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Jul 21 2018 — Murray Brewster

A well-known, outspoken veterans advocate is suing a federal cabinet minister for defamation, CBC News has learned. Sean Bruyea of Ottawa filed the action against Veterans Minister Seamus O’Regan in the Ontario Superior Court of Justice on May 11, copies of which were recently released. The suit, which asks for $25,000 in damages, stems from […]

Jul 21 2018 —

As the deadline for Kinder Morgan to help Canada find another buyer for the Trans Mountain pipeline approaches, protesters gathered on Parliament Hill Saturday to oppose the multibillion-dollar purchase. The protesters dressed in white hazmat suits and as Kinder Morgan employees, carrying both a fake pipeline and a bill for $4.5 billion — the cost […]

Pipeline protesters defy eviction order, say they’ll meet with officials

Jul 21 2018 —

Protesters at an anti-pipeline camp in Burnaby, B.C., say they will meet with officials to discuss safety measures, but they will not comply with a city-issued evacuation order. The City of Burnaby says there are safety concerns surrounding “Camp Cloud,” including a two-storey wooden watch house and a fire that protesters describe as sacred and […]

Doug Ford’s first premiers’ meeting more cordial than confrontational

Jul 21 2018 — Janyce McGregor

Opinions varied on what Doug Ford might do when he gathered with other premiers at this week’s Council of the Federation in Saint Andrew’s, N.B. Would the new Ontario premier want to make a big splash? Or hang back at his first summer premiers’ meeting, listening and strategizing? Ontario premiers have traditionally played a consensus-build

Jul 20 2018 — Tom Blackwell

The on-again, off-again NAFTA talks appear headed in a whole new direction, one that could see the United States strike a quick deal with Mexico first, then turn to Canada with potentially added leverage, experts suggested Friday. The scenario might even result in the States sparing Mexico further punitive tariffs on steel or possibly cars, […]

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Jul 20 2018 —

Canada’s Ambassador to the United States says he expects North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations to resume in the next few weeks and that securing an agreement on the auto sector will be key to unlocking talks around the remaining sticking points. NAFTA negotiations have been on hold since late May, ahead of the Mexican […]

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Jul 21 2018 —

Resurgent oil prices this year could deliver three provinces unexpected windfalls — and maybe improved political fortunes — if crude stays strong. Sagging prices have weighed heavily on resource-based economies in recent years, putting the squeeze on provincial budgets that rely on petroleum revenues. But with oil prices tracking higher than expected this year, a […]

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Doug Ford’s sex re-education

Jul 21 2018 — Michael Coren

The arguments around Ontario’s sex-education curriculum have been made countless times, and it’s increasingly clear that most of its loudest critics haven’t actually read the document. Opponents of the 2015 curriculum, which has now been taught to countless students with few complaints, rushed to Doug Ford’s side when he declared during the provincial election that […]

Derek Fildebrandt’s desperate bid for attention

Jul 20 2018 — Gary Mason

Once Jason Kenney kicked Derek Fildebrandt out of Alberta’s United Conservative Party, you knew there’d be a counter-move. Perhaps no one expected this one, however. Mr. Fildebrandt has announced the formation of a new right-wing political association in the province – the Freedom Conservative Party. And if that sounds a little Ayn Rand-meets-American Tea Party, […]

The outrage over Ontario’s sex ed revamp is missing the point

Jul 20 2018 — Marni Soupcoff

Critics may not yet have said that the Ontario government’s decision to drop the province’s updated sex curriculum will kill children, but they have come close. The buzz phrases have been that abandoning the curriculum “puts kids at risk,” and teachers ought to keep teaching the curriculum to “keep kids safe.” There is a blog […]

The GTA Shuffle is Done. On to the BBQ Circuit

Jul 20 2018 — L. Ian MacDonald

The mid-summer cabinet shuffle was about getting the Liberal government past rough patches through to the October 2019 election. And a lot of the campaign positioning from their perspective is about Ontario and Quebec, the heartland of Liberal dynasties going back to Laurier’s time. Ontario has been responsible for the last two majority governments, giving […]

Cabinet shuffle! Borders! Election!

Jul 19 2018 — Supriya Dwivedi

A cabinet shuffle is the kind of thing that only excites the nerdiest of political nerds, so you would be excused if you were enjoying your summer instead of reading into the subtleties of what this cabinet shuffle might mean for the federal election scheduled for Oct. 21, 2019. One thing is clear, though: the […]

Bill Blair set to play good cop and bad cop

Jul 19 2018 — Tim Harper

Federal Environment Minister Catherine McKenna enjoyed herself at the Lauryn Hill concert in Toronto on Wednesday, and that was nice to know because many didn’t. She took to social media to tell us just that, but because acrimony between the Justin Trudeau government and the Doug Ford provincial government does not end at the Budweiser […]

Why bigger isn’t always better in building a new cabinet

Jul 18 2018 — Don Martin

It’s bigger, but that’s not to say it is any better. Boosted by five new ministers—who in turn will be bolstered by plenty of support staff and the costly perks of executive office—the Trudeau election-ready cabinet is bordering on bloated with overlaps and carved-out creations aimed at tackling nagging problems. Yet there’s never been proof […]

Jul 18 2018 — Paul Wells

In appointing Bill Blair, the MP for Scarborough Southwest, as minister of border security and organized crime reduction‬, Justin Trudeau has sent an experienced and controversial player into the political battles leading up to next October’s federal election. But what’s most striking about the new minister is the deep animosity between Blair and the new […]

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Jul 18 2018 — Vicky Mochama

If you believe some of the statements that have been made recently, you can barely move for all the refugees. On Twitter last year, Conservative MP Michelle Rempel said Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needed “to address the illegal border crossing crisis.” On Monday, the federal Conservative Party posted — then deleted — a tweet showing […]

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Jul 18 2018 — Gary Mason

By all measures, Jason Kenney should be feeling pretty good these days. His United Conservative Party recently won two by-elections in Alberta by whopping margins. Sure, they might have been in extra-safe seats, but still, the magnitude of the victories was notable. In one, the UCP candidate was 73 points ahead of the NDP’s sacrificial […]

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Jul 18 2018 —

Canada, like most federal countries, needs equalization to ease the consequences of regional inequalities, namely the uneven quality of public services across provinces and significant population retention problems. They stem largely from the uneven strength of regional economies and population centres and the uneven territorial distribution of wealth, including natural resources. The federal equalization program […]

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Quebec actor Edgar Fruitier charged with indecent assault against a minor

Jul 21 2018 —

Quebec actor Edgar Fruitier faces two charges of indecent assault against a minor in connection with alleged events dating back to the 1970s. The 88-year-old actor’s arrest was first reported by the Montreal-area newspaper Le Courrier du Sud. Police in Longueuil, on Montreal’s South Shore, confirm they arrested a person matching Fruitier’s age in connection […]


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