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Indian magazine claims Trudeau withdrew invitation over its coverage of Sikh extremism

Feb 23 2018 —

An Indian magazine claims that Canada’s Prime Minister’s Office withdrew the publication’s invitation to a New Delhi dinner reception because of its recent criticism of Justin Trudeau. Outlook, one of India’s most popular English-language news and current affairs magazines, shared this image of an invitation extended to its foreign editor Pranay Sharma to attend a […]

Feb 23 2018 —

The Ontario PC Party is in “crisis,” leadership candidate Caroline Mulroney warned Friday as she called on for Patrick Brown to do “the right thing” and leave the race amid new revelations his personal finances are being probed by the province’s integrity commissioner. Brown, the discredited former leader of the party, who resigned hours after […]

Feb 23 2018 —

Flashy silk and gold-embroidered outfits, adorned with pointy red shoes fit for royalty, are acceptable garb for Bollywood performers. But apparently not if you are the telegenic prime minister of Canada on a trade trip to India. Justin Trudeau and his family have attracted some praise but no little ridicule during their eight day visit […]

Conservatives want committee meeting on security screening over Atwal furor

Feb 23 2018 —

The official Opposition is calling for an emergency committee meeting about how a man convicted of attempted murder wound up at a prime ministerial event in India. Conservative public safety critic Pierre Paul-Hus wants the House of Commons committee on national security to review the Privy Council Office’s screening practices following Jaspal Atwal’s attendance at […]

Information about gunman passed to Canadian officials earlier this month

Feb 23 2018 —

Canada’s spy agency was provided information by a concerned citizen last week about the optics of convicted gunman Jaspal Atwal attending events with the prime minister in India, Postmedia has learned. The tipster, who asked not to be identified for fear of retaliation, confirmed speaking to an agent from the Canadian Security Intelligence Service on […]

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Patrick Brown the sole Red Tory in Ontario PC leadership melodrama

Feb 23 2018 — Tom Walkom

Ontario’s bizarre Progressive Conservative melodrama has entered a new phase of absurdity. Former leader Patrick Brown is considered too disreputable to sit in the Legislature as a Conservative. But he is apparently reputable enough to be the party’s leader again. He’s also the only candidate vying for the leadership who is running as a Red […]

Justin Trudeau in the real world

Feb 22 2018 — Paul Wells

When travelling abroad, it is handy to bear in mind that the people you will meet are real people with real lives. Justin Trudeau likes to preface his answer to any question about any secession movement anywhere with, “Well, as a Quebecer…” He needs to stop saying that. When he says that, he seems to […]

Feb 22 2018 — John Ivison

Ujjal Dosanjh is disappointed a “monkey wrench” has been thrown into the works of the Canada-India relationship. But he’s happy the “poison” of Khalistani separatism, and its influence on domestic Canadian politics, has been exposed by the revelation that a man convicted of attempted murder, Jaspal Atwal, was invited to an event attended by Justin […]

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Feb 23 2018 — Aaron Wudrick

When Amazon announced last year that it was seeking proposals from North American cities interested in being the base for the company’s second headquarters, politicians across the continent were whipped into a frenzy. It’s not hard to see why. What sane politician wouldn’t want to help deliver 50,000 new high-paying jobs to their city, state […]

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Canadian snowboarder Toutant wins gold in men’s big air

Feb 23 2018 —

Canadian snowboarder Sebastien Toutant is taking home gold after a high-flying performance in men’s big air. Sebastien Toutant, 25, from L’Assomption, Que., flew to first place with a score of 174.25. Toutant’s medal pushes Canada even further past its previous Winter Olympic medal record. Canada currently holds 28 medals. The previous record was 26, captured […]


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