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Canada’s relationship with Trump reaches a ‘new level of frustration’ over Huawei comments

Dec 13 2018 —

Canada’s relationship with Donald Trump has reached a “new level of frustration” after the U.S. president’s comments this week on the arrest of Huawei’s chief financial officer, says a senior source. Canada recently detained the chief financial officer of the Chinese telecommunications firm Huawei, Meng Wanzhou, on an extradition request from the U.S. She has […]

Dec 13 2018 — Paul Wells

I mean, after all, why wouldn’t Justin Trudeau’s Liberals win the 2019 election? Only twice since Confederation have governments that came to power with a majority in the House of Commons been defeated outright at the next election: Alexander Mackenzie’s in 1878 and R.B. Bennett’s in 1935. Every other first-time majority PM has been permitted […]

Dec 13 2018 —

Opposition Leader Andrew Scheer urged Prime Minister Justin Trudeau on Thursday to telephone Chinese President Xi Jinping to seek the release of two Canadians detained in what appears to be a tit-for-tat reprisal for Canada’s arrest of Huawei chief financial officer Meng Wanzhou. China’s Foreign Ministry confirmed Thursday that entrepreneur Michael Spavor and former Canadian […]

Morneau repeatedly interrupted by protesters during energy chat

Dec 13 2018 — Rachel Aiello

Finance Minister Bill Morneau was repeatedly interrupted by Indigenous rights and energy project protesters during a discussion hosted by Canada 2020, a think-tank with ties to the Liberal Party. The discussion was on the $40 billion LNG Canada natural gas pipeline that is going ahead in northern British Columbia, and in the opening seconds before […]

Dec 12 2018 — Amanda Connolly

Countries seeking extraditions from Canada must make sure their requests are solely about seeing that justice is done – not about political interference. Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland told reporters in a press conference on Wednesday afternoon most citizens would agree Canada needs to take seriously requests for extradition from close allies like the United […]

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Only thing equalization has spread evenly in Canada is discontent

Dec 13 2018 — Andrew Coyne

The timing was admittedly not the best. Shortly after the premier of Quebec, Francois Legault, declared his opposition to reviving the mothballed Energy East pipeline, which would have transported western Canadian oil through Quebec to refineries in New Brunswick — there was no “social acceptability” for such “dirty energy” in Quebec, Legault sniffed — the […]

Liberals’ fiscal problems could end up biting Scheer in next election

Dec 13 2018 — John Ivison

Andrew Scheer’s schadenfreude is showing. You don’t need to speak German to understand the malicious pleasure the official Opposition leader is taking from the misfortunes suffered by the Trudeau government. The problem is the government’s fiscal problems could boomerang back on him, as he gears up for next year’s election. In question period on Wednesday, […]

See you later, Centre Block

Dec 12 2018 — Susan Delacourt

Massive home renovations can test even the best of relationships. So it could be a bit of a democratic-relationship experiment to see who and what gets tested when a very long renovation gets under way soon in the home that belongs to all Canadians — Parliament Hill’s Centre Block.

Better late than never for Parliament Hill consultation?

Dec 12 2018 — Jennifer Ditchburn

MPs were told that parliamentarians and the public will finally be consulted on the Centre Block rehabilitation. The details of the process are still hazy. There are lot of 11th-hour trips up the Peace Tower on Parliament Hill this month, a lot of group photos being taken in the halls and one-last-meals among colleagues in […]

If Trudeau’s re-elected, carbon taxes will go even higher

Dec 13 2018 — Lorrie Goldstein

Environment Minister Catherine McKenna and Prime Minister Justin Trudeau have finally outlined in recent media interviews what Canada’s carbon pricing/tax policy will look like if the Liberals win next year’s election. McKenna told The Canadian Press last week that by the end of 2020, a re-elected Trudeau government will introduce tougher industrial greenhouse gas emission […]

Jason Kenney hasn’t properly compensated for past actions

Dec 13 2018 — Michael Coren

Last week, a two-decade old recording of Jason Kenney, Alberta’s United Conservative Party leader and one of the most prominent figures in Canadian conservatism, came to light. It contained some deeply disturbing comments. The tape reveals Kenney boasting of his helping to organize a petition demanding a referendum to repeal an ordinance that gave hospital […]

Dec 12 2018 — Don Braid

After lying dormant for nearly 40 years, talk of Alberta separatism is again boiling to the surface. On Tuesday, Premier Rachel Notley said she’s well aware of the increasing chatter about giving up on Canada. And she dealt with the question exactly as the first PC premier, Peter Lougheed, did back in the 1980s. “I […]

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Dec 12 2018 — Paula Gordon

Canadian women should be outraged. This week, the Canadian Task Force on Preventive Health released its latest guidelines for screening for breast cancer for women at average risk. They advise against mammography for women aged 40-49, against women doing breast self-examination, and against doctors doing breast exams. They recommend women age 50-74 have mammograms every […]

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Dec 11 2018 — Robyn Urback

Looking back now, Doug Ford’s campaign promise to conduct an independent audit of Ontario’s finances — essentially duplicating the work of the already independent provincial auditor general — was a harbinger of how this government would go about finding its “efficiencies.” The new PC government would hire former B.C. premier Gordon Campbell to lead its […]

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Dec 10 2018 — Chris Nelson

We hear enough from politicians these days so it’s with trepidation I step aside for a few paragraphs to provide a platform for our prime minister to regale us with his worldview. You see, while hardly Churchillian in tone or content, his expressed view is vital in gaining true insight. Therefore it needs reading and […]

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Dec 10 2018 — Dan Leger

Bears might be prowling the stock indexes, but shares in hate are enjoying a bull market like we haven’t seen in generations. Western democracies, once justly proud of their openness and tolerance, are seeing the intolerant minority growing bolder and more violent. In Canada, federal statistics captured almost 2,100 hate crimes reported to police in […]

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