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Jan 17 2019 — Kathleen Harris

Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland is urging Canadians to pay attention to the government’s travel warnings amid a spate of high-profile cases of the killing, kidnapping and detention of Canadians abroad. Speaking to reporters from the Liberal cabinet retreat in Sherbrooke, Que., Freeland said the government takes great care to craft advisories that outline potential […]

Jan 17 2019 —

China’s ambassador to Canada warned the Canadian government Thursday to stop recruiting international support in its feud with China and threatened retaliation if Canada bans Chinese telecommunications giant Huawei for security reasons. Ambassador Lu Shaye said last month’s arrest of a top Huawei Technologies executive was an act of “backstabbing” by a friend and he […]

The Karen Wang press conference was a gong show

Jan 17 2019 —

It took about 30 seconds after Karen Wang pulled up for the tears to start flowing. Not from Wang – her mother began sobbing as soon as the media got close to her. Wang’s mom and sister accompanied her to the Burnaby Public Library next to Metrotown for a press conference Thursday that she announced […]

Jan 17 2019 — Amanda Connolly

Marc Emery, the prominent marijuana advocate often described as the “Prince of Pot,” is facing allegations of inappropriate sexual behaviour. In an 1,800-word post published on Facebook just after midnight, Emery denied several allegations that Toronto journalist Deidre Olsen posted on Twitter on Wednesday night that accused him of grooming and exploiting young women from […]

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Jan 17 2019 —

Newly appointed Justice Minister David Lametti says he’s interested in hearing proposals aimed at ensuring grievously ill Canadians aren’t forced to end their lives prematurely rather than risk losing the mental capacity required to receive medical assistance to die. Lametti, who was named to the Justice portfolio on Monday, won’t promise to change Canada’s two-and-a-half-year-old […]

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Jan 17 2019 — Rachel Gilmore

John McCallum, Canada’s ambassador to China, will appear before a House of Commons committee Friday to brief members on efforts to secure the release of the two Canadians detained in that country. McCallum is expected to brief the committee in a closed door meeting at 10 a.m. on Friday. The development comes after a joint […]

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The real bad news in Burnaby South might be for Andrew Scheer

Jan 17 2019 — Stephen Maher

Usually, nothing puts a spring in the step of the leader of the opposition like a scandal hitting the governing party. Voters tend to continue supporting whoever it is they voted for, at least until a government’s misdeeds accumulate, which means that is hard for an opposition leader to attract new supporters unless the government […]

Justin Trudeau needs to answer for the Burnaby South insult

Jan 17 2019 — Tom Parkin

Couldn’t even get through the first week. No, just four days into the Burnaby South by-election the candidate of the Liberal Party—the Liberal Party!—launched a race-based political strategy against NDP leader Jagmeet Singh. Singh is the first non-white leader of a major political party in Canadian history. He is on his first campaign for a […]

B.C. byelection bedlam! Two crucial contests get crazy

Jan 17 2019 — Michael Smyth

Two crucial byelections. Two days of turmoil on the campaign trails. Where is it all heading? It was B.C. byelection bedlam Wednesday as two crucial contests — one federal, one provincial — both took wild-and-crazy turns. In the federal faceoff, Liberal candidate Karen Wang dropped out of the race in Burnaby South, where she was […]

A most convenient misstep for the Liberals in Burnaby South

Jan 16 2019 — John Ivison

Occam’s razor, the problem-solving principle dating back to the 13th century friar William of Ockham, states that, other things being equal, simple explanations are generally better than more complex ones. A medical equivalent, Zebra, guides doctors to reject exotic medical diagnoses in favour of more commonplace explanations. “When you hear hoofbeats, think of horses, not […]

Ottawa’s allies feel the chill as Beijing shows how it will likely act as a superpower

Jan 17 2019 — Campbell Clark

There have been detentions, dark warnings and a death sentence. And the rhetoric in the seething dispute with China turned strangely to whether Canada has a lot of friends. In Beijing, the Chinese foreign ministry’s surprisingly pugnacious spokeswoman, Hua Chunying, dismissed Canada’s efforts to rally international support in its tense dispute with China, using what […]

Memo to Trudeau — we support pipelines

Jan 16 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein

Few countries have been as willing to cut their own economic throats as Canada. We lose an estimated $15 billion annually in revenue to our economy — $40 million a day — because of our inability to get our oil to global markets, due to our lack of pipeline capacity. That means we have to […]

Trudeau should consider buying GM and making electric cars

Jan 16 2019 — Linda McQuaig

Long after the last factory has left Ontario, one can imagine Doug Ford still sporting a full-on Cheshire grin as he puts up billboards proclaiming the province “Open for Business.” Certainly, the premier didn’t seem even slightly embarrassed that he’d posted his billboards along the American border just before America’s biggest automaker announced plans last […]

Jan 16 2019 — Chris Selley

More and more New Democrats seem concerned that Jagmeet Singh mightn’t have been the best choice for leader, let alone deserving of a whopping 54 per cent first ballot victory. His various alleged crimes include rendering himself invisible for months, imposing draconian punishments on popular MPs, and going on TV to suggest we stop importing […]

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Jan 16 2019 — Chris Varcoe

Premier Rachel Notley regularly needles Ottawa these days to “step up” and improve oil transportation in Canada, turning the Trudeau government into Alberta’s pipeline pincushion. There’s a reason for the frequent digs. Albertans overwhelmingly believe the federal government isn’t doing enough to ensure pipelines get built — along with half of all Canadians — even […]

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Jan 16 2019 — Lorne Gunter

Give us your tired, your poor, your fashionistas yearning to shop freely. To be honest, I’m glad Canada stepped up and offered asylum to Rahaf Mohammed, the 18-year-old Saudi woman who claimed to be escaping abuse in home country. But why the haste? Why the bypassing of ALL our refugee regulations? Why the hero’s welcome […]

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Jan 15 2019 — Donald Barry

Talk of separation is in the air in Alberta, triggered by the plight of the province’s beleaguered oil sands industry. The focus of the angst is the alleged indifference of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s federal government to the industry’s circumstances, especially the failure to proceed with the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion to the British Columbia […]

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Rob Ford movie to make world premiere at SXSW

Jan 17 2019 —

A movie set during late Toronto mayor Rob Ford’s time in office will make its world premiere at the Texas-based South by Southwest Film Festival in March, the festival has announced. “Run This Town” features “Homeland” star Damian Lewis as the former mayor, though there is no mention of Ford or the city itself in […]


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