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Relations between Trudeau, Wilson-Raybould began to fray over her Supreme Court pick: Sources

Mar 25 2019 — Glen McGregor

Relations between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and then-Attorney General Jody Wilson-Raybould first began to fray in 2017 over concerns about her choice to fill a vacancy on the Supreme Court of Canada. A year before cabinet discussions about plea deal for Quebec engineering company SNC-Lavalin, Trudeau and Wilson-Raybould disagreed about her recommendation of Manitoba Justice […]

Mar 25 2019 —

Two polls conducted after week’s federal budget show Canadians generally approve of the Liberals’ new spending plans, but not enough to shake the prospect of a Conservative government if an election were to be called now. The latest data compiled by Toronto’s Forum Research firm on the ongoing “federal horse race” between the governing Liberals, […]

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier says those who disagree with policy on condemning attacks are ‘not welcome’ in his party

Mar 25 2019 — Janice Dickson

People’s Party Leader Maxime Bernier says it’s party policy not to comment on tragic events in other countries in the wake of criticism over his response to the deadly massacre at two mosques in New Zealand. Mr. Bernier said at a press conference on Parliament Hill Monday morning that he is not “playing politics” with […]

Social media comments continue to dog ranks of United Conservative candidates

Mar 25 2019 —

Another United Conservative Party candidate who has pulled out of the Alberta election says someone outside the party is threatening to release her past social media comments about Muslim refugees and transgender washrooms in schools. Eva Kiryakos, who was running in Calgary-South East in the April 16 vote, announced her resignation in a Facebook statement […]

Mar 25 2019 —

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is keeping up the pressure on the Trump administration, warning that Canada’s support for the updated North American trade pact may hinge on the U.S. lifting tariffs on Canadian steel and aluminum. Freeland, who met Monday in Washington with U.S. Trade Representative Robert Lighthizer, says many Canadians have serious questions […]

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Mar 25 2019 — Carl Meyer

Two or three decades ago, Preston Manning’s Reform Party was seen as embodying a right-wing populist movement in Western Canada that advocated for shrinking government by cutting social welfare and culture programming. Lately, however, right-wing populism has been associated with the nationalist, anti-immigrant and authoritarian tendencies of leaders like U.S. President Donald Trump, Hungarian Prime […]

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Mar 25 2019 —

An Alberta judge has ruled that a war crimes sentence for former Guantanamo Bay prisoner Omar Khadr has expired. An eight-year sentence imposed in 2010 would have ended last October had Khadr remained in custody. But the clock stopped ticking when a judge freed him on bail in 2015 pending Khadr’s appeal of his military […]

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Mar 25 2019 —

Opposition members of the House of Commons ethics committee will be pushing this week to bring renewed attention to the SNC-Lavalin affair, with the hope of hearing from the two Liberal MPs who quit cabinet over the government’s handling of the issue. Members of the standing committee on access to information, privacy and ethics are […]

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Mar 25 2019 —

The Prime Minister’s Office will neither confirm nor deny the assertion by former attorney-general Jody Wilson-Raybould that senior advisers to Justin Trudeau had inside knowledge of discussions within the independent Public Prosecution Service about the criminal prosecution of SNC-Lavalin. Ms. Wilson-Raybould has alleged that the Prime Minister’s Office [PMO] told her chief of staff about […]

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Liberal path to re-election runs through NDP territory

Mar 25 2019 — Chantal Hébert

It is no accident that the start of a weeklong parliamentary break finds Justin Trudeau on the campaign trail in British Columbia. Nor was it that, prior to flying west, the prime minister spent part of the weekend in Montreal, his home base but also the place where the NDP is determined to make its […]

Justin Trudeau’s only way out of this scandal

Mar 25 2019 — Tom Parkin

The SNC-Lavalin scandal, now in its seventh week, has led to five resignations and a precipitous drop in Liberal Party support. And there’s no end in sight. There’s only one sure exit from this scandal. The question now is whether the Trudeau Liberal government is willing to consider it. Or determined to continue bleeding, everyday. […]

Andrew Scheer takes aim at Liberal spending

Mar 25 2019 — Heather Scoffield

Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer has started to build an alternative fiscal policy, trickling out some details about how he would eliminate the deficit. At the Conservative Party’s annual think-fest this weekend, Scheer spoke passionately about quickly reining in spending and balancing the federal books, were he to become prime minister.

