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Apr 20 2019 —

Prince Edward Island’s Green party has suspended campaigning for Tuesday’s provincial election, citing the sudden death of one of its candidates. The party confirmed Saturday that Josh Underhay and his young son died in a canoeing accident on Friday afternoon. Green party Leader Peter Bevan-Baker issued a statement saying he was bereft when he learned […]

Apr 20 2019 —

With images of Notre-Dame Cathedral engulfed in flames still fresh in people’s minds, officials in Ottawa are assuring Canadians a plan is in place to protect one of this country’s most famous landmarks from a similar tragedy. A devastating fire swept through the nearly 900-year-old Paris icon on Monday, toppling its historic spire, destroying much […]

Apr 20 2019 —

Elections Alberta has counted the final poll, and released its unofficial election results Friday. The unofficial results were released around 6:30 p.m. Friday, and a number of candidates who were in close races took to social media to concede. The NDP candidate in Calgary-Varsity, Anne McGrath, conceded to her UCP competitor Jason Copping, before the […]

Apr 19 2019 —

After a brief provincial election campaign devoid of drama, voters on Prince Edward Island appear poised to stir things up and make some history when they cast their ballots Tuesday. The Island’s Green party, led by Scottish-born dentist Peter Bevan-Baker, has recorded upward momentum in the polls for more than a year, suggesting the smallest […]

Ontario cuts conservation authority funding for flood programs

Apr 20 2019 —

Ontario conservation authorities say the provincial government has cut their funding for flood management programs in half. Conservation Ontario, which represents the province’s 36 conservation authorities, said impacts of the cuts will be felt immediately, particularly in smaller and more rural areas. “Cutting natural hazards funding is particularly problematic right now in light of the […]

Apr 18 2019 — Peter Zimonjic

The Ontario NDP wants Canada’s federal elections watchdog to look into whether Ontario Premier Doug Ford is violating federal election advertising rules with his anti-carbon tax sticker campaign. The Ontario budget included something called the Federal Carbon Tax Transparency Act, which requires all gas stations in the province to display a sticker on their pumps […]

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Apr 19 2019 —

The Ontario government has told local public-health units it is slashing provincial funding for programs such as food safety and water-quality inspections and immunization controls – cuts amounting to almost $200-million over the next two years in Toronto. Mayor John Tory condemned the move, which he said was “hidden” in the recent provincial budget and […]

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Justin Trudeau has only one option now: fight

Apr 17 2019 — Stephen Maher

Jason Kenney is about to become premier of Alberta because he managed to make the election into a referendum on who had a better plan for his province: him or Justin Trudeau. Until October, Trudeau will have to return the favour, campaigning against Kenney in the rest of the country, using Kenney as a rhetorical […]

How Jason Kenney’s win puts Justin Trudeau in a tight spot

Apr 17 2019 — Andrew Coyne

The consensus forecast of the impact of a United Conservative Party victory in Alberta on the rest of the country was: trouble ahead. Hadn’t its leader, Jason Kenney, promised to “stand up” for the province’s oil and gas industry, and “fight for a fair deal” in the federation? Didn’t the party platform promise to cut […]

What Jason Kenney’s election in Alberta means for Justin Trudeau

Apr 17 2019 — John Ivison

Jason Kenney saved his vitriolic interventions in the Alberta election campaign for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau rather than his opponent, NDP Premier Rachel Notley. This made sense — political attacks rarely work when the target is more popular than source and many voters held Notley in greater esteem than Kenney. But there was an edge […]

Did Jody Wilson-Raybould understand her role as attorney-general?

Apr 17 2019 — Brian Greenspan

The reputation and integrity of the administration of criminal justice in Canada has recently been challenged by critics who betray a fundamental misunderstanding of the responsibilities of key participants in our justice system. Regrettably, these misconceptions have been fuelled by our former attorney-general, Jody Wilson-Raybould. There is no question that the attorney-general must exercise her […]

After Alberta’s election, ‘nothing good to come’

Apr 17 2019 — Jen Gerson

If you look up the Alberta government’s own economic review and indicators, you eventually land on a page filled with headlines like this; Alberta labour market softening, Alberta inflation cools, Trade sector stabilizing following recent weaknesses, shipments fall with lower energy prices, Alberta employment starts 2019 on a weak note.

Jason Kenney, from unity schemer to unity premier

Apr 17 2019 — Colby Cosh

In the end it was as written. The ultra-hard final numbers in the Alberta election, as faithful readers have been warned, are going to take a while to arrive. But it became apparent shockingly early on Tuesday night that the United Conservative Party would secure a comfortable majority in the Alberta legislature, completing Jason Kenney’s […]

Apr 17 2019 — Licia Corbella

The metaphor of a marathon doesn’t begin to describe the journey Jason Kenney embarked upon to become Alberta’s 18th premier with a resounding majority government, making the Alberta NDP the only one-term government in the province’s 114-year history. Even an Ironman metaphor doesn’t adequately symbolize the onerous odyssey that Kenney has undertaken to ensure Premier […]

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Apr 16 2019 — Peter Clark

Canadian steel producers and their workers have launched a full court press to persuade the Minister of Finance to introduce without delay “permanent” safeguard measures on imports of non-NAFTA steel.  This is a popular initiative with politicians of many stripes supporting it only a few months before the next Federal Election. But extending safeguards for […]

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Apr 16 2019 — Glen Pearson

I encounter Conservative friends and associates every day. Aware that we all have different leanings, we nevertheless roll up our sleeves and get to work building our community, our world. So many of the London Food Bank’s volunteers, donors and clients are conservative in temperament and in political leaning and they help the organization to […]

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Apr 16 2019 — Andrew Coyne

The Nov. 30, 2015 election that brought the Liberal party to power in Newfoundland and Labrador marked the demise of the last nominally Conservative government in the country. After the election of a Liberal federal government the previous month and the defeat of the once-mighty Alberta Progressive Conservatives in the spring, observers wondered whether Conservatism, […]

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Apr 16 2019 — Peter Donolo

After more than two months — and a remarkable tally of political casualties — the SNC-Lavalin affair at last appears to be entering its final stages. Aside from its immediate impact on the reputation and electoral fortunes of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his government, the controversy is certain to be examined for years to […]

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Bradley Welsh, ‘Trainspotting’ actor, shot dead in Scotland

Apr 18 2019 —

“Trainspotting 2” star Bradley Welsh has been shot dead in Scotland, the UK’s Press Association agency has reported. The actor — who appeared as gangland figure Doyle in the sequel to the hit movie about a group of heroin addicts in Edinburgh — was killed in Scotland’s capital on Wednesday night, the agency said. Police […]


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