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Jan 19 2018 — Robert Benzie

It was no leisurely skate on the Rideau Canal for Premier Kathleen Wynne as she took her town hall road show to Ottawa. As at previous forums in Toronto and Brampton last fall, Wynne faced some tough questions from the public Thursday evening on a slew of policy matters. “The violence in our schools is […]

Jan 19 2018 —

As the North American Free Trade Agreement hangs in the balance, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau will visit three major American cities next month to stress deeper economic collaboration between the two countries. Trudeau, who is bound for the World Economic Forum in Switzerland next week, will visit Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago from February […]

Time for Liberals to ‘really pour it on’ with NAFTA: Scheer

Jan 19 2018 — Vassy Kapelos

Negotiations over the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) are at a critical juncture, according to Conservative Party Leader Andrew Scheer. Scheer just wrapped a two-day visit to Washington, D.C., where he met with Republican Senator Lisa Murkoski, U.S. Chamber of Commerce vice-president Neil Herrington, and Republican Congressman Chris Smith among others.

Jan 19 2018 — Keith Boag

The day after U.S. President Donald Trump learned that a gossipy White House tell-all included quotes that his son was “treasonous” and his daughter “dumb as a brick,” Trump’s mysterious billionaire backers Robert and Rebekah Mercer did a very rare thing and publicly fired back. Rebekah Mercer issued a statement about Trump’s former strategist and […]

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Jan 18 2018 —

The federal government will launch negotiations Friday for the lease of four icebreakers from Davie, the Quebec shipyard at the centre of the RCMP’s investigation against suspended Vice-Admiral Mark Norman. The surprise move follows growing concerns about the coast guard’s aging icebreaker fleet, which were highlighted earlier this month when mechanical problems kept the service […]

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A bizarre public-vs.-private debate in Canadian politics

Jan 19 2018 — Susan Delacourt

On his official itinerary for last weekend, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was said to be having “personal” time in Ottawa. Social media, however, told a slightly different story. In photos circulating on Facebook and Instagram, Trudeau is shown spending part of last Saturday at a Liberal Party of Canada national executive meeting. It looks like […]

Is Trudeau playing politics with pro-choice funding stance?

Jan 18 2018 — Don Martin

When Justin Trudeau decreed in 2014 that all candidates for his Liberal party had to be pro-choice, one of his anti-abortion MPs labelled it a bozo eruption. There is an eruption echo sounding now in a move which is being widely perceived as the prime minister going beyond his party to impose Liberal morality on […]

Amazon rejection a wake-up call for Calgary

Jan 19 2018 — Danielle Smith

We don’t have enough tech-savvy hipsters. That seems to be the deciding factor in why Amazon gave Calgary the brush-off in its bid to win the company’s new headquarters. I always thought it was a longshot, particularly when we started hearing stories of how much other places were offering to sweeten the pot.

The misguided attempts to bar Donald Trump from Canada

Jan 18 2018 — Tim Harper

Last week, Donald Trump suddenly discovered he didn’t like the American embassy in London and cancelled a state visit there. He claimed to be upset that Barack Obama had sold the previous embassy “for peanuts” (never mind the deal was done by the George W. Bush administration) but his decision to stay home was really […]

Can Jason Kenney spark an anti-Ottawa revolt in 2018?

Jan 18 2018 — Don Braid

United Conservative Party Leader Jason Kenney often comes across as Alberta’s youngest old man. He evokes the past, mainly the Ralph Klein years, while crying for anti-Ottawa battles we haven’t seen since the great energy and constitutional conflicts of the 1980s. On Wednesday, Kenney’s party stated it clearly in a release: “A United Conservative Government […]

Jan 18 2018 — Vicky Mochama

There might be more babies in the House of Commons, and, for once, that’s not a complaint about its members. Karina Gould, the minister for democratic institutions, is set to be the first female cabinet member (though not the first MP) to have a child while in office, according to the Globe and Mail. (The […]

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Jan 18 2018 — Martin Regg Cohn

A pre-election cabinet shuffle is a big deal in the life and death cycle of any government, a last chance for reincarnation or resurrection. The Liberals are putting their best face(s) forward in the final months before a June 7 vote. But Wednesday’s cabinet unveiling also lays bare the party’s exposed flanks after 14 years […]

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Jan 18 2018 —

Amid continued controversy, Kinder Morgan is poised to break ground on its $7.4 billion Trans Mountain Expansion Project. When the pipeline is complete, it will triple the volume of diluted bitumen, or Dilbit, that reaches Canada’s Pacific shoreline to 890,000 barrels per day. The Trans Mountain pipeline has been in operation since 1953. It crosses […]

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