Taking stock of Ottawa’s diversity promises

Mar 25 2019 — Andrew Griffith

Each of the mandate letters given to cabinet ministers by Prime Minister Justin Trudeau over the past three years has included the following commitment: “You are expected to do your part to fulfill our government’s commitment to transparent, merit-based appointments, to help ensure gender parity and that Indigenous Canadians and minority groups are better reflected […]

The delicate craft of caucus management

Mar 24 2019 — Robin V. Sears

During the 1981 bitter battle over the Charter of Rights an NDP MP was accused of leaking a confidential set of amendments to a Liberal colleague on the committee, wrestling with daily comma by comma confrontations. He narrowly escaped expulsion from a divided caucus. When Brian Mulroney polled in the low teens, he regularly had […]

Trudeau needs to get this mutiny under control

Mar 24 2019 — Jim Warren

There is a full-on mutiny happening on the good ship S.S. Liberal and it’s about time its captain, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, started to address it for what it is or he could get tossed overboard. Trudeau and the Prime Minister’s Office should ensure Jody Wilson-Raybould and Jane Philpott speak and disclose every piece of […]

Trudeau can’t give a straight answer on Lavscam

Mar 24 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein

The reason why the Lavscam scandal continues to erode public support for Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s government was clearly on display at a Town Hall meeting in Thunder Bay Friday evening. It’s because Trudeau seems incapable of giving straight answers about it. Trudeau was asked two simple, direct questions, in sequence, by one of the […]

It’s time to give House of Commons committees some teeth

Mar 24 2019 — Lorne Gunter

House of Commons committees have to be reformed. They have to be made fully independent. Opposition committee members have to have the authority to call witnesses whether the government majority approves or not. We saw what a partisan farce a Commons committee could be when the Liberal majority on the Justice committee voted last week […]

Mar 24 2019 — Ben Carr

This past week, the Federal Government laid out some important measures to help post-secondary students find greater success transitioning from their studies to the workforce. Budget 2019 emphasized work placement opportunities, giving students in fields outside of STEM—such as the arts, humanities and social sciences— a chance to access funding to support their growth and […]

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Mar 22 2019 — Anne Kingston

This week’s appointment of former Liberal cabinet minister Anne McLellan as a “special advisor” to the Prime Minister continues the government’s bumbling campaign to wrest control of the SNC-Lavalin narrative so they can bury it six-feet under. Here, it appears, the goal is to magically switch the SNC-Lavalin conversation from discussion of political interference in […]

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Mar 21 2019 — Don Martin

To know Jane Philpott is to understand the devastating impact her condemnation of the government’s SNC-Lavalin behavior registers on the prime minister and his foot soldiers. This medical doctor turned Liberal rookie MP is not a coattail-clinging, talking-point-reciting lightweight in the caucus. She was extremely popular and has consistently displayed lofty principle and public service […]

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Mar 21 2019 —

Jane Philpott has been quietly getting out the word in recent days that she will be doing interviews within the coming weeks. It’s a good idea, because the former minister has only hinted in her newest interview with Maclean’s magazine about what led her to quit Justin Trudeau’s cabinet at the beginning of March.

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Mar 22 2019 — Jen Gerson

Those who read my columns regularly will have already surmised that my politics lean centre, centre-rightish, depending on the day. To use the banal stereotype, one might class me as closer to the right on fiscal issues, and to the left on social ones. But, like most voters, it’s all a touch a la carte […]

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Apple goes Hollywood, announces new streaming video service

Mar 25 2019 —

Apple has officially gone Hollywood. The tech giant unveiled a new streaming video offering on Monday as part of a wider push into original content and digital services, signaling a new chapter for a company that has long focused on hardware and devices.


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