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Aug 19 2018 —

After a week of internal caucus squabbles, Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer will try to refocus the spotlight on trying to convince Canadians his party is a government-in-waiting. Party members from across the country are preparing to gather this week for their first policy convention since Scheer was elected chief last year. The three-day event beginning […]

Aug 19 2018 —

Justin Trudeau will run again in the 2019 federal election. The Liberal leader formally announced his nomination at a party event today in his Montreal riding of Papineau. The partisan crowd cheered as Trudeau reaffirmed his belief in what he called “positive politics,” and took jabs at Conservative Leader Andrew Scheer, whom he accused of […]

Aug 19 2018 — Marie-Danielle Smith

This week, the federal Conservatives are adding to their policy book for the first time under leader Andrew Scheer, and for the last time before the next election. On the table for the rank-and-file to discuss at the party’s convention in Halifax are changes to positions on everything from immigration to abortion to freedom of […]

New Brunswick jumps into election season days ahead of writ drop

Aug 19 2018 —

New Brunswick political parties have leaped into campaign mode, days before the writ drop that kicks off the official start of the election period. Brian Gallant, leader of the governing Liberals, launched his campaign Sunday, saying the party is running on the themes of fairness and opportunity in its bid for re-election in the fall. […]

Prime Minister Trudeau, Premier Couillard march in Montreal’s Pride parade

Aug 19 2018 —

Thousands of cheering spectators lined the streets of Montreal on Sunday as Prime Minister Justin Trudeau continued what has become a yearly tradition of walking in the city’s colourful Pride parade. Wearing white pants and a pink button down shirt, the prime minister yelled “Happy Pride” as he marched alongside his wife, Sophie Gregoire-Trudeau, as […]

Aug 19 2018 —

The federal government’s intention to enact a statutory holiday aimed at remembering the legacy of Canada’s residential school system has drawn mixed reactions from Indigenous Canadians, with responses to the plan ranging from cautious optimism to open disdain. Many have expressed concern that such an occasion — dedicated to reconciliation with Indigenous Peoples — could […]

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Aug 19 2018 — Kyle Bakx

A few decades ago there was hype around hydrogen because of how one day it may replace gasoline and diesel as the fuel most use to fill up their tanks. The use of hydrogen is still in its infancy, but it’s growing in Canada. The potential is significant for how the most abundant element in […]

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Canada’s Conservatives are having a mini-meltdown

Aug 18 2018 — David Moscrop

Tracking the recent antics of members of the Conservative Party of Canada, you’d be forgiven for thinking that someone had spiked the water in their caucus. And not with the sort of substance that changes who you are but the sort that amplifies who you are — the sort that makes you more of yourself. […]

Can the drifting Liberals find a future in their past?

Aug 17 2018 — Susan Delacourt

When politicians start talking a lot about their old promises, it’s safe to bet that they’re in the midst of making new ones. Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has been hauling out some of his greatest hits lately, or at least what he views as signature achievements of a government that just passed its 1,000-days-in-office milestone.

Philippe Couillard picks a bad time to break a promise

Aug 17 2018 — Chantal Hébert

The provincial riding of Marquette, in Montreal’s West Island, is one of the safest Liberal seats in Quebec. It has been a party fortress since its creation in 1980. Its current MNA, François Ouimet, first ran in 1994. Since then, in bad times as in good, his re-election has been little more than a formality. […]

So what if Justin Trudeau cries at work? That makes him human

Aug 17 2018 — Emma Teitel

We’ve come a long way, the Canadian people. Women can vote, gays can get married, Ontarians can buy beer at select supermarkets and marijuana will soon be legal and, God willing, available at a store near you. However, some of us are still eons behind schedule in one significant area. We cannot abide a man […]

How One City’s Rally Becomes Our Own

Aug 17 2018 — Glen Pearson

Along with many other Londoners shocked by the events in Charlottesville, Virginia a year ago, our family joined the rally in our city’s central park to speak out against the racist and neo-Nazi behaviour that had so troubled that American city.  But we came away feeling that it wasn’t enough. And, so, this past week, […]

Who’s playing identity politics? Everyone

Aug 17 2018 — Margaret Wente

Maxime Bernier’s controversial tweets are stirring up a storm. Just a few days before the Conservative Party policy convention begins next week, he wants everyone to pay attention to him. He’s trying to remind people that they should have made him leader of the party, instead of that nebbish, Andrew Scheer. In Mr. Bernier’s view, […]

Aug 16 2018 — Andrew MacDougall

How poor has Justin Trudeau’s delivery been on Indigenous files? Well, let’s just say it wasn’t from a position of strength that the Liberals this week floated the creation of a new holiday to commemorate the shocking history of Canada’s residential schools. By giving their tentative backing to an opposition bill. Anonymously. With the date […]

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Aug 15 2018 — Neil Macdonald

Here’s a proposed Canadian reply to the escalating Saudi temper tantrum. Call in the kingdom’s ambassador and tell him: Sorry, Mr. Ambassador, but Canadian universities will never again accept Saudi medical residents. The government could explain that cancelling orders for relatively piddling amounts of wheat and maple syrup is the kingdom’s perfect right, subject of […]

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Aug 14 2018 — Susan Delacourt

Maxime Bernier probably wasn’t trying to make life easier for Justin Trudeau when he put his fellow Conservatives on the hot seat by speaking out against the prime minister’s alleged “radical multiculturalism.” And NDP leader Jagmeet Singh likely wasn’t thinking too much about boosting Liberal fortunes when he decided to shoot back at some insults […]

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‘Queen of Soul’ Aretha Franklin has died

Aug 16 2018 —

Aretha Franklin, the long-reigning “Queen of Soul” who sang with matchless style on such classics as “Think” and her signature song, “Respect,” died Thursday at age 76, said her representative, Gwendolyn Quinn. The cause was advanced pancreatic cancer.


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