garbage. Following years of calls from environmental groups, anger from local politicians and a Filipino court order, dozens of shipping containers full of Vancouver trash are still sitting […]

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Apr 24 2019 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase

The chief executive officer of a U.S. company that sells cannabis technology attended a Liberal fundraiser featuring Justin Trudeau earlier this month in Toronto and later said in a news release that the Prime Minister encouraged him to make Canada a testing ground for using artificial intelligence to tailor medical marijuana products.

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Apr 24 2019 — Rachel Aiello

Former Liberal justice minister Jody Wilson-Raybould is slamming the federal government she was once a part of for making only “incremental” progress on the Indigenous justice file and their promise to “decolonialize” Canadian laws and policies. “My fear and disappointment is that despite sounding the alarm, providing the advice, pushing and challenging, sharing perspectives of […]

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PC win in PEI is latest challenge for Justin Trudeau

Apr 24 2019 — Tasha Kheiriddin

P.E.I. voters have spoken, and it’s more bad news for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. Premier-designate Dennis King, elected party leader a scant two months ago, won 12 seats in the Island’s 27-seat legislature, putting him in place to form a minority government. After four terms in office, the incumbent Liberals were reduced to six seats […]

Trudeau and Kenney: Well, this was coming

Apr 24 2019 — Paul Wells

Over-dramatizing is an occupational hazard in my line of work, and you’re right, I’m not immune. A lot of the coverage about Jason Kenney’s election, and the situation it puts Justin Trudeau in, might suggest it’s some kind of unprecedented thing. No, it is amply precedented. Precedented in many ways. At the most general level, […]

Scheer fires back at Trudeau’s ‘white supremacist’ charge

Apr 24 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein

While Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is accusing Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer of being a closet supporter of white supremacists, the Conservatives are countering with an election ad accusing Trudeau of lying to Canadians. And it’s still six months away from the Oct. 21 election, suggesting it’s going to be a long and brutal campaign. The […]

Justin Trudeau’s carbon tax is revenue neutral… for now

Apr 24 2019 — Neil Macdonald

On Thursday, the fiscal detectives at the Parliamentary Budget Office (PBO) will publish their assessment of a promise the Trudeau government will be repeating, almost as a matter of self-defence, in this year’s election: that the new carbon tax driving up gasoline and home heating costs will be entirely returned to taxpayers through tax cuts.

Scandal-plagued Liberals lagging in electoral preparedness

Apr 23 2019 — John Ivison

Political predictions are generally lucky or wrong. Anyone handicapping the 2015 Canadian election six months out might have given short odds on the Conservatives, who were eight points clear of the Liberals and 12 ahead of the NDP at the end of April. But those poll numbers masked deep unhappiness with the Harper government and […]

Responsibility for Kashechewan’s crises lies with Crown

Apr 24 2019 — Pamela Palmater

Bureaucrats, ministers of Indian affairs and even premiers and prime ministers have promised year after year to address the multiple, overlapping crises in the Cree Nation of Kashechewan, crises that are firmly rooted in past government decisions. But once again the people of Kashechewan find themselves in danger. They are being evacuated and split up […]

Trudeau’s libel threat against Scheer: a great Canadian political tradition

Apr 23 2019 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s threatened defamation suit against Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer over the SNC-Lavalin affair is just the latest in a rapidly growing list of Canadian political mud-slinging matches that have taken a litigious turn. Scheer had already employed some overheated rhetoric at earlier stages of the controversy, accusing Trudeau of exerting “frankly illegal […]

Apr 24 2019 — Dennis Darby

The Government of Ontario announced recently a $30-billion transit expansion plan for the GTA. This historic investment, the province correctly notes, could have a massive positive impact on families, commuters, and jobs, injecting a breath of fresh air in Toronto’s aging infrastructure. And while the economic impact of this project will be felt by all […]

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Apr 23 2019 — Massimo Bergamini

Responding to recent calls from Canadian air carriers, airports and even a leading Canadian labour union to postpone the July 1 launch of his passenger rights regulations, transport minister Marc Garneau told the CBC “We’ve been working on this for over two years. I am anxious to get them out.” If the minister’s impatience is […]

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Apr 23 2019 — Glen Pearson

It frequently gets agitating listening to someone say that times were so much simpler in the old days.  It’s a kind of naïve way of both dismissing the past and providing excuses for the inactions of the present.  The world has always been on the verge of some calamity or another, but the fragile years […]

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Apr 23 2019 — Heather Scoffield

It was bold and controversial at the time, and remains so today. Critics were quick to pounce when the federal Liberals presented their big and expensive tax-and-transfer package of the 2015 election campaign as an experimental remedy to income inequality and the populism it often spawns, They said the tax elements of the package — […]

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Apr 22 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein

Back in February 2014, before he became prime minister, Justin Trudeau told a Liberal policy convention in Montreal that: “People in Ottawa talk about the ‘Conservative base’ as if it is some angry mob to be feared. They’re wrong. As all of you know, the 5.8 million Canadians who voted Conservative (in the 2011 election) […]

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