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Kenney says longtime activist’s appointment as environment minister sends ‘very problematic’ message

Oct 26 2021 —

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney says the federal government’s choice for minister of environment and climate change Tuesday sends a “very problematic” message to the province. Longtime environmental activist and former Heritage Minister Steven Guilbeault will take on the prominent role in cabinet as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s Liberals attempt to slash greenhouse gas emissions by […]

Oct 26 2021 — John Paul Tasker

Conservative leader says Trudeau rewarding ministers who have ‘demonstrated incompetence.’ Conservative Leader Erin O’Toole tore into Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s new cabinet lineup today, saying he’s assembled a group of “largely inexperienced and ideological individuals” that pose a threat to the country’s national unity and post-pandemic economic recovery. In a statement released as ministers were […]

Oct 26 2021 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has confirmed that he intends to lead the Liberals into the next federal election, with a single word: “yes.” The Liberal leader’s announcement was met with cheers from several ministers standing behind him during a press conference on Tuesday, shortly after he unveiled his new federal cabinet.

Alberta referendum on equalization gets 62% support, daylight time voted down by tiny margin

Oct 26 2021 —

Most Albertans who voted in last week’s municipal elections want Canada to remove the equalization section from the Constitution, but support for reverting to year-round daylight saving time was almost evenly split among voters — with those voting against narrowly coming out on top. Elections Alberta reported nearly 62 per cent of voters said “yes” […]

Oct 26 2021 —

Office issues apology following Twitter feud with critic who called out misinformation. Elections Alberta shared incorrect information about equalization on its website in advance of the recent referendum that may have misled voters about what effect a yes vote would have, constitutional law experts say. Fulfilling a campaign promise, the United Conservative government of Premier […]

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Oct 26 2021 — Ryan Maloney

Trudeau named eight rookies to cabinet and brought back a minister dropped in 2019. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has renovated his front bench by naming eight new faces to his cabinet. He’s also brought back a minister he dropped from his inner circle two years ago. In building his new cabinet, Trudeau favoured appointing new […]

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Oct 26 2021 — Alex Boutilier

Justin Trudeau’s new heritage minister has a chance to reset the Liberal government’s controversial plans to regulate social media and internet giants. The question is whether he will take it. Trudeau tapped veteran MP and cabinet minister Pablo Rodriguez to lead the heritage portfolio Tuesday, part of a wider reset of his cabinet after September’s […]

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The good, bad and ugly of the new Trudeau cabinet

Oct 26 2021 — Don Martin

Keeping in mind that being a Justin Trudeau cabinet minister means you’re a force-fed enabler of the Prime Minister’s agenda more than influencer of policy direction, there are good, bad and ugly moves to be observed in Tuesday’s swearing-in ceremony. The over-arching theme is how this gaggle of ministers is more lapdog than usual, where […]

With his cabinet picks, Trudeau signals he’s a PM in a hurry

Oct 26 2021 — Aaron Wherry

Justin Trudeau described his new cabinet Tuesday as “a team of familiar faces and new faces that are ready to put all their strengths, all their hard work toward delivering for Canadians in the coming years.” “Delivering” may be the key word here. According to a senior Liberal source, the speed and urgency with which […]

Justin Trudeau’s cabinet choices reveal how he’d like to be remembered

Oct 26 2021 — Althia Raj

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau sent several strong signals Tuesday with the appointment of his new cabinet. First, his policy focus. Gone are the ministers of digital government and middle-class prosperity (drawing less attention to failed benchmarks), replaced instead with ministers for mental health, housing, and tourism. Former Équiterre founder Steven Guilbeault becomes the country’s environment […]

Welcome to Justin Trudeau’s no-growth cabinet

Oct 26 2021 — John Ivison

It is absurd that at a time when Canada’s energy exports look set to top their all-time peak, Justin Trudeau has appointed as environment minister a man who opposes fossil fuel development in this country. How dangerous could Steven Guilbeault’s appointment be to Canada’s economic and political future? We are about to find out.

Oct 26 2021 — Aaron Wherry

In an interview before the publication of a new report he co-authored on how much developed nations are doing to help developing countries fight climate change, Environment Minister Jonathan Wilkinson figured he had relatively good news to share. The early reviews were less inclined to look on the bright side. “This document is certainly not […]

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Oct 25 2021 — John Ibbitson

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has decided to appoint his fifth minister of foreign affairs, which is a travesty. My colleagues Bill Curry, Marieke Walsh and Steven Chase report that Marc Garneau is being moved out of the post after less than a year in the job. Serial rotation of foreign affairs ministers is nothing new. […]

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Oct 26 2021 — Joe Oliver

Economically developed countries have committed to start transitioning off fossil fuels, even though that commitment is disconnected from technological and economic reality. As a result, their policies have exacerbated a global energy crisis, with severe geopolitical and domestic implications. Canada is an active participant in the self-delusion.

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Oct 25 2021 — Nick Taylor-Vaisey

Jean Chrétien crafted cabinets on a blank piece of paper — in 1996 he started on a cocktail napkin in Kuala Lumpur — describing the work as “the most private and personal duty a prime minister has to perform.” Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and a small group of trusted advisers may need an erasable, oversized […]

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Oct 25 2021 — Tzvi Kahn

“Time is running short.” So declared U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken earlier this month, and so it is. Since June, the Islamic Republic of Iran has refused to return to the bargaining table for negotiations on the revival of the 2015 nuclear deal, formally known as the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action (JCPOA). Instead, […]

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Howie Mandel, Lilly Singh among judges set for ‘Canada’s Got Talent’

Oct 26 2021 —

Comedy star Howie Mandel and late-night talk-show host Lilly Singh are among the judges set for the upcoming return of Citytv’s “Canada’s Got Talent.” Rapper and producer Kardinal Offishall and wrestling star Trish Stratus have also signed on to the judging panel of the homegrown version of the popular “Got Talent” franchise. Country-pop singer Lindsay […]


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