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Jul 18 2018 —

Canadians are evenly divided when it comes to support for Ottawa’s purchase of the Trans Mountain pipeline, a new poll suggests, but more than one in 10 remain undecided about the controversial move. The poll, conducted by Ipsos Public Affairs on behalf of Global News, reveals that 42 per cent of respondents support the federal […]

Jul 18 2018 — Chris Hall

Justin Trudeau kicked off his 2019 re-election campaign Wednesday with a cabinet shuffle that puts management of three of the most vexing challenges his government faces into new hands. Dominic LeBlanc becomes the prime minister’s point man with the provinces. It will be his job to deal with a more strident set of premiers than […]

Jul 18 2018 — Kady O'Malley

After letting Official Ottawa spend the last few weeks ensnarled in increasingly frenzied anticipation, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau finally brought an end to the suspense on Wednesday morning with what turned out to be a more robust re-engineering of his ministerial machinery than most precinct-dwellers had been expecting — although one that, for the most […]

Jul 18 2018 — Emma Graney

Outspoken independent conservative MLA Derek Fildebrandt has started a new party in reaction to what he sees as a single, “vanilla” choice for Alberta conservatives. And he’s “pretty pumped” about it. Called the Freedom Conservative Party of Alberta, it will comprise of what the Strathmore-Brooks MLA labels “unapologetic conservatives, libertarians and Alberta patriots.”

Trump Says U.S. May Have Separate Trade Deal With Mexico

Jul 18 2018 —

President Donald Trump said he may prioritize a bilateral trade deal with Mexico over Canada and that he’s building a good rapport with Mexican President-elect Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador. The U.S. and Mexico are “getting closer” to reaching a trade deal, and the administration may advance separate talks with Canada later, Trump told reporters at […]

McKenna ‘disappointed’ Ontario doesn’t have plan to fight climate change

Jul 18 2018 —

The federal environment minister expressed disappointment Wednesday that Ontario did not seem to have a plan to fight climate change, a conclusion she said she reached after her first meeting with her provincial counterpart. Catherine McKenna’s discussion with Rod Phillips came as the provincial Progressive Conservatives, who took office last month, have been taking steps […]

U.S. launches national security investigation against uranium imports

Jul 18 2018 —

The U.S. Department of Commerce has launched another national security investigation that could target Canada, this time by looking into uranium imports. Commerce Secretary Wilbur Ross announced the Section 232 investigation ahead of the potential imposition of tariffs on imports of the ore. Canada is the world’s second-largest producer of uranium after Kazakhstan, with 23 […]

Jul 18 2018 —

Debate over Ottawa’s handling of the settlement of refugee claimants has both the Trudeau government and the Conservatives trying to bait each other into appearing too soft or too hard on the hot-button issue, but the Tories should be wary of appealing to the baser instincts of voters, say advocates and political players.

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Why bigger isn’t always better in building a new cabinet

Jul 18 2018 — Don Martin

It’s bigger, but that’s not to say it is any better. Boosted by five new ministers—who in turn will be bolstered by plenty of support staff and the costly perks of executive office—the Trudeau election-ready cabinet is bordering on bloated with overlaps and carved-out creations aimed at tackling nagging problems. Yet there’s never been proof […]

A new crew won’t change the direction HMCS Trudeau is heading

Jul 18 2018 — John Ivison

It was like one of Donald Trump’s verbal intensifiers. Before Wednesday’s cabinet shuffle the Liberals were focused on growing the economy and strengthening the middle class; after it, they became very, very focused. Before, they were great at being the government; now, they will be “super-duper,” to borrow from the president. The shuffle provided the […]

Bill Blair: Doug Ford’s enemy in the Trudeau cabinet

Jul 18 2018 — Paul Wells

In appointing Bill Blair, the MP for Scarborough Southwest, as minister of border security and organized crime reduction‬, Justin Trudeau has sent an experienced and controversial player into the political battles leading up to next October’s federal election. But what’s most striking about the new minister is the deep animosity between Blair and the new […]

Sex-Ed in Ontario – Values-based or Evidence-based?

Jul 18 2018 — Don Lenihan

The Ontario sex-ed curriculum has been dogged by controversy since the start – thanks in part to a flawed consultation process. When Doug Ford repealed it last week, he also instructed his new education minister, Lisa Thompson, to fix the process. It’s a worthy task. As someone who does engagement for a living, I’d like […]

The refugee ‘crisis’ originates far from our borders

Jul 18 2018 — Vicky Mochama

If you believe some of the statements that have been made recently, you can barely move for all the refugees. On Twitter last year, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needed “to address the illegal border crossing crisis.” On Monday, the federal Conservative Party posted — then deleted — a tweet showing […]

Is Stephen Harper pulling Jason Kenney’s strings?

Jul 18 2018 — Gary Mason

By all measures, Jason Kenney should be feeling pretty good these days. His United Conservative Party recently won two by-elections in Alberta by whopping margins. Sure, they might have been in extra-safe seats, but still, the magnitude of the victories was notable. In one, the UCP candidate was 73 points ahead of the NDP’s sacrificial […]

Jul 18 2018 —

Canada, like most federal countries, needs equalization to ease the consequences of regional inequalities, namely the uneven quality of public services across provinces and significant population retention problems. They stem largely from the uneven strength of regional economies and population centres and the uneven territorial distribution of wealth, including natural resources. The federal equalization program […]

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Jul 18 2018 — Theresa Tedesco

A nasty public boardroom brawl at Hydro One Ltd. was averted because Ontario’s new Progressive Conservative government played the activist card. Blindsided by an executive compensation package designed to enrich management, the newly elected government of Premier Doug Ford flexed its muscle as the utility’s single largest shareholder and forced the ouster of Hydro One’s […]

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Jul 16 2018 — Dan Leger

Do “zero tolerance” policies make us safer? Do they fight crime or make our communities more just? Does zero tolerance achieve anything positive at all? I think it achieves very little. In fact, I have become decidedly intolerant on the subject. Zero tolerance takes zero thinking, betrays zero insight and often produces zero positive results. […]

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Jul 13 2018 — Susan Delacourt

The world’s most influential and innovative person on Twitter is a senior citizen who just turned 72 last month — President Donald Trump, known by his Twitter handle, @realDonaldTrump. So much for the idea that young people will change the future of democracy with social media. Trump’s overwhelming dominance of Twitter was documented in a […]

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Recently cut Ottawa Redblack Teague Sherman charged with sexual assault

Jul 18 2018 —

Ottawa police have confirmed former Redblacks defensive back Teague Sherman has been charged with two counts of sexual assault. Police say Sherman was charged last week, but did not provide further details because the matter is before the courts. Sherman didn’t play in Ottawa’s game against Calgary on Thursday and was released by the Redblacks […]


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