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On This Day in Canada’s Political History: Sir Wilfrid Laurier Lays Cornerstone for the University of Saskatchewan

Jul 29 2021 — Arthur Milnes — It is a milestone anniversary today for all citizens of Saskatchewan, regardless of party. On this date in 1910 the great Sir Wilfrid Laurier himself, on a Western tour, laid the cornerstone for what is now one of Canada’s most respected and admired universities, the University of Saskatchewan. I’ll let Sir Wilfrid himself tell the […]

On This Day in Canada’s Political History: First-ever French-Language Leaders Debate in a National Campaign

Jul 24 2021 — Arthur Milnes — Canadian federal politics became much more inclusive on this date in 1984. For the first time during a general election campaign, party leaders participated in a full French-language nationally-televised debate. It featured then Prime Minister John Turner for the Liberal Party, Ed Broadbent of the NDP, and Brian Mulroney of the Progressive Conservatives. Two days […]

On This Day in Canada’s Political History: Tom Axworthy Appointed Principal Secretary to PM Pierre Trudeau

Jul 23 2021 — Arthur Milnes — Today is a very important day in the life of career of one of the most important political advisors in modern Canadian political history.  It was, on this date in 1981, that Tom Axworthy was appointed by then-Prime Minister Pierre Trudeau as the 15th Prime Minister’s principal secretary.  Axworthy replaced another legendary figure from PMO […]

On This Day in Canada’s Political History: Prime Minister of Ghana addresses Canada’s Parliament

Jul 21 2021 — Arthur Milnes — It was on this date in 1958 that Canadian parliamentarians first heard directly from an African leader. Prime Minister Kwame Nkrumah, who led Ghana to independence from the United Kingdom the year before, delivered an address to a joint-session of our Parliament. Two years later, in 1960, he would be elected President of Ghana. Nkrumah, […]

On This Day in Canada’s Political History: Bob Stanfield Enters PC Leadership Race to Replace John Diefenbaker

Jul 19 2021 — Arthur Milnes — Very cool political history anniversary for today, particularly for all my friends from Nova Scotia! It was on this day that Nova Scotia Premier Robert Stanfield entered the 1967 Conservative leadership race.  He went on to victory at the storied convention that followed at Toronto’s Maple Leaf Gardens. Stanfield fought three elections against Pierre Trudeau […]

On This Day in Canada’s Political History: John Sandfield Macdonald Appointed Ontario’s First Premier

Jul 16 2021 — Arthur Milnes — Since Confederation, and up to Doug Ford today, Ontario has had 26 Premiers.  Some were legends, like Oliver Mowat, who served almost 25 years in the province’s top job before entering Wilfrid Laurier’s cabinet.  In more recent decades, we have seen the likes of John Robarts and William Grenville Davis of Brampton, Ontario. But today, […]