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Trudeau unveils details for emergency payment for Canadians

Apr 5 2020 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has announced details for a cash payment for Canadians out of work because of the COVID-19 pandemic. Applications for the Canada Emergency Response Benefit will be accepted starting tomorrow, offering Canadians who have lost their jobs because of the crisis $2,000 a month. Trudeau says it will take three to five […]

Apr 5 2020 —

Canada has put a call out for volunteers to support frontline healthcare workers and is offering full-time jobs to Canadian Forces reservists, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau announced during an update to the country’s coronavirus response on Sunday. “For those of you with specialized skills looking to help our frontline workers, we do want to hear […]

Apr 5 2020 —

Ontario public health officials confirmed 25 more COVID-19 deaths and reported 408 new cases of the virus on Sunday morning. There are currently 4,038 cases in the province, including a total of 119 deaths as a result of the novel coronavirus. Of those 4,038, more than 1,449 patients have recovered, up 230 from Saturday’s report

Queen to address Commonwealth amid coronavirus pandemic

Apr 5 2020 —

The Queen will present a rare broadcast to the Commonwealth on Sunday as coronavirus cases surge past 1.2 million globally. Buckingham Palace confirmed the address on Friday through its social media accounts, adding that viewers can tune in on television, radio or online at 3 p.m. EDT. Tune in to watch the Queen’s public address […]

Ottawa looks to Kushner, other U.S. trade officials to resolve medical equipment dispute

Apr 4 2020 — Katie Simpson

The Trudeau government is looking to the relationships it established during NAFTA negotiations to resolve the urgent dispute over personal protective equipment with the United States. According to senior sources with direct knowledge of the situation, Canadian politicians at different levels, and of different political stripes, will and have been reaching out to contacts in […]

Apr 4 2020 —

Ontario Premier Doug Ford says his efforts to secure new respirator masks for frontline healthcare workers are being stifled both inside and outside the country, blaming U.S. President Donald Trump and federal regulators who are holding up plans to produce them in the province. Ford said that speaking with 3M Canada on Saturday; it appears […]

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Alberta’s ‘double-whammy’ is a lesson for Canada

Apr 5 2020 — Jaime Watt

The COVID-19 humanitarian crisis is compounded in its severity by an economic crisis that, like the virus, is worsening exponentially. Nowhere is this more pronounced than Alberta where, this week, the price of Western Canadian Select oil plummeted below $5 a barrel — equivalent to the price of a pint of beer. We are facing […]

Andrew Cuomo’s crisis management gold medal

Apr 5 2020 — Robin V. Sears

“I love you, little brother.” With that terse but powerful declaration, New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo confirmed his status as the crisis leader in North America. Frank admission of emotional vulnerability takes guts for most men, even in private. But in public, day after day, the 62-year-old, tough, often abrasive and far from universally loved […]

Patty Hajdu’s China Syndrome

Apr 5 2020 — Lorrie Goldstein

China’s government is no doubt delighted with federal Health Minister Patty Hajdu’s vigorous defence of its credibility regarding its role in the outbreak of COVID-19, which has created a global health and economic crisis. Canadians, on the other hand, should be concerned. Not only did Hajdu blow past Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s non-committal answer Thursday […]

A new government priority: children’s voices

Apr 5 2020 —

Even isolation cannot prevent the sights and sounds of children and youth at play. Their laughing voices ring out with bicycle bells on soft spring winds and occasionally, they taunt each other with unbridled shouts of freedom. Their colourful jackets and boots provide a welcome antidote to the grim background of COVID-19 masks and ventilators […]

In Doug Ford’s Ontario, knowledge is sorrow

Apr 3 2020 — Paul Wells

“Sorrow is knowledge,” Lord Byron told us long ago. “They who know the most/ Must mourn the deepest o’er the fatal truth/ The Tree of Knowledge is not that of Life.” Doug Ford, no classicist, had a similar message for Ontarians on Friday as he finally broke a short-lived taboo whose justification none of us […]

No sugar-coating it as Doug Ford delivers the grim COVID-19 news to Ontarians

Apr 3 2020 — John Ivison

Ontario Premier Doug Ford called the projected spread of COVID-19 in the country’s largest province “stark and sobering”. Ontario is the first jurisdiction in Canada to share the modelling on which public policy decisions are being made, including projected fatalities. No wonder the premier, and health minister, Christine Elliott, looked ashen-faced. The province is expecting […]

Apr 2 2020 — John Ivison

Justin Trudeau’s reluctance to level with Canadians by releasing the government’s death-toll projections has understandably led to nervousness. Are the forecasts so bleak the prime minister is worried we can’t handle the truth? Yet key decision-makers suggest that the main cause for apprehension in Ottawa is not over the immediate health crisis, or even the […]

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Apr 2 2020 — John Ibbitson

In Canada’s history, great crises have invariably led to the concentration of power in Ottawa. It’s happening again. Decades of decentralization have been reversed in a matter of weeks. Provincial governments are in desperate straits. Newfoundland and Labrador, the weakest of the lot, teetered on bankruptcy last month, unable to find anyone willing to lend […]

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Apr 2 2020 — Tom Walkom

In times of crisis, countries must fend for themselves. That is the fatal weakness of globalization. The COVID-19 pandemic has highlighted this weakness. The theory behind globalization (or the liberal world order as Deputy Prime Minister Chrystia Freeland prefers to call it) sounds good. It is based on two principles. First, nations should conc

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Apr 2 2020 — Edward Greenspon

Canada has never been an energy superpower, especially in terms of its largest energy commodity: oil. We are price takers not price makers. We export, dribblings aside, to only a single market. We are woefully non-strategic and unsophisticated in the ways of the world; our innate sense of decency distracting us with “ethical oil” arguments […]

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