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Nov 15 2018 — Robert Benzie and Rob Ferguson

Premier Doug Ford’s government is cutting taxes for low-income earners, lifting some rent controls, and slashing oversight protections for the environment, vulnerable children, and Ontario’s French-speaking minority. In the Progressive Conservatives’ fall economic statement released Thursday, Finance Minister Vic Fedeli said the hours of retail alcohol sales will be extended to between 9 a.m. and […]

Nov 15 2018 — Peter Zimonjic

Canada is “actively considering” deploying Magnitsky Act sanctions over the murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said today. “We are very aware of the U.S. sanctions on certain Saudi individuals and we have been in close contact with the U.S. about those Magnitsky sanctions,” said Freeland, in Port Colborne, Ontario this […]

PCs refute Patrick Brown’s allegations against Fedeli, NDP calls for investigation

Nov 15 2018 —

The NDP is calling for an independent investigation into an allegation of inappropriate behavior leveled against Finance Minister Vic Fedeli that was detailed in a new book by former Progressive Conservative leader Patrick Brown. Excerpts of the book, titled Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown, were published in the Toronto Star ahead of […]

Nov 15 2018 —

The Ontario PC party is standing behind Vic Fedeli after a new book by Patrick Brown dropped bombshell allegations against the Ontario Finance Minister. The new book, titled Takedown: The Attempted Political Assassination of Patrick Brown, Brown claims Fedeli had also been the subject of sexual misconduct allegations.

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Nov 15 2018 —

Veterans Affairs Canada says it will expand access to Halifax’s Camp Hill Veterans Memorial Hospital by making more than two dozen beds available for Allied and modern-day veterans. The decision comes in the wake of widespread outrage over news that a veteran was denied access because his wartime service wasn’t with the Canadian military.

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Nov 15 2018 —

China said Thursday that 15 foreign ambassadors, including the envoy from Canada, exceeded their diplomatic roles by issuing a letter expressing concern about the incarceration of hundreds of thousands of members of the country’s Muslim minorities in re-education camps. Chinese Foreign Ministry spokesperson Hua Chunying told reporters at a daily briefing that it would be […]

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Nov 14 2018 —

Failed Conservative leadership contender and reality TV star Kevin O’Leary is suing the federal elections commissioner and Elections Canada over fundraising rules that limit how much of his own money he can spend to clear up outstanding campaign debts — rules O’Leary says infringe upon his Charter rights. O’Leary racked up nearly $2 million in […]

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Patrick Brown’s accidental gift to Doug Ford

Nov 15 2018 — Matt Gurney

He didn’t mean to, but Patrick Brown just did Ontario Premier Doug Ford a big favour. If nothing else, he’s bought him a few days of relative peace and quiet. Brown is the former leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservatives, the party Ford now leads and which forms Ontario’s majority government. Brown has a book […]

Oil industry turns to rail to reduce its price disadvantage. What are the safety implications?

Nov 15 2018 — Bruce Campbell

The Alberta bitumen industry is panicking because of the huge price discount [by as much as $50US per barrel] for their product compared to the US benchmark West Texas Intermediate price. The main culprit according to producers is a supply glut caused by pipeline bottlenecks due largely to government-imposed delays in new pipeline construction: notably […]

Maxime Bernier is still an answer in search of a problem

Nov 14 2018 — Chantal Hébert

As he travels west in search of support for his breakaway conservative party, Maxime Bernier has taken to introducing himself as “the Albertan from Quebec.” Albertans will have to decide from themselves whether a leader who reflects their values would, among other things, have Canada turn its back on the global fight against climate change […]

Don’t bet on carbon tax deciding the next election

Nov 14 2018 — Andrew Coyne

Are Conservatives right to think the next federal election will be a referendum on carbon pricing? And are they likely to win if it is? There they all are on that now-notorious Maclean’s cover: the premiers of Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Ontario, together with the Conservative leader and presumptive next premier of Alberta and the federal […]

A cautionary tale from Australia’s parliament buildings

Nov 15 2018 — John Parkinson

Some years ago, I wrote a book about the physical, spatial needs of democracy, comparing parliamentary and city layouts in 11 cities around the world. I praised the Canadian parliament on a number of grounds, primarily because of its openness: protests are allowed on the lawn, members regularly meet constituents inside the buildings, and Canada […]

Mad Max is proving he’s a political force

Nov 14 2018 — Tom Walkom

Pity Andrew Scheer. The federal Conservative leader still lags Liberal Prime Minister Justin Trudeau in the polls. He is having trouble in Quebec. And now Maxime Bernier’s fledgling People’s Party of Canada threatens to be a serious contender for the right-wing vote. Bernier, 55, is not always treated seriously. Nicknamed Mad Max, the Quebec MP […]

Nov 14 2018 — Dawna Friesen

I’m going to take advantage of you — my captive audience — if you’ll indulge me for a few minutes, to talk about journalism. You are all really smart, accomplished, successful business people. You know that journalism is a business, too. And it’s a business that is seriously under threat. The business model of the […]

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Nov 14 2018 — Peter Harder

Few Canadians with an interest in the recent evolution of the Senate could credibly deny that the upper chamber is becoming a better place. Thanks to a new arm’s-length and independent appointment process, the Senate is slowly rebuilding its reputation. But it’s also true that the upper chamber continues to have a credibility deficit with […]

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Nov 13 2018 — Glen Pearson

There was something deeply disturbing developing on a street in Paris this past Sunday, as world leaders came together to respect the fallen of World War One.  They decided to walk together in solidarity down the Champs-Elysee as the church bells rang out at 11 a.m. to mark the moment the war ended in 1918.  […]

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Nov 12 2018 — John Ibbitson

Maxime Bernier wants to win the Canadian Trump vote. In a speech on Saturday at a conference hosted by the right-wing Rebel Media in Calgary, the leader of the new People’s Party of Canada questioned the science of climate change, pilloried the United Nations and insisted immigrants to Canada must embrace “Western civilization values.”

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Nov 12 2018 — Stephen Maher

The MP was privy to Canada’s national security secrets, and his scandal has exposed a failure by all parties to take risks seriously. A couple of weeks ago, when I was out with friends at a Thai restaurant in Ottawa, two of the women at the table started sharing stories about Tony Clement’s very online […]

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Roy Clark, ‘Hee Haw’ host, dies at 85

Nov 15 2018 —

Roy Clark, a country music star and former host of the long-running TV series “Hee Haw,” died Thursday, his publicist told CNN. He was 85. Clark died of complications from pneumonia at his home in Tulsa, Oklahoma, according to publicist Sandy Brokaw. The guitarist and banjo player began his musical career as a young teen, […]


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