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National Liberal campaign director Ishmael advises candidates to rent campaign offices for two months: Liberal sources

Jul 26 2021 — Abbas Rana

With all federal parties entering the final phase of preparations for an anticipated election call next month, a top Liberal campaign official told candidates, campaign managers, and riding association presidents last week that they should rent campaign offices for two months. Liberal sources who attended the online meeting on Monday, July 19, said that in […]

Jul 26 2021 —

Mary Simon has officially become Canada’s first Indigenous governor general. Simon — an Inuk from Kuujjuaq in northeastern Quebec — was appointed by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau to fill the role earlier this month and took her oaths this morning in a ceremony at the Senate chambers in Ottawa. The swearing-in ceremony is, for the […]

Quebec offers 3rd dose of COVID vaccine to AstraZeneca recipients who want to travel

Jul 26 2021 —

The Quebec government says fully vaccinated residents who have received the Oxford-AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine can receive a third dose of an mRNA vaccine before travelling. Quebec is offering the extra shot because some countries don’t recognize the Oxford-AstraZeneca vaccine made at the Serum Institute of India, and Canadians who have received it could find themselves […]

The balanced budget era is over. Now what?

Jul 26 2021 — Aaron Wherry

Between the tabling of the federal budget in April and the end of the parliamentary sitting in June, Conservative Erin O’Toole asked dozens of questions in the House of Commons and spoke thousands of words. Not one of those words was “deficit.” Granted, what happens in question period doesn’t always reflect what actually matters most […]

Jul 26 2021 —

An in-depth analysis by The Canadian Press of federal parties’ financing at the grassroots level shows Conservative candidates’ riding-based war chests are flush with cash, dramatically outpacing their political rivals. A review of the most recent financial statements filed by riding associations to Elections Canada show that Conservative associations have, on average, just under $61,000 […]

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Jul 26 2021 —

Police in Truro, N.S., are investigating after a provincial election sign was damaged early Sunday morning. The Truro Police Service got the call about the damaged sign supporting Liberal candidate Tamara Tynes Powell at about 3 a.m. local time. Posts on social media show a large election sign torn and burned, and the wooden stakes […]

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Jul 26 2021 — Alex Binkley

A comprehensive AgriRecovery response is also needed.   Ottawa–The Canadian Federation of Agriculture (CFA) and Grain Growers of Canada (GGC) are encouraged by measures the federal and provincial governments are taking to support farmers through the extreme weather of this summer. The ministers have announced livestock tax deferral for prescribed drought areas, bilateral adjustments to […]

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Jul 25 2021 —

Canada’s spy service closely monitored the burgeoning nationalist movement in the 1960s and ’70s, poring over pamphlets, collecting reports from confidential sources and warily watching for signs of Communist infiltration, once-secret records reveal. The RCMP’s security branch, responsible for sniffing out subversives at the time, quietly tracked the rise of the Committee for an Independent […]

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Two years too late: It’s high time for Canada to implement the right to housing

Jul 26 2021 — Michèle Biss and Sahar Raza

As the Canadian government works to recover from the pandemic, one basic human right remains alarmingly inaccessible to more and more people across the country: housing. COVID-19 has exposed the harsh inequities in housing, health, and income across Canada, with stay-at-home orders and social distancing protocols near-impossible to follow for the growing number of people […]

Jagmeet Singh and the importance of being authentic

Jul 23 2021 — Lisa Van Dusen

One factor that must be keeping Justin Trudeau up — on the nights when Erin O’Toole isn’t helping him sleep — is the appeal of the NDP leader. When last we left our federal election-speculation Google alert menu, the original round of soothsaying and odds-making that provided such a dreamy, early-summer beach-blanket bingo diversion from […]

Here comes the death of LNG

Jul 23 2021 — Max Fawcett

For years now, the oil and gas industry has touted natural gas as a so-called “bridge” to a low-carbon future. Not surprisingly, it was one they intended to help build and use to transition their businesses away from fossil fuels at a leisurely pace. But if a flurry of recent announcements is any indication, that […]

Converging national, global events are feeding Singh’s momentum

Jul 22 2021 — Andrew Perez

As Canadians awake to the realities of a late-summer election, much has been written about the NDP’s surging electoral prospects under the leadership of Jagmeet Singh. A recent Abacus Data public opinion poll suggests Singh is the most popular national political leader, with robust support among women, younger voters, and British Columbians.

Jul 22 2021 — Chris Selley

Official Languages Commissioner Raymond Théberge insists he has nothing against soon-to-be Governor General Mary Simon, despite her inability to speak one of Canada’s official languages: The Queen’s first Indigenous representative in Ottawa speaks English and Inuktitut, but less French than Her Majesty herself. “We all know what a great candidate she is, what a great […]

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Jul 24 2021 — Arthur Milnes

Canadian federal politics became much more inclusive on this date in 1984. For the first time during a general election campaign, party leaders participated in a full French-language nationally-televised debate. It featured then Prime Minister John Turner for the Liberal Party, Ed Broadbent of the NDP, and Brian Mulroney of the Progressive Conservatives. Two days […]

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Jul 21 2021 — Glen Pearson

It’s the war few wish to talk about or summon from their memory.  One American general last week called it a “heartbreaking failure.” The war in Afghanistan was Canada’s longest and perhaps the most misunderstood.  For a time, it seized Parliament in Ottawa, brought the grief of losing loved ones directly to Canadian households, and […]

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Jul 23 2021 — Arthur Milnes

Today is a very important day in the life of career of one of the most important political advisors in modern Canadian political history. It was, on this date in 1981, that Tom Axworthy was appointed by then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as the 15th Prime Minister’s principal secretary. Axworthy replaced another legendary figure from PMO […]

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Jul 21 2021 — Martha Friendly and Lynell Anderson

The April 2021 federal budget was momentous for Canadian child care, committing significant federal dollars to building a national system of accessible, affordable, high quality, inclusive child care for all. Among its policy elements was a recognition that meeting this long-term goal will require “working with provinces and territories to support primarily not-for-profit sector child […]

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