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Could it be the Red Tories’ time?

Nov 21 2019 — Steve Paikin

Red Tories have never had a better chance to unify Canada’s Conservatives. The question is: under whose leadership. If you ever needed more evidence that politics is a funny business, just look at the results of the last federal election.

Nov 22 2019 — Colin Freeze

For the first time in Canada, the federal attorney-general has overridden a judge’s order to release documents that the government considers to be national-security secrets. Attorney-General David Lametti signed a secrecy certificate to prevent details about a Canadian Security Intelligence Service surveillance operation on the Chinese embassy in Ottawa from being disclosed in the case […]

Nov 22 2019 —

Alberta Premier Jason Kenney has one message for his Quebec counterpart François Legault: if you don’t want propane shortages, build more pipelines. Kenney made the comments during a live Q&A on Facebook Thursday. “We have technology that could guarantee you constant, stable access to propane and other fuels. They’re called pipelines,” he said. “If the […]

Seamus O’Regan arrives in Calgary with the tough task of winning over the oilpatch

Nov 22 2019 —

For decades, Newfoundlanders have traversed the country to work in the oilpatch. It’s a long commute, but there was often a lucrative reward. They used to come by the thousands, often on chartered flights, to work on the rigs and fill the many jobs around Fort McMurray. Newfoundland and Labrador MP Seamus O’Regan is on […]

Nov 22 2019 —

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s second gender-parity cabinet might be putting the party’s best feminist foot forward but, away from the spotlight, the makeup of Parliament is still tilted heavily in favour of men. Female candidates were once again underrepresented and more likely than men to find themselves running in hard-to-win ridings, a new CBC data […]

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Maybe It’s Us Who Lack Political Courage

Nov 22 2019 — Glen Pearson

So, it’s over – for now at least. Thursday was the last day of Congressional public hearings on the impeachment trial of Donald Trump. Some things are now clear:   Whether rising to impeachment levels or not, Donald Trump is in a lot of trouble The professional intelligence and diplomatic presentations were something of a […]

Why would Jason Kenney fire the man investigating his party? Because he can

Nov 22 2019 — Robyn Urback

A warm welcome back to the conservative government of Alberta’s past. It’s been four years and change. We’ve missed you. Hopefully, absence has made the heart grow fonder for the traditional comforts of a conservative dynasty in Alberta: Cozy sole-sourced contracts, politicians who preach austerity and spend lavishly on themselves, that general aura of shamelessness […]

For Trudeau and Ford, what a difference a month can make

Nov 21 2019 — Susan Delacourt

A little more than a month ago, Justin Trudeau’s Liberals dropped $14,000 on a Twitter ad campaign in Ontario, warning voters in roughly two dozen of the province’s ridings not to elect another Doug Ford. On Friday, Trudeau and Ford will be having what’s widely expected to be a cordial meeting in Ottawa, to talk […]

Freeland wins a waiver from PMO contro

Nov 21 2019 — Don Martin

If the new crop of cabinet ministers appear a little lost for words, beyond gushing thanks for their $85,000 pay raise, it’s because they don’t yet know what to think. Their marching orders haven’t arrived. The Mandate Letters, still being penned by the Prime Minister’s Office, will soon come down from on high as commandments […]

Has Justin Trudeau set up Chrystia Freeland to fail?

Nov 21 2019 — Heather Scoffield

Justin Trudeau frittered away a full month after the election to come up with a new cabinet. During that month, Premiers Jason Kenney and Scott Moe mobilized their anti-Liberal supporters, amplified the animosity that was left behind by the Liberals in the election campaign and deftly set an agenda for the prime minister that now […]

Who cares what Canada’s two-seat PM has to say about Alberta?

Nov 21 2019 — Chris Nelson

Well, if nothing else, you have to admire her sheer nerve. Here’s a person who led a major Canadian political party holding the reigns of power in a majority government into an election campaign that proved the most disastrous in our country’s entire history. But that was so many yesterdays ago. So today we’re supposed […]

Trudeau 2.0: Je ne regrette rien

Nov 20 2019 — Paul Wells

Today we have naming of parts. If you have a minister of middle-class prosperity and a minister of economic development and an entirely separate minister of rural economic development and a minister of workforce development—remember when the workforce was part of the economy? Ok, boomer—and a minister of small business and a minister of finance […]

Nov 20 2019 — John Ivison

Just over four years ago, Justin Trudeau strode in late fall sunshine toward Rideau Hall like a conquering Roman general, flanked by his gender-balanced cabinet. By contrast, there was nothing triumphant about the way Trudeau’s ministers trudged toward the Governor-General’s residence to be sworn in on a chilly winter’s afternoon on Wednesday, their leader nowhere […]

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Nov 21 2019 — Lorrie Goldstein

It’s no secret why Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has, suddenly and without prior notice, reversed Stephen Harper’s policy of refusing to support the never-ending deluge of Israel-bashing resolutions passed by the United Nations General Assembly. Canada under Harper and his Conservative government was Israel’s strongest ally in the world, more than even the U.S. under […]

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Nov 20 2019 — Glen Pearson

Last year at this time everyone was talking about populism, the Alt-Right movement, authoritarianism and what seemed like the slide towards global anarchy.  These were, and remain, significant enough to undo more enfeebled democracies around the world.  While the outsized dealings of Donald Trump continue to sow confusion and alarm, other developed nations face their […]

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Shatner, Obomsawin among 39 inductees to Order of Canada today

Nov 21 2019 — The Canadian Press

OTTAWA — Gov. Gen. Julie Payette is honouring 39 people with the Order of Canada this morning, including actor William Shatner, writer Ann-Marie MacDonald and lawyer James Lockyer. Shatner is being given one of Canada's highest civilian honours for his 60-year career in theatre, television and film; MacDonald for her art and advocacy for women […]


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