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Conservatives ‘declaring war on Canada Food Guide’ like they did on long-form census, Trudeau says

Jul 18 2019 — Peter Zimonjic

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is defending his government’s update to the Canada Food Guide in the wake of attacks by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer who suggested the changes were riddled with “bias” and driven by “ideology.” “The Canada Food Guide is based on evidence, based on science, based on research,” Trudeau told reporters in Victoria […]

Jul 18 2019 —

Health experts are denouncing Andrew Scheer’s comments on Canada’s Food Guide as “irresponsible” and “disingenuous,” accusing the Conservative Party Leader of ignoring scientific evidence in an attempt to win favour from the dairy industry. At a meeting with the Dairy Farmers of Canada earlier this week, Mr. Scheer criticized the new Canada’s Food Guide, and […]

Trudeau toughens stance against Trump’s ‘unacceptable’ comments on U.S. congresswoman

Jul 18 2019 — Les Perreaux

Justin Trudeau has toughened his stance against the inflammatory rhetoric of Donald Trump after the Prime Minister was criticized for his conciliatory tone confronting racist comments. “I think the comments made were hurtful, wrong and completely unacceptable,” Mr. Trudeau said Thursday, following a meeting with European Council President Donald Tusk. “I want everyone in Canada […]

Jul 18 2019 — Catharine Tunney

The Canadian government has agreed to pay nearly a $1 billion to settle class-action lawsuits from Canadian Armed Forces members who allege rampant sexual misconduct in the military. “While not admitting liability, the government of Canada has agreed to a settlement,” reads a statement Of the $900 million set aside, $800 million will cover current […]

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Jul 18 2019 —

The hashtag #TrudeauMustGo soared to the top of Twitter’s trending list in Canada on Tuesday, perhaps giving some observers the impression that Canadians were taking to social media en masse to express their discontent with the prime minister. But a closer look revealed that much of the activity surrounding the hashtag was actually driven by […]

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Jul 18 2019 —

Former United Conservative Party leadership hopeful Jeff Callaway has been fined $68,000 for irregular campaign contributions during the 2017 race in Alberta. The fines include a $15,000 penalty for colluding with Calgary businessman Robyn Lore in order to “circumvent a contribution limit,” according to details published Tuesday on the provincial election commissioner’s website. They also […]

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Could populism take root in Canada? Too late – it already has

Jul 18 2019 — Andrew Potter

Ever since Donald Trump won the American presidency in 2016 with a toxic combination of sexism, vulgarity and the brazen courting of white nationalists, Canadian academics, pundits and pollsters have been obsessed with the question: “Could it happen here?” By “it,” they mean the rumblings of discontent that have propelled right-wing populists to power across […]

As ‘kamikaze’ scandal grows, so does Kenney’s popularity

Jul 19 2019 — Don Braid

In another world, at another time, a government would be in deep trouble over current voting and financing scandals. The UCP leadership vote, allegedly involving bogus email addresses, is being investigated by the RCMP, with a special prosecutor from Ontario appointed. The Mounties have interviewed five UCP cabinet ministers. One leadership candidate, Jeff Callaway, has […]

Trudeau should try killing the Conservatives with kindness

Jul 18 2019 — Andrew MacDougall

Going negative works. The Conservative Party proved it for years with successive attacks on Liberal leaders Stéphane Dion and Michael Ignatieff. Both men had much to offer, but the respective Tory counters of “not a leader” and “didn’t come back for you” had too much truth to be ignored by voters. Indeed, Ignatieff was so […]

Justin Trudeau, Liberal virtucrat

Jul 18 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein

The Liberal “fear and smear” campaign against Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer orchestrated by Prime Minster Justin Trudeau is nothing new. The Liberals have always campaigned on the basis that the Conservatives are not only wrong, but evil. It’s part of the Liberals’ DNA. Thus, Trudeau and Co. absurdly suggest Scheer is a white supremacist sympathizer […]

Canada’s new business watchdog is already a failure

Jul 17 2019 — Jennifer Wells

Child labour in supply chains. Forced labour. Non-existent safety regulations. Rape. The list is tragically longer. Hopes were high that the Trudeau government would act smartly in creating a robust office with the powers to track and investigate Canadian corporations operating abroad after a dismal showing on this issue under the Harper years. The previous […]

Jul 16 2019 — Glen Pearson

Like it or not, and whether it is indeed an accurate assessment, the terms “populism” and “class war” are increasingly creeping into our political language the closer we get to this fall’s federal election.  Numerous pundits have spent the past year assuring Canadians that nothing like Brexit or the Trump phenomenon would happen here in […]

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Jul 15 2019 — Gillian Steward

Justin Trudeau came to Alberta last week and amidst stoneface employees at the Trans Mountain pipeline terminal just outside Edmonton held what can only be described as an election campaign photo-op. He spoke forcefully about tackling environmental issues while at the same time ensuring jobs in the energy sector by green lighting controversial projects, such […]

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Jul 15 2019 — Tom Walkom

The brief get-together of five conservative-minded premiers last week was meant to highlight the divide. Alberta’s Jason Kenney, Ontario’s Doug Ford, Saskatchewan’s Scott Moe and New Brunswick’s Blaine Higgs all gathered before the cameras to flip pancakes at the Calgary Stampede. They were joined by Northwest Territories Premier Bob McLeod who, while technically non-partisan, shares […]

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Jul 15 2019 — Michael Coren

Conservative leader Andrew Scheer is in a very difficult position. A genuinely decent man, considered by many to be far too timid for the cut and thrust of party politics, he’s a devout and orthodox Roman Catholic leading a party that is divided on socially conservative issues, hoping to govern a country that is largely […]

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Warm memories, hit singles: Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings reunite for charity show

Jul 19 2019 — David Friend, The Canadian Press

TORONTO — Former Guess Who bandmates Randy Bachman and Burton Cummings reunited on Thursday for a charity concert of warm memories and unforgettable hits that marked their first time performing together in a decade. The on-again, off-again musical partnership reached a high note at Music Under the City Stars, a fundraiser in support of Canada's Walk of Fame at Toronto's landmark Casa […]


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