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Sep 21 2020 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau is set to unveil a new plan to try to contain the spread of Covid-19 and recharge Canada’s pandemic-battered economy, according to a senior government official. The broad themes in this week’s so-called Throne Speech — which outlines his government’s priorities — will be a focus on the immediate task of […]

Sep 21 2020 —

The Liberal government will use the speech from the throne to lay out a plan to create tens of thousands of jobs by connecting Canada’s resource sector with its manufacturing base to produce batteries for electric cars, Radio-Canada has learned. “We recognize we have a unique opportunity to take advantage of our skilled labour force […]

PMO failed to check with key former employers before Payette’s appointment as Governor General: sources

Sep 21 2020 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his officials never conducted checks with Julie Payette’s former employers at the Montreal Science Centre and the Canadian Olympic Committee that might have raised red flags about her behaviour with co-workers and subordinates before her appointment as Governor General, sources tell CBC News. Multiple sources have told CBC News they […]

Sep 21 2020 — Alex Boutilier

Peter MacKay has publicly endorsed the former executive director of Maxime Bernier’s far-right People’s Party of Canada in the race for a seat on Halifax’s municipal council. In a video message posted on Twitter last week, MacKay endorsed Clinton Desveaux in his bid represent Dartmouth South-Eastern Passage. Desveaux worked with Bernier after he split from […]

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For the Trudeau government, it’s time to make some amends

Sep 22 2020 — Glen Pearson

Most throne speeches are primarily political affairs, designed to either obscure some kind of scandal or poor performance or to usher in some emerging initiative by putting immediate wind in its sails.  Occasionally it deals with both, as is the case with this week’s attempt to change the channel. Rumors abound, with some maintaining that […]

Erin O’Toole retreats in the face of Bill 21

Sep 22 2020 — John Milloy

They often say that one of the difficulties of discussing racism and prejudice in Canada is our reputation for being “nice.” Our supposed “niceness” acts as a veneer that covers up serious underlying issues. Not everything in our nation is covered by a nice veneer. Take Bill 21, Quebec’s so-called secularism law. The law openly […]

Quebec puts the heat back on Trudeau

Sep 21 2020 — Tom Mulcair

The Legault government has pushed the language file onto the front burner and it’s Justin Trudeau’s Liberals who have to be careful not to get singed. Any port in a storm. The abject incompetence of the Quebec government in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic has seen it search for any distraction and debating language laws […]

A reform of taxes would make a Guaranteed Livable Income feasible

Sep 21 2020 — Kim Pate

What’s next?” That is the question on the mind of every Canadian since the economic shutdown in March. While the Canadian Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and subsequent extensions have helped ease the financial burdens of 8.6 million recipients, it is still unclear what Canada’s economic safety net will look like in the future. Now more […]

Debunking the Liberal tax-and-spend myth

Sep 21 2020 — Diane Francis

Liberals often share two common myths: that running deficits and racking up debt can continue indefinitely; and that there is no limit to how high taxes can be raised. Both must be debunked. Deficit spending may have to continue in the wake of the pandemic. But Canada’s problem is that the Liberals, pre-COVID, were a […]

Remember when Conservative premiers were Justin Trudeau’s biggest headache?

Sep 20 2020 — Susan Delacourt

In the olden days, before the pandemic, the four men sitting behind a long table in an Ottawa hotel on Friday represented Justin Trudeau’s biggest problem — the “real” opposition. Ontario Premier Doug Ford, Alberta Premier Jason Kenney, Quebec Premier François Legault and Manitoba Premier Brian Pallister were in Canada’s capital to remind the prime […]

Sep 20 2020 — Perrin Beatty

Winter is coming and without help from Ottawa it will be particularly bleak for restaurants across Canada. Simply put, the situation is dire, with a majority of restaurants risking having to close permanently this fall. Right now, there is a trifecta of bad news: patios are closing, there is no prospect of office or holiday […]

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Sep 20 2020 — Tiffany Gooch

In what has now been dubbed as a “Fordian slip,” Ontario’s Minister of Education Stephen Lecce found himself correcting his language in Question Period last Tuesday — as he declared his intent to maximize savings, instead of safety, in schools. I believe Lecce’s words spread quickly across social media, because since taking office, this administration […]

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Sep 20 2020 — Lorne Gunter

Surely David MacNaughton, Canada’s former ambassador in Washington, knew his contacts with two cabinet ministers, the head of Canada’s armed forces and assorted senior political staffers and bureaucrats were a violation of federal conflict of interest rules. Before being appointed to our embassy in the U.S. capital, MacNaughton had been the head of StrategyCorp and […]

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Kal Penn hopes for dialogue with new show for young voters

Sep 21 2020 — Mark Kennedy

Politics has been more than a little shouty of late. Actor and activist Kal Penn would quietly like to change that. “Today we have the blessing — or a curse — of being able to yell at somebody on your phone on Twitter, which of course feels fantastic sometimes but doesn’t necessarily do anything,” he […]


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