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Jun 22 2018 —

Just weeks ahead of the NATO summit U.S. President Donald Trump is calling on allies, including Canada, to increase defence spending on NATO. It comes by way of a letter, obtained by iPolitics, written on White House letterhead and signed by Trump, that was sent to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on June 19. “There is […]

Jun 22 2018 — Alex Ballingall

Jagmeet Singh was supposed to be in Chicoutimi. Headlines heralded the arrival of all three major party leaders to the riding north of Québec City last week, just days before a federal byelection. Singh, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer were actually expected to appear at the same event: the opening leg […]

Jun 22 2018 — Murray Brewster

The Liberal government has concluded a deal with a Quebec shipyard to purchase, through a sole-source contract, three medium icebreakers to relieve pressure on the Canadian Coast Guard’s aging fleet. The agreement struck with Chantier Davie of Levis, Que., which operates the Davie shipyard, was announced Friday in a release by Public Services and Procurement […]

PM Pays $100 Ethics Penalty

Jun 22 2018 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been fined $100 for another breach of Parliament’s ethics code, this time involving a gift from the Premier of Prince Edward Island. Neither the breach nor fine were disclosed until Parliament prepared to adjourn for summer recess.

Quebec Charter of Values a factor in radicalizing foreign fighters: study

Jun 22 2018 —

Five months after Shayma Senouci left Quebec to join Islamic State fighters (ISIS) in Syria, she wrote a long email to her friends back home. She told them that she felt she didn’t belong in the West and that she had an obligation to emigrate to a Muslim country. “I left because I felt imprisoned […]

Jun 22 2018 — Marieke Walsh

Ontario Premier-designate Doug Ford has tapped a senior staffer from Stephen Harper’s government to be one of his top advisors, say sources closely linked to the Progressive Conservatives. Jenni Byrne will be Ford’s principal secretary, according to four sources who spoke with iPolitics on condition of anonymity. Byrne did not reply to a request for […]

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Jun 21 2018 —

The U.S.-owned company behind a Windsor-Detroit bridge crossing is stepping up its fight to prevent a Canadian-funded second span from being built. And they’re doing it by appealing to U.S. President Donald Trump with a TV commercial. The owners of the Ambassador Bridge — the Detroit International Bridge Company (DIBC) — say the construction of […]

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Jun 22 2018 — Steven Chase and Robert Fife

Chinese telecom giant Huawei, which has put down strong roots in Canada, is now encountering more trouble in other G7 countries, with a German lawsuit this week alleging that the Shenzhen company has stolen state-of-the-art technology, and Congressional pressure on Google to cut ties with the firm. This week, Israel’s SolarEdge Technologies filed a patent-infringement […]

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Trump gives Trudeau a golden ticket, but can he cash in?

Jun 22 2018 — Michael Harris

For Justin Trudeau, spotty record and all, Donald Trump could be the improbable ticket to re-election. The question is, does Trudeau understand why the Trump card is so important? The domestic political situation facing Trudeau and his Liberal government is increasingly gloomy. Whether he knows it or not, the disappointment amongst the coalition that gave […]

The dazzling deceit of big marijuana

Jun 22 2018 — Margaret Wente

Alex MacDonald is a grizzled old pothead. He has a cough from 50 years of smoking dope. He used to be a dealer, too, though he hasn’t done that for years. Today he remains a faithful consumer and a close student of the industry. He thinks a lot of the hype around legalization is ridiculous.

How Canada’s G7 summit fell short for women

Jun 22 2018 — Matthew Gouett and Bridget Steele

Canada is being praised in some quarters for taking a strong stance on supporting women’s empowerment as host of the G7 leaders’ summit earlier this month, but the praise is somewhat misplaced. There was a $400 million investment in women and girls’ education; a commitment to raise $3 billion to support women’s economic participation in […]

Are issues getting too complex for real debate?

Jun 20 2018 — Don Lenihan

Yesterday in this space, I called for an election on how Canada should respond to Trump. In a note, public affairs expert Andrew Beattie neatly laid out what I believe is a widely shared fear about such a debate: the issues are too complex, and it would quickly degenerate into bombast and sloganeering. I see […]

War Under the Peace Tower

Jun 20 2018 — Glen Pearson

In the parliamentary calendar, it is inevitable that the subject of Question Period’s dysfunction will emerge, often with a twinge of anger. It’s happening again in these last few days, led by the Toronto Star researching into the veracity and truthfulness of that one time in the House where the government must account for its […]

Reforming Parliament: Time to hear from all the players

Jun 20 2018 — John Milloy

Is representative democracy in Canada in trouble? The Samara Centre for Democracy, a Canadian charity working to improve politics thinks so.  Their recently released report, Flip the Script, paints a grim picture of Canada’s system of elected representation.  Based on interviews with 54 Members of Parliament exiting after the 2105 federal election, it portrays a hyper-partisan House […]

Jun 19 2018 — Susan Delacourt

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau needs a better summer in 2018 than he had in 2017 — and the Chicoutimi-Le Fjord byelection was not exactly the most auspicious start. Publicly, Liberals are casting the Conservative victory as not a big deal — the byelection, they’re saying, was always going to be an uphill struggle against local […]

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Jun 20 2018 — Jaymie Heilman

Today, on World Refugee Day, Canadians might see yet another news story about the traumas of young Central American girls and boys being separated from their asylum-seeking parents by US immigration officials. As the American Civil Liberties Union recently reported, children who flee to the US unaccompanied are also being brutally mistreated: child immigrants in […]

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Jun 19 2018 — Paul Wells

We keep looking for a politician who’ll stand up and admit failure. Suddenly here was one. There’s a kind of nobility in taking your licking, I guess. “We’re disappointed” in Monday’s by-election results in the Quebec heartland riding of Chicoutimi-Le Fjord, Jagmeet Singh told a knot of reporters outside the House of Commons before Question […]

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Jun 19 2018 — Andrew Coyne

For twelve exciting hours last week, Parliamentary business was held up by a Conservative procedural tactic forcing a vote on every one of 200 items in the Main Estimates. The marathon voting session was in protest at the Liberal government’s failure to release detailed projections of the cost to Canadian households of pricing emissions of […]

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