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In Quebec, Conservatives are hoping Liberals can’t fight city hall

Jan 24 2019 — Eric Grenier

The Conservatives want to pick up seats in Quebec in October’s federal election and are lining up veterans of municipal politics to get them. The latest name added to that list is Robert Coutu, who was announced on Tuesday as the Conservative candidate in the riding of La Pointe-de-l’Île on the island of Montreal. Coutu, […]

Jan 24 2019 — Nathan VanderKlippe

For weeks, China has condemned Canada’s arrest of Huawei executive Meng Wanzhou as part of a politically-motivated plot to undermine a corporate flag-bearer for Chinese innovation and overseas success. Now, people in China have found support for that position in an unexpected place: Canada’s own ambassador to China, John McCallum, who in a conversation with […]

Jan 23 2019 — Rob Ferguson

Just seven months after winning a majority government, Premier Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives have formed an “election readiness committee” to get ready for the 2022 vote. The nine-member team includes major players from last spring’s campaign and new party president Brian Patterson, along with Ford chief of staff Dean French. There is one woman in […]

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Jan 23 2019 —

Canada is recognizing Venezuelan opposition leader Juan Guaido as the country’s interim president. A government source who was not authorized to speak publicly says Canada will issue a formal statement shortly, following the lead of the United States. The move comes as Guaido declares himself interim president, just two weeks after Nicolas Maduro was sworn […]

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McCallum has put Canada in an impossible situation with China

Jan 24 2019 — Andrew Coyne

Presumably the ambassador of Canada to China speaks for the government of Canada in China. But what are we to make of it when the same ambassador appears to be speaking for the government of China in Canada? In a news conference with Chinese-language journalists in Markham, Ont., Tuesday — the national media were not […]

Why a carbon tax won’t cause a recession

Jan 23 2019 — Mark Cameron and Michael Bernstein

Doug Ford insists the federal price on carbon is a Liberal tax grab that will inflict serious economic hardship. But none of that is true. Ontario Premier Doug Ford chose a luncheon at the Economic Club of Canada to make one of his most economically uninformed statements ever, suggesting that a modest, fully refunded carbon […]

How Trudeau can sell the transition to a green economy

Jan 22 2019 — Don Lenihan

With an election on the horizon, Justin Trudeau wants to start planning our transition to a green economy and he’s asked Bill Morneau to develop an “economic argument” that will get Canadians on side. My advice is to start with the premise that we have no choice; responding to climate change really is a matter of […]

Stronach family legal feud turns even nastier

Jan 23 2019 — Michele Mandel

It just got uglier. Belinda Stronach and her CEO at The Stronach Group (TSG) have struck back against her billionaire father’s $520-million lawsuit against them, painting Frank Stronach as a meddling old man in a “declining mental state” who has wasted hundreds of millions of dollars on vanity projects and is now lashing out because […]

Jan 21 2019 — Andrew Coyne

Seldom has “profitable federalism” seemed quite so … mercenary. The phrase, popularized by Robert Bourassa to describe Quebec’s emotionless relationship with the rest of Canada — an update on Duplessis’s “rendez-vous notre butin” — was always fairly grubby in intent, but typically appeared shrouded in the majestic purple of nationalist agitprop, in which Quebec is […]

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Jan 21 2019 — Laura Jones

Canadian governments are becoming the envy of our neighbours to the south for something unlikely but important – success at reducing red tape. Last fall, Congressional House and Senate subcommittees heard testimony about British Columbia’s successful reforms – reforms that started more than a decade ago and have sparked a new approach to controlling red […]

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Jan 21 2019 — Heather Mallick

Brexit has Britain roaring with quarrels but here’s the strange part. They’re not with the EU. They are within Britain itself, as if the nation were having a drug intervention with Theresa May after that bellowing Commons catastrophe. “Welcome to the Blunderdome,” wrote journalist Marina Hyde. As is usual with interventions, it brought up childhood […]

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