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Jul 9 2020 — Stephen Maher

Leon Joudrey shuts his phone off before he goes to bed, so when he awoke in his Portapique, N.S., home early on the morning of April 19, he had no idea that 13 of his neighbours, including some of his closest friends, had been murdered while he slept. When he awoke at around 3 a.m., […]

Jul 9 2020 —

Conservative leadership candidate Leslyn Lewis says racial slurs directed at her during an online debate last night are not surprising. Lewis, Erin O’Toole and Derek Sloan were debating B.C.-related issues when the slurs appeared in the chat box of the video conferencing program organizers used. Lewis is the first Black candidate to run for the […]

Alberta politicians swap charges of bullying, misogyny after member ejected

Jul 9 2020 —

Alberta’s Opposition NDP tried and failed Thursday to censure the deputy speaker for evicting one of their members from the house in a day that saw both sides accuse each other of belittling and marginalizing women in politics. The governing United Conservatives voted down an NDP motion to discuss whether deputy Speaker Nicholas Milliken should […]

Airlines and aerospace firms call for aid package to help them recover from pandemic

Jul 9 2020 —

Organizations representing a large portion of Canada’s aerospace manufacturing and service industry are calling on the federal government to implement a strategy that would include a financial aid package to help the sector recover from the pandemic. Aerospace manufacturers and airlines have watched their revenue streams crater due to pandemic-driven restrictions on travel. Many have […]

Jul 9 2020 — Sam Cooper

As Canada’s closest intelligence allies move to bar Huawei from their 5G networks due to national security risks, the odds of Canada doing the same are sharply rising, former Canadian officials say. On June 30, the U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) formally designated Chinese telecom giants Huawei and ZTE “national security threats.” The “weight of […]

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As Trudeau faces fire over WE, Andrew Scheer’s antics aren’t helping

Jul 9 2020 — Chris Selley

The savage self-inflicted blows just keep coming for Justin Trudeau and his gang: On Thursday, the digital media outlet Canadaland and the CBC blew apart the story that the Trudeau family’s involvement with Craig and Marc Kielburger’s WE empire had been entirely voluntary, save for reimbursed travel expenses. Turns out Mother Margaret had collected $312,000 […]

We are heading for a ‘Trudeau III’ ethics report

Jul 9 2020 — John Ivison

The Ethics Commissioner’s second report on conflict of interest violations by the prime minister in the SNC-Lavalin scandal was titled: “Trudeau II,” so it is fair to assume that his investigation into alleged improprieties over the awarding of a $900 million contract to the WE charity will be labelled “Trudeau III.” One has to admire […]

The Nova Scotia murders: End the farce. Call the inquiry.

Jul 9 2020 — Paul Wells

Look, I know it’s hard to concentrate on government business with all the Trudeau family conflict-of-interest self-immolation going on, but let’s give it a try. “There is obviously an ongoing RCMP investigation into what actually happened in terms of the shooting,” Justin Trudeau said on June 25, the last time someone—Maclean’s reporter Nick Taylor-Vaisey—asked him […]

Independent candidates must battle fierce headwinds

Jul 9 2020 — Tamara A. Small and Jane Philpott

Local campaigns are understudied in Canada compared with national politics. In particular, we know relatively little about the unique challenges faced by independent candidates — those not endorsed by a registered or eligible political party. In 2019, Jane Philpott (a co-author of this article) was one such candidate. A cabinet minister in the Liberal government, […]

Canada’s Debt: $1 trillion is no cause for panic

Jul 9 2020 — Ryan Campbell

The fiscal response to the pandemic is massive but we should remain calm. The federal debt burden is manageable and we have more important things to worry about. The federal government released its Economic and Fiscal Snapshot on July 8. It outlines the price tag up to now and describes how costs will evolve over […]

What’s wrong with this snapshot?

Jul 8 2020 — John Ivison

It was heartening to see a finance minister provide clarity, imagination and hope amid the COVID chaos. He ruled out further extensions to wage subsidies beyond October but made it cheaper for people to buy homes; reduced consumption taxes for food and accommodation; offered restaurant discounts for people who “eat out to help out,” and […]

A Fiscal Snapshot for Unprecedented Times

Jul 8 2020 — L. Ian MacDonald

Government programs and events are famously known by space-saving acronyms such as CERB for the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit payments to more than 8 million Canadians, or CEBA for Canadian Emergency Business Account loans to small businesses. Or, more permanently, EI for employment insurance. There’s no abbreviation for a fiscal update — certainly not FU, […]

Trudeau didn’t learn his lesson about conflict of interest

Jul 9 2020 —

Having admitted he participated in the decision of his cabinet to award a sole-sourced government contract to the WE Charity to which he has close family ties, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau suddenly has a big problem with the Conflict of Interest Act. It will be up to Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion to decide if Trudeau […]

Jul 8 2020 — Denis Tsarev and Sabrina Zuniga

Now is the time for bold ideas and initiatives to recover our national and world economies, but that should not mean government picking business winners. Appropriate temporary public measures to help those in most need, such as providing short term relief and opportunities to people who lost everything during the lockdown period are very important, […]

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Jul 8 2020 — Chris Selley

The WE Charity fiasco is a quintessential Trudeau-Liberal mess, involving the same mingling of personal relationships and government contracts as the Aga Khan’s Island fiasco. The only major difference is that, unlike the Trudeaus’ Bahamian vacation, WE Charity’s $19.5-million contract to administer more than $900 million in summer jobs programming has been withdrawn by mutual […]

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Jul 8 2020 — Michael Coren

This week, a letter signed by 150 leading writers and academics was published in Harper’s magazine. Signatories included authors J.K. Rowling and Margaret Atwood, and various other influential figures. While welcoming the current discussion about racial injustice, it condemned “restriction of debate” and “a vogue for public shaming and ostracism.” It was, in effect, about […]

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Jul 7 2020 — Andrew Coyne

People keep asking Justin Trudeau to do ethically dubious things. Whether it’s requesting he attend private fundraising dinners with Chinese billionaires, or inviting him to vacation on their private Caribbean islands at the same time as they are seeking money from his government, or seeking his help in avoiding prosecution for bribing foreign dictatorships, people […]

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Jul 8 2020 — John Ivison

China has exploited the fragility created by COVID to accelerate its political annexation in the South China Sea and Hong Kong. Opposition to its belligerence has been met with disdain. After Canada suspended its extradition treaty with Hong Kong, in the wake of China’s radical new security law, the Chinese threatened retaliation. “All consequences shall […]

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Jul 8 2020 — Rosa Galvez

In Shelburne, N.S., water wells are contaminated by an old dumpsite and the Black community suffers from high cancer rates. Sarnia, Ont., known as “Chemical Valley” — Canada’s largest concentration of petrochemical industries — grapples with associated water and air pollution putting the health of the Aamjiwnaang and Walpole Island First Nations at risk. From […]

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Jul 7 2020 — Rick Smith

In this Trump-saturated time, one of the most underreported U.S. stories is that of the growing influence of the progressive wing of the Democratic Party, an accelerating trend that is fundamentally re-shaping politics south of the border. Though Bernie Sanders and Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez get a lot of attention, their relatively recent success is part of […]

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