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Facebook post connected to suspect in van rampage cites ‘incel rebellion’

Apr 24 2018 —

A post made on Facebook just moments before Monday’s pedestrian attack in Toronto detailing an “Incel Rebellion” appears to have been made by suspect Alek Minassian’s actual account, a Facebook spokesperson told The Globe and Mail. The post praised Elliot Rodger, a man who killed six people and then himself in California in 2014 and […]

Apr 24 2018 —

It was February 2017 when the first letter about anti-abortion groups and the Canada Summer Jobs program landed in Labour Minister Patty Hajdu’s office. The Abortion Rights Coalition of Canada wanted Hajdu to keep crisis pregnancy centres — which offer an anti-abortion spin on pregnancy counselling — from getting summer-jobs funding. Applications were already being […]

Apr 24 2018 —

Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives support Ontario’s basic income pilot project, a three-year experiment to determine whether regular, no-strings-attached payments improve health, education and housing outcomes for people living in poverty. “We look forward to seeing the results,” a party spokesperson said Monday about the Liberal government initiative launched a year ago today . After a […]

Apr 24 2018 — Nik Nanos

Ballot – The latest Nanos federal ballot tracking has the Liberals at 38.2 per cent support, followed by the Conservatives at 31.6 per cent, the NDP at 17.9 percent, the BQ at 3.7 per cent and the Greens at 7.0 per cent. Accessible Voters – Asked whether they would consider voting for each of the […]

First of 10 victims of deadly Toronto van attack ID’d as Anne Marie D’Amico

Apr 24 2018 —

One of the 10 people killed in Monday’s van attack on a busy Toronto street has been identified as Anne Marie D’Amico, CBC News has learned. D’Amico was reportedly an employee at Invesco, a U.S.-based investment management firm. Her next of kin have been notified. Invesco’s Canadian headquarters are on Yonge Street, between Sheppard and […]

Suspect in Toronto van attack described as socially awkward, tech expert

Apr 24 2018 —

The suspect in the Toronto van attack was a man who travelled through the world with two identities: One as a socially awkward student who rarely spoke, barely functioned and had difficulty controlling tics, and another as an expert-level whiz who could lead classmates through the intricacies of computer chips. Police Chief Mark Saunders identified […]

Apr 24 2018 —

Canada and its G7 partners are saying “enough is enough” to attacks by Russia and other authoritarian countries in their democratic institutions, Foreign Affairs Minister Chrystia Freeland said Monday. Freeland concluded talks with her G7 counterparts by affirming an organized effort to respond to foreign meddling and the spreading of false information — mainly by […]

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Apr 24 2018 — Murray Brewster

The scene, which unfolded on a Toronto street Monday, is something straight out of a counter-terrorism officer’s worst nightmares. Security analysts call them “soft targets” — unsecured public spaces where a lone attacker can do maximum damage. The incident — in which man drove a van into a number killing 10 of them and injuring […]

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Apr 24 2018 — Colin Freeze

The two founders of a B.C.-based company accused of misusing private data for foreign political campaigns and breaking election laws will speak for the first time to the allegations they face. Jeff Silvester and Zack Massingham, who started AggregateIQ (AIQ) five years ago, will appear on Tuesday before the parliamentary standing committee on access to […]

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Apr 23 2018 —

The Saskatchewan government has introduced legislation that would allow the province to control its oil and gas exports, similar to a bill recently tabled in Alberta. Once passed, the law would establish a permitting process for people or corporations looking to export energy products outside the province. Energy Minister Bronwyn Eyre said the lone difference […]

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A Critical Year For Canada’s Aviation Ecosystem

Apr 24 2018 — Massimo Bergamini

This will be a critical year for Canadian aviation.  Not since the transportation reforms of the mid-1980s and 90s has so much attention been focused on Canada’s commercial aviation system. There are a number of reasons. One is the 2016 Canada Transportation Act Review, also known as the Emerson report, which creates the political and […]

Peace’s Key Missing Component

Apr 24 2018 — Glen Pearson

The headlines have been fairly consistent.  “Canada Introduces a New Era in Peacekeeping,” notes Legion magazine.  “UN Peacekeeping in a New Era,” is the title of a policy piece by the Routledge Group.  The Globe and Mail headline read, “Liberals Grapple with a New Era of Peacekeeping.” It’s remains a difficult thing to discern exactly […]

Liberals show their election hand by reaching left

Apr 23 2018 — Chantal Hébert

Parsing a blind copy of the weekend’s Liberal resolutions, one would be forgiven for confusing it with an embryonic NDP election platform. From a national pharmacare initiative to a move to decriminalize the possession of small amounts of illicit drugs such as heroin, there are few of the Liberal grassroots priorities set out in Halifax that […]

Memo to Alberta: Get a grip

Apr 23 2018 — Stephen Maher

Sit down, Alberta. We need to talk. The other provinces are—I don’t know if worried is the right word—let’s say concerned. You don’t seem yourself. We get that you’ve been through a lot lately. Three years ago, the prime minister was an Albertan, your premier was a Progressive Conservative, there was no carbon tax and […]

Why not call election in B.C. to resolve pipeline impasse?

Apr 23 2018 — Dan Leger

Could Jason Kenney be right? Is Canada broken? Or is it still “a great country,” as the prime minister insists? Kenney, who would be premier of Alberta, suggested the country’s been broken by problems getting a pipeline built to carry his province’s oil. It’s quite a call, considering everything that goes into making a country […]

Time to end double standard facing women in campaign trail

Apr 22 2018 — Tiffany Gooch

When Donald Trump entered the political arena, he broke all the rules. And his election in 2016 exemplified a frustrating double standard between men and women on the campaign trail. While men are encouraged to innovate and break the political mould, women are expected to learn the rules as they exist and follow them closely […]

What TV debate reveal about a candidate

Apr 22 2018 — Robin V. Sears

One of the deep regrets of Abraham Lincoln junkies is that his famous debates with Stephen Douglas, 160 years ago this summer, pre-date the invention of audio recording. Lincoln’s book length excerpts of the nine debates were so powerful they are credited with helping him win his presidential nomination.

Apr 20 2018 — Chantal Hébert

At a time when federal-provincial tensions are on the rise, two court rulings this week offer a timely reminder that the Constitution does not cast the provinces as junior partners of a unitary federation. In a unanimous ruling, the Supreme Court found that New Brunswick is within its rights to forbid its citizens to bring […]

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Apr 21 2018 —

Earlier this week, Ontario PC leader Doug Ford made an announcement that sent a shock wave through the canyons of Bay Street. His first act, should he be elected premier, said Ford, would be to fire Mayo Schmidt, the president and CEO of Hydro One, and the company’s entire board of directors.

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Apr 20 2018 — Susan Delacourt

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau hauled out not one, but three of his 2015 election slogans last weekend when he held his pipeline-crisis meeting with the premiers of Alberta and British Columbia. He talked of “hope and hard work” and declared that “better is always possible.” Trudeau even urged the warring provinces to see their rivals […]

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Apr 19 2018 — John Ivison

Francis Urquhart, the fictional chief whip in the original (and the best) House of Cards, described his role thus: “A pat on the head and a biscuit here; a short, sharp shock there – and a good boot up the backside where indicated.” In recent days, both the Conservative and Liberal whips’ offices have been […]

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