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Father of ‘Jihadi Jack’ accuses Andrew Scheer of lying about his son

Oct 18 2018 — Murray Brewster

The parents of a young British-Canadian man accused of being a member of ISIS have written an open letter to members of Parliament challenging what they claim are “lies” about their son being repeated by Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. The letter was circulated Thursday by John Letts, the Canadian-born father of Jack Letts — known […]

Speaker clears Andrea Horwath in encounter with Tory MPP

Oct 18 2018 — Robert Benzie

“After carefully reviewing the matter, I cannot find that a prima facie case of breach of privilege has been established,” said Arnott of the dispute between the two Hamilton-area representatives, who have known each other for decades. Skelly, who ducked reporters Thursday and did not return messages seeking comment, had formally complained to the Speaker […]

Doug Ford campaign adviser appointed to Washington trade post

Oct 18 2018 —

A campaign adviser to Premier Doug Ford has been appointed as Ontario’s trade representative to the United States. Ian Todd will take on the post in Washington, D.C. on Monday, replacing former Liberal legislator Monique Smith who was removed from the job by Ford after his Progressive Conservatives won a majority government earlier this year. […]

Oct 18 2018 — Jacob Boon

A spokesperson for Davie Shipbuilding strongly takes issue with comments that the Quebec company is stealing work from Halifax. “It’s being portrayed as if Quebec will steal jobs, contracts from Irving,” says Fred Boisvert, vice-president of public affairs for Davie. “Where if you look properly, closely, there’s nothing like it happening at all.”

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Oct 18 2018 — Bill Curry

Canadians are strongly opposed to allowing lobbyists to buy their way into exclusive political fundraisers featuring party leaders, according to a new Nanos Research survey. The Globe and Mail reported last month that the Liberal Party frequently allows lobbyists to attend what it calls “Laurier Club” donor-appreciation events, which feature Prime Minister Justin Trudeau or […]

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Oct 18 2018 — Kyle Bakx

As oil from Alberta and Saskatchewan continues to sell at record discounts, American refineries are enjoying lucrative profit margins at the expense of Canadian oil producers. The sharp drop in oil prices began in late September and is expected to continue for roughly another month. The culprit is limited export pipeline space and refinery maintenance […]

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Why is Quebec cool to the legalization of marijuana?

Oct 17 2018 — Chantal Hébert

The sound of one hand clapping greeted the fulfilment of Justin Trudeau’s signature cannabis promise in Quebec on Wednesday. To mark the occasion, the Journal de Montréal, the province’s most-read tabloid, gave pride of place to not one but three scathing columns on the ills of the legalization of marijuana.

Nobody said democracy was easy

Oct 18 2018 — Daphne Bramham

By the time my neighbour, Dave, goes to vote on Saturday, he’ll have spent more than five hours poring over the candidates’ lists for Vancouver mayor, council, school and park boards. He’s read their policies and the parties’ platforms as well as what’s been published in the newspapers. He’s talked to friends both on the […]

Khashoggi murder case a test for despots everywhere

Oct 17 2018 — Roland Paris

The disappearance and possible murder of Saudi dissident journalist Jamal Khashoggi is an important test case for despots everywhere. Can they get away with interrogating, kidnapping and even assassinating their critics in other countries? Khashoggi, a resident of the United States and contributor to the Washington Post, walked into Saudi Arabia’s consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, […]

Michael J. Armstrong

Legal cannabis vs. black market: Can it compete?

Oct 17 2018 — Michael J. Armstrong

The Oct. 17 launch of legal recreational cannabis in Canada brings many challenges. Retailers are now worrying about possible product shortages or web site glitches. Governments are still debating how to handle amnesties, impaired driving, and workplace safety. But legalization day also marks the start of several interesting competitions. Some resemble those in other industries; […]

Oct 17 2018 — Vicki-May Hamm

Legalization of cannabis is upon us in Canada. It marks a potentially massive shift in how our society operates, touching upon so many institutions of Canadian life. From public safety to retail services to transit and labour law, legal cannabis will require significant and trusting co-ordination among all orders of government. Local governments are the […]

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Oct 16 2018 — Andrew Coyne

Attempting to soften up public opinion for the fall economic update, the finance minister has been furiously signalling two contradictory messages. On the one hand, the government will address business concerns at the sudden deterioration of Canada’s position in the competition for international capital in the wake of sweeping U.S. tax reforms put into effect […]

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Oct 16 2018 — Pascale Massot

There is a strong narrative developing around the non-market economy article 32.10 in the proposed United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement (USMCA). Various commentaries have gone as far as saying that the clause is in effect a choice between the United States or China, or that it presents a near-insurmountable obstacle to a free-trade deal with China, or […]

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Oct 15 2018 — Jaime Watt

In an age of social media and intense global competition, “brand” has become more important than ever. While it was once the exclusive domain of consumer-focused companies, now individuals, organizations and nations alike have become acutely aware of the image they project and the benefits that come with successfully building brand equity.

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Oct 15 2018 — Percy Downe

During the last federal election, Liberal Leader Justin Trudeau announced that, if elected, he would not proceed with the plan to charge tolls on Montreal’s new Champlain Bridge — a $4.2-billion project, now nearing completion. On May 29, 2018, the Auditor General of Canada reported that the decision to eliminate tolls on the federally owned […]

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Oct 14 2018 — Michael Smyth

British Columbia is poised for a flowering of small-scale marijuana cultivation. Call it craft cannabis. B.C. is already famous for producing some of the world’s finest cannabis. But when marijuana is finally legalized later this week, the proud home of B.C. Bud won’t exactly be charging out of the starting gates. After many months of […]

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