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Jan 16 2018 — Nik Nanos

Ballot – The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 37.0 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 33.8 per cent, the NDP at 20.0 percent, the BQ at 3.8 per cent and the Greens at 4.5 per cent. Accessible Voters – Asked whether they would consider voting for each of the […]

Jan 16 2018 — Robert Fife

Western foreign ministers attending a Vancouver summit acknowledge that a diplomatic solution to the North Korea nuclear threat can’t be accomplished without China and Russia even as they examine new measures to pressure Pyongyang to the negotiating table. China and Russia have bluntly criticized the Vancouver talks, co-hosted by Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland and […]

Jan 16 2018 —

Australia has launched formal ­action with the World Trade ­Organisation targeting Canada over a trade dispute involving Australian wine products, two months after Justin Trudeau snubbed Malcolm Turnbull and world leaders during crucial negotiations on a new Trans-Pacific Partnership deal. In a rare move, the Turnbull government initiated WTO ­dispute-settlement action against Canada following representations […]

Researchers raise concerns as Twitter, Facebook seek role in Canadian election debates

Jan 16 2018 —

Facebook and Twitter want a role in the election debate show, reigniting broader questions about social media’s function in the democratic process. Ottawa is currently designing a policy to create an independent body to organize political party leaders’ debates in the 2019 federal election and beyond. Democratic Institutions Minister Karina Gould will meet behind closed […]

Construction of Canadian navy’s supply ships delayed until 2019, Liberal report reveals

Jan 15 2018 — David Pugliese

Construction of the navy’s supply ships won’t start until 2019, the federal government says, yet another delay in outfitting the maritime service with a critical capability. Work on the first Joint Support Ship at Seaspan shipyards in Vancouver was supposed to begin this year, but federal officials recently refused to outline to parliamentarians the building […]

Jan 15 2018 — Peter Zimonjic

Canada’s new Ethics Commissioner Mario Dion says he has informed Finance Minister Bill Morneau that the investigation into whether he broke the Conflict of Interest Act will proceed. Former ethics commissioner Mary Dawson began investigating Morneau’s role in the introduction of Bill C-27 while he still owned shares in his family’s pension company, but retired […]

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Jan 15 2018 — Shawn McCarthy

The Liberal government is set to introduce carbon-tax legislation that will give breaks to industrial emitters as Ottawa seeks to limit the economic impact of an ambitious environmental agenda to be enacted this year. Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Finance Minister Bill Morneau on Monday released a draft legislative proposal outlining key elements of the […]

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Canada needs to push on with free trade deals despite a turbulent 2017

Jan 16 2018 — Brian Innes

Last year was a real roller-coaster ride for international trade talks. While there were some highs, unfortunately we’ve pulled into the station without competitive access to world markets, especially in the Asia-Pacific region. Canada’s exporters are green in the gills as a result, especially those in the agri-food sector. Canada is falling behind our competitors […]

How polling gave Patrick Brown’s PCs a head start

Jan 15 2018 — Martin Regg Cohn

Patrick Brown is toasting the new year with big news; his Progressive Conservatives have signed up a record 200,000 members. The Tories are also boasting about a banner year for fundraising, taking in $2.35 million in 2017, more than the Liberals and New Democrats combined. Money and memberships are the oxygen of politics, fuelling the […]

Planning the 2018 budget

Jan 15 2018 — Scott Clark and Peter DeVries

By now the Finance Minister should be close to putting the “finishing touches” on his 2018 budget. He recently presented his updated economic and fiscal outlook to the Cabinet in London, Ontario  and he has finalized his own budget consultations and received the budget recommendations of the House Finance Committee.  Putting “finishing touches” on a […]

Trump’s chaos spills across the border

Jan 15 2018 — Dan Leger

After brewing away quietly for months, the NAFTA file is fermenting into a serious problem, if not yet a foaming crisis, for the Trudeau Liberals. Last week, the Canadian dollar swooned along with the country’s stock indexes as reports emerged suggesting continuing trouble in the three-state trade talks. It was hard to know what was […]

Alberta is isolated at the worst possible time

Jan 15 2018 — Chris Nelson

The Rainmaker died seven years ago, but if ever his words were needed in Alberta and the rest of Western Canada, it’s today. That would be Keith Davey, believed by many to be the Godfather of the modern Liberal Party of Canada, and affectionately called The Rainmaker by those he helped grab or hang onto […]

Jan 15 2018 — Heather Mallick

One day, possibly today, U.S. President Donald Trump will use the N-word. What then? It was strange to watch his little White House ceremony on Friday honouring Martin Luther King, Jr. and see him emphasize the word “African” in his mention of “African-Americans.” Uncomfortable as I am with excremental references, the subtext was there if […]

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Jan 14 2018 — Tom Walkom

Canada seems to be quietly backing down on the North American Free Trade Agreement. It is now willing to bargain U.S. demands that the Liberal government had formerly dismissed as deal-breakers. That seems to be the gist of several days of confusing messages on the NAFTA negotiations coming out of Ottawa. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia […]

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Jan 14 2018 — Pamela C. Fralick

In the late 80’s and early 90’s Canadian Governments undertook a grand bargain with Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical sector that had a profound and positive impact on Canadian society. Bills C-22 (1987) and Bill C-91 (1993) saw innovative patent drug manufactures receive world class patent protections and business certainty in exchange for investing in Canada. This […]

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Jan 13 2018 — Margaret Atwood

It seems that I am a “Bad Feminist.” I can add that to the other things I’ve been accused of since 1972, such as climbing to fame up a pyramid of decapitated men’s heads (a leftie journal), of being a dominatrix bent on the subjugation of men (a rightie one, complete with an illustration of […]

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