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Democrat Doug Jones beats Roy Moore in Alabama upset

Dec 12 2017 —

In a stunning victory aided by scandal, Democrat Doug Jones won Alabama’s special Senate election on Tuesday, beating back history, an embattled Republican opponent and President Donald Trump, who urgently endorsed GOP rebel Roy Moore despite a litany of sexual misconduct allegations. It was the first Democratic Senate victory in a quarter-century in Alabama, one […]

Dec 12 2017 —

Justin Trudeau says the results of four federal byelections Monday night show the Liberals are on the right track with their focus on middle-class Canadians. Not surprisingly, the prime minister was the only party leader to express unalloyed pleasure Tuesday in the results, which saw the Liberals score their second byelection upset in as many […]

Dec 12 2017 — Catherine McIntyre

Whether they’re on Facebook, checking messages or even playing video games, mobile device use in the House is out of control. It’s a Wednesday afternoon in the House, and Andrew Scheer is at Bill Morneau’s throat trying to tear a chunk of meat off. Minutes before Question Period, the Conservative leader called for the finance […]

Dec 12 2017 — Daniel Leblanc

The federal government will make it harder for companies that harm Canada’s “economic interests” to win the $26-billion competition to provide 88 new fighter jets to the Canadian Armed Forces, a senior federal official says. The move is a direct response to U.S.-based Boeing Co.’s ongoing trade dispute with Canada’s Bombardier Inc., which Prime Minister […]

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Dec 12 2017 — Marie-Danielle Smith

The Senate has approved a bill that would remove mention of “barbaric cultural practices” from a law that outlaws forced marriage. Liberal Sen. Mobina Jaffer introduced the bill in December 2015, shortly after the Liberals won the federal election and less than six months after the previous Conservative government passed the so-called “Zero Tolerance for […]

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Dec 12 2017 —

Does the U.S. run a trade deficit or surplus with Canada? It depends where you look. President Donald Trump asserted — again — Friday the U.S. runs “a pretty good trade deficit” with Canada. The claim was quickly rebuffed by Canada’s ambassador to the U.S., David MacNaughton, who cited American data saying the opposite was […]

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Conservatives are killing it in QP. Does anyone care?

Dec 12 2017 — Susan Delacourt

Citizens in three federal ridings — in British Columbia, Newfoundland and the Greater Toronto Area — apparently have not been getting the memos about Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s political troubles in Parliament this fall. Trudeau’s Liberals won three out of four seats up for grabs in Monday’s byelections, including a seat in Surrey, B.C. that […]

Why 2018 is the year of… oh God, now what?!

Dec 12 2017 — Tabatha Southey

Columnists owe a lot to the Gregorian calendar, which places New Year’s Eve on Dec. 31, the seventh day of the Christmas season. It’s a busy and exhausting time. In many countries, New Year’s Eve is a holiday traditionally celebrated with fireworks, festivities, and phoning it in. Okay, that last one is just for columnists. […]

Alberta license plates a no-no in Saskatchewan

Dec 12 2017 — Gillian Steward

Maybe Saskatchewan premier Brad Wall, one of only two conservative premiers still standing, just felt the need to lash out in frustration before he retires from politics. Maybe he just couldn’t stomach anymore the NDP government in neighbouring Alberta, especially given that the Saskatchewan NDP is on the rise again.

The fight over free speech at universities comes down to the question of the purpose of higher-ed

Dec 12 2017 — Angela Wright

Free speech and censorship at universities seem to always be in the news. The most recent high-profile examples involve Dalhousie University, which backed away from a plan to bring student union vice-president Masuma Khan in front of a disciplinary committee for comments she made about “white fragility,” and Wilfrid Laurier University, which issued an apology […]

Calgary-Lougheed, the little byelection with huge impact

Dec 12 2017 — Don Braid

The Calgary-Lougheed byelection set for Thursday looks like a typical Jason Kenney political lab, sterilized and sealed, the ideal test run of the UCP leader’s master plan for Alberta. There he is, the sole conservative candidate with an audience. The options to the right of him (Alberta Advantage, Reform Party of Alberta, the inevitably appalling […]

Dec 12 2017 — Houssem Ben Lazreg

Canada’s spy agency, CSIS, recently revealed that 60 foreign fighters who joined ISIS and other terror groups in Syria and Iraq are now back and living in Canada. Their fate has sparked fierce debate in Canada’s Parliament between Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer. Scheer has expressed concerns about the national security […]

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Dec 11 2017 — Anthony Furey

Ontario, Alberta and Parliament Hill. All governed by left-of-centre political leaders. All up for grabs in elections less than two years away. These jurisdictions’ respective conservative challengers are all now gearing up for the fight. Let’s take a look at those three politicians, each of whom has a different challenge ahead.

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Dec 11 2017 —

There was a staged Conservative attack on Thursday on whether Canada’s study guide for citizenship exams should retain a warning against female genital mutilation. When I say “staged,” I meant “a high school play level of acting,” the equivalent of a Christmas pantomime with facial expressions stretched to snapping point. It was the political version […]

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Dec 11 2017 — Geoffrey Stevens

The most frustrated politician in Ottawa these days has to be Andrew Scheer. He has been leader of the opposition for six months, long enough to have moved out of the shadow of his predecessor, Stephen Harper, and long enough to put his own stamp on the Conservative party. It’s also been long enough to […]

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Dec 11 2017 — Abigail Curlew

The maelstrom that erupted last month at Wilfrid Laurier University has since spread far beyond the campus ground — a teaching assistant opened up a vitriolic free speech debate across Canada by showing a video of a conservative professor who opposes Bill C-16 and refuses to use gender-neutral pronouns. The incident became a national story […]

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Dec 10 2017 — Robin V. Sears

Journalism like politics depends on short memories. But many journos appear to be counting on their readers’ suffering instant memory erasure in their critique of the Trudeau China strategy. Last month they were flailing him for preparing to “sell out Canada to the Red Chinese.” This month they are attacking Trudeau for failing to make […]

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Dec 10 2017 —

Social media is an empowering tool, and one that has breathed new oxygen into our political process. It allows people to organize, to question and to rally. It has enhanced our democracy, and changed it for the better. Movements like #metoo, which has broken the silence surrounding sexual harassment and assault, have found their power […]

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CBC pulls ‘Transgender Kids’ doc from documentary schedule after complaints

Dec 12 2017 —

The CBC has pulled the film “Transgender Kids: Who Knows Best?” from its Documentary channel schedule following a series of online complaints. The controversial BBC documentary questions what is the right approach for children with gender dysphoria, a condition in which a person’s physical or assigned gender conflicts with the gender with which they identify. […]


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