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‘Playing with fire’: How politicians can perpetuate baseless conspiracy theories

Nov 26 2020 — Rachel Gilmore

Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre took to social media this week with repeated messages to “#StopTheGreatReset.” He says he’s simply criticizing comments Prime Minister Justin Trudeau made in a speech at the United Nations and an associated World Economic Forum document, but the terminology of a “Great Reset” has been co-opted by fringe groups who falsely […]

Nov 26 2020 — John Paul Tasker

Federal officials sought to reassure Canadians today that Ottawa has a plan to procure and distribute millions of COVID-19 vaccines in early 2021, as the government’s critics argue that Canada seems to be falling behind other developed countries in planning for a mass vaccination campaign. Health Canada regulators are reviewing clinical trial data, the government […]

Nov 26 2020 —

Provincial finance ministers have quietly prodded Finance Minister Chrystia Freeland to pause planned increases in premiums workers and businesses pay into the Canada Pension Plan. The planned increase on Jan. 1 is part of a multi-year plan approved by provinces and the federal government four years ago to boost retirement benefits through the public plan […]

What to expect from the federal government’s long-awaited fiscal update

Nov 26 2020 — Chris Hall

The federal government’s prescription for the COVID-19 pandemic — spending is the best medicine — hasn’t varied much since the spring. The finance minister is signalling that approach will continue (if in much smaller doses) in next week’s economic statement. “Our plan will continue to support Canadians through the pandemic and ensure that the post-COVID […]

Trudeau tasks Chrystia Freeland with Canada’s comeback

Nov 26 2020 —

Chrystia Freeland is known as Justin Trudeau’s “minister of everything,” deployed in service of national unity, continental trade and relations with the combative Trump administration. Now she’s Canada’s finance minister and her latest mission is epic.

Nov 26 2020 — Steven Chase

Victims of foreign-state sponsored harassment recounted threats of rape, murder and harm to family from supporters of authoritarian governments in Iran, Russia and China Thursday as they spoke out in an effort to convince Ottawa to take new steps to fight foreign interference on Canadian soil. Javad Soleimani, a graduate student at the University of […]

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Fighting the momentum of misery

Nov 26 2020 — Rob Rosenfeld

As we come to a close on 2020, and the inevitable flood of retrospectives ranging from the inane to the inspired, an expectedly overwrought and common element is going to be the conclusion of what many perceive to be a “cursed” year. This is understandable based on our collective need to see an end to […]

What We Can’t Do for Ourselves

Nov 26 2020 — Glen Pearson

It’s been fascinating to watch political parties attempting to manoeuvre for advantage during a pandemic unlike anything we’ve experienced in a century.  In a heightened political season, given what’s going on south of the border, Canada’s political parties have remained relatively restrained when it comes to crass politics.  Today, the emphasis is placed on the […]

It’s Ford versus Kenney in a race for the best pandemic playbook

Nov 25 2020 — Don Martin

During a pandemic, all politics is optics. That’s why Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is being slammed as late to the lockdown game, even though his COVID-19 restrictions make sense as tough measures targeted on infection causes. That’s why Ontario Premier Doug Ford is polling in the stratosphere for delivering a daily dose of sincere communications, […]

We All Need to Play a Part in Tackling Climate Change

Nov 25 2020 — Michael Ward

One little thing. With the immediate threat of Climate Change, what can a single action do to solve such a large problem? At IKEA, we are focusing on the power of small actions to make a big difference in society.   As much as Climate Change has been caused by many isolated decisions, its solution lies […]

America Passed the Trump Stress Test

Nov 26 2020 — William Cooper

Donald Trump’s presidency has been a four-year stress test of America’s constitutional system. Trump’s belligerent governance has weakened the bipartisan fabric – rooted in prudence, decency and comity – that ties our multi-branch system of government together.   At the same time, however, the fundamental pillars of our constitutional order have survived intact – revealing their […]

Chrystia Freeland’s reality check

Nov 25 2020 — Maura Forrest

‘LET ME BE CLEAR’ — When she was named finance minister in August, it seemed Chrystia Freeland was going to preside over what Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called an “unprecedented opportunity” to rebuild the country post-pandemic, fill in all the gaps in the social safety net, transition to a clean economy, etc., etc. Remember that? […]

Lessons from the pandemic: We need increased collaboration between the biopharmaceutical sector and government

Nov 25 2020 — Cole C. Pinnow

Pfizer Canada is proud of our collaboration with the Government of Canada to respond to COVID-19. Throughout we have had the common goal of effectively managing the current hospitalization crisis to the best extent possible while also accelerating future solutions which could bring an end to the pandemic. I can state unequivocally that both parties […]

Nov 24 2020 — Tasha Kheiriddin

After nine months of COVID restrictions, some Canadians are reaching peak crazy. In Rosemère, Que., a flash mob of anti-maskers held a dance protest in the local mall.In Kelowna, B.C., bare-faced demonstrators called for “Truth, Freedom, Choice” and to “lock up” provincial Chief Medical Officer Bonnie Henry. And then there’s Conservative MP Pierre Poilievre, flirting […]

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Nov 25 2020 — Seth Klein

Even before the arrival of COVID-19, the history of the Second World War was making a remarkable comeback. Our movie theatres (remember those?), Netflix streams and bookstore shelves were full of stories about Canada’s experience in those trying times. Then, once the pandemic struck, our governments drew upon those wartime lessons as they responded to […]

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Nov 25 2020 —

United States President-Elect Joe Biden has named former Secretary of State John Kerry as his climate envoy. As with all of Biden’s cabinet and other senior appointments so far, this one telegraphs a message that carries particular, post-Trumpian cargo: America is taking climate change seriously again. Or, as my Québec compatriots might say, “finies les […]

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Nov 24 2020 — Pamela C. Fralick

In response to COVID-19, Canada’s innovative pharmaceutical companies are collaborating as never before to find medicines to treat those infected with the virus, and vaccines to stop its spread. Thanks in part to this unprecedented level of activity, we have been greeted in recent days by news of potentially effective vaccines on the horizon. This […]

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