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Alberta eyeing rules to stop sex offenders from changing their names

Feb 14 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — Alberta is considering new rules to stop sex offenders from being legally allowed to change their names. Nate Glubish, the minister for Service Alberta, says he wants to make sure communities in Alberta are safe. "I don't want these convicted sex offenders to be able to hide in our communities, hide from Alberta families. […]

Opening proposal: Alberta wants 24,000 government staff to take pay cut

Feb 7 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — Alberta is asking about 24,000 government staff, including sheriffs and social workers, to take a pay cut in their next contract — something their union says is being done out of spite. The Alberta Union of Provincial Employees says the province's opening proposal is for a one per cent wage cut in the first year followed by a three-year […]

Alberta premier lauds Trudeau after latest Trans Mountain court ruling

Feb 4 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — Alberta Premier Jason Kenney applauded a court decision Tuesday clearing another legal hurdle in the Trans Mountain pipeline expansion project and offered some kind words for the prime minister. Kenney acknowledged he has locked horns with Justin Trudeau on many energy issues, but said the prime minister had been as good as his word on the Trans […]

Alberta open to extending Feb. 28 deadline for high-tech panel report

Jan 26 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — Alberta's economic development minister says she is open to extending the deadline for a looming benchmark panel report on growing the high-tech sector, but says she wants to start taking action no later than the end of spring. Tanya Fir calls the report the natural evolutionary next step to building the economy, but the opposition NDP […]

Alberta says universities over budget; need to freeze travel, hiring, hosting

Jan 16 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — Alberta's advanced education minister says post-secondary schools are going over budget and he's urging them to immediately freeze hiring and stop spending on travel and hosting. "We're not seeing a reduction in expenditures. That's what we're most interested in," Demetrios Nicolaides said in an interview Thursday. "We're asking them to redouble their efforts in […]

Opposition NDP urges Alberta government not to switch drugs for some patients

Jan 15 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — Alberta's Opposition is urging the province not to force patients on certain drugs for rheumatoid arthritis, diabetes and Crohn's disease to switch medications. NDP health critic David Shepherd says it's the best, safest way to make sure they don't suffer crippling complications or setbacks. "I understand the fear and uncertainty is real, that's there's a […]

New numbers confirm Alberta drivers facing higher auto insurance costs

Jan 10 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — New numbers confirm that many Alberta drivers are getting hit with rate hikes, and even some sharp spikes, in their auto insurance. The Automobile Insurance Rate Board says that 27 insurers operating in Alberta were granted rate hikes in recent months, ranging from less than one per cent to almost 30 per cent […]

Billing changes coming: Alberta doctors not ruling out court challenge

Jan 9 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — Alberta doctors say they haven't ruled out a court challenge to the province's billing rule changes that physicians say could profoundly affect patient care. Dr. Christine Molnar, head of the Alberta Medical Association, says the court route is not preferred, but all options need to be kept open during ongoing negotiations with the United Conservative government. […]

Alberta fires back at UN committee for criticism of energy megaprojects

Jan 7 2020 — Dean Bennett — EDMONTON — Alberta's energy minister says the United Nations is an unelected, unaccountable body that has no business criticizing Canada's energy megaprojects. Sonya Savage, in a statement, says that it's the job of elected leaders, not the UN, to make decisions on how best to govern people and economies. The UN's Committee on the Elimination of Racial Discrimination has […]