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May 27 2020 — Laura Ryckewaert

Former Progressive Conservative leader Peter MacKay is fighting to lead the party he once helped found, and his team, led by former MP Alex Nuttall, is touting strength in numbers, claiming a lead in membership sales to go with a lead in notable endorsements and funds raised to date.

May 26 2020 —

The Liberal government’s plan to extend the suspension of regular Parliamentary sittings until September due to COVID-19 went ahead Tuesday with the support of the NDP. The NDP also supported a motion to shut down debate on the extension, which was opposed by the Conservatives and the Bloc Québécois. The NDP voted with the government […]

May 27 2020 — Kyle Bakx

Not long after oil prices started their plunge in March, the calls for financial aid for Canada’s oilpatch began — and continued as the sector shed $8 billion in spending and more than 700,000 barrels per day of production amid the COVID-19 pandemic. While the oilpatch may have wanted the help to arrive sooner, Ottawa […]

Torstar to be sold, taken private in $52 million deal

May 26 2020 —

Newspaper chain owner Torstar Corp. says it has agreed to be sold to NordStar Capital LP in a $52-million deal. The transaction will see the Toronto-based media company taken private by NordStar, a firm run by businessmen Paul Rivett and Jordan Bitove. Under the terms of the transaction, NordStar will acquire all of the issued […]

May 26 2020 — Robert Fife and Steven Chase

The Trudeau minister responsible for digital government is distancing herself from a fundraising pitch on one of her internet communication channels that was soliciting money to sue a Canadian journalist. A spokeswoman for Vancouver-Quadra MP Joyce Murray said this particular posting in a group her staff runs on Chinese language social media platform WeChat is […]

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May 26 2020 — Rachel Gilmore

The day before the British Columbia Supreme Court is slated to release a key decision in the extradition case of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau says the government doesn’t need to apologize for decisions made by the independent Canadian justice system. “One of the good things about having a truly independent justice […]

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Party leaders putting party staffers in dicey position by taking wrong-smelling wage subsidy

May 27 2020 — Tim Powers

On the surface, it is symbolically stupid for Canadian political parties—including the federal Liberals, Conservatives, and New Democrats—to be claiming the Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy (CEWS). While they are eligible to receive this support because they are classified as not-for-profit organizations and therefore able to get assistance, it just smells wrong. Why? While this likely […]

Doug Ford must call inquiry into long-term care — now

May 26 2020 — Matt Gurney

Premier Doug Ford must call a public inquiry into the state of Ontario’s long-term care (LTC) homes. That wasn’t true even a week ago, when Ford announced an independent commission, but not a public inquiry (a defensible position, I argued in a column at the time). But the details in Tuesday’s report into the horrific […]

Trudeau’s COVID spending means decades of debt — Report

May 26 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein

The new normal for Canadians because of the COVID-19 recession will be unprecedented levels of government spending and debt for decades to come, according to a new study by the Fraser Institute released Tuesday. Whatever one thinks of the massive stimulus and support programs Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been announcing for weeks to help […]

From the ashes of COVID-19 the modern government office

May 26 2020 — Wayne Liko

This month the province of Ontario signaled the first steps of what will be a complex and challenging return to work with the opening of certain stores and essential services but closing schools until September 2020. We face a lot of unknowns – but one thing is clear – the modern workplace as we know […]

The new world order is disorder

May 25 2020 — Bruce Anderson

If, like me, you grew up in the ’60s and ’70s, there were some things you could be sure of. Russia was powerful and menacing. China was mysterious, but “red” was definitely “bad.” Japan and Germany couldn’t be trusted. Britain was tradition-bound and stolid, all “keep calm and carry on.” The United States saw itself […]

Ottawa killed a good plan to fund political parties. Using COVID-19 money instead is a disgrace

May 25 2020 — Susan Delacourt

The least essential service throughout the pandemic has been politics — which is why political parties should expect all the outrage they’re getting for their bid to get the federal wage subsidy. Even diehard believers in politics are having trouble with the news that Liberals, Conservatives, New Democrats and Greens, as well as Alberta’s United […]

May 25 2020 — Terry Glavin

As thousands of angry Hongkongers defied the law and poured into the streets over the weekend in response to the Chinese Communist Party’s increasingly aggressive moves to finally enclose the semi-autonomous region within Xi Jinping’s police state, it looked very much like the former British colony’s storied and long-standing status as one of the world’s […]

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May 25 2020 — Hassan Yussuff

We are in the midst of a global pandemic. The federal government is introducing new programs almost daily to support millions of Canadians who have been affected by this crisis. Public service employees are doing amazing work getting that support to the people who need it. Meanwhile, the calls for austerity are already coming fast […]

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May 25 2020 — Zach Paikin,

As the COVID-19 crisis has progressed, US-China relations have begun to acquire a logic of comprehensive, zero-sum confrontation. Even in the event that a lengthy pandemic reaffirms the need for international cooperation, the processes that have now been initiated will be difficult to undo. Mutual suspicion has become rife and talk of a “new Cold […]

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May 25 2020 — K.W. Grafton

For months now the world has been subjected to a relentless “infodemic” of COVID-19 media coverage, some of it sensationalistic fearmongering. Conflicting information is rampant, and the real threat of fake news to global health has prompted governments and health authorities to take action to shield the public from harmful misinformation. According to PEW Research, 48% of Americans report seeing […]

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NHL formally adopts 24-team playoff format, announces altered draft lottery

May 26 2020 —

NHL commissioner Gary Bettman says the league and the NHL Players’ Association have agreed on a return-to-play format in the event the 2019-20 season can resume. The 24-team plan would see the top-4 clubs the Eastern and Western Conference play two mini round-robin tournaments to determine seeding for the playoffs.


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